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— :;T fl» »*'i*- —k. MMKnnnMHMHBaBMmnjailU
New Enslattd Bakery N#w England Bakery^^
The Bast for the Least jLi First Cash Store in Town
Money in town. Phone 124 and Cheapest. Phene 124
“™ ' ... SEMI-WF.KKLY ....
The Successful
will tell you that the first rule
of the game is a cash balance
in the bank,
It is safe to play the game
according to the rules.
First National Bank
W. Iv. HALLER, Cashier
Circuit Court t losed Wednesday With
Record Number of Felony Convic
tions; Sheriff Lett Thursday For
I’eitifent ary With Con'rets.
.The L’ttle River Circuit Court clos
et! Wednesday after a term, lasting
two and a half weeks. With the close
of 111. Roberts and James case the
court was practically over. A lew
motions in civil cases and then the
ar. 'eurnment.
This couit wl 1 be ncted for i;s
large number of felony convictions,
and w.ill probably go down into his
tory in tfia' respect. There was one
death. sent:nce, and ten sentences to
the state penitentiary, three of these
were for life terms, and seven for
shorter terms. There were many con
victions and pleas of guilty in misde
DuLauey .Makes l.o.nl Keeoiu.
Another lact that will stand out
' preeminently in tne records ol' this
court is that :t is he first court during
the term ol’ office of lion. A. D. Du
Lanor, the new prosecuting attorney.
If there ever was a ques ion wh'ch
there was net, of DuLaney’s making
good representing the s ate, that ques
tion is now settlcci. It is net to la
considered 111a Mr. DuiLaney was out
to make a record in the number of
convictions regardless; that he is the
heartless, cold prosecutor clammoriug
fur sca'ps to hang in his belt. To
watch him at his work this conclusion
is quickly banished. His duty as he
saw. it, as expressed almost before
every jury, was to assist them to ar
rive at a just and fair verdict in every
case. It fell to ills lot to represent
the state in seme of the most sensat,
ioual cases m tlie history oi uie siaie.
He introduced Ids witnesses and pre
sented the testimony like the unrav
jr' riling of a story. Wi li witnesses st'll
in reserve the state rested but not until
every avenue of escape had been clou
od to the guilty party. There is a;.:.
0f tlie grandstand play in h ■
but skill of the highes order. The in
nocent who may come to tr a; within
the bounds of the Ninth Judicial Cir
cuit, have uo reason to worry, but the
guilty have every reason to tremble.
The jurors, who have served during
this court give the county cause for
congratulation. They have been men
who represent our very best citizen
ship. men who love justice and who
have the courage to enforce the pen
alties of the law upon the guilty.
Sheriff W. D. Waldrop and his chief;
deputy, Robt. Pierce, left Thursday,
morning over the Memphis, Dallas and
(iulf tor Little Rock w.itli ten prison
ers who had been convicted and sen
tenced to the state peniteniary. Fol
lowing is a list of the prisoners;
Making Record in
h His First Term
a. i). Dulaney
Pi osccstlng Attorney
R. (lied) Hdwards, white con
victed of rape, l’fe term.
Willie (Rusty) Roberts, whi e con
victed of rape, life term.
Charlie James, white, convicted c<f
rape life term.
Henry Fud, negto. grand larceny, 1
Allen Phc-'ps negro, bootlcggng, 1
Bill Williams, negro, boo .legging, 1
Fiank Robinson, negro, assault to
lull 1 year.
I rank Patten, wh’te, grand larceny,
2 years. Reccanntcnded to relorm
s: hool.
Jim Grundy, white, pandering, 2
Bob Ford, robbery, J years.
John Hawkins, negro, murder, ana
sentenced to death was conveyed to
the penitentiary Monday.
Sevier Court Monday.
Judge J. T. Cow.Cng will open the
Sevier Circuit Ccur at lVRiueen Mon
day. It is reported t.utt the docket
will he a light one.
Senals* I';.; : cs House Bill ai:<l Gover
nor Rye Will Sign »!.
! Xhshvile. Tenn., Jan. 17.—Wholesale
dealers In liquor mas move Irom the
state of Tennessee. Clubs nd lodges
can but a short time longer till the
place of the retailers, who were ban
ished by previous prohibition laws.
Two bills which passed the state
Senate today after having been voted
on favorably in the house will go to
the executive office tomorrow ba be
j signed by Governor T. C. Kyo and
when that formality is performed
Tennessee will be almost ‘hone dry ■
The first bill is aimed at the “locker
clubs” and prohibits the keeping or
distributing' in clubs of any beverage
containing more than one per cent of
; alcohol. The second measure will
I drive the wholesale houses from the
state. Governor Kye said that he will
sign both.
Last of the Three Who Terrorized
Lueai Negroes Are Scnicnred; The
Court Adonrne:! AVednrscaj
After Three Weeks Work.
At the conclusion of the last o the
series of sensational trials which will
make the January term cf the Little
River Circuit Court one long to bo re
membered. Willie (Rusty) Rober s.
and Charlie James, alias Biaekic May
field, were found guilty of assault up
on Gera dine and Pearle (Ray, negro
girls, aged 14 and 12 respectively, and
, sentenced to life imprisonment. The
case won', to the jury at 5:30 Tuesday
evening, and the verdict wag rendered
at 9:30 Tuesday night. It was freely
rumored over town (hat the first bal
lot found the jury 10 for the death
penalty and 2 for life imprisonment.
Later ballets reduced it to a tie, and
the life imprisonment penalty was fin
ally agreed upon as a compromise.
There was no division as to guilt or
innocence. The two men sat through
the trial without apparent emotion.
ItRober'.s seemed to be bubbling over
with amusement a part of the time.
The defense again a'tempted to
prove an alibi by showing that the de
fendants were attending the street
carnival at the time the crime was
committed, but the slate with its array
cf eye witnesses overwhelmed the
only hope of the defense and brought
it crumbling down like a bouse of
cards. The only question in the minds
of the great crowds in attendance dur
ing the hearing was whether the jury
would send the men to the chair or
lc them off with a li e sentence.
• Red” Edwards, a third member of
the party whei held up the party of
twenty or more negroes, was given
the same sentence last week. Ed
wards had a young wife, having been
| only recently married. The other two
j were singe. Xot much is known cf
! James, which is probably not liis real
| Neither Roller's nor James were
| placed on the stand as had been Ed
wards last week. The confession
vy.T'h Roberts had made as to the rob
bery short’y after his arrest was tes
tified to by Sheriff W. I). Waldrop and
jolliers. According to this s atement
j it had been underst- od by him that
; they were going out to have a game.
( On reaching the spot by the roadside
it was deckled that money could be
| made fas er by robbery. One excess
j folowed another. The climax of the
wild night, the assrfhlt up .a the girls
was not included in the statements
made by Roberts to the offlee.-j.
Both Geraldine and Pcarle Ray tes
•ilied against Roberts mm James, and
identified them as being the one who
assau ted them.
Negress Who Stole Article from
C. it. Orff! Held In Jail.
Ida May Singleton, negress, who
had been work'ng for Mrs. C. B. Drit
on R ak‘n street, was arrested Wed
nesday on a charge of s'ea'ing several
articles liom the Dritt home. The
articles stolen were a $5 bill. $250
gold piece, silk hose, and several oth
er tilings. The negress confessed' to
the theft and re'urned all of the loo?
except .the $2 50 gold piece, which
she has yet fail;;! to return. She is
in the county jai! awaiting the nexi
July term of .coir t.
I'Al'iili IMtH ES lIK>fS I.li
Fi:t!Ikt Advances Force Santo of flic
Weaker Newspapers to Suspend.
White paper prices continue to climb.
The paper on which the News is
printed formerly cost $2.25 per 100
pounds, but it is now quoted on the
market from 61 to 7 cents a pound.
Monday’s Kansas City Star says:
“Another advance in the cost of pa
per used by newspapers lias just been
announced. The total increase over
last year’s price amounts to 75 per
cent ami more. Already some of the
weaker newspapers have been forced
to suspend a,nd a general reorganisa
tion of the publication business is go
ing on. It is the greatest icrisis the
newspapers of the country ljave <*’er
faced.” ft
Foremost Agricultural Men of the
Laud Will Speak at Meetings j
Throughout Littic River Coun
ty, Monday, Jan. 22.
Monday is the day l’or the farmers’
meetings in Little River county.
The foremost agricultural educators
of t!:e land will speak to vcu. They
don t know everything, but they kno.v
a lot, and their experience will bo
worth thousands of dollars to the
farmers of the county.
Farming is the greatest science
known to man. No man knows ail
about it; no man ever will, but some
know, more than others, and the man
with an open mind can get points that
will help him to improve his methods
and make more money. That is the
object of the meeting anyway.
When the farmer makes more money
the whole country prospers, the mer
chant, tlie banker, the professional
man. the mechanic.
Did you know that Arkansas made
greater gains in agricultural wealth
last year than any other state in the
South? Well, it did. Was it because
we had better land? Not altogether,
for we always had that. It is because
we have keen thinking and learning
a few things and putting them into
The more we learn, tlie mere w,e
want to learn and that's why an or
ganized move has been started to pull
altogether in 1917, and smash another
record. These are big men that are
coming. The business men and every
body is helping. Cars will be ready
to Itikii them to their various appc.'nt
' meats. They will be entertained. Let’s
! get ail the good out cf it we can.
The Appointments.
Group Xo. 1—Foreman 10 a. m.;
Winthrop 3 p. m.
Group Xc. 2—Arden. 9:30 a. m.;
Richmond. 2:30 p. m.
Group Xo. 3.—Ogden 9:30 a. m.; Wil
ton, 2:30 p. m.
Grand rally will he held at Ashdown
at 7:30 p. m.
_ -V
Phillips and Josephs introduced Rj!l
to JScidge Red River at indei';
Two ('aunties Concerned.
Little Rock^ipM. 19.—A hill has
been introduce! by Josephs of Miller
and Phillips of Little River providing
for the creation of an imp. ..cement
distr’et for bridging Red River at In
dex. on tlie Ashdown to Texarkana
i Highway. This district includes all
cf Little River coun'y and the north
half of Mil'er county.
Ur. Phillips lot . duces Rill.
Lit le Lock, Jan. I'.'.—Representa
tive Phil ps of Little River county
has in'reduced a lull to amend Act
Xo. 2ti, of 1911, creating Levee Dis
trict Xo. 3 Little River county.
, Beggar at Texarkana Is Taken at His
Word and SI ill Unsatisfied.
Texarkana, Jan. 17.—Johnny Jones
of Tills . Okl.i.. was convicted and fln>
ed $25 in Police Court this morning
for soliciting alms. He was peeing
on the streets as a mute, and was dis
tributing cards bearing the Biblical
injunction, “Do unto others as you
would have others do unto you,” foJ
'owed by the request, “Please give
what you can.” Police Judge W. B.
Weeks asked him if he really meant
the Golden 'Rule, and he answered
that he did.” All right,” said the judge
“if I were caught doing this I would
want a heavy penalty—1 11 just give
you the maximum for vagrancy.”
Morgan to Raise Additional Quarter
Billion for Great Britain.
New York, Jan. 17.—Another new
British loan amounting to $250,000,000
will be floated in this county by .T.
P. Morgan & Co. This is the third
lean in the United States since the
outbreak of the war.
I Let’s Produce Our
| Own Food
y? | T IS ASTOUNDING the amount of money our
ji 51 Southern Stages are sending to the North
3 for food and feed.
: with them last year and one billion dollars if kept
at home would go a long ways towards a bigger, •
better, happier SOUTH.
► Let’- do our litt'.e share towards keeping our
i: money at home by raising stock, hay, garden
|: truck and pastures on our farms about Ashdown.
| ; If you haven’t received one of our books, “We
i • Must Feed Ourselves" call at the bank today and
!: ask for yours.
p Ashdown, Arkansas
- I
j Brilliant Victory at Manila Bay Made,
Him Nation’s Hero.
Washington, D. C., Jan. 16,—Admiral
George Dewey, the nation's Spanish j
war hero. : nd by priority of grade. '
tlie ranking naval officer of the world,!
died at his home here at 5:50 tonight j
i:i his e'ghtieth year. He had been
j unconscious since yesterday when lie
| lapsed into ccnia, still believing that
I in a few d|ays he would be back at his
desk in the Naval Department.
A general breakdown, accompanied
by hardening of the arteries incident
to old age, was the cause of dc th. The ]
d'sesse had been gradukfly spreading
ts hold upon the powerful body for a
year and a half, but the admiral, proud '
i of his physical vigor had rough• it
) off and even kept its existence a sc- j
cret from mosi of his friends. Wcdnes- j
day he was at his desk apparently
h le and hearty. The next day lie j
collapsed as ho was preparing to leave
tiie house.
Mrs. Dewey and the admiral's son
George were at the bed skip tonight.
The body will be buried at Arling
ton National Cemetery.
German Report Claims Many Victories
in the Air.
Berlin, Jan. IT.—Sixty-six a'rplanes
of the entente powers were shot down
on the various battle fronts in the
month of December, says a German
Twenty-two are in the possession of
tlie Central powers. The losses of the
Central allies in the same period were
IT machines.
Deputy Sheriff is Wounded and Ban
dits Escape A {ruin.
Hurrah, Okla., Jan. IT.—Two of the
four robbers who held up and robbed
the First National bank of Ilarrah
Friday night last fought off u posse
from the homo of Jacob Welsher, 3
miles east of here early today and
escaped after wounding Joe Layton,
deputy sheriff of Oklahoma county
The men tied to near-by timber and
after the injury to Layton the officers
abandoned the search.
Man Hays Pair of Mules and Gives a
, Forged Cheek on Nashville llank.
Texarkana, Jan. 17.—A man giving
his name as Dr. W. H O.'mnon. bought
a pair of mules from Goo. McDonald
giving in payment a check for $250 on
a bank at Nashville, Ark., several days
ago Yesterday the chock came back
dishonored. The man had taken the
mules to Fulton, 20 miles from here,
and s rid them toi a negro for $100. The
negro surrendered the team to Mc
>o«m—i ai l—rrrrrwrwi—rri ■mmiBWii—^
To ( rao Passage of Bill Jinking His
Digest Official Code for .State.
Little Rock, Jan. IS.—Uni ed States
Senator W. F. Kirby, who arrived in
Little Rock Tuesday, yesterday said
that he came here to appear before
the Judiiciiry Committee of the Sen
ate, to which was referred the bill
making official the Kirby & Cas le
Digest of the laws of the state. Sen
ator Kirby said that the bill, in ad
dition to making :t the oiilcial digest
of the stafe, provides that the state
purchc.se 9,000 copies., the authors of
the digest to surrender their copyright
and a 1 other rights to the state.
Speaking of Congress, Senator Kir
by said: "I am in favor of Congress
P1 ssing all needed legislation an
then adjourning. I am not in favor of
an extra session. I shall return to
Washington as soon as 1 get a hear
ing before the Judiciary Committee
Rev. Hurnett, of Ashdown Church
Preuehei.1 Sermon at Texarkana.
fTexarkana, Jan. 10.—The Preachers’
and Laymen's Missionary Institute of
the Texarkana district of the Metho
dist church South, convened here last
night and continued throughout today.
The annual sermon was preached
last night l>y the Rev. S. K. Burnett
of Ashdown. A talk by Dr. P. C.
Fletcher of Texarkana was delivered,'
this afternoon on “How to Reach and
Move Men to a. Better Life.” Mrs.
H. M. Harper spoke on "Woman's
Work.” The Rev. L. C. Beasley of >
Stamps spoke on “How to Have a
Live Prayer Meeting,” and the Rev. J.
W. Mann of Lewisville on "How We
Can Secure Full Collections.” The
closing sermon was preached by the
Rev. J. J. Mellard of Richmond.
Will He One Feature of ProlitttMc
Farming Campaign at Texarkana.
Texarkana, Jan. lti.—A rally of
teachers of the entire county will be
held at Texafku.na January 27. as one
means of aiding in the profitable farm,
ing campaign.
Visits will be made by automobile
to near-by up-to-date farms. At the
Lakeside farm the Babcock butter test
will be demonstrated, and the teach
ers also will be shown through the
Word potato house, located about two
miles north of town. A lunchedn will
be served) by the Young Men's Busi
ness League at noon, and during the
afternoon the teachers will be guests
of the Board of Trade, for an auto
mobile ride over the city.
Small C hild Dies.
The small child of Mr. and Mrs. Ar
thur Bishop diedyesterday in '.his
„.. fF

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