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Saturday, Monday ©end Tuesday, January
27th, 29th ©end 50th.
We will sell you 17 pounds of Sugar for $1 with every $3.00 order of anything eke ;
White Dove Flour in wood
per barrel .$10.50
48 pound sack .$2.55
24 pound sack .$1.30
48 lbs Robin Red Breast ...$2.55
24 pound sack 6.$1.30
48 lb. Dolly Dimple .—..$2.65
24 pound sack .$1.35
48 lb. sack Prince Royal . ..$2.75
24 pound sack .$1.40
48 lb,, sack Pearl.$2.45
24 pound sack .$1.25
94 lb. Vienna Hard Wheat-$5.25
24 lbs,. Pearl Meal .70c
17 1-2 lbs. Pearl Meal .55c
50 lb can Purity compound#",75
10 lbs, same as above.$1,.55
5 lbs. same as above .80c
8 lb can Crisco .1.35
4 lb can Crisco.70c
10 lbs Snow Drift.$1.70
5 lb can Snow Drift .85c
Bulk Lard per lb. .10c
3 cans of Pork and Beans ... 25c
1 big tall can Pet Milk .10c
3 cans Campbel’s soup .25c
3 packages Macaroni for . ..25c
3 packages Spaghetti.25c
3 packages of Cocoanut .25c
24 lb Graham Flour .$1,.50
24 lbs. Whole Wheat .$1.50
No. 3 lb Tomatoes per can....18c
2 cans for .35c
No. 3, Kraut per can .13c
2cans for .25c
No. 3 Hominy per can .l()c
No. 3 Pumpkin per can .13c
2 cans for .25c
Medium can tomatoes at ...13c
2 cans for . 25c
Medium cans Corn per can.. 13c
2 cans for .25c
Medium Kidney Beans can....15c
2 cans for .25c
Medium can Peas per can ... 15c
2 cans for .27c
Club House brand, the best Can
ned Goods on the Market
Corn per can . 20e
2 cans for . ‘Me
Tomatoes per can . 20c
2 cans for . .-‘Me
Peas, per can . 20c
2 cans for ...‘Me
String Beans per can .20c
2 cans for... .35c
White Asparagus __ 30c
2 cans for .-55c
1 lb. can Salmon . 30c
1-2 lb can Salmon .20c
2 cans 1-2 lbs, for . 35c
New England Bakery-Pure Food Grocery
-E-ho"e ‘^4 I- ASHDOWN, ARKANSAS' ' ■—M
■ -• - ' ***•-*
b iwwiniiiiiiiii!iiimuiiiiiiifim"j'.iiiiiM'miiiimiimmnBirir"i.!i;i! ■ "in n n n n m n PI pi pi n pi pi pi p^m pi m *>• pi o ihpi ffflflmfflwrfflTWTHnTfl Pi PI *u n n D - ■'-1' Cl Q Cl C im^mrmm 1 “- .—CCS O C3
Governor Brougli Signs Bill as Ban
queters Sing “How Dry I Am.”
Used 20 Pens To Sign the Bill;
To Use as Souvenirs.
Little Rock, Ark., January 25.—
“How dry I am.
How dry I am!
Nobody knows
How, dry I am!”
And as the assembled guests at the
Chamber of Commerce dinner sang
these very appropriate lies Governor
Charles H. Brough signed the “bone
dry” bijl and made the state of Ar
kansas as dry as the name of the
measures indicates.
Although the news had been Largely
discounted by the fact that it was
known that the bill would be signed
there was so much interest that from
6 o’clock until midnght the telephones
were kept busy by anxious inquiries
as to whether it was signed. The hour
for signing the bill was first set for
5:SO yesterday afternoon, but the bill
was not engrossed at that time and as
Governor Brough was to be one of the
speakers at the banquet it was ar
ranged that he should sign the bill
In signing the bill the governor used
his full name, Charles Hillman
trough, writing each letter with a dif
ferent pen. The bill was signed also
by President Davenport and Speaker
Oazort. The measure was enrolled by
Miss Ruth Harold of Pine Bluff, prl
—>vafte secretary to Senator Davenport.
She started the enrolling work at 5:30
1), m. arid'' completed it at 10 p, m.,
I)ringing the bill to the banquet hall,
where Governor Brough began signing
it at 10:30 p. m.
Before the hour when the bill was
signed there was at the banquet some
thing in the way of preparing the at
mosphere. Walter Strong, sang sever
al songs, among them one entitled
■ Booze”, in which the coming dry
ness of the state and the measures
leading up to it, were forecast.
The “dry bone” law forbids absol
utely the shipment of the liquor into
the state except for sacramental and
medical uses and it is now in full
force and effect. Intoxicants actually
on the way and reaching points of
destination prio,r to the time when the
bill became a law may be deliverec
and it is stated that the Anti-Saloon I
League will not seek the prosecution
of railroads and express companies
on such shipments.
Kush of Shipments.
A grand rush was madie on express
companies yesterday by persons hav
ing shipments of liquor awaiting their
arrival. At the express companies ex
tra forces of clerks took care of the
shipments, which were said to be
heavy, but not as numerous as during
the Christmas holidays. When the
express companies closed last night
there were still several hundred pack
ages to be delivered today. Every in
coming train from Louisiana Mssou
ri and Kentucky yesterday brought in
large shipments. It is expected that
many ordiers placed early yesterday
morning and Tuesday will not be re
ceived until today, when it is believed
that the receipts will be even larger
than during the past few days but pos
sibly they will not be held deliverable
under the new law.
Filial Passage ot Hill.
The house administered the finishing
touches to tile measure yesterday
when the Greathouse-Ponder bill from
the Senate, was read the third time
were passed without debate. There
were 93 votes cast for the bill and
none against it.
Uniform Text-Book Bill Passed.
Senator Emory's bill, which provides
a new tax levy of one-fourth mill on
all property in the state and the ap
propriation Of $200,000 out of the reve
nue so raised for building, equipping
and maintaining of a state printing
plant to print all school books, came
up next. The bill also> provides for
uniform text-books and the selling ol
, school books at cost. Senators Ponder,
Caldwell and others spoke for the
measure. Senator Carter and Rogers
opposed it. After its opponents vain
ly endeavored to flllabuster by con
tinuing the discussion until 11:30,
when the executive session was to be
called, the bill passed on rofll call 31
to 4, only Senators Carter, Rogers,
Brown and Jones opposing it.
“I can’t see how, this Senate can
pass such a measure when most of
you members promised your constitu
ents to reduce taxes and to support no
increased tax levies, except, possibly
for Confederate pension,” Senator Ro
I gers saidl “The bad financial condi
tion of the state has been called to the
I attention of the Senate by the outgo
ing and incoming governors. This in
crease in taxes will do nothing to re
duce our $750,000 deficiency, and will
only increase the tax burden.”
Senators speaking for the bill argue
that the plan will greatly reduce the
cost of sphcpl books a.nd save resi
dents many thousand dollars annual-'
Subject Is Introduced at Council Meet
ing on Arkansas Side.
Texarkana, Jan. 24.—At a meeting of
tlie city council, on the Arkansas side,
last night, the question of a new city
hall was introduced by Mayor Sander
son and was discussed at length by
the aldermen. The need for such a
structure has long been felt and was
accentuated by the partial collapse
of the present city building last Sun
Another meeting of the council was
held at Mayor Sanderson’s office this
morning when preliminary steps were
taken looking to the building of a new,
city hall, to be a two-story affair, com
modious and modern in all respects,
and the estimated cost of which will
be about $75,000. The present build
ing is to be repaired at once. It will
be used exclusively as a fire house
after the new city hall is completed.
Special Offlicer Emmett B. Cox of the
Texas side returned last night from
Pittsburg, Kan., bringing with him Joe
Fisher, who is under indictment in
this (Bowie) county on charges ot
cattle stealing. Fisher was arrested
2 weeks ago af Pittsburg and the de
lay in bringing him back was due to
the fact that he refused to come until
compelled to do so under a requisition
from Governor Ferguson.
C. H. Bailey, brand inspector for the
Cattle Raisers' Association of Texas
interviewed Fisher after his arrival
here !°st night. It is said the prison
er made a full confession. He is said
to be wanted in Little River county.
—-o— -
Warning Order
In the Chancery Court of Little
Ri\}er county, Arkansas 'Hffiord
Johnson, plaintiff vs. Mary Johnson,
defendant. The defendant, Mary John
son is warned to appear in this court
within thirty days and answer the
complaint of the plaintiff, Clifford
Johnson. Witness my hand and, the
seal of said court this 21st day of
December, 1916.—Chas. H. Park,
Clerk. S-9
: Office in First National jj
Bank. |j
3—M—MTU I ■II—
Nervous Women.
When the nervousness is caused by
constipation, as is often the case, you
will get quick relief by taking Cham
berlain’s tablets. These tablets also
improve the digestion. Obtainable
everywhere. advt
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other method of renting your spare
room. There’ no reason :n the world
why the News' Want Ails should be
the last means you should try. tf
The Arkansas Legislature Is Now in -ses
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