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fI ll " fll J— I f—
Published Wednesday ami Saturday
Editors and Publishers.
Entered tit the postoffice at Ash
lown. \ri<- -cond-class mail j
SmI ipti< V’ • Per Year,
$1.00, In Ad’.nace.
t- . .. ‘ £ n |J; i <
Yv* i ■’
Sail " ’
s! at -
Boston; L • : .-u .S ■••• to
day at* ■ • 1 ■■ -- • • “ •
licuuced as a peace -monstmt on.
Tiie ranks of the m irehers - er
broken up by self-01 maimed squads of
u:. in.’. siii .ims mid m r J
flags and banner.-, i; mb £ mini’s :■
mottoes were trampled.
Police reserves stopped the riming
in an hour and a ha'. '. Many arrests
were made. The polwe took into cus
tody some of the p:n ticipants in hun
dreds or fist lichts that were waged
on the common and in tiie parade,
along Trcmont street, while agents of
the Department of Justice arrested
many persons who wore alleged to
have made uni atriode remarks in the
heat of tiie conflict. None of the sol
diers and sailors who figured in the
disturbance were arrested.
The ; recession which consisted of
hundreds of men and women, many
of whom carried babies, forio ;d in
Park Square, one divisioon going to
the baseball ground on the Common
where a meeting had been arranged
and another proceeding to Scoily
Square. Most of the marchers carried
small red flags with white centers
emblamatic of the pem o demonstra
tion and their lnrg > banners hea.ing
inscriptions, some of which read.:
“Russia has a six-hour day. Why
not America? ’ and “Liberty loan,
a first, mortgage on labor.”
A large American ling w. s at the
head of the procession.
Soldiers Halt Parade.
Half a hundred men in the uniform
of naval reservisits, national guards
men. marines and Canadian "Kilties’’
who had watched the formation of tiie
parade marched across the Cor.anon
in a double column and inter;-, pled
streets and again at Winter and Tre
streets and aggain at Winter and Tn
niont streets. Both instances Hit
contact resulted in street fights.
Blows were exchanged ar i fh >
snatched from the hands of the match
ers while women in the line s reamed
in fright.
At Scollay Square there was a sim
ilar scene. The American flag at j
the head o: the line was seized by 1
the attacking party and the band,
which had been playing “The Mar
seillaise” with some interruptions
was forced to play “The Star Span
gled Banner,” wide cheers were giv
en for the flag.
The police had succeeded in quieting
this disturbance wk.-;i reserves were
ca-ied out to quell an incipient riot
at the meeting place on the Common.
The first of the “peace” speakers
had barely begun his remurls v hc.i
tiie reserves arrived. They fe.nu-J a
circle in the crowd with the police
wagon as a center in front of the
speaker’s stand, but in iqiit ■ of their
presence there were score-- of in
dividual fights in ti: - big gathering.
it. i:. m intiJ'.sTON,
Office in First National
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court,
Little River County, Arkansas. Lellie
Williams plaintiff, vs. Joe Williams
defendant. The Defendant, Joe Wil
liams is hereby warned to appear in
this Court within 30 days and answer
the complaint of the plaintiff herein
Lellie Williams. Witness my hand
and the seal of said Court this 2nd
day of July, 1917.—Chas. H. Park,
Clerk. Setli C. Reynolds, Atty. for j
Pit IT. G. It. Steel, Atty ad litern. W 64
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court,
Little River County, Arkansas. Nunnie
Jones Plaintiff vs. Calvin Jones
Defendant. The Defendant, Calvin
Jones is hereby warned to appear In
this Court within 30 days and answer
tile complaint of the plaintiff herein
Nunnie Jones. Witness my hand
and the seal of said Court this 2nd
. day of July, 1917.—Chas. H. Park,
Clerk. Seth C. Reynolds, Atty. for
Plfff. G. R. Steel, Atty ad litem W 64
the complaint of plaintiff. Witness |
my hand and the seal of said court this
June 29th, 1917.—Chas. II. Park, Clerk. 1
advt 64 W
ilv ^^'?':'t ": ". ■ I””' ~ - : 'liPi J
v - “ *;■ • • «:i !m ’ |
■ A ' " - '" V '. M ■':•: ■■.
■ : ' - • ■ .::.
- . • > ..■■ , . , . ;’ H-%- ,>■•* •■
''^ "* • • *' ’i’'-- •'■' - -.'V "
■' * : '•' •■•.*' ' - .
■ "'• •• • (M,<: (jfen p: 1
* ■ : A. 4ir#x-“/4T.: ''■ !■■•':■ “ISkS't;
* :.. : ■...-■ ■ . ' \ g \ |3 ■ .'. ■ ,J |7
•r" ,. ‘ ■ ’■ f*' ”v. , •■ .... ,\A: :.|i"'.';i '.’.tv’ /V tii:. ' Ar- ,• C'l. !,’ fioi : v I Kidi*.j,'j i „w.;: j! -•;.;. .,*> I A j
.•■■ ■ , A; ;
• ■ '• %. ’ • *». .• • ' ' - /
■Mf g! JF1’1111—11M'—"*" ■—«■>■■ — ' “ ■
Made from high-grade
peanuts and salt.
iJUndard price
One q
for s-r Ls
This Pale
Two "*?:■
lot’ ***.:.
n v 5 y
V , «•"} c-- r » . -i . • >
J. hi?
\ *■* *V
W kS~ fvi«
>j !' )in tb pure c:o
c a is* : '. i*!:t x< a ad in
(111:1 . : i , • 11, it t il U ll i l-“
U Price
011 < • * I»r; * y a* p O; n <1 <5
P.'i. iu b o b Poundu b J
1 ' !" 1«r—pT-rrt
I ( once tor fc u i
IV v _ _L_ !
A 3 a r p r is mg ;“ • ...
Blend of Mild C<u- j i J] '
fee. The Acme of j jpyj
Perfection i \}%
0!i<' QR« I'&jkJ m i
Pound dOfcj
r .is Sale ' '■ •' ; | 1
'I"‘- -Wo : -
rounds tjiiif
v»«m r •» ■■ li ■ i rumn m
2.3c Blackberry Cordial .2 for tide
5"c Blood Tablets. 2 ..>r 5!
25c Carbolic Salvo. 2 for 2(!c
50e Catarrh Spray, Imp.
(Liquid) .2;'. z
13c Cathartic Pills . 2 fo l
23c Charcoal Tab’ets.2 for 211c
50c Cherry Bark Cough Syrup 2 for
50c Cherry Bark Cough 4
Syrup 2 for 51c
23c Cleaning Fluid. 2 for 23c
23c Corn Solvent .2 for 2(!c
25c Cream of Almonds. .2 for 25c
25c Foot Powder .2 for 2lic
25c Grippe Pills ...2 for 2(ie
25c Healing Salve . 2 foi 28c
30c Kidney Pills 2 for 51c
$1.00 Kidney Kentady .2 for $1.01
25c Little IP r P . . 2
23c Mentbolinc Balm. .2 for 36c
23c Rerall Tooth lb. . 2 bn 20c
10c Soda Min* Tablet-.. 2 for lie
$1.00 Syrup Hypopho;-; hit ..
(Clear) - or -I.Ol
15c T( )ot!u Stopper 2 for 18c
25e White Liniment. 2 for 28c
$1.00 Wine of Cod Liv .r
Extract .2 for £1.01
25c Witch Hazel Shaving
Lotion ... . 2 for 2i!c
T r^5 * ? o r T ¥ l -f O -S -2 >9 !
a ;>-*s t* *." *— <*$ *■> v'" !M v*'" if* o \*7 *••&«>. VBlITi®^"-' C*s ¥7 h 'H -'.TF B v)> -•• " , ?; A-a. h
,iL jfc. 0> v* ^ £ £ iL^fLfch*&. J ^ V^."-i*-i* <Li* & ’*UAisj) td? w.. .*i JC; nL’-iia *& ^ “*•• •,-a* |j
HP| |31 Pay us the regular price for any item here advertised and we wiii sell you |
1 iVc; 1 icH another cf seme kind for ONE CENI.
72 » ^ This sale was developed by the United Drug Company as an advertising >
I UiCpOSe plan. The Company sacrifices its profits and something besides, ia order !
to gel a larger distribution oi its inaritorjus products, and you get £ae bencsit.
Bcquet Jcarnce Talcum
• > IALC'i»; • .
• ft.va** , j
Is one of extreme fineness and delicate!
fragrance. It brings to you the com
bined odors cf the tuberose, the violet,
the helitrope, the geranium, the jas
mine and other choice fiowers, all
of which are delightfully blended in
Bouquet Jeauiec Talcum Powder.
Standard Price This Sale
£.% Two
( !!il b ('lilts Jib'
________ J
------———- I
Tangara Fabric £tati.cnary
A white fabric-finish writing paper with a narrow I
tinted border on both pa- I
per and envelopes. Tit? J
• j envelope is a new cut and
j the paper is regular cor
respondence size. Border
.comes in assorted colors.
.Standard This
Brice Sale
!fl"‘ Tuo
Box b Boxes ^ it* i
mill . taiHa-JKIW OKi MKUCV. KVMINIU:^
jHj ■ft, j i c? o e t i'U ,o <a A* r
a .& ^-5* A-.v y-.J1 ■’f - A .5. 4_J: .it V-U A xl t,„. vJ
n.ru American Beauty Hot Y/a ter Bottle 2 for<i1.5l Me Lozenges. Sulphur and Cream of
$1.2!i Flo-Past Fountoin Syringe.2 for $1.40 Toriar .2 for lie J
25 Stork Nurs S .2 for 26c -’c Synionds Inn Vanilla ..2 for 26c s
5c Stork .Nipples .2 for 6c -Sc Synionds In:i Lemon .2 for 26c i
25c Far and Fleer Syringe .2 for 26c 25c Synionds Inn Ileef Cubes .2 for 26c |
25c F'unitcl Water Lottie Covers .....2 for 26c ' ' -Nasal Louche . 2 for 16c * jj
25c Sunshine Rubber Gloves .2 for 36c 7r'c Hn» Brl,sI'- 31 rows -Mixed Bristles....2 lor 76c I
F’Nscilla Lathing Caps .2 for 36c i:'ir :'rus!l- 11 rows White Bristles. .2 for 76c
lot H ind Brush . 2 for 16c |
_ r Aloin. Belladonna and Strychnine s
Tablets ..2 for 26c 2:jC tat and Roach Paste .2 for 26c j
i;oC Asafctida Tablets, 5 «rs. lno’s . 2 for 26c 1:ca r‘-‘dar Compound.2 for 26c, j
25c Blaud's Tablets, 5 grs., 100’s .2 for 61c loc Tooth Brush Holder .2 for lie j
! 25 Hinkle’s Lascars Toblets 100's . 2 for 26c 25c 5: :::• 11 Shaving Cream .2 for 26c i
i_____ ______ ___.. ..__._ J
an Magazine
Tho Livest Mz.gazinn
in America
The Metropolitan is vital
sheere—a creation of
sane, tonvurdlooking
I brains.
Bret Harte's Novels
■Fovn Voltiinos
Bret ilarte as a wiriter
needs no introduction, flis
stories of frontier life are real human interpreta
Stamhinl Price Tills Sale
.Hftro|it>iiti.n i year, rtl.lli) Both ^ ^
Bert Hart, 1 loliinn ; si’.oo for )
I Fenway Assorted Chocolates j
Contains an assort
ment of 44 pieces
consisting of Nonga
tines, Nut Pieces,
Caramels, Butter i
Hootch and Creams. [
It’s a high class value
in every particular.
1 lb. C.-jc, 2 IBs. GGc
It'ielMMir Sweets, a se’ect assTtmcnt of Jelly Gum
Drops, Toasted Marshmallows. Jordan Almonds,
wropped Money Xougat and Wrapped Caramels in
a handsrme l1, lb. box.1 box 50c 2 boxes 51c
■Tie lb. Guth's De Luxe Caramels.2 lbs. 51c
50c lb. Peerage Chocolates.2 for 51c
5c LiggetPs Chewing Gum ..2 for 6c
5c Liggett’s Mints .2 for 6c
' . . j A perfect dentifrice, ar.tisep- !
: nA M I
tie iiicl deodorant. Cleans
and whitens thci t eth. Com cm
‘ ■ out flat on the brush.
Stai-.uard This f
Pi‘cc, Svvlo |
One Two ,
Tube Tubes
200 Clips 1
of Tea tor 1C
O ’
St^ncAvrd Price This S:Ae
1-2 Pound Two
Packet f°i' ^
«—nnw.w: MM IMMMWM
•■niw -•»»«.• *'f. «*•
10c Dozen Thumb Tacks.. .2 doz.. 11c
5c Pen or Pencil Clip .2 for 6c
5c Cork Grip Penholders .2 for Gc
lec Carton Paper Drinking Cups
(25 carton) .2 cartons,11c
40c Tangarr. Fabric Papo
teries .2 for lie
30c Sorority Linen Writing
Paper .2 for Sic
25c Lord Baltimore Linen Writing
Paper .2 for ‘2Gc
5c tiigii Grade Lead Pencils 2 for Gc
10c t Steel Pens. .2 doz. lie
50c Violet Dulce Complexion
Powder .2 for 51c
50c BoiHiuet Jeanice
Talcum Powder .2 for ole
5(>c Violet Dulce Cold
( ream .2 for 51c
50c Violet Bui e Vanish
ing Cnoarn 2 for 51c
25c Violet Shampoo
Crystals .2 for 20c
25c Yio et Dulce Talcum
Powder ..2 for 2<!e
75c iRu atony Toilet Witter 2 lor 78c
50c Harmony Extract
Perfumes .2 for 51c
25c Beauti Face Pow.der . 2 for 26c
25c Cold Cream .2 for 26c
15c Violet Talcum .2 for 16c
25c Violet Talcum .2 for 28c
25c Powder Puff .2 for 28c
10c Tar Shampoo Soap.2 for 20c
25c Medicated Skin Soap....2 for 26c
10c Rose Cream Toilet
Soap .2 for 1 Ic
10c Lilac Cream Toilet
Soap . 2 for lie
10c Rexall Toi’et Soap.2 for lie
25c Violet Brut Toilet
Soap . 2 for 26c
50c Harmony Shampoo.. . 2 for 51c
American Beauty
Water Bottle
Full two-quart ca
pacity, heavy gtiage
all rubber red water
bottle. One that is
guaranteed for one
year or your money
Reg. This sale
1 bot. 2 hot.
| .50 | .51
.Notice m’ Petition to Quiet Title.
Notice is hereby given that L. F.
Wlieeiis has this day filed in the office
ul the C.erk of the Circuit Court of
l.iiUe Liver River County, Arkansas,
at Ashdown, Ark., liis petition, asking
and praying the court of Chancery of
said County, to quiet and confirn liis
title in and to the following described
real estate to-wR: SE'< SEJ SEi of
Sec. 5, Tp L; S. range 28 west; Erl Wh
3W\ of Sec. 11, Tp. lh S, range 32 west,
the Ni SWi of See. 3, Tp. 13 S. range
29 west. Lots 7 Block 53, Lots 5 and 8
in Block 59, Lots 30 and 31 in Block
66, Lot 10 Block 70, Lots 10, 12, 13, 34
and 35 in Block 72, Lots 20, 21, 28. 29,
30, 31, and 33 in Block 74, all in Uni
versity Addition to Ashdown. Also
Lot 7 Block 75, Lot 11 Block 97 and
Lot 19 Block 123 in Frisco Addition to
Ashdown. Therefore all persons who
claim any title or interest in or to any
of said real estate, are hereby warned
to appear within the time required by
law and show cause, if any they can,
why the title to said real estate should
not be forever quieted and confirmed
in him the said L. F. Wheelis. And the
defendant, P. TT. Van Gorp is here: y
warned to appear in said court within
the time required by law and answer
Riiiid Notice.
X tiee is hereby given that the un
dpi i'igned v ill present to the Little
Hit r County Court at its July, 1917,
term their petition, praying an order
appointing Viewers, to view and lay
out tlie following described routs, to
the end that tire same may be estab
lished as a public road, to-wit: Be
ginning on the range line between
ranges 31 and 32, West Township 11,
S. and on the half section line of sec
tion 19, and running east on said line
one mile to intersection with the Rich
mond and Cerro Gordo public road.
— (Signed W. L. lloak, et al. ad 1
Kuropeans Propose America as Arbi,
trator of I,and After War.
! —
London, June f?0.—Suggestions that
the United States should govern va
rious disputed lands as the trustee for
civilization are being advanced by
European publicists with increasing
I frequency. The destinies of Palestine,
Syria and even tile Suez canal have
been thus arranged by enthusiasts.
.Josiah \V 'dgwoud, who formerly was
on (lie staff of General Smu ts in East
Afi iea, proposes in an article in The
Nation that all German-Afr'Y.in colo
nics should be pooled with iie Congo
Free Statu and the Porte acse co'o
nies. “This territory t ' 4.700,000
square miles should be administered
by n American commission similar to
the Phi'.lippine commis ion, but nomi
nated by the guaranteeing powers."
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court.
Little River County, Arkansas. Lilia
M. Brown Plaintiff,.vs. Willie Brown
Defendant. The Defendant, Willie
Brown is hereby warned to appear in
this court within 80 days and answer
the complaint of the plaintiff liirein,
Lilia M. Brown. Witness my hand and
the seal of Said court this 12th day of
June, 1017.—Chas. H. Park. Clerk. S.
L. Jones, D. C. J. H. Lawson, Atty.
for Plaintiff. Seth C. Reynolds, Atty.
ad litem. W57
Tlie following might be of inter
est to you or an incentive to some
poor mortgage-ridden cotton farmer
to raise that mortgage and become a
free man.
A fow weeks ago I shipped 26 hogs,
14 months old, A> Baltimore, and they
sold for $1,110, netting me, after pay
ing freight, commissions, etc., 1,020 80.
The average weight of these hogs was
2;tl l-;i pounds each, bringing ly cents
live weight. The only real expense I
felt was during the six weeks they
were hardened on corn. From the
latter part of November to February
17 they cost me practically nothing.
As soon as my crop is harvested in
November I turn all my hogs out, as
my farm, about 150 acres, is under
fence, and they remain out, without
having to be fed until ready for mar
ket or to be killed. In January I kill
ed 80 hogs for my own use, then
shipped the 26 above referred to to
Baltimore, and there are now in flto
field 15 brood sows and 87 young pigs
I always leave them in the field until
the very day I begin to plant corn.
They are now eating clover and rye as
hard as they can, and prior to this
they have had access to peanuts Vir
ginia' left in ground after digging,
cowpeas planted in corn, velvet beans,
and soy beans.
I also find ;ihat even for pork pro
duction the pure-bred hog pays best,
my choice being Berkshires.
Would advise the farmer to drop
the hoe and get the hogs.—J. P. Wim
berly, in The Progressive Farmer.
Huy Holstein Calves.
H. II. Orton and Grover Cobb of
this city have bought 21 Holstein
calves. They are thoroughbreds from
Wisconsin. When they arrive they
will be placed on Mr. Cobb's farm near
town. This breed is a favorite with
many dairy men and will be a big
boost to better stock for this section.

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