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We have been gradually filling our store for nine months getting ready for the fa’’
business. Our stock in both Hardware and Furniture lines is more complete an
larger than it has ever been and we have added several new lines. As goods were
bought right
Prices Will Interest You

n ; ;;
!: > i
h n fc ’!'■! o
Pabli.i? ed Wednesday and Saturday
0 it *, V i. b cV t< ii A \ Lb,
!>Jilors j»nd Publishers
Entered at the postotfice at Aah
iov.'n, Arkansas, as s usd-class mail
Subscription Prior Per Year,
b'L.OU, 5a Advance.
U>i\L s TVS.
Muloy Waddell was ui; from Oy> 1 «-n
J. ii. Burkinan was i:eve irons Wilton
Lon coats and fas.; 1.. spent Sunday
in the city.
Dr. Judd was here from Pcytonville
Reuben Russell was lie:1.* front Wil
ton Saturday.
Oeo. Burk of Hope is visiting rela
tives in As! town
Miss Earl Johnsoi visited friends
at Hope Friday.
Mrs. Ma ramie Short is spending a
week in Idabel.
V. M Crouch of Ogden was trading
in Ashdown Saturday.
Donald McDonald o tl:i> ity went
to Wilton Thursday.
O. T. Graves spent the week-end
wDh hi. parents at. Dockesburg.
Mrs Ben Spivey of Ben Lomond was
shopping in Ashdown Saturday.
Jim Mitchell of DeQueen visited
friends in Ashdown Sunday.
Miss Vivian RUimes of Texarkana is
the guef of Mrs C H Locke this
Mrs. n. R. Fawcett returned Sunday
from a visit at Morris Ferry.
Jett Orton of Fulton > pent Sunday
in this city
Mesdames Jim and Vauglfti P'pkin
of Wilton were shopping in the city
G. £ Milford of Ben Ijomond was at
tending to business in Ashdown
Miss Pear! Holman of Lockesburg
is visiting relatives in Ashdown.
Mrs. Mattie Sanderson of this city
spent Friday in Texarkana.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mitchell of De
Queen passed through Ashdown Sun
day on their way to Bokhoma.
Mrs. Pallie Pipkin and daughter.
Mrs. Grady Vaughn, of Wilton were
shopping in the city Thursday.
The Methodist Missionary Society
meeting is postponed to Wednesday,
of next week on account of the Dis
trict League meeting at the church
this week.
Mr. and Mrs Will Gaines and little
ton, Billie, motored over from Nash
ville Sunday for a visit with Mrs. S
E. CoK'jts and family.
Prof. I. W. Molrnes went to De
Queen Sunday where he lectured to
the Epworth League at that place by
apecial request of the pastor. Rev.
Cld pieces o' gold dr silver will
be of lio use to you. Put it to good use
ar.d g've it to the treasure and trin
k..r ..-’v.-, It will be used to 'build
hospitals for the aviators
.Make ygjjr btul;en pieces of j---.. v
| do their bit. The ladies ot the ne..s
ute and trinket fund will know
I :d do with them.
Give that broken jdetv of jev.e'r;
the treasure and trinket :und tin 1 it
> ,-i be uso.J its a hospital 3u:. i io:
the American avi; Lion corps.
Mrs. Reynolds states that si. in; ■
i0*i quarts of fruit and vegetable;
ste.'.tl ot 00 as was repo: ted in the ius:
is s’ e of the News.
Judge K. K. Cocfcrt.:t o.' idabel at
tended the funerrj of h gn-ndmothir.
.Mrs. Jo- Holman, yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. R L. Boyer, Sr., motor
ed to Foreman Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Turner and.
d; fighter. Miss lola. motored to Boi:
Iioma Sunday. Mrs. .1. S. Bush and
little granddaughter returned home
with them for a few days visit.
Miss Mary Fawcett spent Saturday
and Sunday at Peytonville the sues;
of Miss Nannie Dee Chewning.
Mr and Mrs. Robert Walker and
Mr;. Chester Meridth of Ben Lomond
were shopping in the city Saturday.
Miss Mildred Dickinson 1ms accept
ed a position a,s stenographer for the
Ashdown Ice & Power Co.
Mrs. Fred Mills has returned from
Mot Spring.-, much improved in health.
Mrs A. Phillips of the West side
is very ill this week
Gus Patterson who has been eon
ined to his bed is able to be up again.
Bennie Sinupson was very pleasant
ly surprised Tuesday at noon when
he came home to find a beautifully
-ecorated dinner awaiting him. The
luncheon was prepared by Mrs. B. R
Simpson and Mrs. H. A. Wilson, her
mother, in honor of Ben's birthday,
l'he table wa,s draped with purple
crepe paper from the four corners of
the table and uniting at tile top of the
bay window with a bow. Both fami
nes of Mr. Simpson and wife v> r
tliere and a very pleasant time was
In id. He received s everal pretty gifts.
Whereas, it has pleased our loving
Heavenly Father to remove front our
midst our beloved Brother. Jeff. T.
'owling. and whereas his consecrated
Christian life, in his daily walk before
as has been a great blessing, and his
serv'ee of untold value to us for these
eighteen years.
Be it resolved:
1. That we as a church take this
means of expressing our grief a.nd
bereavement for this great loss to our
Church and Sunday School.
2. That we extend to his beloved
, vife and children, and all relatives our
| f’eepst and most sincere, sympathy,
| and condolence, and offer them a,11 the
help in our power.
2. That this church and the de
, nomination at large never had a more
faithful member, and loyal supporter
I than our much loved Brother Cowl
, n«
4. That a, copy of thesie resolut ons
( be sent to Sister Cowling, and a copy
spread on our church minutes, and
I one sent to the Baptist Advance, and
! to the Little River News.
( Committee: D. H. Tompkins, Chas.
, H. Park and C. A. Bishop
Read to the Church in Conference
and adopted by unanimous vote.
;M»s.I»l*iliiS tVAYl'iiiJ Mrs Saiulel'ur.
Tear.’.;: to haul gravel on
the Jefi'eison Highway be
t .. H u. Liu aid 1 ieQueon. Will
; ; day. by the yard <>:•■• contract.
A ,c.-- U. Rviinrds. DeQucen. Ar
i; H. 1 i L1)
>; MAP IRON IV \ \ri:0 We
j":y ; i c-> di for t'ld Iron 85
. .1 lbs.. Bonos (dry) 5uc per 100
V - F:- gs 1.25 per 100 lbs. Will pav
- ; rices until Sept 20th only. In.
i \ at K. S. Cotton plat orm or
.-on Hotel.—Oklahoma Junk Co. 3
•. BAJiGAl.X I have a Houck Player
Piano for sale cheap or will trade
- : :n cr anything most you want
to :: ■' "■ on. Will trade for automo
! " pay or taka the differancc. -
' A Price. tfS 83
r' it AVI.ii -One wood and on ■ oil
r . stove.--Grover Cobh. 87-3
i < ■ I Small gray w hite kitteu. Ite
> ..r .Miss Mary Ballard. It i
.’ 7’ d* v 7’ 1' ‘I* 7* ‘I- 41 7* v 7*
v v »> >> ❖ 4* 4* 4* •£• 4* 7* 4 4s 4 4 4 4 4*
An nda. Sept. 24. —(Spec'al.) Mrs. 1
Bryce went to Foreman Mon- [
day. j
it ike Foster. J. P., is right sick now
with slow, fever.
T: . was a large crowd at the all-,
d ,y singing at King R'der Sunday,
everybody had a good time.
There is another holliness meeting
going on here. Began hist Sunday
night with a woman as preacher.
Tile city marshal o Haworth attend
ed ti e all-day singing at King Rider
Grandpa Plunkett is seriously ill.!
UN recovery is hoped for but is doubt-,
Mr ; nd Mrs. Will Dollar returned
fro;:; Texarkana Sunday with tlieir
iicte sail who was kicked by a mule [
about a week ago. He is improving.
It was the Methodist church that
ji.piointed their stewards instead of;
i the Campbelites a»s was stated last
| week by a mistake of the printer,
i Earl Wright was called to l.ittle
Lock about a week ago to stand an
other examination for war service and
h.as not since been heard from, which
; !' r.,'>ing considerable unrc.-t among
his connections.
A new tie company has been formed
here known as the Stuart Guthrey
Tic Company, They will buy ail
kinds of oak ties and pay cash for
t very load off the wagon.
.'Titis will he four protracted meat
‘ings we have had this seaqon, and
more are expected.
It is rumored that there will he
two new stores go here in a short
time. One hardware and one grocery
| store.
, R. L. Dawson, S. O. Gaifford and Gus
Stevens went to Idabel Monday.
The Adams Lumber Co. is prepar
ing to put in a planer in connection
! with tlieir other saw mill equipments.
I L. H Fortner of Jewel was here
i Sunday.
Miss Vivian Rimes of Little Rock is
> the guest of Mrs. Clifford Locke.
Buenos Aires. Sept. 23.— Just as the
: Argentine Chamber o: Deputies was
preparing to vote on the (jv.es'ion of
I breaking off dipkiinatk ; . ;. c A .; with
• i. rmaiiy an official eoainiuaicaition
at received trom the Berlin Foreign
(•like. The note disapproved of the
ideas expressed by Count von Lux
burg, the German minister here, re
garding Germany's ••cruiser wnr
•hro The word "cruiser" leaves
some doubt as to whether or not
Germany intends to modify her sub
nu,r'no campaign. However, a deela
ration of war by Argentina has been
po tponed.
Foreign Minister Pueyrreaon late;
■ .iVe out two notes that he received
Tom Dr. Luis K. Molin;.. the A:gen
tine minister at lJarl'n. Tiie first note
Say k'xjTnnni hm Ample,
I confirm my telegram of Septem
ber 2J, and am transmitting t’ae exact
text of note Irom the Gemma govern
tnont in reply to your communication.
As you will see. the satisfaction can
not be more ample or detinue.
"This note was delivered person
ally to me by the imperial chancel
lor, who hat; just returned from Mu
nich, and who repeated the sentiments
of the note in a most expressive and
def nite manner. There is no doubt,
therefore, that the German empire
condemns the conduct of Luxburg,
whose opinions are purely personal,
and it disapproves absolutely. You
may be sure the German government
will faithfully keep its promises.” j
Ponies Vpprovul Ituinor.
The second messa,ge received from
the Argentine minister says:
"I have to inform you of the un
truth of the report sent out by the
enemies of Germany that the kaiser
has sent Luxburg a message approv
ing his conduct and lias offered an
other diplomat post to him. The
government lias den ed the responsi
The Chamber of Deputies will meet
tomorrow, afternoon to take action on
the messages from Minister Molina.
Deputies Veyga and Arce fought a
duel today with swords, as a result of
words passed in Sa'nrday’s debate in
the Chamber on the German situation.
Veygr who je remark caused th»
challenge, was wounded in the arm.
Deputy Arce considers that his honor
has been satisfied. t
40 acres. 25 acres under cultivation,
4-room house, on main traveled road,
telephone Ejtui mall route, good neigh
borhood. I buy and sell land and loan
money at 8 .per cent. Pre-payment
privileges.—H. It. YEAGER. Sander
son Building, Anhdown, Arkansas.
Bob Johnston and wife lifive return
ed from a visit In Oklahoma. Bo bis
now working in the store of Wood &
>:>ys IK' Keels us (iiMv.I ciovt us jig
J)ii! 40 Years Ago—Will Take
n Mottle of Tallin? With
Him 1o liiiltimoro.
‘'I feel as good now as I dal forty
years ago, and that's saying a whole
lot. for I haven't seen a; well day hard
ly since I can remember. For fo.ty
years at least i have been bothered
with kidney and liver trouble and nev
er knew what it was to feel well and
strong like other people. I was bilious
also, and suffered severely with ca
ts' rh of the head and stomach. My
digestion was impaired and my sleep
was never restful, but I feel different
“Since taking Tanlac I feel so good
I am go ng to take a trip and have
made my arrangements to lnu.ve here
on the 22nd day ot April and go by
water to iialtimore. I am going to take
a bo*.1 le of Tanlac with me and will
have it in my stateroom. That's how
much I think of Tanlac. I am proud
of this medicine because it was made
in my home state and I know it is ali
This interesting statement was
made Friday morning by Saimuel Luts
who lives at 120 Forrest street. Jack
sonville. Mr. Lutz moved to Jackson
ville about two yers ago on account
of ill-health. He is a widower and hua
children living in Cincinnati.
“Yes, sir," he continued, “this medi
cine lias done wonders for me and I
never dreajtned that I could find such '
absolute relief in any medicine as I
have found in Tanlac. I am now be
ginning to gain in weight and have
gained two pounds this week. My back
and kidneysi don't bother me any more,
my catarrh is better than it has been
in years and I just feel good all over, j
‘•Before 1 took this medicine 1 used !
to have indigestion a good deal along
with my other troubles. Sometimes my
stomach would fill up with gas and
cause me to get very dizzy and have
shortness of breath. Tc,nlac has re
lieved this trouble, too. I tell you it
is a grand medicine.”
Tanlac is sold by Boyer Drug Store,
Ashdown; Foreman Drug Co., Fore
man; W'nthrop Drug Co., Winthrop;
Boy Budd, Ogden and W. M. Sykes,
Richmond. advt.
Hot Springs, Sept. 22.—Through the
co o] * ration of the Business Men's
Leaeue and the Rotary Club, men
from Fort Roots and Ca,mp Pike will
be entertained for the week-end in
this city in a manner that Is certain
to meet with their approbation of the
soldier patronage. An invitation will
be extended the officers and men at
the fort and Camp Pike to visit Hot
Springs over Sunday. Headquarters
will be kept open Saturday and on
the Sabbath in the league building.
The Rotary Club will deligate com
mittees to be In charge of those days
and see that the visitors are enter
tained and cared for. They will be
shown the points of Interest and ev
erything possible will be done to make
their visit pleasant.
A Wise Suggestion
Don't go about looking as though
you had slept in your clthes, and with
the remnants f recent lunches be
smeared over them. It cost3 several
good hard earned dollars to buy new
clothes, but what's the use when you
can get your old suit
so that it will look ju3t like new for
such a small outlay. Como In and let
us show. you.
The Beauty Secret.
Ladies desire that irr
si£tible charm—a got
J complexion. Of cour
they do not wish otherc
ito know a beautiht
has been used so they
buy a bottle of
Magnolia Balm
and use according to simple directions. Improve
ment is noticed at once. Soothing, cooling and
refreshing. Heals Sunburn, stops Tan.
Pink, White, Rose-Red.
75c. at ^Druggists or h]> mail direct.
Sample (either color) for 2c. Stamp.
Lyon Mfg. Co., 40 South Fifth St.. Brooklyn, N.Y.
Program Methodist Missionary Society
Devotional exercises.
Opening topic, "Our Work”—Mrs.
Kthel Sims.
Short history of the Methodist
church—Rev. S. K. Burnett.
Music, and history of Hymn, "O
Love That will not Let Me Go”—Mes~
denies Clyde Briant and S. (’. Rey
Brief history of tile Woman’s Mis
sionary Society—Mrs. J. M. Johnson.
Reading—Miss Georgia Bell Burnett.
Music, \y,ith history of Hymn, “Near
er My God to Thee.”
Study of the Missionary Bulletin,
News from Home and Foreign Fields,
with round table conducted by leader.
Business session.
Social hour.
It is desired that alll members be
present as this is the closing meeting
of the quarter. Visitors are welcome.
Hostesses—Mesda^ies Clyde Briant
and John Wimberly.
Place of meeting the Methodist

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