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The Little River news. (Ashdown, Little River County, Ark.) 1897-current, July 06, 1918, Image 2

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| 75he R^exall Modern Method of Advertising
I One Cent Equals One Dollar . '
Made from the pure cocoa beans. Un
called in quality, without any adul
Standard Price
One Can . .dUb \
This Sale 01 «
Two Cans.d I b
A-knockout to the High Cost of Living.
Standard Price Lie 1C„
This Sale 2 T.oxes . lUb
2,1c Symonds Inn Chocolate OCc*
Bar Bitter 2 for.£.11 b
V ——————"
9fi3ko Breakfast Coffee
•1 Found of Coffee
| for .. I b
A surprising Blend of Mild Coffee. The
Acme of Perfection.
Standard Frice, One Pound 9Q~
for . JUb
Hi is Sale, Two Pounds HO
for .«J3b
JULY 11th, lath and 13th
• 1
Pldtl Payus the regular price for any item here
A II tJ A ldil advertised and we will sell you another of the
same kind for ONE CENT.
T-Ail This sale was developed by the United Drug Com
A LSI pany as an ad/ertising plan. The Company sac
rifices its profits and something besides, in order to get a larger distri
bution of its meritorious products, and you get the benefit.
200 Cups «f Tea \ „
for .lh
The Standard of Excellence.
Standard Price Half-Pound _
Tills Sale Two
Packets .| b
! 50c Analgesic Balm .2 for ole
35c Baby Laxative .2 for 36c
25c Blackberry Compound.2 for 26c
50c Blood Tablets .2 for ale
25c Bunion Ease ..2 for 26c
25c Carbolic Salve .2 for 26c t
50c Catarrh Spray leap.2 lor 51c
25c Cathartic Pills .-2 for 26c
$1.00 Celery and Iron Tonic 2 for $1.01 ;
25c Charcoal Tablets.2for26.c ;
50c Cherry Bark Cough Syrup 2 for 51c >
25c, Cleaning Fluid .2 for 26c
25c Cold Tablets .*.2 for 26c !
15c Corn Solvent .2 for 16c
50c Eczema Ointment.2 for 51c j
25c Eye Wash .i.2 for 26c j
25c Foot Bath Tablets ._2 for 26c
25c Foot Powder .2 for 26c j
25c Grippe Pills .—2 for 26c .
10c Headache Powder .2 for 11c j
25c Headache Powder .2 for 26c
50c Kidney Pills.-.2 tor 51c
25c Ko-Ko-Kos-Kets .2 for 26c
25c Little Liver Pills.2 for 26c
25c Mentholine Balm . 2 for 26c
50c Pile Treatment._.2 for 51c
25c Rat and Roach Paste.2 for 26c
25c Skeeter Skoot .2 for 26e
15c Soda-Mint Tablets .2 for 16c
25c Soothing Syrup' .2 for 26c
25c Special Ointment .2'for 26c
25c Sunburn Lotion .2 for 26c
$1.00 Syrup of Hypophosphites
J: . Compound .2 for $1.01
\ 10c Toothache Stopper .2 for lie
25c White Liniment .2 for 26c
; 25c Worm Candy.2 for 26c
25c Pearl Tooth Powder. 2 for 26c
30c A. B. C. Seltzer .2 for 31c
50c Ricker's Sena fig .2 for 5le
25c Ricker’s Expectorant ... 2 for 26c
50c Ricker's Lac Magnesia.2 for 51"
25c Aromatic Cascard. 2 for '.!6c
25c:Sol. Alkaline Antiseptic....2 for 26c
25c Blaud’S 5-gr. Tablets .2 for ?6c
30c ’Nux Vomica and Cascara
Tablets .2 for 31c
30c ITinkle Tablets .2 for 31c
20c Aspirin U. D. Co. Tablets,
5-gr.2 for 21c
$1.00 Aspirin U. D. Co. Tablets
5-gr. ..2 for $1.01
, 50c Gastric If ablets.2 for 51c
REXAL1 Tooth Paste
--- ✓
A perfect dentifirice, antiseptic and
deodorant. Cleans and whitens the
teeth. Comes out flat on the brush.
Standard Price OK*»
Olio Tube . fcUl#
This Sale OCrt
Two Tubes.—-.ZUl
Violet Dulse Complexion Powder
The name stands for the highest quality, being one of
the famous violet Dulce Complexion requisites. One of the
best qualities of this complexion
powder is that it does not ‘show
k when used properly. Dclight
tully scented with the Violet
Dulce odor. Brunette, White >
M and Flesh tints.
W Standard Price cn„
M One Box . .uuu
? This Sale C1«
Two Boxes .0 I U
Cascade Pound Paner
Exceptionally good quality,
white, linen finish stock.
Standard Price lb. 40c
Tills Sale 2 lbs.
Made to match Cascade Linen
Pound Paper.
Standard Price
Two Packages
This Sale
Four Packages
50c Modern Art Pjpeterie .2 for 51c
35c Scenic Linen Papeterie.2 for 3fic
35c Lord Baltimore Papeterie .2 for 36c
10c Hag Envelopes .2 for 11c
15c Envelopes . 2 for 16c
10c Visiting Cards .2 for 11c
5c Pencil Eraser .2 for 6c
5c Pencil and Pen Clips .2 for 6c
10c Glue .2 for .-lie
10c PEtper Drinking Cups .2 for lie
30c Stork Nursers....2 for 81c
$1.50 Flo Fast Fountain Syringe.2 for $lJ»j
$1.75 Real Rubber Fountain Syringe.2 for $1.70
$1.75 Rel Rambler Water Bottles .2 for $1.76
$2.50 Monogram Spray Syringe .2 for $2.51
26c Rubber Toys.. 2 for 26c
50c Rubber Toys ..2 for 51c
25c Rubber Rattles .2 for 26c
10c Corn Plasters ...2 for 11c
75c Hair Brush .*......2 for 76c
15c Hand Brush .2 for 16c
30c Hand Brush .2 for 31c
25c Powder Puffs '.2 for 26c
25c Practical Nail Clip .2 for 26c
75c Auto Goggles .-.2 for 76c
$1.00 Auto Goggles .2 for $1.01
$1.00 Croscut Safety Re,zor .2 for $1.01
25c Croscut Corn Razor.2 for 26c
35c Symonds Inn Vanilla .2 for 36c
40c Symonds Inn Lemon ..2 for 41c
30c Symond Inn Beef Cubes ...2 for 31c
Biker’s Violet Witch Hazel
Rilcer’s Violet Witch Haze! is dis
tilled from the finest Witch Hazel
twigs, aud is delightfully perfumed.
This is one of the best numbers
in the famous Riker Line of Toilet
I Standard Price This Sale
I One Bottle Two Bottles
■ •
Rexall Cold Cream
An antiseptic and healing cold
cream, especially recommended
for chapping and roughness of
the skin caused by exposure to
sun and wind.
Standard Price
One Jar
Tills Hale
Two Jars

Model Drug Company
The REXALL Store
Ashdown, Arkansas
...... v ...j..
Oneida Communify Par
Plate Silver
25c-Teaspoon .2 for 26c
50c Tablespoon .2for 51c
50c Fork ..‘..2 for 51c !
70c Knife .1.y2 for 71c
50c Sugar Shell .2 for 51 c
60c Salad Fork.2 for 61c
‘‘Par Plate" June pattern is guar
anteed fpr 10 year.5 by the Oneida
Community Company, Ltd.
50c Bouquet Ramee Talc .2 for 51c
75c Bouquet Ramee Complexion
Powder .2 for 76c
25c Violet Dulce Shampoo Crystals
2 for 26c
50c Violet Dulce Liquid Complexion
Powder . 2for 51c
50c Violet Dulce Cold Cream ..2 for51c
50c Alma Zada Complexion
Powder .2 for 51c
50c Harmony Cocoa Butter Cold
Crea,m ..•.,..2 for 51c
$1.00 Bouquet Dazira Extract
2 for $1.01
$2.00 Bouquet Dazira Extract
2 for $2.01
50c Riker's Violet Cerate.2 for 51c '
60c Intense Perfume .2 for 61c
$1.50 New England Toilet Water
2 for $1.51
50c Harmony Extract Perfume *
2 for 51c
25c Medicated Skin Soap .2 for 26c
25c Klenzo Tar Shampoo Soap 2 for 26c
10c Rexall Toilet Soap .2 for 11c
25c Baby Talc.2 for 26c
35c Cream of Almonds .2 for 36c
25c Nice .2 for 26c
75c Harmony Skin Cream.2 for 76c
5c Liggett’s Chewing Gum.2 for Cc
5c Liggett’s Mints . 2 for 6c
5c Assorted Mints .2 for 6c
Maximum Hot-Water Bottle
The largest selling bottle in the
world. The price everywhere is $2.00
each. Full two-quart capacity. Guar
anteed for two years.
Standard. Price An All
One Dottle .«J)£iUU
This Sale An A *
Two Dottles .tpfciU I

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