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The Little River news. (Ashdown, Little River County, Ark.) 1897-current, November 08, 1919, Image 5

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Weir Armed”*
n When company comes O
H there is no time to
jg waste—no chances to
M be taken—so mother pj
! i sees that there is al- Pj
; IJ ways a can of
r| on hand. Cakes, pies. Kg
' fcj cH f^ood tinny.; to eat
• i; VStkldT^Klvt'U j.
5» A D C C «. cl Cj i (_• < l: iks |
! ■ ' • tk:
> j* hen, too, her repute- k,.
~ 1 Lon an a cr.ye me t y4
t | . ■ ji
■ ‘ stak. s” it on Cduip?t yy
i yy y.-me. She k'toivs it Bg
\\ . : 1 llUL .'c.')j.)olnt 1 . t . :
i Order a c : h; ve ' , g
j. ‘ c .nv” kii -1 i baki ...:s f*is
i ^
. Cal'.;; UT.ta’us -'r.Jy such
1*. j. i,y. '.a ■.■ 1 .Li, ; j ■... \ ii b> ■ 1 t *
. A app: >v a cft.-i::' by th EJ
F? U. S. ; ood Aut .1 vitios. r .4
y H You VO you 5c;.y it. Fi?
-J« K You :.iv: wk*r you vse it. cti
* gSrST jQ ; f-J L ZrlD v Aj f
1mm ..... ■ . j .—iAlii1.- .. <*.- • /r. ’ ?» v. £al_. vt-f.. •
** -----
\ !■*»* ! *^r!■#2#*!*•!••!-•5**!°3«!•*£■!•tS**!-»J*-\-**• *
\ ‘Wp Ar„ M j C..f: *
t if C ill l’fOi “■ v
r *'■•
< ied Unless Yon Are’ J
S <i
j Agency .
? Paris, Texas
( 4
j All Work Called For and **!
^ Delivered.
b« 4*
% IK. BOYS Til OB. *
* Phone 151. *
V • 5*
’f* r! ]-•!» j
. T- "
V *1®*i-*£-!*4*“i *5* ',-«$*-.•£ !*
When in need of a *'!
* *
t Loan S
^ .1 £
4> ■ or any kind of £
* Real Estate I
T *
j lupperior to others because it ^
•( Ji only destroys all malarial
5 and purities the blood but v
4| Is a liver regulator as well. It y
Is gently laxative so you don't f.
^ have to take calomel to move "r*
Y tlio bowels. 4*
T Drive out every bit of Inviting V
Y malaria and cleanse tin system »i*
.t thoroughly. A weakened, 111a- „j,
4* lariat system offers little or no Y
D jesistence to influenza. Kill and
* r
o jrive out the germs and prevent
||b. “j*
If your druggist hasn't the y
;; genuine, send (10 cents in stumps J.
'! ind we’ll mail you a bottle.
50c a bottle at druggists i
5: Fort Smith* Arkiiiisiis. 4
41 I *1*! »$•' -*j«-1 •$» '■»!• [ j »J* ! '«* *f' ’ *!• ,
■ •apter No. 87
.. Is First Monday
. Ight in Each
i. Martin, Secty
I. Mobley, H. P.
Jenes’ Cemimmitv Hews.
Jones Community, Nov. 6. — More
pleasant weaklier; hope it will be
thus for a while.
W. H. Pond is quite sick at this writ
School started at Jones Monday with
about 20 children in attendance.
.1. A. Pond and Johnny Green haul
ed some material Monday for Miller
school house.
Mr. and Mrs. ('has. Franklin are
here visiting Mr Franklin's brother
and sisters.
I A new roof adorns the house of Mr.
I (’has. Spence, which was put on a few
days ago.
home farmers are digging their
sweet potatoes, and report a good yield
but fear that they will decay, owing
to so much rain.
Jay Hoffman had the misfortune of
breaking out his wagon t ;ngue on his
way home from Forc-im n Saturday.
Quite a number ot farmers are mov
ing their 'cnees along the new high
way to be.
Fal'tit rs meeting, at Miller school
bouse every Thursday night.
Ogdea Mews.
Ogden. Nov. b.—-(Special)- rl lie Ep
worth League program rendered last
Sunday evening: Subject, "Love;'’
leader. Miss Minnie Smithson; scrip
ture leading, Matt. 24th, by leader;
prayer tor forgiven' ss. Prof. Poun
ders: roll call, members answering
wth scripture quotations containing
tl._ word ‘love." Miss Rosa McDowell,
song: address, “Value of Love,’’ Mr.
Pie'! )leti; Illustrations of True Love’’
Mi-s .wldie Crouch; special music,
| Ms*. i-L orge Lew;s: quartette; closing
league services; benediction.
Duo of the most enjoyable Hallo
we’ens ever spoilt in Ogden, was the
one Friday night in the basement of
the public school building; upon en
iering the basement which was
tlir gig ; a long dark flight ot steps,
only by dim jack o’ lanterns,
i gluts s and black cats nodding at
Ivor trom every direction, you were
grtvt ci by the Gypsy fortune teller at
her t( m. Finally being seated amidst
■ co l'Mdion of Gods, golden yield, sueti
as pumpkins, corn, fodder, bay and
wheat, black cats and spooks winking
at . on from every corner, tile high
school girls rendered a short imt very
interesting program. Following this
supper was announced and just over to
in side the ladies oi the various
churches stood waiting patiently to
serve yen with cocoa, cake, pie, sand
wiches and coffee, which every body
enjoyed immensely, and then to‘con
clude till the contests for the prettiest
giri. Hie ugliest man and the most
“henpecked’’ man, which was very ex
citable The amount realized was
$63.nii. which goes for the benefit of
the Methodist and Baptists ministers
salary. At a late hour the guests de
pal red homeward, all feeling that they
had overjoyed themselves, and hoping
to spend many home such Hollowe'ens.
Never before has the society set en
joyed themselves more than they did
Tuesday evening at the Wood's spring.
I'pon their arrival a httglt bonfire was
I nil! of which they seated themselves
around and much enjoyment was had
telimg guns' stories, roasting wennies
end loading marshmallows. Then
for recreation many interesting games
were played and sandwiches, coffee,
pickles and fruits were passed around.
Wandering home by the light of the
moon at a late hour, they were hoping
to go again soon.
.Miss Ethel Smithson and Mrs. J. H.
Furlow were shopping in Ashdown
Monday afternoon.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hull. Sat
urday, November 1st. twin boys. They
bear the names of Coy and Roy.
l?r and Mrs. I. N. Huff were visi
tors jn Ashdown Sunday afternoon.
Mrs Lilian! Johnston of Ashdown
visited here Sunday afternoon.
( , vi W; id was in Ashdown Mon
Mrs. f. W. Holmes of Richmond is
visiting relatives here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Griff Goodman of Tex
arkana petit Sunday at this place
with ft it ads and relatives.
Arklnda Hews.
Arkiud . N’nv. 6. — (Special)--Troy
Kirkland wem to Ardmore Thursday.
w. W. Epps went to Wintlirop Wed
c ( Jennings went to Winihrop
John ii Price has moved back here
iron) Veil county, Arkansas.
The school at this place is progress
ing nicely with a very good atten
Born to Mr and Mrs. F. E. Skinner
this week a boy.
Colton Market.
The cotton market is still hard to get
a line on. bad grades are bringing
all kinds of prices up to 33 cents.
Other short cotton ranges up to 50
! cents. Receipts are increasing.
Wilton News.
Wilton, Nov. fi.—(Special) — The
■‘Whose, Whose and Why," gave a Hal
lowe'en banquet at the school auditor
ium last Friday night. The club now
enrolls about forty-two and all were
rpresent. Two new members were in
itiated Hallowe'en night. All were
masked as spooks or witches, the
chapel being decorated with black and
yellow, with black cats, old witches
and jack o' lantern* in every dark
corner. A short program, games and
toasts provided an amusing and de
lightful entertainment for tHo even
until 12 o'clock, when spooks and wit
eiu •, went on a serenading tour around
town, after which they mysteriously
disappeared, as no sign of witchery j
was seen the next morning.
J. K. Owen, who has been visiting
rel; lives at Montgomery, Mich., came |
home Monday.
Cl. H. Gray and family visited with!
friends in Ashdown Sunday.
Misses Louise Coats, Mary Toland,
and Krsie Ringgold visited Mrs. S. K.
t Waldrop Sunday.
1 Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Waldrop were
j visitors in Wilton Sunday.
; U. Moseley went to Ashdown on
1 Tuesday.
Prof. J. A. Gray visited friends in
Ashdown Saturday.
Mrs. X. A. Beck from Ben Lomond
visited Mrs. George Bell thiH week
Wea ver Barkman went to Texarkana
Winfield Mills left for Wichita, Falls
Monday where he will work for an oil
compa nv.
Anna Throckmorton gave her school
mates a most delightful entertainment
Saturday night,.
fudge Will Kinsworthy and wife let!
Wednesday for Mena, where they will
make their home.
ICuelid Cooper lias purchased the 1.
!'. Tate home. L. F. Tate \viil leave
Wilton to take work at. Ashdown.
.Mrs. George Bell and Mrs. A. ,\
, ' Vnantser were shopping in Ashdowu
Webb Wheeler lias purchased th
t athey home and will move in the firs:
of the year.
Kal?*? lews.
Miller, Nov. ii. (Special)—-We are
truly glad to see tile sun shinning
We sould be thankful that we are
living, and stop grumbling so much,
though there is u class of people in
this world that grumble all the time
and another class that is called "cus
sers", always ready to curse some one
stud steadily borrowing from some one
and no paying it back. We live in a
community that don’t borrow by the
slight of hand.
C. ,1. Smith is on the sick list this
week. ; Iso his little 5 year old boy.
il tli' weather will permit 1 think
that the good road work will go on
Millard Broomfield and baby are
visiting the former’s father and mother
A. !!. Smith of Miller community hits
gone to Texas on a business trip and
to visit liis old home.
The sweet potatoes are rotting in tire
patches on account of so much rain.
Mrs. Broomfield and Mrs. Callie
Broomfield, Mrs. Annie Smith visited
tile sick children at the new saw mill
Wlnihrco News.
Winthrop. Xov. fi. (Special)- Mr.
and Mrs Robert Sessions and little
da it liter, Dorothy, are in Texarkana
this week. Mrs. Sessions and Doro
thy are under medical treatment.
Mrs. Savage of Memphis, Tenn,. was
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Frank
Clovvdis last week.
Paul Cooper of Texarkana is in
Winthrop this week.
Mrs. Wilson and daughters, Misses
Jennie and Harriet, of Horato, were
here the hist of this week.
Mrs. J. '1'. Simpson and Mrs. T. It. I
lvieves were shopping in Texarkana
Mrs, Campbell and children of
Mena are visiting Mrs. Campbell’s j
mother. Mrs, S. F. Kite this week.
Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Young and little |
daughter. Doris Ruth, of Texarkana j
are visitors here this week.
Janies Pendergust of’Texarkana was j
here last week.
A Hallowe en party was given Fri
day night ..! the home of Miss Ethel
Pemiergast The home was beautiful
ly decorated in leaves and liinvors
With cats end pumpkins. Everyone;
ctiiine masked which gave a "ghosty" I
look as they marched along* by twos.1
A tent was arranged and fortunes
were told throughout the evening.,
Games were played and delicious re
freshments of apples, candy, peanuts
and popcorn halls were servedv
Hard-working men are more liable
to kidney, liver amt bowel disorders
than others, therefore Prickly Ash
Ritters is tlie worker's friend, because l
it keeps a men’s vital organs in sound
vigorous condition. Price $1.25 per
bottle. Model Drug Store, special
have accumulated here one of the best stocks of Dry “
Goods ever brought to the county, and to induce you
to come and buv now, we are making these soecial nrices for *
ten days. *

Be sure to come during this time, as many goods are being
offered for le?s than manufacturers prices today. Later they i
will cost more money. Take as an example, the Gingham, the ]
mills are asking us 26c a yard by the case, so you can easily -
see shat our price of 25c is a big saving to <you. I
, ' 4

40c GingKams, 25c
About 1200 yards o{ Delhi
and Red Sea! Dress Ginghams,
worth 40c per yd. today’s mar- [
ket. Special price per yard
25c |
Red Ball Overalls
Men’s Red Ball blue over
alls, we are selling them during
this sale at per pair
Special Prices on
Shoes !
A bunch of Men's Work and !
Dress Shoes worth up to $6.
Special price \
Wooi Hose for i
35c ||
Men's heavy wool hose, 60c |j
value These are gov/ti host.
Special per pair.
i-rir mimm im in tii t mm . ^
Outing Gowns for i
"$i.5o :
Ladies outing gowns worth
$2 that we will sell during this j
sale. Special price each
$1.50 j
Cotton Plaids for i
15c \
Royal Oak Gotten Plaids, f
worth 20c a yard. Special *
price per yard «
15c :
_ %
Outing 25 Cents t
Per Yard 1
Solid color outing, good
grade heavy weight. Special 4
at this sale per yard 4
Ladies' Union Suits •>
for 98c ?
hadie$ medium weight union
suits with elbow sleeves, good 4
qualify, worth $2, Special at 4
_98c |
ROS. |
“The Right Place’’ N Ashdown, Ark. \

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