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The Little River news. (Ashdown, Little River County, Ark.) 1897-current, May 22, 1920, Image 3

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Make the Old
House New
If you don’t like the appearance
of your house, let us show you how to
make it modem and attractive. You
will be surprised to see what a big
difference a few small changes will
Repairs an Investment
Proper remodeling and repairs
greatly increase the value of your prop
erty. We can furnish you good prac
tical ideas for repairing and moderniz
ing all types of buildings, whether for
town or farm.
And we can supply all the ma
terials necessary at prices that will
mean big savings.
Building Service and Material
Ashdown. ■ Arkansas.
Long Distance
Telephone Calls
Toll rails vary in diameter and In the cost to the telephone
company. The present toll schedule classifies toll calls and
charges to meet the requirements of users at a cost com
liiensurate with the service rendered. The classifications
STATION TO STATION CALLS, Where the calling party,
when placing his call, specifies called telephone number
only, or “ANYONE” at a place of business or residence.
Kates for this service as classified into Day, Evening, and
Night rates. The evening rate is effective from 8:30 p. m.
to 12:00 midnight. The night rate is effective from 12:00 to
4:30 a. m. Because the telephone company is not required
to locate a particular iterson the use of its facilities is re
duced to a minimum: hence, the service is quicker and can
be given at a lower rate.
PEiiSON-TO-PEllSON CALLS. Where the calling
party in placing ills call specifies a particular person at a
specified telephone, place of business or residence.
APPOINTMENT CALLS. When the calling arty in placing
his call specifies a particular person at a telephone, place of
business or residence and further specifies that he will talk
at a staled time only,
MESSENGER CALLS. Where the calling party in placing
his call specifies a particular person and it Is necessary in
order to complete the call, for the telephone company to ar
range for and send a messenger to notify the calld party to
com to a telephone.
In subsequent announcement, we will explain how you may
save money on toll calls by selecting the service most adap
tab! to your needs.
Southwestern Bell
Telephone Co.
Big Money Making Shingles
The Williams Up-to-Date Shingle Outfit will make 5,000 to 10,000
shingles per day. Power feed, bolting attachment, edger and knot
saw; small power required; simple and durable.
Write for description and1 price.
Williams Mill Mffg. Company of Arkansas
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
Saw Mills and Woodworking Machinery.
Elaine Negro Cases will
Go to U. S. Supreme Court
Little Rock, May 19.—(Special) —
An application for a writ of certiarri
will be made to the United States Su
preme Court in the case of Frank
Moore, Ed Hicks, Paiul Hall, Joe
Knox, Frank Hicks and Ed Coleman,
negroes under sentence of death for
murder in connection with the Pril
lips county riots in this state last
Tire application, attorneys for the
negroes said, v/ould be based on the
constitutional rights of the negroes
for a “fair and impartial trial.”
which they allege was not given the
negroes in Phillips county circuit
The cases off six other negroes con
victed under the same charge were
remanded for new trial by the state
supreme court which resulted in a
second conviction of murder in each
.case. Their cases also will be taken
to 'the United States supreme court if
their sentences are affirmed by the
state supreme court.
Attorneys for the state say they
will contest the application.
Rev. Fletcher Preaches a Sernian and
Boosts Mr. McAdoOv
Little Rock, May 19.—(Special) —
An interesting sermon was preached
Sunday night by the Rev. P. C. Flet
cher of the First M. E. church, on
“Politics." Dr. Fletcher is a close
student of public affairs jj,nd spoke
plainly about state and national poli
tics, calling upon his hearers to adopt
high ideals in their selection of of
He predicted that McAd'oo would be
the Democratic nominee, that the
Republicans would nominate Gov.
Lowdcn. and that Gov, Johnson would
be the nominee of a Republican fac
Are Irving ts Cut the High
Css! cf Slothing in Capita!
Little Hock, May lit.—(Special) —
The campaign against the high price
of clothing is on in Little Rock. Prac
tically every dry goods house in the
city has started a drive on H. C. L.
Prices had been maintained at a high
level until last week when the move
ment for reduction became epidemic.
New the di'.Hy papers are carrying
one, two and four page ad's announc
ing the slashing of prices to figures
approximating pre-war times.
The large department stores led in
the movement with 20 per cent re
duction on everything in its stock, in
cluding all lines of dry goods, mens
and womens ready-to-wear, and shoes.
Every article in the store, with the
exception of a few restricted lines is
being offered, so it is claimed, at less
price than the house would be requir
ed to pay for the goods if they were
purchased' today in the wholesale
markets. One of the largest exclusive
shoe houses has announced a reduc
tion Of 5 to 2t> per cent on all Its
stocks. One of the big merchants
“We have decided that we will do
our share toward the drive to convince
manufacturers and producers that the
peak in prices lias not only been
reached, but that reduction must be
gin. It is an earnest, sincere desire
to assist in reducing the H. C, L. to
the people of Little Rock and Arkan
sas. What we are doing is done with
the hope that our best friends the
great army of workers, will see that
the only way the country can get low
er prices, and. at the same time, sus
tain the high wages that labor is en
titled to under present conditions, is
to sand by the machinery and speed
up production, instead of shortening
hours. The production which the
country needs must be supplied. It
is the scarcity of things which makes
prices high."
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court.
Little River county, Ark. C., A. Rees,
plaintiff vs. B, C. Jenkins, et al. defen
dants. The defendants, Roy C. Camp
bell. G E. Cobb,. J. R. McEntyre, A T.
Simpson and M. Murphy, are hereby
warned to appear in this court within
thirty days and answer the complaint
of the plaintiff C. A. Rees. Witness
mv hand and the seal of said court
this 39th day of May, 1920.—Jas, II.
Williams, Clerk, Jas. D. Head, Attv
for Fuf. A. P. Steel, Atty ad lit
em. «J-1£
Twin City Shows mi Increase of 27.8
Per Cent.
Washington, May 19.—The census
bureau announces that Texarkana,
Texas-Arkansas, has 19,737 people, in
crease of 4,392 or 27.8 per cent.
Texarkana, Texas, 11,480 and Tex
arkana, Ark., 8,.57.
Dallas, increased1 68,872; percentage
GOOD mileage, good looks,
good traction—all to an
extreme degree—are features of
these tires. In their making and
in their selling, the Fisk ideal is
a vital factor.
The Fisk Ideal: “To be the best
concern in the world to work
for, and the squarest concern in
existence to do business with.’*
Next Time—BUY FISK
Ashdown Motor
Tr«ff»Mi»k R*« U § >•< Off
Time- to Re>tire7
<Buy Fills)
Smead Powell
Candidate for Governor of Arkansas
will speak at Ashdown at 1 P. M
Tuesday, May 25, 1920.
He will also speak at—
->Iluorsl Spring's Tneday. May ul S p. in.
Center Point Wednesday, May 2t>th, at 1 p. in.
Hierks .. Wednesday, Hay 20th at 8 p. m.
Loekeshurg, Thursday, Way '27th at 1:30 p. in.
Horatio . Thursday, May '27lh at 8 p. m.
HeQueen Friday. '2sth at 1:30 p. in.
Nashville. Saturday, May '2!tth at 2 p. hi.
New Improved Pony Gang Edgers
Just the thing tor small Saw Mills cutting 5'000 to 15,000 feet of
lumber per day.
Write for complete description and price.
Williams l^ill Mfg. Company of Arkansas
Mil ituincf urers and Jobbers of
Saw Mills, shingle .Mills and Farm .Machinery,
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court,
Little River county, Arkansas. Laura
Kimble, plaintiff vs. Jam'es Kimble, de
fendant. The defendant, James Kim
ble is hereby warned to appear in this
court within thirty days and answer
the complaint of the plaintiff herein,
Laura Kimble. Witness my hand and
the seal of said court, thiS 4tli day of
May, 1920.—Jas. H. Williams, Clerk.
June R. Morrell, Atty for Pltf. Geo. R.
Steel, atty ad litem. 5-29
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court,
Little River county, Ark. Minnie Kim
bree, plaintiff vs. Sylvester Kimbree,
defendant. The defendant. Sylvester
Kimbree is hereby warned to appear
in this court within thirty days and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff
herein, Minnie Kimbree. Witness my
hand and the seal of said court this
5th day of May, 1920.—Jas. H. Wil
liams. Clerk. DuLaney & Steel, Atty.
for P'ltf. Jno. J. buLaney, atty. ad
litem. 5-29
('until niatlon Mice and Warning Order.
Notice is hereby given that there has
been tiled in my office as Clerk of the
Chancery Court a petition for the con
firmation of the title to the following
lands, to wit: Frl. SKI section 19, SJ
SVVi, section 20, and Ki SWi, section
20, all in township 13 South, range 32
west, also all of frit section 10 town
ship 14S. range 32 west, also all of frl.
section 3. township 14 S., range 28 west
and the quieting of the title to the;
same in A. A, Cleveland petitioner1
therin, and all persons whomsoever
claiming any inierest in said ands are
hereby warned to appear in the Little
diver county Chancery court within1
time allowed by law and show cause
why the title of the petitioners should
not be confirmed. J. M. V. Shreve is 1
hereby especially warned to appear in
said court within the time allowed by
law and answer the petition of the
petitioner herein. Given under my;
hand and seal of said court on this ,
lOtli day of April, 1920.—Jas. H. Wil- j
liams. Clerk of the Little River Chan- j
eery Court. Reynolds & Steel, ttys,
for petitioner. Ben Shaver, attorney
ad litem. 29-w
Each package of “Diamond Dyes” con
tains directions so simple that any
woman can dye any material without
streaking, lading or running. ‘Druggict
baa color card—lake go war dye I
—at a—
Reasonable Rate of
Interest and Terms to
Suit Yourself, see
.Notary l’ubllc
I’hone 210 Ashdown, Ark.
2 can generally be warded off by
l keeping the bowels open and tile
|» liver working actively. Now is
|, the critical time to cleanse the
? body of lurking malaria germs.
^ Purify the blood now and at the
i same time guard against influ
CHILL tonic
does this by destroying malaria
germs and making the blood
pure and vigorous. Acts on the
liver, and moves the bowels
without taking calomel.
For sale by most druggists.
Mailed direct for 60c, if your
druggist can t supply you. 60c
a bottle at Drug Stores.
Fort Smith, Ark.
Money Ready as soon as the
Abstracts Show Good Title
Yeager & Jcttes
You Don’t Need to Sicken, Gripe*
or Salivate Yourself to
Start Liver.
You’re bilious, slugs1311, constipated.
You feel headachy, your stomach may bo
sour your breath bad, your skin sallovr
ami vou believe you need vile, dangerous
calomel to start liver and bowels.
Here’s my guarantee! Ask your drug
cist for a bottle of Dodson s Liver Ton*
and take a spoonful tonight. If It
doesn’t start your liver and straighten
you right up better than calomel and
without griping or making you sick I
want you to go back to the store and
get your money. _
Take culomel today and tomorrow you
will feel weak and sick and nauseated.
Don't lose a day. Take a spoonful of
harmless, vegetable Dodson s Llver,^““a
tonight and wake up feeling splendid.
It is perfectly harmless, so give it to you*
children any time. It can’t salivate.

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