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Foreman, Ark.
AUG. 5 and 6, 1920
State and County Candidates Will Speak
Jig Base Ball Game, Merry-Go
lound and Other Attractions
ome and Bring Your Family
and a Well Filled Basket
snefits go to Foreman High Athletic Assn.
v *
ee or pb.one L. H. Brannan, for Concessions
Candidate for Governor
Hr is not a Politician.
He is a Successful Business Man.
He is the Only Producer in the Race.
He- is the Only Practical Farmer in the Race.
H'1 is conducting one of Cleanest of Campaigns.
* He is Not Ruminated by any Fi ction or Influence.
He wil give an efficient and Business Administration.
He is author of more Progre sive Legislation in Arkansas than
ether of his opponents.
lie is Author of Woman Suffrage in Arkansas whereby the wo
men have a v. ice in their government.
He under unds the laboring classes, employing more labor than
any or all of his Opponents combined.
With liis heavy support from the Lady Voters and his strong en
dorsements from labor bodies, civic and commercial organizations,
and because of liis stand against local taxation for improvements in
connection with any law that would in any way t alte away from
R'ose interested the right to say what improvements should be made
and what course should be pursued in the execution of the projects,
Riggs is gaining n strength daily and is the logical candidate to
break the ring rule in this state and truly represent all the people of
State Agricultural
Magnolia, Arkansas
Be at Opening August 24
Write Today for Room
/ E. E. AUSTIN, Pres.
Hicks Kews.
Hicks Community, July 29.)—Mr. i
and Mrs. A. C. Stephens and daughter, I
[Miss Hazel, left. Wednesday for Hot j
Springs, for a months' stay.
Mrs. R. A. Turner and children of j
Fulton have been visiting the former’s i
sister, Mrs W. H. Treas, for a few i
days. )
Frank Adcock and Richard Butler1
oc Ashdown were Hicks visitors Sun- (
Misses Bertie Waldo, Elizabeth j
Welch and Myrtle Anthony spent the ]
week end at Millwood, the guest of .
friends and relatives.
Robert Treas returned Sunday from j
a visit with relatives in Sevier county.<
W. E. Owens and two sons, Robert I
and Travis, are very ill this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D, Waldo, Misses
Bathyl and Myrtle Treas, Bertie Wal
do. and Irene and Lilian Quarles,
'Grace Phillips, Messrs. Wallace Math
ews. Wesley Quarles, Geo. Welch and
! Carle Treas attended the revival at
Elmore Wednsdav night.
Quito a number of ihe girs of this
! community attended the rally Tlir.r -
Miss Xona Lawrence of -Arden spent
la few days this week'with her aunt,
Mrs. A. C. Stephens.
Misses Bertha Gill. Bertie Waldo
and Eathyl Treas attended the ball
game in Ashdown Monday.
George Welch was in Ashdown Mon
i day.
W. H. Treas made a business trip
to Ashdown Wednesday.
;Rev. S. K. Burnett fliled his regular
i appointment here Sunday.
Wmfhrsp H?jws
Winttirop, July JJ.— (Special)—Mrs.
| Will Ward of Little Hock was liere
i Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
j Simpson.
i Claude Goodson of Texarkana was
here Sunday.
' Mr. and Mrs. Guy Davis of Tulsa
are visiting relatives here this week,
j Mrs. F. B. West of ldabel is visiting
relatives here this week,
j Willie Crenshaw of Texarkana was
! here the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Melton and child
ren of Treas. La., are here this week
visiting Mrs. S. J. Turley.
Bro and Mrs. J. T. Fit her attended
the Methodist conference at Foreman
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Sweened of
Alma are visiting friends and relatives
; here this week.
Dr. W. M. Lambert was in Ashdown
‘ Wednesday.
Mrs Jennie Anderson of Foreman
was here the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pendergast of
Haworth were here Sunday and Mon
W. D. Stephens was in Ashdown
Mrs Tom Click of Texarkana is here
visiting relatives and friends this week.
J. O. Pildv was in Texarkana Sun
Airs. John Sessions attended the
conference at, Foreman last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Simpson and
family are leaving this week to make
their home in Texarkana.
Foreman News,
Foreman, Jujy 3u.— (Special)— Ray
mond Johrtson from Winthrop was a
business visitor in Foreman Satur
Miss Ruth McKinney of Fort Smith
has been the guest of Miss Uuth How
ell the pat t week.
Mrs. Frank Horner and little son left
Thursday for Mena to be gone several j
Karl Harvell of Neosho, Mo., has been
visiting his parents. Rev. and Mrs. W.
M. Howell, a few days this week.
Mrs. Lee Campbell left Friday for
Mrtiu to spend the remainder of the
Miss Ruth Salyers left Friday far
her home in Mena to spend a few
weeks with home folks.
Mrs. W. M. Gathright returned Thu
rsday from White Cliffs. She was ac
companied home by Misses Maude and
Grace Shermer.
W. M. Gathright left Sunday for a
few weeks in Hot Springs.
Mrs. Hoy Berry entertained a num
ber of the young people Monday night
with a party in honor of her guest,
Miss Mary Porterfield.
Misses Nellie and Carrie Collins re
turned Sunday morning from Hot
Springs where they had spent their
The town has been quite lively this
week, so many preachers attending the
Methodist conference and the oil men
investigating the oil prospects.
Miss Ethel Young has returned from
an extended visit with relatives in Mal
Wanting Order.
In the Justice Court of Litfte River
County, Aik. S. A. Maddox, plaintiff, j
vs. J. E. Starns, defendant. The defen-1
dant. ,T. E. Starns is warned to appear
in this xiourt within thirty days and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff,
S. A. Maddox. Witness my hanra and I
the seal of said court, this 28th day of1
July. 1P2(V—S. D. Phillips, Justice of1
the Peace. ' ^ 8-^1
Johnson Refutes Jackson’s
and Steel’s Political Thunder
j» Jackson says five of my nine years at the bar
i have been spent in the “uninstructed study of the
i law” after telling boastfully of the EXT'EXSIVE
instruction he has had. It is true that I have had
^ to fight for what I have accomplished in my pro
i tcssion unaided and alone; but I am net ashamed
\ ot the fact. In face of his sneers I went to Delight
I* an obscure country teacher nine years ago and by
dent of close application and hard study hove been
able to make a living for myself and family and
save enough out of my earnings from the law
practice alone to buy and pay for a home when 1
moved to Ashdown one year ago and to make this
campaign under present hgh prices without going
in debt; although there will be little left when it is
Can Either of Them Say as $uch?

E George Steel says 1 have never tried a felony
P case in Circuit Court single handed and alone, and
H invites me to publish a list of such case.- tried by
£ me. "Get him w .10 is guiltless cast the tirst si one. '
l tiow man'.' te. , cu. js has George trice > ..tout
c tire aid of the prosecuting attorneys t .r :10m he
r hash n irking? > i k uuoul
•: i- absolutely u 11;rue for 1 have tiled sucu cases
f: vmiid <1 and alone practically in every c ;nty in
£ the cir< ail. If publishing a lift of them is to he the
tost. 1 will publish mine when he first publishes
P his.
£ Early in the camcaign I gave you my life's
£ history and experience and Invited the closest se
curity. The story was short, but upon it J rest my
claims; unashamed ol liov\ humble ii has b; n.
Because I have dared question Jacksons
experiences and have referred to 'he greed of
the Steed family for public office THLY SAY I
HAY1-: 1JKKX SBIXOIXG .MUD. ! regard tlr 3
things as legitimate campaign material and pro
per for your consideration and have no apology to
offer for any tiling I have- said. Had I oh : 11 to
criticise their private live- there would be s ene
bases for the charge and I am sure they would
have a clearer idea of what it takes to constitute
Jackson’s Experiensss,
Jackson-in a very adroit effort to lead you to
believe that he really is a practicing attorney says
he. took some of his teacher's salary and secured
legal instruction from c-uch sages of the law “as
Col. Murphy, Senator Clarke, Judge Rose ami
Hon. Lewis Rhoten and that during his thirteen
years prac tice he has come in contact with some
very great minds and has thereby ‘absorbed some
things. I have investigated this and find that Mr.
Jackson attended law school at Little Rock every
other nigkt for about four months during the lat
ter (.art of 1906; and furthermore that neither Mr.
Rhoton. Sen. Clarke or Judge Rose lectured in
this school during Jackson’s attendance. He did
r.ot “absorb" anything front either of these gen
tlemen unless he had them employed as private
tutors For the truth of these statements I refer
you to Judge J. H. Carmichael. Doan of the Law
Department of the University of Arkansas.
Early in 1907 Jackson returned to Howard
County and resumed his profession as a school
teacher: and has taught continuously since that
time, not missing a single year. He has just fin
ished a nine month term at Nashville and is mak
ing this campaign during his vacation between two
terms of school. He does not own and ha- never
established or maintained a law office, and how
he can hope to fool you into believing that he has
“absorbed" enough law to be your prosecuting at
torney is beyond me. The little law 1 know has
been acquired through “hard knocks" and my ex
perience is that the law is a product which does
not yield readily to the process of “absorption."
Jackson's Methods.
Jackson published his circular after mine ap
peared, and seeing the telling effect it was having
on George iSteei's candidacy sought to profit there
by by showing that there was some community of
interest between George and myself, thereby get
ting some of my apples, >o use hi-s expression.
Jackson very well knows that I am not related to
the Steel family by either blood or marriage and
il is statement, is made by him only to divert your
Jacks*!* Sav$ 5t Is Haward CnunN’s Time.
|» \ OW Ui'ti 1101 s>0 iiiliCil COllCtii AltJu UUOUt LUO
£ county iu which your prosecuiiiis, attorney lives
~ as iu llie KUla oi goods tie uenvmo. i appicneud
JacKsou is hoi inucn interested ni getting iiic
^ piosecutiug aiioniey t ouice tor tiowaid county as
!• ioi hmiseit. i niiou 1 am seenuig it uoi tor ssu
i, uovwi or inline uner county, oui ior tiniest Jonu
£ sou, ms vvue and buoy.
$ judge bieel Will be Disquaiihed in the
■ tvem oi ms boa s election.
' Ceoige says ue Has me written opinion oi the
• Attorney Ueiieral and many otuer oi me leading
, attorneys ot mis section, uoiumg tnat would not
( be the case; and mat he and his uromer and orner
- atterueys reiatea to ms tamer, nave practiced Lie
lore nun tor yeais wimout me question ueing
raised and Willi tins staLeuieiil he dismisses me
question as smiled.
1 havent consuiteu Judge Steels former law
partners and u ueui’ge has written statements 1
wonuer wny he uoesu t puulnn mem so tiiat you
may nave me ueiiein oi mem. i quoted tile law
and me decisions oi our Supreme Court upon me
question wnicii are so cieur and pmiu "mac even
lie vviio runs may read and unaerstalid ' and left it
up to you wimout tuiilier comment.
even tnougii tlie Attorney central has lield to
the contrary our Supreme Court nus tormed such
u uaLiit oi uilteriug trom him that ins opinion is
not worth much; and he 1.-, oversuudoweu by me
laid that the Supimue Court lias nie last guess at
it and uas already naiided down an opinion which
leaves no doubt in the matter, in the following
-A indue related within Mich degree to an at
torney (meaning fourth degree) whose fee depends
substantially, if not wholly, upon the determina
tion of the eaitse is disqualified. Johnson vs.
State s" Ark. 4
I have consulted the great majority of the
attorneys of this section and they tell me they be
lieve that Judge Steel would ha disqualified; and
it is conceded by all that it is a serious question
and is sure to be raised the first time a criminal
case of any importance is tried. Can you imagine
the embarassing situation which would ensue if
the question should be raised in some important
murder or bank robbery case, and on appeal the
Supreme Court should hold that Judge Steel is
disqualified? AVho could recompense the county
for losing the conviction? Who would have to
pay the unnecessary expenses of a second trial and
the special judge who tried it?
No one has suggested that attorney related to
the judge could not try a case in which his fee was
not contingent, or did depend upon the result of
the case without, disqualifying him. lie does not
say that he, his brother or the other attorneys he
mentioned have tried cases of this kind before his
father without the question being raised. But if
they have, the mere facf that the question was not
raised is no indication of what the result would
1 ave been if it had been raised.
George, if elected, cannot hope to get
by without the question being raised.
Close Relationship.
iiwui me legal quiauuu plUSUIiltU as 10
the disqualification of your trial judge in the event
of his son's election there is yet presented a very
serious question, that of “Public Policy." The
court machinery of your county and district should
be neld in the highest esteem by every citizen, and
each and every person should feel that if called
to defend himself in the courts he will get a
square deal; he must not only feel this way about
it. but should know he will do so, and the condi
tions should bo such that he will feel ,his way even
after the case is tried. If George Steel is elected
your prosecuting attorney while his father is the
judge you create a condition of affairs that has
never existed at any timj> or place in the United
States, so far as I have been able to determine.
You create a new condition and one that has never
before been tried I submit that even a defendant
should receive every benefit guaranteed him by the
constitution and laws of this state, yet were he
convicted under the laws and unheard of condition,
he and his friends would surely complain thereby
bringing vour court machinery into an unfavor
able light. If you don’t want to be caught in such
n situation, don’t help create it) by your vote.
In the event of my election I hereby promise
to lead a clean, SOBER, and law abiding life, and
can point to a previous life of that c haracter as .an
evidence of my good faith in making the promise
and my ability to carry it out.
If I may rely even in a conservative way upon
the reports coming to me from over the circuit, I
am certain of having won this fight as it is possible
fot one to be, but I have not relaxed my efforts
and shall not do so until the last ballot is counted,
I trust that my friends will rely their efforts un
til the end when there will be no question but that
right will prevail over might, Democracy and Merit
over personal ambition.
I want to assure you that no one could pos
sibly appreciate your support more than I. and
that, in the event of my election, I shall endeavor
to show my appreciation by rendering you efficient
service. ,
Candidate for Prosecuting Attorney
for the N?nth Circuit of Arkansas.
i/ifcM *~-ij. t : *; 4.K'av-va’... tam: .ia

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