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Good All-Wool
Sure keep you warm’ at night. Better
come in and buy a pair or two. They are
being sold at a bargain in our Big Sale.
Winter Underwear
For Men, Women and Children. Buy
now and buy cheap at our Big Sale.
The Big Sale
Is still going on and the price is greatly
reduced on
Quality Merchandise
Ashdown, FOR QUALITY Arkansas
Get a Ford with Starter and Elec
tric Light?. You only pay 1 -3 cash.
Balance in 12 equal payments.
We are in position to make early
delivery. Will also sell Ford
Trucks and Fordson Tractors on
time payments.
Ashdown, Arkansas
E. C. McCormick, Mgr.
Warning Order. j
In the Little River Chancery court,]
Little River county. Ark. Mamie Col
lins, plantiffl vs. John Collins, defen
dant. The defendant, John Collins, la
hereby warned to appear in this court
within thirty days and answer the
complaint of the plaintiff herein, Ma-;
mie Collins. Witness my hand and
the seal of said court this 5th day o»
Nov. 1920.—Jas. H. Williams. Clerk.
Reynolds and Steel, atty, tor pltf. Geo.
R. Steel, atty. ad litem. 11-27
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court,
Little River county, Ark. Miller
County Bank and Trust Co. etal plain
tiffs, vs. E. C. Matthews, et al. defen
dants. The defendants, E. C, Math
ews and Jennie Mathews, are hereby
warned to appear in this court within
30 days and answer the complaint of
the plaintiffs herein. Miller County
Bank and Trust Co., et al. Witness my
hand and the seal of raid court this
4th day of Nov. 1920.—Jas. H. Wil
liams, Clerk. W. H. Arnold Jr. Atty.
for Pltf. Ben Shaver, Atty ad lit
em. 11-27
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court,
Little River County, Ark. J. B. Tram
mell, plaintiff vs. T. N. Below, defend
ant. The defendant, T. N. Belew, is
hereby warned to appear in this court
within thirty days and answer the
complaint of the plaintiff herein, J. B,
Trammell. Witness my hand and the
seal of said court this 14th day of
October, 1920.—Jas. H. Williams, Clerk.
Shaver & Locke, Atty for Pltf. A. P.
Steel, Atty ad litem. 11-6
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court,
Little River county, Ark. Tom Lee,
plaintiff vs. Lillian Lee, defendant.
The defendant, Lillian Lee, is hereby
warned to appear in this court within
30 days and answer the complaint of
the plaintiff, Tom Lee. Witness my
hand and the seal of said court, this
4th day of Nov. 1920.—Jas. H. Wil
liams, Clerk. Reynolde and Steel, At
ty. for Pltf. Jake Rhyne, Atty ad
litem. 11-27
“My horse was in such run down
condition, I thought he would die.
After feeding him Dr. LeGear’s Stock
| Powders, he is as well as ever and| is
as well as ever, and is now as good a
horse as there is in this section.’’—J,
C. Huste, Rockbridge Baths, Va.
Dr. LeGears Stock Powders build up
the body, vitally and muscular energy
of your horses and mules, insure more
meat with less feed, from your hogs,
sheep and cattle, and help your cows
produce more and richer milk
Mr. Huste’s small expenditure saved
him the price of a horse. D. LeGear
can also help you. For 28' years as a
Veterinary Surgeon and Expert Poul
the compounding of remedies for ail
ments of stock and poultry. When
ever you have an ailment among your
stock or poultry get the proper Dr.
LeGear Remedy from your dealer. It
must satisfy you, or your money will
be refunded.—advt,
Plans Being Made fo-r Arkansas to
Hare Organization,
Little Rock, Nov. 12.—(Special—If
the plans that have been tentatively
adoptedi should previal, Arkansas will
within the next few years have the
most complete militia organization
ever authorized for the state. After a
conferenoe between Adjutant General
Harris, and the Commander of the
Southeastern division at Charleston, an
allottment has been made for Arkansas
which will give the state a total of
2837 men as a maximum, which should
be expanded by 1924 to a total of 6500.
The units will include one infantry
battalion, one artillery brigade head
quarters, one artillery regiment, one
artillery brigade ammunition train, one
engineer battalian, one animal drawn
ambulanoe company and one service
park unit. There will also be a unique
feautre for Avkansas in one complete
division air service, consisting of 33 of
ficers and 15 7men. There will pe pro
vision for 13 planes and one baloon
corps, with all necessary equiiynent.
Meets 2nd and
>th .. Wednes
day nlgft’s In
Each Month.
J. la Martin,
Sectretary. W. W. BUSTER, ff, M.
Arkinda Newt.
Arkinda, Nov. 11.—(Special)—Mrs.
Jim Skinner is visiting here from
Boyington, Okla., this week.
Mrs, May Jones left Wednesday f ,.r
Sherman, Texas, where she will make
her luture home.
Tom Roberts' and family started for
[Canton, Texas, by private conveyance
this week, and got as far as Red River
and had to turn back on account of
high water.
J. A. Wadsworth is here from New
Mound Valley, Kansas.
Rev. Howell of Foreman filled his
regular appointment here Sunday.
Mrs. Alice Kirkland is visting rela
tives in Texas now.
John Brown was here from Tennes
see last week.
Mrs. Mary Epps and Mrs. Johns
were shopping in Winthrop Tuesday.
Claud Fallis passed throug here
from Broken Bow enroute to Win
throp Tuesday,
There was a stranger passing thru
here Wednesday and said the end of
time was near, and was due in Dec
ember. but, we conclude that he is no
i bib! s scholar.
Miss Eva Hathaway is right sick
Our school is progressing fine with
a large attendance. Prif. Stifflin is
conducting a good school, this being
his first school at this place.
We have a good Sunday School every
Sunday^ morning. Also a good prayer
meeting every Sunday night and Wed
nesday night with good attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bird, who recen
tly came from Mound Valley, Kansas,
have concluded to stay another year.
The offensive odor of the dead can
didates are almost unbearable.
The oil gossip around here has re
lated to an unbelievable extent,
Mrs. Pat Stinsoin is visiting here
this week from Wicks, Arkansas.
Dr. E. B. Bayliss is right sick.
Foreman News.
Forman, Nov. 12.—(Special) — Miss
! Beulah Salyers has resgned her posi
tion with the Auto Sales Company, and
left Saturday for her home at Mena.
Mrs. James Dolarhide returned re
cently from an extended visit with his
sisters, Mrs. Ernest Hopson and Mrs.
Edward Hawkins in Alberque, New
The ladies of the Methodst church
observed the week of prayer with very
interestng programs Tuesday, Wednes
day, Thursday and Friday.
Mrs. A,J. Atkinson returned recently
from an extended' visit with relatives
in Memphis, Tenn,
Prof, and Mrs. Brannon are rejoic
ing over the arrival of a son, Saturday
the 6th.
All the teachers have gone to Little
Rock to attend the State Teachers As
sociation which meets Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday of this week.
Mrs. R. P. Lindsay and children,
Robt. and Chas., are visiting relatives i
in DeKalb, this week.
Out of town riends and relatives who 1
attended Mr. Carl Schuman’s funeral
Tuesday were Or. and Mrs. A, R. How
ell of Little Rock, Mrs. Lena White of
Idabol, Mrs. John Simpson, Texarkana,
Mrs. Virginia Simpson and Mrs. Mam
mie Bush, Hugo, Okla., Mr. and Mrs.
T. B. Cook, Rev. W. T, Sullivan, «J. O.
Rhyne, Ashdown, Prof. T. T. An
derson, Fulton.
Jones Community News
Jones Community, Nov. 11.—(Special;
—News somewhat scarce,
E. L. Rigsby is on the sick list
J C Prow was a business visitor in
Foreman Tuesday
I iv Hoffman and C.II Pcttman were
ia Foreman with cotton last Tuesday.
aImiio Weems’ new barn e near
ing crmpletion.
Albert Green and family are still
having the chills.
Miss Gola |Rig«by came down from
Hatfield last Monday and is visiting
her, father,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Spence returned
from Franklin, Neb., last Thursday.
Mrs. Mary Bowers and granddaugh
ter Katie Harding, of Louisiana, are
visiting Mrs. Martha Green and other
Some much needed road work is being
done north of Jones schoolhouse by J.
M. Young and others.
A surprise birthday dinner was given
to Mrs. S. W. Studevant last Sunday
on her 48th birthday. All enjoyed
themselves and wishing Mrs, Strude
viant many more happy birthdays.
Those present: J.M. Young, T. W. Mast,
Emmett Franklin, C. E. Gauldin and
C. H. Rettman and their families.
Wilton News.
WiltoYi, Nov. 11.—(Special)—Mrs. L.
T. Jones visited her father, U. Mose
ley, Monday afternoon.
T, E. McCrary has Luught the Simp
son house, and moved his family to
town Tuesday.
W. A., Simpson moved his family to
Texarkana this week.
Miss Grace Martin was shipping in
Ashdown Saturday.
Koss Hill, who has been here on a
'visit, returned to Burk Burnett Wed
[ iiesday.
Miss Alla Mae Dyer visited friends
| at Ashdown Sunday.
I U. Moseley spent several days in
j Ashdown with his daughters, this week.
Joe Fairburn, Cyrus and Wallace
Matthews went) possum hunting Tues
day night, and got lost in McGuire bend
and didn’t get home until next morning.
J. L. Dyer went to White Cliffs on
business Wednesday.
Mr, and Mrs. C. N. Cash, Mr. and
Mrs. Priecely Cooper and Mrs. Jim
Pipkin were shopping in Ashdown
Wallace Matthews and Eugene Phil
lips were Wilton visitors Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hill left Thurs
day to make their home in Hope.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pickett went, to
Texarkana last Saturday.
R. E. Johnston got his hand badly
hurt in his sorghum mill Friday.
Mrs, W.D. Pratton, who has been ill,
is reported to be improving.
Mrs. Ruth Gantt left Monday to visit
in Wichita Falls.
Prof. Edward Freeman left Tuesday
to attend the Arkansas Teachers’ As
sociation at Little Rock.
Mrs. Pess Covey from Kansas City
visited her brother, Tom. McCall, the
first of the week.
There will be three picture shows a
week at the Wilton Garage. The first
two numbers were given Saturday and
Thursday nights.
The town council met Wednesday
light, and attended to some important
Allene School News.
AUene. Nov. 11.—(Special)—School
is progressing nicely. We now have
an enrollment of seventy pupils. A
literary society was organized the
second week and one program has been
The pie supper given Friday night
was a success. A short program was
rendered by the school, after which
Supt. Wheelis made an interesting
talk, advising more hearty co-operation
of parents and teachers, and giving
other valuable suggestions. He was
followed by Miss Norwood, who also
made an interesting talk, touching
briefly the various phases of club
work. At the conclusion o| the speak
ing, the pies were sold, bringing a
total of$25,whch will be be used for
necessary furnishings for the build
ing. A large crowd was present and a
good time was present, and a good
time enjoyed by all.
Mr. Jernigan, State Boys and Girls'
ciub leader, and Miss Norwood, Home
Agent, were with us Tuesday evening
and organized a boys and girls club.
We are the proud possessors of a
beautiful new American flag, purchas
ed by contributions of pupils, teachers
and, friends. We wish to thank those
contributing, also those who in any
way, assisted in getting it placed.
Tl^ursday, November 11 a few minut
est past eleven, in the presence of the
school and friends, and while the
“Star Spangled Banner’’ was being
sung, the large flag which we have
juBt purchased was hoisted on the
flag pole in commemoration o the
signing of Armistice. After the flag
was raised, the pledge of Allegance
and salute were given by the children.
New Hope News.
New Hope Community, Nov. 9 . —
Mre. Matilda Pack of Pulaski City, Va.,
is visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Scott
and relatives of whom ijbe has not
seen in thirty-one years.
H. E. Scott and wife spent Wednes
day with A. L. Scott.
Luther Carson finished the gravel pit
Mrs. H, M. and Mrs. John Kirk were
guests at J. T. Trammells Sunday.
G. E. Scott was a visitor at A. L.
Scott’s Sunday.
Emery Latham visited A. L. and
Mrs. Mary Scott Saturday.
J. E, Latham was a welcome guest
at J. T. Trammell’s Saturday.
Squirrels are gnawing, hickory nuts
are falling, ducks are flying, rabbits,
possums are getting ripe. Good old
days are noming again.
Warning Order.
In the Little River Chancery Court.
Esther Williams, plaintiff vs. E. Wil
liams defendant. The defendant, E.
Williams is warned to appear in this
court within thirty days, and answer
the complaint of the plaintiff, Esther
Williams. Given under my hand and
seal of office this October 8, 1920.—
Jas. H. Williams, Clerk. J, O. Rhyne,
Atty. for deft. Reynolds and Steel, at
torney for plaintiff. 11-8
If you don’t want to soli yonr
cotton now, or hare a number of
bales on hand waiting shipment,
place them in a warehouse or
compress and—
Will appreciate a portion of your
cot ton insurance.
See Us For
Southern Realty and
Trust Company
Ben Shaver, Manager
pectfully tenders bis Professional
services to the people of Ashdown,
Ashdown, Arkansas.
and Surgeon. Office in Lott Build
ing; phones, office 169-2 rings, resi
dence 169-3 rings. Ashdown, Ark.
DR. C. E. MAY, Dentist. Office
in Sanderson Building, Ashdown,
Hours 8 to 12; 1 to 6; Office in San
derson building, phone 90, Ashdown.
LON T. JONES, Notary Public.
Office: Yeager & Jones, Ashdown,
11. K. LEWIS, Notary Public, Ash
down, Arkansas.
C. M. SUTTON, Notary Public,—Office
in Arkansas State Bank.
J. L. MARTIN—Notary Public, at
Arkansas State Bank.
D. H. TOMPKINS, Notary Pulilc,
office in hirst National Bank Bldg.,
Ashdown. Ark.
A. D. DuLANEY, Lawyer. Office in
Sanderson Building, Ashdown, Ark
at Law, Ashdown, Little River Coun
ty, Arkans»>“
JOHN J. DuLANEY-Attorney-afc
law—Ashdown. Ark.
tHAS. H. THOMPSON, Lawyer, P. Q.
93, Wilthrop, Ark. Office in resi
dence in country near Arkinda road.
Practice in all courts.
only way to find out is to have an
abstract made. We have the oldest
and meat complete set ot records in
the county. Why should we not glv«
the best service.—Me Iver Abstract
& Insurance to. Office in Sanderson
building, Ashdown, Ark.
PLUMBING. I would like to figure
.n construction work. Aepair work
promptly done. Howe & Moleney—
Ashdown. Phone No. 77.
harness repaired right. All modern
machinery.—Mess Attaway, Prop,
Ashdown, Arkansas.
If HUNTS Salve bits la
treatment of ITCH. ECZEMA.
othar itching akin die_
Try a 73 cent boa at our Htk^
For sal* by Modal Drug On.

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