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OgdM Schort Ntwt
f Ogden, Jan. 6.—(Special)—The Og
len school re-opened January 3. All
ported having had a'merry Christ
ie and a happy New Year. ;
■e program rendered by the school
■Christmas Eve was enjoyed by all,
p showed that much work had been
he by both teachers and pupils. The
/ogram consisted of Christmas songs,
/umorous readings and dialogues, a
jpretty drill and an excellent play giv
en by the high school.
Our school continues to progress
nicely. Everything 1* moving along
Jttst fine. Wo are very proud of the
hue school we have and of the ex
cellent work oar teachers are doing.
We feel rare that there la notf another
echool in the county where the w&die
town and community are working so
falthfnlly together, the teachers are
justly proud of the good work that Is
being done by the girls and beys. It
Is evident that they are being en
couraged by the parents at home. The
pupils are showing a genuine interest
in ’scSbol and most of them are mak
ing excellent grades. Tardiness has
almost become a thing of the past,
.New boy* and glrle are entering
•very day and we hope that the at
tendance will be' better this month
than ever before.
We are glad to report (bat foe pupils
with scarlet fever are improving and
will soon he back wltifus. We all miss
her. ' ~ \
We were glad to welcome visitors
this week. Come again. .
The honor roll for the fourth month
la ae follows: ■
Primary Department—Thomas Jfon
non, Monson Van Hook. Wlllhr Mc
Ettfrerh, Howard Holmes, Clyde Kel
lar, Kelly Budd. $ ■ .f
High School—Essie Hankins* Lena
Dollarhide, Lois Mcbewel, Coke Hull.
,u ' ,hl) ;j- ' ^ Uv ;
' m m\Urn*
Wilton. Routine, jan. tspeciau
(—We are gjad to aee Bitch pretty wea
ther at the beginning of a new year,
and'►'hope to hare a better year this
year as wo bare bad so much bad.
Miss Eula Lore is Improving nicely
over a long spell of sickness,
Mr. Hopper, Mieses Mayde and Bula
Hinton -spent the day with Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Patterson Sunday.
All of the youhg people enjoyed ,the
ringing at the church Sunday evening.
We: are glad to see that Walter Arr
noid fi«r fiS^d sar JhraaoarsT
Oak Hill.
Mrs. H. G. Chauncey, has gone ott a
visit to her eon, who's wile is very 111.
Herbert Walker and family of Oak
Hill have; moved to Louisiana. We
were sotTy to see them leave.
Mrs. (Clara Patterson has been real
sick but is Improving. V
R. Hinton baa purchased some
new gas lights.
Miss Mayme Patterson and Mlaa
McCall Epent Christmas with
uncle* John McCall.
list thia
ery third
>4<i.: •<? ■
keeburg Is 4i*r*
Mr. and Mrs, A.W.
▼ery ill tor the past
flips 1b attending court
Hicks Nffvtr
Hickf Community, Jan. 5,—(S
—May this year be bright and hli/<y
for every one.
Rev. Ltndsayjl the Methodist
er, delivered his first sermon
January 2nd. It was enjoyed
one. He will preach the
fourth Sundays at 3 o’clock^
School re-opened Monday
with several new pupils.
Odean-Phillips la on the.
Bro. Walds Will pi
Sunday at three o’cl
rell was held here*
Robert and (Ruby
sick lift 4M»
Buck Aubrey
ropeiringrhis h
Little Dan,
Johnston, has
Mr. J. N
this week.
Mieses Jlgi/de and Elsie Arrington
are hare gdfrg to school, staying with
./Mrs. Bill Wilder.
Jean from Peytonville has
jtm Matthews farm.
Jean Ms returned to Du
'S she is httendlng school.
Mrs. §. N. Phillips gave a
Year dinner and those present
W. E, Owens and family, J. W.
fteS and family, Ed Johnston and
r_ j, C. C. Qastrell.
( polk Thrash of Elmore visit
ed Myrtle TreSs and Birdie Waldo Sat
urday night and Sunday.
' John Queries and daughter, Mias
Irene, were In Ashdown Tuesday.
Qrandpa Caps’ father ’ of George
Caps of this place, is ill of pneumonia.
/ Miss Myrtle Trpas entertained the
yotthg people with a party Saturday
Misses Bertha Gill and Birdie Waldo
made a business trip to Ashdown Mon
•V AIImm School Nows.
AUene, Jan. 6.—(Special)—We are
glad to report a full ^attendance and
ten new pupils at the beginning of otb
New Year In the schoo l work. .
.Every one seetps to have the spirit
to Bo all they can to make our school
betteT. We greatiy appreciate this co
operation that helps to'make .our home
life £nd future look more favorably tor
the future.
* ‘TBe sdgoSl cBIlA'en'haye T5y*0iir H6Ip
of the teacher^ purchased a; new set
of boo*#*®* tl^ library, vis.: i?4,Tbrf
American Educator,” consisting of
eight volumns, costing 939.50. They
have been very busy with their new
bobks and «U are taking the advantage
of the opportunity to Improve their
time. •• ,r
The athletic teams art getting more
life In the games, and all enjoy a toss
with the ball, pleasant weather seems
to put new life in all and we hope to
Improve this month’s work over last.
Ashdown School Nows.
Miss Irene, our most popular junior,
was married to Mr. Homer iRhoden
Monday noon, January 3. Mr. Rhoden
and bride left Immediately for Para
loma to visit relatives. We miss
Irene very much, as she was so Jolly.
Miss Wilson, Mr, Pittman, Mr. Wll
iceraong and Miss Cowling gave us
some lectures, beginning Monday.
They made many severe rules. We
are going to be so good ror a time
that they will gladly let us be mean to
get rid of us. This is a secret, don't
iqm* f
—./ball Isoms to bo. on the bum
^Kavhavjia'f had agdme In over
i month. Foreman should come back
and let us ’em.again. «r
school pupils are jgtf Ex
tremely sorry that Christmas has
some and) gone because the teachers
tiave come back determined to put the
New In New Tear. Monday morning
found Miss Cowling, Mr. WJlkerson
and Miss Wilson all brimming over
with good advice. We are constantly
reminded of the fact that we're not
goats or sheep, but wa have §11 agreed
that we can’t tell the difference. What
have we done to be treated thus?
The seniors play a very. Important
rola in the School. Tills 4 plainly
shown by the lectures, which begin
our day, for ta every one thesentors
are pointed out as living exanlplee—
of what. '
The next number of the liuceum
under the auspldee of the senior class
will be given Jan. SS. The company is
th» /Harmony Co.-Eds, Four young
ladies who give violin piano and vocal
soloa, costume and character readings.
Foreman Mtwt
Foreman, Jan, 7.—(Special) — Mre.
Stanley Hicks of Wlnthrop was shop
ping In Foreman Thursday.
Mr. aRd Mrs. Wm. Anderson left
Sunday for a visit with their daughter
Mrs. Wm. Hopkins.
Mrs. Sylverster Matthews and Mrs.
Wash Yauger are moving to the coun
try to spend the spring months with
their husbands.
Mrs. Greyer Milford Is visiting her
parents and friends in Foremaii this
Dr. and Mrs. Collier returned Sun
dayfrom a holiday visit with the lat
ter’s mother near Burk Burnett.
R. J. Gray has resigned his position
with the Paldce brag Store and left
Sunday for El Dorado. __
Rev. Robt/’Emerson of Hope held
his regular service at the Episcopal
church Thursday evening. 1
Gne of .the most enjoyable parties of
the Christmas season was Wednesday,
Dec. 29th,^when Mrs. W .M. Gathright
entertained the XtV club and a number
of friends. Six'tables were organized
andi the decorations Were lovely .
Robert Harris left Wednesday for
Ashdown to take a position in the
Lindsay store.
Mrs. Berry was hostess to the XIV
club Wednesday afternoon. Besides
the regular members were Mrs. Grover
Milford of Texarkana and Mrs. Guy
McGlean. A lonely salad plate was
Served at the close of the games.
King Ridet News.
King Rider Community, Jan. 5y—
Quite a lot of moving in this commun
ity at present.
T. Si Smith moved to the Oak Grove
community this week.
Lee EvanB left Wednesday for Little
Rock to get a new artificial leg fur
nished him by the government.
Ed Smith is on the -sick list this
week, junable to make ties.
Mrs. Nettie Green left Monday night
for Kansas to see her daughter, Mrs.
Essie Kelley.
Archie Dover is going to leave tor
the oU fields Monday, after ^pending
the holidays with home folks.
Bob Barton is still on the sick list,
iR. J. Stanley made a business trip
to Arkinda Wednesday!
J. R. Smith and sons are hauling,
logs at Jewel this week.
The school at this place is progres
singnicely now. with Miss Eula. Bar-,
bop, as teacher. This IS her first
school and she is making good.
Tho ifeople inethls part have quit
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Joins Commimitv Nows
Jones Community, Jan. 5.—(Special)
—We are thankful for this nice wea
therr*' /
W. P. Jones and family have moved
onto the Crum place.
Walter Weems’ new1, home is nearing
completion. ' -
Lorone Hogrefe of Foreman spent
Saturday night with Violet and Sejm^
J, B. Ritter was in Ashdown last
A new house has recently been built
on the old W. P. Jones farm.
Jay Hoffman was in Arden last Sat
urday. 1 ; •
C. E. Gauldin, Emmett Franklin and
T. W. Mast were in, Ashdown last Fri
day evening in the interest of the Witt
throp Truck. Growers Association.
C. H. Rettman was a business visitor
in Foreman last Saturday,
Mr, and Mrs. J. C. Prow’s baby that
has been seriously ill with pneumonia
fever Is reported some better.
Emmett Franklin went to Ashdown
Tuesday morning as an alternate on
the petit jury
School began Monday at Jones after
a week’s vacation for Christmas.
A surprise birthday dinner was plan-,
ned on Mr. and Mrs. C E. Gauldin last
Sunday. Mrs. Gauldln’s birthday was
on December 28, 1920, and Mr. Gaal
din’s being on January t, 1921. A
bountiful dinner was prepared, and
besides the family forty-twd at dinner,
C Ho*
The families present
refe, of’’Foreman, J. M. Young, T. W,
'‘-tat. Etounett Franklin, J, R. Gauldin,
Texarkana Model and
Machine Works
Do aV kinds of general repair md ma
chine shop work. Only first fjkss ' ma
chinists, millwrights and ehgirmPs en>
ployed. I; . /
We do repair and machine shop work for saw milisMB uiilisyftilngle
mills, stare mills, handle factories, cotton gins, ummr ity oil, gas
and steam engines, trucks and tractors. Men aa jobs any
time, day or night. If yon hare any kind of maeljlfcgr/te Install, re
pair or rebuild, lot ns figure with yon on the Job.jY /
Day Phone 882} Night and Sunday phone 2701; line a bore number
Is busy ,call 1441. j
Post Office Box 207|^exarkann, Ark.jfeias
Located In the Williams Mill Mfg. Co. Balldh^ Corper East Broad
, 1 Ash Street. f
nk Tailor Shop
Have experienc
ed workmen and
care okydur clea
ym be aide to take \i
pj*0gs* |
IMMMlltft Vflif hutilftift with raid wtoi $
* bankrupt
meeting of the art
at toy oflfce % %
n* on January If
sk in tfce forenoojf
M that the
lira arlU ba
City of T«
1981, at 10
4 which time
tttend. prove
atee, examine
■■■.■* . " "V ' Tni n..,n
tbe 0liltript *od traMaet '
buihi«M m may jotparb
Mid meeting. Baakn5*
exemptions will be *
seme time and f
Pdps,>K«ter ee '
taba,-***.. .

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