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J New Goods - New Quality - Low Prices
Beginning Thursday, March 1 Oth, we opened our Spring Opening Sale with a good busi
ness, for a ljj>t of people took advantage of the low prices we have. If you haven’t been
in yet we believe you are letting an opportunity go by to buy a lot of goods cheaper than
you can agsfin in mauy months.
Silk Sox, 59|c
Men’s Thread Silk Sox in black
brown and white, special Utlu
Fiber Silk Sox
in colors, per pair
Work Shirts, 79c
’’Mens Blue Work Shirt*-, made of
good heavy chambray, well ,7Qn
sewed, full cut, only.f J U
Big Buck work Shirts, you know
what they are
at each .| lUU
Prices Only tot Saturday and Monday
Mavis and Moon Kiss Talcum J
Powder, 30c can per can .......
Palm Olive Shampoo, 75c size
size, for .
Pebeco Tooth Paste
per tube .i.
Pepsodent Tooth Paste
per tube .
Palm Olive Cold and Vanishing
Cream, per jar .
Williams Talc Powder
per can .
Rubberset and Prophylatic
Tooth Brushes, for ..
Palm Olive Pace Powder, 60c
size, per box .
Palm Olive and Melba Toilet Water
assorted odors, $J.OO size,
per bottle .
A Big Lot of Silks in
Satins, Taffetas,
Shirtings, Linings,
Figured Taffetas,
in the Season’s best
colors, special per yd.,
A lot of light weight Ginghams and
Solid Color Chambray, at per yard
Calico, 9c
Calico in Lights and Darks
per yard .
Curtain Scrim, 5c
About three bolts of Curtain
Scrim in whife and Ecru, yd.( .
Georgette Waists
A lot of Ladies Georgette Crepe
Waists in flesh and white,
each .
Lace, 5c
A lot of Lace in good quality
narrow vales, per yard .
Huck Towels
A good size white Huck Towel,
size 18x36, at each .
Percales, 15c
Yard wide Percales in dots and
Stripes, per yard .
White Organdy 45c
White Organdy, 40 inches wide
fine count, per yard .
Colored Organdy
Colored Organdy in season's *7r“
best colors, per yard 45c and | uu
Right Place”
iiii in w * in i'i'i—n»iif iii ■mu himi ■■iiiii ■■■ 1111111111 in i nii mi 111 iiiiiiii ■mi nwnmnn
• •
Ashdown, Ark
Wiathron News.
Winthrop, March 10.—(Special) —
John Smith, better known as Pumper
Smith, was here Friday.
Henry Lambert of Texarkana visit
ed home-folks Friday.
Miss Ida Pendergast left for Ha
worth, Okla., where she will be the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pender
Cards have been received announc
ing the marriage of Mr. J. Q. Jones
and Miss Lorena Sinish at Oklahoma
City. The many friends of Miss
Lorena wish them a long and happy
G. H. Van Emmons returned from
Ranger, Texas, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sutton spent
Saturday in Texarkana.
W. H. Sutton came home Saturday
^ Miss Hattie Wilson of Horatio was
pr: here Saturday and Sunday.
J. W. Tapp and son, Marshall, mot
ared from El Dorado this week..
rDan Bentley of Homer, La., visited
relatives and friends here this week.
Lela Smith of DeQueen was the
guest of Mrs. Sutt> n Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. H.;D. Jones and son,
Herbert Jr., retui ned to Texarkana
W. H. Boggs mr de a business trip
to Foreman Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Boggs and Miss
Ethel Pendergast motored over to
Foreman Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Seitaler of Ashdown was here
Thursday. ■ >
wllnfc Mm
Attorney B^n Shaver and Mist Agnes
Cowling: Married Thursday Night.
Ben Shaver, a young attorney, and
Miss /Agnesi Cowling, a local high
. school teacher, both of this city, were
married Thursday evening at nine
o’clock at the home of the bride’s
mother, Mrs. J. T. Cowling on the East
side. The beautiful ring ceremony
was used, and Rev. C. S. Wales of the i
Baptist church, spoke the solemn)
\ words that made the contracting par- 1
ties man and wife. Only the lmmed-.
iate families were present, including [
Judge J. D. Shaver, of Texarkana, ?
father of the grooms, and his cousins, j
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Williams. The|
wedding had not been previously an
nounced and came as a pleasant sur
prise to their numerous friends.
The groom is a young man and a
prominent attorney of this city, and a
son of Chancellor Jas. D. Shaver. He
enjoya a wide popularity and has a
promising future before him in his
profession. The bride is a daughter
of Mrs. J. T. Cowling, and a young
lady of many charming accomplish
ments and graces. She is teacher in
the high school department of the local
school. She is one of Ashdown most
popular young ladies.
Mr. and Mrs. Shaver will make their
home in this city.
Glass of Hot Water
Before Breakfast
a Splendid Habit
Open eluleee of the system each
morning and wash away the
poisonous, stagnant mattsr.
Those of us who are accuatoraed tc
feel dull and heavy when we arise;
splitting headache, stuffy from a cold,
foul tongue, nasty breath, acid
, stomach, lame back, can. Instead,
both look and feel as fresh as a daisy
always by washing the poisons and
toxins from the body with phosphated
hot water each morning.
We should drink, before breakfast,1
a glass of real hot water with a tea
spoonful of limestone phosphate in
it to flush from the stomach, liver,^
kidneys and ten yards of bow’ela the
previous day’s indigestible waste, sour
bile and poisonous, toxins; thus cleans
ing. sweetening and purifying the
entire alimentary tract before putting
more food into the stomach.
The action of limestone phosphate
and hot water on an empty stomach
is wonderfully invigorating. It cleans
out all the sour fermentations, gases, i
waste and acidity and gives one a I
splendid appetite for breakfast and ,
it Is said to be but a little while until
the roses begin to appear in the |
cheeks. A quarter pound of limestone
phosphate will cost very little at the
drug store, but Is sufficient to make
anyone who Is bothered with bilious
ness, constipation, stomach trouble or
rheumatism a real enthusiast on the
subject of internal sanitation. Try
it and you are assured that you will
look better. w»d.(eg^>Jagtt'ar jq gyery
■ New Senato Assigned to Committee*
of Agriculture and Commerce.
Washington, March 9.—Senator Car
i away of Arkansas has been assigned to
the State Committees on Agriculture
1 and Commerce—two of the most im
i portant committees in Congress—it
was announced today by Senator Rob
inson ,a member of the Steering Com
Senator Caraway was particularly
anxious to become a member of the
Agricultural Committee, but his as
signment to the (Committee on Com
merce probably will be a surprise. He
now is in Arkansas, having accompan
ied the body of Champ Clark as a
member of the funeral party to Mis
souri, ■•«.......
Senator Robinson also was assigned
to two new committees—Rules and
Military Affairs. Besides these com
mittees the senior senator is now a
member of the Committees on Terri
tories and Insular Affairs, Claims,
Printing and Expenditures in Execu
tive Departments. In addition, he is
a member of the Joint Committee on
Senator Robinson voluntarily gave
up the Committee on Interstate and
Foreign Commerce to make room for
Senator Stanley of Kentucky, and
was given Rules and Military Af
fairs instead. It is reported also that
he will be on the all-important For
eign Affairs Committee at the first
Democratic vacancy.
In view of the fact that most of
the major committees are being re
duced in membership, Senator Cara
way is considered an extremely lucky
to have landed both Agriculture and
“Tlie Knts Around My Place Were
Wise,” Says John Tullilll.
“Tried everything to kill them.
Mixed poison with meal, meat, cheese,
etc. Wouldn’t touch tt. Tried Rat
Snap. inside of ten days got rid of
all rats.” on don’t have to mix Rat
Snap with food. Saves fussing, both
er. Break a cake of Rat Snap, lay it
where rats scamper. You will see no
more. Three sizes. 35c, 65c, $1.25.
Sold and guaranteed by Henry & Joy
ner and Boyer Drug Store. adv.
Wilton School Nows
(By Hi Reporter)
Wilton, March 10.—(Special)—One
i of the geatest assets that any school
I can have is the regular attendance of
the pupils. This we have and believe
there is no school in the county that
can boast of a better attendance than
1b to be found here. For January and
February our per cent ot attendance
was over 95, with but very few cases
of tardies.
We have practically met all re
quirements for a three year high
school, accredited with the State Uni
versity, and with plenty of boosting
from the patrons, (we need no
knocks), and a little help along with
it, we can put it over and your child
ren can get the education at home that
they most need.
The play, “Deacon Dobbs” that is
being given by the senior class for the
benefit of the library fund is progress
ing nicely and we ezfect to give it
next week. Watch the date and come
if you want to spend an evening In
With the close ot school so near up
on us and the county contest at hand,
in which we are putting forth some
mighty efforts, that we can carry away
our part of the prizes, we And aur
selves wrapped up m work, but this
is the part of our school work from !
which we derive the most good and
remember the longest. J
Our honor roll for February fol
First grade—Dessie Mae Wilson,
Virl Morgan.
Second grade—Otlio Dismuke, Hu
bert Gill, Ambros Lay, Lora Mewhin
Third grade—Dorothy Braton, Ruby
Curry, Ernest Emery, Allene McDan
iel, Hester Morgan, Geneva Wilson.
Fourth grade—Cecil Johnston, Nona
Johnston, Alice Mewhinney.
Fifth grade—Ethel Gist, Evelyn Dis
muke, Annie Osborn.
Seventh grade—Sallie Mae Pipkin,
Mattie McCall, Charlie Mereditn, Joe
Tenth grade—Ada Dismuke, Ade
Hedgecoek, Mae Johnston, Estes John
ston, Susie McCray, Myrtle McCall.
Foreman News.
Foreman, March 11.—(Special) —
W. L. Lindsay and daughter, Mrs.
Givens Crump from DeKalb spent
Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie
H. M. Mclver and Bert Collins mot
ored from Texarkana Sunday, return
ing in the afternoon.
Mrs. Jim Hopson is quite sick at
the home of Mr. and Mrs Ben Hop
Mrs. J. D. Sigler is reported as re
covering from injuries received last
week when she was thrown from a
Shelby Williams left Thursday for
Washington, D. C., after attending the
funeral of his father and spending a
few days with his mother and sister in
The XIV Club was relightfully en
tertained Wednesday afternoon by
Mrs. *C. E. Key and Mrs Roy Berry at
the latter’s beautiful home on Schu
man avenue. It being near the Irish
holiday, the decorations were sham*
rocks, green pipes for score cards and
spring flowers everywhere. After th«
games and delicious refreshments,
Mrs. Berry by request sang, "Mothei*
Macree,’’ and “The Tumble Down
Shack in Athlone,” accompaniedby
Mrs. Key on the piano.
H. J. Tipton and family of Horatio
spent Sunday in Foreman.
Erna Davis of Horatio spent Sunday
with homefolks in Foreman.
««**» Y
N. B. Burns of Altus, Ark., wa# a
business visitor in Foreman Wednes
Mrs. Henry Freeman and two Jitttt
daughters left Sunday for Saratoga
for a months’ visit with relatives
Money Savers
We are offering some of the Best Values of the Season In Towels,
18x38 Service Towels,
each, .
13x21 Service Towels
each ...
Ladies Hose, fresh stock, all colors
2 pairs for.
Canvas Gloves with Gauntlet
per pair .1.
Good Shoe Strings, 40 inches long
2 pair for .
All Sizes in Threads _
per spool .
Boys Khaki Pants, sizes 6 to 15 years,
at per pair .
This Is the very best offer that we have made this season. You will
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Gathright & May Variety

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