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Charter No. 10486 Reserve District No. 8
Report of the condition of the
Ashdown in the State of Arkansas, at the close of business on April 28, 1921.
ans and discounts, including rediscounts
(except those shown in b and c).$345,872.92
ites and bills rediscounted with federal
Reserve Bank (other than bank
acceptances sold) . 54,316.67 $291,556.25
•erdrafts, secured, none; unsecured, $29.72.
$. Government securities owned;
pother United States Government Securities. 3,185.00 .TJ85.00
Aer bonds, stock, securities, etc; . 29,316.23
inking House, $10,126.10; furniture and fixtures $4,140.00. 14.266.10
i8h in vault ... 7,071.74
awful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank . 17,247.47
at amounts due from national banks .-. 18.347.45
at amount due from banks, bankers, and trust
pipanies in the United States, (other
«ncluded in items 9, 10 or 11) . 1,057.62
on other banks in the same city or town
7<Hfc-T*'H7g hank (other than item 13). 832.63
• • iems 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 . 20,237.70
links located outside of city or town
* . . Tig bank and other cash items .. 399.02
• (fund with U. S. Treasurer and
U. S. Treasurer . 500.00
C'Jts, if any: Stock in Federal Reserve
< St. Louis, Mo. 1,500.00
Jj> $385,309.23
stock paid in .$ 25,000.00
Ws fund . 25-000-00
.pFded profits .$17,182.84
■current expenses, interest and taxes paid. 11,280.39 5,902.45
*er’s checks outsanding . 3,721.60
.‘otal of items 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26. 3,721.60
mand deposits (other than bank deposits,) subject to reserve
I (deposits payable within 30 days):
dividual deposits subject to check . 208,522.09
Certificates of deposit due in less than 30
days (other than for money borrowed) . 6,694.07
Potal of demand deposits (other than bank deposits)
subject to Reserve, items 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32.215,216.16
rime deposits subject to Reserve (payable after
30 days, or subject to 30 days or more notice,
and postal savings):
Certificates of deposit (other than for money
Total of time deposits subject to Reserve,
items 33. 34, 35 and 36 .- 40,435.02
Bills payable, other than with Federal Reserve
Bank (including all obligations representing
money borrowed other than rediscounts) . 70,000.
Letters of credit and travelers’ checks sold
for cash and outstanding ..
• TOTAL .$385,309 23
State of Arkansas, County of Little River, ss.
I r Bone, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
R. M. BONE, Cashier.
Correct-Attest: N. C. McCrary, H. L. Toland, A. J. Russel. Directors.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6th day of May, 1921.
My commission expires Feb. 19, 1922.
(geal) M. M. DRAPER, Notary Public.
Condensed Statement, April 28. 1921.
Liabilities— .$345,872.98
Loans and Discounts . 29i316.23
Scrip, Warrants, Etc.. Q()
United States Bonds . ’ nn
Five Per cent Fund.
Building, Furniture and Fixtures .%<i -•>
Overdrafts .-.
Stock Federal Reserve Bank .-.. ’
Cash and Exchange .. 4 ,8.)0.. .->
„ .. , .$ 25,000.00
Capital Stock . v
„ .. 25.000.00
Surplus Lund .
Undivided Profits . 5,902.45
Re-Discounts . 54.316.6,
Deposits 259,406.78
TOTAL .-.$439,625.90
__ _-m^—i————
Report of the Condition of
Ashdown, Little River County. Ark., at the close of business April 28, 1921.
L^oans and Discounts . $162,335.32
Loans on Real Estate .-. 80,350.34
U. S. Bonds . 15,200.00
Other bondls and Securities, including State Warrants,
County and City Scrip .*. 8,04,.42
Furniture and Fixtures . 1,700.00
Cash items . ^2,928.23
Cash and due from Reserve Banks. ,0,966.45
y TOTAL ..$341,527.76
(Capital Stock. Paid Up ...* 25,000.00
Surplus Fund, Certified...—.
Undivided Profits, Net . 7,860.82
Balls Payable .•. 91,000.00
Notes Rediscounted . 5,000.00
Individual deposits including public funds.$164,445.32
Demand Certificates of Deposit . 14,7.14.60
Cashier’s Checks .2,907.02
Total amount of all classes of deposits
as shown above .—. 182,066.94
Reserved for interest, interest unearned .. 5,000.00
Customers Bonds . 13,100.00
TOTAL .$341,527.(6
State of Arkansas, County of Little River, ss.
We, A. E. Waters, President, and J. L. Martin, Cashier, of the above named
Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of our
knowledge and belief.
A. E. WATERS, President; J. L. MARTIN, Cashier.
Attest: F. M. Graves, J. M. Sutton, W. B. Pruitt, C. E. Johnson, Directors.
Subscribed and sworn o before me this 5th day of May, 1921. My com
mission expires, July 25, 1923.
(Seal) • C. M. SUTTON, Notary Public.
Wilton ftews.
V\ ilton, May 5.—(Special)—The pup
ils of the Winthrop school assisted by
Miss Paul Sessions, entertained with
a negro minstrel at the school audi
torium Saturday night.
L. Moseley is visiting his daughter,
Mrs. Fannie Roland in Horatio.
Mrs. Grady Vaughan of Houston, Tex.
is visiting her mother, Mrs. P. A.
R. L. Gantt left Sunday night for
Haynesville, La.
Miss Ella Fairbain is visiting in
Shreveport, the guest of Miss Claudie
Mrs. James Thompson, Mrs. Euclid
•Cooper, Mrs. Lee Gorham and Mrs.;
Ruth Gantt were shopping in Ash
down Monday afternoon.
The Wilton base ball team motored
to Allene Wednesday afternoon where
they were victorious in the game, the
score being four to three.
Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Pipkin, Mrs.
Grady Vaughan and Misses Louise
Gantt and Sallie Mae Pipkin were
shopping in Ashdown Thursday.
Hugh Hedgecock left Thursday for
Haynesville, La.
Dave Peavy of DeKalb, Texas, visit
ed L. E. McCray and family Sunday.
Mrs. J. C. Ellis, who has been visit
ing her daughter, Mrs. T. E. McCray,
left Monday for DeKalb, Texas.
Mrs. Jim Shaw and children visited
D. W. Wheeler and family Sunday.
Mrs. R. L. Gantt and daughter visit
ed friends in Ashdown Tuesday.
Mrs. Albert Slayton and children
visited the former's father, Jim Clark,
Mrs. Elizabeth West of Fisher, La,,
has been visiting her father, Jim Bark
John O'Neal and Grady Vaughan left
Wednesday for Haynesville, La.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bratton were
shopping in Ashdown Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Matthews were
in Texarkana Wednesday.
T. W. McCall made a business trip
to Ashdown Tuesday.
Miss Mave Johnston visited Miss
Edna Owens at Hicks Sunday.
Mesdames Tate, Osborne, Henegar
and Hankins and .Misses Myrtle Mc
Call, Susie McCray and Eula Mae Mar
tin were shopping in Ashdown Satur
Arkinda News.
Arkinda, May 4.—(Special) — Con
stable J. 11. Kirkland went to Fore
man Monday.
A. C. Stuart returned from Fort
Worth, Texas, last Thursday.
Several will go from here to Pauley
next Sunday to the decoration.
There will be a school concert here
Fridlay night next. Everybody is in
O. X. Wood will start for Norman,
Okla., sometime this week.
A mountaintimer passed through
here recently and said that dark night's
was the time for moonshiners.
The ball game played here last Sat
urday between King Rider and Ar
kinda resulted in a tie. They will
play again next Saturday.
Mrs. Rosa Davis was visiting here
Sunday from Foreman.
Lewis Bros. Shipped a car of fine
beef steers last week.
Report of the ondition of
Wilton, Little River County, Arkansas,
at the close of business April 28, 1!>21.
Loans and discounts .$33,457.07
Loans on real estate. 4,056.56
Loans on cotton . 3.7S3.8S
Other bonds and securities,
including state warrants,
county and city scrip . 515.87
Furniture and fixtures . 1,359.40
Cash and due from Reserve
Banks . 2.913.45
Capital stock, paid up .$ 5,000.00
Surplus fund, certified . 5,000.00
Undivided profits net . 708.10
Bills payable .. IS,000.00
Individual deposits
including public
funds .$15,685.IS
Time certificates
of deposit. 1,639.20
; Cashier’s checks .. 53.75
Total amount of all
classes deposits as
shown above . 17,378.13 17,378.13
TOTAL . $46,086.23
State of Arkansas, County of Lit
tle River, ss.
We, Joel Mills, President, and Ada
Mills, Cashier of the above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of
our knowledge and belief.
President. Cashier.
Attest: Joel Mills, W. L. Hedge
cock, Ada Mills, J. L. Messamore, dir
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 4th day of May 1921. My com
mission expires, Jan. 29, 1925.
Notary Public.
Our Stock of LION BRAND
Hats and Caps
Latest Colors and Shapes
it •* nu *
Ashdown, Arkansas
Oak Hill News. |
Oak Hill, May 3.—(Special)—The
farmers are all glad to see such pretty
weather, they all are in a hurry to get
their cotton planted.
We were glad to have such nice ser-1
vices Sunday. Rev. Knight preached
the morning services and afterwards
the memorial services and decoration
service which was beautiful.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Patterson spent
Saturday night with Mrs. Paterson's
Mr. and Mrs, Frank Freeman and
son spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. i
Walter Arnold,
Mr., and Mrs. Dock Simmons spent
Sunday with Mrs. Simmon's father,
Rev. D. H. Wood.
Everybody rest up this week and:
come to the big singing at Oak Hill
Sunday the 8th. and bring n full has
ket for dinner or there will be dinner
on the ground and singing all day.
Everybody come and have a good time, j
Mr. and Mrs. John Bowman and
children spent the day Sunday with
Mrs. Pierce.
We all enjoyed the singing at the
church Sunday. There was quite a I
few out and all had a good time j
Mol ice.
In the Little River County Chancery
Court, la Re. P. S. Davis, Ep-Parte.
Notice is hereby given that there has
been tiled in the office of the clerk of
the Little River County (Arkansas)
Chancery Court the petition of P. S.
Davis for the confirmation of the title
in him to the following lands lying in
Little River county, Arkansas, towit:
The east half of the NE quarter of
section 21; the east half of the E half
of the west half of the NE quarter of
said section 21, and three acres in the
southeast corner of the SE quarter of
section 16, described as follows: lie
ginning at the southeast corner of the
the said SE quarter of the SE quarter
of section 16 as a starting point, run
north 70 yards, thence west 210 yards,
thence south 70 yards and thence east
210 yards to the point of beginning, all
of said land being in township 13 S.,
range 31 west, containing 103 acres
more or less, and for the quieting of
the title in the same in the petitioner,
P. S. Davis. All persons claiming said
lands or any interest therein, are here
by warned to appear in the Little River
County Chancery Court at its next
May, 1921, term and show cause why
said title to said lands should not be
confirmed in said P. S. Davis. Wit
ness my hand as clerk of the Chancery
Court and the seal thereof on this 30th
day of March. 1921.—Jas. H. Williams,
Clerk; Natalie S. Williams, Deputy
Clerk. (Seal) 5-7
of Insurance at a very reasonable
cost. Better have us Issue one
this very clay. You are as likely
as any one else to have a tire and »
your turn may come tonight.
We are agents for Best Old Line
Fire, Tornado, Casualty, Fidelity,
and many other kinds of Insur
Our Abstract Plant is complete
mid your titie work will receive
special attention when placed with ^
Mcivsr Abstract & insurance Do.
Office in Sanderson Bldg. Ashdown, Arkansas
To the Properly Owners of Little River County, Arkansas:
I will be at the following-named places on the dates set opposite, for the
purpose of assessing the Personal and Real Property subject to taxation in
Little River county for the year of 1921.
If yon own property In more than one township, you will have to either
meet tlie Board of Assessment while in session or file your list of Assesment
with the County Asssessoi or either member of the Township Board on or be
fore the first day they will be in session in the township in which such pro
perty is located.
Should you fail to do this tve will have to assess said property and charge
you with a 25 per cent penalty (Personal Property). Don’t fail to meet the
Board of Assessment while in session, as we don’t want to charge any one
with a penalty.
Bales and Places of Assessment.
Franklin Township, Davis School House, Monday and Tuesday, May 2 and 3.
Johnson Township, Ogden, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, May 4, 5 and 6.
Jackson Township, Wallace Church, Saturday, May 7.
Lick Creek, Oak Hill Church, Monday and Tuesday, May 9 and 10.
Red River Township, Richmond, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday May 11,12,13.
Jackson Township, Union Gin, Saturday, May 14.
Arden Township. Arden, Monday and Tuesday, May 16, 1«.
Arkinda Township, Arkiuda, Wednesday and lhursday, May 18 and 19.
Jeff Davis Township, Miller School House, Friday, May 20.
Jeff Davis Township, Jones School House, Saturday, May 21.
Caney Township, Cerro Gordo, Monday, May 23.
Caney Township. Pauley School House, Tuesday, May -4. till 2 30 o clock pan
Little River Township, Winthrop, Wednesday and Thursday, May and 26.
Burk Township, Allene, Friday and Saturday, May 27 and 28.
Richland Township, Critten Ridge, Monday, May 30.
Richland Township, Richland Church, Tuesday, May 31.
Richland Township, Laynesport, Wednesday, June 1.
Cleveland Townshiy, Wilton, Thursday and Iriday, June 2, 3.
Cleveland Township, White Cliffs, Saturday, June 4.
Jackson Township, Foreman, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Juno
6, 7, 8 and 9.
Jefferson Township, Ashdown, Friday, June 10, till Saturday, June 18, in
All parties owning real estate will please bring their land numbers. Either
bring your deeds of your last year’s tax receipts.
II. IV. GRAY, Assessor Little River County.
^Pencil N0JI74I
For Sole at your Dealer Made in five grades !

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