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I bazaar"
1 Light Plant Office
I The ladies of the Christian Church
1 will have on exhibition many \
I beautiful and useful articlesi
suitable for Christmas Gift. I
Call and see themj
■■—■II I "i ii mill II
Stone Hill Pie Supper
The Stone Hill Agricultural
Club will give a pie Supper Sat.
night Dec. 7 for the benefit of
Christmas tree. The following
short program will be rendered.
Opening Address, Robt. L.
Song—Never Say Fail by Club
Rec.—Lois Sublette.
Rec.—Rudy Moore.
Duet. —Suse Smith and Bonnie
Rec.—Shirley Parker.
Rec. — Harley Sublette.
Song by the primary grade.
Rec.—Gertrude Sublette.
Rec. — Addie Canady.
Instrumental Solo: Gertrude
Song.-Arkansas by Club.
The Stone Hill Club has
invited Miss Myrtle Smith to
give a demonstration on can
ning. Meets from two until four
o'clock Friday Dec. 6
Mr. Austin and Mrs. Walker
are sending out written invita
tions to all the mothers urging
them them to be present. The
Stone Hill Club.iSchool and Com
munity means one body.
I have in pound a light brown
heifer, about 3 years old. Will
sell on pulic square Dec. 13.
H. F. Pruett, City Marshal.
From Noah Jeffers
Dear Papa and Mamma:
I received your letter a few days
ago and must say was proud to
hear from you for that was the
first letter I had received from
you since I came over here.
Well how are you all bv now?
Present finds me well and feel
ing fine. I went over to Rheims
yesterday (Sun.) and stayed all
day. Sure had a fine time. It
certainly is a pretty place. It’s
only about thirty miles from here
Well I suppose you all have re
ceived some of my letters since
you wrote me last. How many
bales of cotton do you think you
will make? Are they still after
Herman I). ? Has Herbert ev er
gone yet? There sure are some
sad scenes over here on the right
and on the left. So a hundred
cheers for the dear old American
Flag and a thousond cheers for
dear old U. S. A. where we
have freedom and liberty. 1
suppose you all are bysy gather
ing the crops. How is every
thing around W. 0. ? 1 am sen
ding Toka some French souvenir
cards. Will try to get you ail
something for Christmas, if I
can. Tell Elmo I said hello.
I will close. Answer real soon,
With lots of love to all, 1 am as
Ever your son,
Noah Jetfers.
-- ■ ■ -
636 ures Chills and Fever.
Failed To Return
Their Questionnaires
Any one knowing the where
about of the following should
report at once to Ix>cal Board,
i Franklin County.
James Elbert Monroe, Ozark,
Frank A Carter, Ozark, Ark
j ansas, R 3,
William B Jackson, Lonelm,
Monroe Harrison Benard,
Branch, Arkansas.
Alexander Derame, Alix, Ark.
Curtis Miller, Webb City, Ark.
James Asberry Emory, Den
ning. Arkansas.
All 18 year old registrants
must file questionnaire regard
less of whether they are in ser
vice of United States or not
List of delinquents will be
forwarded to Adjutant in few
days of all who have not bv
that date filed questionnaire.
Local Board
Franklin Co.
Box and Pie Supper
At Marbie Hill
Odd Fellow Hall Dec. 21 1918
Opening Ode by all Oddfellows
Welcome address W. R. May
Music by String Band.
Rec. Winnie Williams.
Speech Paul Mavnor.
Rec May Johnson.
Speech Frank Parmon.
Rec. Pearley Hayes.
Song Frank McCortney.
Rec. Jewell Kirby.
Rec. Nevada Dunford.
Talk on Oddfellowsh p W. I.
, Agee
The proceeds of this supper
will be distributed as follows:
Home Lodge. 50 per cent.
Red Cross, 25 per cent,
Batesville Orphans Home, 15
per cent,
Orphans at home, 10 per cent.
J. E. Yates,!
T. J. Pickhartz,
J. T. Williams,
•>B—*** m",B"1** a
Quaile & Garrett
Dealers For
Dodge! rcthers
In Johnson, Franklin and Logan Counties
Don’t Sell Your
War Savings Stamps
The government is making a
record of all persons who pur
chase War Saving Stamps and
' the reasons given if the Stamps
are cashed before their matur
ity. These lists finally will be
filed with the County Clerk in
each conty to establish a perma
I nent rocord of each individual's
1 part in the war work. Every
citizen will be known not only by
the extent of his investment,
but by the duration of his loan.
This fact probably is not
known by persons who unthink
ingly cash their Stamps before
payment from the govern nent is
due. Uncle Sam spends the
money as soon as it is received.
When he is called unon to
refund these loans, he is in the
same predicament tnat one would
be if he borrowed rnone\ from
the bank to build a house, and
after he had purchased meterial
and put carpenter to work,
the bank would suddenly recall
the loan. Don’t cash your War
Saving Stamps before 1923 un
less you have to. Be sure that
yonr reason, as it will be put in
the record at the court hou.>e,
justifies your act.
: Bought Merino Sheep.
Garl Whitson and Vestas Jeff
ers, two progressive farmers of
North Franklin and being pro
gressive are subscribers to The
Spetator, saw the advertisement
Mr. Mathews of the Hurricane
creek country had in this paper
for tine merino sheep and went
over immediate!) and bought all
he had for sale. Mr Whitson
bought four and Mr. Jeffers
We are glad to see this valuable
industry being revived in this
county. There used to be lots of
sheep here, but since the advent
of the dog craze the sheep have
become extinct to such a degree
as to place them along side of
wild pigeons on the pages of h s
tory. They are so scarse that a
young business man, who was
reared in Ozark and has hunted
behind bird dogs over all these
fields that ought to be covered
with sheep, tried to tell us ah >ut
Mr. Whitson buying some kind
of snow-white animals with long
white wool, but he didn’t know
whether they were sheep or goats
but they were the ones that the
male were called “bucks" and
the females “ewes.” We have
not decided what Mr. Whitson
bought. Tell us, Mr. Witson.
Still this same young man can
+ ir/Mi mUn t H. .n
*V ft ft J VV» T * 11U v V ft VV VI V » Vt ,T '-•V'p,
he sees belongs to, and could tel
just as much about sheep, if ht
had ever had an opportunity tc
see iheep.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rose ar
rived Thursday from Jackson
ville, Tenn. where Ernest had
been employed in the powder
factory. On account of the arm
istice, the works were temporari
ly closed down, pending turning
it to peace industry.
This is the slogan of the wisr
man. Stock are continuallj
exposed to cuts wounds,
scratchs etc. The man who ii
prepared has his healing remedj
on hands to stop all chances o;
blood poison. Farris’ Healing
Remedy is Highly Antiseptic
it is econmical. One 50c botth
makes $2.00 worth of a healim
oil or ointment. Money refunder
if you are not! satisfied. —Ozarl
riety Store

Who Wants Sheep?
I have found where I can se
cure 100 sheep at 14c per pound
f. o. b. Jonesboro, Ark., and as
I am very anxious to see this in
dustry awakened in this county,
I wish that everybody, who is
interested, would communicate
with me immediately, as I must
know not later than Saturday.
There is great money in sheep
and I would like to see the day
when sheep can be found on
nearly every farm in our county,
thus making use of thousands of
acres now lying idle.
A. W. Milling, County Agent
Preaching at Baptist Church
Rev. C. 1. Walker, Association
Missionary, will preach at the
Ozark Baptist Church, Sunday
morning at eleven o’clock.
Everybody cordially invited.
Strayed - April 20
1 Mare, 1 year old, yellow with
dark stripe down back and
shoulders and around legs, was
in good condition. Will pay for
trouble and information, write
or phone.
J. H. Avery. Ozark, Ark.

666 cures Bilious Fever.
Presbyterian Notes
The subject for next Sunday
morning will he, ‘ The promo
tion and rhe Conservation of
Last Thursday evening the
men and those affiliated with
the church met at the Manse
and organized a men’s Bible
class. Twenty two were pres
ent and put themselves on record
as standing for the highest inter
est of the town. J. S. Turner
was elected president, H. H.
Talton vice president, George
Fleeman treasurer, and Carl
Strong secretary. The class
then elected F. P Nichols teach
er. The class adjourned t o
meet next Thursday evening,the
fifth, at the Manse to adopt ft
constitution and bylaws and
appoint necessary committefta.
This class set its goal for fifty
members within a month, it will
not fail. The Women’s class
has called a meeting for Thurs
day evening at the Manse, twen
ty five memb rs are expected
to attend this meeting.
Those who might fail to be on
time for S. S. next Sabbath will
miss the inspiration of the day.
9-45 is the hour.
Special invitation to everyone
to be present Sabbath evening.
them with
i |
r i
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