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Judge Cochran Announces
Judge Cochran’s announce
meat appears in this issue.
Marble Hill
Back once more after a long
time absent.
Weather warm at present.
Needing a little more rain to
help the farmers along.
Mr. Tom Yates, who has been
very low, was moved up to his
son’s Sunday.
Miss Ella Hardcastle took din
ner with Miss Jewell Kirby Sun
We organized a Christian En
deavor Sunday evening at this
place. Everybody come and help
make it beneficial to the commu
Bro Turner filled his regular
appointment here Saturday
night and Sunday.
Miss Mildred Gresham visited
Euna Pledger Saturday night
and Sunday.
Alfred Foster filled his regular
appointment at Mr. McCartney’s
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gray
visited his mother, Mrs. Greer
Saturday night and Sunday.
Republican Gains
(From Democrat-Argus. Caru
thersville. Mo. (
In 1920 it was Harding or bust
—now it’s both,
To Retire From Law Practice
Judge Barham has sold his law
library to G. C. Carter and will
not practice law after he has fin
ished some cases which he has
Judge Barham began t he prae
tice of law twenty-eight years
ago. and made an enviable repu
tation for honor and honesty in
his practice, and for his knowl
edge of the law. Had he been
less scrupulous and had not pos
sessed such a reverence of the
law he might have retired with
more money than he has now.
but his sense of duty to his
clients and to the law prevented
him from descending to some
schemes that jwould have made
money for him.
He is the oldest lawyer in Ozark
and his many friends throughout
the county wish him success in
his new undertaking.
— - -♦ *
Miss Sue Donnell of Lebanon.
Tenn., niece of Mr. J. T. Don
nell. is at Dr. and Mrs. E. W.
Blackburn’s home
Otto Woodward suffered a
serious accident Sunday when
his heel was badly cut by a
motorcycle he was riding with
Sam Ramsden. He has suffered
Mesdames Leo Paul. Rebecca
Dangers and J. W. Faust attend
ed the district meeting of the
woman’s missionary society at
Ft. Smith Tuesday.
No one is
denying it.
If you don’t
believe, try it.
There’s no need you waking from a
night’s sleep to worry over the bus
iness prospect for the coming day,
when all you have to do is to make
a deal with our advertising manager
and then watch the customers carry
away the goods like a flood.
Byou also
printed matter command
n all to whom you send
till your next order for
s, envelopes, statements,
announcements and any
rom embossed to engraved
* work is guaranteed and
1 when promised.
n the next issue of The
It will bring tine results.
Call 13 and our representative talk
over your printing needs, others are
Published Twicer-Week
Covan Franklin County like the Dew
J. O. Kincannon
Candidate for Circuit Judge
m .. T IT . . _ . . J ? 1 1 ■
ifii. «j. i\ ikivauiiwu, ci iflimi
date for Circuit Judge of the 15th
Judicial District has been work
ing for several weeks in the
campaipn, and we want to say in
the beginning, that he is sure
enough working and from the
information that we get that lie
has never known anything but
work He was reared ona farm
in this district and had to get his
college and law school course by
efforts of his own hands. He
was three years in college aud
then taught in our public schools
of this district for a few years,
but wanted to practice law, and
ne studied and read law at nights
while teaching and farming, and
in 1907 he stood the examination
and was licensed to practice law.
then in 1908 and 1909 he attend
ed the Law School of theUniver
sity of this state in Little Rock,
where he worked in the day
time and went to the Law School
at nights, and received lus
diploma, and further secured
license to practice in both the
Supreme and Federal Court* of
the State.
After finishing the law course
lie immediately came back to bis
home town Bonneville, and began
the practice of law . where lie
ives and practices at this time
He Iras built up a large practice!
at home and in other counties, j
and his ability as a lawyer is not;
Mr. Kincannon is a man of
good habits, strong character |
and of a very friendly disposition
land above all a man of sound j
[judgment. With all these j
i qualities, it elected our mdge. i
we will have an officer who will j
treat all alike, with fairness to j
all. special advantages to none!
and will push the work of the |
courts in a manner that will
build for himself a reputation,
that will he lasting in the mind>
of the men who pay the taxes
for the expense of the courts
We therefore urge the voters
to give hint due consideration.
County Court and
Good Roads Day.
The adjourned term of the
county court will be held Monday.
July 3. The regular quarterly
term will be held Monday. July
At the regular term all road
overseers of the county are urged
to Ire present, as this is the reg
ular meeting time for the Good
Roads Association.
There has been an agitation
among the people to change the
preset.t road law. providing a
different system for working the
roads. At this meeting on .1 u 1 v
17 this question will be discussed
and it is hoped that as many cit
izens as possible will attend and
give their ideas on the best law
to build and maintain our public
Barnstormers Raid Alix
The Local Barnstormer base
. ball club, defeated Alix on the
local diamond Wednesday after
noon. It was the first game of
ing season for the local boys and
they sure played a guilt edged
game with a few more days
practice they will make the best
i of them sit up and take notice.
I The score was 7 to 1 in favor of
I the Barnstormers.
All teams desiring a game
should write or phone S. L.
Tompkins for dates. J. R.
- m • m
Mrs. Roy Moore of Tulsa re
turned to her home Thursday.
Prominent Johnson
County Man Dead
JohnJ. Quick died ut ins hunit*
near Clark- \ i lc.la-u Saturday, at
the age of S4 years. He was a
native of A la earn a, and served in
the Confederate army, and came
to Johnson comity immediately
after that war Ht serve in the
Arkansas legislature Lfi years
ago. H(,* wa -u member of the
Baptist Church. He is survived
by seven children; William of
Union crove, Charles of Coal
Hill. Thad of Texas. Robert of
Los Angeles. Mrs. Lura Adams
Fort Snntn Mrs Virginia Berry
of Severe county, and Mrs.
Rebecca Norman of Stigler.
The Editor had been rather
presistent in endeavoring to col
lect an account from a man whose
credit was rather doubtful. A
series of letters, each a little
stronger in tone than the one
that preceded it. finally brought
the following reply;
"Dere Sirs-Be Paysahunt.
I’d rather owe veall inylife than
beet ye out of it. I ain’t t'orget
tin’. When them that ows me
pays me you’ll get yourn an not
before. If ye want no more
prepared to meet yore Maker
jest now than I am to pay yore
bill you shore is agoin’ to halifax
in a hanbaskit,”
The Shorter Bible
Rev, M. A Matthews
The heretical, rationalistic J
forces do not seem to he satisfied
with the wreck they have pro-'
iuced. Tilt;> are respuiisitile for! j
he late war. They are also re- i
tponsible for the crime wave!
uveeping this country and'1
Europe. The orgy of sin and
.•rime can be traced directly to
false teachings. Lik^the vul
tures they make a feast of the1'
fecaying carcass. Not satisfied j'
with the murder, expense, wreck,
ind ruin produced, they have
written a shorter Bible which
will perpetuate the org\.
The astonishing thing is that
there are leaders connected with
the Y. M.C, A., and the Y. W.
C. A., who have lent their names
and their influence to the in-,
famous. hell-born production
called the Shorter Bible, ff the
i m. v . a. miu me i. w. t . A.
organizations permit their names
and the names of their leaders
to be attached to this abortion,
then the righteous, orthodox
Christian forces of America
should crush the V. M. C. A.
and the Y. W. C. A Our bovs
and girls cannot be entrusted to j
the leadership or to tiie educa- j
tional and club features insticu- j
tions drawing their sustenance!
from the churches of the living
Christ, to have the faith of those
children undermined by such
infamous attacks upon Cod’- in
fallible Word.
The Shorter Bible, so called,
is one of the most blasphemous
attacks that has been made up
on 0 d's Holv Bible. Le; the Y.
M. C A. and Y. W C. A. repud
iate their leaders or suffer the
Orthodox, self-respecting, con
secrated men and women will not
be insulted by such attacks of
the rationalistic forces.
It a fellow would stop to think,
that quails, the (aimers best
friend, eat chinch big. potato1
beetles, striped cucumber beetle,
wireworms, cutworms, army
worms, grasshop p e r s . clover
weevils and 10s other insects, lie
probably would never kill one.
Off on Tour of Europe.
Miss Sallio Burrow, of Altus.
eft Monday for a trip through
’’ranee, Itaiy, Switzerland. Aus
ria,Germany. Belgium. Holland.
Prance and the British Islands,
She will visit Paris, Rome, FI or
Mice, Naples, Venice, Munich,
drussells, The Hague. London
uid other 'amous cities.
She was joined at Russellville
oy Misses Rankin and Wilson,
ivill go by the way of Saint Louis
ind New York and will sail from
America Saturday *fith a party
chaperoned by Prof. Marinoni.
if the University of Arkansas.
While in Germany, they will at
tend the great “Passion Play.”
given every ten \ears hy the vil
lagers of Oberammergau, Bava
ria, as a sign of their gratitude
for the stopping of a plague in
1633. This mystery play of the
suffering and death of Christ has
been attended in former years
by thousands from every civil
ized country of the world, and a
storm of protest from every
Christian land was hnrled at.Ger
many when the Kaiser forced ihe
map who played the part of
Christ to go into the trenches to
The partv will spend two
months on the tour.
Charleston Plays Friendship
Game On Local Diamond
Ozark and Charleston played a
ten inning tie in the local dia
mond Thursday afternoon score
S to S. The hoys were all tired
after a two da\ stand at Hard
anelle, and did not play the
brand of hall they are capable
of doing, so there is no criticism
to he made. Both went through
the ordeal without a wrangle.
Ozark pla\ s at Charleston Sat
urday •) K.
Mrs. Claude Carter and two
children returned to Ft, Smith
to day alter a visit here with
Mrs. Rebecca Carter and family.
Claude is moving his family to
Chicago where lie can lie at home
Mrs. David Bryan returned to
her home at Van Buren to day.
Barber Work
(Jet your barber work done where the prices
are right and the work absoutely guaranteed to
be satisfactory.

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