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The Ozark spectator. (Ozark, Franklin County, Ark.) 1916-1917, December 16, 1916, Image 3

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furs, Hides, Etc.
We pay highest prices for Furs, Hides, Wool,
■beep and Oo»t Skins, Ginseng, Tallow and
Horn wax. "® cUargfi no conmtMion And make
prompt returns, writs for price list and (Mo
ping tags.
Standard Hide & Fur Company
I4l.l4yacatar3t. New Orfeaas, La.
highly colored postals and large lllnttrated cat
alog of noTSltlsa If yoo will lend a, your addren.
Townaa Royalty Oo., Dept. 1). 8. Richmond, Ta
Disease Decimates Birds.
Forty-five thousand dead ducks, vl<y
ttras of wild duck disease, were picked
tip on one marsh near Great 8alt lake.
That Itch, Bum and Disfigure Healed
by Cutlcura. Trial Free.
Bathe with plenty of Cutlcura Soap
and hot water to cleanae and purify.
Dry lightly and apply Cntlcura Oint
ment to soothe and heal. This etopa
itching Instantly, clears away pimples,
removes dandruff and scalp Irritations,
and heals red, rough, sore hands.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cutlcura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
8af#ty First.
Newlyrlch (to his social mentor)—
Tell me what not to do next. Bud. I’m
twisted already.
A medicine chest without Magic Ar
nica Liniment la useless. Best of all
linlmenta for sprains, swellings,
bruises, rheumatism and neuralgia.
Three sixes, 26c. 60c and fl.00.—Adv.
Found Valuable Coin.
John Walker dug out of a potato hill
in Chittenden, Vt., a United States sil
ver coin dnted 1803.
The Qatalae That Dora Not Affect The H«4
Bwt of lb toato »a4 lutllTt atlaoc LaxaUra
Bnao Quisle* cm da tax an by aayoaa altboat
ITSSS? 'on*0-TifoI^TQaS'laa.’'0 rVWtaJW*
alyaatara It on aaeb bax. Me.
Man Who Had “Married Money” De
termined to Do the Right Thing
by Hla Wife.
"Glad to see you looking so welt, old
man," snld the friend of a newly made
benedict. "This Is the first opportuni
ty I have had of offering my congratu
lations on your recent marriage. From
the looks of things I guess you’ve mar
ried money. Well. It was the right
thing to do. That shop-walking berth
of yours must have been awfully bor
ing. Is she In? I should like to be
“Oh, she’s at work," said the hus
band, with a placid smile.
“At work? What do you mean?"
asked the friend.
“Well, you see. It was this way,” re
plied the benedict. “She had a much
better position than mine—head of
her department, £8 a week. Wouldn’t
give It up. So there was nothing for It
but for me to retire from business and
keep house, and here I am, you see.
Ton have to let women have their way
In some things.”—London Tlt-Blts.
With an Eye to the Future.
A man Is bound to follow his wife’s
advice once. If only for the purpose of
reminding her of It In after years.
For reaching flies on ceilings there
has been Invented a long-handled swat
ter, operated by a spring.
— for something sweet finds
pleasant realization in the
pure, wholesome, wheat and
barley food
No danger of upsetting the
stomach — and remember,
Grape-Nuts is a true food,
good for any meal or between
"There's a Reason"
mouth ark ammam comfeiubmob
Bateavllle DU trie t B. L. Wilford,
p. a.
First Church, J. B. Stevenson.
Central Avenue, W. W. Allbrtght.
Bexar Clroult, J. W. Johnston.
Calleo Rock and Macedonia. J. E.
Korfork Circuit, J. W. Copeland, sup
Charlotte Circuit, J. M. Thrasher.
Cotter Circuit, J. G. Parker, supply.
Desha and St. James, to be supplied.
Evening Shade Circuit, J. W. Jenk
ins, supply.
Floral Circuit, J. B. Finley, supply.
Kenyon Circuit. E. A. Horn, supply.
Lead Hltl, W. D. Forreat, supply.
Melbourne Circuit, J. W. Black, sup
Mlntnrn CtreuK. W. 9. Story, supply.
Mountain Home Circuit. M. A. Fry.
Mountain View, E. H. Hook.
Newark, A. B. Haltom.
Newport, W. B. Hays.
Newport Clroult, to be supplied.
Sklado and Oil Trough. C. J. Wade.
Sulphur Rock and Moorefleld, F. M.
Swlfton and Alicia. J. M. Harrison.
Tuckerman, M. B. Umsted.
Viola Circuit, F. F,. Hall, supply.
Tallvllle Circuit, L. B. Hankins.
Cava City Circuit. A. McKelvey.
Conference Evangelist. W. B. Wolf.
Boonevlllo District.—J. H. O'Bryant,
P. M.
▲dons and Perry, W. M. Adcock.
Belleville Circuit. W. E. Btshop.
Bigelow. B. S. Harris.
Boonevtlle. W. T. Martin.
Booasvilla Circuit. J. C. Weaver.
Bran eh Circuit, I. L. Claud.
Canthroa Circuit, I. N. Coburn, sup
Danville. J. W. Crlchlow.
Dardanelle. Ell Myers.
Dardanelle Circuit, J. P. Wheeler.
Oravelly Circuit. H. A. Stroup.
Magaslne Circuit. A. W. Martin.
Ola Circuit. W. E. Hall.
Paris, G. McGlumphey.
Plalnvlew, O. C. Johnson.
■aranton and Prairie View. J. F.
Waldron. W. A. Lindsey.
Waldron Circuit, J. D. Roberts.
Walnut Tree Circuit, E. M. Kelsey.
District Evangelist, J. R. Ashmore.
Student S. M. IT., J. G. McCollum.
Agent American Bible Society, D. H.
Crawsy District.—James A. Ander
ses. P. E.
Altus. It. A. Robertson.
Appleton Circuit. J. G. Carter, sup
Atkins. J. M. Williams.
Clarksville, H. I*. Wade.
Conway. H. H. Wheeler.
Conway Circuit. T. A. Gilmore.
Damascus Circuit, A. J. Winters, sup
* {lover Clreult. R. N. Davis, supply.
Greenbrier Circuit, B. E. Robertson.
Hartman and Bpadra. O. C. Lloyd.
Lamar Circuit. A. E. Goode.
London Circuit. J. B. Sic war*.
Morrllton, 11. H. Watson.
Naylor Circuit. J. M. McAnally.
Plumervllle. H. L. Wheeler.
Pottsvllle Circuit. D. J. Weems.
Quitman. J. W. Campbell.
Quitman Circuit, Paul Hates, supply.
Russellville. W. T. Wilkinson. «
Rosebud Circuit, J. L. Shelby,
■prlngfleld Circuit, to be supplied.
Conference Evangelist. J. T. Gossett.
Business Manager Hendrix College,
W. B. Hubbell.
Commissioner Hendrix College. F. S.
H. Johnston.
Missionary to Korea. C. N. Weems.
Conference Missionary Secretary, H.
E. Wheeler.
Fayetteville District.—O. G. David
son. P. E.
Bentonvilla. J. Sherman.
Berryvllle, E. W. Faulkner.
Berryvllla Circuit. J. H. Henson, sup
Canterton Circuit. J. C. Gibbons.
Elm Springs Circuit, J. F. Carter.
Eureka Springs. W. J. l'aust.
Farmington Circuit. D. N. Weaver.
Fayetteville. W. E. Boggs; supernu
merary, W. H. Dyer.
Gentry, B. M. Burrow; S. F. Brown,
Gravette and Decatur. R. L. Jackeon.
Green Forest and Alpena. C. H. Sher
Huntsville Circuit. Chas. Edwards.
Lincoln Circuit. J. H. Ruble, supply.
Osage Circuit. S. D. Carmack, supply.
Fee Ridge Circuit. J. C. Cullom.
Prairie Grove, F. R. Hamilton.
Rogers, S. M. Tancey.
Btloam Springs, A. L. Cline.
BprlngBale. A. H. Dulaney.
Tlney Grove Circuit. E. A. Moody.
War Eagle Circuit, W. J. Jorden,
Winslow Circuit. W. H. Gayer.
Springdale Clreult. J. G. Dltterllne,
Sprlngtown Circuit. H. B. Chancel
lor : District Evangelist. W. H. Neal.
Conference Evangelist. J. L. Bryant.
General Evangelist. J. n. Andrews.
Fort Smith District.—J. K. Farris,
P. K.
Alma. George E. Patchell.
Cass Circuit. H. M. Lewis, supply.
Charleston Circuit. C. E. Gray; super
numerary, J. H. Sturdy.
Fort Smith:
First Church. H. B. Trimble.
Dodson Avenue. W. V. Womack.
Midland Heights. M. F. Johnson.
Fort Smith Circuit, W F. Campbell.
Greenwood. J. A. Reynolds.
Hackett Circuit, J. S. Hackler.
Hartford and Midland. J. E. Lark
Huntington and Mansfield, C. H.
Klbler Circuit. G. B. Orlffln.
Mulberry and Dyer. F. G. VIHInes.
Otark. W. J. Leroy.
Ozark Circuit. H. B. Fltppln. supply.
South Fort Smith, E. T. Miller, sup
ply; J. E Woodruff, supernumerary.
Van Buren, W. L. Oliver.
Van Buren Circuit. W. A Greer.
Student to University of Chicago. J.
B. Seneker.
Secretary of Education. J. K. Farris.
Helena District.—W. F. Evans. P. E.
Brinkley. J. B. Evans.
Clarendon. C. W. l.ester.
Colt Circuit, F. H Champion.
Cotton Plant, B. E. Harris.
Forrest City. J. F. E. Bates.
Hickory Ridge and Hamlin. W. O.
Barry, supply.
Haynes Circuit. M. E. Mack, supply.
Helena. C M. Reves.
Holly drove and Marvell. H. C. Hoy.
Howell anil Wlvllle, H. V. Johnson
lotdrange, H. G. Summers.
Marianna, J. A. Womack.
Hughes Circuit. J. W. Moore.
McCrory. F. A. Enrk
Parkin. John N It Score.
Turner, W. A. Williams
Aubrey and Moro Circuit, John Score.
Wynne. J. R. Nelson.
Melwood Circuit. K. J. Slaughter.
West Halenn, M. N. Johnston.
Wheatley and Hunt Circuit, J. M.
Crenshaw, supply.
Council Clreult, J. W. Hall, supply.
DsVIew Clreult. A. L. Platt.
Wldoner and Madison, J. K .Parish.
Missionary to Cuba. H. B. Smith.
Jaaesbor* District.—F. M. Tollsson,
P g
Barfield, H. K. Stewart.
Blythevllle, R. E L Bearden.
Blythevllle Circuit, H. W. Wallace.
Brookland Circuit, Joe Stevens, sup
Crawfordsvllle and Bethany, O. D.
Earle. J. J. Galloway.
Gilmore and Joiner, J. B. Hendrix.
Harrisburg. T. A. Bowen.
Harrisburg Circuit, A. R. Ward.
First Church, Wm. Sherman.
Fisher Street, B. C. Few.
Jonesboro Circuit, to be supplied.
Lake City Circuit. Geo. W. Pyles: G.
M. Abney Jr., supernumerary.
Luxora. Morris Greer.
Manila and Dell, John A. Gewer, sup
Marlon, Gtiy Murphy.
Marked Tree and Lepante, J. W.
Monett and Macay, C. F. Wilson.
Nettleton and Bay, Ell Craig.
Osceola, E. K. Sewell.
Trinity Circuit. J. T. Hood.
Vanndale Circuit, J. H. Barrentlne.
Wilson. J. Q. Schlsler.
Jonesboro, Huntington Avenue, t# be
Student to fl. M. V.. 0. L. Cole.
Pnraganld District.—J. M. Hughey.
P. B.
Ash Flat Circuit. R. K. Bass, supply.
Black Rock and Powhatan. W. F.
W alker.
Pollard Circuit, B. Emmons, supply.
Corning. A. F. Skinner.
Gainesville Circuit, H. E. May.
Tmboden, E. Dyer.
Ravenden Springe Circuit, W. 8.
Loredo, Riley Jones.
Mammoth Spring and Hardy. E. N.
Marmaduke, C. L. Castleberry.
New Liberty Circuit, T. H. Wright,
Old Wslnut Ridge Clreult. Julian
Foster, supply.
First Church, T. T. Ramsey.
Bast Side. J. F. Jernlgan.
Paragould Circuit. W. J. Williams.
Peach Orchard Circuit. M. L. 8. An
Plggott and Rector. V. P. Jernlgan.
Pocahontas, I. D. McClure.
Pocahontas Circuit, H. H. Blevins.
Reyno and 8uceass, O. M. Hill.
Salem, I. C .Bradsher.
8t. Francis Circuit, to be supplied.
Smithville Circuit. W. J. Martin, sun
Walnut Ridge. C. C. Burton.
Hoxle and Portia. J. O. Wlmpey.
Maynard Circuit, to be supplied.
Nesrry District.—R. C. Morehead. P.
First Church. J. T. Wilcoxson.
Gardner Memorial. C. F. Hlvely.
Augusta. H. Hanesworth.
Augusta Circuit. M. P. Timherlake.
Auvergne and Weldon. M. C. Bevins.
Beeba and Austin. H. Forrest.
Bellefonte Circuit. It. A. Bevls.
Bradford and Bald Knob, J. E. Bu
Cabot and Jacksonvllla. F. E. Dod
Cato Circuit. J. W. Mltchner. supply.
Clinton Circuit, W. F. Blevins.
Grtfflthvllle Circuit. Thomas Cham
bliss. supply.
Harrison. A. E. Holloway.
Heber Springs. E. T. Wayland.
Higdon and Sherley. S. G Watson.
Judsonla and Kensett. H. H. Huat.
Leslie. V. O. Reynolds.
Marshall. Percy Vanghn.
McRae Circuit. J. D. Kelley.
Pangburn Circuit. C. C. Gridin.
Searcy. First Church. W. T. Thomp
son: J. H. Dye. supernumerary.
Searcy Circuit. J. M. Hughes; W. P.
Talklngton. supernumerary.
Valley Springs Circuit. J. H. Ghol
Vllonla Circuit. J. D. Johnson.
Commissioner Galloway College. H.
H. Grlflln.
Arkadelphla District—B. A. Paw. P.
Arkadelphla Statien, W. R. Richard
Arkadelphla Circuit, L M. Powell.
Benton Statien. W. A. Steel.
Cedar Glades. G. M. Gentry, supply.
Dalark Circuit, L. J. Rldllng.
Friendship Circuit. J. F. Taylor.
Holly Springs. T. O. Rorle.
Hot Springs Circuit. J. F. Townsend.
Hot Springs:
Central Ave., M. N. Waldrtp.
Park Ave., R. L Duckworth.
Oaklawn. to be supplied.
Third St.. W. M. Hayes.
Leola and Carthags. B. F. Fttshogn.
Malvern Station. J. W. Harrell.
Malvern Circuit—Roy Jordan.
Plefty Circuit, D. P. Forsyth, supply.
Princeton Circuit. J. H. McKelvey.
South Arkadelphla and Donaldson.
Andrew Christie, supply.
Traskwood Circuit. C. D. Cade, sup
Willow Circuit. T. H. Crowder.
President of Henderson-Brown Col
lege. J. M. Workman, Arkadelphla Q. C.
Commissioner of Henderson-Brown
College. A. O. Evans. Arkadelphla Q. C.
Agent for Superannuate Homes, T. F.
Hughes. Central Q. C.
Camden District—J. A. Sage. P. E.
Atlanta, It F. Roebuck.
Bearden and Millville. J. H. Glass.
Rucna Vista. C. F. Mesaer.
Camden Station. M. S. Monk.
Chldester. F. R. Canfield.
Ragle Mills, W II Hansford.
Kl Dorado Station. W C Hilliard.
Kl I'torado Circuit. J. E. Waddell.
Fordyce—S. R. Twltty.
Hampton. L.. T. Rogers,
lluttig. A Turrentlne.
Junction City, W. D Sharp.
KlDgsland. U L., Cabe.
Magnolia Station. J. I, Cannon.
Magnolia Circuit. A. O. Cason.
Stephens, D. C. Holman.
Strong, A. C. Rogers.
Thornton. J. L,. Dedman.
Waldo. B F, Scott.
Wesson, It. H Cannon.
Profe? . In Hendrix College. C. J.
Green, ) ■* (J. C.
Coni Secretary of Education. 8.
R. Twlli...
Utile Hock District—Alonio Mouk.
P E.
Austin Circuit. J. W. Nethercutt.
Benton Circuit, to he supplied.
Bryant Circuit. T. D. Spruce.
Carlisle, J. T. J. Flser.
Des Are, to be supplied.
England, R. R. Moore.
Hazen and DeVall’a Bluff, J. BL
Hickory Plains Circuit, C. R. Mann,
Keo Circuit. T. O. Rorle Jr.
Lonoke, B. B. Thomas.
Little Rock:
Asbury, W. P. Whaley.
Capitol View. B. F. Muss*. B. R
Harwell Junior preacker.
First Church, Forney Hutehlnson;
A. C. Graham, supernumerary.
Forest Park, W. F. Wilson, supply.
Henderson, H. H. McGuyre.
Highland, W. R. Harrison.
Hunter Memorial, P. Q. Rorle.
Pulaski Heights. L. E. N. Hundley.
Twenty-eighth Street. J. D. Baker.
Winfield Memorial. J. D. Hammons.
Maumelle Circuit, to be supplied.
Mabelvale Circuit, M. K. Rogers.
Oak Mill Circuit. H A. F. Ault
Tomberlln Circuit, W. T. Hopkins,
Sunday School Field Secretary. C. ft.
Baker, Asbury Q. C.
Conference Evangelist, T. P. Clark.
Asbury Q. C.
Field Agent, Publishing House, R. P.
Wilson. Asbury Q. C.
Chaplain State Guard. F. W. Gee, As
bury Q. C.
Editor Arkansas Methodist, A. C.
Millar, First Church Q. C.
General Secretary Board of Educa
tion, Stonewall Anderson, First Churcw
Q. C .
Student In Hendrix College, Jesse
Galloway. First Church Q. C.
Conference Secretary Missions, For
ney Hutchinson.
Meattcelle District—W. C. Davidson.
P. E.
Arkansas City and Lake Village, k.
K. Irvin.
Arkansas and Southern Camp. T. M.
Applewhite, eupply.
Collins, M. B. Corrigan.
Crossett, Moffett J. Rhodes.
Dermott. N. O. Augustus.
Eudors, W. C. Lewis.
Hamburg. 8. C. Dean.
Hamburg Circuit, L. M. Harp.
Hermitage. J. C. Williams.
Lacy, Bede Pickering.
McGehee, J. L. Hoover.
Monttcello, T. O. Owen.
Mt. Pleasant Circuit, Frank Hopkins.
Palestine. R. Spann, supply.
Parkdale and Wllmot. H. B. Vaa
Portland and Bllssvllle, Roy Farr.
Snyder and Mentreae. H. L Simpson.
Tlllar and Dumas. J. H. Cummins.
Warren. R. W. McKay.
Watson, J. C. McElhenny.
Wllmar, A. T. Clanton.
Pine nief District—W C. Wetsoa,
P. E
Altheimer and Wabbasska. P. S. Her
DeWitt. A. M Shew.
Grsdy, J. R. Rhodes. „
Gillette. W. F. Rogers.
Humphrey. A. E. Jacobs; F. R. Roe
buck, Junior preacher.
New Edinburgh. A. O. Oraydon.
Pine Bluff:
Carr Memorial and Redlleld. L. W.
Hawley Memorial, J. R. Dickerson.
Lakeside, Theo Copeland
Pine BlufT Circuit, David Bolls.
Rlson. J. J. Colson.
Hoe. .John P. Clegg, supply.
Howell. H. Herrington, supply.
St. Charles. S. W. Raney.
Sheridan Station, A. M. Robertson.
Sherldsn Circuit, C. A Putter.
Sherrill and Tucker, R. A. MeCItn
Star City. M. O. Barnett.
Stuttgart,' J. F Simmons.
Swan Lake. A. J. Ewing.
Commissioner Hendrix College. Jas.
Thomas. First Church Q. C.
Assistant Commissioner Hendrix Col- 1
lege. H. F. Buhler, Hawley Memorial
Q. C.
Commissioner Galloway College. W.
C. Watson.
Student In Emory University, J. Ab
ner Sage Jr.
Preeeatt Dlatrlet—J. A. Henderson,
P. E
Amity and Glenwood. F. P. Doak.
Bingen. C. E. Whitten.
Blevins. J. D. Dunn.
Center Point Circuit. Walter Scett.
Columbus. W. T. Menard.
Delight. G. M. Yearwooa.
Emmet. F. C. Cannon; C. D. MrSwaln.
Fulton. A. W. Hamilton, supply.
Ourdon Station. F. F. Harrell.
Hope. T. D. Scott.
Little Missouri, Isaac Webb, supply.
Mt. Ida. W. H. Hughes.
Mineral Springs. W. W. Mills.
Murfreesboro Station. W. W. Chris
Nashville Station. Z. D. Lindsay.
Okolona Circuit. T. M. Armstrong; J.
W. Berry, supernumerary.
Orchard View, H. C. Rule.
Pleasant Grova Circuit, Ctareaea
Crow, supply.
Prescott Station. J .A. Parker.
Prescott Circuit, J. C. Johnson.
Alpine Circuit. 8. L Durham, supply.
Washington Circuit. B. E Mullens.
Wombls Circuit, Gny Morrison.
Whelan Circuit. Verna Savage, sup
Student In Hendrix College, W. Ok
Texarkana Dlatrlet—J. A. Blgge. P.
Ashdown. S. K. Burnett.
Bradley and Taylor. P. A. Flower,
Bright Star—8. B. Mann.
DeQueen, F. N Brewer.
Fouke, L. C. Gatlin.
Horatio. J. L. Leonard
Richmond and Wilton. J. J. Mallard.
Lewisville. J. W. Mann.
Loekesburg, J. T. Rogers.
Psraloma, A. N Youngblood.
Patmo*, W. F Laseter.
Stamps. L. C. Beasley.
College Hill. S T tlaugh.
Fslrvlew. R. M. Holland.
First Church, P. C. Fletcher.
Umpire. E. A. Brown, supply.
Vandervoort. A. S. Daniel.
Hatfield, W. B. Arnold, supply.
Foreman, R. G. Rowland.
Mena. J R. Rushing.
Pterks, A. L. Miller
Wlnthrop. J. H. Ross, supply.
Cherry Hill. J. V. Kelley.
Transferred to Florida Confereaca,
W. J. Nease.
New Danger In Paric.
Paris.—Proprietors of laundries In
Paris and the neighboring districts
have decided to close their establish
ments on December 20, unless the
government guarantees them an ade
quate supply of coal.
War Debt to Go Higher.
Ixjndon.—The new vote of credit
which the premier will ask the House
of Commons to agree on will be
for 400,000.000 pounds sterling. This
would bring the total for 1916 up to
1,750.000.000 pounds sterling.
___ |
Under the Eaves of House* Cliff
Swallows Make Their
Tears ago, before bouses and barns
were as plentiful as they aro now, the
ctltf swallow built Its house of tiny
mud bricks on the sldo of a rocky
cliff, says tho Philadelphia North
American. The nest builders Qnd a
convenient patch of clay, roll up the
mud into tiny pellets sod carry them
to their nesting site. There they
fashion them into a home as skill
fully as nny bricklayer could do It.
rounding It over the top like a roof
and leaving a round oponlng for a
door. Decause these nests were usu
ally found on the Bides of cliffs they
named the bird the cliff swallow.
Today the bird doesn't have to find
t cliff for Its borne. sheltered place
under the eaves of a barn will suit
it Just as well. Tou’U find more cliff
swallows today at horns under the
saves than you will In their ancestral
casties on the rocKa.
The bird wears a shiny blue black
coat and a brownish yellow vest. Ita
tall, a reddish brown, is only slightly
forked, which distinguishes it from
.the regular "swallow tails.”
Perhaps you have been told that tha
nest of the cllCT swallow Is Infested
with bedbugs, and perhaps you have
torn down ail the nests you could find
to get rid of the pests. This is a
common slander against the swallow.
The nest contains no Insects which
can be communicated to houses,,
Don't Lose a Day's Work! If Your Liver Is Sluggish or Bowels
Constipated Take “Dodson's Liver Tone."—It's Fine!
i ob re omous: xour uver is slug
gish! You feel lazy, dizzy and all
knocked out. Your bead is dull, your
tongue Is coated; breath bad; stomach
sour and bowels constipated. But don't
take salivating calomel. It makes you
sick, you may lose a day's work.
Calomel Is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel crashes into sour bile like
dynamite, breaking It up. That's when
you feel that awful nausea and cramp
If you want to enjoy the nicest, gen
tlest liver And bowel cleansing you
ever experienced Just take a spoonful
of harmless Dodson’s Liver Tone. Your
druggist or dealer sells you a BO-cent
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone under
my personal money-back guarantee
that each speonful will clean your
sluggish liver better than a dose of
nasty calomel and that it won't make
you sick.
Dodson’s Liver Tone is real liver
medicine. Ton’ll know it next morn
ing because you will wake up feeling
fine, your liver will be working, your
headache and dizziness gone, your
stomach will be sweet and your bowels
regular. Tou will feel like working;
you'll be cheerful; full of vigor and
Dodson’s Liver Tone is entirely
vegetable, therefore harmless and can
not salivate. Give It to your children!
Millions of people are using Dodson’s
Liver Tone Instead of dangeroas cal
omel now. Your druggist will tell you
that the sale of calomel Is almost
stopped entirely here.—Adv. i
(Cures the sick end sets as a preventative for others.
Liquid given on the tongue. Safe for brood mares and
all otbera Beat kidney remedy. SO cents a bottle, $6 a
dosen. Sold by all druggists and turf goods houses, or sent,
express paid, by the manufacturers. Booklet, "Distem
per, Cause and Cure." free.
irOHI MEDICAL CO, Chemists, Goahes, lai, V. B. A.
A tennis racquet rrame that can De
converted Into a corn pa tool has been
Jimmie Flirt—Ah. excuse uie, but is
this seat engaged T
Vera Coy—No, sir, but I am!
Money doesn't always make tne
mare go under the wire first.
Wash day ia smile day if you use Red
Cross Ball Blue, American made, therefore
the best made. Adr.
A pound-box of candy will win u girl
quicker than a 100-line poem.
Weak and unhealthy kidneys hum to
much sickness and suffering and when
through neglect or other causae. kidney
trouble Is permitted to continue, serious
results may be expected.
Your other organs may need attention —
but your kidneys should here attention
drat because thetr work Is most Important.
If you feel that your kidneys are the
cause of your sickness or run down con
dition commence taking Dr. Kilmer's
gwsmp-Root. the groat kidney, liver and
bladder remedy, because If It proves to he
the remedy yeu need and your kidneys
begin to improve they will help all the
other organa te health.
Prevalency of Kidney Dieeaee.
Moot people do not realise the alarm
ing increase and remarkable prevalency
at kidney disease. While kidney dis
orders are among the meet common dis
eases that prevail, they are almost the
last recognised by patients, tvho usually
content themselves with doctoring the
effects, while the original disease con
stantly undermines the system.
A Trial Will Convince Anyone.
Thousand* of people have testified
that the mild end immediate effect of
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and
bladder remedy, is soon realized and that
it stands the highest for its remarkable
results in the most distressing cases.
Symptoms of Kidney Trouble.
Swamp-Root is not recommended fof
everything but if you suffer from annoy
ing bladder troubles, frequently passing
wster night snd day, smarting or irrita
tion in passing, brick-dust or sediment,
headache, backache, lame back, dizzi
ness, poor digestion, sleeplessness, nerv
ousness, heart disturbance due to bad
kidney trouble, skin eruptions from bad
blood, neuralgia, rheumatism, lumbago,
bloating, irritability, worn-ont feeling,
lack of ambition, may be loss of flesh or
sallow oomplexion, kidney trouble in ita
worst form may be stealing upon you.
8wamp-Root Is Pleasant to Taka.
If yon iv already convinced that
Swamp-Root is what you need, you can
purchase the regular fifty-cent snd one
dollar size bottles at all drug stores.
SPECIAL NOTE—Yoa may obtain a sample aise bottle of Swamp-Root by enclosing
ten cents to Dr. Kilmer A Co., Binghamton, N. Y. This gives you the opportunity
to prove the remarkable merit of this medicine. They will also send you a book of
valuable information, containing many of the thousands of grateful letters received
from men and women who any they found Swamp-Root to be just the remedy needed
in kidney, liver and bladder troubles. The value and success of Swamp-Root ere so
well known that our readers are advised to send for a sample size bottle. Address Dr,
Kilmer A Co., Binghemtoa. M. Y. When writing be sure end mention this paper.
More Extravagance.
Another evidence of the extrava
gance of the age la the fact. If we In
terpret the eateemed dry goods adver
tisements correctly, that a girl who
used to he satisfied with a pair of gar
ters now seems to require a sextet.
If not an actual octet.—Ohio State
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up Die System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
what you are taking, aa the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. The
Quinine drives ont malaria, the Iron
builds up the system. y> cents.
Valuable Farm Implement.
A German farm Implement does the
work of a plow', disk harrow and roller
in a single trip over a field.
The setting hen may be peevish, but
she’s on-neat.
The average amount of sickness in
human life is estimated at ten days
per annum.
Important to Mottooro
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for Infants and children, and see that It
Bears the
81gaature of
la Use for Over SO Tears.
Children Cry for Fletcher’s Castor!*
A patent has been granted for a
trunk thut also can be used as a bath*
but like counterfeit money the lmlta*
tlon has not the worth of the original.
Insist on “La Creole" Hair Dressing—
it's the original. Darkens your hair ta
the natural way, but contains no dye.
Price 11.00.—Adv.
Say the right thing at the right timo
and some fool will envy you.
“Toxic poisons In the blood are
thrown out by the kidneys. The kid
neys act as filters for such poisons.
If we wish to prevent old age coming
too soon and increase our chunces for
a long life, we should drink plenty of
pure water and take a little Anurlc,”
says the famous Dr. Pierce of Buffalo,
N. X.
WTien sufferitig from backache, fre
quent or scanty urine, rheumatic pains
here or there, or that constant tired,
worn-out feeling, the simple way to
overcome these disorders Is merely to
obtain a little Anurlc from your near
est druggist and you will quickly no
tice the grand results. You will find
it many times more potent than Uthia,
and that it dissolves uric acid as hot
water does sugar, _
Devall Bluff, Ark.—“Some years ago
I took Dr. Pierce's medicines and they
neipen me very
much; they sure
ly are good. I
wish everyone
knew how good
they are. I could
go Into details,
but do not think
It necessary. I
was In expect*
ancy and was alt
r u n-d own. Dr.
Pierce’s Fuvorlte
rrescnption ana uoiaen aieaicui uis
covery cured my awful headaches and
helped me In every way. Helped the
many pains one has at such times.”—
One thing about Dr. Pierce's medi
cines, they contain no alcohol or nar
cotic. Can be obtained at any drug
store, in either liquid or tablets, and
are purely vegetable.—Adv.

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