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The mart wit Id
open Bank s
' ^ /* 3 •
lor niS >♦
Help y«ur.?
join on
1 or 2 or 5 or 10 cents will enter your BOY or GIRL,
in our “Christmas Banking^ Club.” This wiH be the best
financial education you can give them. Start with this
amount: increase with the same .amount each week.
In 50 weeks:
1- cent club pays $ 12.75
2- cent club pays $ 25.50
5-cent club pays $ 63.75
10-cent club pays $127.50
You can put in $1.00 or $2.00 or $5.00 each week
and in 50 weeks have $50, or $100, or $250.
Come in, ask about it and get a “Christmas Ranking
Club" book FREE. MEN and WOMEN can join.
V’ou can start TODAY—:START!
The Peoples’ Bank
j Th«.
G iO»
Mail Orders
Given Prompt
Corner Seventh anti Garrison
Sulphur Springs
Walter Harris is get! along
alr ight and will soon ho !<•• to
work attain.
W. ('. Ilatris has hrnken his i
mill and want ho able to grind
for us this week.
Jethro mill has at Inched a stave
mill and is cutting lots of staves
Hob Holes and I’om Harnett are
going to move soon and that
leaves Jap Hill without a renter
and he has bought :m addition to
his farm.
As this will be the last letter 1
will write this \eat to the Specta
tor, I will wish you all a Merry
Xmas and a Happy New Year.
Hoping that next year wil be
more prosperous than the year
that is about to close.
Wt»ll we have been having a
hog killing time .here tiffs w* ok
and the deepest snow we have
had in several years It fell
Wednesday night and Thursday
morning. Might inches on a level
and Friday morning was the cold
of the year.

Iloalthis very good at present.
Moving is the order of the day.
I tennis Rogers moved from here
lo near Karnes and .less ltarham
moved from .lolm Donkins place
>n \' hite Oak to Mr. Rogers
dace where Demos lived this
rear, and Pete Rtipens moved to
Pleas Woods place where Henry
Hatvshew lived this year and
noved to Johnson county. Sor
«y to loose him for he made us a
rood Sunday School worker last
mmmer. I do not know who we
will get to take his place.

Wanted an Answer
Kditor Spectator: Will you J
ie so kind to give me space to
isk some Bible {questions. 1 ant:
lot asking them fora controversy
>ut for some information.
Whore is the house of Jacob? j
How many tribes among the
lentiles? I
What is the difference between j
.lie Jews, the Gentiles and the
Where is Heaven and where is
What is tfie sin against the
Holy Ghost?
Alleged Burglars
Captured at Alix
Dept. Constable Greeson
of Alix Arrests Three
Men Charged With
* Breaking Store
Three strangers appeared iu
Alix last Thursday night and
staid all night with the pumper
at the railroad track. The follow
mg day two of them peddled
various articles such as neckties,
trousers, etc about selling one
pair of trousers for 2) cents.
They came to I\ MeCarte’s store
and wanted to sell them two
bushels of potatoes. They went
away to get them and came back
with one bushel which Mr. Me
Carte bought. They thei<*L>ought
a small piece of meat and some
canned goods and left.
The following morning when
Mr. McCart went to the store he
found the door open and between
$25 to $-10 worth of goods and
100 or 200 pennies, which he left
in the register gone.
Mr. Greeson was notified and
went to Spadra ami found three
men around a fire about a quar
ter of a mile from the depot.
He arrested them and took them
to Alix and found them wearing
some of the clothing. He
brought them to Ozark and placed
them in jail.
They were arraigned before
Judge Morris Monday morning
and gave their names ras Lewis'
Smith, Jim Norton and Charles
Benson. Smith and Norton
waived examination, but Benson
attempted to prove that he hadi
just happened to he with them at
the time of the arrest and that ho:
had been given the trousers he
was wearing and which JMr. Me
< 'arte identified as his i>v a I'ouri h j
man win* escaped. All fhreej
wore held to await the action of;
the grandjury.
Fair View
Weather threatening, clouds:
gathering, winds blowing, so wo
are going to write something
this morning. We have many
things to In* thankful for; some
few to he sorrowful for.
Elder .1. J. ForhuH will ptvacji
at Fair View Sunday, the 21 of
this month, at 11 o’clock,
Sunday School here at 10
o’clock sharp. Everybody come'
and bring some one with you.
W. E. Rrookey had his hoy
killing time and is going to day,
Monday, to take sonic turkeys
away for some one to have a
turkey killing time.
Rev. .J. R. Mayner is intending
to move out on the Mt. this week
John Rrookey is in verv poor
health, lie is not able to do any
thing so wo hear. We hope he
soon recover.
Rev. J. H. Williams is to preach
here the first Sunday in January
at 11 o’clock. Any other appoint
ments will be given out later.
Will Edgin] and wife visited
home folks Sunday, returning
home Sunday evening.
Mr. t’. • S. Hogan and wife
visited J. R. Hadley Sunday. A
pleasant time reported.
What is the tree of knowledge
of good and evil?
What was the fruit from the
tree that poisoned them and was
it an apple?
Who was the serpent that de
ceived Eve?
Was Adam the first man on
the planet?
Will Bro. Pruitt or some other
minister please answer.
J. C. Logan
» Stigler. Ok Inhome
This is the month that changes the woiid.
The “Good Fellow” spirit prevails. ‘‘Tis
the season for kindling the fire of hospitality
in the Hall, the genial flame of Charity in the
In all sincerity we thank you for the business
you have given us during the past year. We
thoroughly appreciate the confidence you
have shown in us, and it is our earnest hope
that that confidence has not been misplaced.
We have tried to serve you well. May the
true holiday spirit which breathes of happi
ness and good will help to make this the kind
liest and merriest Christmas you have ever
You will find a complete line of Rocking
Chairs, Rugs, and Furniture at our store.
The practical gift is the acceptable gift
■ ■ i i——i————IMfcMWT—M*—*
J. T. Greer & Son
Dealers In
Furniture, Paints, Oils, and Undertakers
Rural Rest Room.
Mr. Merchant, Why Not Co
Operate With Other Mer
chants to Provide A
"Rest Room”?
Mr Village Merchant, 1 real
ize that you can't provide these
poveniences in your own store,
like the inerchantile establish
ments of the great cities.
Hut listen, You and all the
.ither merchants in the town do
i volume of business as great as
some of the institutions mention
ed. Then why not unite and
jointly provide these conveni
ences for the woman of the farms
■the very best customers you
You are not obliged to deliver
foods to your country customers,
If your delivery cost is 1 per
’ent of your gross expense, then
credit the 1 per cent on country
sales to the "Rural Rest Room
Kund." Let the merchants all
igree to pay a certain sum per
month to maintain such a rest
•oom, in the same manner as
hey support the band or the ball
If vour town is incorporated
let the village council add a bud.
get to meet the deficiency, or
carry the whole expense.
Let’s have a rural rest room in
every village. A large waiting
room with comfortable rockers;
a large reading table, with books
papers and magazines; a couple
of cribs in one corner where tired
little baliies may nap while moth
er rests; a toilet room; a couple
of baby carriages, that mother
may not be obliged to carry the
little one from place to place.
A place where bundles may be
lol't. and where a matron would
be in charge from 9 o’clock in
the morning until the stores
closed at night. This would trans
form shopping in a country vil
lage from a task, a day of work,
worry and inconvenience, to a
day of real pleasure; shopping,
such as is enjoyed by the iadies
of our cities.—Grant Soicum, in
The Progressive Farmer.
Widows, whose husbands were
U. S. Pensioners, and who mar
ried prior to June 27th, 1906, are
now entitled to Pension from $12
to $20 per month. See W. W.
Adams & Son t>«»**a**j
Annulment Suit of Newlywed*
Monday night a strange couple
appeared in Ozark ami called up
,Coilnty Clerk Bollinger, from the
Bristow Hotel, and had him como
down and issue a marriage li
cense. They then called up Judge
i Ford and requested him to come
down and perform the ceremony
and he courteosly invited them
to his home to be married. After
the service as he went to kiss
the bride he got suspicious and
!>egan an investigation which has
esulted in a near claiming to be
' the groom’s son beginning court
proceedings to annul the- mar
riage on the grounds of imbecil
ity of the groom and fraud and
misrepresentation on the part of
the bride.
It has developed that the bride
is very old and this is the first
imbecile she has fonnd and
therefore her first marriage. The
groom is from Polk county,
where he formerly held a high
position, but his son claims trou
ble has demented him.
It has caused rat
i in our town

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