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Men in the Cabs From Many States Declare
That Tanlac Conserves the Health of Rail
road Men and Makes Them Fit for Respon
sible Duties in Most Nerve-Racking Service.
KTO calling demands a clearer brain, steadier nerves, a more perfect
^ state of health than that of a railroad engineer. The safety of thou
sands depends on guarding his health, which is as important to the public
as the efficiency of his engine. Every engineer realizes this enormous
responsibility, he dares not take chances with so important a matter. That
is why #o many of them are using Tanlac—it steadies the nerves, clears
the brain, corrects indigestion, strengthens the arm, insures the safety
of the traveler, and keeps him on his job.
Railroad engineers everywhere in
dorse Tanlac because they have tried
It and know. Read what they say.
VV. L. Nabers, Atlanta, Ga., engineer
Southern Railway, says: “I had lost
appetite—liver and kidneys deranged—
since taking Tanlac haven't had a pain
—gained 14 pounds.”
L. C. Bowers, 910 First avenue,
south, Nashville, Tenn., engineer Ten
nessee Central, says: “Stomach trouble
and nervousness overcome—nothing
too good I can say about Tanlac—
gained 8 pounds.”
D. A. Middleton, 1717 Chenovert
Street, Houston, Tex., engineer South
ern Pacific, says: “Was in bad shape
—couldn’t walk—Tanlac built me up
like new man—gained 11 pounds.”
T. G. Ayers, 107 Raines avenue,
Nashville, Tenn., engineer Louisville
and Nashville, says: “Kidney trouble,
nervousness, poor appetite — Tanlac
put me in good shape—gained 7
* J. T. Toy, Atlanta, Ga., former en
gineer Seaboard, says: “Nervous indi
gestion—kidneys in bad shape—pains
in back—am satisfied with what Tan
lac has done for me.”
R. H. Owens, 2700 Avenue G, Bir
mingham, Ala., engineer, says: “Run
down — indigestion — palpitation of
heart—had to give up job—since tak
ing Tanlac eat anything—have gone
!>ack to work.”
T. O. Burrows, 3915 McKinney ave
nue, Houston, Texas, engineer St.
Louis, Brownsville and Mexico, says:
"Catarrh of head and stomach—head
aches—nervous—Tanlac is railroad
man’s friend—feel like new man.”
Lynn Sills, 440 North Bellevue ave
nue, Memphis, Tenn„ engineer, Louis
ville and Nashville, says: “Headaches
—pains in hack and kidneys—strained
■every nerve to keep up—Tanlac re
lieved me entirely."
S. T. Watkins, Birmingham, Ala., en
gineer Southern, says: “Suffered 27
years—stomach troubles—Tanlac has
ended my troubles.”
G. G. Geiger. 133 East Linden street,
Atlanta, Ga., engineer Georgia Bail
road, says: “Tanlac relieved my wife
of rheumatism—ishe gained 25 pounds
from using it."
C. J. Weeks. 2139 Lydia street.
Jacksonville, Flu., engineer Seaboard,
says: “Suffered 20 years from nervous
Indigestion—Tanlac entirely relieved
me—gained 20 pounds.”
Jeff D. Riggs, 2020 Pearl street,
Vicksburg, Miss., engineer Yazoo and
Mississippi Valley, says: “Was nerv
ous and physical wreck—since taking
Tnnlac am strong and active as ever—
gained 25 pounds.”
B. F. House, R. F. D„ No. 5, Bos 61,
Atlanta, Ga„ engineer Seaboard, says:
“Lost weight and strength—was badly
under the weather—Tanlae set me up
—gained 22 pounds.”
Jack Petrie, 54 Lindsley avenue,
Nashville, Tenu., engineer, says: “Was
pulled down till I had to give up my
engine—Tnnlac put me back in the cab
—it's the best medicine I ever tried.”
P. F. Ilammill, 1192 Dunnavant
street, Memphis, Tenn., engineer, says:
j “Rheumatism — tried everything, in
! eluding trip to Hot Springs—Tanlae
' did more good than everything else
P. C. Hooks, Rome, Ga., engineer
Southern, says: “My wife was almost
complete nervous and physical wreck
—Tanlae set her crutches aside—she
gained 16 pouuds."
J. B. Watson, Mobile, Ala., engineer
on Southern Railway between Selma
and Mobile, says: “Was completely
i broken down—couldn’t work—since
taking Tanlae am working regularly—
I gained 6,8 pounds.”
O. 15. llanes, Nashville, lenn., engi
neer Louisville and Nashville, says:
“Gave up engine account accident, had
health — Tanlac is line — gained 8
pounds—sleep and eat fine."
Q. T. Newman, Iialton, Ga., engineer
Western and Atlantic, says: "Was
] tired and worn out—nervous—Tanlac
only thing that gave tne relief.”
H. M. Telford, 017 Third avenue,
Birmingham, Ala., engineer Louisville
and Nashville, says: “Wife had nerv
ous Indigestion—splitting headaches—
gave up all housework—Tanlac gave
her new life and energy—she gained
7 pounds.”
Evidence from such sources ns these
is unassailable. These men are ex
posed to all conditions of weather as
no others are. Their runs take them
from mountain to seashore, from
swamp to highland through rain and
storm, cold and sleet, and they never
falter in their duty. They must al
ways guard against disease. These
men speak from personal experience;
no wonder they pin their faith to Tan
lac, for it has served them well.
There Is a Tanlac dealer in your
To Dynamite a Stream.
The editor of a Jersey newspaper,
a thorough sportsman, is said to have
received this query from a reader:
“Please advise me how to dynamite
a stream.”
The newspaper man sent the follow
ing advice:
“Four sticks of dynamite are sufll
■cient. Tie them securely around your
neck, attach fuse, light it and run as
fast as you can away from the water
to avoid injuring the other snakes and
reptiles.”—Ail Outdoors.
Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Take Grove’s
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
chill Tonic is equally valuable as a Gen
eral Tonic because it contains the well
known tonic properties nr yUININE and
IRON. It acts on the I.iver, Drives out
Malaria, Enriches the Blood and Builds
ap the Whole System. 50 cents.
Otherwise Engaged.
“So you think you will stand a bet
ter chance with your gardening this
“Yes,” replied Mr. Crosslots. "All
(lie neighbors will lie making gardens
themselves, instead of standing around
laughing at me.”
has been the most successful family
remedy for the last fifty-one years for
biliousness and stomach troubles, to
which the American people are addict
ed, causing sick hendnche, nervous in
digestion, sour stomach, coming up of
food and a general physical depression.
25 and 75c.—Adv.
Hard but Pleasant.
She—“What is the most ditlieult task
to do?” He—“Trying to sleep while
the alarm clock Is going off.”
Or. B. F. Jackson, Celebrated Physician,
handed down to posterity his famous
prescription for female troubles. Now
sold under the name of “Feinenlna.”
Price 50c and $1.00.—Adv.
Blow your own horn, but blow it
with discrimination.
s ulil! Murine ls f°r Tired Eyes. 1
£ WlOVIGS Red byes —Sore Eyes— =
a whbmhmb Granulated Kyelido. Rests— 5
S Refreshes - Restores. Murine Is a Favorite 5
5 Treatment for Ryes that feel dry and smart. =
- Give your Ryes as much of your lovinit euro z
S as your Teeth and with the sumo regularity. £
s Sold at Drug and Optical Stores or by Mall, «
| Ask Borleo lyg Remedy Co , Chicago, for Frog Book S
Benefits From Gardening.
The man who puts In honest and con
scientious work on his garden must tie
a winner, even if not one radish over
finds its way to Ids dinner table. He
is benefited by the vigorous outdoor
work. He is strengthened by the con
sciousness of having done his best.
And lie lias gained valuable experi
ence which will enable him to do bat
ter next year.
it is safe to predict that t’e gar
dens that fail to produce anything will
be very few. The spirit which in
spires the back-yard gardener is the
spirit that works miracles. Of those
who undertake the work with little
hope the majority are likely to be
happily surprised. Even partial suc
cess is an abundant reward, and it w ill
be an incentive for more intelligent
though not more conscientious work in
the future.—Exchange.
Druggist's Customers Praise
Kidney Medicine
Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp Root is the
host seller on the market today in tins
locality. I believe it is all that is claimed,
and during my experience of eight years
in handling it as a kidney, liver and blad
der remedy I have never hi^rd a single
complaint and know that it has produced
very beneficial results in many oases, ac
cording to the reports of my customers
who praise it highly.
Very truly yours,
June 5, 1910. Plymouth, Mass.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y„ for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
information, telling about the kidneys
and bladder. »Whcn writing, be sure and
mention this paper. Regular fifty-cent
and oae-dollar size bottles for sale at all
drug stores.—Adv.
Agrees With Him.
“Gee, old fellow, you look fat nnd
sassy! Wlinteha living on nowadays?”
“My futher-in-lnw."
that you keep a bottle of Mississippi
Diarrhea Cordial In your medicine
chest. In constant use for fifty years.
Price 25c and 50c.—Adv.
Every man feels that he has a pro
prietary Interest In his wife’s religion
Will Issue Deficiency Proclamation
and Ask 1919 Legislature To Make
Necessary Appropriation To Re
pay Interest on the Bonds.
Little Rock.—
It has been definitely settled Ihrt
the bill carrying $1,650,000 for Con
federate pensions failed to pass the
last Legislature. The bill passed the
Senate, but was misplaced in the
House and left on the calendar. In
order to obviate the necessity of con
vening the Legislature in special ses
sion to pass the appropriation Gov.
Brough conferred with a number of
bankers and it is believed a plan will
be worked out to save the state the
expense of an extra legislative ses
Gov. Brough's plan was that the
state, through the state depository
board, would lend the $85(1,000 collect
ed annually from the two mill pension
tax to the banks agreeing to partici
pate. The banks in turn would cash
pensioners’ vouchers. Under Gov.
Brough's plan the bank would be
charged two per cent interop for use
of the money. In addition to cost of
surety bonds. Gov. Brough agreed,
however, to issue a deficiency procla
mation and ask the 1919 Legislature
to make the necessary appropriation
to repay the two per cent interest and
the cost of the bonds. Under the law
the money could not be loaned the
banks except on interest of two per
cent or more.
Gov. Brough, Attorney General Ar
buckle and Auditor Oliver explained
the situation to the bankers.
On motion of former Congressman
McRae of Prescott the bankers re
ferred the matter to the Little Rock
Clearing Association, with recommen
dation that a committee to make fur
ther investigation be appointed. The
bankers tentatively ageed to abide by
the action of the committee.
"I am frank to say that 1 don’t want
1 to call a special session of the Legisla
ture,” said Gov. Brough. "Already
many have been calling on me and
urging that I call a special session
I and incorporate various matters to be
I acted upon in my proclamation. “One
j wanted me to call for creation of the
Port Smith Little Rock Highway, and
j several wanted me to incorporate a
: request for repeal of the law calling a
constitutional convention.
"The situation is serious. The pon
j sioners must be paid, if it necessitates
a special session of the Legislature.”
Gov Brough said he did not know
how the bill could have been overlook
ed, "except through the negligence cf
some members of the House.”
Appeals Bone Dry Case.
The second appeal from the bone
dry law was filed In the Supreme
Court in the case of the State vs. Eu
gene Robertson of Mississippi county.
Robertson acquired his trouble by
sending the same trunk too often in
to the oases. After several trips the
trunk inspectors along the route be
gan to recognize It as it went out
tinder ballast and returned loaded,
and inspection discovered that on its
return trips it carried a heavy cargo
of contraband packed tightly in bed
cloths, pillows, etc. As alleged owner
of the trunk Robertson was fined $100
and sentenced to 110 days in the Mis
sissippi county jail, from which he
Gets Jobs For Negroes.
The "branch office" of the state
tree employment bureau reported that
through Its agency three negro cooks
were placed in employment. The
branch is located in the Haskins and
Jordan negro poolroom at -111 Ixiuis
iann street, and the co-operation is
voluntary Haskins, one of the pro
prietors of the pool hall, has bet a fur
nishing \V. W. Sprague, deputy in
charge of the state bureau, with in
formation, and has placed a bulletm
board in the poolroom.
Incorporation Matters.
Florence Sanitarium. Pine RluC,
$20,000 capital, $4,700 subscribed; cor
porators, Z. Orto, K. A Howell, Leo M.
Aiylrews and others.
Allemania Fire Insurance Company
, of Pittsburgh. Pa . withdrew from the
Kingston Milling Company of Kings
J ton, capital $0,000, corporators, H. H.
Hasore, .T. N. Bunch, and others.
Arkansas and Oklahoma Lend and
Zinc Co., Keener, Boone County, Ark.,
&30.000 capital.
The Myers Stave and Manufactur
ing Company of Corning, lias filed a
certificate of increase of rapilal stock
from $50,000 to $100,000.
Great Southwest Development Com
pany, Little Bock, $10,000 capital, of
which $1,200 subscribed, Walter L.
Brown president, Walter L. Brown,
Jr., vice president and treasurer; J
C. Harris secretary, Neal Watson man
j ager.
j The Bobba-Merrill Company of In
| dianapolis, lnd., text-book publishers,
have been granted permission to do
I business in the state.
Food Demonstration.
Plans for a practical demonstration
of food preparedness at the county
teachers’ institutes are being made
by J. L. Bond, state superintendent ol
public instruction. Mr. Bond is send*
ing letters to the county superintend
ents and examiners asking that five
days of each institute to be devoted
to the demonstration, at which ‘the
county demonstration and canning
club agents will be asked to co-oper
ate. The program suggested by Mr.
Bond includes work by both the can
ning club agent and the demonstra
tion agent, and It Is probable that a
joint program will be arranged. The
first day of the demonstration would
include a general outline of food con
servation and garden work; the sec
ond instructions on the manufacture
and use of the home canned and field
food crops; the third, drying fruits
and vegetables and the care and
breeding of live stock; the fourth,
canning beans and cultivation of food
crops; and the Yifth, canning toma
toes and farm management.
Will Transfer Cavalry.
('apt. W. F. Jeffett, Troop A, Third
Cavalry, of Helena, and J. W. Denni
son and George Vineyard, lieutenants
of the troop, proposed to Governor
Rrough that the troops be temporar
ily transferred from the cavalry or
ganization to the infantry, to be made
a part of the Third Arkansas Infantry.
At a conference between the govern
or, Adjutant General Lloyd England
and the three cavalry officers, It was
agreed that the change should oo
made as soon as practicable. Assur
ances were given the Helena troop
that its organization, including the
personnel of the offlers, would be rec
ognized both by the governor and the
adjutant general.
Finish Preliminary Survey.
According to advices received In
(lie Highway Department on the pre
liminary survey of the Mena-to-Hot
Springs road through Montgomery,
were finished, and a report on the
specifications will probably be receiv
ed soon. The preliminary work for
the Harrisburg-Marked Tree highway
was completed some time ago and a
contract for construction has been
given to the American Construction
Company of Kansas City. The con
tract calls for a 23-mile gravel road
tQ be built at a cost of approximately
Member Defense Council.
Gov. Hrough announced the appoint
ment of Durand Whilpple of Little Rock
as an additional member of the nation
al defense council,ropresentingtheba
reau of publicity and intelligence. The
governor authorized this appointment
after conferring with Gen. England,
the chairman of this committee, who
stated that under the instructions if
the War Department such a bureau
should be represiHWcd on the com
Declines Lecture Contracts.
Governor Rrough declined to sign
contracts offered by two Chautauqua
companies In whose territory he ha.l
made addresses. Roth the Red pat fi
ll om^r Company of Kansas City and
the White-Myers Company of Chica
go offered a six weeks’ contract. The
governor said that there is too much
business of a serious nature confront
ing the state, and that his time is too
occupied hy official matters.
Dr. Green Reappointed.
Dr. H. J. Green of Paragould was
reappointed a member of the State
Roard of Dental Examiners for a five
year term. Dr. Green’s present ap
pointment expires September 1. lie
was recommended to succeed himself
at the annual meeting of the State
Dentists' Association held here re
■’The Climax,” the student annual
published by the Russellville High
School, is off the press, and compares
favorably with many of the student
publications issued by colleges and
C. I. Rowles has been appointed
chief of the Ashdown volunteer Fire
D< partment. James Sanderson Is as
sistant chief.
The Helen Dunlap School at Wins
low w ill have an annex and dormitory
built during the summer to cost about
Work on the new $10,000 school
building at Perryville Is being pushed
rapidly. It will be ready by Septein
i ber 1
Forrest Camp No 29, W. O. W., of
i Forrest City, has voted to invest $500
in five of the new Liberty Loan bonds.
Connie Casteel killed a large rattle
snake near Horatio recently. Tho
snake had 21 rattlers and a button.
It is probable that a big sawmill
with a monthly* pay roll of $5,000 will
bo established at Ashdown.
Capt. Frank Wells of Lfttle Rock
spoke at Harrison to a large audience
on "Jerusalem. Under the Turks.” His
lecture* pleased the people.
Rev. N. E. Fair of Belleville has
traveled over Yell county preaching
for 50 years and is still actively en
gaged in the ministry.
The Harrison City Council, at Us
last meeting, passed an ordinance Re
quiring the inspection of all meat aold
or slaughtered here.
Don’t Lose a Day’s Work! If Your Liver Is Sluggish or Bowel;
Constipated Take “Dodson’s Liver Tone.”—It’s Fine!
You’re bilious! Your liver is slug
gish! You feel lazy, dizzy and all
knocked out. Your head is dull, your
tongue is coated; breath bad; stomach
sour and bowels constipated. But don’t
take salivating calomel. It makes you
Sick, you may lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel crashes into sour bile liko
dynamite, breaking it up. That’s when
you feel that awful nausea and cramp
If you want to enjoy the nicest, gen
tlest liver and bowel cleansing you
ever experienced just take a spoonful
of harmless Dodson’s Liver Tone. Your
druggist or dealer sells you a 50-eent
bottle of Dodson’s Liver Tone under
my personal money-back guarantee
that each spoonful will clean your
sluggish liver better than a dose of
nasty calomel and that It won’t maka
you sick.
Dodson’s Liver Tone Is real liver
medicine. You'll know it next morn* -
ing because you will wake up feeling
fine, your liver will be working, your
headache and dizziness gone, your
stomach will be sweet and your bowels
regular. You will feel like working;
you’ll be cheerful; full of vigor and
Dodson’s Liver Tone is entirely
vegetable, therefore harmless and can
not salivate. Give it to your cfilldren!
Millions of people are using Dodson's
Liver Tone instead of dangerous cal
omel now. Your druggist will tell you
that the sale of calomel Is ■ almost
stopped entirely here.—Adv.
$3 $3.50 $4 $4.50 $5 $6 $7 & $8
Save Money by Wearing W. L Douglas
shoes. For sale by over9000 shoe dealers.
The Best Known Shoes in the Warld.
W. L. Douglas name and the retail price is stamped on the bot
tom of all shoes at the factory. The value is guaranteed and
the wearer protected against high prices for inferior shoes. The
retail prices are the same everywhere. They cost no more in San
Francisco than they do in New York. They are always worth the
price paid for them.
I he quality of W. L. Douglas product is guaranteed by more
than 40 years experience in making fine shoes. The smart
styles are the leaders in the Fashion Centres of America.
They are made in a well-eouipped factory at Brockton, Mass.,
by the highest paid, skilled shoemakers, under the direction and
supervision of experienced men, all working with an honest
determination to make the best shoes for the price that money
can buy.
Ask your shoe dealer for W. T,. Douglas shoes. If he can- [V *w.^RIwllr_TV
not supply you with the kind you want, taka ns other inarrituru Wf
make. Write for Interesting booklet explaining hew ta L W V
Eet shoe* of the highest standard of quality far tae price, rjJ ss_» et_
y return mall, postage free. w VV ***** anoge
■tunnel »u_ rreeldont ** XV. I» Douglas ghee Co.,,
•tamped on the bottom. ng spark gt.. Brockton, Mass.
What He Could Do.
“I want to serve my country,” snld
the loud-voiced man in the street car.
"ltut I*m too old to cnrry a gun."
"Yes," he continued. “The way they
run tilings down there at Washington
nowadays there’s no chance for a mnn
like me. I could he mighty valuable
to them if they’d only fake me."
“I'll tell you how you can serve
your country If you really want to,"
said a meek little man.
“All right. Tell me what to do and
ru do it."
".lust keep your mouth shut."
. The use of electric power in the
great staple industries of the South is
constantly increasing.
The cheery mnn is welcome every
where if he doesn't overdo it.
An Effective Plea.
"What do you mean by begging from
door to door when your country needs
such husky fellows as you?" asked the
patriotic person, indignantly.
“I've walked sixty miles te en
list, guv’nor," answered the tramp.
"Dis is de las' lap of the Journey, an’ I
t’ought under de circumstances you
wouldn’t mind glvln’ me a handout.”
“Certainly not. Step around to the
kitchen and I'll have the cook tlx you
up a good breakfast.”
“That was a bald excuse he gave
about tiring olf his pistol."
"Couldn’t have been a bald excuse;
it had a hair trigger.’’_
A little flattery tastes sweet to a
wise man and a good deal of it tastes
sweet to a fool.
You Take No Chances
in Buying a Saxon
You may buy a Saxon believing it to be the
best car in its class and you will get what
you pay for.
You may look for longer service, better per
formance and lower up-keep bills from your
Saxon than from any other car of like price.
And you will not be disappointed.
If there was any doubt that Saxon cars are the
best in their respective divisions it has long
since disappeared.
And the proof of this you will find, a thousand*
fold over, in the records of Saxon ownera—
and in the opinion of motor-cat buyera in
general. Saxon cars have definitely estab
lished their superiority in every phase of
motor car performance.
And just as surely and decisively as they have
proved themselves abler acting cars, have they
proved themselves cheaper cars to keep up.
To build cars of such quality and such value
clearly reflects the strength and soundness
and ability of the Saxon organisation.
Saxon Motor Car Corporation
Detroit, Michigan
Thera it dill tome good territory open for
Saxon Dealer*. For information yon should
apply to
Paige Company of Arkansas
Little Rock, Ark.

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