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R. H. BURROW, Publisher
Published Wednesdays and Saturdays
at Ozark, Ark., and entered at said
postoitice as second-class mail matter,
uc ording to act of Congress Mch., 1879.
Subscription Mutual
One Year . . I1.M
Six Months .
Three Months .M
Advertising Batesi
Display_10c per Inch per insertion.
Locals.Sc per line per insertion.
nans aatanaan obhbmbb bp^
•Local and Personal*
Miss Bertie Walker is sales
adv at the Variety Store.
L. J. Self is taking his vaca
tion. J. W. Roach is filling his
place at the Variety Store.
Miss Vivian Clarke attended
the North Arkansas Epworth
League Conference which con
vened at Morrilton last Thurs
day and closed Sunday night.
Mrs. Anna Bill was called to
Morrilton Thursday by the death
oi' ner nephew, 0. B. Alston,
who was killed in an outo ac
cident in Little Rock.
The Ozark people enjoyed the
picnics at different places on the
4th of July—some going to three
different places. All business
was suspended and everybody
was out for a holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Wildman
returned Thursday afternoon
from a visit with his brothes
C. B. Wildman of Jefferson city
Mo. They visited their daughter
Mrs. Wells and family of Kan
sas city Mrs. Merrill and family
of Joplin.
Dr. Black will make regular
visits to Ozark on the second
Monday in each month. He will
be pleased lo see parties needing
dental work done on July 9th, at
the Bristow hotel.
Sheriff Mcllroy took Herbert
Tellers, from south side of the
river, to Little Rock Thursday
for treatment. His brother said
his mind became unbalanced by
studying over the war, and if
he could get his thoughts on
other subjects, he would get
We use extreme care so as not
to cause the patient to worry,
and also to prevent as much pair
as possible. You don’t need to
dread having dental work done
if you come here. Try me once.
Get my live and let-live prices
on Guaranteed Dental Work.
Dr. Black.
Rev. T. L. Dickerson has ar
ranged for a protracted meeting
at Watalula to begin Sunda\.
Tmy 29'"h. Rev. M L. Mathews,
of ’dr bel. Ok!a .district manager
of tno Oklahoma and Fort Smith
Conferences, will preach for
them. They have an ideal place
to camp and have extended an
invitation to adjoining commun
nities to come camp with then,
and help in the meeting
—W—IIMi11 Liiil-Ji
Have you decayed teeth? If ;-o
come to us. We will charge you
much less than elsewhere.
We make a specialty of Gold
Crowns and Bridge Work.
Offica 710 1-8 Garrison At*.. Ft. Smith
Ova* Poe's Shoo Store
We answer all calls, day or night
Phones—Office 166. Res. 1250
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
Tipton, of Altus, a daughter,
July 1st.
Mrs Fred Lauhorn of Eufaula,
Okla, is visiting Miss. Gelene
D. J. Johnson visited relatives
here recently and has returned
to his home at Gilmore, Okla.
Miss Essie Bumpass went to
Fort Smith Friday for a few days
visit and will then go to her
home at Sallisaw
Miss Ray Williams has re
turned to her home in Fort
Smith after a visit with relatives
and friends here.
Mrs. Ella Woolum and daugh
ters, Misses Mary and A veil, spent
the 4th with Mrs. S H. Bell and
Miss. Emma Grace.
Robert Crocker returned from
Washington City Tuesday and
will remain at home about a
M. B. Conatser and Will Hill
motored down to Denning Wed
nesday afternoon to see the ball
Miss Rachel Williams came up
Thursday from Clarksville where
she had been visiting, and will
visit her aunt, Mrs. M. B. Con
atser, for awhile.
Miss Ellen Jennings returned
Thursday from a visit to Musko
gee, where she visited Miss Viv
ian Cotton and many pleasant
social courtesies were show her.
Rev. W. J. LeRoy returned
Monday afternoon from Morril
ton where he attended the League
Conference. Nearly one hun
dred delegates were present and
it was a great conference of
young people.
Our guaranteed collection ser
vice will collect your notes and
accounts anywhere. Commission
15 per cent, collect or no pay. !
Ci,aim & Security Agency.
l,averne, Oklahoma, j
Rev. and Mrs. T. L. Dickerson
of Watalula returned yesterday
from Texas where they had been
attended the conference of the
Methodist Protestant Church.
Mr. Dickerson will again serve
the Watalula church as pastor.
David Partain of Altus was in
Ozark Thursday and informs us
that as they turned him down at
the Officers Training Camp at
Little Rock because his eyes are
had and, like Little Jeff, he can’t
see far that he is going to organ
ize a company of near-sighted
men to help Jeff hold the front
Pitt Chancey is the sole owner
and manager of the Mullen &
Chancey cream parlor, having
purchased the Mullen interest.
Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Waterfield
left Tuesday for a trip though
the northwesthern part of the
state and visit in Mo. before re
turning home.
Dr. Black will be at the Bris
tow hotel the 2nd Monday in
each month. See him about
your dental work. Satisfaction
Mr. and Mrs. Abbott and
daughters. Misses Lillian and
Flora, of Stigler. Okla., came
Friday and are the guests of his
sister, Mrs. W. C. Conatser and
- rnm ♦ ---
Ice Cream Supper at Boston
There will be an ice cream
supper at Boston, Saturday
night, July 14, 1917:
Opening Address - W. I. Agee
Recitation - Kate Avery
Recitation - Pearl Blanscett
Declamation - Roy Edgin
Violin Solo - Mr. Cummings
Reading - Ethel Edgin
Recitation - Selma Lauhon
Recitation, Mary Ellen McKinney
Recitation - Emeline Cullins
Recitation - Nell McKinney
Song - Parylee Edgin
and Ruth Hogan
Recitation - Ora Nichols
Recitation - Lessie Moss
Recitation - Sula Burt Edgin
Recitation - Cumi Edgin
Recitation - Ola Nichols
Historial Events
of Arkansas - Alfred Avery j
Recitation - Gertie Barnes
Recitation - Hettie Nichols
Recitation - Eunice Rogers
The above is a special pro
gram arranged lor the occasion.
All communities extended a
special invitation. Plenty of
music and a good time assured.
Everybody come and enjoy the
Will cure your Rheumatism
Neuralgia, Headaches, Cramps,
Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts and
Burns, Old Sores, Stings of Insects
Fte.* Antiseptic Anodyne, used in
etnally and externally. Price 25c. '
“You have come, God bless
you!” This was the greeting of
Marshal Joffre to General Persh
ing as the leader of the Ameri
can Army in France stept off
the special train in the Gare du
Nord in Paris. It was a memor
able meeting of two great fight
ing men, and Charles H. Grasty,
special correspondent of the New
York Times, draws this picture
of the scene:
“When the music stopt Gener
al Pershing stept abruptly down
the car-steps to the platform.
Ambassador Sharp introduced
himself and welcomed him; then
Viviani. After the latter's ef
fusive welcome Pershing turned
a little to the right, and there
stood “Papa” Joffre. I never
want to see anything finer than
the meeting of the those two.
Both hands of each went out to
the other. They stood face to
face without a word. I have
never seen such a smile as
wreathed the face of the great
Marshal. It did not change in
the course of the salutation.
What he was saying was as
plain as if he were shouting it:
You have come, God bless you!
a splendid soldier from a people
unconquerable in their great
ness, to help save France—my
France! I know your country
and 1 know you, and the salva
tion of France is sure.’ After
that the hand-shaking with
Plainleve. with the representa
tives from the Elysee, and even
with Foch. seemed perfunctory.
As the party moved toward
the gate there was a shout- a
real rebel yell, it had not only
the volume, but the tang in it—
it smote one’s tympanum. It
took me back to New York and
the shouting for Jolfre that
rocked the Woolworth Tower.
This rebel yell was repeated over
and over again. It was even

more tremendous when the party
reached the” street, and it was
taken up and spread as by an
electric current from square to
square until it became faint in
the distance.”
In the Chancery Court of Franklin
County, Jtrk.
H. A. Monk. Plaintiff,
Annie Monk. Defendant.
The defendant, Annie Monk, is
warned to appear in this court within
thirty days and answer the complaint
of the plaintiff, H. A. Monk.
Witness my hand and seal of said
court this 22nd day of June. 1017.
Elmo Huntkr, Clerk.
You may
be famous for
your cooking, or
just a “beginner”
In Either Case
KG Baking Powder
k will help you.
^ I ts goodness
WHEN vou have a bilious attack your liver faili
to perform its functions. You become con
stipated. The food you eat ferments in your
stomach instead of digesting. This inflames the
stomach and causes nausea, vomiting and a terrible
headache. Take Chamberlain’s Tablets. They will
tone up your liver, clean out your stomach and you
will soon be as well as ever. There is nothing better.
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure In all its stages, and
that ts catarrh. Catarrh being greatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally
and acts thru the Blood on the Mucous
Surfaces of the System thereby de
stroying the foundation of the disease,
giving the patient strength by building
up the constitution and assisting nu
ture In doing Its work. The proprie
tors have so much faith In the curative
powers of Hall's Catarrh Cure that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it falls to cure. Send for list
of testimonials.
Address: F. J. OHFNFV A- CO.. Toledo
Ohio. Hold by all Druggists. 76c.
Tax Assessor’s Notice
Notice is hereby given that 1
will attend the precincts and
other places in the various town
ships o*' Franklin County on the
days mentioned below for the
I purpose of assessing the person
al and real property and per
capita tax for the year 1917:
Hogan township, at Denning,
June 26, and at Altus. June 27
and 28.
Grover township, at Cecil,
June 29 and 30.
Mill Creek township, at Uak
Grove school house July 2-, and
at Jones’ July 3.
Barham township, at Oak
Bend. July 4.
Wittich township, at Beulah
school house July 5, and at Etna
July 6.
Middle township, at weuu
City, July 7 and 9.
Weaver township, at Vesta,
July 10.
Prairie township, at Charles
ton July 11 and 12, and at Pine
Mountain school house July 13.
Six Mile township, at Cole’s
store July 14, and at Hill Bros.’
store July 16.
Donald township, at Branch,
July 17 and 18.
Hurricane towJship, at McFer
ran’s store July 19. and Peter
pender July 20.
White Oak township, at Har
men’s store July 21, and at Oz
ark until August 1
Please give number of you.
school district. 1 will leave each
place at 4 p. in. of the last da>
except Alix, Denning, and Stock
ion’s store, and will keep tin
books open at these places till f
p. in. Please bring your ta
receipts as this is the year t
list the land. Ladies who want
to take an active part in tin
primary must list and pay then-'
poll tax according to the Acts of
the General Assembly of l£l7.
Johnny Harmon.
Assessor of Franklin County.
N. B. Those failidg to list
within the time prescribed by
law will be charged $1.UU pen
The assessment must be made
in the home townships according
to the ruling made by the last
general assembly, in order that
the value of assessment may be
passed upon by the township
James 0. Alston Killed
James 0. Alston, aged 26, coT
ton seed buyer of Morrilton, died
yesterday morning at St. Vin
cent's Infirmary as a result of
injuries sustained when an auto
mobile in which he was riding
with five other men in the City
park everturned about 12:30 o'
clock yesterday morning. His
brother, John also of Morrilton
and A, C. Boelimer, 917 East
Fifteenth street, were also in
.the auto and .suffered minor in
jures It was said at St. Vincent’s
| Infirmary last night that they
1 will recover I'he names of the
I three other occupants of the car
have not been learned.
Mr Alston is -urvived hv his
parents, one sister. Miss. Hannah
i and 3 brothers John, Lawrence
land \\ iilia.it rite hodv was sent
vesterday afternoon by Healey
and Roth to Momltun for burial
Mr. Alston Y\ a< the second
Morrilton man to ne fatally in
jured in an automobile accident
in 21 hours i A Halbert, man
ager of the Morrilton Cotton
Compress Company, was killed
Wednesday morning about 14
miies north • i Little Rock when
an automobile which he was dry
ing overturned into a ditch.
The condition of Lawrence
Cook, night watchman at the
compress, who sustained a brok
| en collar bone and shoulder and
j severl fractured ribs in the same
accident, was said last night at
iSt. Vincent’s Infirmary to be
improving. Gazette.
In the Franklin County Court,
Notice is hereby given that at the
July, 1917, Term of the County Court
within ami for said County of Frauk
Im, State of Arkansas, that propositions
or bids will be received by this Court by
any Bank, Banker or Trust Company
desiring to become a depository for
any and all County Funds that in pur
suance of the acts of the General As
sembly of 1913, known as Act No. 12,
for and during the ensuing 2 years.
All bids tor tile deposits of such
funds must he presented to the Court
on the 3rd day of the Iteguiar July,
1917, Term of said Court, and all tiida
must l>e accompanied by a certified
check for $250.00 us u guarantee of the
good faith of such u bidder.
Given under my hand ami seal of
said court this 28th day of June, 1917
(Seal) John Bollinger,
County Clerk.
warning" order
In Justice Court,White Oak Township,
Before B. M. Townsend.
C C Cooper and
Herbert fooper, Plaintiffs,
I. F. Wilson, Defendant.
The defendant, I F Wilson, is here
by warned to appear in this court with
in thirty days ami unswer the complaint
of the plaintiffs, C. C. Cooper and Her
bert Cooper,
Witness my ham) as such J slice of
the Peace this the 13th day of June.
it. M. Townsend,
Justice of the Peace.
Geo. W. Barham, v
A tty. for Plaintiffa.
J. P. Clayton.
Atty. for nou-resident defendant.

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