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Gwinn Declares Tanlac Saved
Him From Complete Ner
vous Breakdown.
Tanlao Certainly Straightened Me Out
and I Believe It Will Do the Same
for Anyone Who Suf
fers Like I Did.
“I am confident that Tanlnc saved
me from a nervous breakdown,” suid G.
B. Gwinn, a well-known produce dealer
of Amory, Miss., "and I have gained
thirty pounds since taking it.
“For a long time I hud been in a
general rundown condition," he contin
ued. "and suffered terribly from rheu
matism. My whole system seemed to
be on the decline. I couldn’t sleep at
night and in the morning I would feel
fagged out like I hadn’t been to bed at
all. I got so I couldn't eat unythlng
without having serious trouble, 1 had
violent headaches and my nervous sys
tem was all disordered. The rheuma
tism was so severe that my muscles
■eemed drawn up In knots, and I lost a
good deal In weight.
“I was persunded to try Tanlnc and
It has made me eat and sleep better
than I have been able to in years. My
rheumatism is all gone and I feel
strong und built up in every way. I
look on myself as a well man today,
for Tanlnc certainly straightened me
out nnd I believe it will do the same
for anyone else who suffers like I did.”
There is a Tanlnc Dealer in your
Good Fortune.
Bess—Lucky girl ! She thought he
was a foreign nohlcmun and lie turned
out to be a movie actor.
And Keep It Clear by Daily Use of
Cuticura—Trial Free.
A hot bath with Cuticura Soap fol
lowed hy a gentle anointing with Cutl
enrn Ointment clears the skin or scalp
in most cases of eczemas, rashes and
itching of children and adults. Make
Cuticura your every-day toilet prepara
tions and prevent such troubles.
Free sample ench hy mnll with Rook.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
An orderly chosen from among the
student officers at Fort Harrison sits
dally outside Brig. Gen. Edwin F.
.Glenn's oftlee door. A different man
" Is chosen each day. and the other day
the pest fell to the lot of Charles E.
Shafe of Indianapolis, says the Indian
apolis News. Shafe went on an er
rand for the general, and returned just
after the general had wished to speak
to an officer In one of the other rooms
and there being no orderly to summon
him. had gone after the man himself.
‘‘By George," Shafe commented to
the camp adjutant’s orderly, a Tenth
Infantryman, fresh from five years In
Panama, “the general did some of ray
work for me."
“Yeh. ain’t that nice, now!" the ad
jutant's orderly returned. “Why don't
you go in there now and do some of
Ms work for him, Just to be sociable?"
In Fat Berth.
Towne—No; Grafton doesn’t work at
all now.
Browne—11c doesn't? Why, when I
knew him he seemed to he u young
ntnn with considerable push.
To»vne—All that's changed now. He's
a young man with considerable pul!
and doesn’t have to work.—Catholic
Standard and Times.
Publisher—1 really can’t make any
thing out of your songs.
Composer—I can’t either.
A Perfect Day
should end—as well as
begin—with a perfect
food, say—
with cream.
A crisp, delicious food,
containing the entire
nutriment of whole wheat
and barley, including the
vital mineral element*
so richly provided by
Nature in these grain*
Every table should
have its daily ration of
"There's a Reason"
Declares He Will Contest Governor's
Claim For Second Term and That
rfis “Let the People Rule” Slogan
Would Be His Talking Point.
• Little Rock.—
L. C. Smith of DeWitt, while in Lit
tle Rock said that without doubt he
would contest Gov. Brough's claim for
a second term and that his “let the
people rule” slogan used in his last
campaign would again be his talking
point. He said he would run for gov
ernor on a platform consisting chiefly
of repeal of laws creating new offices
and a modification of the bone dry
statute, allowing citizens to receive
small shipments of liquor.
Civilian Clerks Arrive.
Mark L. Chase. R. E. Hanson, L.
Murphy. S. C. Browning. A. C. Owens.
G. H. Schmidt, Le Roy Baumbach. E
A. Elving, A. N. Blood and R. J. Bru
ner. civilian clerks in the quartermas
ter department, arrived from the quar
termaster depot at Omaha for service
here under Captain Williams, train
ing camp quartermaster and quarter
master for Camp Pike. For the pres
ent the men will he stationed at Fort
Roots Most of the work for Camp
Pike, Captain William said, will be
done from the office at Fort Roots un
til the training camp closes. The 10
men will have clerical positions in the
quartermaster department when the
office is removed to Camp Pike.
Appointment For Harris.
(ohn K. Harris, flerk in the attor
ney general's office, was notified by
W. W. Fry. registrar and general at
torney of the Federal Land Bank of
St. Louis, that the federal hoard at
Washington and the Board of Direc
tors of the St. I.ouis hank, had ap j
proved his appointment as title exam
iner for Arkansas. Mr. Harris for
nterl.v was a resident of DeQueen and
fir' four years was circuit clerk and
recorder of Sevier county. He also
served two years as a deputy in the
state land office before entering the
attorney general's office He is a grad
uate of the Law Department of the
University of Arkansas.
Railroad Pays $17,022.
The S*. Louis Southwestern Rail
way Company paid into the state
treasury $17,022.37. the ampunt of its
annual franchise tax Cp to tin’ pres
ent. franchise taxes to the amount of
*94.105 SO have been received by the
state treasurer. It is estimated there
will be received this year on tHis ac
count about $200,000. August 10 Is
the inst day upon which this tax may
be paid without a penalty of 25 per
cent. Last year payments on account
of the franchise tax amounted to
about $125,000.
Carries in 12 Counties.
Reports from the school election of
May lit received at the State Depart
ment of Education show that the vote
for county superintendency carried In
12 counties'. Boone, Lafayette. Craig
head. Cross. Desha, Franklin. Izard
Berry. Phillips. Searcy, St. Francis
and Woodruff. Results from Clay.
Conway. Greene. Logan. Nevada and
Yell county on the question of coun
ty superintendency have not been re
ceived by the department.
New Bank Gets Charter.
The Stale Bank Department grnnt
- (1 a charter to the Citizens Bank of
Hickory Ridge, Cross county. The
bank lias a paid-up capital of $10,000
and a surplus of $1,000. The officers
and directors are: II J. Kibler. pres
ident; E. L. Cooper, vice president:
N. N Townsend, secretary and cash
ler: I. A. Melson. Pete Imboden, F.
W. Beede, J. E. Hargis and W. O.
To Study Trench War.
The adjutant general's office receiv
ed word that First Lieut. T. A Jack
son of the Third Atkansas Machine
Gun Company of Helena lias reeeiv
ed orders to report at the Army War
College at Washington for a course
in trench warfare. Lieutenant Jack
son will leave for Washington at
Officers Break Camp.
Officers of the Third Arkansas In
fantry at Camp though, state capitol
grounds, completed their course of
training and will return to their home?
to awnit the order of mobilization. Be
fore leaving a luncheon was served
In honr of Gen Lloyd England.
Incorporation Matter*.
Edmondson Farmers' Gin Co of Ed
mondson; capital stock. $5,000; A.
Harris, president; Guy Anderson, vice
president; W. Hooks, secretary; W.
M Wofford, treasurer.
Model Window Glass Co. of Fort
fmtth; capital stock, $75,000; I.#ewi8
Maxwell of West Union, Va., presi
dent; C. H Zenor of Fort Smith, vice
president and general manager.
The Detrott-Arkansas Lumber Co. of
Arkansas City has surrendered its
County Examiner’s Report.
The annual reports of W. A. Tuck
er, Conway county examiner, and W.
Schultz, Izard county examiner, were
received at the Department of Educa
tion. The report of Mr. Tucker shows
a total enrollment of pupils in the
county of 6,936, of which 4,695 were
whites and 2,241 negroes; number of
schoolhouses in the county, 105, of
which 72 are for whites and 33 for ne
groes; value of school property. $133,
237.50; amount expended, $7,115.73.
The report of Mr. Schultz shows a to
tal enrollment of pupils in the county
of 4.343. of which 4.2S8 were whites
and 55 negroes; number of school
houses in the county, 84. of which 82
are for whites and 2 for negroes;
value of school property, $11,765;
amount expended, $25,412.10; amount
unexpended, *4,478.40.
Begins Repaying State.
R. 15. Anderson, former clerk of the
Arkansas Penitentiary Commission,
who pleaded guilty to embezzling
about $6,000 of penitentiary funds and
was sentenced to six years in the
penitentiary and who was pardoned
on March 27, the day he was con
victed. by Governor Brough upon con
dition that lie repay the state the
amount embezzled in $25 installments,
made the first payment to the state
treasurer The money was credited
to the penitentiary fund.
State Collects Judgments.
Atorney General John I) Arbuckle
deposited in the state treasury $956.03,
amounts of judgments for taxes col
lected from three sand companies for
sand and gravel taken out of the
beds of Arkansas rivers. Of this
amount $585 was collected from the C.
M. Johnson Sand Company of Helena.
*80 from ihe Southern Sand Company
of Little Rock, and $291 03 from the
Pine Bluff and Southeastern Railroad
Company at Lake Village.
Commissions New Justices.
Governor Brough, over the long dis
tance phone from Hot Springs gave
instructions for commissions as jus
tices of the peace to be issued to J
K. Farrer and \Y. J. Gibbs and a com
mission as constable to J. C. Craig of
Rawies. Leon township. Ashley coun
ty. The township was recently creat
ed by the Ashley County Court.
Capt. Clarke Named.
Capt. James P. Clarke Jr., of the
Third Arkansas Regiment. N. G., was
mustered into federal service as the
result of orders from headquarters of
the Southeastern Department, and de-i
tailed as assistant to the construction
quartermaster at Fort Worth. Tex,
where a state guard cantonment is
being built.
Feed Inspector Resigns.
G. G. Dandridge, state feed inspec
tor. has resigned, effective August 5.
when he will be called out with the
Third Arkansas Infantry. N. G., of
which he is. a lieutenant. His succes
sor lias not been appointed.
Forrest Supervisor R. C. Huey, at
Hot Springs, announces that the Ark
ansas National Forest will sell ap
proximately 100.000.000 feet of pine
and oak timber located at the head
waters of the Saline river, 25 miles
north of Hot Springs, in September.
Tlie first call under the selective
draft caught three brothers, Murphy.
Dennis and Marvin Kstes of Marion
county, and another brother, Alva Es
tes, of Crane, Mo. The boys say
they consider themselves the luckiest
quartet in America
>k*re than 300 dairies in the Carl
isle-Hazen district in Prairie county
are being thoroughly inspected and
placed in first class sanitary condi- '
tion under federal health authorities.
Will Oarlock and his big cabbage !
have created a sensation at Hughes j
Will is a tenant on the G 0. Cross j
place. The cabbage was a perfect
specimen and weighed 13 pounds.
The Evening Star--Churchill Mining
Company's plant and real property, lo
catiHl 15 miles northeast of Marshall,
was sold at receiver’s sale to X. How
ard of Trees, La., for $16,505.
The John G. Fletcher Camp Xo.
63S, held its annual reunion at Green
Forest, which was well attended by
several hundred old soldiers.
Hr. I S. Itutler of Marshall has re
ceived Ins commission as first lieu
tenant in the Medical Reserve Corps
of the United States army.
More than 100 members of the fam
ily were present for the reunion held
at the home of E. C. Mendenhall at
W. H. Allen, a farmer of McHue.
made $566 .">S clear profit this season
on two and a half acres of strawber
Fllppin will hold a big picnic Au
gust 18.
Tiie County Hoard of Commission
ers of Accounts is in session at Even
ing Shade. Investigation of tlie coun
ty's affairs and audit of the books
will bo made. Tile board is as fol
lows: James M. Simpson. S. L.
Evans and H. J. Ratcliffe
Arrangement* have been perfected
and committees appointed at Prairb
View, Morrison's niuff, Dublin and
Scranton, for a patriotic celebration
at Scranton, August 16. The proceed*
will go to the Red Cross Society.
i Lemons Whiten the
Skin Beautifully!
Make Cheap Lotion
The juice of two fresh lemons
strained into n bottle containing three
ounces of orchard white makes n
whole quarter pint of the most re
markable lemon skin beautlfler at
about the cost one must pay for a
small Jar of the ordinary cold creams.
Care should be taken to strnin the lem- j
on Juice through a fine cloth so no lem- !
on pulp gets in. then this lotion will
keep fresh for months. Every woman
knows that lemon juice is used to
blench and remove such blemishes as
freckles, sallowness and tan, and Is
the ideal skin softener, smoothener
and beautifler.
Just try it! Make up a quarter pint
of this sweetly fragrant lemon lotion
and massnge it daily into the fuee,
neck, arms and hands. It should nat
urally help to wldten. soften, freshen,
and bring out the hidden roses and
beauty of any skin. It is wonderful
for rough, red hnnds.
Your druggist will sell three ounces
of orchard white at little cost, and any
grocer will supply tlie lemons. Adv.
He Read a Book.
First Tramp- Wlmt did Exhausted
Ernest die of?
Second Tramp Starvation, lb- read
in a doctor's book that you mustn't eat
when you’re tired.
The Only Way.
“Senor. < an you handle any Villa
“That depends. Is it baled?"—I.ouis
\ ille <’out ier-Journal.
flappy is the home where Red Cross
Ball Blue is used. Sure to please. All
grocers. Adv.
Don't talk too much; a stiff upper
jaw is as useful ns a stiff upper lip
I Guarantee “Dodson’s Liver tone” Will Give You the Best Liver
and Bowel Cleansing You Ever Had—Don’t Lose a Day’s Work!
Calomel makes you sick; you lose a
day's work. Calomel is quicksilver
and it salivates; calomel injures your
If you are bilious, feel lazy, sluggish
and all knocked out, if your bowels
are constipated and your bead aches
or stomach is sour, just take a spoon
ful of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone
Instead of using sickening, salivating
calomel. Dodson's Liver Tone is real
liver medicine. You'll know it next
morning because you will wake up
feeling fine, your liver will be work
ing. your headache and dizziness gone,
your stomach will be sweet and your
bowels regular You will feel like
working You'll be cheerful; full of
vigor and ambition.
Your druggist or dealer sells you a
60-cent bottle of Dodson’s Liver Tone
Naturally Grave.
"I have here,” said the party with
the unharbered hair who had ejected
his person into the editorial sanctum
when the office boy wasn’t looking, “a
little poem entitled, ‘A Pauper's
‘‘Huh !” growled the editor. “Nothing
remarkable about that. Who has a bet
ter right to be grave than a pauper?
You certainly wouldn’t expect his mirth
to slop over, would you?”
by taking one BOND'S LIVER PILL
occasionally. They keep the Liver and
Bowels active and drive off the poison
ous matter. 25c at ALL DRUGGISTS.
Do not accept substitutes.—Adv.
Capable Housewives.
“Plenty of modern girls know how
to clean and mend."
“.lust as their grandmothers did. eh?"
"Well, they know how to mend a
tire and clean as park |%lug."
but like counterfeit money the lmlta- i
tion hus not the worth of the original.
Insist on “La Creole” Hair Dressing—
it's, the original. Darkens your hair in
the natural way, but contains no dye.
Price $1.00.—Adv.
“Bllggins wants to run everything.”
“Kxcept the lawn mower," rejoined
liliggins' wife.
The man who would enjoy the music
of n band must keep up with the pro
under my personal guarantee that It
will clean your sluggish liver better
than nasty calomel; it won’t make you
sick and you can eat anything you
want without being salivated. Your
druggist guarantees that each spoonful
will start your liver, clean your bowels
and straighten you up by morning or
you can have your money back. Chil
dren gladly take Dodson's Liver Tone
because it is pleasant tasting and
doesn’t gripe or cramp or make them
I am selling millions of bottles of Dod
son’s Liver Tone to people who have
found that this pleasant, vegetable, liv
er medicine takes the place of danger
ous calomel. Buy one bottle on my
sound, reliable guarantee. Ask your
druggist or storekeeper about me. Adv.
Madge was three years older than
her baby brother, and felt herself equal
to assuming the responsibilities of big
sisterhood. When, therefore, her moth
er asked her to “keep an eye” on the
baby and see that he didn’t fall out of
bed, Madge answered:
“Yes, mamma. I’ll mind him; and’ If
he fnlls i'll call you the minute he hits
the floor.”—Pearson’s Weekly.
Disagreeable and Dangerous Trouble
is diarrhea, but a speedy nnd certain
cure Is found in Mississippi Diarrhea
Cordiul. Price 25c and 50c.—Adv.
California products will this year
bring $200,000,000 to the stnte.
Sold for 47 years. Far Malaria.Chills
and Fever. Also a Fine General
Strengthening Tonic. aa*£^%2!£*a
25.9 Miles
Per Gal. of Gas
234 stock model Saxon “Sixes” travel 70,200 miles July
18 and set grand average of 25.9 miles per gaL of gas ‘ ‘rr
To give a national demonstration
of the remarkable gasoline econ
omy of Saxon “Six”, 234 Saxon
dealers joined in a 300 mile drive
July 18.
A grand average of 25.9 miles per gal
lon of gasoline was registered for the
70,200 miles of travel.
Consider that this run took place in 234
different parts of the country, under 234
different sets of conditions, over 234 dif
ferent kinds of roads.
Consider that these 234 cars were stock
model Saxon “ Sixes ”, not “ tuned up ”
special cars, not cars with “doped”
That proves that this 25.9 miles per
gallon of gasoline is the ordinary, the
average performance of 234 Saxon
“Sixes" taken right out of stock.
And it proves as nothing else would
prove, the gasoline economy your Saxon
Six” will give you. No other car in
its class can match this record.
Furthermore, these 234 Saxon “ Sixea"
averaged 175 miles per quart of oil.
And not a single instance of mechanical
trouble occurred throughout the entire
70,200 miles.
There is the proof that Saxon “ 8ix” ie
your kind of a car. Pries L o. b. Detroit,
Saxon Motor Car Corporation, Detroit

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