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R. H. BURROW, Publisher
Published Wednesdays and Saturdays
at Ozark, Ark., and entered at said
postottice as second-class mail mutter,
ac •otdirg to act o£ Congress Mch.. 187V.
Sut»( rlptiun Kata*
One Year . |1 SO
Kit Months .H
Tf.re* Months . **
.lilvsrtUins Iiateat
Display... 10c per Inch per Insertion.,
Locals.So per line per Insertion.
Frank and Bub Niehois are
home from Stigler. Okla
Miss Mildred Nichols came in
from Cartersville Thursday nignt
to attend the celebration.
Miss Watson of Harmony is
visiting her sister. Mrs. Sarah
L. P. and Jesse Jacobs spent
last Sunday here, returning to
Paris in the evening.
You always receive a cordial
welcome at the ladies’ Rest
Idus Gage and family were
over from Ratcliff Friday and
made this office a pleasant call.
Money to lend on improved
farms. Easy terms.—L. M
Guthrie, Ozark, Ark.
Rev. and Mrs. W. J. LeRo\
left today for Cass to assist Rev.
H. M. Lewis in a meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hale of Al
tus were in Ozark Friday meet
ing old friends and enjoying the
Rev. F. Sanders of Mulberry
will preach at the Methodist
Church Sunday morning and
evening ij
Do you know Sanof Chill Tonic
knocks the Chills and all Malaria
Fevers? Get a 35c trial bottle tit
the Drug Store.
Judge Bourland come down
from Fort Smith Thursday to in
tend the celebration Friday and
deliver the address of the day.
Mrs. Elmo Cooper returned to
her home in Little Rock today
after a two weeks visit with her
mother, Mrs. J. F. Maxey.
Mrs. Geo. Dillahunty returned
Wednesday from a visit with her
son, Will Dillahunty, and family
at Weatherford, Tex.
Mrs D. L. Ford will go to
Little Rock Saturday to spend
a few days with her husband at
the camp.
The Fair Store is spreading out
by moving their stock of general
merchandise into the buildin;
adjoining them. The building
they now occupv will be used
exwlu&ively for men’s furnish-1
ings and groceries.
Dr. Black will make regular
visits to Ozark on the second
Monday in each month. He will
be pleased to see parties needing j
dental work done on July 9th, at
the Bristow hotel.
Wheeler Moon of Okemah, Okl.
stopped here Thursday enroutei
home from Morrilton where he
had been to‘take the body of
Fletcher Moose, who was killed
at Holdenville, Okla. Monday
Mr. Moose was deputy assessor
under Mr. Moon.
E. E. Vaughan and Addison
Dickerson from near Taft
brought Alex Alumbaugh down,
arriving here about one o’clock
last night. He was suffering
from a mental trouble and will
probably be sent to the hospital
at Little Rock.
T. L. Francis of Talihina, Okla.
attended the picnic here yester
Lost between Ozark and White
Oak Cross roads, a walking stick
Please return to this office.
Prof. Sallis, editor of the Her
ald, Clarksville.spent a few hours
in Ozark Thursday, and made us
a call while here.
Aunt Phoebe Turner and her
daughter, Mrs. Rosa Conley, re
turned Thursday from Tulsa,
Okla , where they had been
called to the bedside of Mrs. Gil
bert Turner who was dangerous
ly sick. She was much better
when they left. Hot winds have
burned up the corn crop in that
section. Aunt Phoebe and Mrs.
Conley went out to their homes
near Barnes Thursday evening,
content to be back in the land of
line climate, good neighbors,
ease and plenty, after feeling
the hot winds of Oklahoma.
They made the Spectator a visit
which we enjoyed.
Large Trial Bottle of Sanol
for 35c. Sanol is a family reme
dy. Sanol is sold on an absolute
guarantee. At the drug store.
If you have Chills or Malaria
get a 35c Bottle of Sanol Chill
Tonic. Nothing better for chills
and malaria. Get it at the Drug
In a hearing before Judge J.
K. Ford yesterday the will of
the late Geo. VV. Russell was set
aside and the estate, which is
valued at $55,000, will be admin
istered upon.
We use extreme care so as not
to cause the patient to worry,
and also to prevent as much pain
as possible. You don’t need to
dread having dental work done
if you come here. Trv me once.
Get my live and let-live prices
on Guaranteed Dental Work.
Dr. Black.
Do you get up at night? Sanol
is surely the best for all kidney
or bladder troubles. Sanol gives
relief in 24 hours from all back
ache and bladder troubles. Sanol
is a guaranteed remedy. 35c
and $1.00 per bottle at the Drug
White Oak School Re-Union.
All who ever attended school
at White Oak since 1850 are
earnestly requested to attend the
i reunion of old student at White
Oak on August the 17th, 1917.
The students who still make
White Oak their home will give
all visitors a hearty welcome
anti we will ask John Duncan
to-tell you so in the opening
Dr. Jas. Smith will tell you
how the vjsiting students feel
about it.
We want Drs. Randall Weaver,
Henry Hawkins. Price Gammell
and the Rev. Norman Weaver,
Mark Butler and others to give
short talks on memories of old
school days hi White Oak.
Memorial services will be con
ducted by Jas. W. Roach.
Plenty of old songs, old games
and the amusements we used to
A11 friends of the old students
are invited to attend with well
tilled baskets and have a day of
rest and enjoyment.
The opening talk will be made
at 10 o’clock.
Mrs. R. S. Jeffers.
Mrs jAmanda Stanley.
F. P. Nichols.
J. W. Roach.
By Our Regular Altus Department Editor
John Rice of . Clarksville was
visiting here Sunday.
The Rebekah lodge of Denning
installed officers Monday night.
Mrs. Charley Irvin, N. G., and
Mrs. Della Rowe, V. G.
J. J. Oliver, the butcher man,
has purchased a very peculiar
meat wagon. It has fire in front
end and ice on the rear end.
C. E. Rachels, the barber, has
moved to the West property re
cently vacated by John Jack
J. F. Smith of near Hunt past
through Sunday enroute to Fort
Smith to purchase a new boiler
for his saw mill.
Tom Canady is strictly in the
cattle business. He will buy
any old thing from a milk cow
William Parker Jr. of Monti
cello is visiting old acquaintances
in Altus and Denning this week.
He expects to return home in
about a week.
E. E. Newman Lumber Co.
has added a large stock of hard
ware and furniture to their de
partment store in their stone
building. They have every thing
from a mouse trap to a two-seat
ed vehicle.
The new coal mine of Or. Post
is fully equipped, as to slope and
tipple, and ready several days
ago to raise coal, but on account
of the trackman’s strike on the
railroad he has been unable to
get the switch to the mine laid
so he could ship coal therefore
his mine is idle, and likewise a
iot of coal diggers.
Farmers report the best crops
in the bottom for many years.
John Casey of Alix has pur
chased the Geo. Shaffer business
house at Alix, consideration $300.
Attorney J. M. Rachels was
called to Spadra Thursday to at
tend to some legal matter.
Shipping peaches has been the
prime factor of business for the
farmers for the past week.
Jerome VV i 1 s o n recently
brought in a load of old corn
which lie readily sold to the mill
at $2 per hushei.
John Jackman has purchased
the Lige Moore residence proper
ty on the corner of the S. and W.
Main street. Consideration un
G VV. Nichols left Wednesday
for Dallas, Texas, to spend the
remainder of the summer, he
having been in very bad health
for the past year.
Mrs. Roberts and her two
daughters, Misses Daisy and
Ruth, left for Colton, Ca!., last
Thursday where they will make
their future home.
The ladies of Altunheld a moon
light picnic Saturday night on
the depot platform where ice
cream and cake was served
abundantly. The proceeds yo
to the Red Cross fund, for the
benefit of our soldier boys.
There were several of the boys
from here called to Ozark Sun
day to take their places in Capt.
Edwards’ company. VV.e (rust
the victory will soon be won and
our noble young men will al* re
turn safe and sound, to their old
Re-Newed Testimony.
No one in Ozark who suffers
backache, headache, or distress
ing urinary ills can afford to
ignore this Ft. Smith man’s
twice-told story It is confirmed
testimony that no Ozark resident
can doubt.
W. H. Mowrey, prop, of groc
ery sbiro, 605 Garrison Sr., Ft
Smith, Ark., says: ' I had a
steady, nagging pain in the
small of my hack and irregular
and too frequent passages of the
kidneys secretions. The trouble
had bothered me off and on for
about seven years Doans’ Kid
ney Fills cured me.”
Mowrey said: Doan’s Kidney
Pills permanently cured me of
all signs ofkidney complaint.”
Price60c, at all dealers. Don’t
simply ask for a kidney remedy
—get Doan’s Kidney Pills—the
same that Mr. Mowrey had
Foster-Mil burn Co, Props.,Buf
falo, N Y
The Beauty Secret.
Ladies desire that irre
sistible charm—a good
complexion. Of course
they do not wish others
to know a beautifier
has been used so they
buy a bottle of
Magnolia Balm
•nd u•• according to simple diredioni. propo
nent is noticed at once. Soothing, cooling and
Mfmhing. Heals Sunburn, stops I an.
Pink. IFArtc. Rot R'J
75c. at !>rmggt$t» or b)f mail JirocL
Sample (either color) for 2c. Stamp.
Ljton Mil Co., 40 South Fifth St.. Brooklyn, N Y.
$iUl> Rewaul, $100
Thf readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that flu-re i. at least
one dreaded Jisease that science has
' been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is catarrh. Cutarih being greatly
influenced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional treatment.
Hall’s (Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts thru the I Hood on tiie Mucous
Surfaces of tlie System thereby de
stroying the foundation of the disease,
givinc the patient strength by buildini
up the constitution and assisting na
ture in doltig its work Th*« proprie
tors hav© so much faith In the curative
powers of Hall’s Catarrh Cure that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that It fails to euro Send fur list
of testimonials.
Address K .1 CHENEY & CO.. T.dA
Oftilo Sold hr utl Druggists. Tic
Let Us Make Your Monuments Right
Here at Home Entire Satisfaction
Get at Ti*s i >»i ce of Your “Skiu Diseases”
Don’t be misled by this term, for
the appearance of pimples, boils or
rashes indicate something more se
rious than a mere “breaking out” of
the skin. These eruptions are, in
reality, signals from nature that the
blood is impoverished, debilitated and
in need of help. Of course you can
sometimes drive away the infected
places by applying a salve or lotion,
but unless you treat fh m through the
medium of the j will occur
again and ag.
S. S. S. has proven it s wonderful
building and tonic properties in thou
sands of cases arising from disorders
of the blood. It washes the poisons
from the system and aids the blood in
its work of cleansing and invigorating
the body organs, throwing off waste
mutter, and keeping the body in a nor
mal, healthy condition.
Prove these facts for yourself by
taking a bottle of S. S. S. and write
to our Medical Department for infor
mation about your case. Swift
Specific Co.t 304 Swift Building,
Vtlanta, Ga.
War may come and war may
go, but the fool changes in fash
ion go on forever.
Success in love consists not so
much in marrying the one person
who could make you happy as in
escaping the many who could
make you miserable.
See me before buying.
Dr. W. 11. Kennon.
! * .. .
A«iC I..,.* l>r«.,-rf! * * - t i* » V MHS. I KK v»
I‘T/ muxd i ..a:..* i m rf n ^r..i/a\
<V met >1 . • I *e«, Seal ) with B1uc\U7
V o n. T';.r t .» ( TUKiF Y!Uy or >um y
i».- *•£. r.nu r* I'or <')!'•< 11 A! ^-T fX *•
St * *.]%»> J» T*. i. vM) i » I • h, : ir t.w nl\ r. rf
5* *rs re-Mr • t A'vtw .•* KelLr it?.
Practice in all the courts of
Arkansas and Oklahoma
Office in Rear Room of
Peoples Hank
Jtt* -fc TMTII m • <m*r- -rr .r wir
Geo. W. Barham
Attorney As Law,
Wiil Prnttic* in a!* dir* ( oartn
Omrct-rv and Bioh*ite HtiHinrss a
0 • t • ♦ * S uil S f’e o i r«,iiF«
Dr. E. J. Arbaugh
Diseases of the Animal Family
Scientifically ami Success
fully Treated.
Dog Surgery a Specialty.
(’alls answered day or night
Phone No. 8P2.
Denning .... Ar4c
W ill Practice in all tlie C ourts,
Both State and Federal.
Room No. 2. up Stnirs Over
Arkansas Valley Bank, Oz«rk, Ark.
Have you decayed teeth? DC
come to us. We will charge \ou
much less than elsewhere.
We make a specialo of (!ohl
Crowns and Bridge Work.
Office 710 1-2 Garrison Ave., I t. Smith
Over Poe's Shoe Store
We answer all calls, day or night
Phones Office 155. Res, 1250
A. G. Sloan
With J. H. Smylhe, lewtler, . Phone 306
705 Gar. Avo., Fort Smith, Ark.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of 1
Warning Order
In the Chancery Court of Franklin
County, irk.
.1. B. Curd, l'laintiff,
Surah M. Longtime et al. Defendants.
The defendants, .las. A. Carey and
Clara L. Cary are warned to appear in
this court within thirty days and answer
the complaint of the plaintilT. J. B.
Witness my hand and the seal of said
court this 10th day of Aug, 1917.
Ft.mo Hunter.
In the Chancery Court of Franklin
County, Ark.
.1, G. Mitchell, Plaintiff,
.1. .1 Carroll Cronyn, Defendant.
I'he Defendant, J. .1. Carroll Cronyn,
is warned to appear in this Court with
in thirty days and answer the com
plaint of the plaintiff, .1. (J. Mitchell.
Witness my hand and the seal of said
court this lioth day of July. 1917.
Ki.mo Hunter. Clerk.
J. D. Henson. Atty. for 1’laintiff.
Ally, for non-resident defendant
In the Chancery Court of Franklin
County, Ark.
Travelers Oil and Gas Co.. PlaintilT,
Heard Drilling Co. et al. Defendants.
The Defendant, Heard Drilling Com
pany, is hereby warned to appear in
this court within thirty days and an
swer the complaint of the plaintiff.
Travelers Oil and Gas Company.
Witness my hand and seal of said;
court this Uth day of July, 1917.
Ki.mo Hunter, Clerk
kimpel & Daily, Aitys. for Plaintiff.
G. \V. Harhani, Atty. for non resident
I iefenilants.
In the Chainery Court of franklin
County, Ark.
II. A Monk. Plaintiff,
Annie Monk, Defendant.
i In- defendant, Annie Monk, is
warned to appear in this court within
thirty days and answer the complaint
of the plaintiff, II. A. Monk,
Witness my hand and seal of said
court this 19th day of July, 1017.
Ki.mo Hunter. Clerk.
• W. Durham, Atty. for Plaintiff.
J. D. ltenson, Atty. for Don-resident
Warning Order
In the Chancery C.'urt of Franklini
County, Ark.
Ora Lee Boatwright, I'laintitf.
J. W. Boatwright, Defendant.
The Defendant, J. VV. Boatwright,
is w arned Loup|>ear in this court within
thirty days and answer the complaint..f
ihe plaintiff. Oth Lee Boatwright.
Witness my hand ami the seal of salt!
court this 24th day of July, liM7.
Emo Hunter, t lerk.
J. B. Hale, Atty. for plaintiff.
J. I’. Clayton, Atty. for non-resident
Warning Order
In the Chancery Cou.t of Franklin
County, Ark.
Lite Hager, I’laintitf,
Vddie Hagger, Defendant.
The Defendant, Addie Hugger, is
warned to appear in this court within
i lirtydays and answer the complaint of
the I’laintitf. L. te Hugger.
Witness my liami and the seal of said
court this 25th day of July, DU7.
Elmo Hunter. Clerk.
J. B. Hale, Atty. for plaintitr.
J. M. Haehels, Atty. for non-resident

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