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1 II
R. H. BURROW, Publisher
Published Wednesdays and Saturdays
at Ozark, Ark., and entered at said
postollice as second-class mail matter,
,i<* ;0:‘ to act of Congress Mch., 1879.
Saliaerlptlon BsImi |
Onn Year . . t*-*®
.ti\ Mentha .»•
pi, ;•»■•«» Month* .
,*«iv#rtUlnK Ileteei
i>l*plav !0c per inch per Insertion.
I a'pkIs'. .. .60 per line per Inaerttoft. j
j Local and Persona^*
I. E. Wilson came back yester
day on business.
Miss Elizabeth Vick of Fort
Smith is visiting Miss Mary
Miss Nadine Allen of Little
Rock is visiting Miss Eugenia
Mrs. Geo. Highfill is improving
nicely anti was able to be re
moved to her home last week.
Mrs. J. T. Bounds of Alma
came down Saturday and is vis
iting homefolks near town.
J. E. Bryan and family ie
turned last Friday from their
motor trip.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Nichols and
Mrs King returned from the St.
Louis markets Saturday.
Mrs. Lucy Logan of \uma,,
Anz. eamd'iast week and is vis
iting her son. H. C. Logan, and
Bert Boozman came down from
Fort Smith Sunday and his wife
and mother and Miss Myrtle
Paul accompanied him home in
the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W H. Arrington, :
Mrs. G. C. Carter and baby and
Rev. W. J. Davis made an over
land trip to Havana last week,
going by Magazine, and Boone- j
Mrs. Horton and daughter, ;
Margaret, and granddaughter,!
little MargaretHancock’.left Tues
day for Bentonville, where they
will visit her brother, and will go
from there to Baker. Oregon.
Dr. Black will make regular
visits to Ozark on the second
Monday in each month. He will
be pleased to see parties needing
dental work done on July fith, at;
he Bristow hotel.
Miss Trixie Quaile is visiting
Miss Louise Nichols.
John Jeffers transacted busi
ness in Fort Smith Monday.
Chas. Reves. one of the Alma
druggists, made a business trip
to Ozark Tuesday.
Fay Cooper of Little Rock is
visiting his grand mother, Mrs
J. F. Maxev.
W. J. Glenn has just received
a beautiful line of Dolls, ranging
in price from 5e to $1.
Mrs. A. D. Reynolds and How
ard and James returned from a
visit with her sister, Mrs. Tolle
son and family at Jonesboro.
Money to lend o n improved
farms. Easy terms.—L. M.
Guthrie, Ozark, Ark.
The Red Cross Society will
serve pies to the soldier boys at
their lunch hall Thursday at
J. D. Benson and family left
Tuesday morning for a trip
through Northwest Arkansas,
and will visit a number of places
in Oklahoma.
Circuit Clerk Hunter left Tues
day for Braggs, Muskogee and
other Oklahoma points for a few
days vacation. Prof. Agee is
acting clerk in nis absence.
John William Felker left Mon
day night for Fort Smith and will
go from there to the Great Lakes
naval training station near Chi
cago, where he will undergo
training for the naval service.
D. C. Williams spent last week
here meeting old friends and en
joying his vacation. He returned
home Saturday. Mrs. Holland !
and son, Winburn, and Lura
Williams going with them. They
were the guests of Mrs. M. B.
Prof. R. L. Austin and little
son left Friday fora trip through
Washington County. In a card|to
Mrs. Austin he says they reached
Fayetteville all 0 K and are en
joying the trip.
We use extreme care so as not
to cause the patient to worry,
and also to prevent as much pair
as possible. You don’t need to
dread having dental work done
if you come here. Try me once.
Get my live and let-live prices
on Guaranteed Dental Work.
Dr. Black.
Business Moving
It is our patriotic duty to earn and
spend as usual, the president ot the
defense board tells us. .
Business must be kept moving
That means that we should buy
our fall and winter suits as usual
and as many as usual. So will the
factory wheels be kept turning.
Splendid fall styles and handsome fabrics have
been received from the American Art Custom
Tailors. See them today.
Tailored to your measure at
$17.20 to $1*5.00
The Fashion Shop
' C I N C I N N A T I
< Notice.
All persons knowing them
selves indebted to me are reques
ted to settle at once.
Dr. J. C. Bridges.
Mrs. Marsh of Hanna, Ok la ,
who was called here three weeks
ago on account of the illness of
her mother. Mrs Miles Childress
of Cass, returned home today.
Mrs. Childress came in from
Cass Monday and is at the home
of her daughter, Mrs. Hugh
Look over Franklin county, or
the entire state, and you can
read a prosperity story. The big
corn yield in this county, with
the other food crops, is the be
ginning of the seven fat years.
The lean years have been enough
Heaven knows, hut the tide has
turned. We are coming into our
own. Good crops and good prices
are here.
Gus Whitson’s house burned
about noon Saturday. The fire
started from the kitchen flue.
The smoke house was also
burned. The household goods
were saved except those in the
kitchen and dining room. All
the canned fruits in the cellar
was lost. Mr. and Mrs. Whitson
are staying with their son-in-law
and daughter, Mrs. and Mrs.
Vestus Jeifers. ^
See me before buying.
Dr. W H. Kennon.
Preserve Your Complexion
the easy, pleasing way by using
Magnolia Balm before and after
outings. You can fearlessly face
the sun, wind and dust because
you know Magnolia Balm keeps
you safe from Sunburn and Tan.
1 his fragrant lo
tion iswonderfully
soothing, cooling
and a great com
fort after a day
Magnolia Balm is
T the skin-saving
'jj beauty secret
1 which is regularly
A .used when once
> tried.
Magnolia Balm
Pink, Whitt, 'Pot Red.
75c. at'Druggist* or by mail direct.
Sample (either color) for 2c. Stamp.
LyonMfg -Co., 40-South Fifth St., Brooklyn. N. Y.
ii ii
A FARMER* carrying an
** express package from
a big mail-order house was
accosted by a local dealer.
"Why didn't you buy that bill
tf goods from ms? I could hoot
saved yoa the express, and betides
you would have been patronizing a
home store, which helps pay the
texts nd builds up this locality."
The farmer looked a! the m. f- I
J moment and then said
'' Why don 7 you patronise your
home paper and advertise? I read H
arul didn't know that you had thesiuff
l hece hen. "
In Germany, today, the great
est need is said to be for fats,
and fats for frying are quoted
at $4 a pound, and goose fat,
a German staple, at $5 a pound.
These prices are based upon the
present imports through neu
trals. which will be cut decidedly
when the United States food em
bargo goes into effect.
The Germans are a northern
people. They use much more
fat in their diet than do we.
and their consumption of fats
for lubricating purposes and for
glycerine is enormous.
The German war-makers
planned carefully and painstak
ingly. Seemingly they perfected
a military machine that badt
fair to conquer the world. It
would be a strange circumstance
if the German plan should fail
because the German experts
failed to figure out the amount
of fat and grease that would be
required to keep moving the
wheels of the German military
In view of this condition if
may be that the Crown Prince's,
Verdun and Paris special is tiedj
up with a hot box!
Notice Sunday Schools
Notice is hereby given to every
Sunday school in North Franklin
that you are earnestly requested
to attend our County Convention
that is to be held at Mineral
Springs September 8th and 9th.
Let us come together with a
full representation from each
township in the county and have
one of the greatest revivals ip
Sunday school work that we have
had for years.
We earnestly appeal to each
Sunday school for your help.
May we have it? It is up to you
to pray for and help this conven
' vention that we may get th<
work to move forward.
The program will appear later.
T. L. Dickerson.
This Is a Section of Our
Press Room
We print everything.
Before ordering yonr printing
elaevhere give na n
! •
Let Us Make Your Monuments Right
Here at Home Entire Satisfaction
Coming! Cole Bros'.
The big show is coming, boys.
The smell of sawdust is in the air.
Hear the call of the bugle and
the crack of the ringmaster’s
whip. Two special trains of all
steel cars, the only all steel show
train in the world, will bring
Cole|Bros.’ World-Toured Shows
and Trained Wild Animal Exhib
ition to .Ozark, Monday, Sept. 3,
for two performances, afternoon |
and night, rain or shine. This is |
the show that you have been
waiting for, Lite Cole Bros’ ta
mous show that stands without a
rivalThey have invested hun
dreds of thousands of dollars,
have given years of careful, sys
tematic preparation to perfect
their wonderful organization,
and a glorious reward is the eui-,
mination of their efforts.
The Three Kober Gy mastic
Acrobats, doing an act of swill
and daring. *,Cheerful” Gardner,
the animal trainer, and his troupe
of performing elephants, these
wonderfully trained animal ac
tors do everything but talk, add
ing lots of comedy to their act.
Prof. F. J. Rogers, Europe’s
greatest animal trainer, with his
great troupe of White Arabian
Horses, showing the acme of
Equine skill and intelligence
Prof Chas. Barry with his
troupe of educated dogs and
Shetland ponies which is the de
light of the children and inter
esting to the grown-ups: 2s of
these ponies present drills and
difficult military maneuvers with
ail the precision and skill of
trained soldiers. This act is rec
ognized as the best trained school
of ponies seen with any tented
Will i ’ractice in all the Courts,
Both State and Federal.
Room No. 2. up Stair* Over
Ark.in*.I* Valley Rank, Ourk, Arl..
Have you decayeti teeth? If : .
come to us. We will charge j <»»
much less than elsewhere.
We make a specialty of Gold
Crowns and Bridge Work. /
DR. M. r>. HI VcK
Office 710 1-2 (tArri.uii A’ a.. I t. Smith
Pop s Shoe Store
We^ WSwer all c. ils. day or night,
J^tlones -OIKce 15a. Res. 1250
Geo. W. Barham
Attorney At Law,
Will Practice in nil hi' Court*
Chancery and Profane- Rmine*. n Sp-nrinlt-.
t Office South Side of 3«tu»«
'>% The KmI ; *
i i w -1. rlom --.nd wonCbftV
—•*ful Is t'.io adveni. of anothsr t %
si _ ..o l v. hi .v baby Is bora
I f th : >1 comas into the vorjd a «W ••.«
li t i i. tli*- r.tl .Sm-trlcnn Bsituiy. Vjl
■fjF Win n the hou; ..-river- It should bo
Hi tho tinwn of .-. no.. nnd porfeSl
lit future. Ti o joy of t rotherhoai **(
|l| should be .-s ; u« from four «u<J
J’i ib"-.i r -.- It ;'t ;no .iib|c to make ii.
III ’Tiousand.- of women bnvo w;§<|
the safe urn! reliable npplteatl # „
! •'Mother's i-Viend". Xt is it wi//
dcrful help t, ' ture in relli V.n^ atruln
and distress brought about by expand*
tny muscles. Thu nerve*, too, will bo
calm, making th.- ; - rl -1 no of eJu-orfut “
da>s and restful Ulv-.ts. The breast* arc
kept In good** tmilt.. ii ; 'd the stbd ■>*ntnaj »
muscles ivlax with ease t/hou baby 5* /
born. "Mother's hYler . < it poust* ' I
Me for the ei.oectni t r- Uo .elf to /'
actually aid nature In 1 >:• gl -rh ... i I
l>e performed, end no ..t 1 ne.- I.
leet or fail to give nature a he!; ■ tufhd. I
It will m in r ii.oly 1. . ; . . .it o
crisis. ■ i*
Do i - fall under any -'rei e . ■ e-> t *o J
get thin greatest r.-: ady. v. : eb,t J
pound, r for cxiieetSut ; .it. era. V,’n«, to|
the Jtr. dlirb! fit i; .'. i' Co., V>ept. J.f
. ...
The Veterinary Book being
given away by the
i is full of home remedies j>r
| stock, giving the symptoms and
i treatment. The next time you|
are in town you should go by and’
I get one as the book is h REE for
[ the asking. '
A G. Sloan I
Willi J H. Smylhp. leweler. . , Phono 306i
, 70S Gar. Avo., Fort Smith, Ar|
Warning Order ^
lu the Cimnceri Court of Franklin
County, ,\rk.
i. H. Curd. Plaintiff,
.Small ;vl. Lviiguiim y l si. Defendant:*.
The ili'ii ruir.nl'. J > a. Carey at d
Clara I. Cary are warned to sppea; in
this emu t within thirty days ami answer
iho coi.ijtii.! it of tii. plaintiff. J. j;.
Vviim sg try h irtd and tile wtdofmCd
court this 10th day of /V'. 1*1. . |
A 1 mo Hi\tek. !
• WAkNiN'j GOT * ^
jin th* Cbt Court of Prattle# -
County, Ark M
J. i+. Mitehell, Plaintiff,
J I Carroll Cronyr, Defendant \
The Defendant, J. J. Carroll Cronyrij
is wnrneil to appear in this Court witlg
in thirty days and answer the eonf
plaint of the plaintiff, J. G. Mitchell.*
Witness ray hand and the seal of said
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of 1 _ _ _Sm

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