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Stylish Young Men
Tfc You'll never see a snapp : er
YV IftlP’i y \ suit style than the Hart
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m*f, m Here you see illustrated the
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look at. You’ll find the label
-•* * n '■'* 3sm^ *°i oo *** or *
'i Adolph Nelson
Idaho .Springs,
. Copyright 1905 by Colo
Hart Schaffncr or* Mart
Unhappy Women !
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health is undermined. No woman can
hav** (pood health w hile she sufYers from
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OSS Main Street, Buffalo. N. Y.
__ These tlnv
TC)t l\ftTC*S6 M.car-.-..at«l
«nwf» M. > anli-blllous
sui iWpr granules reg
l and Bowel-, cure Constipation and Bad
f .'stomach, attended by foul
breath. one or tv>u for
laxative, three or four for
This great family Doctor lGffg
Book Fuck on receipt of . AlCe
21 one cent postage -lamps VVlw**
to cov«-r cost of mailing; I
or, In hue cloth binding 31 1
stamps. Address Dr. K. V. J
Pierce. Main Street.
Buffalo, N. Y.
Andrew Anderson. accompanied by
Dr. StifAer at g chaperon, weal to Den
ver yesterday aftermjon wlie e be de
posited a nice bunch of gold resulting
from • clean up at the Ward mill. It
required * large sued grip :o carry the
Carl Neptune, of Memphis, Tenu , aon
of the president of the Memphis and
Idaho Springs Mining and Milling com
pany, is tn the city this week, the guest
of Manager C. A. King, of that company.
Mr. Ncp une is highly pleased with this
city, and may d«ci*-e to loca’.e here per
C. L. West, ot Omaha, accompanied
by E. W. Truman, of Lincoln, Neb.,
arrived here Thursday ar-d investigated
the proprity of thr Ninety-four tunnel
company at Yankee hill in which they
are both interested. They returned home
aud Mr. West w.JI remove
his family here in a few weeks and will
spend the summer near th| mine
The timbering in the S*ra»ogs, lateral
from the NewUouse tun iel wis fi'iisued
Thursday, and drilling in the f«ce of
the drift was starte*’ yestetday. It is
the inteniion of the owt.ers t-j pu-b this
work with all possbile speed consistent
with ».feiT. the : j>! »nce»
mining devices bring int r oduc d
wherever p ossible ami practicable All
of the vein matter taken c-u. in •!- fting
will be saved for ahipmeui, aud ***-\«»nd
question will more tbsn pay lor cos: ot
operations. The work is being done
by days* pay for the pr*t-ent and it is
doubtful whether any contract will be
awarded for the work.
Since the attempted robbery of the
2.,itt!« Ma tie mill two week - ago. when the
robbers left $1,500 in goid amalgam on
the window sill, there has been acme
little excitement in Co:ton wood gulch.
It is asserted by sober, industrious in
dividuals. that the gulch is infested
with ghosts. It is caimed that they are
not merely wandering apparifons, but
are apparently able bodied and strenuous
spectre, who are not content with rolling
rock* down the mountain side and cars
off the dump, but that they throw rocks
on the sheet-iron root of the ® ba ’ t
house. Un ess the prsuks of the alleged
apparitions soon cease, ttto U will be
made lev capture the cause.
Andrew An erson has secured a least
on ibr Bertha mill at the foot of Virginia
canon and has a force of men at work
placi g the mill in condition for the
treatment of custom ores. The Bertha is
one of the best equipped mills in the di*
trict for amalgamation, and has a good
record for the savtr g of values by tb..t
method. The mill was originally built
by Mr Anderson, who operated it for a
mmikr of years prior to sel ing loth*
B rtha company. There is an abundanc
of ore in the district particularly adapted
to treatment by amalgamation, ami uu
; «lrr the direction of Mr. Anderson, it is
certain that satisfactory returns will be
recnv d by the shippers, when the
values *re in the ores.
Manager K. Ll ot Quigtev-Tbompaon
lieveloprn nt company, is highiv pleased
over the strike made in the W*-at Ken
tuck claim in Virginia canon, last week.
The assays made early in the week con
firm the results obtained bv a previous
sampling, and show the mitre streak,
which is four feet wide, to carry o9 6
ounce gold, and twenty-seven ounces in
silver, or s gross value of $14.60 per ton.
. Thirty vrara ago shipments of the sur
face ort from the Keutuck were made
to the Black Hawk mill# and yielded
excellent result* when treated bv amal
gamation. On account of the expens*
of transportation the claim was final);
abandoned and the workings caved in
! A few weeks ago Mr. Quigley decided t«
invest’gate tbe story, and drove a tunnel,
through tbe alide some forty feet, with
the r suit that four feet of shipping orr
was disclosed in the face of the tuntirl
Part of the vein matter is solid copper
iron ore and some high assays have been
J obtained, ’ut the fact that the t-niite
four feet is of aiich a good grade, is
what pleases Mr. Quigley who ia a
practical miner, and ta never led astray
by b'gh assays. The property isoperated
by th Quigley Thompson Development
Kory McGilvray, left for the East MOll
- where he wil! meet a numlier of
capital sts with the intention of present
ing to them the merits of the Crown
Point and Virginia mine as an invest
men . Mr. McGilvary has secured an
pti* n on the property, on favorable
erms, and is well supplied with informa
tt- n in regard to the underground work
mgs. hiving been employed in the mine
fore me little time when it was being
operated extensively. Tbe property will
br undercut by the Central tunnel with
iu the next 5,000 feet at a depth of over
2,000 feel below tbe surface, and as this
will furnish cheap transportation and
and diainage facilities for the large ore
bodii«, it is believed that the finsneiers
will *t-e the advantages of the proposi
tion The Crown Point and Virginia
mine is located at the head of Virginia
canon on the divide between Gilpin
aid Clrar Creek c unities, and its lo
c.'ti<>r. makes tbe transportation of ore
and supplies a large item of expense. In
the nine there are large bodies of low and
medium grade ores which can be profit -
ably mined with the elimination of the
expense of hauling and handling, and
in no other wav can this be overcome
| than by means of the Ceutral tunnel
| While tbe property is hel I at a rather
1 *;iff figure by the owners—s2so,ooo, when
inters* cted by the Central tunnel it will
easily l*e worth ten times that amount.
Decoration Day in Denver.
Attractions too many to mention
Round trip rate via Colorado & South
ern. $1 25. Late train returning.
f 295 7
| Get Among E’m. j
Mrs. Gusuf
Tbeoaophy and
Spiritual Healing.
Graduate of tour
References to patients cured in this
city and neighborhood furnished on appli
es', ion. Rheumatism and incurable cases
treated. Examination free. Bee bee hotel
terrace 58.
Grand Opening.
Manhattan ami Elitcb's. I>ecoration 1
Day. May 30 Denver and return $1.25 1
Colorado and Southern Rv. Train return
ing at 11 35 p. m.
1-ar.J Ottce at Denver. Colorado. <
May 24. 1906. 1
No I* hereby given that ihe ioltowitW-named
*ettl-r has titeJ notice other I mention to make tinal j
prt*..f In support h«*r c‘a m. anj ih.it sali proof will ]
he ni9.Se hef >re the Pe<r”He'or Receiver at Denver.
Col -a3o on Ju«v - J»epfc tic J. Miner '
t>f Bftokvak, Colorado, Hd No for the S W '
1-4 N W t-4 Sec. IS H 1-? S F t-C. N E 1-4 S C
1-4 •'■eC. 14 Tp & S..ulh. Range Tit West.
She nimrs -he following witnesses to MW* her
contlntjous residence neon, and cnttivation of. said
land vt- CMen 1’ Woter. John F Truesdell.
Water T Anderson. Daniel Witter, Jr., all of Brook- ,
vale Colorado.
C D FORD Rextstor
Rr>it puh Ma\ *7. !a*t puh July t, 1906.
Land Offece at Denver. Co't.raio. (
Mai 24 19UR.
N-** Ice Is hereto g\en th»t the to'lowlng - named ,
sett « a filed notice of her tntenMon lo make final ,
rr.a.i In support of h*» claim and that said proof will
he mtde before the Reg %'-r or Receiver at Denver,
'*«*!. rad.», on Julv 15 >*aifi. viz Een C. Witter of ;
B-ookvale Coi.trad.. H.i N lor tl*e S E t-4 j
N W 1 4 Sec II E 1-2 N W 1-1 ard S W 14 N K ,
1 4 ‘vec It Tp r, South R«nge ot W ,
She name* th • following » t - prove her (
continuous reside* , tip-.n. and cu ’lvr on of. %-ild
'end v z Josephine J Miner. John F Truesdell. ,
Wa er T Anderson Daniel W.iter. Jr., alt ot ,
Hr. ok vale Colorado I
• » FORD Roalsfer-
Firs- puh May 27 a-t puh July I. 19W.
. |
To Jacob Lodow or hi\ assigns:
V. o are hereby notified that I have esnenJed d'tr
>ng lie sear It«l4 'he -urn •» >ne hundred Ji»l- l
la's m lah -r and Itnprm ements upon each the Queen •
. Ijr and f z/ie S i.»de m • lig 1 nm* snuate »n |
Cascade Mlmt-g Dfsfrtct. County 'f Cm- Creek.
State of Cot*»rai . !>*• orlg-nal i« c.i'tor ce*t :K ates of 1
which are recorded In hn»»ks 127 *nd IS> at 470
anj 41** respecllvelr in the office o' the recorder of |
csld counts in order to hold *i d lairr- and eafh of '
then, unde- the provlsons f Vcf-.n 2if2l of the •
Revised Statu'es of the United «nJ tf»e *
amendments tfweio approved Janua v 22 IMNI. con
cerning annual labor upon mining claim* hung the i
sntount reoutn d to hold said lode mir.l 'g calm* and
each of them for the p**ri end n< D»*te»r.he- 31. IW>4;
and It wi-hln ntnety 'l* l days after the puhhrat'on of
this notice vou fall <»r refuse to contribute vour pr.t|<o'
non of S :*-h eependlture* as c«*-owne- \ .*ur --'terestin
the said claim s and eac h *>fth m w II bee > '<e the pr«*p
-rty of the under- Ipnel v**ur c<*-<>* n«r. wh ha* na -e
,he feouited expenditure t -hold hesitd claims as
! i* N LIND,
Idal*o Springs. Colo Mas 0. IV**^
Flrai puh. Mas #. I& r > last pu>«. Aug. ' i#-'>
Mineral Survey No. 175# I
U S. Land Office
Denver. G» -rad. Mav 24 IHr. j :
Ntttlce s hereby given 'hit In ; jr*.uan.e of the!
Aei >i U.ingress approved Mav 10 1-72 J I g- n- | ,
nedv wh-»«- m-'tofSce is Freeland. C_.*WaJo. has
made a|»pilcat <*n fora pat»nt for IV*) linear feet each 1
-•n the G'lueMrr and Yorkshire ><vies hear'fig gold j
nd silver, the C»«*umhi » -Jr
* | and IJCT** feet S !'* lif W ft. m discovers shaft
•iere* n 'he Yerkshhe k»le he ng Hat feet N 2*t‘ 4V •
; and 1310 feet S2X 4V'W' m IK ..very cut with j
•rfa*»- ground . n each IV) feet In wljth situate in I
rail Run Mining D %'rlct Clear Ureek Countv. j
-tale ->f Colorado »nj described tn the plat anj held i
rotes on hie In this o’tlce as fo’kews. via
Beginning »1 cor No 1 whence th«- N W Cor sec 5.
T4S.R 73 W hears N T7* 4*V W 2537 ft then, e N
Sf 4i•* F 1600 ft to corner No 2; thence S “fi* E 1 *2 27f'
•*> corner No S: thence S If <?•’ W IMA ft V* corner '
No 4: Th-nre N 78° W 152 77 ft to corner No 1. the
place of beginning
Beginning at r,»rnrr No I 'Jentlcal wl«h corner No
4. CiJumhine kxle wh*-n« e the N W corner St*. '■ T I
S If 7:1 W hear* N 77* W W 2W9 44 ft them e N 23*
|U- t |ro> ft to C.rmet No 2: tin nee S 7*l* E I’*2 27 t
' to corner No 3 the*'CeS2S' fl*" W |Va) ft t.. , me*
No 4. litm e N Th* W 152 27 ft to Cornet No 1 th#
1 place cf beginning.
Con- :mng S.NJ7 acres exptesslv escert ng end
exc’odbig ail cotifll'r witti survey v No* IMO'. I' T W
15*«79 A stvl l«54" and f .rmrg • porik>n ..t 'hr
unsuh'v J Tov. nshl--3 Sat J the N..f Se« ' T I
Si K73W < f the fkh principal arndlan Said iuCa
■ lons being rec<<rdoJ Hi vols 164. Iy9 pag-s I*7. 309.
of th«- records of Clear Creek Counts. Colorado.
Adi-intng claimants the ownar* of surveys N 'S
:m. 15 *), ir.Ttb 19919 a af'J 1«T.
C. D. FORD Regtatar
First rub May 27. taat puh July 29.1905
Capable and practicable
J management makes divi
» dends, and that is what
♦ we can give you.
| Write for particular,
1 Idaho Spring,. - Colo.
Mining Enginaar,
Chemist and
Anapar WWW
Mine... Solve, No. I7«8 A anj B.
U. S Land Othce
Denver, Colorado. April 2*>. 190 S.
Noticr s hereby given that the Idaho S|*rlng* Gold
PTOduc ttw tompany by John C. Hull. Agent, whose
pPStotrv,- is Idaho Springs. Colorado, has made
appl'cat on fir 4 i-au-nt for iTktO linear h e on the
TOTpeio .No 2 i’Ade hearing g Id and stiver, the same
bate* 450 feet NOl >»• £ and 1«00 feat S 61' 54’ W’
ns«i discovery cut thereon, *t ith su'face ground 15«
fiBK n width, and for the Torpedo mill site, situate in
J4ia» ’r and Spanish Bar Miring Districts. CUar
'-*•**' State of G dorado, and lescr.hed In
tna plat »nj field note* on tile in this uflice. as fol-
Beg'f nng ut Cor. No. 1. whence the S 1-4 Cor
S.R 73 W of the 63. P. M hears N
AiT 2, .Cf M’ SNV.C f• thence S. 61* 54’ M‘. 1 (Hi ft.
to Cor \ 0 2 thenc*- S 34® E 1511 It. to Cvr No. 3; .
7. , ’ 1 ** 15410 it. 10 Cor No 4: thence
N. W i*|.| ft. to Cot. No 1. the place of be
torpedo mill site.
Bee *!ng at Cor. No. 1. whence tlte S 1-l Cur
2* " J s - » 73 W of the 6th »>. M Ivars S 73"
2? S {. 4u.iV.40 ft: thence N. 4J° : 2 E. 464.22 f< to
Cor. No .* thence S. TV* 34’ E 7*:.62 ft. tc Cor. No. 3;
-VE 21«.T7 tt. t..Cor No 4. Iht-nce S.
61 .» »v ’.'l 16 to Ct»r. No. 1. the place of begin
S|J T :rpedo No. 2 <>Je containing 3.772 acre* and
said Toned, Mill site containing 1.131 acre* «■
pres-- • vceptlng and excluding nil conrthi with sut
vey‘ N • *v. 11723. 14:r7k ~nd K«64 and f .ravng a
poiti.,r f ;h. un*ubdlvtded. T. H S.. R. 73 W 6th P.
M-V i*.f on of Sec. 3, T. I S.. R. 73 W. ..t the
6th P M Said locations being recorded >n Vol 159.
page a"d Vol. 97. nage 110. of the RecorJs of
Clear Creek County. Colorado.
Ad).'' eg iaiman's owners of Surveys Nos 91)79.
14723 19 and <579
_ C. D. FORD. Register.
First puh April 29
Last put. July 1.
By f ' certain Special Writ-if Execution
iSRie-! -if thy Clerk's office of the District Gum f
Clea' ,k O uttty. Stair of ColoraJ". and to ine
Jirec'-.* whrrelry | im commandcl to make the.
amount t .1 certain judgment recently obtained j
agahiv Ih. Consolidated Josephine Gold Mining:
and y v.mpanv. n corporation, and in favor of
The M ':hantx and Miners National B«nk ..f Idaho ,
SpffTii. >r(H>rjiiun for ttie sum of Five Thousand
Nine Hundred One and 70-lflD Dollars F5.9t11.70)
Jama J Tw antv S.x and 46-tut Dollar* fJ6 4tW '
Costs 3 accruing c*»*t* I have levleJ u|*on and
attacl -hr fll wing described propertv .n- wit: j
All r gfit title and interest *.f the with'lt named
Jefen t. Th* . <msollda<ed F>»eph'ne Mining and ;
Mllhr •-’-panv . a corporation in and to the fol!„w
--ing d- 3 truer rty •> »n The Josefbln*- Lode
Mtnlr . Survey Lot No 12197 alio the Jc>se« h
I fe * 3 -Jr M '.lng claim the location Certificate
of wh . b , tound of record in N»»k 121 at page O' of |
the r» records of %a d * tear Creek ( oulitv. i
to wil ,t. ils hereby maJr ftani r, fu I nnd
parti. > script ton a!s.. t tie South lln.ofn LoJe 1
Mini' . m Survey No *5276. t.ig« thrr wnfi al 'in
prove '* and appurtenaru• * theo-on situate or in
any w - epernt nm- All .» *a>d above described 1
prnp» v uate. lying and being in the Stuinlsh Bar
Mini- . ) Atr.vt. Clear • reek i.ountv. State of Colo ;
Th- • r according t«» said commanl I *ha ! l ex- ;
pose * '' vat ruMic vendue tu the hlgl>e*t and best !
t'ldde’ ' *xh 'he above Je-u rihrj pfi jv-itv raft •
.Mttnd ' h da\ of June. A. 1) HO'-, ut th«- hour
of I<*. e-k t ofs.'ddiv at thr frontdoor of the
:0* fit nr e'’tty of Idaho Springs In *ald C ur.»v
and S
Da< it (leorgetnwti Colorado, thi- 11th duv of
May A l>. i;*»'.. ANDREW SANDHFRf 1.
Shenff of t,tea' C'eek County.( olorado.
F4fJ' May 13 Last pub. June 3. IMA.
209 ’sth AVE. PHONE RED 501
' Idaho Springs. Colorado. '
Rcprrswniitif the
Travelers Insurance
Of Hartfoid. Conn.
In a l contracts i* tu*«l f»\ tlu* |
Trusclt-rs liij.ut.nn- Cottipuity
all iM-m-tIU accruing uicler tin
i policy art* aftsolulch iratiU*c«l
a- <1 stiit« *1 in plain figure*.
• . . ARE MADE*
flit* contract* tell the whole *
story tiftoii their face, leave
nothiiic to the iniaßination, Iwr
ruv* nothin)* from ho)ic, ami
in tke definite promise*, in <1» ll.tr*
an*l cent*.
IlLSil'i* ill tile
m *7
5 Shoes are worn sixteen hours at
-S a stretch and its a serious mat- c
; m ter if they are wrong. S
J When you buy your shoes from us as we give you g
1 Eckstedt & Brostrom °SjJ
(To Cure a Cold in One Day 2V27U 1
Largest Line of
Best Refriger
ators made are
on Exhibition
at the store of
A full dozen varieties to select from.
M Reduced Rates
* Round Trip Rates from Denver
Colorado Springs or
Chicago $3l so Omaha Oh) <*>
M i’atl! 27 Q* St J<>|Wph ly *H>
Ml 11 OCR I Mills 27 gn Kat I.** Lily ly 00
I)ch Moines J 3 35 St. Louis 76 50
PC9r|| JJ Mernphia 31 50
fine fare plus t: round trip to Missouri river ixcM* .in<l interme
diate noint* 1. <-t up lo ana inciu<lmg Chicago P. t*ria. St. I,otns
anti Memphis, Trnnencr. Ticket* on -ale May t"J anti ly. June
3. 5. ft. m. 1 1 anti 13 Julv Ito to Final limit October
Write us where you wish to go and we will tell you the exact
000 17*h direct, Denver.
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