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El democrata del condado de Costilla. [volume] (San Luis, Colo.) 1923-1939, November 24, 1934, Image 1

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El Democrata
Del Condado de Costilla
Español— Ingles
Big Thanksgiving
Át the S.P.M.D.T.U. Hall,
In San Luis
With Virgil Maes and His Orchestra
Josephine Roche
Señorita Josephine Ro
che, señorita da grandes nego
cios y trabajadora social, resi
dente de la ciudad de Denver,
quien ha sido nombrada por el
Presidente Roosevelt, al pues
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The San Luis State Bank
DO YOU KNOW WHV--- No Man Has Yet Solved the Greaf Woman Problem? mmwAwawAi. t«tosa Co K. r. Briwn for ttitt papar By FlslWf
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v__Stvlc { ímcw '6 0. « uoo<, tOuch \ \ fco ( a#0 j S i h** (
Semanario dedicado Al Bienestar. Adelanto yProgreso del Condado de Costilla
mSe Publica Todos Los Sábados .«9-
"Enteren toeecopdrolASk mnttw May 6. 193», at tba pqát pg) C e at Ban Latg, Colgrada, andar thp Ao» of ”
Interpreting the
Washington News-
You are vitall, intercalad today
in what i* happening at the na
tional capital. A new aet of Con
grasa or an order isined by one
of the maltitnde of government
departmenta may haré a far
rcachina effact that i» net appar
ent in tha rontíne newi reporto.
It ¡a aa interpretation of theoe
government eedvitie* that it
needed to enable yon to Itnow
Í'ust what it ia all abant and
>ow it all may offset yon. It is
•uch an interpretation of the
capital ncws that thl* papar ii
nroviding fer yen In Wuliam
DIGEST wkieh ia beiag pub
lialñd easb wcclt. Ten will flwd
it fnll of jnat the kiad of in
formation yoa want.
to de asistente secretaria a la
tesorería nacional, bajo Henry
Morgenthau. La señorita Ro
che es bien conocida, tanto por
su abilidad de negocios, asi co
mo por su conocimiento de a
suntos de gobierno. Ella fu*
candidata para Gobernador de
Colorado en las primarias De
mócratas pasadas. Siendo q’
su positud es el completo ao»
porte del “New Deal", la seño
rita Roche provara ser da gran
de valor a la administración.
r'”0\ 'T 1 recientes catorse ano* pasado* un gru
* P° Peregrinos arrojaron *u ancla en
( una cost¿ inhabitada en la Nueva Inglatar
. Apenaste habían establecido estos valien
tes explcraadores en su nueva colonia cuan
do el teroble Invierno estaba sobre de ellos
1/jTJ -1 Solo la mitad de el partido sobrevivió el tra.
m bajo y sufrimiento ese Ivierno.
No se desanimaron, esos que sobrevivieren f '
sembraron. Ejerciendo la economía mas es ®V
tricta pudieron vivir y prosperar. Estos Pere j
grinos aprendieron el valor de economía ,V I
Su método nos dejaron una lession que hicie mtíAj I
ranos bien de seguirla. v '*y' físfr
Jueves, Noviembre 29/ 34.
K. C. Sapero, M.D.
Denver Specialist
Is Corning Again
to Almnosn, Wednesdnv
una Tliursday, A'ov. 28—20
Victoria Hotel, lio treatm
aucceaatully of the BYB,
also Catarrli, dcafnesa, ton
aila, adenoide and voitre. '
Glasees Fltted Soientili
oaliy with or without oh
C onsultaticn and exami
nmtion freo. Frioea rea
Or. Sapero has been vi
mitin % thei e rogularly for
the pnmt 30 years
Help Kidneys
Doctor'» Prsserfptien OystsÜKSWtM)
The Election Presents a Problem
for Both Democrats and
Demócrata smilod Broadly, when
election retuins ahowed that thcy
had won the moit overwhclming
victory in pelitieal hiítory. Then
almoatat once, the amilea diaap
pe .red from the fecea of thought
ful Demecratlc leadera.
They realizad all too well what a
tremendous rcaponsikility euch a,
vich ry placed on them particularly
on the bread shoulders of a single
man. Prcaident Roosevelt. The
truit and confidence of the peoplo
their deaire for action-even radica]
methodsto achitve recovery and to
refoim onr social ayatem-was ex
prested in the characterof the men
they chose as their repreeentativee.
In the House, Demócrata held
their twn thirds majority; in the Sa
natr, their majority waa inereased
to nearly three-fourths. Only aix of
the 48 Governera are now Republi
A few of the Demócrata elected
were eut and out radicáis, who will
carry to Congress schemes fer the
reckless tpending of larga funda,
regardleaa of the President a deaire
to balance the budget at the earlieat
Linea De Telefono
Mexicano Rompido
Por Rebeldes.
Ciudad Mexion-- Les oficiales
de la compañía de telefono Mexi
cana, reportan que sus comunica
siones telefónica* entre Monte
rey y Laredo Tex,, han sido rom
pidas; aparentemente por nna
banda de rebelde*.
Ua manifestó qaa aparecí# ea
la prensa bajo el nombre del Ge
neral Villareal, anuncia qae ua
lebantamiento armado se desta
opportunity and to keep the Nations.
credit intact
There ia a danger that tome of
thaae achemea, actually harmtuf to
eur Government, may ba coma lswa
if party ioyalty causea the Deano
crats tj vete tegether. In tket cate
Mr. Roosevelt Kiimaelf will heve to
check dangeroua propoaale with a
firm hand. Goed kailor that ho ia,
he muat try to steer e safe conree
between radieakiam enai hidebound
Already, benkera and big Ismai
neas men, who eriticixed the “ndi
caliam" of New Deal raeesuree in
tha pest, are begineing to rígbt
-aboul face. They fell that the mo
dérate and liberal polioiea edvocat
ed by the Pteeident ere really safe
guarda egainat more radical meas
oras which might be patead, it
wiee reforma are not tríade. They
are worried by the near-vietery of
the Socialiat Upton Sinclair, ia Ce
lifornia. Te them, it it a waraing
that tha public will adopt extreme
methods ef relief, if the oíd me
thoda are not entirely saUsfactory.
Eve some Demócrata ere ssrry
that the group oí Kepublioees in
Congress is ne larger. Our de
mocratic guvernment is buedon
a system of checks and balances.
A strong oppesiuon prevents the
party in power from “running
away with things”. A ene-par
ty svstem-such as has been de
veloped in certain Europeas ceun
tries...-can too easily ge to ex
tremes. Eor this reasun, Demo
erais as well as Kepubúcans hopa
toseethe G.UP. elephant teco
ver trom the blow deait hits at
the polis lilis month.
Nsver, in the 78 years tineeits
íounding. ha* the Kepubii an
laced sucb a crisis. Bal “it is
not üeud and is not going to die'
according to Henry P. Eietcher,
chairman oí the Kepublisan Na
uouai Uurmnittee.
atrong mensures will be takea
«oon to rebutid the partv, and te
work out a mor* defiaite uro
gram for it thaa mere oppoeitiea
to the Now Doel. Ropubheaa
.oadert realizo that thoy musí
Pavo forward lookiag plana to
ofíor as substitutos for tho New
Deal, if thoy want tho publis to
doten to them.
it is ukeiy that tho youagoi
mon, who aro aot so hootiie to
ohaiiges, may soise oontrei ia
the repub.ican party oopooiall)
sinco tho dofoat of sucb coasoi
cativos as Senator Keod oí Bonn
jyivania and Venator Feos el
Jhio. Thoy will sook te adepi
more human policiea”, aa Reprt
senwtiva Hamiiton Eish, ef New
York, puto it.
Procura el Reclute de
Muchachas Mujeres Y
muchachos en la
Irlanda, --Tom Barry, guia de la *
annada de Irlanda, temeroso de un
encuentro eon Inglaterra per la libar
tad de Irlanda, urge a todas las mi
jaras, muchachas y muchachos da
enlistone on la armada, aprepoatto
de eetai Iistoe pera cuando se rom
pe oí ialabon qae conecta a Irlanda
y a Inglaterra, y el caal Barry, pro
dice qua aera ea el cercano futuro.
Barry, jefe republicano de la ar
mada da Irlanda se «pene a laa ps
liana del Presidente Eamon Do Va
Henry Jackson Víctorío
so En Defensa De Su
aa eeeoev a
Ea medio de la mas grande au
deacia do boaao aa la hiatoria en
Aatenile, Cola., Henry Jackeon,
campana da pota libiaao ea el oe
tade. aalio victorias# ea la dafenaa
de cu titulo, habiendo rccivido Iu
decisión sobra “chuchera" Hildo
brsnd de Alameaa,
Según iufenne de la pteaee, la
eonteeta entre Jsekeen-HiUcbread
i repuso-hs fahx da aeeJou entra
“Pug” Sutkarlaad v Lea Daltoa.
fue enepandida por el referee, pea
motivo que Dalten, rekueaba asea
alarse oon “Pag".
From The Editor Of
The American Boy
During the coming year, the boy»
el America will get s hall tare rato
to edveuture une fun! THE AME
NlttN, the uatiuu’e lesCisg nesga
sise tur boye, iermerly fz.uo, aew
eoets «l.UU. A three-yesr eubaarip
tiee, prsvleuely Í3.6U, eoets enly
Urlffitb Ogdsn Ellis, edites et
IksAMSKlUAM BUY, brioge boya
tbe kaarty seeuranse tbat ths asw
prisas will iu ns wsy effect Ibe edi
torial eoulente ot the magasiae. It
wtJl be ae largo, as beautlfully primt
vd, ae tull of hlgh-splrltsd adveu
tata ae ever.
erehlp hae been ao aecideet,’* Mr.
Milla etatee. " We publish the aa
gastaa ua tbe tiras beiief tbat baya
jasar ve a meg.sioe ae geed aa aay
paaileetien tur grewe-ups. He we
tbe liaelralers «btaiaable— well
baewa erusls wbe werb ter the big
gesl magaslaes. We eoad car elaff
otilare all orar tbe oeuntry digglag
ep Iba ialerestlag facía ef eeieaee,
latervlewiag werlS-faateae expiar
ere, talking to eoeehee aad athleiea
"We eueeurage aad aeeiat ear
wrltere le gu ererywaere fer mate
riel., to Haití, Africa tbe aeae, Obi.
ce..and brtug beuk edveatere for
Amerieau boya. We aire experta
ea hebbiee aud bey preuleaie te ad
rice boye and yuusg mea. Theao
etapa aeeoeui fer ear poeltlea ae
tbe quaiity uiegaaine fer boya, aa*
«a ebaii eeaiioae te labe khem."
Twelve laiuee of fuá aad asalto,
inent for 1 MI Threo y cara fer l.tgl
agresd tbe new* ameng yeur irlanda
....and send yeur own anbeerlpMua
dlreot te THS SMUIOAX RUT,
7430 aeeond Blvd., Detroit, Mleh.
dervioe un your lebeerlptlon will
•Inrt wnh tbe iscue yen spooUy.
Nn, 36

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