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VOL. I—NO.1 —NO. 4.
Mfckari ('•Ur«4a>
run urn** uu-rio*.
On* Tsar f • 00
ms Month* I If
Ttor*-.’ I «J
Invartal.ly In Advance.
rnifMiliiiiil |mr month f 3 uo
On* Inch. |kt mouth ! Ui
Twi. Inch'**. |x*r month !1 U>
Ttame p*r month • 00
PiHirln r month HO
Five l .• <x.luinn,i |x*r nmuih 0
Trii In. - i column.) |«t nn.ntb V
Twmiiy <1 column.) jwr monlh 14 (*•.
primal noth-*-* fifteen «-*nt» per line f«»r
frx In-erllmi end lea rent* for ant *uli**-
quMl Insertion
All uuiuumnlmttnas ibnul'l N-iiHrrMnil to
Murkrr. <'it|iOTMl.>.
County. t*n|o.. m aumiMut mall matter.
J. W. Uklo of the Grand Junction
Ken, rsIM on in Thursday. Mr.
Dein In traveling In the intereat of the
New*. === ___ =
Tnr cattlemen are mm mg (Hit of the
Indian Territory a* fast an |x»Miihle. j
Home of them talk light, but the pre
vailing opinion 1* that the ('resident's
order will be obeyed.
It Is with regret that we aiinounce
:hia week the resignation of George S.
Ilazeu, puelmmitcr. to take effect on
the appointment of hb»urce»M>r. Judge .
11 axen came in liere with the military
mtahliahtucnt. and has hern |a»*tiun»lfr
rver since. He will continue to reside .
unotig his Meeker friends.
- ~ ■ ■ ~’
As wr predicted last week the qoe*-
tion of Incorporating GKriwood Springs
araa carried hv those in favor of Incor
poration at the election held there on
fie twenty-ninth. 'Hie vote *tt*»d v» In
ivor of iiicor|Miration and £! against—
very light vote. The Springs will
assume municipal dignitvas adbn as the
town officers are elected.
Tiik Interior department, now that
S»e cattlemen in the Indian Territory
kre(Hi Uie move, la next going to turn its
itteutlon to illegal fencing of the public
ioniain. The lirsl move in this direc
lion waa made this week try a land
Office agent who is making preparations
to remove tlie fences from a large tract
M !■■■* hv Astthorn Colorado. Urn
Duller ta interested In a IW.iuimcrr
ranch down there nomewhere, lie will
Ijo an ugly customer for the Interior
Department to handle.
A ooon deal of complaint is bring
made in several eastern cities against
the methods employed to fill up the
ranks of that tuind of religion* fnnwtic*.
cranks and dead lieats known as the
"Salvation ami) " It Is said they have
frequently enticed young girls away
from their Iniines and detained them in
the barracks of the "army" against
their will and compelled the fair soldiers
pf the Lord to do all the drudgrry. It
la high time that crowd of allrgrd
Christians were suppressed. They
do the cause of religion and morality
m »re harm than good.
Tii%t cheeky and Irrepressible old
fraud, lienjamin Franklin Itutler. Is to
the front again. He is now prnisiug
up the President; saving all sorts of
sweet things imaginable about Cleve
land s iys he is the greatest president
stt. •• * • days of Andrew Jacks.*n; that
ta sr he altogether misconceived
Mr. ( level and, for all of which he is
now sorry, etc. Hen is making gigantic
efforts to get back again within the
Democratic fold. Whether he will
succeed or not remains to be
seen, lien's fleece is very black. All
the soap in .Massachusetts wouldn't re
store It to its ancient lovlines*.
It Is with extreme pleasure we
announce to our readers' that the
Meeker bridge serose White river is now
aasuming definite shape. Contractor
Taylor, accompnnied by Commls- 1
sinners Langstaff. Reynolds and Mc-
Dowell were in Meeker during the
week making the preliminary arrange
ments necessary before commencing
work. The site selected is lielow
town and this side of where Flag creek
empties Into White river. It doesn't
seem to give entire «nH*faclion. Mr.
Taylor has let a contract for the abut
ment logs and will commence the erec
tion of the bridge as soon as the logs arc
Tiik Wyoming Teachers' Institute
convener! nt Cheyenne Monday Inst nil!
was largely attended. The opening
feature of the Institute was an able
and brilliant lecture by Hev. H. ■.
Field, entitled "God and the Public
School System.'' He closed with the
following eloquent words; "Let us
guard these schools with zealous care
Not with the narrow view of a bigot,
but with the warm love of a patriot. To
every unholy approach, either or politi
cian or priest, let your righteous wrath
cry. Hands ofTP lllighted lie the hand
that would soil, palsied be the arm
that would sectai tanlr.e our common
Clears* W. Fuller bk.it Dead by
••lift” rrav*« tl (<lruwuu4
A deliberate and cold-blooded murder
was perpetrated ut Glen wood Springs
on Saturday last. It la the old story so
often told. A dispute over a game of
cards, a light and—a murder. The
principals in Hie tragedy were George
W. Fuller, lately a bar-tender for John
Me Heavy, and a man named "Lige"
Craven, a resident of Glenwood Springs
and an extensive real estate and prop
erty owner at the Spiings. The causes
tliat led to the tragedy, as ueur as we
chi learn are as follows : ('raven and
Fuller, with some others, were engaged
in a game of poker. The game iiad
been going on for some time, alien
Craven made the remark that lie had
the best hand out. This led to
some talk between Fuller and him re
garding the "hands" held. Craven of
fered to bet $lO with Fuller that he had
the best hand out. Fuller took the bet
lu the meantime all the other players
! iMbuM-d out. This left Craven and Fuller
; the only contestants in the game and
1 they "run" the cards again. After the
1 draw Fuller accused Craven of "ring
ing in a cold deck." Crimination and
recrimination ensued. They filially
I agreed to go out and settle the matter
! according to Marquis of (Jueeiishury
rules. lif the rougii-aud-tuiiible that
followed Fuller, who wua the bigger
man of the two came out victor. This
' seems to have enraged Craven. He said
nothing, however, hut weul away and
procuring his gun. returned in a few
minutes to the scene ot the tumble and
w dking up to Fuller, who wus ItMiking
for Ills watch chain which he had lust in
' the struggle, without a word of warning
j tired at Fuller. Hie Kill going clean
through Hie hudy and touching the
Imm of the heart on Its passage
Fuller fell forward on Ills face. The
wound was fatal but Craven was not
nalistled with one shot, lie stepped
forward and tired another shot at hi*
prostrate foe. shooting him thruuirh the
'head thl* time. BUM shot wit* fatal.
Craven, after firing the second shot,
started to run away Imt was raptured
by a constable, and the sheriff up|wat
j ing about Uiis time took the murder
into custody. Kxsllrorent over the
murder rrui high for a time, and threats
of lynching were heard among His
crowd. Sheriff Cor ~r. however, oh
1 reeled U» •ttmmsrv jus ties «uml landed
Hrr prisoner behind the bars.
Nothing Is known here of Ure previous
history of either the murderer or hi*
victim. Fuller came from Grand Junc
tion to (Henwood Springs and, as
above slated, tended Kir for John Mr
Heavy for a time. Craven is a man of
mean* and seem* uiiisve hitherto Kune
a good reputation.
A ~l.li«l*~ rears* sm4 Mow a • srn*r
In Ibr S|oc«a*ln Xlarbel Mai
"MM In III* Mn 4."
Quito an exciting scene occurred
yesterday in our little Christian city
which exeinplilh'S Hie saving. ’‘All's
well that ends well," an accident hv the
way os the excuse, llraiue near depopu
lating this little city of ours, for K»th
white man and Indian was mad. Tlie
l ie Indian for several weeks past have
been coining into Meeker to trade and
sport a little and get a little fir—well, it
doesn't matter; making one of the
saloons their headquarter* and fre
quently gambling with white men.
11101114* tH'liig their choice of games. A
dispute urosr* aKmt the *|aiils and K»-
t w«en races spoils of considerable mag
nitude huve been known to magnifv and
"spoil." It appi*ars that some time
since one of the pronrietors of tlie
saloon lent to White Hlver Cnlorow
sl. I'intah Colorado, a brother to
William 11.. was in town yesterday
and asked the lender of the dollar
to give him coin for a five dollar
greenback. In making the change the
, money lender kept Park the dollar lent
sup|M»sing that lie had the right Colorow
(the borrower). A breeze anise which i
for a time grew quite hot (William 11.
reaching for his gun) when a friend of
the .tnloon-kce|ier'* came to the rescue
with a draw n revolver. Tills was what
broke Die camels Kick, several of tlie
Indiuns reached for their fire-arms, and
for a while everyKsly waited with
breathless silence for Hie carnage to
commence. Hut it didn't commence.
White-winged |ience spread her mantle
over the scene and there was no blood
J spilt. The Indians returned to their
camp at night aKiut three miles fmm
town, and up to this writing all is
The worst feature of thin trouble Is
that a party of tourists from Glen wood
Springs Messrs. Kellogg. Taylor.
LangstafT. Reynolds and others were
aKmt starting for the Cte camp for the
purpose of enpturing and putting a cor
ner on the moccasin trade, but alas, they
returned hack to the Springs —bare
III! 'Km Igaln t
The Illg Horn Sentinel gives the fol
lowing send-off to a trio who recently
concluded to hunt for greener pastures
I than the town of Sheridan afforded .
‘’The population of Sheridan wait de- j
creased a week ago last night hy the do- 1
part me of E. t\ Koona. a dentist, at*-'
nun pan led by the wife of Dr. Hail.
Koona ia not a|Niken of very highly aa a
dentist, hut aa a professional confidence
limn and deud la*nt Ilia etjuul bus never
j txwii know n in thia country. Aa for lir. 1
llall. who ulao left the town the follow* i
ing day. we can say but little more In (
Ida favor than what we huve aaid of ,
Koona, aa it ia evideut that it waa a pul (
up job between the two that Koona I
: ahotild go with the woman and the
Inudtaud follow them ahortlv thereafter.
| They leave behind them (|iiiteanum*
; tier of crcditora. who mushier that they
ran better afford to contribute a few
, dollara toward establishing them in
aome other town titan to longer bestow
( patrouuge upon men of their stamp.”
—Lander Mountaineer.
NmIIIm* vs. «4*rfl*l4 Co«nl|r.
Senator Frank tv. Hollins of New
Hampshire, sues the Garfield t'ounty
, cocnmlaaioners for 28. Ttte rea
mhis tor same are aa follows: That be
tween September. 1*83. and November,
1 vvi. the county became indebted for
work and services rendered in various
wavs and that |Ktv warrant* for same
when presented to the County Treas
urer were indorsed by him thus: ••|*re
seuted — —, iHh—. Vo funds, nils
warrant draws interest from this date
ut 10 |wr cent, per annum." That tliese 1
warrants were sutsteijuently sold to j
plaintiff; and present**! by him from i
time to time to the Countv Treasurer,
but was unable to collect hts money;;
that, in everV instance the warrants,
were signed by the Chaituian of the |
Hoard of Countv Commissioners. and ,
County Treasurar. and dull endorsed •
and registered. Tnrre in now due him.!
?l*.*vi'2:> from said t*»rheld county.!
I'iaiutiff therefore demands this with
interest on the principal of said war- >
rants, via: fl7.wsi.-ia from August a. 1
|aa*>, up to time of judgment, and for i
••••sts of Uiia suit. For the plaintiff.!
Teller A Orahood.—Denver Tribune- •
Hr publican.
TM* Mall.
Vesterday evening* twill waa a suc
cess in every |iartrulsr. The attendance '
being larger than any held recently and
everyone seemed tu enjoy the occasion
immensely 'Hie pmgtame was car- |
rlr«l out as previously announced. |
Everyone expressed themselves as welt'
pleased. I'romlnent among tltuse pres- .
eut we noticed the following
iu inn.
Mrs. F. P. Harp. Mrs. rsirfWM.
Mrs. Dolilm. Mrs Mill*r.
Mrs. linwip Wonrr. Mrs ll.-i.U-n
Mr» Min*-*. Mrs fOMlm
Me* huink- )*aiifWH>l. Mu. Minna- lliiiflplit.
Mu* M.4iu Wattoa, MMsMsry
Ml** Ma««u WnUoo. Mu* Mini* llraol.
Ml— Mary Mi-Halloa Mi** .Vine*- Allen.
Mm* Maiel Wajrm-r. Mi- M«i*l Miiur.
Ml— K1S* AlUo.
t. II llm*aer, I*, tl xurriUa.
J K llunrw-o. John W ..iff.
J L Mi ll*in>a. J*k sirs**
John J. MrKw. T *n II- ik-i.
I’ I’ llarp. Smith IhO-Un.
M*rl IPJ-Un. Will Ixnru.
Ueaiy OoMen* Mr* Kr» n 1
Jr—- llUrs. rasrlvf 11**11.
J 'bn lllslr. Will (U«ol.
T-n 0*Xelll. JuU Mod.
IPmiw Mtehr-I*. I» K. Vantl—-f.
K»l*ar*l I'ltrOrM. W'|||i«m Fair0*1-1.
A. P. Hai»tall J W |kp|<>
Music bv the Gllmoie and Aines
Ur. < . P. UarSlarr.
The attention of our readers’ is called I
to the professional card of C. F. •
Gardiner. M. D.. late physician and
surgeon for the Colorado Coal and Iron
coiu|iwny at Creeled Ihitte. Colorado.
Hr. Gardiner's professional standing
among the medical fraternity of Colo
rado is deservedly high, lie Is a gradu
ate of Itellrvuc Mm|h al college. Now
York city; was for two year* house
surgeon at the Charity hospital. New
York, and later on was ambulance sur
geon to !he Chamber* .Street hospital
and also hail charge of the surgical out
door work of New York hospital when,
his health falling him, he came Colorado
and has la-eu physician and surgeon to
the Colorado Coal and Iron company for
the past two years. Dr. Gardiner is
arranging his prhate alTairs at Crested
Ihitte preparatory to leaving for the cl tv
on White river, lie will Is* here In
ills lit two weeks, 'lids will be welcome
news to Meeker people generally.
A 1***4 * III* Roy.
Lincoln Tagert of I’ice-ance creek,
paid bin respects to the IIkkalo Tues
day. Lincoln is a la-advillc I my who
used to carry a route on the Io>adville
Herald. The winter of Xl w as one of
the most stormy and coldest that Io>ad
vllle has seen. !$o severe were the storms
that the Carlmnate lull paper-carrier on
the Herald threw up Ids mule and refused
to face the chilly blasts of a Lendvillr
winter. Lincoln Tagert although only !
a mite of a boy took the route, often |
wndliig through snow higher than his
head, and delivered the paper* to sub
scrlliem every morning. Lendvllle of
fered no inducements to a Imy of Lin
coln Tagert s grit so he catne to While
river and has been located here over a
year Lincoln has had charge of the
Heignn ranch and stock on I’ico-auce
creek during the absence of Kolierl
aaull Cfcaaba mf Juallrr Ur It Our la
4Htr Nrlgbbor* Arruaa lb* Mr«r
by Ja4g> I arprMlrr.
Yarn pelt being the town designated
by tlie leal legislature us the place where
the Unit term of the Distrio: court
should be held for tlie county of Routt
received its initiation on the twenty
| fourth Instant, and by the Mp|Mrarance
.of uie place and the number of
1 people present It was evident
Uiat the inhabitant* had decided
to give a hearty welcome to the
udminietratoni of justice, conducti*! by
Hie Honorable Chester Carpenter, to
gether with J. D. McD. IJveaay as
pnsMicuting attornev
The casus before the court were few
and none of ver. great importance.
People VS. J. 11. Cheney; forgery.
Hound jver to next term of court in Hie
sum ot Vui.
Fisk vs. Williams; ditch suit. Con
tinued tr next term.
Hattie Ward; selling liquor without
license. Fiued $2» aud costs.
I'eonle vs William Hurker; stealing
horses front Indians. Anpiitted.
Altiiough the Hear River vulley lia*
Ipretty well taken up t»> runciie* la*-
iwreo Hayden and IKnr River bridge it
ia obvious that either money or lalor
has town absetil in a good tnunv places,
where the necessary improvements corr
als! of only the inevitable cabin n cou
japicuoitl iu the identity of a claim.
' speaking generally the Hear River
, country is riot keeping |»oce wiHi the
While ia point of advancement.
Tire ppstmostcr at Axial has tendered '
Ibis resigned.
Hear fiver bridge K ag tin in a prr
.carious condition. It K uu*afe for
1 hauled Kauri*
j George Fuhr and Mr. Wakrman iinve i
! di*covefrd gold near Juniper mountain
oir Hear river.
It Is reported that Ora llalry and
(•there have purcli**rd Imi.uii oerr* of
land negr Ijuainle Citv. Wyoming. The
price paid Is said to have been flai.on,
The purchase includes the old Hutton
Mr. K. J. Drum has located a flue
j ranch d'wxn tire White River.
! Mi. ftvinran iUotr had a valuable
thoroughbred calf killed by a bear or
' mountain lion the other night.
Messrs. and MclK>well
pa**4*l down the White with a herd uf
•tVu lie Ail of rattle tlie other day.
Mr Charles Hill ho* gone to Grand
Junction to ra«*e( lit* mother who is
lourtulug from New llampdiuc. Mr*.
1111 l will reside at Rangelv.
To Charley Hill. Rangelv Tliat
watermelon wa* tmtneiiM- If Cn|*taui
Drum dof*in veto the ruoliofi we wouhl
like to get our optics on the mate to it.
Tlie I lav K»ys caught a large moun
tain lion In a trap last week. Il
measured seven feet eight inches front
tip to tip. It l* *o|q***4*l t«> la* the
"critter" that got away with Mr. Illwlr's
blooded calf.
She Was In Doubt.
i She was a daffodil, and j"-**c**4*d al
the sweetness of her ia*x. Ilraskerl:
I "Would there la* any objectionfp'in the
head of the table if we should conclude
I to Siamese y" Silence prevailed until
j he could explain matters, lie took fresh
courage and continued "I would shield
you. my dnrltng. from the cold amt
frosty wind* of heaven, and from the
dismal howling storms of earth. I
would love you ever and ever, 'and pro
tect you from those who would make
vour life dreary and unhappy.
denn**t. speak I" "Well. John." she rr*
piled, "to s|«eak candid. I don't think
father would C(Uisent If you should «ay
arivlhing to him aK>ut twins right off."
lie didn't ask the old man anv serious
questions concerning the daughter at
Uie tea-table that evening.—Courier-
11. 0. Smith, formally of l,endvillc
but now of the White River valley,
has brought in a hunch of the prettiest
cattle ever teen on White river. They
are full-bhodcd Holstein* and werr
greatly admired in where Mr.
Smith had them previous to starting for
White river. Mr. Smith gave up one of
the liest paying business establishment *
in to come here and give his
entire attention to stock. He Knight
the McDowell ranch.fifteen mile* down
the river, last spring and is building n
ban tsome residence. Mr. Smith has
brought in Ids family, and ns permanent 1
residents of the White River valley, we
welcome Uiem to our midst.
'I he liest time mmic by iwrssengers le
tween Snn Francisco and Chicago is 1
four days and sixteen hours; a train
loaded with tea recently made tlie run 1
in four days and thirteen hours.
hi. Altnenara llutler ha* found Hint
c'»ci*iie ointment (one to two in forty)
iinui>>diately relieved the severe pain of
of a -:hild over w hose Kxly l«oiling water !
i had [Seen spilled.
J. W. HUGUS & CO.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
General Merchandise,
We Have the Largest Stock in
the County, and Buy Exclusively for
Cash From First Hands, and are
Therefore Prepared to Make Low
Prices. It is Our Aim to Keep a Full
Stock of Everything Usually Found
• I *
. in a General Store, and by Fair Deal
i*. tirfc>dst*rtr*-o*w-Share of the Pub
-1 - j
, tvt\ /\t'i«T7l
C«r-4-.tMi« run min hm xtv wamm%*tr
i I
Mrs. 8. C. Burke, Proprietress.
! Neatly and Handsomely Furnished
The Only First-Class Hotel in North
western Colorado.
Billiard and 800 l Tables.


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