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Houston & Lttti.e, * Puoi'liietobs.
The Toronto (Volt refers to tho time
when “Daniel Webster was getting up
hit dictionary.” No wonder Kiel
Mm* Ci.evelanh's book him been
translated into Ilusaian, German,
French nml Italian Whether it would
have achieved such wide jtopularity
had the election last year resulted dif
ferently is questionable.
Till Viscountess Folkttonc has or
ganised a siring band iu Knglrtnd,
every one of whose ISO nittoN-ra Is a
woman and an aristocrat. Soine of
these days the common people of Kng
land will rise up as one man and wipe
out the whole aristocracy.
Canon Fakhak, the English clergy
man who delivered the magnificent
eulogy on den. Grant in Westminster
Abbey, is soon to visit this country.
Then* can be no doubt as to the warmth
of his welcome. Every American looks
upon him almost as a personal friend.
That tottering invalid over 7*» years
(4 age, Mr. William K. Gladstone of
England, rather mjoyed nn eighteen
miles' walk over a rough Norwegian
road the other day. lie will probably
be able to make a few remarks on
political subjects when he rvturti|i home
in the fait.
A lit* fai.o prohibition journal, has
put at the !.«ad of its editorial column
Lucy Webb llayes, for lYrvldcnt and
K'lsnU th Cleveland, for Vice President.
These candidates would infuse consid
erable bustle in the rampaign. hut Dr.
Mary Walker says she won't vole for i
tin ui. She doesn't believe in a petti
«oat government.
Think is. as a rule something ndtind
or picturesque in the nam* * assumed
by base-ball club*, but Sparta. (>«.,
seems to have reached the empyrean
of mellifluous suggest Irene•**. Two
rlulM off that town am styled, respec
tively “The Partly xing J m Dandies”
and “The Get Them Elia.
The writer of a recent article entitled
“Hummer in the Soudan.” published
in Ularktroctl'M Jtagannr, presents a.
curious pictum in hi« description of a
dust-storm in the desert “Mm and
animals hnddie«| together with veils
over their heads, awaiting with ptli- >,
roce. with their tails turned towards a
storm, the subsi lence of the wind
I nk | tropic at Ocean Grow* s|tenk of
the place as a modern E teri. Oao is
not allowed to crack a joke within the
gates of that sacred place on a Sunday
Not awheel is turned, not a thing can
bn bought, even to a drop of milk or a
newspaper People don't think of
locking their doors, hut leave their
pocket-lMMtks and other valuable arti
cle* lying around the motu« when they
go out and in full view of the passer-by
in the street.
A Han Fkas- in «• pa|ter says that of
ficers of the (Thilian navy “ tell officers
of our navy on the South American
station that they look forward hopeful
ly to the day when they may toot Han
Francisco.” Chili undoubtedly has
some fine wnr ships with which she
could do a great deal of damage on
onr Pacific coast, hut by the time
Undo Sam had got through with her
she would hare received a lesson which
would last her for a thousand years.
The Chinese claim everything now.
and am beating the modc«t American
quite nut of the field of na'.ional enter
prise. They tell us that the telephone
is nearly two thousand years old, hav
ing been in use about that time in their
country. Oh, pagans with the nlmon-t
eyes, there is something that i« older
than tho telephone-lying. It is older
than tho great Chinese wall. It is old
er than the great city of Pekin. It is
as old as the first Chinese historian,and
about as reliable.
Somrhoht says that “Man is the only
animal that blows his nose.” The al
ligator has a nose nearly two feet long,
yet he never blows it; the elephant ran
reach over his nose and tickle his hind
legs, and he often does, but he never
blows it. Tho blao-nt iod baboon has
a cerulean proboscis of which the no
blest animal must ft cl proud, but it
goes unblown. The double-nosed
pointer has immense capacity for blow
ing. but he never will, and the oyster,
whoso nose reaclios clean round to his
hack, refrains from exercising it. Man
alone has to reach to tho bight of n
pocket-liandkerchiof. and he proudly
waves his baudnnn as h MjMcient-.'proof
of hit superiority.
Silverton is to be lighted by electric!-
Four inches of hall fell at Pueblo
l**t Saturday.
Thu air drill* have been started to
work In the Urt-gory bobtail tunrt-l.
Tho first day of the firemen's tourna
ment st boulder wm a fa'lurc on ■.■ count uf
*lhe Colorado Springs opera house
be u-ru reopened with M. A.JS. Njre as man
The body of Lizzie Mulready, who
was drowred nesr I'm Mm last June, ha.’ been
The Democrats have decided to hold
IbHr State Convention on tbe fid of October,
In Denver.
The Arkansas Valley Smelter of
Ij ■•lvtlte Is talking of rriucvtrg to either Den
ver or Pu* bl«».
Itoulder county is expected to pro
duce tl.ls'vrsr fsw.uou worth of ore, sn In
rrra*e of 3ft jwr cent.
Andrew Sands, an employe of the
R'o Grande read, was killed the other day by
fallme Uiarm Ihr r«n
Mrr. Olive Wright has l**en appoint
r I Commit* loner to r» prramt Colorado at tbe
New Orleans Exposition.
Mr. John C. McClure, an old real
dint wbo raise to tbe Slate In was Lurid
In Canon City a f»w da) a ago.
An excursion of MIX) |xH>pln from
Denver, Manltoti and I'ueblr, wmt to Mar
shall I'aaa one day last Week.
The First National Hank, of Denver,
has Inn tnnvrd Into tbe Talsor Itlork, nn er
-•f Sixteenth and I.ultusr streets.
George || Shackleton. one nf the
uxst )<>| ular rltU-es of (stand Junction, was
drowt «d In tbe Grand Hvrr last week.
The Prohibitionist*of Ampnhoo coun
ty held a ntmniun Tt-urotry and j laced In
re tn!natW>n a full Hat of r*.unty i IBrUla.
The Sstulh Park Hail road ha* secured
acentraet tobaul&.KO tint nf i rr liitt tie
Star mine, A*j*n to Dravtr vlarit. Elmo.
Two of (mmml Templar* have
Iratltutrd atthtn a m-eth at (iotblr an 1
HrigLtcn, with l«*jefnl lists «.f charter mem
In the llrr.ry-llmnk controversy
Judtfr bsa Usud ■ t«-rnt<rarr writ t-f
--defies H" t-k to Rive Mr tfr«.ry smts to the
T. C. Ilenry and the Colorado l^nn
and Trust (Vint any hate tre-n sued In rh*t>
r-rv t»v Traveler* Itwuratwe Com|*ry nf
I!art/ort. Conn.
Another rave ha* l*cen discovered in
tie quartaltr formation «f Hattie M> unit'll
Thu ovr *u frond In the worklcß* of the
Clel *en Wonder mine. #
The authorities at Washington have
decided to arref-l the Armlp. atone f- r lb*
IVnvrV pslflllrr, and tbe ri*Usrt has Ueti
awarded to II »)rs A Mrfilltiav.
__ . . .... H .Hi. mss logn swept
•!»«n Utile beater Creek near Fort Vntfit,
'art wrrk, ard did raaatdrfab'e dan ate If
was) InR a«ay Ihe dfkra of tbe c anal
Judge Ituoker ha* sued J. It Wheel
rr. tir m’tilrg capitalist of A*tcn. f.-rlliT*'.
taeinsy wbvh he rlaltns at rammUub>n <>n jur
ct »<« st.d sales wbleb be baa wrjllslml.
The Flower Mission of Denver. con
neetral w|tb the Woman's Cbrtsitan
tore Union, Rosa to all the a|rk In Instltutlona
and many elsewhere tilth fesullfol rlfla of
K»tqoe*r The work Is carried <« entirely by
)«>unß ladle*.
The Sovereign concentrating and
• tamp mil's bate lern slartr-l. A-*>ut twrnt)
tc r.s of fire mlltlrr orr which will average |.'n
to tbr ton, ami Hi ton* of mncentratleß ore
• t ub I* tsdursd to steal '.ft lets that ntll
atiraßs fHO to the ton, la Ming ye • lured
Wheat from about fivo and one-half
acts a of tbe Fort CoiUna Colteßr farm w*a
thrrsbo! a few days aRo. Tbe yield was 17b
bushels i f improved Fife and lUount’s lly* rid
No. JV. Tbe yield of tbe latter from nr.r acre,
fit m thirty |s<unds of *»ol, was forty Are
bus bets.
The organisation of the Gentlemen**
Pleasure Drtvtrß Assort at ton of Ifttlnmlo
Spring* has tarn rlf*tl«l. The I'lkr's Peak
Driving Park haa been tested liy the Associa
tion and la bring Rtratly Imt roved. The open-
InR <lsy'| sport on the trark has leen arranß<d
for Thursday, Kept staler A
Colorado is not wholly given up to
I'lr Indiana, cowboy* and fiontl.-r barbarism
Tbe Tsleif tir and. at Denver, the handsomest
Opera house In the t'nllrd State*, haa a whole
wiek, beginning Monday, AuruH .11*1.. nf two
njerv written by Stanley Wool, of Denver.
T he ni* raa are "Brittle Silver" and "PflcllD,"
the music of the fonoer by W. F Hunt, of
Denver. and of the Utter by Carl Ma)*r, of
New York.
The 1.-sgan Colony afTaim are moving
ali»nr finely. Th* plat I InR of the town Is near
ly completed and the eolony house i» tn course
of erection (’ »l<>nel Mnnre Is In emstant re
ceipt of letter* fn>tn old soldier*, who st**e
that they are Rett Inc ready to start for the S m
l.uls Valley aa fast as yosslMe, and the first
contingent will he here, It Is thought at pres
ent, as early as the middle of September.
A "Salvation” woman who ha* l»cen
In tlie habit of laklnß colored children and
street Ramin tn one of the Itenver churches,
and *e*Mi r them In the front seat, much to
the annoy at r- of the rtitirregallon, was told
she mu** not do *o any more. t*he persisted
and a little colored rIM whom she was draß-
Rlnr In aßalnst her will was denied admission,
whereupon she had the ofTh-er* of ttyc church
arrr*te«l for violating the civil rlßhta lawa.
The Annual Convention of the Wo
man’s Christian Temperance Vnton I* to be
held at Colorado .Hprlnir* H»|»trtn»er Ifi, lfi and
17 Mnt. Bst'er, of Mlch'gan. will occupy
oi,e cvenloß, aid a proßranmn uf mu<*h Inter
est 1* prepared Tbe t'nlon of Manltou will
give a reception to delegate# on the IHJi, and
a eya-cla) train will bring them track to the
riirii.es In lime for train* northward and
southward, (induced rate# for delegate*.
Tho wild game and insectivorous
bird laws of Colorado have been amended so
that Inatvtiteroua birds shall not be killed at
all ( tr«-pt p#iiridge, pheasant.prairie chicken,
pralale h>u and grouse, and they only between
October I and November IS.) "No farson
•trail kill or wound, cutrsp or enare, any elk,
deer, buffalo or bison, fawn or antelope, be
tween the first day nf January and the fifteenth
day of October lu tirb and every year."
Mountain sbeep cannot be killed fur ten
tram from April 7, )*n&, uuder any condi-
• The hardware Block of Wni. M.
Kovorlb, at Central, waa at tar bed laat week
for « rj,IXJU. Mr. Kowortb U one of tbe oldest,
and It waa auppomd wraltbleet merchant* In
Colorado. |(c*ld«* hi* lard ware buataeea at
Central tie owned a dry Ruoda store at Pttrblo,
and had a rontrolltijg Interest In aevrral large
bunches of rattir, brsidr* eon shier aide real
estate In Drnvrr and rU-where. Aa Don a*
tbe aU»ve attachiiM-nt waa levbd, tbe rest of
Lts rrrdltom attached everything twlungtng to
htiu thst could be found. It U thought LU
total lnd« btestnea* will In close to fVJ.OOa
The following millers of the state
have consolidated and formed a stock oompany
with a raplul of ft,U<I,UUU: Mullins' and
Dsvts* mill, Bamell and Crt*man's mill and
the i reset l mill uf Denver; Deolo A‘'Han's
mill and I. II- Dtion's mill at Umgmunt, and
lltr M.-UI Milling and Elevator Company'*
mill at (ireelry. Tbe following officer* of the
company were elected: |*re*;d.at, Bruce T.
Ji boMB, of (lrreley; tecretary, Msrtun A.
Hrown, of lireeby ,treasurer, Ibda-n E. Bloan,
of lMivcr;Renrral nunsger, J. K. Malien, of
Druver. The new company will begin opera
item* Dry Umber 10.
Blomarck Reported to Want Cubs.
I.oNiMvN, August 'J9.—Additional sen
astbm was attached to tbr Hpantsb Herman
d 111 upyr by a rum*.r giving Prtare Hl*m*rek'*
rrsetm for tbr srlmre of tbr Caroller Islands.
Tut* rumor attrl' ut'd to tbr Ch*D<vll«-r a de
t- rmlnstbrn tootitaln y»»*«-*«Um of Cuba, ami
r (plains bts nsmlurt tn taking tbr Carotlnra a*
a ru»r to srrurr an understanding between tbr
t nltrd fitstre and lintniny In regard to (bear
uu lying rijanl.h ystaslons, aa a result of
• blfb ti«-rmany would jermll tbr Unltnl
State* to serure tbr I'hlllly.; Inr (slanda tf tbe
W a*blt gtoti <i overturn HI Would mu sent to
tiremany'* annr tattoo of Cuba. It I* strongly
maintained In some q tarter* that Htsmartk
bo fur a long time had b's eye no Cut**,
an I that be bu a*surr«l blms-lf of tbr
•upp**t «4 certain Western Amer
ican Intricate In tht* erbrttvr. F.eg Utimrt) of
m-lrfilr vires SCOUt the Lira that tbe fulled
ritales will ever |emit any Herman «m.y*lb«
of« ui**, ami affret to perceive tn this it|«ni
rd bismarrklaa project a deeply deatgv»e«l In-
Irtgu- to Involve tbr Amrrtrans ln« Eur»;«sn
•qusta.tr This story iums from I'*rl*.wberr
It U rxtemlwly dtseusard. Tbr s-vftsb Colo
ny tn the Frrr-'h t a; Ital are furVatsly Indig
nant over the whole thing. The Tag llUn of
lb- Im In referring to tbe matter today, re
marked that the Uauttful ladle* of CUha ntll
•non !■> toVetng ishpo* «* gsug—ne EBlllam
King Alfiswo has been Info-wwd by telrgrapb
of the rrjewird Kyantsh rerltpalbiK of Yap,
1 I’ve principle uf tbe Caroline Island*. ll* will
return from fan li M-»n*o to Ma-lrtd on Mon
day t • ; treble at tbr special meeting of lb*
i ripanl.h Cabtart which was called to consider
tbe Caroline affair.
A Herrible Death.
Wasihnoton. D C.. August .to.
A »lcclal from I'crkhenm Jun. H-w, Pa. give
l-sril-ular* of a borrtMe turning affair at
P. rkbxnrn Junrt'on, of a young lady named
J»nnb- Kulp, of lirrm Unr, Montgomery
Mainly, where she )wns staying, at liming'*
Hotel. It hr was rr raged In witting a letter to
s frlen-l. In twr tr.lr«»en, late at night, wbm
•hr fell asleep fibr |>rot*sbiy moved her arms
while asleep, for tbe coal nil lamp waa opart,
saturating her clothing ami setting It on fire
The apprsmner of tbr room showed that tbr
poor girl must have h* 1 a terrible struggle.
Tbr deaif was lorkrd ami she screamed and
beat b-r taelv agslnst It. The plastering was
t< rn off the wall* with her fingers tn her nguny.
Finally, the proprietor, Mr. 11 erring, beard
her screams ami opened the door of her room,
■ be*- she dashed nut and raa through tbe
house an 1 up aod down the stairs until *be
fell .loan In a swoon. Her rbribing waa all
t urned off her l-»ly. ami bet fare and bead
wrfr literally n»s«trd to the Nme fihe died
tht* m< rn’ng. Mr. Herring. In hi* efforts to
relieve her. was severely burned, tbe girl In
her sgony throwing her arms about him and
t urning hi* face, neck and ban la. A child
with her In the mom was also burned.
Sullivan vs. McCaffrey.
John L. Sullivan and Dominick Mc-
Caffrey bad a sparring match In Cincinnati on
the VPth. Over \OOU peop'e were In atb-n I
*ne«*. The e-mdltlon* were that McCaffrey
•greed to meet riulilvan In a glove contest of
sti rounds nr tn a ItnUh, the winner to take
the gate receipts. The »li rounds Were fought
without drrtde«l a-tvsniage lelnp gained by
either isirty. although the referee drelde.l In
In favor of riulilvan. McCaffrey has s'nce
rhsllepgr.l the ehsmpton to fight with hare
knuckles for fkftdn and tbe rbam;|nn*blp of
tbe world. In reply tn this it I* reported that
riulllran ha* Issued a elivHenge for a fight to a
finish, with or without glove* to take place at
a private place, riulilvan offer* to put up f-V
om to McCaffrey'* |non) that be will whip
A later dispatch any* that KefcTM Tate wav
(|U'*tloned as to hi* declM-m at Cincinnati on
risttmlay. Ve ha* ma<lr no decision, lie
think* that riulilvan had the best of tbe fight
* » far a* fighting point* are concerned, but If
fie H*«st..n boy was to knork nut McCaffrey In
* v round* be failed, as the Plttahurg lad «ame
up smiling at every round. He haa no*, seen
tbe agreement aa yet under which they fought,
and be ranno*.. Id consequence, render > de
Balmy Sleep.
Tho Infimmrinn of Mount Su Clo
mcnis I’olicgo. Ilchoator, Mnrylatid,
write* that R*il Star Cough Cure la*
given much satisfaction in that inati u
lion lu n seven* cam* off con * urn pi-m
it gave great relief, and after its nse
rustless nights and night aw eats disap
Aa American CIIUtR K*pt In a Loath
some Ituvgsoa over a Year.
A Fnlladelphla dispatch says: Mr. C.
A. Van bcukrleii, of New York, Kx United
ritales Consul Hebtral at Port au Prince, ar
rived In thU city to «tay a* a passenger *»*» »h«
American steamer Haytlrn Ib-j übltc.frooi Port
■u Prince, lie tell* a rriuark«ble*tory of out
rageous treatmeut at tlie band* of the Haytleu
(Jovtminent while actlrg t* Consul Oeneral.
Mr. Van Houkrlen married a Haytlrn woman,
and at tbe end of tiD term of i flic* be look up
the bu»lue*» of dealing In the j>a|«er money of
the native Hovernment- At I hi* be made r«»ti
aldrrable ru< ney, and then be desired to Inveal
a pert cf hi* gains In real ralate, but this was
forbidden by a law of llayll, which dentrathat
right to any but a natlvs -Nirn rltDen.
lie evaded the law, however, and purchased
a piece of pro|«-!ty In Port au Prince, which
transaction reaching the ear* of President
riolotnon, the Chief Magistrate of the H* pub
lic, he earned Van Houktlen’a arrest aud
bail him lorkrd up in a wretched dun
gron In the Uoviruinrul prison at Port
au Prince. Here his only compan
ion* were negrur* of the UK at debased
type, mat y of tb«m bslng murderer* and dra
pe radora, and very i ften tbe yrls* n, whtrh 1*
a small and wrrtrbrd structure, built wi h»w,
awsiiq y ground, was crowded with nearly ;**)
prlaonirs, Mr. Van Ihiukrlm Ntr.g the tally
white man among them.
Ill* dungeon was a narrow stone eel! which
measured eight fret by four, and the wall*
were nm*'antly dripping with watrr. There
the unfortunate • x ( onsul was ftHcrtl to stay
from March. unil» June *J7, IwT The
place la-leg Infrstrtl elth rata and UmthMunr
verttiln . ht* t»e*ltb, which was robust when !m
--wss first !niprt**«rd, U m»w mtlrrlv broken
Jown, and be b*a Iwcome a victim of N>th
r unsumptbrii and cbrcnle eatarrb, while hi*
face U |«!r and h*rgsrd, slid gives every evi
dence of long suffrrlng. Mr. Van H-iukrlm
aayra no attention was |«M by Prrsblmt Holo
ruon to the letter* from rirentsry Frvltnghuy
•m, and be was not released unt.l rim clary
bayard wrote to the Haytlrn Prr*ldrnt de
manding hi* Instant rrhase, stating at tbr
a att»r 11 me t bat If he was not ft lestnl a l nltrd
Hi sir* manofwar won'd l» dispatched to
Pori au Prince with Indrurtbrn* to adoyri se
vere measures If nrcv*stry. The truth of the
story Is vouched for by the Captain and Purser
of the steamer.
▼k* Firemen'* Tonrvsament.
Hot'hNKß. Colo.. Aug. 2fi-Th«*flr»t
race wss a ri'atr test f«*r N«»k *n 1 l*.lder tram*,
fiftes n men to each team. Hun VB feel, raise
'gliot Iwbler and place utsn on Uns time to
hr called foen start until c'lmtvr gr*»js top
round c>f 'abler F»ll«>etng Uthe • itk-lal time
In seconds ami fifth* of srcnO-ts: |b>uMer
iMobs, 3? tft; Oeorgetrfwn rita»s, >Sft. Hree
lef NsAs.'A JA. U»ld.n N«*k». SftSft; Cen
tral Nadu, 3ft3& The last three es<tn|**nUa
having made tu* werr i>Ulfnl to run again,
which resulted In giving lie br’l to U d-b n
nd IIOU In rs-h In y. —r « .J., HI (n r*.*i |0
(Her U-yr for 31 l-A an I third prtle— |2D— to
Central In rv«n time.9l wowds
The next rare was a wet lest for hese.e'evren
own to rarh team, run of Hi fret to |di.g, un
met twvnty fret nf hear, !«• *h mupltag aad
aUarh wniW, time m*>*ured from atari to sj
ivsrwn of water The following t* the tifll
rial mevrid In seenmts and fifths of smieid* .
B- ul ter llnse. S finje Hope, Georgetown,
cv dffeWy Huo, BoUmc. Umgm >nt Huae,
40t A
iKmxn hay.
Tho •sw'onit day of tho tmirnament
dawned bright ar d clear and t* r lnt« rest tn
the rare*, which bad Irr* great fnxn the
start, was even more Intense. The first rare
was fig bee and N»-b and la>l-ler tram*
Each t*sm wa* tor«>n«t*t of clrvrn tmn to run
wai fret with b*e r»el conlalnlng 9U feet of
bnae IV foltnatng I* the rfllrtal time In
second*: Central ||(*A*. X] IA. (ireelry
llnse, XI JA; (l aden Hooka, T.\ IhNilder
lln*e, 83A; Greeley Ho**, Xl|A; Gessrgr
town -b*, XI | A Tbl* gave the fimt pflae.
lU*). to the ErefVtt* of (1 •Mm. the second,
fdo, to the Central team, and tblnl, 940, to
the B Nil »ler t**y*.
The Second race of the d*V n%s tbe dry kne
test, which meant a run of gu feet to a hy
drant, met off 9JO fret of hose, break roU|>llng
and attach | Ipr. This was WHO by the G«4den
Hooka In 11 (A second*, the C.-ntral tram
making second N«t time.
Tbe prtle In the 10no fivri race was ronlrat
rd for l>v James Graff, of Centra!; Peter It'rd.
of Golden; William Ijvmp*blre,of George town
and George T. F«*«la,of IhNilder. They ermsed
the line In the erdef name.l, the winner rnsref-
Ing the distance In Ift 1-3 second*
ThU face ended the meeting which wa* one
of the me~t successful yet held. Georgetown
waa selected a* the place of the tournament
next year.
A (Mmilli Carolina Tornado.
CftAKi.MTviN, South Carolini*. Aug.
2fi.—Charleston wa* struck by a ryclnoe tbl*
morning and one fourth of the loose* in the
city are unroofed Part* of the *plrr* of 11.
Michael'* and Bt. Mathew*'* ehurrhes were
Mown down, and the spire of the Citadel
riquarv HaptlM (Tutfeh wa* drtnollshesl. The
wharTra and warehouses are l«*dly dsmsgcl.
At riulilvan'* tslaml, two steamer* are ashore,
and the new A*hhy River bridge, now con
atructlng. waa swept aw*y. Four vessel* which
arrive*! yrstenlsy are wrrrkrd. The tele
graph wire# are down. There are no car* run
ning. Tbe Ine* l* r*tlmatrd at 11,(01,000. The
work of restoration ha* already began.
The ally I* Incoming tranquil. Tlie lim I*
•till estimated at one million dollar*, delud
ing wharves and rhmehr*. The merchants are
already rebuilding. The phosphate work*,
near the city are but little Injured except the
Atlantic, which keia Its arid rham!*er. The
Norwegian bark Mnllior, from I.lrerp«e*l, was
dismasted In the storm, and the Germat. bark
11. Peter* was driven ashore. The German brig
Frclhelt was sunk In collision. Tlie dry dock
schooner William K. Im was blown ashore
and the Norwegian l ark Vi rlt i and the Dalian
brig rian Prlaco am a*h-»fe at Castle Pinkney,
with a three masted schooner, name unknown.
No lives were lost.
CIfAHLEriTON, South Cltroliflri, Allg.
91. It was linjsisslble yrstenlsy In t«-|rgr*ph
an adequate descrlntbn of the cyclone. It
prove* the moat dHastnni* storm that ever
visited Chariesion and within a comparatively
few minutes 11. r Injury In private rrsMenr**s
wa* Trrv l»rge In the segregate, though lha
Individual loasea were n.niparatlvely sma’l,
chiefly to roof* aod fence*. Pome of thr whole-
Kile dealars, however, h*>* luavily by Ike dam
age lo their aturk* The beavleat h»**c* were
along the wa'er frout. The riulilvan Island
steamer* Pocoalu and riap|diO went aground In
the harbor aud are considered beyond repair.
The Union Naval Blores and the city wharves
are lunllv wrecked.
On Charleston’* favorite promenade—the
East Battery—the ground floor* of the real
drnce* were from three to tlx fret under
water, and the handsome garden* were cov
ered deep with *edgr. The Sea rose *o rapidly
aa to have the app< araure of a tl-lal wave. The
railroads hailing to Charhau>n are ron»ldrr
ahly damaged. Tlie Northeastern railroad
trark for a mile and a half t* covered with
water, and one-half of the track l* washed
away. The news concerning the crop* la
At-out a mile of railroad track waa Mown u» ,
and the freight depot* were bully damaged;
two alooja were blown nut of tbe water acroa#
the tracks, weighing thirty to fifty ton* each.
The South Carolina Itsilway wharves and tbe
Immruse store! ousts were unroofed and dam
aged; one building wa* thrown on It* aide,and
Itfl **trd one hundred yards Into the marsh.
The .Vrwa .»*«</ L'uuHrr, of Charleston, tuakca
the following rough estimate of the damage:
Wharf property, |AA),000; private property,
I.Tti.UX); cotton 'pitsac*, fnuA); churrhe*.
f.ai.iao; city property, lAA.UUU; rallrvmda,
•A.IXW; Ashley Itlvrr hrtdge, fH.UDU; shipping,
flAO.OTO; lumber mill*, |J».Ns). mt*ccllana
ous, •lOO.COU Total, ll.l'AOJa
THa Naapiclaua Dsalk sf Mr. Walbap of
Ns w OrHaaa.
New Oiu.kans, 1-oulaUnn.Aug. 24.
Nothing for a long time haa created so much
rxcltemeot here aa the liras of the arrest In
Ku>(**rla, Kansas, of Mr*. Minnie Wa'lacr
Wslkiip, f.»r polssmlng lier hnslwnd The mar
riage took place just a month U> a dav before
the death of her husband. Mr. Walkup h**t
Urn a familiar figure on the at reel aof New
Orleans. He waa a Virginian, an dp* hand
some, tncrgejle man, «»f considerable wealth
and aMIttT. He waa about 4Ayc*r» of ags-.and
a widow* r with two daughter*, the youngest a
year older than tht* wife about he recently
Minnie Wallace Walkup la 17 year* old- Her
father I* Jantes E. Wallace, a lawyer, an l for
merly United ritalra CommU*toner. F.Vrrv one
who ever saw her noticed her beauty of face
and form and ladylike deportment. Walkup
had met Minnie when she aav a child and
watched her bbsan Into womanhood. The wed
ding t<s>k place at Covington, Kentucky, July
Si, and was a bnl Unt affair. Fintn her letters
Mr*. Walkup aermrd to le living a happy life
with her want* all provided fur. Her last let
ter which wu received five days ago, said Mr.
Walkup was going on a short trip on hudoewa
and that she was tn go along.
Fahiau, Kansas, August 31 —lion. J. It
Walkup's funeral at lbr grtbdls! Ej»*se»*j»*]
church lis>k place at 3 o'clock this aftemrsm.
with an Immense attendance, filling the
church and the adjacent street*, many pmpli
tnlng fr*»m the *urr«.un«Mr.g nsinlry. The
Interrit that l* manifested In the rase sur
passes all precedent here. Mr«. Walkup re
tain* her easy, mu), Self yo«se—ed tearing.and
ibe attendance at the house yesterdav might
In called a Isvee for her. rib® eonthmew to
assert her InOecetKe. rib" dll teri attend tbe
funeral at the choreh, aa her presence might
have gtV(U rt*c tn rrmt rxrttrmrnl. The
Coroner's jury met again tht* fnna<s« and
tug the testimony of Dr. 1. D Jacob*, the
Physician who attend'd Mr. Walkup. It de-
Vek prd nothing new Of startling Tbe
analy*i* by Dr. Gardner of the atotaaeh and
other {sari* uf Mr. Walkup'*body, did not de
termine the presence of a/s-nle or {■riaem. and
be ha* t sken the |<arls In Kins** City for a
ibivr nmpklsitd •xbaus'lvr analysis The
C-*reiner's jury has si) iuroc»l tn Tuesday
Kelley <'« rues
Nr.w York. August 27. -Amhonv
M. Kelley, who wa* apfnlntrd Minister tn
Hair Imt afterwanla transfrrml to Vbnna.
and r» jeeted by the Austrian Government, ar
rived here yasurday with bis family on the
steamer Rhineland.
In an Interview Mr. Kelley said ' Any
Government, according to the International
law. frvm lb" fart of tbe sovereignly, has a
perfect right to rrcefvr of reject whoevrr may
be apjsilntrd aa Minister to It. Interna
twmal courtesy rvrn <lnra not require
au i vplanatloe. Imt when a Govern
nwnl assign* lla reisot* f«»r rrjcetlng It must
he ju lg,d by the strength f«r th**se reason*
It la almost lmpns*lMr for an American to
un<ler«tand bow a man can In* rejecte t aa a
Minister tn * civilised government Nr sum- hi*
wife I* Jewess as my wife I*. That l* the rea
son. *o the n«w«p*j-crs say, which the Aus
trian government assigned for my rejection,
and that wa* the only objection ma>lr that I
know of. Its an nbjertlon which 1 can't rr
rairr, and I never would tf 1 mul-l. For the
Austria.) government to give sorb a reason to
a government founded on the principle# of thl*
government I* an anachronism, and l* scan
dalnu*. It *ffrrnl* the l*nltc«! ol«tr* and In
aoll* the nineteenth century."
T* aaa Nlrtlieva.
Galyrstom, Tcxk*. Atig 27.—A gen
eral strike ameng G.r machinists, carpenter*
and latmrrr* In the rho|« and yard* along the
line of the Gulf, Colorado A riant* Fc Rail
road took place at noon today, an order to
that eff.ct having tern Issued by Ihe Grand
Council of the KtdghNof later, "pp'rlrg to
all the lines, the workmen on whleh had a just
rause of grb Vance. Ihe riant* F* road wa* ln
cludrd In tl I* ciai* of con orate « ffender*, on
the ground* that the n«n who are employed
on the line received lea* |*j than tN>*e work
ing for the Missouri Pacific Rallrotd Company,
and that they had red Isen honestly dealt
In thl* city an atlrmpt wa* made Io pre
vent tli" d< pasture i f the mnlrg |>***encer
train bv Mukadltg Ihe track. The |*>llce,
howeTer. Intrrfirrd and removed theototruc
lions without opposition. The trains are now
run ring a* ti*ual, and thus far the • ffeeta nf
the strike have not t«e«n perreptlbly felt. At
Fort Worth and ottx r | ron.lnmt joint* on the
mad the rtrlle was gitiira. The condition of
affair* at that place loc k* serious, and, though
therallwsv i fib Is Is spjs ar to tnat Ihe mat
ter llght'v. tie It illesl'ors are that they will
l«- fore* d to am pt the strikers’ term*.
A Now York pnper hiu» rlitrotrrril n
ino*t • nnnstinl N'llo” in n wl.tailing
girl. Nlio should Im tnkon ft few mile*
otii I" • nml Anchored Alongside of a
whittling buoy |
Tha gucallv* Bo*rX of lh« Kulghta of
Übur Nrsl Jay UouHI-
New York, Now York, August J6.~
Jay Gould, A. A. Talmage, General Manager
of Ihe Wabaah railway; General Manager
Hoxie of the Houthweatern ByvUn, and Cap
tain lllajrea, Flrat Vtco-Prealdeilft of the Mla
aourl Pacific rallnuu!. this afternoon receive.*
a «!••!• gatlon from the Executive board of Um
Knight* of Ijileir, which U here t« ** *
set tie men t of tlie dlfficultlra taiw.en the Wa
t«.h aud the KulghU of Lat«or. source*
near to the rallwav iu* n It I* learned that Jay
Gould Informed the corn in'tire that the of
(trial* of the Wabash were not oppoee I to the
Knight* of Übor aa an organisation, but they
rather approved it. The company never ha-1
offered auch a proposition U> the men aa had
Nrii stated In t ffret, that they must break
from the Kulght* aa a condition of employ
The official a, Mr. Talmage. In »{waking tor
them, explained that when the new manage
ment began under the rrerlvrr many chanjrtw
were neccealtated. U-**rd Hue* were got rid
of, and rxjs-nse# rurtalle«l. The failure of the
wheat rreq-a bad been felt, and It amatltuted
-me causa for ccooomy. The commit
lee suggested aa a mean* of aettllng
the difficulty that all the mm em
ployed alnrr June Ift In place of the union
men In- -lUcha.gr-1 and the old band* he rein
stated, Including those wbo had refused W»
separate from the organlxatbm of tbe Knight*
a* a condition of t-etng taken back on Joa* IE,
when the *bo{ia were re-opened. The *hopa
uu ntlonrd wrre: Fort Wayne, Indiana; Decn
tur and Hprtngfleld. HllnoU; MoNrly,Bt.Loula
and rie-talla. MUaourl.
The Executive Board of Kolgbu urged that
the shop* were el<»cd June Ift an t opened two
day* later, and then when tbe old hand* ap
plied for work they were rrfuaed unlem they
slgnrd an sgrremrut U» quit thr KnlghU. fill
t»«n huedrwl men rrfowd aod they were
I- cke-1 out, other* replacing them. The eon
ference to-day hinged here; If th- «*fflctala
would agree bv discharge those wb«» took tbe
{•lace* of those who were locked OUt, all •onld
tM well. The committee demanded an anawrr
within flfirrn minute*, but the railway c-flletal*
declined auch rapidity of d*cl*ton, and ataUd
that c»mai-ler*tl*m w-ml-l b* given t*» the mat
ter and an anawrr would follow late* on. Tha
committee of Knight* then drparfad-
Crop ft*r—yets-
Chicago. Illinola. Aug. J#-—Tb*
A'armers* rw will |mMlsh the following
summary of lu crop return* up to August ‘M.
With the nccptl m of the eviuntry trltmtary to
the Red lUver Valley, during the last fourteen
•lay* the harvest ha* not bren seriously de
layed. Much of the spring wheat to be hand
led this fall and winter will he of an Inferbw
quality. The Intense hot weather la July haa
les-n the main ctuse of thl* atate of affairs,
the effect «»f which wa* to mirror Irsa shrivel
llk gralo and pnsluce a quality below that nt
last year. The spring wheat crop of IM4 waa
exceptionally fine In quality. Northern Dako
ta {•menlses now b> be tbe only arm from
which any large supply of Na. 3 bard wheat
may te 10->kr-l fur.
The price of whrat haa declined twelve
rent* within thr laat sixty -lays, but even at
the present prices <4 wheat Ihe export demand
t* very email- The gr*at areuWfffctlow of
at-ck at the ahlpptrg points and Ihe prospects
of a still further Increase has also Nv-a an ele
ment which ha* gone very far toward produc
ing the present decline. The very cool night*
which prevailed more or Us* during August
have made the farmer* considerably anxious
for fear of oarly fn-t. While the general ap
(waranre of th" com la ooe of rnn■uragrmrot
the crop a* a whole 1* late and wr must get
■HI into ricptc-ntsrr without an early froal or
with It at Imst b 0 j*-r cent wt*il«! In* **dL The
general Impression ta that w# at* to gather
the l**grsl crop of com cvrr grown, ritlll the
com cn»p 1* very unevm aod we think that
tbe yield wl I ikH bum Up to grmral eipectn-
Tlio Horrfort! !• pulling atmngly to
tho front a* bring thr favoritr bull for
thr range* of Sotithrm Now Mexico.
Mr. John A Clough, of tho Union
Stock yard a, hn* contracted t*» fumlah
Nrlintska famirr* with good aixnbln
wrthrra to food nt $2.2/* prr hmd.
Tho flock owner* have not complain
wl much thl* year nftrr gutting lArrnta
for thrlr wool. They have pretty gnn
orally taken it nml gone nwny content"
Thi* clin off this your. 1885, in Colo
mdo. hn« noon wrnio 8.000.000 pounds,
8,000,000 of it hn* l»orn sold nt prices
ranging front 14J to 16 ernta prr
Tho numl>or of cnttlo upon tho non
tml atrip, it 1* now atntod. hna been
greatly ovormtimntrd Two hundroel
thousand instead of 400,000 honel nro
now anid to bo grazing under Indian
The National Htock growers second
annual convention, which will meet in
St Louis this fall, nmmiae* to boa
larger and mom ontnusiaatic meeting
than that of laat fall. Colorado will be
ably and numerously represented.
Tho Jersey cow Prince** Second, of
wondi-rfn) butter record, died lately off
lung trouble—another case, probably
of weakened vitality fmm overfeeding.
Sho cost ft. 800 an-! #IO.OOO is said to
have been refused for her when in
The general impression in tho San
Luis Valley is that if a man wishes to
buy rattle there will l»o no finer oppor
tunity than during the coming fall and
winter. Cattle were never so low aa
at present, but they surely cannot got
much lower.
What the great Southwest, especially
Now Mexico, wants is a law which for
bids any man or corporation to feed
more than 1.0)0 head of cattlo on pub
lic pastures, or acquire more land, by
purchase or otherwise to sustain that
many animals.
Arizona is rapidly developing as a
lending cattle range country and is
now being stocked with good herds.
Iu two years Arizona will equal New
Mexico, and the two territories will
lend in the Unitod States as producers
of feeding steers.
ll l« «al<l that vr*ti-r In which fl*h will not
live !• iiol lit lo -Irfnk. It will l<e a little Inrun
venlrnt, lln>ugh, to rarrv * live fl*li about III"
,«i-n an-l plum • It Into a g of wa'.-r In
| fore -IrloklDg the N-vcrag".

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