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VOL. I—NO.1 —NO. 30.
r. UAHMKKH, R. «...
* KDKI.K ». ■■
Carfield County, ColoraJo.
Hp*-* I*l iilll'lilixll Id t>i*«llt*'«« m |l|i Itm I'lilN-l
Land olbcc Alik I ml* of lilMiik
•U It • 11*1
Putiußlrr Mulltllntf.
H. l iINK,
U. I. Deputy Land Surveyor.
Ku.»l*ark Avenua.
n.ii. r»<»««• i mis,
All«*rnp) ■«•«! InuRM-llur «l Law.
IpMlal AIOrIIor la Nutlnr*. In Ike
( Ril'd ktalra Land «MMrr.
i.lrnaiol I'itrliif., (UrtW- l*«iunty, i‘ul«>twd-■
j j. oi novr.
All t*e»*n«-|H*4 «>f tlfiiinl %»«*rk ilonr In th«-
•ir*! Ihortaijrli mid lory ttMIURT mix!
Hamuilnl lo I * * u.llt n* rr|m •• »il*«l.
Mlrr I oißrr l*ttrk A i mnr .ml Fourth
ouunrooe mi'kino*. • • • (xii/ihaimi
Mnalnrna In lit* I nll'd Malr* Land
mm ir a ai^rialif.
J. W. Hugus & Co..
Itantari « limm.l lltnVirtr ll'i.in*
lliflir.i |wi l for i’mini) "tnaiii* I -
ktial all'twcl fl Tint** Ivj.. iNwfl.
drawn *•*• Kt*l.tu • Hi* * and lUiroj—
• "•*»ti«-I»N»*(m*-. Knunlrr lir*—.. Now York;
I ir*l Nai.'iul I tank. Omaha; • ta-l
NrlKhml Hank. Dnvrt: J. W lluru* A i
Ha* I Ilia. «>o.
«nllrrllunw l*r«*N*|»ll| AllrwUnl 10.
J. E. Creer A Co.,
47 Exchange Building,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago.
ItroYrra' National llank. Union Stark Yank
numfn, 111.
('oniNSiWStail Nflllonnl llank. i hl<mr<». 111.
\rwnsir A C**.. I*im krn. Chkaft'. 111.
John V. Karwoll A •'«».( hl«-Ntr*. 11l
Wnrrrn I'n.. llank. Indian l l». lowa,
Washington Nntloiml llank. Washington.
Bkrn Drslla arc Jlßd#* Nnllfy •»> Wlrr
•r Lrllrr W'hal )<•« « «•»• m ■ «»*!
AnisßHl Brawn laslM*l »«»'.
lll IKLIA .%• UCHnCMIOt l'.
Plans and Specifications Fur
nished on Short Notice.
All Ordtra Promptly % I lentlrd to and
fMitlafarUnit •dnamtilpeil.
-nor iv er.Miir.vHorr mm-mvo
.tlrrkrr, t uluratlu.
MATUIIUAY. MAY •*. |rt<«
The Capture of J.D. Ball.
On Monday, Him Umd Instant. Joseph
jD. Hall \i’hm brought liefore Judge
Hrnslmr. hy Sheriff Kendall, on » war
' runt sworn out liy Roliert Rtdgitu.
charging Rail with the murder of tlm
, R igitn brother*, Fatri<-k and Janies.
Our renders will recall the horrible»f
fair wiifii Him lh-igun boys were blown
up in iht'lr boost) on I'ir«*-aiico creek In
'"inc miscreants during Him night of
August 117. Isn't.
(ieneml Dave Cook, the fiuiioiis Rocky
Mniinuiin Delective, Uiuilly located
Hull and mi the iiiut-t.-.-ntJi of April.
Sheriff KnuduM. united with a warrant.
Malted for his man finding him on tne
Hue between Idaho ami Montana, ofter
visiting tniuiv PoinU where Hall had
I lieen arresting him nl midnight Inn
railroad Larding ear several hundred
miles from when* he wu* supposed to
Im*. when Sheriff Kendall started from
here, and arriving with him in Meeker
Stiudu) evening. Hall waiveil an ex
ainlnutiou «nt thi* charge of murder as
well as on unoiher charge of horse
Mealing and was committed without
•»ail. Sherd! Kendall, accompanied |,y
Dave t’lidar Sheriff McKlioy and
Howard Jones, left for l<eadville with
IUII and W. J. Jones, who is charg'd
With shooting IV le Welch with intent
to kill, where they will lie von A lied to
await the action of the (irttud Jury.
II W. Met/, who was went lo jail ul
Glen wood, wUI also be taken to tbe
, l.eadvilh* jail for safety.
The While Itiver Stock tirmv**rV As
sociation have lieen ho|l> assisting tn
the piiiM*cutioii of tli(*se r.iv« a* they
all. except Jouew, are involved in charges
of cuttle -(ruling and the \- tuition
d«e n not intend to • let up a- long os a
"riiMiri ’rules the White River range.
They have ample fund* m their trea
sury and every uirtuber of the
A**.- « i llmh is heart and soul nod |«wket
engaged 111 the go>*l work of purging
W Idle river of all rattle thtair*.
Fairehilds' Escape.
Hurt Fair <*4 it Ids. Hie lined important
of the trio of prisoners that was to have
lieen taken it* 1 .*•.•..!ville on Wednesday
morning t-ludcd the vigilant Ills
guard Tuesday night and made his
escape. It Is strange Hint strict care
slhmilO In- takeu td Falirliiltls slumst,
until the hour of li!t miit**mplate«l *
transfer lo a place of safe krt-p.ng nod
then vigilance should l«e s • relaxed as
to uliow him to esen|M* That Hie proper
rare was not taken of the prisoner is
apparent an I that thr tdUeers did not d*»
their dull in the premises h ap.
parent sud they are open to censure In
consequence It Is l*»«i I*o*l that after
the ex|N*n-e attending hi> rapture ami
gnar.ling for nearly two weeks Fair
chillis ..hoiild have rii.ele his escape lie
is the most expert •’rustler*’ on the
range to-day.
Judge George S. Iln/eti received a
telegram vesterday ntatiug that John V.
Houston has been appointed |s*stma.ster
St Meeker. Judge Ilil/e|| sent In his
resignation last fall and it is only with
reelings of regret that we learn of Mr.
Ila/eu's retirement, for his courtesy
ami accommodation has Imii the ad*
mirslioii of all. :iml we feel that Ids suc
cessor will merit the same esteem which
Judge ILi/cti has held.
Lmd complaint is made alsait the
way express matter is handled l»v the
Haw tins ami White River Stage Line
It seems to i»e diiiu|»cd everywhere
along the mod h'tween here nnd Raw*
lins TV ell. we can stand it for a short
time. Ilefore many months rolls hy we
will l«e getting our express matter in li\
way of (ilenwond.
The week just clt»s*s| was a lively one
in Meeker. To start off with wn hail
the arrival of J. D Hall, chargisl with
complicity in the Reig.m murder, and
thru Hie escape of Fairchilds, ami as
the week is not yet ended we may have
some more startling news before 1:1
It is with pleasure we announce the
o|K*ningof J. V. Houston’s store. The
people of Meeker have felt the want of
such a store for a long tlm** hack mid
Mr. Houston will carry a stock of goods
that will please the public and com
mand a lilmtul patronage, (’all and ex
amine Mr. ll.’s line line of goods.
A special to the Tribune- Republican
from Dixon. Wyoming, says Kd Calla
han. rierk of the District Court of this
judicial district, was shot here to-day.
It is thought to lien mortal Would.
lion. Dennis Sullivan condemns the
personal journalism of the Denver News
abusive of ex-Scnntor Hill, as indecent
and without a shadow of justification.
* *v> '
Vol. 1. No. 1. of Wyoming and Iht t
Future, published at Rawlins. Wyom
ing. by F. W. (Mi. is received. We
wish the venture success.
I The blacksmith i** about the only
| workman who secures pn*sperity hy,
t***lng on a Mrlk*
The City Fathers.
The Hoard of Tcuhlcmh met in regu
lur inouthlv x-shimi on Monday cveulng
May It. IWnt, Mayor (lurk. Re
(•order Thayer and TiuMeet Me IUH“i
. and .\llh**br<K>k and Mtu-lml Nldedi
i ALm'liL, Trustees Little Mini Watson.
The minutes t»f the last uieettilg wert
i read and approved, after which Hit
• Ikiard procetsletl with the itgulur order
• of blDOlienv
The hill Of the MCKKCIt II Kit ALP. fCf \
* publishing «*(!*> ial notices. »Ji‘ 7'». wsft
. allowed nnd ordered paid. Also tins
hill of <’it\ Marshal Hen Nit hols. cila|y
i f«»r mouth of April. and JU./iU fir
hauling olf and htiryiug sc\ou dt*nfl
r anliiials, allowed iuid orth red |*:iid. jf.
A motion was curt led iost.* uctiutf UW
Muyor to upfiuiul one J‘i u-:. *Ao c«ni|l^
I with rouiity Coininisalomr lireg***,
. on Itehalf of Him county, in reganl|E
. budding a jail to In* iimsl by Isitli om||A
* Hide for huihtiuqrlh.
r will la-atUcrli-cd for and H|M ciflcalioua
I furnished.
i On motion of Trustee AliMdms-k
l seconded hy Trustee Thayer. 11. J
» Miner wot iip.sMiited I’oil re Magistral
i A. I’. Randall waa ap|Mduted Assist
ant t own Marshal to act lu the ••
of Marshal Nichols.
i Hoard adjourned to meet lu special
-4*s-mmi Momlai. Mm 17. at 7 :tu p. m.
Another Stock Case Agalust Fairehilds.
I J. It Fairchilds hud a healing on
i Saturday last l*e|o»e Judge Attix >n
I another charge of st<H-k stealing. , |*|ie
charge was that Faitchild had taken
» two calves ami a fat heifer out «.f Dun
can lU.iit s herd. Tim heifer won killed
; for beef and Hie calves div ided lietwex II
Mi It. nnd Fairchihls. l-iiircbllds n<t
milted Hiul i*ih* of the calves had Ids
Lrund Oil Ulel tint he shot tile Itelh'i
i ami got u "chunk’ of the l*eef. Judge
Vtlix committed t'niicliilds lu defuuli j
i of s'.’.imi|*hii|r tuanralt the action of th*
i ( 2 rand Jury.
Wh> has the (• • c«um 'lit neglected
to reward the 1 t> • win* uiurdvml tie
, lnip|N*r Rlesl.-s :a.t winter? Such In
difference I» dist out igmg to the wards
’ •*! the nation. Has Hie Agent claiimd
the reward foi him-elf uml ro>d»ed t ••
(•■•r Indian "t th* fruits of Ids luls t
lo lie sure the |«o I les who klL'sl
RtHsleailhl not little a hard time of it.
1 They raru|Ms| with htiu. eat of hi* iuj
|m r. slept hy Hie name camp lire, ami in
1 the grey light of tta* morning, hade
> to raise on their elbows and shoot him !
1 through the head and |s*rhu|«. consol
.miwg Um* saqy with which
farmed then- wadirau 1/INENfV s
I considers they were amply rwnff' 1 :
- with the >l«o 111 gold they found on -
llliolex’ |»enwin nnd with Ida trnp|»' s
- outllt. Ami set the agent who know s
i nil the-e particulars is unlit to bo the
guardian of the turn cent savage if he
has m*g|rcted to obtain for tlm two l’t*-s
•*»me t'-cognition on tlm |»art of the
(»oi rumrnt S** wc protest.
>.'iintor Howen <»f tbe Indian Com*
inlttee reported material (unemlnictr*
to the hill nuthorirlng the removal d
the MHlUieril t’l»*s f|o||| Color ado •**
Cloli. viz: that the said Indians shall
l*e rwiniveil lo the I’infah valley reser
vation In I’tah.ur sliou!*l they refits*-to
(mttleon said n*scrv:itioti. then upon
such Ulioreiipled laud, no: Icm in extent
than their present reservation, aa may
lie found in that vicinity, or el.ieiil re
in the said territory. No selection • n
iest*rvatlnn -hall l*e uuideoulahle of the
I ‘lntah valh'i reservation, until the - ml
Indians, through a delegation of t •••r
, people, shall have lunl an op|*ortnuily
t*» explore such portions of the -.del
Territory as they may desire, and the
reservation so selected shall, upon the
removal and settlement of the said
Indians thereon, constitute thcrcscrva
Hon of the southern (’tvs.
At Tucson, Arizona, the Apaches
seem to on the war |*ath. .\l«»ut forty?
of them, in the vicinity of the N.ntn
Cm/. Valley, killed several Mexicans
ami Americans. In answer to until
for help about forty volunteers, well
armed, started lu pursuit. .Scouting
parties were organized and the hmtllep
were discovered in camp about two
miles north of (’.ibibas-ns. A second
train of volunteers left for the seat of w ar
and word was shortly received that tlm
linetlltHt were lieing corralled, nnd
would Ik: held lor Um arrival of the
Fico-nnco used to In* known ns the
"Hntchelors’ Own." hut the Imtehelors
are fast loosing their grip nnd if prewnt
indications can lm relied on they will
lie driven to Um wall lie fore snow llies
again. The ladies are coining in very
fast this spring.
The regular annual election for offi
cers of .school District No. U. was held
on Monday. The only ufllco to Ik* Ailed
was that of secretary and the candidates
werefi. S. Allsebruok and II J. Miner.
Mr. Allsebruok was eh eted hy a hand* 1
t some nmjonty.
One th usaml two hundred passen
gers mi fifty■-three coaches passed over
Marshal Fuss the other day after the
land slide was cleared away. Several
i freight trains aggregating two hun
dred car- followed
The Muldoon and Old Shaveno.
, 'Mm Solid MuldiMiu gave the late Mr.
Shuviiuo a very nice ohitimiy notice.
Here it Is: "Old Bliaveno, hand chief
‘of the l'licolupahgre l te-. was killed
or *o re|>ort((l*-near the junction of the
(Jr* on uml White rivers on the tenth in
stant. by Ailowit/ u Mih-ehief. During
, lib- Sbavuno managed to raise more
Jrln.il ami less gulden truck than any
Jollier agriculturally inclined I’lcintlu-
J trilm. Our acquaintance with the di
Ice.tM'd warrior ts-guu in Ih7h, ~nd with
all his cussedm -H and treachery then-;
• iv.i-much in Ills native shrewdness to
diimuse and admire. In the spring of
I 77 the agricultural fever llr-t ln*gau to
ihit symptoms of interesting Sha
-1 veil", when, with the aid and advice of
110- agency fiuliter- -principally the aid
. much was ojK'iied in the valley neat
j th«- "Id government saw mill and the cu
. cl* -ore seeded with vegetahles. im-ltue*.
TH'-.' Smiwtm hub a daily visitor Ptftil
the melons ripened, when he tost nil in
terest in potatoes, onions, radishes, etc
and cliaracteri/ed tlm luujor portion of
the crop as "heap good lorNpiun.' hut
"uo ketch ’em l.'te. ' The following
season Um uiiiuteiir ogricultiirallsl re
fused nil tenders of scgds save and ex
cent melons, ulo-ii Agent Kelly c«*n
crivisl the idea of MilrttltUlillg llolilutd
-tjua-h ami pumpkin l«*r the d(*sire«l
article. Things moved along very
pleanautlx until the leaves and blos-otn
were far enough ndvaneed to excite
siispieion. when tin* warruu hung hm
hoe to await results. Tlm first to ar
rive was a Mpiasli. mid when the wait
of protuberances on the surface bad
tieguu to a-siimc shape Shavem*
himtciasl it from tbe ime. sample*! th*-
iiiipalalahle urtide, ami. getting mi in
stant move on him. struck Urn agency
iNiiliug over with Indignation. Agent
Kelly attempted to explain Hie vlrtm
of tin Imted article. Imt siisveno threw
it on Ins desk, denouncing u a- a"d <1
u*a<l" ami the agent lu far more forcible
ami unparliamentary language. This
ended Ids ngiiculturnl career until 1
Him spring preceding the romiiiinsh*u
when lo* engugt-d in Him toasting ear
business, but falling to market tin* out
pill at two dollars |*er do/cu, he retired
with whirl promt to In* a loafing disgust
gluiveno ivn.- a very close oleM-rn-r .md
when dillilig Willi llie pair face Would
uatcli every play ami followsulL II••
was a frequent visitor during tlm
.MrachuiU'Moueipeuiiy- Meats eoinnn-*
j spin, and II was alone «>f theii t.* *•
dluimrs the Miil*l<m»u incur ted his last
ing enmity, lie was seated mi our
■siwht wt »i dir• *'tl> oppusite .Miactiam.
‘^uiW(l* , ‘n?r^fTWn^! ... 1 •. 1 •■*■
Um horse-m*li-h was |*nssp«l. and nfler
taking a large -imonful ami pretemllng
t*» swallow It. wc |«a--ed Um glass !«•
Shavem*. who went into it with Ins soup
s|mm*ii nnd came «*ut aLml tlm-e loin
dresl yards north of the «t*»n» Imu-e The
tflfis't was marvel*HlS ami Ids stile *»f
tinloa>llug the lung paralyzing do**- suf*
fldcntly ski i alfrct Hi
eyesight and render n*tjoitilng f-«-i am
thing but palatable For this breach of
etiquette he never forgave us. nnd Id
frequent threats ami well known niilhti
t«* execute, afierwnnls forced us to
a I mod »n the reservation route ami
an outlet xla Like City.”
■ m •
A Lead!
r»»ml t«* the |e.(tit mutli **f Ml. Ma--ive
where Hie MidliOiil II olw tunnel I- to
In* started, in completed. Hiiildings are
to In* er*rtrd at onee ft*r the 11* cotlltno*
datjon of workmen and ma hiner ami
the driving of the tmiuel will In*ooiii
im net'll In a few days.
John Hart, an insane man in the As*
|n»ii jail, recently nttcmptrsl to eaca|*e
hi trying lo kill his guard ami hurled
in- teeth m tlie lallai- ahoitUr ll"
was fiuail) overiNiwcied and hx ked up
pre|»nratoiy to removal to I'uchlo.
Tlie river is rising rapidly nnd the
f«»r*ls are now dangerous. Messrs.
Flemming and Hraslmr came up frem
the Hatch camp yesterday Mild with
difficulty crossed the lower fords.
Of gffi.iJtJO recently paid to miners in
three camps near Coal Creek.
went for miners i»m*ls ami supplies,
while sin.»xtO went ft»r tobacco and in
. toxlcatmg drinks.
Tlm wind this afternoon blew a small
hurricane. It blew down the tent in
the rent of Watson’s store and tlm frame
of a hiiilding on Sixth street, lieshles
, oilier damage.
* m •
J. ('. Carson will pul on a stage line
between As|n'li and Red ('iilf this
spring. He has received the mail con
tract for lids route.
A I'nitcd States timlier inspector
. has been ill Montrose county for the
past week in the Interests of the gov- |
, Clark Holman, a Leadvllle gambler,
made an abortive attempt to commit,
suicide the other day hy taking
J laudanum.
• •
Tins legislature of Ohio, lowa. New
York and Rhode Island, have passed
resolutions endorsing tlm dome Rule
; scheme.
• «» •
; Trouble between the railroads and
' striker: is apprehended in M'-«"'iri. I
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
General I
We Have t
the County, an
Cash From F
! Therefore Pre
Prices. It is O
Stock of Even
in a General St
ing to Merit Ot
lie Patronage.
tr « v'ia **vii> i
Denver F
iMi < uim:n-
Purs ofEv<
W,. x-iii to |H|) Hit hind** «*f I taw Ft
Fast**. WildPNl*. I.)ti«.Skmik
••rompi I .«•(• llt-tit
a«ke*l f.-i
Denver Fur Company, A
Mrs. S. C. Burke, Proprietress.
L-deetls, 50c ; Beds, 60c.
Till. HK>T OF WINKS. tills AND ( K.Alts
ni.i:vWOO|)MM(IN(}.««. UAKFIKI.DCOI'M \ . t t*l.**.
Hates, $3.00 Per TDec-y.
I*? •■*'M«l<|iiMrtrr« For llnnrli hihl < J
I I = = = : :
The Meeker Saw Mill
McHatton & Sheridan, Proprietors.
Dealers in Lumber and Shingles.
Wc arc Now Prepared to Fi.l all Orders on the Shortest
Possible Notice.
J*" l niaroitnt reixr.n nn /***»• mil- lot !.••(*•*•>* Ft **m *!»»( I**l***.
lint.lo, TEN CENTS.

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