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VOL. 11-NO. ID.
J. W. HugUl & CO.,
Tltnaot i UaMrtl Itankluir lluslnras.
HlfSMt prtM pafcl lorCounly Warrants Id*
Mml allow Mini Tiro® |h>|MMlU. I»rafU
drawn uu Ntiuini CIUm and Bur«*|»e.
ConwiKHidMU, KnuntM Hnw.. S+w Yocki
Flrat National (tank. Otuaha: Colorado
NaUuoai Hook. (Mm; J. W. Ilufus * Co.
Mawltaa. Wjro.
CcHmOmi PrMMdf Aiuodtd w.
Q 9. fiABMHIRi M.
J|«M» NBnw
Ranch** Bought and Sold.
Las— SR Bowl Fatal#.
U. I. Deputy Land Surveyor.
cot'smr SCRVBYOH.
Nr. • Part A»mua.
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor.
BssMasna on Liatr Wkii*. Mliit SI Mmtib • *
Ptorssra Crook.
niRIM Addrsas, Naakrr, Calarsda.
All braorkra at denial w*wk <V>nr In lb*
Mil Iboruuffe sn*l nll*lM i"nr rnanaer «i>*l :
warrants.) to bo oioniy i*|if«arninl.
■Mas Csnitr fark Atvssa awd r«wr«b

Nadsasa Is lb* I aalldd Klalda UnJ
OMrd • bpddlallf.
"attorneys at law,
l|Nrlsl AlldOllßO la Rsaliiaaa Balarr
Ikd t’. %. Land OMrd.
rtnbflßM Work and t*rtraa Naaaas.
a kid.
•orcailanrl Saa Rdnif»lr* at Wnrh._^wf
r. w. oit kooky. J. o. aorr. i
Gregory A Goff. |
Plane Furnished and Close
Eatlmatea Made.

Park Ave., Meeker.
MBS. OEO. 0. WAONEK, Proprietress
* Those desiring n hotne-llke place will)
Qud in the Abovelust what the? desire.
A Grand Preposition.
Tbr M bib* river |ro|i|a sr«* nut wider In want*
lu* to Ur art off as n urw county. Within twu
y««ra Ibr* lirninl and Hear In* Fork rallrya will
bartr two millions u f ia«al>l>< rnllread |»r«ip**rty
».lrlre| In I hr* assi-ssmt-nt mile, which will Imu*
unm down to a nominal rat*«. |#t tbr* mat .
llarlMd county bai« lu*ctb«*r a few years '
luti*%w *i least.—Bubo-Adrocata.
'Hus wan practically the name argil
nienl made two years ago, but a division
was not urged to any great extent by
the people of this section at that time.
Ilad It tieen done, however, the new
county would have no debt to t>|**uk of
and be in a flourishing condition at the
present time, lu the two years past.
Imilli sectious Itave improved—that is
the Widte river valley paid two-tliirds
of the taxes, and the Hi and and Htior*
lug Fork valleys received tlie improve*
meuta. Coupled with this is the fact
liiat Die debt is continually increasing.
What assurance hava ws liiat It will not
so continue V As for two million* of
taxsble railroad property in two years,
is. to say (lie least, idle talk. Summit i
county witii Its two railroai!*. number* |
less ranches, improvements, etc., has a
total tax valuation uf sirj|,uuu. Garllt-M
countv lias no railroud yet. nor will Hie j
have for n year or two. Castles are (
easily built.
From Juniper Mountain.
Lav, December w, iwj.
T» Ibr* Rrlllor of the 11.-raM
In recent issues or Tub Hf.iiai.i* I
nee that you ailvocate the protection of 1
game in Western Colorado. I. for one. i
am heartily in favor of such step* being ‘
taken as will protect them thoroughly.
Hut I differ with you in one or two im
portant |iarticulars.
First—lt Is not the meat actually con* 1
sutnrd in the State why. is decimating
the game.
rfecond—Hv combining we ran stop
white hunters wantonly killing with
the laws we have.
Third—l believe the game in a coun
try In* longs t» the ptsiple w ho reside end
pay taies in that country, and that they j
should hr at liberty to kill at any and I
all limes for lexor consumption.
Fourth—That “Foot U." that mush*
ahiiMsl (?) Individual, lias killed and
crippled more game in Routt and Gar*
Held counties slope within the last two
niuiitlis then all tlie white hunters In
Tlie deer and elk spend tlie summer
montlia In the mountains, and tlie Win
ter lu the valleys Iwtwrru lien* and !
the Ctah line. The Indiana meet them J
when they cm-a llvwr river end when I
they croaa Urn bowmanl llowd be
tween the llewr and White, and kill as '
king as they are on the move, crippling
more than they kill outright, Tlien
I they |Hill up and follow tliem to iheir
I winter range where they continue kill*
i lug all winter, saving and eating only
(the loins ami leaving the carcass for 1
their relatives—the coyotes. I have
well Indians with seven or right hides
! lied on their saddle* and not a pound of
meat. I liear some one say. "Arrest
them.” Ilow many men can you flml
who would In* willing to undertake it ?
Tlie game laws as regnnls the Indians
are dead letters; they cannot Iwenforced.
In my opinion tlie only feaaahle plan Is.
to form protective associations In our
respective counties, and work together
in this matter, and end* avot to have
laws pasaed to prohibit:
First—Tlie killing of buffalo for the
period of ten years.
Second—Tlie killing of elk for live
years, for market.
As the law stands It protect*—the
Indian, not the game; for of every ten
deer that go down in the fall only one
will return In the spring. The case is
desperate ami only |iy the combined ef
fort* of the settlers of the two counties,
can the Indians In? stnp|N*d from killing
for the hides alone. Tltose who reside
In the mountains will prolmblv say to
this "llnsli!” My fiieml. sotnn spring
morning you will hw»k In vain for the
noble black tail. You will then regret
that you did not take steps In time to
save his hide from the filthy |*aw of tlie
Ute. I say. Mr. Kditor. keep the tall
rolling. The subject will taar agitation
and consideration ns well. We Invite
the latter and can prove all we assert.
Tlie killing done by the whites is most- i
lv done in the fall. Nootie is killing here
now. as there is no need of it. Hut If
we cannot stop the l ies from killing
for the hides, give the white man an
even start and in two years the game
and the Indian, too. will In* things of the
past Just as the bufTnlo and the plains
Indians have become, ft. W. Stomk.
• w
Clay*9 lafalMallaa Will* Wlilrt.
t IB) , ■■i.inaimn »»*•**
Henry Clay's favorite recreation for
many.years was a game of whist, to
which at one time he was passionately
attached, not for tlie slake, hut for the
distraction ami excitement of the game.
Mr. Wlnthrop aay s that there is h tra
dition that while Clay was visiting lk»s
ton. 1818. ami lodging at the old Ex
change Coffee House in Congress street,
a servant rushed into the parlor in
which lie was at the whist table with a
lew gentlemen of the old school, and |
announced that the hotel was on lire, j
"Oh. there wMI be time enough. I
think.” said flay, philosophically, "to
play our hands out.” which they did
before the hotel was burned to the «
ground. A similar tradition was cur
rent In Washington at a latar period.
j While Mr. Clay was K|**aker he and Mi
friends had itassed a whole night M
1 cards, and were still going ou with tbAV
games when the hour was clone at hood
for the o|N*tilug of the morning seaAOB
.of Congress. " Wait a few mtuiltM»
1 gentlemen,” said Mr. Clay, "and I will
wash my face and hands and ruu doiß
to the House and call Joliu Taylor ID
the chair, and then 1 will come bwdt
and we will have another rubber."
A Serious Less.
Dr. Douglas, the |>liyaiciati who sttonA
i m! (ieneral ilrani in his last illness, BMt
with a serious hms lately, lie snapeeM
i thieves to be at tlie bottom of il. BE
i had made arrangement* to spend UN
wluter In the .South. Intending l**dsvotO
the time to writing the medical history
. of Grant’* last illness. All of the daU,
extensive memoranda, and many of EM
; surgical instruments used InthsoMy*
’ were !n a leather satchel. This satchel
was placed on a cab. and Dr. Douglas
started out with his wife to visit his
{children iu Hast Seventeenth street be*
> fore going to ttie train. After bidding
them goud-byo he went lo the ferry
As tie shipped tlie cabman got off and
tapped at the window. "What is 11?”
asked Dr. Douglas. •The black bag Is
gone,” said tlie cabman. If the adjoin
ing buildings liml fallen in upon him
Dr. Imug la* could not have been more
shocked. Here, within a moment, the
I work of months was swept awav. ami >
with It all the matcrtal which might
, make it* repriMlurtiou |MRMObIe. It l*
iin|»•Millie tosav whether the bag wa*
hnt or stolen. Dr. Ihiuglas at oner
alaiidoned lit* trip and relumed home
1 Although a reward waa offered the bag
has not yet been returned. "If I don't
. find It. my life work ta gone.” said the
‘ I teeter. "I can never hope U» replace tt.
Neither Dr. Darker nor Dr. Shrady
, kept such complete memoranda, and
: unless the lutg is found, the medical his- i
. tory of (tenerai (iranl a iilueas will
never be written.”
A Good Complexion.
| Tlie Medical World says: Madam. 1
have had a long rx|«erteoce la tlie treat
ment of delicate women and can give
you some important advice, worth more
to v'Hir health and complexion than all
the metlieine and cosmetics In the world.
First, procure a quantity of good wool
en ilockings, that will keep your feet
dry and warm, lu aplte of wind and
weather; second, change them every ,
' morning, hanging the fresh ones by the
Dre over ntgfct; UUrd. wear calfskin
) boots wm m km eg -epee
soles, and wear them from October If
May. keeping tlwm well oiled and pol
ished ; fourth, avoid ruMerw, although
a pair of nitdier boots may In* worn oc
casionally w lien the wet slush is deep;
(IfHi. bold the bottoms tour feet la
cold water a quarter of an Inch deep Just
ta-fore going to tied, two or three min
utes. ami then nib them hard wllli dry,
rough towels ami your naked hands;
sixth, go out freely in all kinds of weath
er am! not onlv your feet will enjoy a
good circulation nml keen warm, but
vour whole body will feel a healthy glow,
your head and chest will In* relieved of
an unpleasant sense of fullness and
your heart of its palpitations, ami dual
lv your complexion will take on the hue
of youth again.
Whipped Into an Idiot.
A most shocking case of cruelty Is
Just reported from Kenton. Delaware.
A colored woman named <irace Luffcal
ended a long list of ciurltlea inflicted
upon her 10 year-old son by lN*ating him
with a club for nn hour, after he hail
l**en striptNil naked and tied by her
(siramnur. t'lnvliouriie Itaregill, a negro
• preacher. In the course of the ls*aling ,
one of the troy's eyes was entirely ,
kuockcil out. Ids check laid open, his ,
scalp torn open tn many places and Ids ,
Imhlv liniiosl all over. As a result lie is |
an Idiot Such is the relinement of Del- ,
awate Justice that the whipping t»i*l
cannot In* used in this com*, although
the couple would have been whipped ,
had they stolen a chicken. Tills is the '
worst ca*n* ever brought to the attention j
of the Delaware .Society for tlie Freven
-1 Uon of Tnielty to rhildren. |
Lenrning From Germany.
How rapidly Herman influence h i
fastening itself on tlie military system 1
l of China may lie seen by the following 1
extract from a recent report; Over *
s:tiM)iio per annum are paid at Canton 1
for German military instructors, tier-
many seems to have most favorably liu 1
pressed the Chinese oflicials in rcganl *
to military matters, as seen In the eni* 1
ploy men t of competent and experienced
fiertnan officers from the engineering, i
cavalry, artillery. Infantry and torpedo I
branches of the (iennan military service *
to Instruct at various points along tlie i
coast of China, the Chinese militaiy 1
forces in war tactics, and also in the I
purchase and use of German rifles and <
cannon, nml ship* of war armed with I
powerful Knipp guns and projectile*. I
.•• i
A Little Child-1st.
J An ingenintis girl conlideil to a friend I
that she thought a certain young gen- 1
tleinan waa to pro|Mise. 'T in I
sure of it.” she said earnestly, "why, »
; only the other evening, when he called, I
he told me how to prevent babies from i
being bow-legged.’* i
TUe cholera U spreading in S«iu
The mining stock craze iu San Fra
Cisco still continues.
Thomas Moonlight lias been appoii
ed governor of Wyoming.
Silver is quoted 91.00 an ounce, an.
lead 94.34 per hundred pound*.
Tlie Union Faciflc has adopted Hie |
twenty-four oMoek system on all its <
John K. Owens, the veteran coinediun,
died at his realdeuce in liuUimore, last
1 FraMdeot Cleveland in suffering from
1 rheumatic gout and il may ptwmibly be*
f cam serious.
Ison l HniUbury Intimates that Ireland
wo*ild bt oompaUsd. thiough cortcmu.
In Eis demamla *d England.
'llia ocean *teaiu»hlp* Kreilewarra
, ainl Helen Nichotl collided off gueeiis
land, resulting in the drowning of forty*
l wo twrsons.
Kx-Governomor F. W. Pitkin Is c»m*
1.ne.1 to his lasi at Fuehla with extreme
weskuesa. and it is feared lie will never
h ave it alive.
Two of the Jurors iu the As|n*ii min
ing suit have become tmh*|Mrted -one ;
••f them hnng Harry Kvaim. hut is md
• •nsidrrrd very IN-rI«MIS.
| Prealdeiit Cleveland’s expmmioii of a
ilgsire for tlie negotiation of a new com
mercial treaty with Mexico ha* Ins-ii
sell received by the press and govern
ment of that country.
Fatrtck Riley, foreman of a gang of
men working on the Midland grade near
l*adville. wa* instautlv killed hy the
• Iphnhm of a stick of giant whldi he
«aa lluiwitig out over an ot**n fire one
' 'lay last week.
The coldest place known is at Werk
l ojanck. Hllieria. ol**rr\al!on* mmic,
•luring Igiving the mean lem|M*ra-,
•'ire of the year ns I degree Fahtrnhcit,
• f the month of January a* » Iwlow I
revo. and tlie lowest tcm|N*rature of the (
*ame moniii as uu In*low,
Jehtt llaker. (‘«Migtessnian-ele«-t from
Illinois, wlto defealMl William R. M«»i ,
ri*<ei. plead guilty to a charge of assault
ami battery before a llellvtlle Justice. |
amt was fined 9-'» and r>w.u. It appears
that a shortly after the election t.e had
so altercation with a rr|sirter. ami
StruMt the latter w ill* a cone. Hence
, JYOttam IL Miner, the Kepuhtieaa
Wi mill ius use rws.n H—til.
larimrr and Grand cnuntiHi. has s»-ned
■Otic* un Jtalge llallaid. his socrriNiful
•anpetitur. that Re would contest his
rlgtit to Uh* srnt 111 the Senate. 'Hie
. nmmlsof contest are that |n*pn*iui were
dlowed to vote w Ihi had not br«-u regls
•cred in a certain precinct tn Noitli
The millers of Minm-apoli* are n*n*
ideniig a scheme to coiuwilidab* tire
til* under one management. It is a
-natter which lias Invii talked of more
•r lew for tlie past three years. Il Hie
omblnalJnti Is formed the coni|»aii>
«ouM have a capital of $l«.uoo.uoo. It
will take tn nil tlie mi!D except the
W’aatilMim mills whicli. under the will
•f the late Governor Washburn, cannot
liecome a parti to such an organlzati'tn.
Tlnuhleus Fowler, who died In Sey*
iNur. Connecticut, recently, wa* a t*ro.
ifle inventor. Ill* Invention* consist
>f machines for sticking pins in t*a|N*r.
for niMinifactiiiiiig lion pins.for Mirting
pins, for making pins, head and all. at a
single stroke, for making needles, for
pointing w ire, for making horseshoe |
nails, for sharpening horse-clipping ma
chine*. and for stamping metal, lie
alto invented a leaping and binding
machine, and the "sewing bird" used
no ladies* work-tables. He died com
paratively poor, as he had little business
From one ton of ordinary gas coal
may In; pr«N|iicc<l I//si |MMiuds of coke.
iu gallons of ammonia water and I m
pounds of coal Lu. Hy distillation the
cool tor will yield «*• |n>uii<ls of pitch. 17
pounds of creosote. It pounds of heavy I
oil*, f* pound* «*f miphtlin. « |K>umls of,
naphthaline, h pounds of naphtliol. 'i
poumls of alnzarin. it pound* solvent
nairfitha. *J |M>unds phenol. I ptuind nu
ll ne. I pound iNMir.ine. I pound auallne.
O.N of a pound tnliildlne. O.fi of a pound
anthracine. and 0.9 of a pound toluene.
From the latter is obtained tlie sub
alaoee known as saccharine, which is
290 times ax sweet as Hie best cane
Charley McComss did not live long
after his father and mother were killed
by the Apache, says a Tointistone man.
"As soon as Judge McComas and hi*
wife were slain and slrip|>e<l of their
valuables.” sav* this man. "the Indians
hurried to the mountain* with their
captive. Months afterward I learneu
from a Carlos agency Apache that tlie
hoy waa unable to keep up with the flee
ing redskin*, and had lieen turned over
to the Apache children, at whose hands
he stiffcied a horrible death. From tills
Indian I learned that the Imy,after hav
ing tieen stripped of his clothes, was
stabbed and stoned to death hy these
little nil devils and his body tossed over
a precipice. All these reports about
(’barley being alive are ir.errly both."
ssowiwirtiiu (uni noi3ii uealers in
General Merchandise,
We Have the Largest Stock in
the County, and Buy Exclusively for
Cash From First Hands, and are
Therefore Prepared to Make Low
Prices. It is Our Aim to Keep a Full
Stock of Everything Usually Found
in a General Store, and by Fair Deal*
ingto Merit Our Share of the Pub
lie Patronage.
All the Delicacies of the Season Con**
stantly on Hand.
PATTON & KENDRICK, Proprietors.
ItNM4MSSsrIf FHrslsKrS Ms.me In 4 MHrrilas Wlik Mnissrsnl.
HARP A WRICHT. Proprietors.
The Best Accommodations For the Traveling Public. Day
Board, S 2; By the Weak. SIO. In Conn.ctlon With
the House is the Hotel Bar, Which is Always
Well Supplied With the Best ol Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
For the Accommodation ot tho Nubile.
Dealer in Rough and Dressed
Native Lumber, Ceiling, Sid
ing, Lath and Shingles.
All Orders Filled on the Shortest Possible Notice.
Hates, *3.00 Per Day,
IN* •It.ilqHsrlrr* For N*n< It atilt X •slll. ttt.r-. I

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