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White River Stock-Growers’ Association
Notk.—Tlie While Illver Stock-Grower*’ Association will pay rovrnrd
for InfonnnUoii that will lead to the arrost and conviction of uuy |*er*on» killing
or (dealing »tmk touring the brand of any or it* member*, or of branding “
maverick on the range of any of it* memlver* on White ltlver or it* tributaries.
Addreaa, L. It. ISrsNhtr, Secretary, Meeker, Colo.
■■mnwi *
four Inrkr*. |» r nutnu . .... I
ri«*lnriiM,i*( iiilumiu |»r monlk • Uu
Ten Inebre, 1*4 column, i pvr month • «®
Twenty Indie*, (I n4umn,l |»r month U OJ
|f r Un«l and lr*»l notice* Bfteeii rent* |*rr
line for Br»i Insertion and tan cents for *acb
subsequent Insertion.
Ail conuaunbntlnns should be add regard to
Meeker. I’nlurelo.
1. Any on* who take* a p«|**r regularly from
Ik* poatiWk * whether dtrwatad to kta bum
or suntber. or wb*thrr to kaa aubaarlbad or
M-b rr*p<««ll>lr for tke payment.
A If a prrwwi order* kls paper dtamnitnurd
k* must pay all arrenr*. or tin* puUUkrr will
mollnoe to a*nd It until payment te male and
roller! the win4* amount, whether tke paper la
taken from tke pnwbdkr* ««r not.
a Tke roun* bate dr,id..| that refusing In
take ike u«-wapa|ier* «r |erlolk*li fmm Ike
po»t>4kre, or ninm Ida and l*nvltig Ikrm un
rallr»l for, la prim* facie et Idenre of Intention
al f ratal.
An X on tke wrapper or margin of your
paper alanllte* your eul*. rlption Kaa eiplnd.
Tiik I'resident* aland <*■ the silver
question will not create any uneanincaa
among the mlver adherrnla until the
Fiftieth foiigrawi meet*.
The llrltUli-Atiierlcaii la the latent
venture In tlie new*)wprrial Held at
Denver. It I* well edited, and tuu a
neat top*•graphical appearance.
Tiik pc«»pects for the speedy comple
tion and equipment of a navy such as
shall be adequate to our national needs
do not seem to be especially brilliant.
ArmttoiKu to Canadian papers, the
labor vote of that province Is benaning
a power. Ttiere. as here, both parties
rlaim to lie the true frlentl of the work
ingman. *
(iKonur. W. Thoiik claims bis elec
tion over Carlisle by a majority of g-Tit
votes. The officio] count, however.
given the latter A majority of KSV A
coolest iuu been bled by the fot mcr.
Sink passengers on a Carson coach
means thia an accident la to happen.
Four tarw-oeers hava occurred so far
Uds winter, the last one taking place
last week a few mtlee above (itenwoud.
Each time nine paeeengers were aboanl.
Com MisoiuK km Sr a m K*.of the general
land office, reporta that during the past
year fences from J,7ll.irji acres of gov*
eminent land tiavr I wen forcibly remov
ed liy (lie Culled States Courts. Suits
for Illegal fencing, emliraclug 3.7’iU.Uii
acres m« pending.
Ox or about the tind of next month
the Denver Tribune-Itepuhlirsn man
agement will drop litc name Tribune,
and In the future it will be known as
The Denver llrpulihcaii. and they will
also don a brand-new drew*. The tatter
iutlicales successful journalism.
kIUTILATKO coins are again receiving
attention at the hands of the Treasury
Department. The new adjustment of
values Is os follows: Double eagles.
•13: silverdoiiAn*.7.*» cents; half-dol
lars. 33 rents; quarters. IN cents; dimes.
ft cents. This will Is* rough on the In
nocent holder occusioually.
Tiik Ciuted .state* i* rapidly liecom
lug the workstiup as well a* the granary
of the world. Already in Ivm our man
ufacture* exceeded Great Itritain's over
fd.liU.UWl.tNii). Front 1X71) to lx*) the In
crease of France was*^M)millions; Ger
many 430 million*; Great llritain -VS)
million*, and the Culled Suites l.ueto
Tiik management of the Is’iulviUe
Herald Democrat contemplate IsNUlng
a mammoth pa|**r on the first of Janu
ary. It will contain fifty-two page*,
and two thousand square Inches of new
Illustration* will atlorn this number.
The composition will embrace 1./ino.wu
ein* of type. or e«|iial eighteen ordinary
Inniu-s of their daily.
Wk publish tiMlay a letter from G.
W. stone, of Lay, Uoutt county, which
is worth rrading a* it contains some
excellent suggestion*. The Legislature
will soon las in sc.tstou. and likely the
game laws will tie materially changed,
and those wishing to express them
selves should tie about it, so Uiat our
Representatives can act accordingly.
A x exchange asks what will lie the
effect of the completion of the Colorado
Midland ? George W. Cook, the Super
intendent of that road, sAys its comple
tion will work a revolution In the north
western part of Colorado. To visit
Gnrlleld county live years hence a per
son could imagine they were in some
eastern State, to see the herd* and flocks 1
of nninmts. ami agricultural machinery
laying around. Fortunes will lie made
on our ranches in tnat time. Enough
men will lie employed alsmt Die mineral
sections opened up—both coni and the
It is rrporteu uini.icuauJi 'ultsou. of
lowa, has prepared a bill for national
regulation of railroad freight charges.
It combines the essential features of
the old lowa Grange law, fixing a rate
per ton per mile, with special provisions
for charges for tlie lung haul. A law
of this kind should be passed by Con
gress. because as It now stands the dif
ferent States are almost powerless to
cope with tlie railruads, owing to a re
cent decision of the Lulled States Su
preme Court.
Tiik rtesident’s messege to Congress
is not as long as the last one was, but as
it would take up fifteen columns in Tiik
Hkuai.it. we defer re-producing IL
'Hie document deals at length witli the
prospective troubles that are sure to
follow the continued boarding up of the
surplus revenue wiUi which the tieasury
is already gorged, and the President
*ees no feasible escape from this tUuigcr
hut In a material reduction of tlie tariff,
rpou silver coinage be reiterates bis
former view--that of Immediate suspen
sion. More vault room will be needed,
is one of Ids arguments for suspension.
Much apace Is given to the Indian ques
tion and to the subject of public land*,
I sit tlie Mormon problem Is not noticed.
'Hie repeal of Ute pre-emption laws and
timber culture acts are recommended,
with ouch modification of tlie home
stead laws aa will better prevent eva
sion of iu spirit Tlie measage con
cludes with some trite remarks upon
(lie labor question and a eulogy upon
civil service reform.
fn« Our IkfuUr 1 orrr«pm*4rot.
Wasiiixotox. D. C. Dec. «. Inna.
It is amusing to bear the different or
count* of tlie causes which led to the
defeat or election of many M. c.s\ One
attributes bis defeat to tlie failure of
tlie administration to "turn the rascals
out In bis district, while the "next
door" member from the adjoining dis
trict, who bad all the "rascals" turned
out, insists that he was dsfsetsd be
cause the disappointed office seekers
failed to enthuse with that enthusiasm
which crowns the candidate with gtnqr
and five thousand a year. Home charge
their being left at home, to meditate, to
tariff; others say they "slipped up’ on
oleomargarine; but few can look you In
tlie eyes, without winking, and say "the
sovereign people failed to see tlie
especial fitness for law-making which
belong to yours truly."
From all that can be learned by your
correspondent. tlie issues were purely
local, and the administration cut no fig
ure In the result one wsv or Uie oilier.
It seems to tie generally conceded that
Hie President Is stronger than Ills party,
and If the convention were called to
morrow be would be nominated—proba
blv by acclamation—and unless a change
occurs In the present situation, we shall
see lllalne and Cleveland arrayed
against each other us opponents In the
Presidential race of *hh.
A very sagacious and prominent poli
tician. of national fame, said to me a
few tlavs ago, that before the time ar
rived for the convention of the Demo
cratic party, be was satisfied that Pres
ident Cleveland would state in no uncer
tain language, that be would not be a
candidate for a second term. "Should
this prove true," said lie. "there will be
not a few Richmonds in the field. Tlie
old-time leader* have pass**! away, and
young Democracy. aggressive anil reso
lute. will Insist on new blood, new en
ergy and new hraius being put in the
light. While the eyes of the Demo
cratic politicians are placed upon Gov
ernor IUU and A. 8. Hewitt, of New
York. In the contingency above referred
to. the name of A. P. Gorman. Senator
from Maryland, and the commanding
general of the Democratic army of the
last campaign, will undoubtedly be pre
sented by his State. With such a man
a* leader it would be a difficult matter
for the Republican party to achieve vic
The city ihfull of excitement of po
lice scandals, real estate rings and
the stupid conduct, to say Uie least, of
tlie appointees of Uie President, involv
ing his honorable name in the most
questionable transactions. It appears,
after all. that Recorder of Deed* Mat
thews in Uie only one In Uie District
that has not brought discredit upon the
President In some shape.
All just men acknowledge their belief
hi the President's willingness to do his
whole duty as he understands it. Re
publicans and Democrats nay lie is an
honest man.and the accusation by some
of Uie disaffected that ho lent himself
to "jobbery” in land speculation is en
tirely without foundation. Exit.
Curious gentleman--Why did you
name that horse Napoleon?
Negro—Why, tnassa. you see It’s caze
the bony part Is so strong In him.
Hkc MUUr Bold Ml 04lft, Ml IWW|
ll* Mink ri»r*ptur**l «t her fwt.
ll* WM IKK Ism*, but on Hut! day
He lust tk* t«-nor of bU wSjr.
“Maid altogether fair." be ••rted.
"lie mine, in) high Miprano I*l4*.
Keep lime with me unill lif*'a end.
Our buarla ami volt** let U* blend.
"Our key •hull to a little Sat,
A finely funiUbed one at that;
There w« will live on minor aval*
lu style to make the Major quail.
"lie natural, admit my |>l«a,
iHaanl the Major, marry me.
let ua duet life's iikvmum- through,
Kiu-haiitiug ■inger. wbat «ay your
Held •he, "I *ft»g too •bar|> for that.
You never eaU-h me In a fiat.
I chooa* the iiolr* of hltfber pitch.
Tke Major kaa them--be O rich."
Colorado's Mall Service.
The Puatofflce De|*irtuient has pm
pared for the information of Cotigreea
some Interesting statistical statements
relative to tlie operaUuua of the postal
service. The following shout Colorado
will interest our readers:
The total postal receipts In the State
during the past fiscal year reached the
sum of •3HH.UM.XI. Of this amount the
sales of postage stamps, stamped enWk
epee and postal cards yielded INI.-
704.90. The returns from box rente
|iaid •39.377. IK, and Uie sales of waste
paper 1112.33. Tlie total expenditures
auxMuUffd to s«7:i.i»l.o|. Of this Uie
largest item was for the transpirtation
of the mails, which cost •4Ji.NNU.73.
Ttiere was |utid as compenaathm to
|MNrtiuastem<ei^.u , ji.*i>t. and for clerks
In postofficr*. fuel and rent J-17.kJ4i.1C.
Tlie letter carriers received SJijUUo,
and tlie railway postal clerks traveling
in Uie State flu. 3H. 'Hie expendi
tures exceeded the receipts in Uie sum
of •‘Jit.ltkl.uN.
During the year JU new pnetoffices
were establisiied and 43 weredUron
tinued. resulting in a Isa of 14 <jffices
aa compared with Ust year. The names
or sites of 19 were changed. As to Uie
INmtmaster*. 107 resigned or their com
missions expired, 4U were removed or
suspendetl. and 7 died. The whole
iiiimher of pusUifficea in the State is 490.
Ttiere are a* Presidential postoffiees
in Colorado, or lliose at which the sal
ary is at least •i.ouo. The total receipts
of these offices amounted to L’THJMUI
One of the most important branches
of the Postal Department is the free
delivery, or letter carrier system. Un
der (tie existing law this service is lim
ited to cities of at least twenty thousand
inhabitants, or. tacking the necessary
population, to Mich places as return a
gross annual |matal revenue of twenty
thousand dollars. The Department
favors Uie reduction of this limit so as
to make the service available fur pise—
of ten thousand people, provided that
the postal receipts therein amount to
ten thousand dollars, and the Com^U-
I#* «MI Katam lu Utm uuftsw mSWMpf
port this extension of the service, a hill
now being on the calendar to effect this
purpose. |
Ttiere are In Denver twenty-five letter
earners, and Leadvtlle has four.
A Southern gentleman who knows
Minister Manning well says that our
representative to Mexico Is subject to
an unconquerable thirst for alcohol
twice a year. The desire for a t Hun nigh
saturation with liquor Is accompanied
by certain unfailing proceed ore*. Mr.
Manning visits a lurbrr. gels a ch-an
shave, gts-s to his mom. locks the tliair
Slid devotes himself t*» nov»l-mod lug.
punch. lHamly. ulismthe. diem, Ac.,
for four or live day*. Then after a pn>-
lotiged sleep, he setMls for a phv*ician.
ainl is a sick man for a week. Except
ing on these seml-anmul and lonely rel
elrrations Mr. Mannlag never drinks,
lie Is a line specimen of physical health
hut. unluckily. Is subject twice a year
to thase attacks. For the next six
miHiths tlie government may cotiddenl
lv expect Mr. Manning to keep straight;
hut the trouble with all periodical
drinkers Is that their sprees eventually
run into each other, as it were.
- i m«
Colonel Moshy. the fanmii* Confed
erate cavalryman, is now practicing law
In Smi Francisco. Mushy had Just be
gun to practice when the war liroke out,
and nolmly thought he would make
much of a soldier until heilcmnnatrated
his rare military capacity. He was a
delicate vising man. with literary tastes
and a decided fondiu-ss for society. He
oweil his appointment an Consul to
Hong Kong to nn Impression he made
on General Grant, whom he met acci
dentally soon after the war. When
Grant liecame President he tendered
Mosbv several Kodrral offices before the
Ctinsulship was offereil him. In llong
Kong he was distinguished for his lux
urious style of living, and spent all of
the handsome Income <if tils office. |(e
is now about fifty years old. and is set
tling down to a lucrative practice.
Superintendent Cook, of the Midland
railroad, says that the president of the
Utah connection Is now In New York
arranging for tlie building of that part
of the road. Mr. Cook added that Uie
Midland mail will connect at Colorado
Springs with the Missouri Pacific now
building to that point, thus giving them
a through ltn6 from Kansas City to Halt
Lake. Tin* Colorado Midland and the
Utah Midland will connect when; the
White river enters Utah, hut the two
roads arc practically one.
Camilla is now claimed to lie perfectly
free from pleuro-ptieuniania-
A "calico wrapper" A dry goods
Mayor w.||. Clark
Triuttw* J. |„ Mi-Hattum. Tkoota* B.
Watson, n. 11. Tbaynr. T. J. I.ltii*
and Ueorae H- AWwbn-.k
Itecurdrr U. 11. Tba**r
Treasurer T. 11. WaUou
lat4lueI a t4lue Judge ; - - If. J. MIIWT
Town Marahel J. 1.. Anall
PftacixcT omcKiut.
MtkKKM Itiaraior.
JuatU<r* - - . V. H. Attli and L. It. Unuher
i <at«lable |L f. Clark
iu**d Ot*r*M-r Haimi<-I Martin
Pr*aldrnt ........ A. J. Oregorjr
Vice I'raaKknl A. C. Ilab-h
S*«rvtary ........ |„ 11. Him*her
TraaMiier A. 11. Ilaukey
laptaui ut Itouiel-t'e - - - J. Mtllw
axsrcTiva tutntima.
B. Fleannlng. K T. Ajrer and llm Prk*
Judge C«Hiutjr Ciairt ..... y. C. Child*
Clerk Cuuntjr Court .... fndw* Parker
County Clark Muk* Üblland
County Attorney ....... ||. T. Hale
Tr—Mirir * - J. T. MrUau
Ammmit |i. K. Van«leaf
CuuMy Suneyur W. ||. Clark
Hupt. PuMlt- InHmllw - • • W. 1 1. White
iWßtt cotynMMoftaua.
flrat HulrWt ... jo |(r> ih4<U. Ilaivnud
Hxmhl ln*trfc*t • • • J. J. laiintaff. Nlfie
Third |it«trl«-t ... J. lirv«i>o. Meehi-r
Senator* • • 11. M. TwIU-r *i»d Thia M. Ilowan
Urinlrr of Cnngre** • • « « tl. ti. Hy me*
I nttr.l Ntal«u Martha! /. T. Hill
Attorney ........ ||. W. llotMon
csiran nou urn urrn a.
J. U lludgr* ......... Hrgtaler
J. W. Maa ... ..... Kwrlvfr
itb ntri nmRm»T
Oovenmr Benjamin 11. Baton
IXilnaul t inter nor • * peter W. (Beetle
Herr Mary uf Mate ... Melt In Kdnanl* |
Treaaurer i-f Ntata • • CJeorgn K. N« allow
Auditor of Ntata ... lltram A. Hpruaine
Attorney tlenerul • • The*al<*e H. Tkoota*
Nop*. Pu'dle Intlrucilon ... UH. Comall
tterrefary la»l U>«nl ■ • Andrew Nag*nd<*f
ahkivaiT am* iigpAirrt'UK or mail*!”
Am*aa So relay. Wnlowilaj *(vl Prt
day at «p. m
ltrt*m TUeetay, Thu relay a rel
Saturday ■ at la.rn
OkBKWOOO waaatv.
(•apart* Monday ........ at «a.m
Amu* TWeetay • • « * * * • at • p. m
nt»uat.v trimt.
ftapart* Mottday at * a. rn
Arrttaa Thu relay at • p. m
AU Malta 4m thirty nlwitM More «w
—S— ———
Th* teanle Una of America.
Denver&Rio Grande
Utah, Montana,
Pacific Coast.
The twt Iti Hite, Item II *e
Tno Most Convenient,
The Most Picturesque,
The Moet Direct.
Opening to the ItamhmAti Orer a Million
Acre* of the M<et Fertile land: to the
Nilek (irower Vaet llanaeeyet fie
rlalm««t: itxl to lh< Miner
llewnme rtrh In the
PrrehNM Mrtai*.
Favorite Route
Between all the Mint Important i*it|e« ami
Mlnlnx Campe in Colorado *ml I'lah. Urer
IJrei Mll<- of Stamlard and Narrow
Oailge, Splendid It K>|iilpi«l and
Carefullr Nmwrol.
Tke Bmrrr and file firmaSr Kapma
I* Operated In Conneetlnn with the Hallway
ami liuamnlrna Prompt and Klth'lent
NerTlmat ttcuannatde Hatee.
N. K. IpNll'Klt,
Oen. Par*, and Ticket Agent
Denver, Colorado.
On* firms* ortoa k
Imm*4 BryL aai Martb,
•MWymr. *TIU pwgeo,
«Ma Fletaw Oollrry.
SIVIS WkalMuli Fihn
Umt to MiMiiaitrs ms all gwada Mr
pttMStl uo kMlty MUM T*Ua hew ftw
attor, spd gßw Mart oust mi rrrry
Utof ye* an, oat, firtak, mar, st
tor* fmm wMh. Tkaso tXVAU ABUi
■OOIUI iMhlB Iskiantlki «lea wed
Sms Ike UMkili mi Ska umH. We
will bmU m mmyy FMtfi to mmy ud
d«uaa a paw rowotpi mi lleta. to fieftay
‘*‘-| Letukeerfiea
yw. fieepeetfidly,
991 d< StS Wakuah Avmmw, CtoMgw, IM.
»S*Me m •verre. Bet tknee *ke write r«
rilMMlt'. f.MII.oH. ft 11 ,»r. tn
hr*, fell .Lmrl wn.fc »*,,«■!,
ik«f reef* o4liie«tlmnr,lli,i *<> •
■low frwA S'.le S 3 yet 4*r. I
eaie<>K«..f t '1.e.!., Kxh., >»i.,n«ne h»M
•hi, reiHVrt V"X«»*e»flw4 hr*. TB«e» wB»»'«f1 »l hi-i
•tv •!• '!•>•.*, «,r» »i.nt Iflilv M»w». ill '«
s s
Does More Business in Colorado Than Any Other Fire losor
ance Compaay.
Aeeete In Colorado. December 3let, 1883. * - 81,808.80
Aeseta In Colorado, December 3let, 1884, * - 811,779.77
Assets in Colo., Dec. 31, ’85,840,192.40
President. ktitory.
J. V. HOUSTON, Agent,
General Blacksmithing
W agonmakers.
A Full and Complete Line ol
Confectionery, Tobacco,
Cigars and Fancy
THE! *
Published Every Saturday
Devoted to the Stock, Ranch and Com
mercial Interests
White and Rear River Valleys.
Has the Largest Circulation and is the Best Advertising
Medium in 6arfield County.
First-Class Job Printing A Specialty.
MAPI IN x<jcFijaa «
33owt Xzx Tlxo World
for UrreeraßMUfaew medr In S 3 r*nbff>, 4 ) r*»ln* pnw
* ET»lo«: «n ral. 4» cretnii «3 ml, TO an.l M*ralr.t. Tim rtr»nfe»t aboriloc Mile
*7,' tocurary roaraairrd and tks **ly akaalatoly aafa rid* Bad*. All ttrW a.
All rites *ll wrlghta. Prtcea reduced.
BALLARD laHeTaliM'ting. Imntln an I •hnciinr'rell-M-ft. t# A 11* em^lhr*V > I r, qn*a* |n U
filßn* np. *S"ud foMllutrab! I ttSRSST MARLIN FIRE ARMS CO.,dEV HATER,' CORK.

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