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JAMES LYTTLE, Editor &. Publisher ‘
F.ntt-rpd In th«- !’• >-tnfikr. ' M<< V.- r. Kio Illunco 1
» < !■>.. u« -< i ml-< l:tj— n ull matter, i
l oll HCDpCIttlTIOH.
Ono Year
If paid Inmlrnnee* - 10
roll AI>VEUTI8I!*Q.
I’rofeMloiml I'unl*. per Month ? 2 00
One Im h. display. i« r Month.. 2 & |
Month • 8 1,1
Three Inchon, per Month • 4 00 !
Four Inches, per Month r » 00
r, n Ini bee i • olumn 11 r Month ■ 10 00
in i ■
ITofi'fsional Cnnli*. when jmhl in mlvunee.
I.ik uI Xntl< *v*, fifteen cent* per lino for drat
I .■ i •• • rt |wn mvl ten cent* for each subsequent

viu-h Insert hm.
All communication* should la- adilrcMod to
Meeker, Colorado.
The annual meeting of the White]
River Stock Growers' association will
1 s!*l, at 2 o'clock p. m.
Ben' ruiCE,
I, s. Hloomfiei,i>, 1’resident. \
a 11 Secretary.
Bishop Barker will visit Meeker on
May Gilt.
Messrs. Jollautgen A: Kelly are fixing
up the new |>ostoflice in handsome style. (
Our county commissioners will meet
in regular quarterly session on Monday |
To-morrow Is the day on which you j
are apt to find valuables ? lying around |
rather piomiseuously.
All >e who want to see prosperity and |
progress go band in hand vote for Harry :
N iblock next Tuesday- early and often. ,
The Octave of Master will be ob- j
served at St. James churcli to-morrow.
The Easter musical piogram will l>e re-.
.1. \Y. liugus A Co. received n con
signment of spring goods this week,
consisting of dry goods, bats, boots and !
shoes, etc.
The joint store of Messrs. Ilarp and
Salt marsh moved into more commodious!
quarters, two doors east of the old stand, j
a few days ago.
During the week the school board I
u.l.led MiKHit one iiunureo voimnestoj
Meeker’s school library, which is now
assuming respectable proportions.
For tho Inst few days it looked as if!
March would go out like a lion (it hav
ing come in rather sheepy). but to day f
it looks as if April will come in smiling
like a basket of chips.
Bubo Hall has inaugurated spring
improvements at the Meeker hotel |
this week, and when tho artificers get!
through llieir work that popular resort 1
will present a pleasing appearance.
Dramatic reading and musical enter-!
tainment by some of the very best local
talent will lie given at the court house j
next Friday evening (April «tb) for the,
benefit of St. James church. It w ill Ik? ;
a treat.
A vote fur Harry will ensure us water
works, electric street lighting, the met
ropolitan police system, a scientific j
sewerage system and all the other!
modern improvements and inventions.!
A word to the w ise, etc.
“They do things in a most amicable
manner over in Meeker,” is what the
(ilenwood Ledger says in referring to
the action of the Democrats and lte-1
publicans of this town in dividing the !
offices between the two parties.
Tho wind-up of Lent was celebrated
last Sunday at St. James church with
appropriate exercises, and the services
were well attended both morning and j
evening. The interior of the ciiurcii
was tastily decorated for the occasion.
“The Flower of the Family" made ai
decided hit last night. The whole com
pany did Itself proud and the entertain
ment was a great success throughout,
not the least of the component parts'
thereof being the piano playing of Mr. j
J. D. Moog.
It is now nearly thirty-three months
since a goodly portion of the lands on
l’poor White river were thrown open
for entry, and as the time for making
final proof is drawing to a close the set
tlers there are perfecting their titles.
Several intentions to make proof appear
in this week’s issue.
A shudder of horror ran through this
community in the early part of the
week when it was reported that the
Coxey army was not moving East for
the purpose, as generally supposed, of
intimidating Congress, but with the de
liberate intention of assassinating “Mr.
Wall Street,” that monopoly-mawed j
monster who is ruining the country and
oppressing the poor.
J. NY. liugus A- Co., of Rawlins.
Meeker and Craig have bought out the
business of the Western Mercantile
company and are now in full possession J
and ready for busiue&9. They have or-'
dered a full line of everything
i cessary to make the stock complete and
attractive, and expect soon to be able to
j show as fine an assortment of every-,
1 thing pertaining to a general merchan
dise business as can be found in North-
I western Colorado. This firm is well
known throughout Wyoming and Colo
rado; they have built up an immense
! business bv dealing fairly with the peo
pie on business principles, and it is to
I bo hoped they will he accorded such a
1 J share of t lie business of this section as
1 , will make them feel they have made i.o
, mistake in locating among us. The
! fact that they have considered Rifle a
. favorable location for establishing an
other branch is a strong endorsement
|of our claims for Rifle’s future. Under
; the new regime the business will be
conducted by J. <i. Kuuiscy. manager;
IT. A. Rendle, bookkeeper; and Messrs.
C. J. T<dd and Jay Mot re 1 bind the
j counters - Rifle Reveille.
j The Herald is In receipt of a letter
from its old friend. Jack Houston, who
is still located at Klamath Falls, Ore.
j.Jack is prospering, but he pines for a
whif of pure White river ozone once
more, and says he will not be thoroughly
j i.opj.y until liu it within our gat.-K again.
’ He spent a month in l-’risco “doing"
the Mitl-Winter Fair, and there ran
I across George Toedt, whom Meekeritesj
have considered among llie dead for'
some years past, but who is still coi
' pureally very much in the flesh. Jack j
' desires us to see to it that his lot in the
cemetery is kept green, as lie considers
this about as good a country—either to
live in or die in—as lie has ran across in
j his travels.
I Last Tuesday the board of registra
tion for the approaching municipal
j election met at the court house, and
everybody—regardless of previous con
jditionof servitude, sex or color—was
permitted to register. About one-third
of the voters are women, and a number
of theso have declared that they will be
' on band on Tuesday next il for no other
. purpose than to acquaint themselves
with the manner of voting. A good
; idea.
Deputy Game Wardens ( ardm-il and
.Moody were arrivals on Tuesday’s
j stage, and a general shaking up was
the result of their trip. .\t tin In
! stance I’d. .Sander.** >ii was arraigned
before Justice Burnham Wednesday on
i the charge of buying and shipping deer
' hides, and it cost Sandy The war
dens are on the trail of other offenders
in this section.
j J. W. Bainbricli came up from IMcr
i mice creek on Tuesday, and paid The
i lleuald office a visit before returning
the next day. He reports that cattle
, are doing well in his section- ***»<*
»•••••. .tuni.p »\,r. pnot winter.he contends.
! will be less than any previous year since
j his advent into the county.
John Weldon of I’iceance, auto
graphed at the Meeker during the fore
I part of the week. Mr. Weldon says
i spring is opening up nicely on the creek
! and everybody is cheerful.
Capt. Coon and Mr. Hall represented
1 Big Beaver during the week. The
captain's band of elk wintered well, and
1 is getting to be one of the great uttrac-
I tions up there.
1 11. ('. Peterson ami family have again
taken up their residence on Big Beaver,
the young folks having availed them
selves of Meeker's good schools the past
! winter.
[ F. McLnughlin. one of Rangely’s
sturdy yeomen, is visiting the county
; seat.
• <3* •
I Review of Reviews. Postoflice.
Donald (after the hall): May I call
on you occasionally, Miss Lester? We
seem as old friends. Have 1 not seen
you somewhere before? Miss Lester
: (cuttingly): Yes, you saw me hanging
j onto the strap in the car one day Inst
, week while you were sitting down.—
Money to loan for short terms on
approved security. Call on
Hay & Waldbidoe.
Nell—What are you reading ?
Belle—“A Model Man.’’ It’s dread
fully stupid.
Nell—Yes; they usually are.—Phila
delphia Record.
All parties indebted to P. F. Welch A
Co. will please call and settle up. All
accounts must positively he settled by
cash or collateral note on or before
April Ist, ISfH. P. F. Welch.
A cubit is two feet.
A fathom is six feet.
A span is 10} inches.
A space is three feet.
A hand is four inches.
A palm is three inches.
A league is three miles.
A great cubit is eleven feet.
Measure feet on each side and you
will have a square acre within an inch.
Call for Town Election.
Notice is hereby given that on Tues
day. the 3d of April, 1S1»4, will be held
the annual municipal election for the
town of Meeker, Colo . for the purpose
of electing the following named officers,
viz: One Mayor to serve one year;
and three Trustees to serve two years.
The Board of Registration will meet on
Tuesday. March 27th. and on Monday,,
April 2nd. as bv law provided. Place
of election : Court house.
A. C. MOULTON. Mayor.
W. E. Saltmarsh, Towu Clerk.
Housewives, Ranchmen, Cattlemen,
Bachelors-—in fact everybody
stop in and look over the assortment
Titivate, Glassware, Hardware, Cut . . Etc., that is being sold at prices that
will astonish you.
Dish Pans, Milk Pans. Tea and C Puts (Tin and Granite). Strainers, Dip
pers, Cups. Wash Basins. Milk r ‘ Is. Oil Cans, Tea Kettles (Copper and
Granite). Flour Sirters, Egg B is, Meat Broilers, Lanterns, Etc., Glass j
Cake Dishes. Fruit Dishes, Butter Dishes, Etc.. Table and Pocket Cutlery.j
China Cups and Saucers —in fact < wrytliing that i 3 needed for the Kitchen i
and Table.
Remember the place —the Saltmarsh store.
H. S - 'JOI./ILioLJP 9 .
Mr. Hen Peck's Dream.
With easy chnlr before the stove, I
lie watched the fitful
And let hi* tired senses rove
Into the lati<l of dreams,
lie dreamed he wns a pirate l>o!d,
l'pen hi* blood-stained deck;
With face disdainful, hard and cold.
He watched the scuttled wreck.
With brawny arm* across hi* chest,
lie IttUKbed with frightful glee
To see • uch shrieking victim pressed
Into the cruel sen.
Among them was a stately dame.
To *hare this fearful lot;
11* 1 - glance did not hi* fierceness tatne.
Of mercy h«- knew not.
"You too.” he shouted loud and clear,
“Proud one, shull feed the fishe*:"
Just then n sharp voice smote hi* car,
“Shut up; come, wipe the dishes.”
Oh, where was nil ht* fierceness now?
He leaped up from h's chair.
Exclaiming. a* he mopped his brow,
“Yes. Kale. I ll lx- right there!"
A i * v -paper worker, nulhnr, artist.
publisher or ads crtlser?
If you are. or arc Interested In any
• f the above, you should rend
Want to reach the ulkivo?
Then advertise In
The Journalist.
Subscriptions $t a year.
Advertising rub * on application.
Editor ami Proprietor.
!IT Nn'iitiu Street, New York, N. Y.
Ot.r.Nwooti siMi.vd.* Colo.. Mar.24.1M1. f
N’OTICE I* hereby given that the billowing
named settler has filed notice of his in
tention to make ttnul proof in (support of hi*
elnltn, and Dial *ald proof will Ik- made l“»f< ire
1 the < 'lork of the • oiltlfy Court of Rio Itlnuco
• ■omit v. at Meeker. Colorado, on May.*, If u. at
10 oV .k a. in. via:
been Mareott. of Ruford. Colo., en hi* P. D.
s. No. IS-’, lb. f..r til- K 1-2 NK I » fee. 17.
mid W 1-2 NW I t S.-c. pi. Tp. I H., It. *1 W. cth
P. M.
lie mime* the following witnesses to prove
t i • continuous residence upon, and • ultlv ntlou
of. *uld land, viz:
11. < IVti r*or.. Win. R. Carver. Charles
Smith and W. A. < i re«n«t r t. all of lluforl.
•• . ■. and E F. <;••*.« and S. P. Wear, of !
Mf • ker. « . 10.
nrJl-ni’i G. D. Tit : VKit. Register. '
Glknw.k.d SiMtiNOS. Colo.. Mar. 21. IS9‘. f !
N'< >TICE—Is hereby ir'veil Hint the following
nuni'-l ••••'tier lias filed notice of til* l ten- j
Hon to mad.- final proof In support of hi*
• Inltn. and that -aid proof will l>e madeb fore
!h-Clerk nt the County Court of Klo It moo
• 'sanity, at Meeker. t'<us.rudo, on May t*, IS'Jt.
at In o'clock a. in., viz:
" IllloMl 11. Carver, of llufonl. Col-., o: hi*
P. D s. No. 1 -V.. l te. for the S 1-2 SW 1-4. NW
1-4 SW l-i .-• <• si. and NK 1-t SK 1-4 See. '* Tp.
I S . K.tll W.tlth I*. M.
He ti lines the following wittics*'-* t„ p-ove ,
hi i < < ; tlniioiis resideni'o upon. nr.«l cultix itlon i
• •I', -aid land. \ Iz:
Clitirh - Smith and Leon Mareott, of Hi.ford, ‘
Colo., and Ed. C. Archer. 1.. It. Walbrld^-and
■•atne* l.yttle, of Meeker. Colorado.
m3l-ins G. I». TitAYKit, Register.
Land Orrici: at l
Glenwoml Springs. Colo., Mar. 21, IR*t. \
N't-Ticr, l* hereby irlven that the f-llow|ng
named s»ttler ha* filed notice of hi* In- |
t ntlon to make final proof In support • f hi* ■
claim, and ttiat said pnwf will l>e made before
the Cl< rk of the County Court of Klo Illanco
county, at M* ••ker, Colo., on May 7.l*!**. at 10 I
o’elork a. m., vis:
John M. Dunn. ~f Ituf..rd. Coin., on 111* P. D. 1
>. No. l-. Vi. etc. for leits.'land t See. 7. Lot 1 l
and ths> Nl! 1-t NW |-| Se<-. I*. Tp. 1 S.. K. 91 i
W. 6th P. M.. (••intainink 170.t* acre*.
He name* the following witnesses t » prove >
hi* continuous resldenec ii|>oti and eultivatloti '
of said land, viz:
Ed. C. Archer, Harry Niblock, F. X Jiv
Hantgi-n, Thomas Warren un.l John Earle, all
of Meeker, Colorado.
m3l-tnr> G. D. TitATr.it. Kc-ister.
Ct.i:Nwooi>SeiiiM;s, t’olo.. Mar. b. ir<*4. f
N OTICE—Is hereby given that the Allowing
named settlor tm* tiled notice of hi* inten
tion to make final proof in support of hi*
claim, ami that said proof will !.<• n ,de Ih
fore the Clerk of tin* District Court. Itio lllaneo
county, at Meeker, Colorado, on April 17, I«*4,
at In o'clock a. in., viz:
W. M. Kelly, of Meeker. Colo., on hi* p. D.
s. No. 191*. l te. fur the NF. 1-t NT. 1-t See. 10.
W |-2 NW 1-4 and NW 1-t SW 1-t S.-c. 11. Tl>. 2
S.. K. 94 W.tlth P. M.
lie name* the followitiK wltw**o* to prove
Id* eoiitlnuniis residence upou. ami cultivation
of. *ahl land, viz:
H. T. Wilson, B. C. Howry, Jucoh Kediiath
and W. 11. Ilobaek. all of Meeker, Colorado.
inl(Hil4 G. D. Tiiaykh, Keglster.
Gi.knwood Simunos. Colo.. Feb. 2*. l*m. (
N OTICE I* hereby given that the following
named settler ha* filed notice of hi* inten
tion to make final proof In support (> f hi*
Haim, and that -aid proof will !*• made before
the Clerk of the County Court of Kio Blanco
county, Colo., at Meeker. Colo., on April 10,
I*9l. at 10o'clock a. in., viz:
Kwln Audi k. of Buford. Colo., on hi* p. D. S.
No. IW,. l te. for the N 1-2 NE 1-4, SK 1-4 NH
1-t and NK 1-4 SE 1-4 See 26, Tp. 1 s„ K. 91 W.
Cth P. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
i his continuous residence upon ami cultivation
of. «nld land, viz:
1 Charles Smith, Loon Mareott and Joseph
Peltier, of Buford, Colo., and Janie* L\ ttle, of
Meeker, Colo.
G. l>. Thayer. Register*
•nil >Mrs"N. K KitN -A
! Abe.ve brand on left hip, side e.r shoulder.
Also own Circle S bund on any part of
inimul. Horse brand Circle S on left shoul-
S. r. Kongo, Plophuipc c-rrek. lM*twreii White i
•Dcr. Panmhutte and Roan creeks. Postolllce
iddress. Meeker.
A tihiini*frsiltSale.
f y.NDEK and b. i .1. •» 1 of sale,
t issued out • ’ ! ; :•■■■ • tilt neay court
i of Klo lllaneo county, i 'o:or.ei>i. In the Dc
ccniber. l*9.t, term ’••!' *ad court, sitting i
in probate, t.i the matter •»t Arthur
lluniham \*. ibo estate of J. Arthur
Sot’.i, lb-■«■!, k*|. v ».cr« in I urn c«<iri:nrimb~l to j
make the-uni of om* !•■ :s;dre«l and eight and
»-!•-» dollar* i*ll*MMi a d the < t- ot suit. I
wll expos* for sale, al the front door of the
county • outt bouse at Mi ekor, in tbet
• r Klo lllaneo and -Into of Colorado, on Moil
• ia> the 2d day of \prtl. A I). 1*94. at the hour
• d |u o'clock a. m.. to the highest and l«-*t Idd
| der I• • r eu*h. tim following d*-serlbe<l teal 1
! ••-■tatc. to-w It: The nortle a-t ouurter of the
n rtliw. *t •iiiarti r. the north half "I the m>tth
* irist Miinrtcr and th>* southeast 'l'tarter of the
northeast ipiarter ol Section 21. in Township 1
: North, of Range 91 West 6th P. M.
F. E. SiiritiDAX.
• Aduiint-tr it• «r of the e«tale of J. Arthur S.ith,
• L rolOmSl
GI.KN'.VOOII Spihnus Colo., Feb. 19, I*9l. |'
N-OTH'K -I* hereby given that the following
natiusl *.dtler has tlli-d notice of his ltib*n
, tlon to make final priMif In *ut>|*>rt of hC
• In.: it and that said pristf will be tnad» !>•>-
, f-To i!.. Clerl; of the County Court of Itio
. Ithim-.i •■•unity, at Mis-kcr, t'o|o„ on April 2,
, !•!•.. at In o’clock a. in., viz:
J • i ;»h Pelil.-r. of Ifuf• ,nl. Colo., on hi* P. I).
* No. Dit. I • •, for the W 1-2 Si: 1-4. SW 1-t
NE 1-t i.i-d SK l-ISW 1-1 S.-c. I*. Tp. 1 S.. K. '.'l
; w -.th P. M.
[ He iiMiips the following witnesses to prove
til* continuous residence u|mjii, and cultivation
. of. said laud, viz:
i W. A. iiri-en*tV“'d. Leon Mnreot: and Alta-rt
Elll-oti. "f Ituford, (’uinrado, and E. P. Wilber,
, ' of M.* ker, Colorado,
»i. D.TtiATBB, Register.
Great Rock Island Route
)est dining gar service in the world.
1852 181)4
A* long a time a* David redgnod. so long Im*
the Chicago, Ib*< k l*land A Pacific Kalhvay
i run train* westward from Chicago.
■ j Tin- Kook Islam! I* the foremost in adopting
' tiny advantage calculated to Improve spcr.i
’ j and give that luxury, safety and comfort that
' popular patronage deintind*. It* equipment
• j t* thorougnly e.implete with vestlbuled train*,
magnificent dining car*, sloe|>ers and chair j
couches, ail the most elegant, and of recently I
Improved pat cm*.
I 1 aithful and capublemanagement and polite j
i honest service from employe* are lm|M>rtant
| Item*. They area double duty—to the com
pany and to travelers—amt it I* sometime* a
task difficult of fti-compllshment. Pn**enger*
on thl* line will find little cause for complaint
on thut ground.
The Importance of this line can be bettor
understood |f a short lesson In geography la:
now recited.
What I* the great eastern termini of the
Kisk Island route?— t'hlcago. What other
suleenstcrn termini ha- it.-- Peoria. To what
important point.* doe* It run train* to In the
northwest?—St. Paul and MI tinea pol Is. Minne
sota and Watertown and Sioux Fall*. Dakota.
To what im|M>rtant lowa and Nebraska |M>lnt*?
Do* Moins. Daveni>ort, Iowa; Omaha and
Lincoln. Nebraska. !><*•* It touch other Mis
souri river points?—Yes;St. Joseph. Atchison,
Leavenworth and Kansu* city. Does It run
train* to the foothillsof the Itoeky mountain.*?
Yes; to Denver. Colorado Spring* and
Pueblo, solid vestltailed from Chicago. Can
Important cities of Kansas be reached by the
Kin k Island route?—Ye*; it* capital cltv. Tie
IH-ka. and a full hundn*l other* In nll'dlrec
tlons In the state, and It Is the only road run
ning to and Into the new lundsopcned for set
tlement In the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Res
It will thus be seen that a line tapping, as the
Rock Island does, such a varied territory, ha*
much In that regard to commend it to travel
cl'*, a* all connections urc sure on the Rock Is
land. ami passengers can rclv on a specdv
Joumey, as over a bulk of the svsteni through
train* arc run. ami it has liecmne, and rightly
too, the popular line.
A very popular train on the Chicago. Rock
Island Sc Pacific railway loaves Denver, Pueblo
ami Colorado Spring*, dally. It is culled "The
World's Fair Special." is only one dav out, ami
passengers arrive at Chicago early the second
The Rock Island has Income a popular Col
orado line, and the train above referod to i*
vestlbuled, ami carries lhe Rock Island's excel
lent dining ear service.
For full particulars a* to tickets, maps.rates,
apply to any coupon ticket office In the Unite*!
States, Canada or Mexico, or address:
Genl. Tkt. A Pass. Agt.. Chicago. 111. j
E. &T. JOHN, Gt-nl. Manager. Chicago, in.
C.'l Vivl.E* T. LI.WBEKG.
j Above brand on left shoulder. Range, Pice
•:nee creek, Izetween Crawl and White rivers.
! P. O. address. Geo. Lechcmer. Meeker, Colo.
| CilAiti.r.9 T. LiJinmui, Prc-ddcnt.
j Xt ii.i.i.vit F. Patuu k, Vico President,
i Lolts Vkisuix, Secretary.
Above brand on left side. Ear-inurks,
s*|tiure crop •■IT right and swallow fork In
left car. Horse brand. *u:un a* cut, on left
shoulder. Also own the following brands:
Range, Plce-unce creek, between Grand
and White Illvers. Post office address. Geo.
lax hmere, Foreman, M**<• or. Colo.
|v»-Y. ung >1
loway bull* for sale.
! (. a
i' i
: jt / | .... -
i 1 i■ , i ion left -. t. . A own stock
1 bran i I XK imd 4B. Horse-branded ggij
•j un left hip. Ear-murk*, right crop ami left j
; underbit. Range, north side of Bear river.
! Postoffiee address, H. Pfelff r, Routt, Kt
■ I county, Colorado.
1 G. H. Nuckolls, r '.naan.
j i Range, Mannn, Divide and Garfield creeks,
I ; south side of Grand river, GarCvld county,
I Colorado.
j Postoffice address, Lcndvllle, C010.,0r Fergu
son, Colo.
i i All cattle branded nr ate'\ c liave ■•juarr erep
• | off right ear and double dewlap.
1 Abo some rutile t rnnded - on right
side, with um!cr-!opv ntT Lrightcui
and double dewlap.
!; Also cattle branded Imi left *:•!*•.
i All horses brand: <1 N •mb It «>r i: '.t th'gb,
j or left shoulder.
and Po
Above brand on any part of animal. Oihcr
brands on left side and I I on both
hl|»s of L-wc cattle. C 3
I Horse brand same u« eut on bft shoulder.
| Range. Bear and While rivers. Postoffiee.
address. John NY. Lowell. Superintendent.
Maybell, Routt county,Colo.
fattlo branded same as cut on both hips.
Horses branded same as out • n I- ft shoulder.
Vent on left thigh. Range. Lon White river
and Blue Mountain. Rio .’ I .n,-.. , !;j . y f o j o
Postolllce address. High >!<•!. . roreman!
Ashler. Utah.
John R. Sittlixoto.v. Manager.
Cattle branded n« nboro on left hip. Also
own cattle bramled QH on left hip and POP
on loft side. All cattle dewlapped (cut up).
Ear-marks—crop and split left and two under
hacks right. Horse brand. DH on left stlllc.
i Range. Thurman creek and Government mad.
Postolllce addre« ; x«. ker. Colo.
Above brand on left shoulder. Range, Pie
ance creek, j. NY. Bainbrich, foreman. Post
ofileo address. It I lie. t'olo.
I Altove brand on left hip and side. Ear
i marks, square cut In left ear. Horse brand,
• same a* cut, on loft shoulder. Itumic. TUur
innn creek and Pioo-ance. Postoflice address,
E. McVey. Foreman, Meeker. Colo.
3 ; Sy.’^
| Cattle brnndutl ns above on left ahonlder,
ribs or hip. or right thigh. Horse brand BB
on left shoulder, also square nud compass (us
In cut) on left shoulder. Range, lower White
and Yellqw creek. Postolllce address. White
River. Colorado.
i'/.i: 1 FLEM) '
Cattle branded as above on left able or hip.
All my entile are steers. One lot bmnden ~
on l< :t side and double-dcwlapped; and also
•oc let branded STV oil loft side in addition
:oCp>*s-L. Al*“ own and 10- ANo
t A
JC on left side. Horse brand, same as cut,
on left bio. Range. Flag crock and Govern
ment road. Postolllce address. Meeker. Colo.
Cattle branded same ns cut on ri,;ht sido.
Also own steers Itiv.ltd.-d I I
wit™ ,lor * M
1 irandial same a* cut on right shoulder. Range,
White river and Coyote Rosin. Postotßcend-
M ter. Col
Cattle branded ns above on left side. Ear
marks, crop and split la>th cure. Additional
brands: Xon rigid and left side und down
dip: nl*o or CJD on right side; also
ZZ— "o left side. All Increase branded same
ns cut. Horse brand, same ns cut, on left hip,
or on left shoulder. Range, Lower Bear
river and vicinity or Juniper mountain, post
office address, C. J. Dully, Axial, Routt county.
H. 11. Knur. Manager.
Postoffico address. Axial, Colorado. Range
Axial Basin, Routt county, Colorado. Cattle
branded same ns cut on nny part of animal.
Oilier brands, IH N 1 IV F-C
Horse brand: JH
T. B. RYAN & CO.
Also own K on side nml hip; also K on sido
and hip; also on side nml |Q on hip;
nls> ° 0,1 sl '!o wmi 808 on
brand on left shoulder; hlho Son left
shoulder. Range, Plce-ance creek and White
river. Post office address. Rube Oldlaud.
White River. Colorudo*

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