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VOL. XI.— NO. 23.
——— Dealer in
Confections, Cigars, Tobaccos,
Moot Mies, Bools and Notions.
City - Drug - Store.
!kfri B. PrepdetiaM.
A G-ood Table, Comfortable and Home-like
apartments are assured all who
stop at THE MILLER.
RATES: $2 to $2.50 per Day. Special Rates to Weelly and Monthly Gncsts.
The Colorado rif”"■7";
T?ansportation ; Mer Feei a «d
Company Sale Sta Wes.
tid Eiprtu btsileu betwsei , First-class rigs and Raddle
Is Crest, Msster, AM * oral
And connects with stages for the following points:
T3T. S. XZ-iVX'.IT-, Proprietor.
Send for free sample and judge thereby
Both one year for only $2.25.
The Enquirer is a O-column, 8-page
paper, issued each Thursday.
.Largest in size, cheapest in price,
moat reliable in daws, all large type,
plain print, good white paper. If our
readers want another lire paper, the
Enquirer is that paper.
Call or address all orders to
... Colorado,
yy 8. BKUNER, M. D„
Physician and Surgeon.
Office, Seventh Street, Hear Main.
The Appetising ISilt of Faro .'’resented on
• Recent Occasion.
A woman in London has a class of
one hundred cooks, she gives what
she calls “an entire dinner lesson.”
While the lesson is in progress the
swell women come in and look
on. The menu on a recent oc
casion began with a hors d’acuvre,
anchois a la Colmar, which looked very
tempting, the little fish being curled
around upon croutons of fried bread,
garnished with crayfish cream and
White and yolk of egg. The consomme
a la Leopold was certainly the prettiest
soup I ever saw, says a writer in the
New York World, with little circles of
red, yellow and white floating in its
clearness. These were made of eggs
■tul cream and stamped-out French
gherkin. Next.came fillets of salmon a
Uoomioodore, a delicious-looking dish,
garnished with erayfir.h, button mush
rooms and shredded gherkins. The hot
entree was “petits poulets a la St.
George,” and the cold, “mauviettes a la
Sotterville,” both of very elaborate and
detailed preparation. The releve was
fowl with Bechamel sauce, accom
panied Vy tomatoes stuffed with a puree
of potato seasoned with Parmesan
cheese. The sorbet, flavored with
Liquid Sunshine rum, was served in
ioe-vfater cups of white crystalized
glass, the daintiest little glasses you
imagine, especially when filled with
tbs pink sorbet. After this came a
brace of woodcock, and then a lobster
wonderfully garnished and served
with Mayonnaise sauce. A delicious
looking vegetable entree was made of
asparagus and artichoke bottoms. The
two sweets were creams served with
chocolate custard and banana sauce,
and “petiles calsses ala Sultan,” com
posed of whipped cream, oranges and
pistachio garnished with a sort of sub
toflee. The savory “huitrss a
la bonne bouche” would make a capital
sapper-dish. The oysters are served on
thin rounds of fried bread, allowed to
grow odd, then mashed with a puree
made of chicken, anchovy, oysters and
Crayfish cream. On each round la
placed a slender slice of lemon and then
an oyster.
Not* bwds st Tn Hnsi.fi o«<*.
President. Vice-President.
A. C. Moulton, Cashier.
(Successor to J. W. Hugos & Co., Hankers)
Transact a General Hank inn Business.
Highest price paid for County Warrants, in
rerest allowed on Time Deposits. Drafts
lrawn on Eastern Cities and Europe.
Correspondents, Kouutze liros., New York;
First National Hank, Omaha: First Na
tional Bank. Denver; First National Hank.
Hawllua, wyo.; rim mutuum uhdk, 010*1-
wood Springs; and In all principal cities of
Collections Promptly Attended to.
For Sale.
A four-room dwelling house, with
good cellar; 10t75x150; $OOO buys it —
$lOO down, balance on easy terms. See
or write 11. A. Wildhack.
G. O. Taylor Whiskies are tlie banner beverages
all points on its system, inclus
ive of Kansas City. St. Louis,
Chicago, Toledo, New York,
Boston and Cincinnati, from
and after December Ist, 1895,
upon presentation of properly
stamped ticket purchased at
any ticket ofllee in Colorado,
Wyoming, Utah or New Mexico.
C. M. ll ami-son,
Commercial Agent,
1035 17th St., Denver, Colo.
Advertise in The Ukuald.
“Tore up your references ! Why, you
must have been crazy.” “Shure and
you wouldn’t have thought so if you
had seen the riferinces.”—Life.
Don't Tobarto Spit or Nmole Toar Life Away
lathe truthful, startling title of a book about
No-to-bar, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco
habit cure that braces up nlcotinized nerves,
eliminates the nicotine poison, makes weak
men gain strength, vigor and manhood. You
run no physical or financial risk, as No-to-Bac
Is sold by JoHantgen A Kelly under a guar
antee to cure or money refunded.
Book tree. Address, sterling Remedy Go.,
New York orChlcairo. obJ-96
G. O. Taylor WbUklea of (Treat value to the alck.
Subscribe for The Herald; read it and
then send it East.
G.O. Taylor WbUklea, fine aa allk. Moderate coat.
Highest Honors—World’* Pair.
A pore Grips Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
A Snug Sum.
Following are the amounts of cash on
baud, credited to the various funds,
which were turned over yesterday aft
ernoon by retiring Treasurer Ilay to bis
successor, Mr. Reuben Oldland:
State, general $ 202 88
Mute and blind 14 19
Agricultural college 14 19
School of mines 14 19
Normal 13 99
University 17 96
Insane asylum 17 96
Stock inspection 5 98
Capitol building 44 87
Ute war debt 39
Interest on cap. b’ld’g bonds.. 12 71
Military 45 50
University, special 2 62
Redemption 1,359 86
Hoad 954 40
Contingent 1.840 fir
Interest county bonds 851 09
County poll 90 90
Interest delinquent tax 1.238 25
Game 97 22
Poor 255 07
World’s fair 54
Called warrants 14 06
General county appropriated. 4,565'44
Miscellaneous 7 .32
ditto 22 43
School dist. No. 2, building... 55 45
Meeker 427 05
Countv school 606 68
District No. 1, library. 5 02
“ “ bond.* 405 50
“ “ general 235 80
“ *‘ special 2,037 42
“ No. 2, bond 81 02
“ “ general 106 20
” *‘ special 104 75
“ No. 3, general 28 07
“ “ special 11l 82
“ No. 4, general 52 15
“ “ special 405 80
“ No. 5, special 45 85
“ “ (general, over
drawn $34.11)
“ No. 6, general 234 54
“ “ special 287 46
“ No. 7, general 38 67
“ ” special 61 10
Redemption moneys 156 52
Total $17,162 66
Game Violator Convicted.
A few weeks ago Tiik Herald made
mention of a consignment of venison
being refused shipment from Price,
Utah, to Denver, and the sequel is
er 4 ——- l " * w « e> «**——®
special to the Denver News:
-This evening (the Bth) a jury in the
county court found Byron S. Bartbolf
guilty of having unlawfully in his pos
session upwards of four hundred deer
killed in the White river region of Colo
rado. To-morrow morning Judge Gray
will pronounce sentence. The jury dis
charged the ‘four Mormon teamsters
employed by Bartbolf to haul the ven
ison from Utah to this city. The deer
were killed last October and November,
presented at Price for shipment Decem
ber 17th, but being refused by the rail
road, were brought to Grand Juuction
early this January. It now seems cer
tain the whole amount of the venison.
22,000 pounds, will be sold in Denver by
the state game warden, and the pro
ceeds turned into the Mesa county
treasury. The warden stated to-day
the case was the most important in
point of the enormous amount of game
involved that has ever occurred in the
United States. It is believed the de
fendant will appeal, as at every step
his counsel, L. A. Staley, has objected
on the ground that the county court had
no jurisdiction to try the case.”
The case has been watched with in
terest by citizens of Rio Blanco county,
and the conviction of Barthoif will, it is
hoped, put a stop to the wholesale
slaughtering and marketing of game
which by right belongs to the settlers.
Some explanations that explain are in
order concerning that bond bill. If the
administration doesn’t want it and the
Republican leaders are opposed to It, as
we are now told, how in thunderation
did the bill pass the house by a ma
jority of 33.
Those who object to the precipitate
manner in which the house disposes of
important legislation will probably find 1
that the senate will be slow enough t<>
more than balance things.
So far Speaker Reed has held his
team well in hand, but the strain has
been hard at times and something may
break and cause a disastrous runaway
any time.
The special message habit threaten 5
to become chronic with President Cleve- 1
land. He should take something to
steady bis nerves.
The Cubans may not have licked the
Spaniards, but they seemed to have had
control of the telegraph news for a
while this week.
The anxiety of Venezuela to pitch in
and lick the boots off John Bull is about
the most amusing feature of the situa
Take your local paper—The Herald
4 brighter Outlook for Horses.
writer in the Chicago Record, in
■freaking „f t j, e f„t ure n f llie i lorße
tgdf. says, among other things: “The
® urc - however, is not without its sil- (
y lining. The situation is full of hope
#1 encouragement; the thousands of
Acarded street-car horses are elimin
<e l from the market as a disturbing
frfrfrmr-nt and the trade expects a largely
fee reast-d number of foreigners on the
•arkot early in the new year, in which
ffem a sharp advance of 20 per cent
pH be made on the entire list. Chi
j*C° s fame as a horse market is as
lnnly established in London, Paris and
Berlin as in our own country, and
Willing short of actual war can prevent
he- exportation of vast numbers of
-s in 1896 to the different European
onr-'ets. But even if we should be*
hpiXi'- embroiled in foreign political com
plications we should not despair. With
retiming prosperity, of which there is
evet.-wiiero abundant evidence, our own j
denial win | )0 fully ample to take all
surpliV stock at fair prices.”
The i\vate who made his prisoners
walk the\»iank was a saint compared
with the t\ig who starts a panic in a
crowded bunimg to enable him to steal
without detection.
It the Hawaiian* really want another
queen, what’s the muter with Miss Kate
Field, who is now \\iting the islands?
Here’s one for the editorial fratern
ity: Why does the advertising agent
make more than the editot?
Boulder has a curfew bell and it is
rung every night at 8 o’clock. Alter
that hour all children not with parents
must he off the streets. The editor of
an exchango says that when he was a
boy his mother didn't need any curfew
bell to call him at night. She used a
piece of a barrel stave for a curfew, and
it brought him in quicker than any hell
would have done. He thinks that if
more mothers would use this same per
suader there would be no need to ring
An Astronomical Instrument Which Be.
cords the User's Observations.
Carleton College observatory has sc
oured a curious instrument invented by
c 3lyir i
Korthfleld letter to the St. Paul Pioneer
The object of tbo instrument is to
harmonize the observations of different
persons who aro working together, at
different times or at the sumo time.
Astronomers well know that no two per
sons seo exactly alike, by which is
meant, for example, no two persons will
say that a star passes a wire in a tele
scope at exactly the snmo instant. One
will record its apparent passage slow on
true timo, whilo another will almost
uniformly put its timo fast. Observers
unconsciously form a habit of seeing
objects fast or slow on true time, and the
better the observers the more steady
this error Isas compared with true time.
This error the astronomer calls the per
sonal equation of the observer. In
amount the personal equation varies
from .02 of a second ef time to some
thing more than half a second for differ
ent observers, either fast or slow on true
time. Such errors as these can not be
tolerated at all in astronomical observa
tions for fundamental or original work
of a nico kind, but must be in some way
eliminated before final reductions can
bo attempted.
To accomplish this in one way an in
genious machine has been constructed,
which sets in motion an artificial star
quite like the appearance of a real star
in the telescope. As this artificial star
passes wires In the machine the observ
er records his observation!; and the in
strument automatically records the ex
act timo of the real passage of the star
over tho same wires. Now both records
are made by tho aid of tho electric cur
rent, and consequently aro perfectly
true. These records ar-. taken automatic
ally in ink on an instrument called a
chronometer, and hence their differ
ences can be measured with the utmost
aocuracy, and in this way tho error of
the observer on true time is satisfactor
ily known.
The machine is in uso every night
that observers work either together or
singly, so that changes in individual
personal equations may bo detected, as
well as the differences that may exist
between observers. The instrument,
therefore, furnishes an unvarying stand
ard for accu rate observation.
Going to Find tho North Pole*
Dr. Nansen is rapidly preparing for
hi* expedition to tho north polo. Ue
will start from Norway in February
next, in tho ship of 170 tons burden that
hu boon specially built for him. The
▼o—ol is so constructed that she can not
be crashed by the ice, but if nipped the
floe* will simply forco her out of the
water on the ice. Dr. Nansen is pro
visioning his vessel for five years, and a
dosen men will go with him to share his
good luck or tragic fate. He thinks it
will take about three years to drift from
the islands of New Siberia across the
pole and down the other side to the
southern end of Greenland. The ex
pedition, which Is carried out by the aid
of the Swedish government and the
munificence of Mr. Diokson, will coat
orer $100,009.
Jj«W* Hugus & Company
Are Always In the Lead with the
Largest Stock and Lowest Prices,
Our goods nrc always fresli and dcxlrablo. Ap wc buy In large quantities for
cn-h, wc get the lowest prices going and (five our customers the benefit, t all
In uml see us, or try us with a mull order.
• ~W~. ZEE'U-g'u.s & Company,
fc , Jiericlan omixn,
Native Lumber 1
Having a first-class planing mill, special
orders can be filled on short notice.
For Sale, Very Cheap,
A No. 7 cook stove. For further in
formation call at this office.
The best train
of the best line
to nil points cast Is the Bur?
ling ton’s "Vest II ailed Flyer.’
Leaves Denver every even
ing at 9:50, after arrival of
trains from all
Chicago. Elegant service to
Kansas City and St. Louis.
The local t 1 c k e t agent
knows all about the Vestl
huled Flyer. (Jet informa
tion and tickets from him.
G. W. VAi.t.v.uY. General Agent, Denver.
G. O. Taylor Whiskies, unequalled lu popularity
Orta of Washington's jioJice judges
sent a young woman to the work-house
for fifteen days for smoking a cigarette
011 Pennsylvania avenue. Washington
is getting entirely too good, we fear.
During tho winter of 1893, F. M. Mar
tin, of Long Reach, W. Va., contracted
a severe cold which left him with a
cough. In speaking of how lie cured it
lie says: “I used several kinds of cough
syrup but found no relief until 1 bought
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy, which relieved me almost instantly
and in a short timo brought about a
complete cure.” When troubled with a
cougli or cold use this remedy and you
will not find it necessary to try several
kinds before you get relief. It lias been
in the market for over twenty years and
constantly grown in favor and popular
ity. For sale at 25 and 60 cents per bot
tle by F. N. Jo II ant gen.
G.O.Taylor Whiskies nre not expensive. Good, 100
An Affidavit.
This is to certify that on May lltli, I
walked to Melick's drug store on a pair
of crutches and bought a bottle of
Chamberlain’s Pain Jialm for inflam
matory rheumatism which had crippled
me up. After using three bottles I am
completely cured. I can cheerfully rec
ommend it.—Charles 11. Wetzel, Sun
bury, Pa. Sworn and subscribed to be
fore me on August 10, 1894. Walter
Shipman, J. I*. For sale at 50 cents per
bottle by F. N. Jollantgen.
Advertise in The Herald.
Gi.ENWOon Seninos, Colo., Jnn. <i, 189 C. f j
NOTICE— Is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his Inteii- ,
tion to make final proof in support of hi- .
rhilm. and that said proof will Is- made be
fore the Clerk of the District Court of Bio
Illaneo county, at Meeker. Colo., on February
15. 1696, at l» o'clock a. m., viz:
W. H. Miller, of Meeker. Colo., on his p. D.
S. No. 2306, Ute series, for the E‘4 SU NW j
K SB V* and NK U SW '4 hoc. 2*. Tp. 3 N., K. 92
W.flth I*. M.
Me names the following witnesses to prove:
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said laud, viz: I
C. 11. Wolcott and C. T. Hulett, both of
Axial. Colorado, and A. L. Durham and Her
man Slclaff. both of Meeker, Colorado.
Jll-fls J. B. I’m 1,1 rPI, Register. 1
The Venezuelan Question - -
Is not settled yet, but IT IS A SETTLED
FACT that for bargains in clothing, boots
and shoes, groceries, hardware,--in fact
a full line of the best of everything to
be found in a well stocked general mer
cantile establishment, go to
- - A. Oldland & Cos.
jSetoing Ajachineg
Over twelve million sold. An
nual Bale—Eight hundred thou
sand. Fifty-four awards at the
World’s Fair. Beat machine in
the world.
Ollice, LEADVILLE, Colo.
all machines.
TIIE TAILOR, lias just received
» ii»o luiuoiiukout of goods, from
which lie will make stylish pants
for $5.00 a pair.
Fine Suits
Made to order at from $25.00 up
Handsome overcoats to order
almost as low as the ready-made
Dr. C. E. Rennebaum,
Will visit Meeker during June and September'
each season, prepared lit in-rrt arlilleial teeth,
gold and all kind- ->f fillings. SPECIALIST
BRIDGE WORK. All work first-class, and
at tho lowest prices.
Given Away
Every Month
to tho person submitting tho mosf
meritorious invention during tho
preceding month.
C INV*EST(>HS. and tho object of this
offer Is to encourage persons of an
inventive turn of mind. At the
same time wo wisli to Impress tho
fact that : : : : : »
In’s the Simple,
©hat yiELD Fortunes
—such os Do Long’s Hook and Eye,
“See that Hump,” “Safety Fin,”
“Pigs in Clover,” “Air Brake,” ete.
Almost every one .conceives a
O bright idea at some time or other.
Why not put it In practical
YOUR hi lento may lie In tins direc
tion. May make your fortune.
Why not try? : : : :
*37"Write for further Information and men
tion this paper.
018 F Street Northwest,
Washington, D. C.
n7~Tho responsibility of tills company may
be judged by the fact that Its stock is held
by over one thousand of Him leading news
papers in the United States.
Two dollars a year (cash) pays for The

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