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VOL. XI. —NO. 24.
Confections, Cigars, Tobaccos,
Scliool Supplies, Bools and Notions.
City - Drug - Store.
- -- - THIS
S. Proprietress.
A Good Table, Comfortable and Home-like
apartments are assured all who
stop at THE MILLER.
BATES: $2 to $2.50 per Day. Special Rates to Weekly and Monthly Gncsts.
The Colorado
Transportation Meeker Liyery, Feed anil
Company ! Sole Sta Mes,
Dom • g«a«ral Pi*»*Bg«r ud Expreis basinets between j First-class rigs an<l middle
111 Cut, Meeker, Axial - toil i—-
And connects with stages for tlie following points:
XX. S.
tiend for free sample and judge thereby
cihcinhatiTeekly" enquirer,
Both one year for only $2.25.
The Enquirer is a 9 column, 8 page
paper, issued each Thursday.
Largest in size, cheapest iu price,
—i. reimwe iu «»#, »a i«uk” ♦.>!»*»•
plain print, good whitepaper. If our
readers want another live paper, the
Enquirer is that paper.
Call or address all orders to
- - - Coloiado.
8. BHUNEIt. M.
Plysician and Surgeon.
Office. Seventh Street, Nenr Main.
Chamberialn's Colic, Cholera
And DiarrlMCii Remedy. This is the
best medicine in the world for bowel
complaints. It acts quickly and can
always be depended upon. When re
duced with water it is pleasant to take.
Try It, and like manv others you will
recommend it to your friends. For sale
at 25 and 50 cents per bottle by F. N.
Degeneracy of the Barber's Art.
“I tell you,” said a Sansom street
barber to a Philadelphia Bulletin re
porter, as he took up a pair of clippers
and made a wide swath on the scalp of
a ahock-headed young man in u filed up
in. towels in the chair before him, “I
tell you these are degenerate days.
Time was when a man paid more at
tention to the trim of his beard or the
curl of his forelock than he did to the
cut of his coat or the whiteness of his
linen/ That's all changed. Now a man
rashes in all of a sweat with his coat
half off before he enters the door. I
say to him: ‘How do you want your
hair cut, air?’ ‘ln. a hurry,’. he says.
‘Short in back, with room enough to
comb in frontr I aak. ‘ln a hurry,’ he
answers, and so it goes. The hurry
up clippers have supplanted the scis
sors, while art, as the hair-outtcr knew
it of old. goes flying away mi tin .vine
of t?ie past,'* .«ixil t ■,.* mi our - j»iud as
he dismissed the well-cropped customer
and called: “Next!” i
The Force of A cyclese.
Careful estim.ites of the force of a
cyclone, oud tl. • iergy required to
keep a full-fledged hurricane iu active .
operation, revealed the presence of aj
power that makes the mightiest efforts
of appear ns nothing in compari
son. A force fully equal to four hun
dred and seventy-three million horse
power was estimated as developed : n a
West Indian cyclone. This is about
flfteen times the power tliat is
createble by all the means within the
range of man’s capabilities during the
•ame time. Were steam, water, wind
mills and the strength of all men and
animals combined, they could not at all
approach the tremendous form exerted
by tkfcl terrible sterna
J. W. HUG US, J. ('. DAVIS.
President. Vice-President.
A. C. Mori.TON, Cashier.
(Successor to J. W. Hugos & Co.. Hankers)
Transact a General IlanklnK Business,
il in host price paid for County Warrants, In
crest allowed on Time Deposits. Drafts
Irnwn on Eastern Cities and Europe.
CorresoondentH, Kniintzc Bros., New York:
First National Bank, Omaha: First .1-
tionul Rank. Denver: First National Bank.
Uuwlm*. Vyo.r nni bumjcoms unm>
wood Springs: and in all principal cities of
Collections Promptly Attended to.
For S:tl<*.
A four-room dwelling house, with
good cellar; lot 75x150; SGOO buys it—
sloo down, balance on easy terms. See
or write II A. Wiklhaok.
G. O. Teylor Whlakiea are tin* banner beverages
all points on its system, inclus
ive of Kansas City. St. Louis,
Chicago, Toledo, New York,
Boston and Cincinnati, from
and after December Ist. 1895,
upon presentation of properly
stamped ticket purchased at
any ticket office in Colorado,
Wyoming, Utah <»r New Mexico.
C. M. Hampson,
Commercial Agent,
1035 17ili St.. Denver, Colo.
Advertise iu Tiie Herald.
Poi't Tobicro Spit or Smoke Yoor Life Away
In the truthful, startling title of a hook alwiut
No-to-bae, the harmless, guaranty I tobacco
hnldt cure thatbraces up mcotiiir/ 1 iu>ia
eliminates the nicotine poi-mi, m--. > * wcsik
men train strength. vi-tor and manli • V><n
run no phvsienl or tlnnncial risk, a- \o-tn-Bne
lit sold by Joilnuttreti A-Kelly under a guur
nit e to cure or mmi' y refunded.
ItiM.k free. .Uidce-s, Sterling Remedy t'n.,
New York or Lhicmro. oia-05
(J. O. Taylor Whlzklea of great value to the nick.
Subscribe for The Herald; read it and
then send it East.
:.0. T.ylor Wblukleh. One as silk. Moderate «o«t
For SnlOy V«*ry Chonp,
A No. 7 cook stove. For further in
formation call at this office.
IflgfcMt Honor*—World’* Fair.
A pur* Graps Cream of Tartar Powder. Pr s c
flrom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
The Old and the New.
The board of county commissioners
met on January oth, 1390, and continued
Jin session until the 11th. Following is
the gist of their doings:
Present, Commissioners Younker and
Minutes of the October and December
meetings were read and approved.
Bonds of tho various county officers
were examined and approved.
Wilson Bros w ere rebated 53 head of
011 motion of Commissioner Flem
ming, the clerk was instructed to ad
vertise the names of all delinquents 011
road tax giving them 20 days to pay the
delinquent tax to county treasurer or
action in court will ho taken against
j Hoad reports of M. Bowman and C. P.
j III!! were the approved and items ah
j lowed as corrected, viz :
C. L\ Hill, assistant roail overseer,
I S7B 15, and sl4.
Contract for county supples was
awarded to Gazette Printing Co.
Smith & Trimmer, rebuild $2,475 on
i Jo Ralston, rebated county and mili
tary polls for 1592.
G. S. Allsebrt-ok, rebated 51,746 on
John Robertson, rebated $2,366 on
Application of 11. J. 11 ay, ox-county
treasurer, to have an expert examine
his lK)oks and accounts was refused.
Clerk was instructed to write to dis
trict attorney and to attorney-general
| as to whether a man can ImM the offices
| of coroner and justice of the peace at
; the same time.
j Following hills were allowed :
II J I lav. fees and postage SIOO 43
K Otdland, express 9 20
M T Ryan, attorney 40 00
W II Jones, coal 14 25
J W Hugos & Co, mdse 8 19
J s Ly it le. publishing delinquent
tax list and other publications 327 30
Jas Hayes, assessor 190 00
II A WPdhack,co judge 112 40
It s Ball, hoard pauper 02 50
Simons & lines, conveying ballot
box to ltangelv 10 00
John A Watson, services as dis
trict clerk 15 75
II E Turner, suptof Irrigation.. 32 10
II R Hergh, hlacksmitldng 1 45
F S Middleton, viewing road.... 3 00
A G Smith, work on road 10 00
U D JU HI. ——A- -■» . «-*■—*-
Geo Bain, work on road 10 50
C F Egry, election services 10 00
J A II Reader, same 10 00
W H Monroe, same 10 (JO
A Suth rlin, same 8 9(5
Win McFadden 28 00
After transacting some minor busi
ness old hoard adjourned sine die.
The new board met on Tuesday and
organized by electing Commissioner
Flemming chairman, tho two new com
missioners—Mr. F. McLaughlin from
the lirst, and Mr. Leon Marcott from
the third district, being present.
C D Kingman was rebated SI,OOO on ;
cattle for 1894, and raised on cattle for
1895 LJ.'.O.
Bills allowed:
Baer Bros sl-50 «£
L B Wall)ridge
R F Montgomery >.. 150
II J Hay 67 61
J F Talbot 25 00
E P Willv-r 39 751
L Marcott 24 20
WII Young, supt of schools 197 601
II S Harp, team 3 00
A J Younker ser. as com 37 50
F McLaughlin, ser. as com 49 00
Sheridan & Smith. lumi>er 5 14
The treasurer’s report for six months
ending December 31, 1895, was received,
examined ;in<* approved.
C'erU's report for the same time went
t'n ■ u:h 11u- seme process.
It was dccl-'e l to divide the county
into three road districts, and tiie follow
ing road overseers were appointed :
Ruegolv d strict—C P. Ilill.
Meeker district—A. 8. Grant.
Upper White—W. G. Warren.
Salary of county attorney was fixed at
$250 for ensuing year.
Baer & Kilduff were raised $7,500 on
cattle for 1895.
Board then adjourned.
Expensive Seals.
There are on the Pribyloflf islands, to
the southeast of Alaska, probably from
four to five million seals. Considering
that each one of these will eat at least
ten pounds of fish per day, the herd
will consume six million tons of fish a
year. As some naturalists claim that a
seal will eat considerably more than
ten pounds per day, this estimate is
doubled by them. llow expensive
these seals' are will be evl V.it from the
fact that the amount of fish consumed
in England per year is less than six
hundred thousand tons, which supply
was valued at thirty million dollars.
At this rating the seals of the northern
Pacific got away with more than three
hundred million dollars' worth of fish
•r vear.
G. O. Taylor Whlftkle*. tljelr quality o«T«r varl**.
Take your local paper—THß Herald.
O. O. Taylor ansaaaUst » MM■*
Didn’t Sign.
Ufkanmw printing niflen. A delega
tioofirn “away hack” tiles in.)
Sr u ’ or (t'» business manager of office)
5 passu! uv us df.l, that tvu'cl ,
Cbjy up an’ sign fur vo’ paper.
«wiutM3 Manager (smiling warmly)—
Gl# lo see you, gentlemen. Won’t
you have seats ?
leader—No; ain’t got time to set.
Whot. ver boldin’ vo’ paper at now?
Jp V “Two dollars a vear. j
That much? Didn’t ’low it
wfctt/u er dollar. Keu git tlier Fire
■Sß*s»'i!e fur six hits.
{• & -Ah, well, you see that it is
di| a cheap concern, a sort of adver
ti4**K ! - * if k'**. What you want is home
Lt'd-r— Yus, that’s a fack. Wall, *
(addressimr one of tiie del**. *
finiik down.
Li?* —1) iiYi believe I wanter aign fur
it te-- t !ay.
Lett hi— W’v, yer wanted me ter come l
up here with yer. Whut yer come up I
fur? j
Lige -- Wanted ter sorter look er
Lender—Jta Doyle, you wanter sign, ■
don’t yer?
Jim—No. dou’t b’liove I do ter-day.
Leader— W’y, ding it all, you said yer
wanted ter sign.
Jim—l said I mout sign.
Leader—Tai I‘aytou, I know you wan- :
ter sign.
Tai—l ’low ter sign airier while—airter
1 gel in a little better shape.
Leader—Why not now?
Tai—Ain’t fixed well ernuff now.
Ain't mo'n got money cruulT ter run me
till I git home. I liko ther paper mighty
well. Got some uv ther best things in
it I ever seen.
Leader—Wall, ef none uv yer wanter
sign, reckon we’d belter go as we've got
a good deal of knockin’ round ter do.
B. >f? (to leader) —You wish to sub
scribe, do you not ?
Leader—No, I jest come up with the
hoys, here, an’l don’t b'lieve 1 wanter
sign fur it tor-day. Like the paper
mighty well an’ hope ter he able ter sign
fur »t putty soon. Wall, good day.
A few moments later, in a saloon.
Leader—Wall, fellers, nominate yo’
Lige—llol’ on; I’m doin’ this (throw
ing a ten dollar note on the bar).
Jim (sweeping the money hack to Lige
and replacing it with a gold piece)—Not
t/T/ - ——-- i avail var iu here. 1
Tai (with pretended indignation)—
Not by a jugful. Axed yer in myself.
Here (to bar-tender), give us some
straight goods.
Leader—lt makes no difference who
pays fur it. Wall, here's hopin’.—From
The Arkansaw Traveler.
An editor of long experience is apt to
think that the proper motto for a typi
cal American would he: “Give me
notoriety, or give me death.”
dim DamlrioT, a linninn Wliow Wraith
y I* of Itooont Creation.
1j ike tho English millionaires, those
of the czar's dominions mostly derive
.jtheir revenues from landed property.
; While the Briton, however, devotes a
large part of his gross income toward
improving his possessions and to tho
1 amelioration of the lot of liis tenants in
I one way or another, the Russian, on
the other hand, extracts every farthing
that he can from his properly and
spends it upon himself, the result being
that agriculture in lius> in is going
from bad to worse, that formerly fer
tile and productive estates have now
become barren and impoveri Led, and
that, while the pec:.antry are in a slate
of misery bordering on famine, the j
nobles themselves have been obliged to ,
mortgage or soil their lands, and nro at
the end of their financial tether. Of
coarse, there are some exceptions, such
as, for instance, the Yousoupoffs, tho
Demid offs and tho Sehcreinctieffs. The
wealth of the Dcmidoffs is bo vast, ac
cortling to the New York Tribune, tliat
it is beyond calculation, and strangely
enough the fortune is of relatively re
cent creation, its founder having been
,\ country blacksmith in the days of I’e
tor the Great. It was while traveling
iu the Ural mountains that, the latter
broke one of his most valuable English
1 istols. A village smith mended it so
■julckly and so well that the czar wan
delighted and uaacd the man’s name.
"Demidoi?, I shall remember yon,” aaid
he Mhe rode off. The poor man was
beginning to think that i’etcr had for- <
rotten him when there came an official
j document adorned with tho imperial
Kcai, granting him the freehold of a
great tract of crown land in the neigh
borhood of the village. Dcinidoff wont
to work on hia new- property and found
there inexhaustible mines of iron, sil
ver and malachite. Young Eliin Dem
i loff—he doe* not bear in Russia the
Italian title of prince generally pr *
fixed to hia name by foreigner*—ia at
the present moment the rioheat man in
the world. Princess Yousoupoff, with
her freat turquoise mines, coming next
iu rank. Fortunately, both of them
are mwe free-handed and generous
1 than their respective immediate pred
ecessors es head of the family, the late
A wtole Dcmtdoff and the late Prlnee
Yoaeoepoff having been alike renowned
for their meanness and avarleet <4
wfcfcfc almost incredible stories era an
jjff’ wu SSuu,J ©he Pioneers
Jf.W. Il'cigus 8c Company
Are Always In lira Lead with Hie
Largest Stock and lowest Pricss.
Our goods nre always fresh and desirables. As wo buy in large quantities for
citsb, wo get the lowest prices going and give our customers the benefit. Call
In and see us, or try us with a mall order.
J• . Hugus eSc Company.
MatiVs Lumber 1 EEHP 11
Having a first-class planing mill, special
orders can be filled on short notice.
During tiie winter of 1893, F. M. Mar- (
tin, of Long Reach, W. Va., contracted y
a severe cold which left him with a r
cough. In speaking of how he cured it
he says: “I used several kinds of cough
syrup but found no relief until 1 bought
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy, which relieved me almost instantly
and in a short time brought about a
complete cure.” When troubled with a
cough or cold use this remedy aiul you
will not find it necessary to try several
kinds before you get relief. It has been
in the market for over twenty years ami
constantly grown in favor and popular
ity. For sale at 25 and 60 cents per bot
tle by F. N. Jollautgen.
O-O.Tajrlor WhlaklOß nro not expensive. Good, 100
All Ailßlsivit.
This is to certify that on May 11th, I
walked to Melick’s drug store on a pair
of crutches and bought a bottle of
Chamberlain’s Fain Balm for inflam
matory rheumatism which had crippled
me up. After using three bottles lam
completely cured. I can cheerfully rec
ommend it.—Charles 11. Wetzel, Sun
• bury. Pa. Sworn and subscribed to be
- MUG UIG Ull ID, tool. VVudUtr
Shipman, J. P. For sale at 50 cents per
bottle by F. N. JnJluntgen.
Old Gardener TcUn How the Space Can
lie Well Utilized.
An old gardener told a Cincinnati
Times-Star reporter that the most won
derful thing about city folks is their ig
norance of what they could do with the
little strips of ground surrounding their
houses, and especially with their back
yards. “They nre not big enough for
lawns,” said he, “so most people just
use them to walk on. hut if they had
some gumption they eould enjoy many
• a garden delicacy of their own raising.
A strip twenty feet long and a foot
wide against the wall would furnish
enough grapes for two to eat. The next
foot would supply them wi;h peas; the
next with beans: the next with radishes
and turnips and lettuce; one bush ineacli
of the four corners would produce plenty
of gooseberries; another foot in width ,
would Supply “all the strawberries,
another foot raspberries; another, j
blaekberries; another a month's supply j
<-f potatoes; another, sweet potatoes; !
another with several fine messes of i
*rn. and so on. There are ten feet
>!unted, but give what I have named '
wenty feet. as almost any city back- j
ard could <lo, and they would grow j
•onderfully. A buck yard twenty by
| wenty would raise plenty of small
• ruck for two people, yet how many
back yards are wastedl”
For 52.25 Spot Cush.
Gi.nvwoon Meni.van, Colo., Jan. 0, IHOO. (
N OTICE—In hereby given that the r<oli>’.vlntr
named wttlur bus llh-d notice of his inn n
tion to inako final proof in support of his
Hhliii. and that said proof will lw made Im*-
fore the Clerk of the District Court of 1110
Blanco county, at Meeker, Colo., on February
UV. IK!M. at 10 o’clock a. in., viz:
W. If. Miller, of Meeker. <'olo., on hi* P. D.
S. No. 23ud, i'te m‘rles. for the K *4 SE N'W
,'. SE >- 4 and NK SW ± Sec. Sk Tp. 3 N.. lt.l«
W. Bth p. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
' his eontinuoiis residence upon, and cultivation
• tf, said land, viz:
t'. H. Woli-ott and C. T. Huleft. l»oth of
A xlal. Colorado, and A. L. Du**bnm and Her
man Sleluff, both Of Meeker, Colorado.
Jll-fls J. IL Philippi, Kcglater.
Bargains! Bargains!
Call at once and see our bargain connter. To make room for new
stock, we wiil, within tiie next few weeks, sell $5,000 worth of
goods, consisting of Boots, Shoes, Dry Goods, Notions. Clothing,
Gloves, etc., etc., at cost.
A. Oldland & Co.
simple sum
sBtoing frJachinßg
Over twelve million sold. An
nual sale—Eight hundred thou
sand. Fifty-four awards at tho
World’s Fair. Bt st machine in
tho world.
Office, LEADYILLE, Colo.
all machines.
Go to
J ohn Hummel’s
Fine Clothing
Low Prices.
Dr. C. E. Rennebaum,
I Will vMt Meeker during June and September
each m MHuii, prepared to in i rt nrdli* i ll teeth,
uold und all kind- <>( tillin'- . SlM’.i lAI.IS I’
itidDiiF. WORK. All work lUst-cliet.s, und
ut the lowest prices.
Given Away
Every Month
to the person submitting tiie most
meritorious Invention during the
preceding month.
O INVEST iRS. und the object of this
offer is to encotiruKC persona of iin
inventive turn of mind. At the
same time we wish to impress tho
fnct thut : : : : : :
jin’s t-hb Simple,
—such us Do Look's Hook nml Eye,
“See tbnt Hump,” “Safety Pin,"
‘‘Pitrs in Clover.” “Air Brake,” etc.
Almost every one conceives a
O bright idea ut some time or other.
Why not put it in pructicul 1: -• :
YoUlt talents may lie in this din < -
| Hon. Mny iuuko your fortune.
Why not try? : : : :
! tV~ Write for further information und men
tion this paper.
61H F Street Northwest,
Washington, D. C.
fy The ri'sponsibUity of this company mny
! I lx- Judged by the fnct that its stock is held
by over one thousand of tho leading news
ptipcre in the United States.
Two dollars it year (casli) pays for The

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