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VOL. XII.—NO. 18.
Confections, Cigars, Tobaccos,
School Supplies, Boohs and Notions.
City - Drug - Store.
General Merchandise.
Dry Q-oods, Groceries, Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware, Glass
ware, Tobaccos, Cigars, Etc., Etc.
OTWe handle the John Deere Plows and Harrows. Also all kinds of Farm Machinery.
Does a General Passenger and Express llusiness Detween
Rifle Creek, Meeker, Axial and Craig,
And connects with stages for the follow points:
H. S. Harp, proprietor.
President. Vice-President.
A. C. Mocr/roit. Cashier.
(Successor to J. W. Hugos & Co., Bankers)
Transact a General Banking Business.
Highest price paid for County Warrants. In
terest allowed on Time Deposits. Drafts
lrawn on Eastern Cities and Europe.
CorrosDondents, Kountze Bros., New York;
First National Bunk, Omaha; First Sa- .
tlonal Bank. Denver: First National Bank.
Rawlins, Wyo.; First National' Bunk, Glen
wood Springs; and In all principal cities of
Collections Promptly Attended to.
Land Orncs at i
Glen wood Springs, Colo., Nov. 26, 1896. f
1, John Williams, of Meeker, Rio Blanco
county, Colo., who made desert land applica
tion No. 13 irte, on the l«tb day of January,
fc W.
hereby give notice of my intention to
make final proof to establish iny claim to the
lam! above described before the Clerk of the
District Court of Rio Blanco county, ut
Mecker, Colo., on Saturday, the Oth day of Janu
ary, 1807. and that I expect to prove that wild
land has been properly li ligated and reclaimed
In the manner required by law, by two of the
following witnesses:
James Haves, W. P. Hnckett, Louis Hatzen
buhler and Robert Jones, all of Meeker. Colo.
John Williams, Claimant.
d&-JyO J. B. Philippi, Register.
Gusnwood Springs, Colo., Nov. 27. 1890. t
■VTotice—'ls hereby given that the fnllowlng-
Ts named settler has tiled notice of his inton
tlon to make Ilnal proof in support of bis claim
and that said proof will be nvkde before the
Clerk of the District Court of Rio lllanco
county, at Meeker, Colo.. ,l»n January 9. 1897,
at 10 o’clock a. m.. vix:
Thomas James, of Axial, Colo., on his P. I).
8. No. 2207, Ute series, for the E 4 SB »*, S\V
H SE 54, Bee. 21. and -A W * NB U Sec. 28. Tp. 3
N., R. 93 W. «tb P. 19.
He names thq following witnesses to prove
hiseonUnuousTresidence upon, and cultivation
of, said lajXS, viz: , .
W. BriHorrick, sr.. Charles Philips, both of
NeeWor, Colo., R. H. Carnrike and E.
Axial, Philippi. Register.
:Think what
it means
to be able to go right through
from Denver to Omaha, Chi
cago, Kansas City. St. touts—
to eat when you wish—to sleep
when you feel like it to
•moke when the not lon strikes
you—to live as comfortably ;
and fare as sumptuously as if
mhhm you were in the finest hotel
on the continent.
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BllJlfllM Flyer,”- offers.
Leaves Denver 9:50 p. m. !
Arrives Omaha 4.00 p. m. I
Arrives Chicago 8:20 a. ro.
Arrive* Kansas City at 8.00
Bt. Louis at 7.19 a. m.
Tickets and time-tables on
application to any ticket
agent. j
O. W. VALLXar. General Agent. Denver, Colo..
1039 17th street.
Sewing Machine for Sale.
A new Wheeler & Wilson sewing ma
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flnarsnlssil PURS.
Uniform In 9UALITY.'
fou> i«»jSrirS»ni*» *■> wi»s».
0 !
CKITEt H. CHAVES 4 SONS, Boston. |
im> an—TiTuria.
traps aervun sv
Min IBMOMCI, ifsssr. Dsavsr.
». A. NOVO A C(L WlwtMale DmMUts. Dsrrrsr.
MB. K. TITIOt, Wholesale LMdvlll*.
f f yssr dsslw doss n«t kM7 C. 0. T»»!ot "•'*i I*l*7 c*o «»I»,
"•** aa sad •• wtu m thst rv% m rapphei.
The Little Man Gave Up a Seat to a “Wash
Lady.” Who Crashed Her Sleeves.
Verily, the worm will turn, even the
downtrodden, patient male worm found
In street ears. lie turned the other
day on the Madison avenue line, lie
vas a sickly looking man, of middle
ige, who entered and gazed about anx
ously for a. seat. About the middle
>f the car he detected signs of hope
.vhcrc a bird of gaudy plumage hud
preempted n 15-cent reservation with
jer balloon sleeves. Even a half way
.’ivil shrinkage on her part would have
made him happy, but her royal
thoughts were full of Easier, and she
never budged as he stood before her
in the aisle.
Her neighbor’s heart surrendered a
few incites of space, and he used that
opening wedge till the gaudy grabber,
with the usual street car look of with
ering V 'tempi, yielded enough more
to mat> a.m easy—uu a pinen.
Three or four blocks further on a
stupendous recruit was added to the
company. She carried a market basket
and had the breadth of the Liberty
statue. At once the sick-looking pas
senger became aroused to the demands
of chivalry, offered his scant, accommo
dations to the buxom dame and retired
t > the platform to watch results. %
The space resigned was an awful mis
fit, but that didn’t bother the fortunate
winner. It was the furious heart of
the gaudy creature that broke under
the mass of determined plebeian flesh
at her side. She .turned red, white anil
blue, bit her lips at the spectacle of
crushed wing*, and darted javelins of
wrath toward the platform. Thenudi
encc gasped and smiled. She signaled
a stop. As she angrily flounced past her
merciless foe that dear old word
“brute” came hissing hot from her
mouth.—N. Y. Herald.
Great Power for nigh Speed.
The large amount of fuel required for
very high speed racing boats has been
the subject of thorough investigation
by experts, in order, if possible, to re
duce the quantity of coal necessary for
this purpose. Some of the British tor
pedo boat clinsers are thought to be the
most perfect vessels of their class in ex
istence, but in order to attain a 30-knot
Bpeed, they must carry 00 tons of coal.
; This is fully one-quarter of their entire
sea-going displacement. Under high
speed they consume between three and
a half and four tonsof coal an hour. To
propel a vessel with a speed of 20 knots-
I an hour, the consumption of fuel is tre-
I meodous. Twenty-seven knots an hour
is the best speed of the ordinary torpedo
boat. In order to reach the 30-knot line
fully 80 per cent, more fuel Is required.
—N. Y. Ledger.
j A New Kind of Thread.
' “John,’’ ft said the young wife, “mind
you stop and get me a spool of poultry
"What kind of thread, my dear?”
“Oh, I couldn’t describe it so you’d un
, derstand. You men are so stupid. The
clerk will know. Tell him you want it
for basting the chicken. And you can
go on down to the dress good* counter
and get the dressing. Just get it in the
piece and I’ll make it the way the cook
book says.”—Texas Siftings.
G.O. Taylor Whiskies, floe as silk. Moderate cost.
| One of (he natural curiosities of New
York state is the “Rocking Btone”of
Sullivan county. It weighs 40 tons and
is so evenly balanced that it can be
moved with a finger.
G. O. Taylor Whiskies, nothin* purer or better.
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G. <* *Vr!»k;thcrou;' ij- -,< I-a> :u«\
The oflicial count in Colorado gives
Bryan and Sewall 132,4U0 plurality.
Only one other ’state Texas—gave a
larger plurality for the Democratic na
tional ticket at the late election.
* *
Ex-Governor Waite has sent a letter
to the chairman of the Populist state
committee of Kansas, expressing bitter
opposition to woman suffrage. Air.
Waite says that if the Kansas legisla
ture submits a suffrage amendment to
the people, as it is expected it will do,
he will go to that state and fight it. He
also says that if it is desired, he will
lecture ugainst the measure while it is
pending in the legislature, agreeing to
r»—«»•• **l„«*,. „♦«. , Ak*4
suffrage has been most calamitous to
Colorado. “Old Bridles” and the Popu
list party claimed to be especial champ
ions of the woman suffrage movement
in this state, but when the women got
the ballot they didn't vote the Populist
ticket; hence these tears.
» *
It is likely that President Cleveland
will extend the civil service rules to the
fourth-class postmasters. This W’ould
mean the retention in ottice tor an in
definite period of our local postmaster, as
that oflicial has conducted his office in
a very satisfactory and efficient man
* •
Maintaining the troops at Leadvilie
is a heavy burden for the taxpayers of
the slate to bear, but “Molly Maguire
ism,” which has been rampant in the
Carbonate Camp since the present strike
was inaugurated, must be suppressed
regardless of cost.
*** i
Should Congressman Hitt, of Illinois,
become McKinley's secretary of state 1
there would be little doubt of the Cubnu
policy of the next administration, as he
has just made a red hot public state- ‘
ment in favor of recognizing the belli- j
gereucy of the Cubans. <
* # * i
The nail trust appears to have been ,
bit on the bead and driven into a hnia j
But there are others still doing busi
ness. •
Speaker Reed isn’t explaining why he
didn’t stop at Canton, but some of his
friends are not acting as wisely. :
• *
Having stirred up Russia and France
Bismarck is now throwing stones at the
British lion, whom he accuses of want
ing to control the whole menagerie.
* *
The Detroit girl who married the
Prince of Curaman - Cliimav is now
figuring in a French divorce Court for
having deserted her royal husband to
live with a gipsey tiddler. Poor thing!
She will probably find that a change of
music is not ulways beneficial.
* *
Success in any line transforms the
common, everyday crank into a genius;
that is one reason we’re inclined to be
considerate towards the cranks. An
ether reason is the existence of a fellow
• *
Those men who are hungering for
Spanish blood should lose no time in
joining the Cubans. That is the only
opportunity they will have, and that
may vanish before spring.
* *
If it took Mark Hanna two years to
get Governor McKinley his first presi
dential nomination, can he get it for
him the second time in four years?
* •
With Hon. Theodore Roosevelt and
Rev. Dr. Parkhurst openly commending
fistic combats prize fighting will prob
ably enjoy a great boom in New York
* *

Of course there will be an extra ses
sion of congress, and of course there
will be a protection tariff bill passed, if
it is not bung up in the senate. Every
one knew that these things would fel
low the election of McKinley and a
Republican congress before they voted.
Let the will of the majority be carried
out. If it be good we shall all be glad;
if it be bad, it can be changed next
A large assortment of silverware and
useful novelties of all descriptions; just
! the thin-: for holiday gifts, at JElugi
! Co:s.
▲ Bfiktural Sfcorehcu3o of Sweet
-1 0038 in Pennsylvania.
Om liar* Doj* the Rocks Drip with
«MI SreetN of the Great I tec hive
Within Stories To 111 by
KliiuuoquUliU) gap is lucaUil in th»
TnMW.ir Seven mountain, range,and is
om OC lie ninny, breaks through this
"'M® of mountains loading from
PcnnY id ley into Stone valley.
S.vcn mountain range i» jk*t
hai* wildest ryot cm In the stale of
renMr.auia- More than one ex
hunter and woodsman haH
way in these mountains, and ;
(la .V* wandering a round
Cn l some even failed to
to it> jj -, s the getw ral belief tlia*.
I heir ! . i>. q c bleak and bare in some
nark ravino << the Tussey range.
Year:- :go ebrrent report :-u d that
in one < f the leak explored of t he man.”
fustne -es of thV.c mountains there ‘
was a l ee litvc in the rocks which con
tained enough hor»ey to make a man
rich. The story v.’u.s in t fleet as fol- (
tows: .Some eight oi\ten milee nott!) of
the go;) !.- one of the Aeeptft mvliiivs in
closing the wildest spot, in the entire
chain <«f mountains. Precipitous eliIT.
to tlu* height of several hundred f> - •
ri.se on either side, t-lu*. Whole aline: '
eoinp! t' h covered with nflonse growth
of small shrubbery and trcilmg v :. -
while away down at tlie bottom,sotireg
that the - tin hardly penetrates, owir«r
to.the narrowness of the gorge, trickles
a smell stream or rivulet.
Oil the north side of this gorge, about
half way up the rock side of the cliff,
is a fi'-ure in tlu* rock presenting nn
opening perhaps 20 foot long and .vary
ing in width from two to five fee..
Though there is no accurate way of
knowing the depth of this fissure or
cave in the roelc side, it lias been es
timated at, anywhere from ; to 51
tcet, jierhaps oven more, and pcrsiblv
with the dimensions of a large cham
In this rift in the rock a swarm o r
bees years ago made their home, and
there they have continued to abide
multiply find store up honey until three
3 car:- ago, when tin* last report of tliem.
os given by a lost hunt -r. stated that
so numerous hod tlicy become Mia*
there was one perfect column or st ring
of bees fully a foot thick continually
going and coming from t.hc stone hive.
Parties wlu> claim to have scon it
aver that on a warm day tihe sweet
stVrV r inlc^iAtcPitR o rays penetrate
the opening, would trickle down the
side of the cliffs and fall in pools at
the bottom.
Several parties attempted to dis-
Vodgc the bees and get at the hive of
honey, but owing to the difficulty in
getting at the opening they were never
sneorr ful, as the beee-j always drove
■ h«*.m away.
A few days ago a stranger, who
claimed to hail from the eastern part of
:lie state, and who hod been trudging
Ihese mountains in quest of Iheoutlao •:
f or game on several of the game pre
serves located here, stopped ;» few min
utes at. the gap, and while here told of
seeing the beehive in Uu* rocks. The
man v. as so excited over the d-rtcover.v
that he could hardly tell a complete
story, but the facts related l\v irr.i ore
to clo.vdy allied to the runout reporter
years that there is no doubt that lie
found the wonderful hour;,* dry riot.
The man averred that, the bees, go
ing and coming looked like ;vn iniinen.-o
«nr rope at least, two feet in diameter,
and so constantly did t hey keep at their
work that In the hour or more, he
watched them there was not one bn*a
in the flying string of bees.
To dislodge the bees and secure the
honey would, however, be an almost im
possible task, at the very least, a Her
culean one. From the bottom of the
ravine lo where tlu* rift in the rock oc
curs is fully 75 feet, and from, the ton
down to the rift, is almost on equal d : --
lane '. The rocky side is very nearly
straight up and down, and the small
’ rush and wild vines with which t.lm
side is almost entirely covered ire not
embedded securely enough in the rocks
to admit of one climbing either up or
town them as a support.
There is only one way by which th
cavern could Ih* reached, and then it
would be at the risk of destroying th
rich store therein, and that is to bio
•lie mountain aide up with dynau*. f -
But even this mode, of attack won! ’
i.ot. rkl the place of all the bc.'s, :•* ‘
when or.ee their home, was destroy. *t
.d! interlopers would want to ‘.---k .‘ (' r .
(tire retreat. Th© stranger averr-'’
that lie would find away to get. tb. ■
hres out ami get. at the store of ho: <'\
He declared his intention of rcturi’
ing to make the attempt, at Ic->t. an
v. hat the. results will be remain to t«
> cen.
Five, four, or even two tons of 1 one;
is a large pile of the sweet stuff, and
■ the smaller amount, if it could be pu*
, on the market in anything like a goo
condition, at the present price of I.*
’ cents per pound, would realize justsfa'»
for the successful bee hunter, a very
clever sum to pull from a rift in the
mountain aide.—Philadelphia Times.
Hand-bags and chatelains, small styles
in the latest belts, can be seen at Hugus
& Go’s.
Roman Beauty. Janiton and
Davis upping »' ii-v -i Joiiaib
President.! THE PIONEERS |- yta* v P lg: ", d
Yon Want me Best Googs al Lowest Prices, go to
Who have an immense stock of Every
thing. Goods are bought direct from
first hands at lowest cash prices, and
you get the benefit.
—Native Lumber—
Ora.oi3 ZF-illea. cn Sli=:‘.o=t rossltlo iTotlco.
Their toclal Life Dlxcntiml by the Noted _
Cirrcjpondeut to Yale Studeutx.
George \V. Smalley, the noted foreign
correspondent, recently sjxjkc under
the auspices of the Phi Beta Kappa so
ciety at Yale on the subject, “Social
Life in England.” The lecture was de
liverel at New Haven for the first time,
and vas very instructive of the charac
teristics of society life in England. Mr.
Smnltey was introduced by Prof. Ed
ward J. Phelps, of Yale, ex-minister to
England. Mr. Smalley admitted in hi 4
prefa ory remarks that 1 here was much
paltry and ignoble in London society,
but le confined his description to the
bright, side of English social life. Mr.
Smal.cy declared that not wealth, fame,
honor,* nor even rank alone, gave po
sition in English society, and stated
that many of the titled personages of
the realm were outside the gates of
what is known as society. He said that
position in society in England was ob
tained and held only by a combination
of leading traits of mind and character.
Mr. Smalley interspersed his talk with
a vast number of pertinent anecdotes
illustrating the different phases of Lon
don society life. He spoke of the mani
fest regard for the company of others
by the members of London society, and
declared that Mr. Gladstone was the
who had ever been able to ignore this
rule without paying th© penalty. He
enumerated many of Gladstone’s char
acteristics, showing him to be arbitrary
at all times in society. In concluding.
Mr. Smalley called the English “tin*
greatest of actual races,” and said that
we had much to learn from them, they
from us and the world from both. —Troy
(N. Y.) Times.
Favored Luclndy .lane.
A noted eastern lecturer says that
the most surprising compliment she
ever received was at the close of u lee
turc slie gave in a town in Idaho. The
hall in which she lectured was crowded,
and she noticed in the audience an
elderly’man who riveted bisvyes upon
her and listened with open mouth to
every word she said.
He came up to the platform at the
close of the lecture and said, heartily,
while lie grasped her hand until she
winced with pain:
“Yer the livin’ iminidge o’ Lucindv
Jane, rny first wife, nn’, what's more,
you talk perzactly like her."
“Yes, you do. She could outjaw any
other woman that ever walked the
earth, an’ cv’ry time you opened your
mouth I could of took oath it was
Lucindy Jane come back to life. You
raly made me oncomfortnble, seein’
as I’ve been married three times since
Lucindy Jane left me. Bents nil how
you favor Lucindy Jane. I tell you that
y on an’ her would of made a great
team.”—Detroit Free Press.
Feminine Flnanclcrlnp.
Husband—Did you get that tcn-dollar
check your uncle sent you cashed yet?
Wife—No, I haven’t Ih*oii out.
Husband—Well, I am sending nn or
der to a cigar denier for two boxes of
five dollnr cigars. I don’t want to send
money in an envelope. You take this
, ten dollars and give me your check.
I Husband (a day later) More money!
Why, my dear, what did you do with
the ten dollars your uncle sent you?
Wife (in a huff) —You took it for cig
ars. —N. Y. Weekly.
Wife—What do you think of Bridget’s
Husband—l think if she tried to boil
water, she’d burn it.—Tit-Bits.
O. O. Taylor Whiskies of tfivat value to the sick.
The Pioneer
(> Is now under the management of
Frank Williams,
* Who is giving the business his personal
8 attention and seeing to it that all
stock left at the Old Pioneer
Barn is well cared for, at
*4TJobb:rv atU . j j to j i-'-mptly.
Singer Sewing Machines.
Over twelve million sold. An
nual sale—Eight hundred thou
sand. Fifty-four awards at the
World's Fair. Best machine in
the world.
Office, LEADVILLE, Colo.
all machines.
u-iven Away
Every Month
to the person submitting the most
meritorious invention during- tho
preceding month.
O INVESTORS, and the object of this
offer is to encourage porson* of hu
Inventive turn of mind. At tho
same time we wish to Impress tho
fact that : : : : : :
—such as De Long's Hook and Eye,
•'See that Hump,” “Safety Flu,”
“Pigs In Clover,” “Air Brake," etc.
Almost every one conceives a
O brljrht idea at some time or other.
Wliv not put it in practical use?
YOl'K talents may lie in this direc
tion. May make your fortune.
Why not try? : : : :
E*7“Write for further information and tneu
tlon this paper.
018 F Street Northwest,
Washington, D. C.
iW'Tlus responsibility of this company may
be indued by the fact that its stock is held
by one thousand of the lending-news
papers in the United States.
RigaSiL gBBB— ’IBWi 1 -
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Both one year for only §2.20.
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paper, issued each Thursday.
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plain print, good whitepaper. If our
readers want another live paper, the
Enquirer- is that paper.
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- Colorado.
Henry a. wildhack.
(County Judge)
Attend to Pre-emption and Desert
Land tilings, take and acknowledge an
imal or final proofs on Desert claims as
well as Pre-emptions, institute contests,
etc. Necessary blanks on hand.
Office in the Court House.
yyr «■ BRUNER. M. D.,
Physician and Snneoa.

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