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Steaming Forty Miles an Hour.
Cleveland Moffot’a description In
McClure’s of the Knglisli boat, the
Turbinia, which travels forty miles
r.n hour with esse, suggests that It is
a good thing Unit wo arc* not over
stocked with torpedo boats at the be
ginning of the war. Apparently all
previously known speed records for
short distances mi water are to Ik*
eclipsed. The Turhluia is the Inven
tion of Mr. raisons of Newcastle, a
son of la>pl Rosso, who Is widely
known for the big telescope that he
built. It burns coal, but has no
steam engine iu the ordinary sense of
the word. The cylinder and piston
are replaced by a set of turbines In
side tin* steam chest. These are at
tached directly to the shaft, or rather
to the three shafts that carry the
nine screws. The steam turns at the
rate of 2.500 revolutions a minute
with i>erfoct ease and smoothness,
while the best marine engine iu the
world would tear Itself to pieces do
ing a quarter as mauy. In fact, the
Turbluia's screws could Ih* run up to
turns n minute if there were
any gain. The trouble Is that above
certain limits the water is simply cut
into foam. The inventor says that
forty-six tulles an hour is quite practi
cable commercially, and lifty-eight
miles an hour possible where cost is
not considered. It looks as though
the torpedo boats and destroyers now
built might as well Is* sold for tug
boats.—Springfield Republican.
A Carious Answer.
The teacher was asking questions.
Teachers are apt to nsU questions, and
they sometimes receive curious an
swers. The question was as follows:
"Now, pupils, how many months have
twenty-eight days’/” "All of them,
teacher," replied the boy on the front
Honsm-cleoning is a duty in every well
regulated household. Feocle dou't wait
until the tilth becomes painfully apparent,
but it stands to reason that iu every day
n>e more or loss dust or dirt accumulate.
It is so with the humnn blood. From the
enormous variety of eatables taken into
the stomach, a quantity of useless ma
terial is hound to accumulate iu tbo blood
and clog the free and wholesome flow in
tho vessels. Every person should from
time to time have a ‘‘Wood-cleaning*’ and
tho best cleanser and blood purifier is
Casrarets Candy Cathartic. We recom
mend thorn to all our readers.
This war has worked in woman
One change of which man brags—
She's dropped her fad of eruzy-quilts
And gone to making Mags.
"AIT CREAM There Is Manufactured in
Denver an article called Malt ('ream that
Is credited with doing wot.tiers in curing
dyspepsia and Insomnia, and for general
debility. It is made of Milk (’ream anti
Harley Malt, and is past doubt the best
baby food known, as it contains no chein
bals. The firm Is known as the American
Milk floods Company. Am druggist can
furnish it.
"I'm afraid Workom Is getting ready to
borrow money of me.” “What makes‘you
think so?" "He has been treating me to
Pood cigars ”
makes the skin soft, white and healthy.
Sold everywhere.
"Daughter, who is tills Mr. Eugene
Wadsworth Carrington that Is calling on
you so often?" "Why. papa, he’s the boy
we used to call 'Buster' when he lived
next door.”
•■•wTnr<riryvvww¥¥¥¥¥ww i¥innnnnnfinnyvinf¥iy***
I ffhe hair §
W is like a plant. What makes the plant fade and wither? rg
Q Usually lack of necessary nourishment. The reason why I)r. uw
Si Ayer’s Hair Vigor restores gray or faded hair to its normal S 3
gj color, stops hair from falling, and makes it grow, is because |Mj
M it supplies the nourishment the hair needs. W
C 3 “ When a girl at school, in Reading, Ohio, 1 had a severe
ffa attack of brain fever. On my recovery, I found myself
M perfectly bald and, for a long time, I feared I should bo
H permanently bo. Friends urged me to use I>r. Ayer’s Hair M
H Vigor, and, on doing so, my hair immediately began to grow,
C 3 and I now have as heavy and fine a head of hair as one could gjj
C 3 wish for, being changed, however, from blonde to dark
brown.” Mrs. J. H. Horsnyder, 152 Pacific Ave., Santa
Cruz, CaL gj
|1 Slyer* s SCair Vigor. §
M A laps wsm dchtMa fact toag ml
iMrt cm— om tto* scene after my taklnff two
CABCARETS. T|li lam mre has emoaed my
t>»d health for the nmet three year*. Imm still
UkiagOsmemreU. the only cathartic worthy of
notice toy aanalble people."
QBPTYrPowLJS, Baird, Mamm
»■*» cyil ma——. ■apr*w. a» Twins
I *y«a.lelawa^u >^a ahan M «unaa.a>v.sU<a.
kill AmkcHr Advertise Peats Mindly
•- Mcaliet Tfcit Taper.
From the Gazette, BlandimvllU, HL
The wife of tho Rev. A. R. Adam*, pastor
Of the Bedford Christian Church at Blan*
dinsville. 111., was for years compelled to
live a life of torture from disease. Her
case baffled tho physicians, but today she
is alive and well aud tells the story of her
recovery ns follows:
“About six years ago,*’ said Mrs. Adams,
I weighed about 140 pounds, but my
health began to fail ana 1 lost flesh. My
j * oo, ‘ ‘‘id uot agree with me and felt like a
stone iu my stomach. 1 began to bloat all
' over until 1 thought I had dropsy,
i "I had pains and soreness iu my left side
i which extended clear across my back and
, a “° iuto the region of my heart During
these spells a hard ridge would appear in
the loft sido of my stomach and around
the left sido.
"These attacks left mo sore and ex
hausted. All last summer I wa-> so uervous
thut the children laughing and plaving
nearly drove me wild. 1 suffered also from
female troubles aud doctored with ten dif
ferent physicians without receiving any
*‘My husband having read in tho new»-
paper of Dr.
Pink Pill*
for Palo Peo
ple, induced
me to try
them. 1 l*o
'them last
Nuvem be e
but experi
enced no re
lief until I
had taken
rix Iroxes. I
nm now tak
ing the elev
enth box and
u My Husband fiend.’*
have been greatly benefited.
"I was also troubled with nervous pros
trntiou and numbin- ■ rmy right arm and
hand so that at times I muld hardly endure
tho pain, but that has nil passed away. I
now have a good appetite and am able to
do my own werk. Have done moro this
summer than in the past four years put
together. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo
People cured me, ami I think it my duty to
let ether sufferers know it.”
Hundreds of equnlly remarkable cases
have been cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
"This war has -imply ruined me."
“How’s that? H heiress I was court
ing has got engug* •! to u soldier."
Beauty is Hloort Deep.
Clean blood means n clean skin. No
beauty without it. < n-carets,Candy Cathar
tic cleans vour blood and keens it clean, by
stirring up the lazy w rand driving all hn-
t unties from the I o ly. begin to-day to
nnish pimples, boils, blotches,blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarots,- beauty f r ton couts. All drug
rists. satisfaction cuarnutcod. lOc.tPic. 600.
"Piker's wife lm- 1.-ts of confidence in
him.” "How do >■ know?" "She lets
him pack his own n ink.”
For a perfect complexion and a clear,
healthy skin, use C«»s.MO BUTTERMILK
SOAP. Sold every where.
"Tho citizen who \->t.-s right Is .lust as
valuable as the one . ln» lights." "Is that
:«»? well, where (!«..■.- In go to colled his
little sl3 u month?"
FITS rcrinaneutl>Cur« ' "c • nrncrruunnr vnfioi
first day's uk* of Dr. hi. i i.,»i N.tyo |t,-'t., r .r
snild 1..r FRF.K B*.On l,„ir|,. and tr.-.itn..-
I>U. It. il. Klink. Ltd.. 911 \roll St.. Pliiladtlptna. Pa.
"I can’t understa I how some people
always have a good time wherever thev
go.” "That’s easy . m.ngh; they take it
along with them.”
Mo-To-Bae for Fifty Vents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. 60c. (1. All druggist*
"Scorchers are declared unfit for mili
tary service." "Well, they would rather
kill people at home, anyway.”
Pro Tided with a patent AUTOMATIC SAFKTY
BKAKI bolding the load at any point.
THI t. I. DAT 18 1801 WOKKS CO., Deinr, Colo.
■ ■ BICKFORD. Washington. I>. C-, they
■ ■ will twelve gtrfek replies. B. Mh X. If. Voi.
staff ssta Corpa. PrsMcatlat CUI» stace 1878.
tßTgygtThm»Ma’» Eft Wah r.
@curi vontnri
Urn Big ■ for vaaatanl
I lac lntlammatln—.
rritatkrna. or alteration*
,t mucoii ayembruMa.
Pain lew. and not aeMm*
*!?* 09 R o *** l "—• . .
SaM by BnmBNR
Circalar wat an m—t
M BemcßJhljKp.TasS Qoot Cm H
Kefageea Upturning to tk« City Flai
Nothing to Kat- - Bed Croaa to the
Bnutingu <|«> Culm, July 17.—Sine© 4
o’clock 1 Ins morning a stream of refu
g»h*s has been pouring Into the city,
some nuked, and nil hungry, skeleton*
uu«l foot sore. Many had fallen by the
The town of Santiago presents a dis
mal sight. Most of the houses have
been sacked and the stores have all
been looted and nothing to eat can Ik*
had for love nor money. Iu the streets
of the city ibis morning, at the ln
treuchmeiits, at the breastworks, aud
at every bio feet or so of the barbed
wire fences were tin* living skeletons
of Spanish soldiers.
Twenty-two thousand refugees are
quartered ut El Cane.v. 5,000 at Flrnie
za, and 5.000 n t Cubitus K1 Bouiato,
where they have living for a fortnight.
111 one 500 were crowded iuto one
building which was a regular pigsty
with a horrible stench. They used the
water from tho river, where soiled
clothing us washed and all manner of
tilth is floating.
The Spanish troops laid down their
arms ni :> o’clock this morning. They
will Ik* camped two miles outside the
city limits, under guard, until tlielr
embarkation takes place. The docks
are crowded by incoming refugees ill
a starving condition, awaiting the ar
rival in the harbor of the Red Cross
steamer State of Texas, as there are no
eatables to Ik* bought in the* city. The
on trance of the refugees was quiet aud
peaceful, they viewing their wrecked
li lines philosophically, as the fortune of
war. Admiral Sampson’s last bom
bardment of Santiago wrecked fifty
seven houses in the city, causing heavy
Among tin* arrivals to-day were the
Herman, Japanese ami Portuguese
consuls and their families, the British
and French consuls having arrived
day before yesterday.
General l’atido was never here, but
R.oiN) men from Manzanillo arrived
July :{id, making the total garrison
here 7."(M1.
Four Spanish merchant steamers,
llie Mortem, tin* Rena dt* lais Ange
les, the Tomas Brooks and the Mexi
co. and the gunboat Alvarado, are now
in tlic harlKH’.
Tin* market place has been sacked by
the troops.
At 7 t('dock, tin* hour of tin* formal
surrender of tin* 10,000 troops at San
tiago and the 10.000 others in the dis
trict oi eastern Cuba, the Spanish flag
was lowered from Morro Castle.
Steam launches from the fleet en
tered the harbor lids morning and ex
amined 1 lie batteries, the wrecks of
the Mcrrimnc and the sunken Span
ish cruiser Relna Mercedes, and the
t(»i|K*do tiring station.
This afternoon the torpedoes were
taken up or exploded, after which the
Red Cross steamer State of Texas en
tered to give assistance to the sick and
wounded in the city. The worships
may not enter the harbor for several
days. Nearly all the American men
of-war are now In Guantanamo bay.
Commodore Watson’s squadron is
preparing t<> go to Spain.
Government ('alls for Hid* to Return
Soldier* to Spain.
Washington, I>. July 17.—The
formal advertisement Issued by the
quartermaster general’s office of tin*
war department for the transportation
to Spain of the Spanish officers and
men who*surrendered to General Shat
ter was Issued late this afternoon. It
will be Inserted in newspapers pub
lished in New York. Philadelphia,
Boston, Baltimore and New Orleans.
The advertisement Is as follows:
War Department. Quartermaster Gen
eral's Office, Washington, I>. ('.. July
17.—Transportation of Spanish pris
oners to Spain:
Sealed proposals are invited for the
transportation of tin* Spanish prison
ers of war who -surrendered to tin*
United States forces from Santiago do
Cuba to Cadiz, or such other ports of
Spain ns may hereafter Im* designated.
Their number is estimated as 1,000
commissioned officers and 24,000 en
listed men. Cabin accommodations
are to lie supplied for the officers, and
third class or steerage accommodation,
having suitable galley accommodations
conforming to the United States re
quirements. for tho enlisted men. The
United States government will deliver
the prisoners on hoard at Santiago.
Proposals to state the per capita
price for transporting officers and for
transporting enlisted men and for their
subsistence and delivering them on
shore at the Spanish iwirt. Subsistence |
to Ik* equal to the United States army
"garrison rations,” ns follows:
One thousand complete rations:
Pork, 11-10. pounds, 75 pounds net
weight; bacon. 2 1-10 pounds. 150
pounds net weight: tinned roast beef.
7 1-10 pounds. 700 pounds net weight:
flout* or hard bread. 1.000 pounds; dry
beans. 75 pounds; rice. 50 imunds:
fresh iiotatoes, 800 pounds; onions. 200
pounds; salt, 40 iKninds; pepper, black.
2.5 pounds.
Needed transportation as above h|k»c
ified to report, to the chief quarter
master at Santiago lietween July fiOtli
and August 10th, 1808.
Payment will lie made when evi
dence that the prisoners have been de
livered is presented to this office.
Proposals should be addressed to
Colonel Frank J. Hecker. enro depot
quartermaster, United States nrinv
building. New York, and will be open
ed at 11 oclock a. m.. July 20th, 180 N.
(Signed.) M. j. LUDINGTON.
Quartermaster General, U. H. A.
Later estimates of the amount of
gold brought down by the steamer St.
Paul from the Klondike make the to
tal much larger than at first reported.
Joseph of New York City, who
lias tired five years in Alaska, and
himself haa about SBO,OOO in dust, de
clare* that the Alaskan Commercial
Company shipped not less than five
millions from St. Michaels. Other re
tiring miners substantiate this stat«*-
ment. The officers of the company
could pot he aeeo to-night, but the con
sensus of opinion among the Klondik
ers is that the trading corfioration has
secured the greater part of the precious
metal mined this season.
McKinley la Accomod.»tlnff-
It is a notable fact that President
McKinley went to the cnpitol with his
Cabinet during the closing hours of
the recent session of Congress iu order
to expedite business and save the
commit tee on enrolled bills the time
and trouble of carrying legislation
from the cnpitol all tin* way to the
White House to receive his signature.
It is tin* first time It has boon done
since President Harrison’s term. Mr.
Cleveland was never willing to make
this concession. He always required
plenty of time to examine bills that
were brought for his approval, and
often insisted that Congress should
wait the entire ten days allowed by
the constitution for this purpose, lie
claimed tin* right to assume his full
share of the responsibility for legisla
tion and would never sign auytliing iu
a hurry.
President McKinley. however,
shows a different disposition. Helms
been a member of Congress himself
and understands the feelings of the
national legislature. While he will
not yield any of the prerogatives of
his otliee, In* always meets the "co
ordinate body” more than half way,
and tints he has an influence which
Presid.-nt Cleveland was never able
to acquire.
A riilllpivtuo Heroine.
One of the Philippine insurgent lead
ers is a beautiful woman, whose life*
seems to be charmed. Frequently we
see people in this country whose lives
seem charmed also, but the only
charm nlxmt it is that they keep up
their strength and vitalize thcly blood
with that celebrated remedy, Hostet
ler’s Stomach Ritters.
Elsie was trying to eat a dessert of
gelatine, and hud some difficulty In
conveying the quivering spoonful to
her mouth. "Mamina." she said at
length. "! don’t believe I like such ner
vous deserts.”
To those who contemplate taking a
first-class normal or business course
tliis fall we would recommend the
Stanberry Normal School. See their
ad in miother column.
"My t\t door neighbor sent word i"
tic to ..11 nr. lawn mower." "Did you do
It Y !.. said if I didn't he'd buy his
wife a parrot."
Within the past month the first Iron
bridge erected in the state of Ohio has
been removed. This bridge was over
Salt Creek, on the Central Ohio di
vision of tiie Baltimore and Ohio rail
road. In Muskingum county, and was
built in 1851. It was a single span, 7i
feet in length, and was known 88 a
“Rollman deck truss bridge with plate
girders." Rollman was at that time
chief engineer of construction of the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
"I should llko to see a real princess.
"That’s easy; move out to our suburb and
get a cook who threatens to leave ever?
Important to Moth«ra.
The manufacMi rcr; of Castoria have been
cor pellet to spend hundreds of thousands of
dollars to familiarize the public with the sig
nature of ('has 11. Fletcher. This has been
neesaitat' dby reason of pirates counterfeit
In* the Ci atoria trade mark. This countr:-
fcitlng Is a crime not only against thr»proprie
tors of Castoria, but against the growing
generation- All persons should be careful t<
ae* that Castoria bears the signature of Chas.
H. Fletcher, If they would guard the health of
their children. Parents and moth-rs. In par
ticular, ought to carefully examine the
Castoria advertisements which have been ap
pearing in this paper, and to rein.-mb i 'hat
the wrapper of overy bottle of genuine ( -1 i
bears the fac-sbnile slgnu'.ure >.f ('ha 11.
Fletcher, under whoso supervision it iu.- 1. <-
manufactured continuously for mor thirty
‘That Is an Impossible story." "There
are no Impossible stories: some on. al
ways believes them.”
Corner 15th and Arspntum Sts . Denver. ('«'.■•r.i<ln.
Largest per cent, of growth or any Hank In Is ;,v. r
Assets Jan' 1, VC tiai’.tstT.tst: assets .Inn. 1. '.-
.*•78.78. Yon cun bonk safely by mall. Inter.-' at
ft per rent, on savings deposits of f ft. out. tf... 1 mi > ■ml
your signature with check, draft or tm-ney enter
and start an accouut.
"You say you don't Intend to marry
Miss Whopper?” "No: two nun have
come between us." "Two?" "Y. s. the
preacher and the man she married.'
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Hyrup
For chltdrwi teethlng.softciis tlic giiiiiH.if.tu. e- InCnro
watt on .allays pain, cures wind colic. !tft cents a 1-otUa
"What Is a parvenu? flint's what
the man who got rich ten years ago < ells
the man who got rich yesterday.”
Deal Tebeceo Spit and Smoke Your Lite Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag.
aetic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-
Bac, the wonder-worker, that makes weal; men
strong. Alldruggists, 50c. or sl. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co.. Chicago or New York.
"Dr. Piker must ~e hard up for surgical
practice." “What makes you think *.•?”
“He has bought Ills own children a billy
BOAP, exquisitely scented, is soothing i»ud
benoflcioL Sold everywhere.
"What do you think? Mrs. Bodger v. nt
to a picnic the day after her husband v. is
burled." “What of it? Picnics are not
pleasure, goodness knows."
Wheat 40 Cents a Bushel.
How to grow wheat with big profit nt 4U
cents and samples of Salzor's Red Cross (f-0
Busbela per acre) Winter Wheat, Rye, Oats,
ulovera, etc., with Farm Seed Catalogue
for 4 cents postage. JOHN A. SALZER
SEED CO., La Crosse, Wis. w.n.u.
"My landlady has taken down the motto
‘Remember the Maine. Did she put
up another one?" "Yes—'Don’t Forget
Your Board BUI.’ "
Te Care Constipation Forever.
Take Caeca ret* Candy Cathartic. 10c or tSe.
If C. C. C. fall to cure, druggists refund money.
"Pm a self-made man.” "Why didn't
you borrow somebody’s pattern?"
Hall's Catarrh Cure
b taken internally. Price, 75c.
"Are you In favor of an aillanco with
England?” "Not unless that nation calls
home the English sparrow.”
Or money back. 15c at all druggists.
"Did your daughter make a good record
at college ?” “Yes: she came away with
out getting engaged to u professor. ’
For hug and chest diseases, FMso's Cure b
the best medicine we have used.—Mrs. J. I.
Nortbeott. Windsor, Oat., Canada.
**What Is a non-combatant. Uncle Ab
nerT” "A non-combatant is a man who
thinks he would go to war If his wif<
wonl« let him."
a*MMe Tear Bowels With Osiwtsu.
Chaffy Oathartlo, cure eosstlpatloa forever.
Mafia MC. C. C. fall, druggists refund moasy.
"Wfcat lea flowery speech?” "One Ir
wkMfcMthe speaker throws bouquets at
Barneet Words From Women Who Have Beon Relieved of Backache
—Mrs. Plnkham Warns Against Nefflsot.
Dkar Mrs. Pinkham :—I liavo been thankful a thousand times, since I wrote
you, for wliat your Vegetable Compound haa done tor me. I followed your ad
vice carefully, and now I feel like a different person. My troubles were back
ache, headache, nervous tired ‘ ■ ,
feeling’, puiuf til menstruation and, yC ! - _ [. |_ [— ——
I took four bottles of Vegetable “ * wn r ZZZZZ~'J
Compound, one box of Liver “ |
Pills, and used one package of
Sanative Wash, and am now well.
I thank you again for tho good if) ZZZZZZZ
you have done for me. —Ella E. yl
Brenner, East Rochester, Ohio. ]*W «•/ IZZZZI - '
Great numbers of such letters as IZIZZZ fc I[X Z I
the above are constantly being re- mgt g
from wo- - “ -
men wlioowc the irhonlthandhap
piness to her advice and medicine.
Mrs. Pinkhnm’s address is wT Jn
fered free to all suffering women f
whoaropuzzledaboutthemselves. Z.
If you have backache don’t neg
down,’’you must reach the root of
the trouble, and nothing will do 3f
E. Pinkliam’s Vegetable Com
by a lot of other aches and wearying sensations, but they nearly always come
from the same source. Remove the cause of these distressing things, and you
become well and strong. Mrs. S. J. Swanson, of Gibson City, 111., tells her ex
perience in the following letter:
“ Dear Mrs. Pixkiiam :- Before using your medicine I was troubled with head
ache and my back ached sothat I could not rest. Your medicine is the best I have
ever used; it lists relieved me of my troubles, aud I feel like myself again.
Thanks to Lydia E. Pinklmra.
’* 1 would advise any one troubled with female weakness to take your medi
cine. 1 shall also recommend it wherever I cau as a great reliever of pain.”
A Million Women Have Been Benefited by Mrs. Plnkham's Advice and Medicine
| A Beautiful ipKi|
| Present Free Ijfjßl M
„ ... HI
Fcr a few months to all users of the
« celebrated ELASTIC STARCH, (Flat nocookihb®^^
Iron Brand). To induce you to try this |
brand of starch, so that you may find out I
for yourself that ail claims for its ■ em nimo w this ruj*o« wiu so Wv Si
ority and economy are true, the makers ■ b»a«t orMtarAocH BaflK;
... ■ HQ*
have had prepared, at great expense, a ■ TJ.CJiUBINGER BROG’C? WtW
series of
jGame Plaques
< exact reproductions of the $lO,OOO originals by Muville, which will be
’ given you ABSOLUTELY FK EE by your grocer onconditions named below. These
< Plaques arc 40 inches in circumference, are free of any suggestion of advertising
\ whatever, and will ornament the most elegant apartment. No manufacturing concern
< ever before gave away such valuable presents to its customers. They are not for sale
* at any price, and can be obtained only in the manner specified. The subjects arei
* The birds arc handsomely embossed and stand out natural as life. Each Plaque is
* bordered with a band of gold.
HOW TO get THEM: I Elastic Starch
< , ... t(T has been the standard for 25 years.
. All purchasers of three 10-ccnt or six twt-wt-t-v -rTrrr\ in, •mv .
< 5-cent packages of Elastic State (Flat MILLION pack
, Iron Brand ore entitled to recui'-from a g CB c f tlxis brand were sold last
their KrociT one of these beoutlful (lame R —, . , • •
, Plaques free. The plaques will not be year. That's how good »t is.
: ;™mT'nTr , "roc’r: < ' yca,, ' ,t ' 1,1,t ‘ "" lr Ask Your Dealer
* Every Grocer Keeps Elastic Starch. t 0 show you the Plaques and tell
, Do not delay. This offer is for a short y OU about Elastic Starch. Accept
; 'J no substitute.
I The superiority of Columbia Bevel-Gears (
over chain machines under all conditions <
of riding makes ?
Chainless Bicycles
Go to the Columbia Dealer in your town S
and examine our line before buying. We J
offer you the best chain wheels in the ?
world. i
Columbias and Hartfords \
> Vedettes, Jacks and Jills.
S POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn.

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