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Auiruat IS. IW.ii
4 V«>lii , r Colorado.
JAMES LYTTLE. Editor St Publisher
■no-rad In the PoslcHßce at Meeker. (Uo Blanco
County, Colo., m areond-eiaos msil mituir.
row araacnwrio*.
Ow V«r.. Jl. fsa
nm Auntimju.'W.
PtnfiovMonal Card*. prr-KontS f 2 (»
riae tm-lfc. dt«pJar. |rrM/*lli. 2 l®
* Two tflcbnA pur Month
Thrw Inch**. par Month 4 00
Finr Incho#, per Month SOO
Five Im-bea. per Momh • 00
Ton Inch## iHO'liitnoi per Month ... 10 00
Twaoty tocbr* il column) per Month . 15 00
Profe—tonal Card*, when p#t«l In alvtnre.
$:3.00 per your.
Local notices ten cents per line. Lem*l
Wtitti seven cents per line.
All ooniiuiinlcatloiis abotiid be arirtreMcd to
Meeker. Colorado.
Piceance people report less water in
that stream than ever before known.
Strehlke A Givens are stocking up on
Fourth of July goods—fireworks, etc.
Several latge bunches of cattle were
pushed np the river in the early part of
the week. *
JJ C. Ilowey aaya there Is not ns much
water in upper Flag creek now as last
The pilgrims to Glen wood began
straying back in early part of the week in
bunches of twos and threes. They all
report an. enjoyable time.
If the range was better, \yhite river
cattlemen would all be wearing dia
monds after their fall shipments, as the
outlook for big prices are good.
Otaf Iloitan has taken a position in
the Jollnntgen blacksmitliing and
wagonmaking shop. Olaf is a good boy
and will make a fine mechanic.
If the Ritle people have any misgiv
ings aa to the success of their celebration
on the Fourth, let them make the re
quest and we will send Simp Harp over.
The Piceance folka and the Meeker
folks joked each other a good deal
Thursday; and yet. come to think of it,
the water question is not a joking one
after all.
The Miller creek ditch is carrying
water to the Veatcb ranch, and Is re
ceiving a good soaking preparatory to
bringing the water farther down in the
wear future.
Rifle is going to celebrate the Fourth
in grand style. At a public meeting
last week thirteen committees were ap
pointed to look after details. A hot old
time Is promised.
Treasurer John Watson says he had
an elegant time at Glenwood. Met
Judge Gray and many other good things,
but the most refreshing was the brand
of nectar on tap at Johnny Eitel's.
Rev. Kirkbride, presiding elder of the
Methodist church, delivered an able
sermon Sunday evening to a large
congregation, at the M. £. church. His
subject was—“ Religion of Childhood.”
Bob Wear was in the city Wednesday
buying machinery with which to oper
ate the Cole ranch down the river, on
which be has taken a long lease. It is
one of the best places in lower end of
Powell Park.
11. B. Bsger passed up the river Mon
day morning with about 800 head of
stock cattle, bound for the timber re
serve. Mr. Bager was located in Lily
Park region, bnt lack of water and feed
drove him out of that section.
The latest thing iu the wav of a com
bine is announced from Chicago. It is
New Jersey corporation called the
American Meat company, and will be
eapitalized for one billion dollars. The
“big four*’ of Chicago will form the
Steamboat papers know how to report
a ball game. Thev have the score 18 to
12 in favor of Steamboat and then 15 to
14 in favor of Yampa. That’s the way
to do it boys. We have fixed it the
same wav ourselves when it should have
been 47 to 40.
Chief Game Warden Fravert came In
Tuesday, and with two or three special
deputies will petrol the upper country
and keep a strict watch over the game
Interests. Lately Mr. Fravert has
hauled up several violators of the game
laws on the Grand river side of the 1
divide and iu each case secured con
Water Commissioner Moog is having
more trouble these days than the man
ager ot a grand opera troupe. He re
ports Piceanoe practically dry and the
outlook for hsv down there is not en
couraging. On that stream he shut
everybody down excepting A. J. llyan,
James Jiurke. 11. Rtchner and C. B.
Lewis, who hold priorities of rights in
the order named. The Davis Bros.,
who control the Leonard sprlugs. are all
right. Others will have to put their
dependence in the Lord.
A prominent citizen of Meeker went
! a Ashing the other day and came hack
i with a live pound trout in his basket. '
i The p. o. swelled out considerably over .
; his catch (?); in fact, bad lie “blowed” j
| less all would"have been well and the l
; belt would have been banded over to
| him. but bis actions aroused suspicion
and a Doubting Thomas starting an in
vestigation which in its ie9ii!ls was
disasteruuH both to the p c's piscatorial
reputation ami bis reputation tor ver
acity. It was proved beyond the shadow
of a doubt that the aforesaid p. c.
purchased his 5-lb trout from a small
boy up the river for “six hits,” which,
considering the price of beef on
the Chicago market. was very
cheap. All of which goes to prove the
old adages—-murder will out,” and
-the truth is mighty and will prevail.”
A newspaper man is an enemv to
board advertising on general principles
but there are occasions when a bulletin
board raav bring better results than a
pa|ier. The editor of an exchange re
niaiks that he olwerved one in front of a
store in his city not long ago which
read : “B 4 U Buy Bants. Come in and
See Ours.” and there was not a con
founded man clerk in the store, so he
bought a fgn and walked out —Ex.
Frank Watson returned from the
South Fork Saturday. Had ahellofu
goodtime. Eat trout until he couldn’t
get Ida clothes on and attended n brand
feat in which Ed Wilber. Frank Barker.
Wes Tomlinson, Bills Bros.. 11. C. Hock.
J. W. C. Shepherd. J. 11. Frahm. 11.
Ilawies, Bartlett A Gibson, and Al
Ellison branded ’steen thousand calves.
Frank says it is a lovely country up
there but it is being overstocked.
It was reported in town Wednesday
that Mrs. Maude Cole DeLaney and
Mr. W. A. Tillotson were married in
Glenwood last Sunday. In the absence
of thsi official announcement we will
take it for granted that the happy event
took place as reported and tender con
gratulations to the popular voting couple
who were the principles in this romantic
Judge Walbridge has l>een up to the
coun tv seat straightening up the numbers
of Irrigating ditches of the county, lie
says they were all wrong und he spent
considerable time in rectifying them
The sun must be rather warm in the
orange belt from the looks of the J edge’s
face, which he is doping rather profuse
ly with bold cream.—Steamboat Pilot.
As an inducement to destroy grass
hoppers the business men of Manti have
mad** a standing offer of $1 a bushel for
grasshoppers dead or alive. It is
claimed by those who are trying 1t that
it is not difficult for a young man or
woman to sack two bushels a day, they
are ao ttotnerous. A new Idea and a
good one.—Vernal Express.
A. 11. Baker, representing the Mutual
Life Insurance company of New York,
was transacting business here during
the week. The Mutual Life is one of
the greatest—if not the greatest—life
insurance companies in the world and a
policy in it is absolutely safe. Mr.
Baker expects to be here again in the
fall. * __
A party of young tisherman went up
the river Sunday and had varied luck
according to their stories. One
caught a speckled beauty just this
JBN length;
one caught a beauty that wasn’t
speckled and one * caught a cold
as a result of not taking along the
proper antidote.
Joe Charley Dickinson. Thad
Ilat p, Charley Shideler and Jim Simp
sou, all former Meekerites, are on im
portant committees arranging the Rifle
Fourth of July celebration. This in
sures the success of the affair.
A Meekerite was heard to observe the
other day: -Who’s that tall boy—or
rather young man?” “That’s Claude
Goff.” was the replv. “Mv, how the
youngsters are growing uufo of one’s
Now doth the prudent little trout
Decline the bait inviting.
' And. liug’rtug patiently about.
Let skeetera do the biting.—Homer
llarrv Goff loaded out with supplies
for Marvine Lodge Thursday. Harry
says the Ashing up on Marvine is
W. 11. Swan, an expert harness
maker, has taken a position with Hatrke
& Sheets. Mr. Swan comes from Den
The Keystone outfit shoved 1.000 head
of cattle, and J. L. Mcllatton 500 head,
np onto the timber reserve this week.
Olaf Anderson—Just watering the
meadows and getting ready to lay the
alfalfa low about the fifth of July.
During his Utah trip. J. L. Mcllatton
purchased a nice bunch of steers, which
will tally up close to 800 head.
George Bloomfield and B. L. Nichols
this week purchased the bunch of horses
i belonging to Bert McDaniels.
After a brief illness. Dr. Wolfenberger
is again attending to his duties iu the
i dental line.
A thief stole a new Soli saddle from
j the premises of John Marshall Wednes
day night.
| The hot. dry and dusty spell seems to
, be general throughout Cojoiado.
A party of pleasure seekers, headed j
by W. J. Wilson, the Douglas reek;
cattle baron, passed up the river;
Wednesday. In the party were— U’. J. j
Wilson. Masters Howard and Valdo
Wilson. George Ellison, wife, daughter]
and nurse, of Colorado Springs, C’narles,
ilayt. Jr. John Livesey. William]
Owen. Jr., and John Briggs, of Denver.
Mr. Wilson had a chef and a corps of
attendants along and everything that
g<*n» to make life pleasant.
• *

Mrs. W. C. K-ieliler. mother of Mrs.
J. 11. Coltharp and Miss Koehler of the
Coltharp company, front Joplin. Mo.,
came iu last Friday evening. Mrs.
Koehler is accompanied by Iter daughter.
Mrs. W. J. Leffeti. and Miss Amiinta
Coltharp, who has been attending school
at Joplin.
'• * *
Mrs. K. Mather, from Jersey City.
X. J.. was a passenger on the incoming
stage Saturday evening Mrs. Mather
m visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hamper,
at the ranch below town, und is very
much interested iu this great Itocky
mountain country-of ours.
• *
E. A. Martin returned from the out
side Friday evening accompanied by
Mrs. Marlin and Master Martin. The
family will he comfortably housed iu
the residence lately acquired Mr.
Martin, at southeast corner of First and
Market streets.
* *
Mrs. George L.* Greer and Mrs. 11.
Hrophy (at the Miller house) are among
Umse reported quite ill this week. Iu
fact Mrs.'Brophy. who is a visitor in
town, has been confined to her room for
some weeks.
Messrs. Ilurtke and Fisk, delegates,
to the Woodmen district convention at
Leadville, returned home Sunday even
ing. The Cloud City axe-handlers made
it very pleasant for the visitors.
Put Sullivan, who lives on the head
waters of the west fork of Williams
river (over the line in Routt) was auto
graphed at the Meeker hotel Wednesday.
• •

Austin Gavin, representing -the Mid
land. and C. A. Magrutn. the Rock
Island, registered at the Meeker Thurs
Piceance was so well represented in
Meeker this week that the people from
there tilled all the hotel registers.
* * -1
Will Koehler, manager of the Col
tharp store at Rangely, was a visitor to
the county seat early in the weelf.
# * < '•.

Mrs. Miller is again attending tu
wants' of guests at the Miller tyiuae
after a week's illness.
* *

Mrs. John and Mrs. llarrv Golf de
parted for Marvine Lodge Tuesday
James A. Richey of Pittsburgh. Fa .
autographed at the Meeker during the
* *
W. 11. Walter and family, San Fran
cisco, registered at the Meeker Wednes
J. 11. Coltharp and son, James, spent
several days In Glenwood this week.
The Craig Courier reports that O. A.
Seymour, who has heen manager of the
Hugos company stores in Routt county
for years, has been advanced to the
position of general manager of all the
Hugos stores, vice J C. Davis, resigned.
Tub Herald is not in position to state
tacts, but we are inclined to believe
that, when official announcements are
made it will be found that Mr. Seymour
lias been advanced to the position of
assistant general manager and that Mr.
Davis will continue to act as general
manager as well as president of the
company. In the meantime, taking
it for granted that the promotion
in question lias been made. The
Herald will extend congratulations to
Mr. Seymour. He is one of the best
business men nnd most genial gentle
men in Northwestern Colorado, and
deserves any good thing that may come
his way.
B. F. llaley has sold his Piceance
ranch to I. M. Kellogg, postmaster at
Rio Blanco. It is one of the best
ranches on the creek, but Mr. Haley's
growing herd requires a larger place.
Mr Kellogg disposed of his place on the
government road last winter. His
many friends will be glad to bear that
lie is to become a permanent resident of
the county.
James Mikkelsou of Black Sulphur
creek, says hay will lie so scarce in the
Piceance region the coming winter that
stockmen down there will clean up
everything saleable and put it on the
market this fall. It is lucky that 'the
outlook for good prices Is very promis
i ing.
j We are now assured of one thing—the
| Moffat road will be built. The only
thing to speculate on is—Will it follow
White river or Yampa river iu its
course, or will it—but, we ean tell better
alter it is built.
Up to date this is the driest in
tbts valley iu the recollection of ve
i oldest inhabitant.
A bunch of fat steers brought S* 25
per 100 nt Kansas City Tuesday. Thev
averaged 1.400 pounds. The price.
3120.04 each, is said to be the highest
on record.
Sunday school at St. James church
The Moffat Road a Go.
A Deuver dispatch says:
The Denver & Northwestern railway
is a go. That was the announcement
made by officers of the proposed road in
the.early part of the week. It is an as
sured fact. Tills has been announced
before but not with so confident a tone.
A gentleman who returned to Denver
from the east said that lie saw and bad
a conversation with D. 11. Moffat a few
days ago in New York 'and th'at the
latter said lie bad every reason to feel
encouraged. Moffat declared that,he
had put 55.000.000 of his own money
in the road already and that after so
much expense lie did not intend to give
it up. It could he made to pay # gord
money and it was almost a necessity to
Denver and the country which it pro
poses to penetrate.
The negotiations which be lias been
carrying on in the east have been sig
nally successful and the work on the
road will soon be pushed along as rapid
ly as possible.
Later —The funds for building the
road has all been raised in New York,
and the work of building into tne moun
tains will commence iu the next thirty
Still Later—Mr. Moffat is hack
from New York and issues the follow
ing to the public:
Denver. June 24, 1002.
To the Public:
1 receive each day many inquiries
about the progress being made toward
the building of our proposed railway to
Northwestern Colorado. As the matter
is one of public interest. I desire to make
a public statement in reply to all such
I am convinced that the building of
this railway is a matter Of great impor
tance to Colorado and that it will do
much to further the growth of Denver,
where mv chief interests are. I am
also satisfied that the enterprise is one
of great merit and will be profitable iu
itself. For these reasons lam devoting
much time and money to it.
Satisfactory progress has already been
made in this undertaking. Important
financial assistance both at home and in
the East is already assured. Surveying
parties are in the field, contracts for
grading upon the eastern slope of the
rang \ west of Denver, are to be let at
once, and speaking for myself and my
Denver associates, whether the work
goes on rapidly or slowlv, we propose to
keep at it uutil the railroad is built.
D. 11. MDffat.
We take the almve ns an atatolute
guarantee that the Northwestern will
tie built. That part is settled. But the
route! That is up to the best goesser.
A Narrow Escape.
By one of those unavoidable accidents,
C. P. Hawley. Rajigely mail contractor,
lost a valuable horse on the trip up
Saturday. On a “dug-wav”theotherside
of Angora, the tongue broke and iu
the mix-up which enstied«oue horse was
so injured that it had to be killed.
Since putting the above item in type
we learn that the accident, was of a more
serious nature than first reported.
The wagon and team got caught in a
landslide on the roost dangerous dug
way on the Rangely road. In the ab
sence of her hupband. Mrs. Iluwley was
driving and) there was one passenger
aboard. Will Koehler, manager of the
Coltharp srore at Rangely. That both
were not killed was miraculous. Luck
ily. Ed Hall, came to the rescue and
furnished a team and wagon, enabling
Mrs. llawley to get to the next station.
If the county authorities don’t do
.something to this dugwav to make it
passable and safe, a big bill for damages
will have to be met some of these days.
Purdy-Garher—At Hie home of Mr.
and Mrs. George R. Blain. al 8:80 on
Thursday evening, June 20. 1902.
Mr. William Howard Purdy nnd Miss
Lillian V. Garber, of Golden City.
Missouri. Rev. Handel'officiating.
Mr. Purdy is one of Meeker's enter
prising young men and well liked by
all who know him.
Miss Garber has been a teacher in the
public schools of Mesa county and at
her former home iri Missouri for a num
ber of years. She is an estimable young
lady who will be worthy acquisition to
our social circles.
Here’s best wishes and congratula
tions to the young couple.
High School Candidates.
Among tue Meeker pupils who stood
the examination for admission to high
school were the following:
Carrie Oldland Viola Hill
May Baker Elsie Wear
Ernest Bprod Victor Moulton
Clarence Ford Curran Chaney
Reports are not yet in from outside
Hereford Hull* For Sale.
I have for sale. 20 head of 2 year-old
high grade and pure bred ilere/ord
bulls, that were bred in Colorado, and
If taken soon will be sold at a very low
price. Address. II. U. Saorh.
W Meeker. <\diV
Jack Chrissenger, Torn Cline. Jaims
Mikkelsou. Robert Reigau, C. W.
Morris. C. M. Collins. A Moore. James
Burke and A. Moyer, are among the
P.ceance residents who are in town as
witnesses or interested in the water
cases. »
11. W. Samuels bought the interest of
Edwin P. Mu' s Thursday in the photo- j
graphing business, heretofore run 1 y
Samue’s & Mays. Mr. Samuels wib !
c uitinue business at the old stand. !
Hot! Windv an i dusty about epito- j
mizes the week's weather conditions —
! until this morning, when a Spitsbergen
breeze struck us, fol owed by the long
prayed for rain.
. ——
Grasshoppers are spreading ruin In
and around Denver.
The town began having this morning
and—it rained.
Tut! Tut!! Tut!.! All aboard for
Read the irrigation law on another
The Ladies’ Reading Club.
The Twentieth Century Reading dub
met Friday afternoon, June 20. at the
residence of Mrs. JoHantgep, who
entertained for Mrs. King.
Members responded to roll call with
quotations from Longfellow.
The following program was well
rendered and greatly enjoyed by those
Paper on “Tire Character of Elsie
Venter.” by Mrs. R Oldland.
Paper on “Edgar Allen Poe,” by Mrs.
Paper on “Music,” by Mrs. Wolfett
(I’he remainder of the program con
sisted entirely of selections from Long
Solo. “The Bridge.” by Mrs. Dikeman.
Reading. “The Village Blacksmith.”
bv Mrs. Walbridge.
Reading. “Extracts front Hiawatha,”
bv Mrs. Bell.
Reading. “The Vision Beautiful,” by
Mrs. King.
Reading, “The Children's Hour.” bv
Mrs. Booth.
Solo, “The Day is Dark and Dreary/’
by Mrs. Greer.
Chorus. “Excelsior,” bv The Club.
The club adjourned to meet Friday
evening. June 27. at Masonic Hall.
This will be the last meeting of the year.

Crime is the weed that chokes down
the flowers of civilization.
His Memory Never Failed.
At a little dinner the other night the
statement was made that the colored
race had longer memories than white
folk. Mark Twain, who was present,
agreed with the remark, and to prove it
told the following :.
“Some years ago. when south, I met
an old colored man who claimed to have
known George Washington. I asked
him if he was in the l»oat when General
Washington crossed the Delaware, and
he instantly replied: *Lor\ Massa, 1
steered that boat.’
“‘Well.’sajd I. ‘do you rememlter
when George took the back at the cherry
tree ?’
“•lie looked worried for a minute,
and then, with a beaming smile, said :
“•Well, suali. Massa. I dun drove dat
back maliself.”'—New York Times.
Silence is a chief virtue, but is often
Rend It in His Newspaper.
George Setup ih, a well known German
citizen of New Lebanon. Ohio. Is a
constant reader of the Dayton- Volks
zeitung. He knows that this paper
aims to advertise only the best in its
columns, and when he saw Chamber
lain's Pain Balm advertised therein for
lame hack, lie did not hesitate in buying
a bottle of it for bis wife, who for eight
weeks had suffered with the most ter
rible pains in her back and could get no
relief. He says: “After using the
Pain Baltn for a few days my wife said
to me. *1 feel as though born anew.’ and
liefore using the entire contents of the
tiottle the unbearable pains had entirely
vanished and she could again take up
her household duties.” lie is very
thankful and hopes that all suffering
likewise will hear of her wonderful re
covery. This valuable liniment is for
sale by Strehlke A Givens, druggists.
Reduced to FIFTY
New Idea Formerly
Woman’s A
Magazine] -
THIS Is the cheapest and best
Fashion Magazine now be
fore the American public. It shows
New Ideas in Fashions, In Millinery,
in Embroidery, in Cooking, in
Woman's Work and in Reading:
beautifully illustrated in colors and
in black and white. Above all. it
shows the very fashionable New Idea
Styles, made from New Idea Pat
terns, which cost only lOc. each.
Send Five Cents To-day
foraalntla copy of tho New Id*a Woman’s
MAOAZtNB. and see what great value
for the money It can five you.
Sit Broadway. Hew York. H. Y.
Cuttle- branded ume n
cuN>n right aide. Hot
brand on
fga|j»igp part of gn anlnuil.
cmffi t atowuldur.
1* o add re**, Meeker. Colo.
i battle branded on either
right or left obOdMer.
Hnnire. North Kirk of
Buford, Cblo.
L’NXTJtb Ptatk* Lano Office. .
Glenwood Spring a. Colo., June 11, IMS. |
V’DTICE ia hereby given that
Wunierman of Mcvker. Colo..
notice of Intention to make proof on
ert land claim No. 235. Ute eerlea. f-4
HV *4 SF. *4 Het? SI. Tp 1 N, It WS W «th
before 11. A. Wildha.-k. Cou ity .ludjc
Meeker, Colo.. <li Saturday, the 2nd .lay ..
1 Aiurutt. I*®, oi 10 o’clock a. m.
He name* the following wltneaees to proe.
the complete Irrigation and reclamation wr
auld laud:
John 1) Miller. John W Welch. William H
I HeVuo'd* und Albert M Pierce, all of Meeker.
, Colorado.
JeM-jyH# J. F. SQCIfUL Reulater.
1 Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If it
fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
is ou each box. 23c.
How Cruel of Him.
Mrs. Maun—William, whv do you
; race off to the club every evening right
after dinner ?
Mr. Mann—l want to make np for all
the eveninge I lost while 1 was court
ing.—Chelsea Gszette.
How to Avoid Trouble.
Now in the time to provide yourself
and family with a bottle of Cliamber
lain’s Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Itemedv. It is almost certain to |>e
needed before the summer is over, and
j if procured now may save von a trip to
! town in the night or in your busiest
] season. It is everywhere admitted to he
j the most successful medicine in use for
! bowel complaints, latth for children and
' adults. No family can afford to he
i without it. For sale by Strehlke A
j Givens, druggists.
Would Be Safer.
Bacon-*What’s his business?
Egbert—Whv, lie’s a drummer for
Bacon—Oh. they have drummers for
those things, do they ? Well. It’s a good
j idea, but I think it would tie much safer
j if thev had a drummer and a fifer to go
in front of each of the machines. —
| Yonkers Statesman.

Tbi« afjgnatare is on erocy box of tbo genuine
Lantive Bromo-Qutaine -nnio*
' tbo remedy that rmrtf m mM mmm Say
Don’t Worry.
'j'his is easier said than done, yet U
I may Ihj or Rome help to consider the
matter. If the cause is something over
| which you have no control it is obvious
■ that worrving will not help the Matter
I in the least. On the other hand, if with*
| in your control yon have only to act.
j When you have a cold and fear an at
j tack of pneumonia, buy a bottle of
; Chamlterlaiu's Cough Retfaedy and use
j it judiciously and all cause for worry as
! to the outcome will quickly disappear.
Tkere is no danger of pneumonia when
• it is used. For sale by Strehlke &
j Givens, druggists.
i Fine ffines, Uqniits or Oiaiv
Don’t fail to call at the y
Old Kentucky
Liquor Store.
Fresh keg beer always on draught.
Light lunches at all hours.
Barber Shop
and Bath Rooms.
ba4h Tnna.
Dtin. nrntly nud prompt !y. Pardon In thw
I’T'-r tJIf.-A. Mrok..,,

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