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— * “
■published August >&, lMti.
Mwktr, Colorado.
JAMB* LYTTLE. Editor ftPyibHgpnr.
#nt«rvd 1* the PostofEee pt M*k»r, Rio
Qlaijt'o County, Ooln,at second
class me II Matter.
TERMS: ; '
Jim* Year . . . 060
fi\x Mont ha... ' IW
f*rofo.v>lonnl Cards, p*r Mouth $3 CO
Jlno fitch, display, par Month...: .1 W
Two Inches, I“ r Mouth ... 8W
Throe Inches, per Mouth 4 40
four Inebas, par Month a <W
five lnch«s,por Month .. . . . fittt
Trn Lnchaa, (Idcolumn) per Month.in
-Twenty Inches, {1 column) pvr Month ...16 Ou
ProrirMlonaiDhrd*, when paid In advance,
#l3 «) per year.
Local not lew* tan aentn par Jl»w», I*>Knl
potter* seven epi)t» P*r llnv. '
Arid/WM all coin in un lent lon« t»*'.
M waiter, Cofofnrto,
All public tn )efclnjj.4'nre us yet pro
R. R. Hull wsh over from ('rnig on
H. Sr H«r;> U again In tjje livery
pusln mu.
ftp Kay Itmwey, of Rifle, wm here
4>u buMlnuHM Wednendny.
L \. Waymun of PuTman, Wash.
Was registered at the Mboker Monday,
J. W. C, Khcphenl of Buford Is in
|uwn this week attending eommts
tdoners proceedings.
The school board aiiiiounces that
pclioo 1 will open on Jnu. 11). This is
Homo of our eonvH|>ondents are
evidently taking their holidays this
Edward Wolcott is out of the liv
ery business but will coirtlpqe to run
A feed stable.
R. S. Good A Co. commenced work
pn their division of tile Moffat Short
)i»e yeateitfay.
A poem, entitled “Cruelty’s Rm
f>leiu,*' ls crowded out this issue but
priU M»ai week.
Poetn?aster Sheridan started for
pmnypp, yesterday, having received a
jaurry-up call from that place.
Mrs. Smith and twin daughters
were in town Monday night ejiroute
from Denver to their home in Craig.
Numerous papers all over the state
fiad “write-ups" of their respective
(listrictM In tliolr new years’ editions.
Ben Morgan came over from Craig
pn Tuesday evening, on receipt of the
fteath of his brother's child.
Mrs, Hawley, wife of stage driver
fiawley, (Mtme up from her home be
low White River on Tuesday,
The weather the past week has
been all that could he desired by the
piost exacting.
-Numerous people about town are
nursing lame prow—the result of
Mrs* James Lyttle and three young
Son* left on Monday for an extended
visit with relatives and friends |n
Pittsburg, Pa.
Numerous citizens are busy laying
|n their supply of ice for the coming
Reason, The Ice is of good quality
pud about 14 inches thick.
Some of the employee* at the White
House proudly exhibit Christmas
presents they have received from
every president since Lincoln.
Thp Chicago University still lacks
/» chair which will teach the youth
how to acquire wealth as fast as Mr.
Dr. Yt, T. Kirkpatrick expects to
leave about for the quit
He will be gone about six week* and
would like to see all his patients tie
fore he leaves.
The prettiest calendars wo have
peen fhls year have jipt been distrib
uted by A. Oldland A Co. This en
terprising firm is never satisfied with
pnything but the best.
Any of our readers taking exception
pt the sea petty of our local news items
this week are respectfully referred to
the clipping from the Kan Miguel Ex
p miner found In our exchange column.
Dr, C. E. Cooper of Denver, state
medical inspector, was in Meeker on
Wednesday. He heartily endorsed
the step* that had been taken by
Health Ofßcex French toward stjunpr
pig; wit tpc smsll-pe^.
. AnJ u«w‘lt la reported that the
Standard Oil Company haa secured
control of the Texas oil fields. Death
to competition, is the motto of the
truat Competition is war and that
is waste. Death to war.
The armory is being enlarged and
remodled. This is following out a
suggestion made by Adjutant Gen
eral Gardner during his recent visit
here and is in keeping with the
growth of Troop D.
An extract from tha State Health
Laws will be mailed each resident of
the town In a day or two. Don't fall
to peruse thty document as It is im
portant for you to b.' posted o:i the
present quarantine laws. It inky
saye you trouble and expanse.
H. A. Miner returned Snturday
evening froth a ten days Alsit with
his parents and friends over at
Hooper. He says with* visiting, at
tending dances and k Using-bees, the
time pasted mighty quick. Perhaps
tiie kUsing-U-es explains the absence
of his moustache.
The first message Over the new ca
ble between Kan Francisco and Hon
olulu was received at Kan Francisco
Jan. 2at 1! :08 p. in. It was a formal
greeting from Governor Dole of the
Hawaiian Islands to President Roose
As Postmaster Sheridan was com
ing in front a ride up the river a few
miles Sunday, Ills horse slipped and
fell with him. In trying to catch
himself, F. E. in fonie manner scverly
strained the cords in his left leg, mak-.
itig him quite lame for a few days.
No child will bo permitted
to attend school without he or she
can produce a doctor's certificate of
vaccination within the last flvo years
and loitering on the road to or from
school will be jHisltively forbidden.
By order sec. school Imard.
Clem Wadmnn, the contractor who
did the carp'-dtpr work on , "gob"
Crawford’s recently erected house In
Powell park is certainly an artist In
Ills line. When it comes to fine work
and excellent flnUh Clem takes sec
ond place for none.
Tiik Hkmald wants a correspond
ent in every, settlement in the county.
If your distriot Is not represented
and you know of anyone who would
be willing to accept the, position, we
would esteem it as a great favor if
you would send in bis name.
J. a Banes of Lily park was in
town Thursday night and had the
ill-luck while, here to lose a 1200-lb
horse from colic. Mr. Barnes was on
his woy out to Glenwood to file on a
desert claim. He soya the people
that took claims last fall in Lily
park are building houses, ditches,
etc., with the expectation of holding
the land.
Snyder A Martin moved camp this
week from the Keystone ranch down
to the Hays’ ranch on Dry Fork.
They have gotten three wolves the
last few days. Snyder has a prepar
ation he puts near his traps of a pe
culiar odor and when a wolf gets a
whiff of this perfumery he can no
more resist going to the trap than a
tack can resist the attraction of a
large horseshoe magnet. The wolves
are able to scent the mixture for
about four miles—’tin said.
James Lyttle, proprietor of The
Herald, hoarded Monday’s stage
enroute for Denver to attend the bi
ennial pow-wow of the state legisla
ture. While the ‘Slid man’’ is away
The Herald will, ns usual, en
deavor to give all tile news of local
interest and try in every way to merit
the excellent patronage which it re
ceives. It may take a few weeks to
get the editorial machinery oiled up
so it will run without more or less
squeeking but we hope the readers of
The Herald w ill bear with us and
overlook our deficiencies forn time
and perhaps we can overcome some
of the defects. If you know of any
thing of interest to the community,
drop In pud we will be glad to jot it
down as we desire to make of The
Herald a genuine wide-awake local
news paper.
Died of Pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morgan had the
misfortune to lose their infant, child
on Tuesday—death resulting from
At the time of the baby’s death Mr.
Morgan was in Brown's park where
lie is wintering his cattle. A messen"
g*?r was dispatched for him and Mr.
Morgan arrived here about eight
o’clock Wednesday night having
ridden over 100 miles since three in
the morning,
The funeral was held on Thursday
at 10 o’clock from the house. Rev.
Galway conducting the services.
Another young child of Mr. Mor
gan’s in seriously 111 with the same
disease and doubts are entertained of
Its recovery. The bereaved parents
have the sympathy of the entire com
munity in their affliction.
Commissioners’ Proceedings.
The board of county commissioners
are holding their regular quarterly
meeting this week. The business
transacted to date is as fgUpurs:
Bills allowed:
M Statler L. $310 00
F 8 Middleton 3 80
J E Peltier. ........ 256 60
Geo Henry —.1: 12 00
D Smith A Co, lumber—02 60
Meeker Elc Lt Co — 6 00
F W Fairfield 2 00
R 8 Ball, board prisoners 6 60
L B Mow, care pauper 00 00
J E Peltier, delivering ballots 10 00
P W Hockett, ” ” 20 00
Geo Henry, ” ” 15 00
8 V Siiankland,
canvassing vote 8 40
L B Mow, ” ” 6 00
1) Pollard, coal ... 6 60
H L Denison, ct stenographer.. 40 00
M O Walden, coal 4 60
B F Golf, carpenter work 2 60
Home Bid A Seen Co, rent 130 00
Out West P A H Co,
election blanks, books, etc. 82 20
C F Brown, sup schools 125 00
C F Brown, mileage and sup ... 88 20
A W Glover, witness fee 6 15
Bert Blnck, * jury 2 80
Gates Kersburg, ” 2 80
J D Holland, ” 4 60
Jumes Bray, ” 4 00
J Burke, ” 0 86
W A Young, ” 10 00
A B McWilliams, ” 18 80
JLTagert, ” 7 60
J Mlkkelson, ” 8 80
F McCafferty, ” 2 GO
H R Bergh, ” 8 40
Clias Bloomfield, ” , 6 00
J Strelilke, ” ' 7 80
J Ralston, ” 10 75
Thos Baker, V 10 80
H A Warner, ” 4 75
WH Miller, " " 10 90
G I Hasten, ” 2 60
8 L DevUn M ....' 2 60
H C Rock, ” 0 05
R R Bittlnger, ” 2 95
C W Sheets, ” .■% 60
G D Hinton, ” ....:. • 7 26
AW Glover, " 2 10
Mrs A Hinton, ” 7 25
Victor Moulton, ” „—'... 2 00
W 8 Arnold, ” 7 25
Raymond Durham, ” 2 00
8 H Bell, ” 2 15
M Arnold, ” ....... 7 26
H A Wild hack, ” 2 16
Wm Gibson, ” 7 76
Geo Bodes, ” 7,7*
E A Martin, dep dU atty 40 00
B E Fordtuun, clerk of board. .. 86 00
E Ainlck, sheriff fees .. Mr*>
J A Watson, stamps, etc 10 46
J D Moog, co surveyor 22 60
Stage Co, express 17 78
F W King, jan wk 4 60
H A Wildhack, exp and ptge.. 2 80
E Allen, Id wood A splitiug :... 7 00
J D Moog, water com 25 00
R E Thompson, assessor 200 00
R E Thompson, postage 80
E A Martin, co atty.._ .... 76 00
G M Lord, indexing ct reds 176 80
F W Fairfield, coal 0 80
J L Riland, odvt 210 22
J Lyttle, ” 318 84
W H Young, co phy 48 75
L B Mow, j of p 17 76
L B Mow, ” 4 95
H A Wildhack, co judge 89 40
Ouiinet A Kinney, blksmg 14 10
E Amick, dep health officer.... 12 00
8 E Wolcott, livery hire 16 00
Strehlke Bros, drugs -.. 28 46
W H Young, health officer 86 00
J W Hugus A Co, mdse 11 99
Election bills wero allowed.
H. A. Warner was rebated $138.00
on valuation 1902 schedule—over
Road viewers wero appointed to
view the new* road up Miller creek
and report on its acceptance on Tues
day, Jan. 13, 1903. Those appointed
were R. Crawford, 8. Martin and L.
L. Devlin. E. E. Fobdham,
County Clerk.
Read The Hkbald and be happy.
Lots of snow and everybody gath
ering their cattle to feed.
Hhanklnml Bros.’ road house is
taxed to its full capacity to accommo
date the gilsonite haulers and other
E. J. Hall is at Raugely very busy
looking after his oil interests‘ and
putting in machinery which will be
in operation soon.
W. B. Barnes is Just completing a
large and commodius two-roomed log
house. It is is being built of the fin
est spruce logs that could be obtained
on Spring (.'reek and when completed
will lie the finest house between Mr.
Stodtman’M and Angora.
It is 48 miles from. Meeker to An
gora where Hawley's stage changes
horses and get their meals and mine
hoste, John Lewis, and his estimable
wife certainly know how to tickle the
palate of the hungry traveler.
For first-class saddles go to Hnrtke
A Sheets.
Sspd Tjtf, II kr At.n to eastern friends.
Among Our Exchanges.
From tho Summit County Journal.
Noah was the first man to adver
tise. He advertised the flood and it
came all right. The fellows who
laughed at the advertising got
drowned, and it served them right.
Ever since Noah’s time tho adver
tiser has been prospering, while the
other fellow is being swallowed up in
the flood of disaster.
A Breckenridge woman cured her
husband of staying out late at night
by going to the door when he came
home and whispering through the
keyhole, “Is that you, Willie?" Her
husbands immo is John, and he stays
home every night now and sleeps
with one eye open and a revolver un
der his pillow.
In sizing up tho chronic kicker an
exchange says: “If the paper was
printed on gold with ink of silver and
tho subscription price only 50 cents
per year some poor deluded specimen
of humanity would kick because
there was not a diamond set In each
corner of the page, and want the sub
scription price to lie only a quarter.
From the Eastern Utuh Advocate.
The Monarch Oil Company, o|
which N. W. Clayton of Salt Lake is
president, is preparing to begin active
work on its properties in Rio Blanco
county, Colo, in the spring.
Reports from the Stinking Water
basin near Rangely, Colo., are to the
effect that flvo boring rigs are operat
ing in tile field there. Some of the
wells are now down over two thous
and feet Considerable oil of super
ior quality has been encountered In
stratus, but os yet, not in paying
T. W. O’Donnel ami Captain Dodds
have returned from White river
where they were in the interest of
the American Asphalt Company.
They will return to White river the
first of the week and some cabins will
be erected on claims belonging to the
company. They report thAt some
claim jumping has been going on.
From the Denver Nowh.
Speaking of strenuous presidents,
Castro seems to he several miles
aheftd In tho race. Beforo breakfast
he defeats and slaughters several
thousand rebels. After finishing the
morning repast he sends a note of de
fiance to Germany. Beforo lunch he
gets off an ultimatum to John Bull.
In the afternoon he drills a volunteer
army of patriotic Venesuelans. Be
fore dinner. he dictates pugnacious
dispatches to Italy and France, and
winds up the day by indicating what
he thinks of arbitration. During the
night he arises to squelch some new
revolution. And all the time he is
rushing around to put new vigor into
an an ramie exchequer.
A jack rabbit hunt by the farmers
and ranchers of Jaub county, Utah,
in which scofo&.of expert shots from
other parts ofr.the state took part, has
just been concluded, resulting in the
slaughter of over 8,000 of the pests.
So numerous have the rabbits be
come in that part of the state that
serious injurydias been done to crops,
and a war of extermination was fin
ally decided upon by the farmers in
order to save themselves from ruin.
From the Rifle Reveille.
Jim Simpson returned from Denver
last Monday. He was on the trail of
an Antler’s citizen who is accused of
cattle rustling. Jim and Sheriff
Adams landed their man In the
county jail all right.
Dykes and Dennis, the Rifle Imml
men, got unruly in the county jail a
few days ago and It took a few days
of bread and water to make them
promise to be good.
From the Vernal Exprons.
Rube Oldland, of Meeker, has
bought up about GOO tons of hay in
the valley during the past, week,
through Tom McNeil acting as his
agent. Hay is very scarce around
Meeker and there Is no feed on the
White river range. He will drive In
about 1,000 hew! of cattle to feed.
The two bar outfit on Bear river, rep
resented by their foreman, Mr. Ber
nard, also purchased alsmt the same
amount in the fall and will drive In a
bunch from Bear river to feed.
From the Htenmboot Rpptlool,
A scientist says that “if the earth
were flattened, the sea would be two
miles deep all over the world.’’ After
due tneditatlon, a Kansas editor gives
out the following: “If any man is
caught flattening out the earth, shoot
him on the spot, and don’t lie too
blamed particular what spot. There’s
a whole lot of us in Kansas that can’t
F*mn the Han Miguel Examiner. T
News has been a scarce nttiefe this
week, and a fellow don’t dare publish
very many dreams or he’U be accused
of lying, and if he a uf, lies
he’ll be charged with it, dr If I **'foils
the truth he might be shot
for It—so it is sometime^vß-good
scheme to show wisdorp by "keeping
yonr chip closed.
From the Routt County Courier.
If John D. Bbckefeller don’t quit
watering the kdfoaene he sends into
Craig the Courier will feel it its
Christian duty to reason with liiui.
Wc have an abundance of water here
.PjroMtlM Carbon County [ Wyo.) Journo!.
' Colorado will soon furnish the coun
try another striking example of the
advisability of electing United States
senators by direct vote of the people.
The coming year promises to see in
the United States a more marvelous
period of commercial and industrial
development than even that of the
year 1902. The perdictlon may bo
safely made that the American trade
with the EoAt will Ik* doubled during
the next twelve months and the
United States will become the domi
nant power of tho Pacific ocean. It
is not beyond the bounds of possibility
that within the next decade the em
pire of trade and commerce will pass
from the Atlantic to the Pacific
shores. ,
Every Bottle Warranted.
We guarantee eviry "bottle of
Chamlierlain’s Cough Remedy and
will refund the. money to anyone who
is not satisfied after using two thirds
of the contents. This Is the best
remedy in the world for la grippe,
coughs, colds, and whooping cough
and is plensaut and safe to take. It
prevents any tendency of a cold to
result in pneumonia. For sale by
Htrehlke Bros., druggists.
A Goo* Routs
to Try
It traverses s territory rich la
undeveloped resources; s territory
containing unlimited po**ibllities for
agriculture, horticulture, stock rais
ing, mining snd manufacturing. And
last, but not least, it is
The Scenic Route
for Tourists.
The Frisco System now offers the
traveling public excellent service and
fast time—
Between St. Louis end Kansas
City and points in Missouri, Kansas,
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Terri
tory, Texas and the Southwest.
Between Kansas City and points
In Tennessee, Alsbsmt, Mississippi,
Georgia, Florida and the Southeast.
Between Birmingham and Mem
phis and points in Kansas, Arkansas,
Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Texas
and the West and Southwest.
Full information ss to route and
rates cheerfully furnished upon appli
cation to any representative of the
Company, or to
Pasacager Traffic Department,
Cenuaercfal Budding.
Salat Louie.
i Wo ufomptly obtain U. B. and Forrig* ,
• 1 B^BodoLaßauerpSeioofmmuSoaS
« 1 free report oa feteatetallty. Form* Book,
How to Recunm SQC If S write
* fill w . ■
V ■ ■■ k ■ u
CoFTHrattre Ac.
. » 111 —. . ,
meet* OB«rf8 F *». Wnfetegtoa. D. c.
■TOCtK BHlJro*
cutfla SlMn!
J iB gM!
J»Oadtorcer, MeokeLColo.
J ‘ '' “ wTXT pattison!
Cattle branded on either
ritfht or left •boulder.
Ha rilmw Hunse. North Fork of
White and rkSnHj .
P O eddreM.
lkiford, Coto.
Cattle breedwt on left
W.L utile Kerne a* cut. Also
y**|M own uattlo
xrnnr as cut.
Hlanoo county. P O ad
drew Meotvr Colo.
Cattle branded erne
on Hide.
Hitmre. unucr White
""p oeddiww
Cattle bended on left
Ah*° nwn
■ n! Ear-mark, crop left:
tJkjßKg UPfll IAA under bit ind over bit
nm. HKiR* right. Home brand seme
a* cut on left Ibtjrh. BT The YF L brand
appesm on cuttle n- Y on moulder:Fen
•Ide: Lon hip. Hummer range, heed of NMer
creek and divide between Wbfte end Oread
river*. P O Meeker.
yrau Cattle branded •emcee
TWA cut on left side. Home
branded Bar left
Kfdo and Beran on left
hip. Horae brand Bar-7
on left tbtffb. Uanie
♦'rail Creek berin and
*■ °
Cattle branded same ae
out on rlßht aide. Also
7 E L on left side.
Horae brand nunc u
linnire. epper White,
winter pence, vicinity
IVK » of Amrcra. PO Boa KM
Meeker. C Shep-
H, 8. lIA HP.
•MRlh Cattle and ggHms
boraes. AAm ■ESpI'M
own and ranHKlilii
aadT'oal Creek. PO Meeker.
Cattle end bneee brand
P O eddreM
Meeker. Colo.
Bow and arrow, on loft
Cattic ud her—e.
Ranae, lower Wklte rtr
111 or and YeNow crock.
P O White Hirer, Cole.
w. n. HAMPER.
dgb left Hde. Mar mark.
_ equere crop on riirkt ami
Hor *«« -
Renee, north etde White river aaorßttjr.
P O Meek or.
_ Cattle branded on left
tele. Horace branded
nime en left ahoulder.
Kitnee. upper White rlr
er between North Elk
1 creek end Dry creek.
P O Meeker.
M. L. HAND) .
Cattle branded on left
ride. Addßlowelhrenaa
south aide of river. P O Meeker.
Cattle breaded m on
cut on left side.
HHMw Rruft*. Urn Klin HIU
and Miller Creek.
PO Meeker
Cattle branded nune as
cut on left aide. Hones
bratnted on left hfp.
PO Meeker
The peculiar cough which Indicate*
croup in usually wall known to the
mothers of croupy children. No time
should be lont in the treatment of it,
and for thin purpose no medicine ha*
received more uai vernal approval
than Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy.
Do not w«Hte valuable time In experi
menting with untried remedies, no
matter how highly they stay be re
commended, but afve this medicine
oh directed and all symptoms of croup
will quickly dixappeari, For sale by
Htrehlke Bros., druggist*.
when ordered of Rawejr k Red path
will be the best la voatlty; pensaptlr
delivered and at the moat Besson*tOe
Liwm Adaw Jllim,
mmmn w it

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