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Established August 16, Ml
Mtflur, Colorado.
JAMBS LYTTLE. Editor A Publlohor.
Katorad In the* Postoflle® at Meeksr, Rio
Blanco County, Colo.,a* second
class mall matter.
roa acntcKimoR.
One Year S2 «>
Six Months I uo
Professional Curds, per Month |2 U>
Ono Inch, display, per Month 2 w
Two Inches, per Month 3 OU
Three Inches, per Month I uo
Four Inches, per Month 6 00
FlVO Inches, per Month . 0 «R»
Ten Inches, ( 1-2 column) p*-r Month lo no
Twenty Inches, (I column) per Month. 15 to
Professional t 'arils, when pttltl In advance,
111 00 per year.
Local notice* ten cents per line. Is-uul
notices seven cents per line.
Address ull eomntunlciuluns to
Meeker, Colorado.
Are you registered?
Subscribe for The Herald.
Remember the May-polo ball.
Did you get fooled Wednesday?
Japes H. Templeton came in from
Maybell yesterday.
Crons Bar Z Ellison was in town a
couple times this week.
The Twentieth Century club met
with Mrs. V. A. Dlkeman yesterday
afternoon. ,
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hamper of the
Bar Triangle ranch were in town the
•arly part of the week.
Dr. Bell announces the arrival of
a girl at the home of Isaae Collier on
March 27. And so wo grow.
Mrs. Jullus Strehlke came In from
Cripple Creek Tuesday to visit with
relatives aiui will probably remain
The Methodist choir is preparing a
concert for Easter. The program
will appear In these columns next
Isaac Baer and wife returned on
Tuesday evening from Redding, Cal*
iforala, at which place they have
spent the winter.
A boy at the home of W.
M. Delghton in Powell park on March
81 «t Dr. Bell waa in attendance.
Mother and child are doing welL
Miss Bertha Wetmore has been
quite sick for the past few days but
is on the road to recovery now. It Is
hoped she will be able to be about
again soon.
J. W. McDaniel bought two lots
from Judge Wildhack this week, the
consideration being SIOO. They ad
join Mac's home place on West Mar
ket street.
Wm. Keller and wife arrived on
Tuesday evening from Uridlay, Illi
nois. On Wednesday they went up
to the K T ranch where they have
a permanent position.
Meeker wore quite a metropolitan
aspect last Sunday. An interesting
l>all game took place in the park and
the hand discoursed sweet strains of
music at the school house.
The baud is getting in lots of time
practicing. The boys are enthusias
tic “blowers” and the indications are
that in a short time Meeker will have
a band she may well In- proud of.
I*. J. Thompson, an old time friend
of F. S. Middleton, arrived in town
Monday evening from Mt. Etna,
lowa. Mr. Thompson is a man with
considerable means and will locate
S. C. Patterson of South Fork was
a guest at the Meeker hotel for sev
eral days this week. Mr. Patterson
reports that the snow is disappearing
fast at his place and he intends to be
gin his spring work soon.
Rev. Ray will speak on the subject.,
“The Hidden Reservoir of Nourish
ment”—Duet. 88:18, next Sunday
morning and in the evening the sub
ject of bis discourse will be—-“ Sin
and Cowardice.”—Gen. 3:9-12.
The Ladles' AM of the M. E.
church held a very successful social
at the bovte of Mrs. Dave Edward*
WBrtfleaday afternoon. Over $8 were
netted. The-next “luncttjweial” will
t* hold April 18th at Mm. V. A.
Mr. Parrotte, well known to many
Meeker friends, is in Pasadena, Cali
fornia, and is in very poor health,
being unable to walk any <1 {stance
without assistance. He expects to
arrive hero sometime next month to
spend the sum irt.tr
Dr. Matcher, the dentist, will be at
Meeker one week commencing April
21st. All work guaranteed.
Mr*. Brown has Just received a new
line of millinery. Call around and
select an Easter hst before it is too
Blain A Purdy desire to have all
those who have work at their place
to call for it immediately as they are
closing out their business.
W. H. Tyler’s horse stepped in a
badger hole the other day and fell
witli him. The stirrup caught his
rigiit foot mid broke a couple small
bones. He is able to hobble uhout
the streets and will be ail right in a
few days.
Hartke &, Sheets will open up a
branch harness shop over ut Rifle
next week. Mr. Sheets will go over
ami run the shop while Mr. Hartke
will remain in charge here. Mr.
Sheets will move his family over to
Rifle about May Ist if lie can obtain
a suitable house. When over to Rifle
drop In and see if the manager of the i
brand) house is conducting himself
Senator Warren of Wyoming lias
planned a novel feature for President
Roosevelt on his western itinerary.
The president and an escort will go
from Laramie to Cheyenne, a dis
tance of about forty miles, on horse
back. He has expressed a wish that
no one attempt the ride unless lie is
able to keep up with the “band-wag
on.” At Lanunie the President will
address the pioneers of that city, and
at Cheyenne Teddy will witness a
rough riders’ contest gotten up for his
especial edification.
Danger of Colds and Grip.
The greatest danger from cold and
grip is their resulting in pneumonia.
If reasonable care Is used, however,
and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
taken, all danger will be avoided.
Among tlie tens of thousands who
have used this remedy for these dis
eases we have yet to learn of a single
case having resulted in pneumonia,
which shows conclusively that it is n
certain preventive of that dangerous
disease. It will cure a cold or an at
tack of the grip in less time than any
other treatment. It is pleasant and
safe to take. For sale by Strehlke
Bros., druggists.
Church Service.
Episcopal church, morning sendee
11 o'clock; evening service 7:80.
Sunday school 10 o’clock, a. m.
Lenten services Wednesdays at 4
o'clock, p. m.
Choir practice Thursdays At 7:80
p. m.
All are cordially invited to attend.
(Rbv.) D. W. Galway,
In Charge.
At the M. E Church.
Morning service 11 o’clock.
Evening service 7:Ba
Sunday school 10 a. m
Prayer meeting Thursday evening
at 7:30.
Choir practice Saturday evening.
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend Any or all of these meetings.
Music Recital.
Mrs. Ray’s music pupils will give a
recital at tlie home of Miss Arminta
Coltharp this evening. The follow
ing program will lie rendered:
The Htorm King—Mln* Inn Phelps.
Thu Ohuttcrer—Miss Myrl Hubbard.
DanceCaprlccloso—Miss Tot Wilber.
Puot—To Arm.) gj." <'«ltlinrp.
Melba Polka—Min* May Raker. '
Duet—Qul Vive Galop| mni"itn
Mosquito Waits—Miss Gertrude Gross.
The Witches’ Patrol—Miss Jeanette Young.
!)Uot-Tli.) IWlri-i, t { «l”
The Htar of Hope—Mlmm Arminta Coltharp*
Home, Hweet Home—Miss Edith Ryan.
Hurt With Wlml and W„vr j
The Bicycle Walts—Mias Rose Klnslnger.
I Heo Again—Mlmm Gertrude Metzger.
Severe Attack of Grip.
Cured by one Bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
“When I had an attack of the grip
last winter (the second one) I actu
ally cured myself with one bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,” says
Frank W. Perry, editor of the Enter
prise, Shortsville, N. Y. “This is the
honest, truth. lat times kept from
coughing myself to pieces by taking
a teaspoonful of this remedy, and
when tlie coughing spell would come
on at night I would take a dose and
it seemed that in the briefest interval
the cough would pass and I would go
to sleep perfectly free from cough and
its accompanying pains. To say that
the remedy acted as a most agreeable
surprise is putting it very mildly. I
had no Idea that it would or could
knock the grip, simply because I had
never tried it. for such a purpose, but
it did,and it seemed with the second
attack of coughing the remedy caused
it to not only lie of less duration, but
the pains were far less severe, and I
find not used the contents of one hot- !
tie before Mr. Grip had bid me adieu.” j
For sale by Strehkle Bros., Druggists.
The Cash Furnishing Goods Store.
and it la time that you should secure that new
Spring Suit. We have all the latest styles and
can give you a first class fit. Our prices are the
lowest and our stock is the newest and moat com
plete in the city. Come in and see for yourself.
UX. O. PATTON & co.
Weather Bureau.
Station —Meeker, Colorado. By T.
Baker—Voluntary Observer.
March Weather.
» 1902 1903 J
S «
J -H-H-l- 2
(l :W 7 l._ M -24 4
» * 42 »> 2 HP -10 J
J S 37 111 » 60 <» J
> i 85 0 * W «
IS 14. 1 r, 40. 20 *
* 0 44 29 0 17 i
> 7 42 0 7 -0 4
» H 48 1H H 47 . -4 «
Jl) 62. 21 1) 4J4— 2D J
>ly 40 2N 10 44... 10 4
»11 41.... IS 11 60.- 10 «
*|* *1 16 12 54 20 J
gill 4S 20 W. ®» » «
*14 45 20 M 80 20 4
hr, 28. . 1 15 ...... 27 J
>18 85...... -8 10 48 21 4
»17 48 8 17 40.. 81 «
JlM 54 19 IS 85.... 21 J
>10 52 ... 80 1# 23 64
►20 48 45 20 85 0 4
hi 18 ... 21 21 41 14 J
>22 .,60 24 22 87 21 S
*23 48 25 28 «. 10 4
>24 44 28 24 ft) ....* W J
>25 80 25 25 62 ... 28 4
*20 45 21 20 50 29 4
{27 13 10 27 54 25 «
>28 43. «t 28 5S. 28 j
•29 82 8 29 53 83 J
!lJ0 5f7 7 *> M. .81 4
>31 51 25 31 5H :t8 4
►Hum 1280 610 Hum 1428 510 4
£ Mean 41.1 17.7 Mean 40 IO.04
>Average mean 29.4 Average mean 30.3 €
* Mux. lamp. 54 MRX.tomp.Ot J
I Mill. temp. -8 Min. temp.-24 4
IHnowfall 15.8 Inches Hnowfall 7 Inches 4
*Clear days 3 Closr days S J
J Partly cloudy 17 Partly cloudy 12 4
•Cloudy 11 Cloudy 11 «
’Plowing started on Mean normal tem-j
* 20th but stopped perature forMnrch|
by storm on 25th. 34. J
Read The Herald and be happy.
Potatoes for sale. 8. F. Wetmoro.
Death of Robert P. Bartlett.
A telegram was received Monday
evening stating that R. P. Bartlett
was dead. It has been learned since
that Mr. Bartlett died of peritonitis
after a brief illness about 4 . o'clock
Monday morning at his late home,
1205 North Cascade avenue, Colorado
Springs. The funeral was held at 6
p. m. of the same day from the resi
dence, Rev. A. N. Taft, the rector of
St. Stephen’s Kpiscopal church, offi
ciating. The family left in a private
ear over the Rock Island at 8:40, with
the remains for Rochester, New
York, where interment will be made.
Mr. Bartlett came with his family
to Colorado Springs about seven
years a0> from Pittsfield, Mass. His
coming was due to ills health, and
while a resident of Colorado Springs
he was not engaged in any business.
Mr. Bartlett purchased the old Bar
Triangle ranch down near White
River about two years ago and dur
ing his ownership of it has formed a
large circle of friends in this valley.
In Colorado Springs he became wide
ly known for his social and intellec
tual qualities, and his untimely
deatii is mourned by a large circle of
sorrowing friends.
He is survived by a wife and one
child, a year and a half old.
High Sounding.
Farmer Korntop— My oldest boy’s
workin’ in your town, ilia name’s H.
J. W. I*. Korntop. Ever hear tell on
Mr. Borden —No. Where did he K* 1
all those initials?
Furu.« r Korntop—Name his mother
seen in the graveyard over yonder
an’ took n fancy to. “Hie Jaeet Wil
liam Polk.”—Philadelphia Press.
Levi Strauss c Cols
Adams’ mine will run nil
summer. Order from It.
M. Lapree, jr., the water
man. Give me a trial.
| Full Weight—Promt) t Delivery—
Good Quality.
Dr. Hubbard of Meeker was called
to see Mrs. Belott Wednesday.
(’barley and Russel Collins uVnt
to Riffe last week to move their fath
er’s household goods to the ranches
The old folks will spend tlie summer
with Russel at his runche on Piceotice
When Harvey Sprague is sent for
the doctor he does not let the grass
grow under his feet.
There will soon be a mail route
from Rio Blanco to Black Sulphur.
The people still talk “telephone”.
If they would work iv little more and
talk lesH they might get a line
Hay stacks are getting lower and
the price of hay a little higher.
Jim Bainbrich and Harvey Sprague
went to Meeker Monday.
Mr. Gray is on the sick list, but is
on hand every other day to work for
Uncle Sum.
Henry Brenton was down from
Black Sulphur Saturday and Sundny.
Henry hod a hard time finding a
grindstone to shnrpen his axe on.
Mr. (’ay wood has moved bis family
on to the Grant ranch and will try
farming this summer.
The friends of Mrs. Belott will be
glad to learn that she Is some better.
Jim Bainbrich went to White River
last week and bought a wagon load of
spuds. We always did think Jiin
Irish, yet he claims to be a Missour
Mrs. Bell came down from Hunter
creek last Thursday and is staying
with Mrs. Belott.
Charley Chatfleld has gone to
Grand river after his cattle.
Rube Old land moved his cattle
from White river on to Piceance.
They found plenty of snow while
coming over the divide.
Miss Walker, who has been suffer
ing from an attack of tonsilitis, is re
ported much improved.
The last few days there has been
pence and quiet on the Richner
ranch. No steers to break, and Pice
ance creek water is rather muddy to
Jim Mickelson moved his cattle
from Thurman creek to his home
ranch to feed.
There are four more weeks of school.
Carney and Edwards havo turned
oilt some of their dogies.
A Good Route
to Try
If traverse* a territory rich in
undeveloped resources; a territory
containing unlimited possibilities for
agriculture, horticulture, stock rais
ing, mining and manufacturing. And
last, but not least, it is
The Scenic Route
lor Tourists.
The Frisco System now offers the
traveling public excellent service and
fast time —
Between St. Louis and Kansas
City and points in Missouri, Kansas,
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Terri
tory, Texas and the Southwest.
Between Kansas City and points
in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi,
Georgia, Florida and the Southeast.
Between Birmingham and Mem
phis and points in Kansas, Arkansas,
Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Texas
and the West and Southwest.
Full information as to route and
rates cheerfully furnished upon appli
cation to any representative of the
Company, or to
Passenger Traffic Department,
Couuucrclal Building.
Salat Louis.
After the Lily
Park Settlers.
The Wells-Fargo Company com
mences its fijhi for fhe
ownership of Lily
Denver Post.
Tlie latest feature of land selling In
Routt county is to enter a man’s al
falfa field, take possesalon of the
houses and file on the propertyat the
Glen wood land office.
Thirty-two such cases are involved
in a petition filed in the United
States circuit court this morning by
State Senator Edward T. Taylor of
Glen wood Springs for the Lily Park
Stock Growing association. The
point involved is an erroneous survey,
whether by Uncle Sain or by Routt
county is yet to he determined.
Thirty-two ranches that have been
cultivated and grown rich in product
during tlie last twenty years have
l>een ordered to the lulls, as it were,
bv Preston King, surveyor of Routt
county, and settlers have taken pos
session of the green fields and irriga
tion system on which fortunes have
been spent.
If the court decides the survey of
the country td bo correct, half of the
entire empire of Routt will have to
be resurveyed and half the property
along the new Moffat road as well
will l>e in a complicated mess. If
tlie government’s figures are found
to be wrong, claims heretofore located
will bo open for settlement, no mat
ter how well improved.
The case filed today is against the
following persons who have settled
on the Lily Park Stock Growing as
sociation's lands, it is asserted:
JamesS. Barnes, Martha A. Barnes,
Frank C. Barnes, Raymond Perkins,
Thema Lydiard, Thomas B. Blevins,
Myron Robbins, Joseph B. Moore,
William T. Mack, Reid J. Moore,
William S. Baker, Thomas Trevenen,
Guy F. Higgins, James P. Chapman,
Joseph McJunkin, Homer Walker,
Elijali B. Thompson, Frank Evans,
William G. Mount, George Wheeler,
Henry C. Wheeler, Thomas E. String,
Theodore F. Do wit, George C. Ban
ning, Charles E. Hohan, Henry A.
Shank, Walter Ames, John H. Davis,
the unknown heirs of Carl O. Weg
rich, deceased, and Preston King as
county surveyor of Routt county.
Beginning in 1881 and extending
over a period of two or three years,
settlers went into a fertile valley at
the junction of the Bear and Snake
rivers in Routt county near the Utah
line, and soon laid under cultivation
a valley from one-half to three miles
wide and about ten miles long. Then
came John W. Lowell, former state
auditor, representing a syndicate of
Salt Lake City capitalists, and pur
chased the land. There were thirty
two quarter sections of 100 acres each,
or 5,110 acres all told. This was
thrown into one tract, fenced in and
an irrigation canal run from Bear
river, and for twenty years the ground
has been under seed and improve
ments of various kinds Added.
Preston King as surveyor of Routt
county, bad occasion to set some
corners near the valley last fall and
he discovered that the government
sectional maps, under which all of
the thirty-two ranches were patented
were erroneous. The lines were
three-quarters of a mile too far north
and a quarter of a mile too far east.
This would put the Lily park com
pany’s ranches up in the hills on bar
ren ground. Knowing this, settlers
l»egan to file on the land, until thirty
filings have been made in the Glen
wood Springe land office. The first
named defendant was foreman for
years of the association, and, he has
taken three quarter sections, ono for
himself, one for his wife, and one for
a brother. They, like tlie others,
have gone into the alfalfa fields,
taken possession of the houses and ir
rigation canal, and are using tho land
ion tho authority of their entry re
The association asks the court to
grant an injunction pendente lite,
after which the surveys will betaken
j up. The petitioners hold that they
j entered the land according to govem
-1 rnent surveys and plats, and if these
j were wrong, the government should
j make the matter right by resurvey
ing and awarding the old settlers the
land on which they have spent $250-
000 during the last twenty years.
The Lily Park Stock Growing associ
ation is a Utah concern, most of the
shares being owned by the Wells-
Fargo hank of Salt Lake City.
It is said that the* original survey
was a haphazard proceeding, con
ducted largely in n t»*nt, not a fifth
of the corners being set. and the same
class of work constituted the ba9is of
the alleged lines all over the western
half of Routt county. If this l»e true,
locations now made along the Moffat
Short line will be in the same cate
gory as those of the Lily park asso
Cattle branded same a.
cut on right side. Hor
brand on
mBRKM ■SK'Ha as-
JoSt rtoulder.
P O address. Meeker. Colo.
Cattle branded on either
right or left shoulder.
Range. North Fork <>f
White and vicinity.
P O address.
Buford, Colo.
Cuttle branded on left
side same us cut. Also
own cattle branded
k ‘° pol 63
Horse branded V
li‘ same as cut. Hang*- lti<i
Blanco coanty. P O
dress Meeker Colo.
Cattle branded suinn
Horse brand same uu
left shoulder.
Range. upi>er White
and vicinity of Buford.
H' p O address
Buford Colo.
" 0 P WEAR. _
Cattle branded on left
side. Also own
101 so 11 y
Ear-mark, crop left;
under bit and over hit
right. Horse brand saun
as cut on left thigh. fV The Y P L brand
appears on (rattle us — Y on shoulder; F 011
side; l. on hip. Summer range, bead of Miller
creek and divide between White and Grand
rivers. P O Meeker.
Cattle branded same as
cut on left side. Some
cattle branded Bar left
side and Seven on
hip. Horse brand Bar-?
<>n left thigh. Range
Coal Creek basin and
-As— vicinity. P O Meek 01
. — * Cattle branded same aa
cut on right side. Also
7 E L on left
Horse brand same as
Range. upper White.
Winter range, vicinity
Ml of Angora. PO Box 122
Meeker. J W C Sbep
herd, manager.
Cattle and ■■■■■
own runEiHUa
following brands;
ffcf ntSn KSS
Range, Nine Mile Hill *■•!■■■■ MbsESSM
and Coal Clcek- P O Meeker.
Cattle and horse brand
same ss Range, 14-
mile. Pleeunce and lower
Bow and arrow, rm left
Cattle and horses.
Range, lower White rlv-
HI erand Yellow crook.
p 0 "'kite River. Colo.
_jaioft side. Earmark,
square crop on right and
underslope on left. Also
fi* should* r
or MJ51 00 h, p-
Range, north side White rivor an^vlclnlty.
P O Meeker.
Cattle branded on left
side. Horses branded
same on left shoulder.
Range, upper White rtv
er l»etw**en North Elk
1 creek and Dry creek.
P O Meeker.
•|M> Cattle branded on left
Also homoamammi
HI and cattle.
HHbhI Range, upper||^^^|
south side of river. P O Meeker. 3
Cattle branded aa on
cut on
Range. Lime Klin Hill
«"U Miller Creek,
p o Meeker
Cattle branded same as
cm Horses
branded on left hip.
Range, gov*»rnment
Notice of Town Election.
Notice i« hereby given that the an
nual municipal election for the town
of Meeker, Colorado, will be held cm
Tuesday, the 7th day of April, 1808,
for the purpose of electing the follow
ing officers, vis:
One Mayor to serve one year.
Three Trustees, to serve two years.
One Trustee, to fill vacancy, to
serve one year.
The Board of Registration will
meet on Tuesday, March 81st, and
again on Monday. April 6th, as by
law provided.
Place of registration and election—
County Court House.
• Mayor.
Town Recorder.
Meeker, C’olo., March llth 1906s

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