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BitelallaHed August lft, IMA
JAMBS LYTTLB. Editor A Publish**-.
•Catered IS Um PwlaSrt st Meeker, Rio
SIsnso County, Colo., ss second*
clsss mnll ranttsr.
Frost three nights.
Threshing is now the order of the
School at Angora will open Monday
with Miss Weaver as teacher.
It Is estimated that there will be
XI,OUU bushels more oats in the valley
this year than last.
Coal Creek school will open for the
term Monday, September 26th, with
F. H. Gallop as teacher.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Divklnson and
sons will leave In a short time for a
visit fn lowa.—Rifle Reveille.
Joe Johnson was executed st Canon
City last Friday evening for the foul
murder of Hon John Cox of Trinidad
last April.
Dr. Hubbard reports the arrival of
a 12-pound boy at tho home of Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Proctor on Friday,
September 16th.
The members of the troop who saw
service In the “Peabody war tills
week received bronse medals to com
memorate their deeds of valor.
It looked like snow last Sunday
afternoon, and It did snow on the flat
tops and divides, but fortunately, the
valley escaped with a heavy rain.
David Smith sold a third lnterestln
. the Sulphur ranch and coal mine to
K. J. Psxtnan Tuesday. The prop
erty Is known as the old Pete Harp
It Is notloable that the papers pub
lished In all the towns of thlM state
and Utah where Rev. Ostenson min
istered eulogise his memory In very
kindly terms.
The dance and entertainment for
the benefit of the school organ fund
last Friday evening was a great suc
cess in every way and reflects credit
on all who Ifad charge cf the affair.
About SBO was cleared.
A very handsome sign now adorns
Hut. entrance - to the First National
bank building. It.la of solid bur
•bhad brims ariftli tfco tottering to
enameled black, and bespeaks Cash
ier Ford ham’s good taste in the mat
Mrs. Clifton wishes to thank Mr.
Riley, the Circle, the Rebeccas, the
musicians and the many others who
gave their services so willingly to
make the entertainment given for
the payment on the school organs a
Mitchell Hros. have leaned the/Jul
phur coal mine and are prepared to
supply everyone with ooaL Plenty
ef good coal ala-ays on hand. Will
take hay or grain In exchange for
coal the same as cash. Leave orders
at the lumber yard.
The Ladies'A id, of the Methodist
church recently made a fancy quilt,
out of which they made nearly S7O.
On Wednesday they met at the
church and went In a body to the
parsonage and presented the beauti
ful piece of work to the pastor’s wife,
Mrs. E. N. Mallery.
County Superintendent of Schools
Hopkins has appointed E. E. Ford
ham as secretary of the Meeker
school-board to fill the vacancy caused
by the removal ef Dr. Bell to Mon
trose. It was a wise choice and will
meet with the unanimous approval
ef the patrons of the school.
We note that several school dis
tricts throughout the state oollect
tuition fees from parents ami guard
ians of children living without the
district. This is right according to
the school lowa, but Meeker district
has never dene It. Everything In the
edusutlonal line is free here. Meeker
people believe in the liberal policy.
A meeting ef the members of St
James' Mission will be held in 8h
James* church on Monday next to
consider what steps can be taken to
crest a memorial to the late Rev. O.
E. Oaten sen and to make suggestions
concerning the proposed Sunday
School building. Litany will be said
at 7:80 p. m. Meeting at 7:40 p. m.,
Rtekart’s market letter reports the
tolluwing sales at Kansas City Sep
tember llth and Mtli.
B C Howey steers 80 WO $3 66
“ “ M Ift MB 8»
*‘ “ 7 983 8 00
“ “ COWS 2H 1025 2 00
■ F Wilson steers 17 1000 3 50
Xutett A Tterunee “ *77 1836 866
“ “ 28 1164 290
* H lies “ WWW 340
~ - “ 116 1175 3 25!
Mr Isahc Baer and' family left for
Denver Saturday.
J P Schermerhom of Rio Blanco,
was a town visitor Monday.
Attorney E A Martin went to Craig
yesterday on business of a legal na
Mr and Mrs W E Simpson of the
North Fork visited town during the
Mrs Babbitt and Miss Roxle Smith
from White River, were town visitors
Mrs J W Shepard, the popular
postmistress at White River City,
spent Monday ill the metropolis.
Mr and Mrs G D Tunnicllff of
Galesburg, are the guests of Mr and
Mrs W L Purrotte at Windermere
Mr and Mrs H K Phelps returned
Saturday evening from a two weeks'
visit in Denver and other points cast
of the main range.
Mr C A Hellstrom of Patadeua,
California, was a guest of Mr and
and Mrs Parrotte at Windermere
Lodge during the past week.
Claude Rees came over from Rifle
to attend the 1 school dance. Claude
aiwaysjymiee over to Meeker when
he wants a taste of high life.
. Will Simms returned from Denver
Wednesday evening, and—well we’ll
tell all we know Will’s “high old
time” in the capital city in a future
H R Bergh returned to Meeker
Wednesday after several months ab
sence, during which lie took in the
Pacific slope country from Arixonn
to British Columbia.
Mrs P J Van Vranken of Chicago,
and Mrs May me Abernathy of Cham
pagne, Illinois, registered at the
Meeker hotel Tuesday, after at en
joyable trip to Trappers lake and the
upper country.
Fred Nichols, manager of the Col
tharp Rttngely store, came in Tu ?sday
and remained in the city a few days.
Fred reports business good in Oilville
on account of the comings and going*
of Uintah pilgrims.
George Niblock, of the Nlblock
Produce company of Leadvllle, came
in last Saturday on a brief visit with
his uncle, Mr John J Niblock. George
is a fine young fellow and one of
Leadville's top-notch business mer.
J L lies of Davenport, lowa,'ar
rived Saturday and will spend a week
or two visiting his brother, Mr Thos
H lies and family, at the ranch and in
town. Mr lies Is a prominent cttlsen
of the lowa town from which he
v Mr and Mis-B A Brewn .of Jtoourß*.
Arise Loafs, toft for Denver Monday
where they will)re*Sde for the winter,
and krhere Mr Brown will have his
headquarters as the representative of
the New York Central and Lake
Shore road.
The Misses Sarah and Kate Doak,
sisters of Mrs James who have
been visiting here for some week*,
left for their Pittsburgh, Pa., home
ThursdayvbMlss Kate having so far
recovered from her late injury as to
be able to travel.
Mrs Hamilton Wash, who has been
visiting her daughters, Mesdaines F
E Sheridan and Boyd Walbridge for
some weeks, departed for her Illinois
home Saturday morning. She was
accompanied to Denvel by her bro
ther, Mr J L McHattoo.
Jau.es E Dilts and wife of Leon,
Kansas, who have been visiting with
Mr and Mrs W E Simpson for tl»<*
past two weeks, were passengers on
the out-going stage Thursday. Mr.
and Mrs Dilts are en route to the
Portland fair and the Northwest
Mr and Mrs F W Fairfield returned
from Denver Sunday and like others
of the GAR delegation from here,
report a fine time at the great gather
ing of old soldiers. Mr Fairfield met
several of his comrades whom he
hadn't seen since the Union army
Wm B Ki)t>eman and wife of Rock
Island, Illinois, came in Tuesday on
a visit with their relatives. Judge and
Mrs Wild back and Mrs Kuneman.
Mr and Mrs Kuneman have been to
tlie Portland fair and other points on
the coast and stopped off here en
route home.
The Moffat Short Line was formally
opened to Hot Sulphur Springs k 4
Friday. There was a big celebration
of the event at the Springs.
I w^WBR-l
Piceance Pencilings.
t Our school opens Monday, Oct. S. N
Parkes Bros lost a valuable mule
last week.
The first snow of the season visited
us Sunday night.
Most of the grain on the creek is
cut but it Is not all stacked.
Davis Bros are busy putting up
, their last cutting of alfalfa.
Aa agent for the Singer sewing mr.-
chine was doing business on the creek
\ this week.
Our fall round-up, with John Roles
, ns captain, started last Monday at
Spring creek and will work up to the
government road.
J O Chrisinger made a trip to
l Meeker this week after rye. John
, looks as if lie had gained 20 pounds at
the GAR encampment at Denver.
I He Hays It has been 20 years since ho
had a vacation.
Mrs Belle D Cook entertained a
large gathering of friends at the din
ner station last Friday evening,
j Dancing and singing were the prin
. cipal sources of amusement and after
adelicious lunch served by the chartn
ing hostess, the guests departed, ex
pressing themselves as well plcksed
with their evening's entertainment.
J W Hainbrich, Sr, and his son-in
law John Byron, met with quite an
accident last Friday morning. WliUe
going down the Miller hill one of the
hold-back straps parted which let the
rig run onto the horse. This fright
ened the horse, making it kick and
causing it to run away. The buggy
was upset and the occupants sus
tained several scratches and bruises,
but, aside from a severe shaking<-up,
were not seriously injured. Mr.
Bainbrioh is again at Ills post of duty;
A Big Bargain,
Ranch and cattle In Powell park
for sale—either for cash or part cash
and balance in easy payments. Ap
ply at this office. (*2B-o7)
St. James' Episcopal Church.
Services tomorrow (the fourteenth
Sunday after Trinity) as follows:
10 a. in.—Sunday School.
11 a. in.—Morning Service.
4 p. m.—Service for the young.
8 p. m.—Evening Service.
Friday being the festival of St!
Michael there will be servioes at 9:80
i»! in. and 7:80 p. ni.
Aft Mir
riWefrJVrTfTl. ,11. .Tau3
■rapvny soiirisiica. ft Vistfi
fur iwOu, starves, i ms n
Ub out, turn* prtMMnlf
fny. Ayer’s H«ir V)(or to ■
Hair Vigor
hair food. It feeds, nourishes.
The heir stops falliat, trows
loet and heavy, and ell dan
druff disappears.
t&n TXanzr&t.'.'ss
Xssrxrs^sa;* — —
MSS. W U. K W.fllt. S t.
Poor Hair
Ex-Uovemor Peabody says he is in
the race for United States senator to
succeed Senator and if he
cannot get there no other Republican
will get there. ’RahSTor the “war
governor!” He's the stuff.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
ny local nppllcaltonn, n » they rannot reach
, the dlneanca portion* of the oar. There In
only one way tocure deafnenn, and that In
by cMiNtltut tonal remedies. Deaf not* u
cavined by an Inflamed condition of the mu
‘•pn* Hnlnicof the euntarhlan lube. When
, thla tube !* Inflamed you have a runihllnu
nound sir Imperfect hearing, and when It I*
' entirely cloeed, tfeafnem In the rmult, amt
)*•? I' , a» n, »'»ll»n «m be taken out
ant! thin tulie restored to ita normal eondl>
thsa, hearlns will lw rieutroved forever:
wine caaea out of ten are cauaed by catarrh.
Sdrich In nothin* hut an Inflamed condition
of the niucoua aurfheea.
i We will give one hundred dollara reward
i w any case of deafneaa (cauacd by catarrh)
*?•** vannfd bt» cured by Hall's Catarrh 1
Cure. Mend for circular*, free.
V. K Y * ( ' 4 Toledo, f).
i Hokl by nil drutfRl.tn TT.,
Tbke Hairs IPnmlly 1*111, forrmi.llp.tl.ni.
Min Maud Marker writes her par
ents from Manila, P. I., that she has
been aboard all the Russian battle
ships now lying In that Port. Hhe Is
; highly related with her experiences
and apparently well pleased with her
position and surroundings.—Rifle
Kill the Coyotes.
Persons who reside In the sections
where deer abound are responsible
for the statement that coyotes destroy
I more deer than hunters do. They
have been frequently known to attack
large bucks and there can be no
doubt that their ravages among fawns
and smaller deer are appalling.
If a portion of the sum devoted to
the protection of game were set aside
to pay a bounty on coyote scalps it 1
might go much farther toward the
des eJ end than by paying it in sa!-
aries to political wards who know
i nothing about game or game coiuli
[ tions.—(-raig Courier.
B|te Vmmmm Ik* TlsaJarJ
nnj y tin rat mhi
< 111* tel pflt MtM gff
tartar derived frwigrapeft.
Tiie Lewis and Clark Exposition at
. Portland, Oregon is now In its sen
. itli. Railroads in the Northwest have
I mode a special low rate for the- final
period of the fair, and big excursions
are being run from many points in
Oregon, Washington and Idaho.
, Trains from the Kate are also carry
, Ing exposition - visitors to their full
, capacity. The exposition will close
October 15.
Notice Is hereby given that I will
no longer pay any debts contracted
by my wife Margaret B. Moog.
JJ). Mooa.
Hunting Guides.
From deer treason on, we will be
prepared to take parties out for any
kind of game. Have the only pack.
* of trained dogs in the county. D. W.
Black, J. M. Clark and Sam Ray.
For prices address D. W. Black A
Co., Meeker, Colorado. *
The Season New Open.
“flrlaou," Imported Percheron
Hint lion, Prone b number «!*.',
American nuinlwrUMfl) who won
n gold medal In Prmnce in inn,
now owned by the Rio Blanco
Percheron Horne association, will
make the season at Harp's barn,
dee Poster for particulars.
Free pasture for mares: best of
I care but no responsibility as
■stood for areMeafa, '
This boroa weighs I*o pounds.
Mack wftb star la forefcea<J, a per
fectly formed horse, four years
old and Is considered one of tho
bast stallions in this country.
Prises offered -|*o for Ibe best
colt six months old, |X for the
next best and free service for the
third best.
Terms—4ls, six months' negotl
ftnble note, with Insurance.
Ofdinance No. 84.
visa votkhs or thr town or Mirur,
THB QtTKSTIO* or iuctiro vatih
roe said tows aid laariNo bonds
BK IT ORDAINED by the Board of Trus
tors of the Town of Meeker, Colorado:
Paction I. That n special election Is here
by ordered and called to be held at the I Is
tllrt Court Room In the Town of Meeker,
Colorado, on Tuetda.v, tho 17th day uf Oc
tober, A. I». Ilior, beginning at Hie hour of
seven o'clock a. in., and closing at the hour
of seven o'clock p. m., fur the purpose of
taking the vote of the voters of the said
Town who aru taxpayers under the law
upon the following quest lon, wbfrhts hereby
submitted to said qualified voters for their
determination nt said election, ns follows,
namely i w
Will the voters of the Town of Meeker,
Colorado, whonre taxpayers under the law,
approve the erection, by the Ifcwrri of Trus
tees of tbe said Town, of Water Works for
fire and domestic purposes to be owned,
maintained and operated by said Town, the
funds Kir which const ruction are to be
raised by the Issuance of the negotiable
coupon bonds of the said Town fn an amount
not exceeding Mlxty Thousand Dollars (ft*),-
Meet lon 1. All persons who at the time of
the said election are voters of the said Town
of Meeker. Colorado, and are taxpayers un
der the law, aad no others, shall beqaallfled
•o vote at said eleet too. All of said qualified
voters who approve tbe said erect 100 of said
Waterworks and t be Issuance uf said Bonds
shall vote by ballot, on which are written or
printed[the words “Kor the erectWhi of the
.Water Wurk*" and thane nppoMid thereto
shall vot* by ballot on which are written or
Ruled the words "Against tbe erection of
i Water Works.**
Mertloo *. The Town Clerk and Recorder
shall cause a Notice of the said election to
be published In a newspaper In said Town at
least fifteen (IS) day « before said election,
and past like notices la nt least three public
and conspicuous places In said Town, one
of which shall be the polling place herein
before mentioned, at least fifteen (15) days
before the said election.
Meet fen t. Returns of the said eleet km
shall be made to the Town Clerk and Re
corder by the Judges thereof, and the said'
Clerk and Recorder shall oa the third day
after said election. In the presence of the
mayor of said Town, open and canvass said
returns nnd make an abstract thereof show
ing the result of sakl election and certify to
the eorreetneesof tbe said abstract, and de
liver the same to the Board of Trustees at a
subsequent meeting thereof, and the said
Board shall at said meeting declare the re
salt of the said eleet Inn, aad cause the same
to be entered of record.
Mertlon ft. Tbe regular judges of election
of said Town In ofliee at the time of said
eke t lon, to-wit, H. A. Wild hack, W. M.
Hintons and M. T. Ryan shall act, and are
hrrrbr appointed mn judges of the election
called by this Ordinance.
section A That all ordinances and reso
lutions In conflict or Inconsistent with the
provisions of this Ordinance, are hereby re
Section 7. That this Ordinance shall he In
force and effect from and after Its adoption
and publication as required by law.
(tossed and adopted September Mth. A. D.
Signed and approved this lath day of Sep
tember, A. D. lafc. P. K. sneeißAM,
(■bar.] Mayor and PreiddfM Ofßcer
of the Board of Trustees.
Attest: J. A. Blain.
Town Olerk and Recorder.
Published ou tbe TXd day of Heptaralmr, iwr*. i
amL Cnttlo branded now at
. out on right ***e. Horn
brand on any
I mm rAri
SLmglte SR
PO address. Meeker. Colo.
~ * 8. B. WALBRIDOB.
Cattle branded aa on
cut on left side.
Ha use, Uiae Kiln (111.
and Miller Creek.
J ft* PO Meeker
Cattle branded on left
able Basse aa cut Also
own cattle brande^^^
■■ pou H
Horse branded
same aa cut. HanKtHno
Blanco county. V * id
dross Meeker Colo.
Cattle branded or left
skle. Horses branded
same on left skmilder.
Range, upper Whtterlv*
or between Norik Elk
creek and Dry creek.
' P O Meeker.
> fiteß Catfle branded same
os cut on left Side. Ksr
mark, uixb'niiupe and
over bit each ear.
Rarge, Sulphur and 9-
mile hill.
PO Meeker. Colorado
Own brand W - 3 and
, WGF** cattle carrying mine.
Also own cattle carrying the following
brands: ■■■■■
| Cattle branded mam as
cut on left sMe.
Horae brand same.
Range Flag creek and
government rood.
PostoMsc address
Meeker Colo.
JteM came brand.
ed mom as oat.
Also own cal
sd same as out.
Range Waal Millar meek. PO Meeker.
UP. CR A 1(1.
JAM Cattle branded same
as rut on left side. Al
so run cattle branded
v I on loft aide.
Range, Upper White.
PO address, Meeker,
Cattle brande<] mamas
cu> °*» skle. Alan
own cattle branded Tri
*U|e U. Horses brand
edTriaagleßoo left hip.
H. B. HA UP.
own and ruaH^Hl
and Coal Creek. fO Masker.
Summer Tourist Tickets
, L S
From Denver, Colorado Sprints and Pueblo to ~
o ! Louis to CllicaKO pa 60 U
1 ~ ! Buffalo 157 75 Detroit 48 SB p
1 Ht. Paul ..8150 Beaton 78 SO
Wa Minneapoll. SI 50 Montreal CM 50 E
Correspondingly Low Rues from all Colorado Points R
On gale dally until October lnt—return limit October 81st via j
Special Excursion Bates—One Fare Plus $2.00
Detroit and return—August 19-18—Limit August 19
Khdhhm City and return—August 27-28—Llfcm Sept. 7
Richmond, V*., and return—Sept- 7-B—Sept. 21
Philadelphia, Pa., *pd return—Sept Limit Oct 6
From Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo to Kansas CHv
and St Louis, making direct connections at Uuion Stations for
all points East and South. Pulrman standard sleeping cars—
Reclining chair liars; seats free. Through tourist steeping cars
to Kansas City, St Louis and Chicago.
H. B. Kouoer,«. W. V. AP. A.. J. h. Olnet, Jr.. T. PA.
l7OO Stout Mtrrat. Denver, Colorado. ’ ’ A *' J
California and Northwest
Sept. 15 to Oct. 31.
San Francisco - - - - $26 00
Los Angeles .... 25 00
Han Diego 85 00
Portland ------ 26 00
Seattle - -- -- -- 2500
Vancouver ----- 25 00
Helena 2000
Butte 2000
Spokane - - - - • 2150
Correspondingly low rates to
’ many other points.
■ CaUlahnindad asme u
right aide. Alao
7 E L OH left aMe.
Horae brand aotae aa
°%«nga. upper While.
Winter range, vicinity
Iflß » of Angora. HO Bog ixi
Meeker. J W C Shep
held, manager.
Alao own Btook branded \j «m
Cattle branded aame ad
Wmmm Hormnm
Range Miller creek and
upper White river.
Puetofltoe oddrern
Meeker Colo.
Cottle branded on left
ride. Eormarka: split
■■■■■K fn left cor nnd under
IfliW 5^. ri, p. H jr*
Range. Lime Kfhiliil
HI and upper White river.
Poatafßee Meeker:
left aide. JMrnmrk.
aquare crop an rkrht and
uniterskipe on left.
Horae* Name oa cut on
WMmgMSB left ahoulder.
Range, north aide
White river and v|cl»-
Ry. FO Meeker.
dflhM Cottle branded aune te
out on left aide, home
IMMI rattle branded Ber k>ft
and. Seven on left
hip. Horae brand Bar-7
Slal Cree^baafwnd
Cattle branded name aa
cut un ri4rk * * We °* k ‘ p -
Range, gm-ernmeot
road and head of Flow
a nee creek.
■it PoatoOMe oddrem
Rk) Blanco, Colo.
(For Ruth C. Bartlett.)
Cattle branded aame m»
°* l - ®* r marks waed:
I|RIB --r’P ~n right ear, under*
■MIH *h»pe on left; alao under
■UH hack on rack ear. Young
VBPVI Block the latter.
Bl Winter range, lower
White river. Hummer
P O addreaa Box tel. Meeker, Colo.
dteM Cattle branded ae above
Alaoown cattle brand
ed_aa foWowa:
Horaw branded
All yoong Btoek branded
Range between North Elk t.reek and South
Fork of White river. POnddreaa: A C Bllft
*o*t. Meeker, Colorado.
dM> Cattle branded on left
ride. Additional braadn
■PH Aim bonearaHtetem
joBBHSrBrP O Mrahe/ 1 *
1. • ' C £ BHKBTB.
teflMP Cottle branded asme
■■ rut on lelt side.
Alan cattle
branded A-Htask-A
on either aide. Ear
mark—left ear, under
te. lft half crop.
Range, Miller creek
end Lime Kiln hill.
Addreaa H. V. Wheaton, Meeker, Colorado.
; j J. S. Needham *
! —' t
J Clothing made to order, |
} cleaned, preened J
I and repaired. |
f H. A. Wildhack. »
i conveyancer;
« United Smu Und CMnaintoMrl
J pr »*t»P«lon and Desert*
« «ml acknowledger
4 fMy. l *’ r P«w>h Ml Desert r
f fj^ i|na wtl ■« Pre-empt tons, inatl- ?
• Naeeaaery blanks t
f«n band. u i: st :: sr^
6amwwa V , v . vvvvvvvvvvm4

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