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VOL. XXI.--NO. 33,
Farm Implements.
The reputation of the John Deere Farm Implements is so
well established that they need no introduction.
We have a full line of Plows, Harrows, Disc Harrows,
Cultivators, Press Drills, etc.
We wish to call special attention to our Hoosler Press
Drills. They give universal satisfaction and are very dur
Please call and examine our goods and get prices.
The Meeker Hotel
, R. S. BALL, Proprietor.
Situated in the best hunting and Ashing country in the
Rocky mountains. Near the celebrated Trappers and
Marvine lakes —amidst the grandest scenery in the
West. Elk, deer, antelope, bear and mountain lion.
Fish in season. A veritable paradise for the tourist
Hotel newly built aiuj elegantly furnished throughout.
The Hotel Bar
Is one of the finest in the State and is fully
supplied with the best brands of Wines
and Liquors on the market.
All kinds of Rye and Bourbon whiskies of the best
grades'on Scotch and Irish whiskies.
A complete line of the Anest California wines in stock.
Send in your jug or demijohn and have it filled. If goods are
not as represented, your money will be returned.
The best beer in bottle and on draught.
Imported Ale and Porter.
Life Insurance
Million, of Colorado Money haa been sent East to aeeiet the
• Syndicate, in their operation..
Colorado now ha. it. own “old line” life Insurance oompany.
The Colorado National Life Insurance Company
Home office—El Paso Building, Denver, Colorado,
Issues all forms of Life and Endowment Insuranc Contract*.
Deposits reserves with the state of
Colorado. Invests its funds In the
state of Colorado. Directly and in
directly beneAts every Coloradoan.
Fill out the coupon below and mail to the home office.
Colorado National Life Insurance Company,
Denver, Colorado. <
J Address - - <
Date of birth - '
Occupation -i—
1> Mail proposition for a life insurance contract for $
Notice of Election.
Public notice is hereby given that
a regular annual election for
town officers of the town of
Meeker, will be held at the
District Court room in the Town
of Meeker on Tuesday, April 3rd,
1906. The Poll# will be open from
7 o’clock a. m. to 7 o’clock p. m. of
said day.
Registration of voters may be
made at the place of election, on Tues
day, March 87, 1906, and on Monday,
April 2nd, 1906.
Said election is called for the pur
pose of electing one (1) mayor for
the term of one year, and three (3)
members of the Board of Trustees
for the full term of two years.
Given under my hand ami the seal
said Town this 16th day of March A.
D. 1906. O. D. Thayer,
[s»al[ Recorder of
The Town of Meeker.
Hunting Guides.
From deer season on, we will be
prepared to take parties out for any
kind of game. Have the only pack
of trained dogs in the county. D. W.
Black, J. M. Clark and Sam Ray.
For prices address D. W. Black A
Co., Meeker, Colorado.
BBOMO-FEBBIN will cure
yonr cold while you sleep. Your
money back If not a cure. Price,
25 cents.
A Ane new Grand upright piano for
Hale by H. E. Holloway.
Money to Loan.
Unlimited money to loan on farm
security. Low Interest. For partic
ulars apply to F. E. Sheridan, (tf)
Ladies Hats.
I will open to-day in the old post
office building with a Ane line of
]adies street hats. Easter opening
will take place next Saturday, March
24th. Come in and see the goods.
Mbs. C. F. Brown.
Cstsrrsb Cannot be Cured
with LOTAI. APPLICATIONS. •» they c«n
not reach the seat of the dt*ea*e. Catarrh I*
a blood or conitltutlonal disease, and In
order to cure It you must take Internal
remedies. Hall’s Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally. and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces. Hall’s Catarrh Cure Is not
a quack medicine. It was prescribed hy one
of the best physicians In this country for
years and Is a regular prescription. It Is
composed of the best tonics known, com
bined with the best blood puriflerSjactlng
directly on the mucuos surfaces. The per
fect combination of the two Ingredient* la
what produces such wonderful results In
Terrible Railroad Wreck.
Second only in the annals of rail
road calamities in Colorado to tha
Eden disaster of August7,l9o4, when
nearly 100 were killed, was the wreck
on the Denver and Rio Grands about
86 miles west of Pueblo, between
Portland and Adobe, abont >;*
o’clock last Friday morning. Run
ning at ordinary speed train No.
8, westbound, and train No. 16, east
bound met on a ourve about two
miles west of Portland and collided,
headon, the engines and seven oars
being wrecked.
Added to the wreck calamity was
the horror of the Are that almost Im
mediately enveloped the trains and
caused the death of probably 80 or 85
passengers and three trainmen.
The known dead are: J
William Hollis, Engineer train No.
Walter Cosslett, engineer train No.
H. D. Sudduth, Areman train No.
EdE. Baird,deputy sheriff, Denver.
R. G. Whitney, convict, Denver.
E. McParland, messenger, Denver.
A. N. Barklo, Halida.
Miss Grace Barklo, Salida.
Taylor Hewitt, Lebo, Kas.
Mrs. Lillian Hewitt. Lebo, Kas.
Mrs. Winona Hewitt, Lebo, Kas.
Pearl Hewitt, 16 years old, Lebo,
Mrs. Katherine Hewitt and boy>
baby, 4 months old, Lebo, Kas.
Ed Cowley, Emporia, Kas.
Grace Cowley, and Baby, Emporia,
Fred Jones, Lebo, Kas.
Fred Limecooley, Denver.
Mrs. Belle Webb, Keystone, Wyo.
Ray Field, aged 10, Keystone Wyo.
Claud Hewitt, Lebo, Kas.
The exact number of dead will pro
bably never be kuown.
“There was a long list of injured
none of whom hail from this county.
The Deadly Snowslidb.
A dispatch from Silverton, Colo.,
Monday, says: Twelve miners em
ployed at the Shenandoah mine, ware
caught by a great snowsllde early
this morning and swept to tbeir
death. Their bodies have not yet
been recovered. Assistance has
been summoned from Silverton to
hdf dig• • the victims -from beneath
the snow.
The dead are:
Jacob Thebolde.
Jesse Shaw.
Gus Hois.
Peter Coledurg.
Bert Albert.
Edward Kirk, formerly of Ouray.
’’Slate” Bran ton.
Emile Boss.
Gustav son.
One unknown.
According to a report received
from Howardsville, the men were
killed by a snowslide which struck
the boarding house when the men
were at dinner. It Is reported that
21 men were caught in the slide and
that nine dug their way out, more or
leg# injured.
At the Camp Bird mine, Ouray, one
man is reported killed, and over half
a million in property damage.
Several deaths are reported from
different sections of the Rocky
Here and There.
Johann Most, the anarctiist is
Ex-Judge Bissell died at Denver
last Tuesday.
The recent decision of the United
States Supreme court knocked over
$10,000,000 out of Chicago street rail
way stocks in one day.
In the six-round bout between
Terry McGovern and Battling Nel
son, at Philadelphia last Wednesday,
the latter won with ease.
Imboden and Hill, the Denver
Savings hank thieves, were taken to
the penitentiary last Tuesday to
serve nine year sentences each.
Vincent St. John, arrested in Idaho
as a Steunenberg suspect, was sur
rendered to the Colorado authorities
who claim he is guilty of many
crimes in this state.
In Philadelphia two men, recently,
had such a falling out over a goat and
a small boy, that the police were com
pelled to “butt in.”
Kansas is getting ready to take
another “fall” out of the Standard
Oil octopus. Good for Kansas.
Low Colonist rates to California
and the Northwest, Feb 16th to April
7th. The Midland Route.
fit strikes one unacquainted in the
aiftte as strange that the nomination
of(tho republican party for governor
MPVer goes to a prominent man of the
Mprty, but is given to someone who
|ii> for the Arst time becomes known
people. Molntire, Peabody
MRMoDonnUl were never heard of
Mil they were nominated for office.
Vji those familiar with conditions in
fthl * party it is well known, howevor,
thi |jho strong, able men of the party
no desire for the position with
its squirements of subserviency (and
wo se) to the wishes of the powers
thft foontrol the party for their pri
vat aes. The Republican party has
mefllfeers whose personal standing,
torpor ability and integrity, are a
prfjtigito the state; but sucli men are
candidates for state office.—
fdMOSpriiiTs Gazette (Rep.)
! sphere is a storm brewing, and the
timf is approaching when the citisons
of the United States are going to make
an fatguiry into the right by which
sonUifnen in a few years make hun
drediof millions of dollars, rendering
thegfj§&pablo of overshadowing the
natfoalfrU government,” Said Senator
DoHllfßr (of Iowa) in the United
StatfpN&enate a few days ago. “I pre
dict tljat if congress does not agree
upon ii bill for the regulation of the
railrojpds, the country will he called
upon face a problem of public own
Honsst. law makers and honest
courtaiwill make short work of any
trust pr other combination in re
straint of trade. It is up to the
people therefore to provide these
necessary agencies Instead of con
tenting themselves with howling and
complaining while neglecting to do
theiri|uty at the polls.
Twopxtremes are making a great
deal ot noise with printers ink just
at thUfjtinie. One is the republican
press' fftanioring for the death of
Moyefi Haywood, Pettibone and
other* hnd the other is the socialist
press airiring for a revolution if this
action fakes place.—Olenwood Ava
4tie dispatches during the week ro
attempt to assassinate Dr.
ParkhiMq&Atid J. P. Morgan. Ap
parently SSiINS people'TiaVe no mate
reverence <sr a preacher than for a
pirate.—Goodwin’s Weekly.
Anyway, there is some consolation
in the statement of the statlstlcans
that a number of paupers have lived
to be 100 years old, hut not a single
millionaire has attained that age.
This is another hearing out the bibli
cal statement that the poor we always
have with us.
rrir. —-
A murderer executed at Couders
port, Pa., declared tills world is
full of thieves, and he was glad to
he going to a place where there are
none. The Joke will be on him
when he arrives at ids destination.
Supplementing the debate on “The
Individuality of the Dairy Cow,” the
dairy convention orators, should de
vote an evening to “The personality
of the American Hen,” which re
cently broke the egg trust.
Governor Johnson of Minnesota
says that any man ought to be able,
with a little economy, to live on $lO,-
000 a year. There are several of us
Who would be willing to try it, any
If the railway rate law does not
contain loopholes through which sev
eral locomotives of mogul size could
be driven abreast, some one will be
agreeably surprised.
In Savannah Ga., several people
died recently after partaking of pork.
In congress it has lieon known to
bring on enlargement of the heart.
Raised in an oleaginous atmosphere
It wasquite natural for John D. Rock
efeller Jr., to advise Ids Bible class to
( “let your light so shine, etc.”
Glass Houses.
“Ha! ha! You don’t know how
» funny these items really are,” said
the drummer. “Listen to this: ‘Ed
\ Mossback was seen driving Sunday.
’ He had a Ane new horse and a pretty
girL’ Ha! Ha!”
“Wal, I dunno,” the goods-box
philosopher replied. “Here’s an
I Item from the New York -Howler:’’
•Mrs. Vander Vest was observed
driving in the Park yesterday. It
was noted that her lap-dog wore a
' coat of soft green leather, a departure
from the ruby velvet which has been
so popular.’ ” —Smart Set.
SI.OO to Denver for double berth in
tourist sleeper, daily commencing
February 16th. The Midland Route.
i sxi)®(ixsxi>^^^
} That wear well and look well, at prices that make you
> feel like buying two pair instead of one that you had in
tended to buy. You cannot always tell by the looks of a ®
I shoe how well it will wear. But if you buy your shoes ®
j from us YOU RUN NO RISK, our shoes are guaranteed ®
i to wear well from the cheapest to the highest priced. (•>
\ Now on sale—A full line of Spring styles.
J. W. Hugus & Company. I
“SELZ ’EM” |
| J. C. IMVII, President. V. B. Oamiwcm, Vico President. J
J A. 0. MODI.TOK, emitter. J. W. Iliuiir, A»»l»lnntOn«hl«r. »
* Transacts a General Banking Business. j
J t I
J Interest allowed on Time Deposits. Drafts drawn on East- »
« ern Cities and Europe. Collections Promptly attended to. J
« Denver—Klrat National Hank. Rawlins—First National Honk. i
Z Omaha United Htates National Rank. New York— |
J National Hank of Commerce. Kansas idly— i
Z National Hank of Commerce. Halt Irfiko I
J City Commercial National Hank. t
J C.C. Parks, R. Oi.iii.anii, 3
* ij. C. Parks, President. J. H. Devkhaux, J. 11. Coi.ru ahh, J
J It. oi.iu.ani>, Vice Pres. W. A. Krllkk, J. L. Me Hatton, «
| K. K. Fouimam, Cashier. L. H. WAMininos. 4
5’ of Meeker, Colorado. j
5 Capital $40,000.00. J
► Do«h a General HankliiK HueintujK. J
| Draft* Indued on the Principal Oltloa oftho Worlil. J
| Intereat P*ld on Time Depnaita. We Want Your Bualnoaa. J
.■ a " •'— r
I A. J. STARK & CO., \
| Manufacturing Jewelers, \
J :
* Watches, Diamond*, Jewelry, Silverware, etc. 709-11 Slsteenth St., Denver, Colo. J
—wwwwwwwwwwwwww»w-*arar w.w.a
| Farming Implements.!
I We have added to our already complete stock a full line J
9 of farming implements, consisting of the celebrated J
► Colorado Moline Plow company’s lino of plow good#, J
| harrows, press drills, and the old reliable Peter Shut- J
* tier wagons, International Junior Hay Stackers and J
► Sweep Rakes, Milwaukee Mowers and Binders, and the }
{ Old Style Hollinsworth Hay Rakes. J
J Prices and descriptive catalogs furnished on application. j
» <
9 4
j The Meeker Mercantile Company, :
1 Successors to The J. H. Colthsrp Mercsnlile Compsny. j
s <
" I
! Colonist Rates Again, j
jl Beginning February 16, tickets will A
7 |>e sold to California and the north- X
▼ west at following rates:
T San Francisco - - - - $26 00 a.
t Los Angeles ----- 26 00 .
W Portland ------ 26 00 t
| Spokane - -- -- - 22 60 V
£ Tickets good In tourist ears, chair J
(cars or coaches. Liberal stopovers I
allowed. %
! ISH C. H. SPEERS, G. P. A. |

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