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Denver Directory
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funded. Coneultation and Examination
Free. Treatment by Mail Moat Suc
cessful. Send for blanks. Hours, 8
a. m. to 8 p. m.; Sunday, 10 to 12:30.
Southard Medical Co.
Jtooma I and 0 Opp. Taber Optra Mouse
State Shows Twenty-Nine Per Cent, of
the Production of Beet Bugar
In the Entire Country.
From the report recently prepared
for Congress to review the progress of
the beet sugar industry in the United
States, It is to be seen that Colorado
easily forged to the first place in pro
duction last year, attaining a lead over
all other states from which it will not
be soon dislodged. With 85,857 acres
In beets against 77,823 acres in Mich
igan the nearest state in point of acre
age, Colorado produced 875,154 tons of
beets, which yielded 91,608.45 tons of
sugar, against 73,893.45 tons made in
California, the closest competitor in
point of yield.
TJje business as a whole required
307.564 acres, yielded 2,665,913 tons of
beeta and 312,920:60 tons of sugar last
year. W T ith about twenty-seven per
cent, of the acreage, Colorado pro
duced twenty-nine per cent, of the
Some interesting figures have been
drawn from the estimates made in the
report on production for the present
year. The total of the cane sugar crop
for 1906 is estimated at 698,880,000
pounds, while that of the beets, allow
ing for the new factories that are to
be ready for the coming campaign, is
placed at 783,200,000 pounds, the beet
output passing that of cane sugar in
the year. The total yield of 1,482,080,-
000 pounds of sugar will be made en
tirely from the portion of the country
lying west of the Mississippi river,
and exceed by 48,150,495 pounds the
amount of sugar consumed by the
same territory last year, leaving for
"export” to the states east of the river
a quantity equal to the quantity con
sumed in Montana, Wyoming, New
Mexico and Idaho in 1905.
These figures help to show the
growth of the sugar-making industry
in importance. This will be the first
year the sugar-growing states of our
country have produced enough for
their own consumption. With this
year's crop they begin to supply some
thing of the enormous demand of the
states east of the river. As the beet
fields of Colorado spread and the fac
tories multiply, this state will more
and more be sending to Eastern mar
kets a commodity for which the de
mand is practically unlimited. Not
only are the beet growers and sugar
factories keeping at home an Immense
sum of money that has been annually
flowing to the outside, but they are en
tering upon the period when they will
be sending their product afar and
drawing back to the state millions of
money in the competition for which
the Colorado soil knows no rival. —
Denver Republican.
A Valuable Agent.
The glycerine employed in Dr. Pierce’s
medicines greatly enhances the 'medi
cinal properties which it extracts and
holds in solution much better than alco
hol would. It also possesses medicinal
properties of its own, being a valuable
demulcent, nutritive, antiseptic and anti
. ferment. It edds greatly to tho efficacy
of the Black Cherrybark, Golden Seal
root, Stone root and Queen's root, con
tained in “Golden Medical Discovery” in
shbduing chronic, or lingering coughs,
bronchial, throat and lung affections,
for all of which these agents are recom
mended by standard medical authorities.
In all cases where there is a wasting
away of flesh, loss of appetite, with
weak stomach, as in the early stages of*
consumption, there can be no doubt that
glycerine acts as a valuable nutritive and
aids the Golden Seal root. Stone root,
Queen's root and Black Cherrybark in
promoting digestion and building up the
flesh aud strength, controlling the cough
and bringing about a healthy condition
of the whole system. Of course, it must
not be expected to work miracles. It will
not cure consumption except in Its earlier
stages. It will cure very severe, obstin
ate, chronic coughs, bronchial aad laryn
geal troubles, aud chronio sore throat
with hoarseness. In acute coughs it la
not so effective. It is in the lingering
coughs, or those of long standing, even
when accompanied by bleeding from
lungs, that it has performed its most
marvelous cures. Send for and read the
little book of extracts, treating of the
properties and uses of the several med
icinal xpots that enter Into Dr! Pierce’s
Golden Medical Discovery and learn why
this medicine has such a wide range of
application in the cure of diseases. It is
sent fro*. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y. The “Discovery” con
tains no alcohol or harmful, habit-form
ing drug. Ingredients all printed on each
bottle wrapper in plain English.
Sick people, especially those suffering
from diseases of long standing, are invited
to consult Dr. Pierce by letter, fro*. All
correspondence is held as strictly private
and sacredly confidential. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce’s Medical Adviser is sent free
on reoeipt of stamps to pay expense of
mailing only. Send 31 one-oent stamps
for paper-covered, or 81'stamps for cloth
bound oopy.
How It Became Artificial Among
The great trouble with America is
that she falls upon any cure as hys
terically and neurotically as she does
upon the drug Inducing her disease.
We go mad over the simple life. We
sit on a green divan and babble of
green fields. With a Watteau fan In
one hand and a glass in tho other, we
tell each other what a splendid thing
it is to go a-shepherding, to dwell
close to the earth, to live a sweet,
natural life. Wo even hire men and
women to come and talk to us about
these things, to chant to us, to lecture
us shout them. Sometimes we even
try to practice, hurriedly and hyster
ically, some of these things which we
have in pure self-hypnosis persuaded
ourselves that we ought to like. We
do no great good by that. We effect
nothing when we carry our drug habit
into the sanatorium of the woods and
fields; we are still insane. We get no
good of the wilderness when we insist
that It be a wilderness furnished with
hot aad cold baths, the railroad and
the telegraph. Our trouble Is that we
will not let go. We do not “turn
loose, M as they say on the plains.—
Tramp— Lady, I am dying from ex
posure. Woman—Are you tramp, pol
itician or financier?
Most men prefer misrule to Mrs.
A Woman Who Has Suffered Tails
How to Find Belief. '
The thousands of women who suffer
backache, languor, urinary disorders
and other kidney
ills, will find com
fort In the words
of Mrs. Jane Far
rell, of 606 Ocean
Ave., Jersey City,
N. J., who says:
“I reiterate all I
have said before in
praise of Doan’s
Kidney Pills. 1 had
been having heavy backache and
my general health was affected when
I began using them. My feet were
swollen, my eyes puffed, and dizzy
opells were frequent Kidney action
was irregular and the secretions high
ly colored. To-day, however, I am a
well woman, and I am confident that
Doan’s Kidney Pills have made me
so, and are keeping me well.’’
Sold by all dealers. 60 cents a box.
Foster-Mliburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Report of Board in Regard to Colorado
The United States Board on Geo
graphic Names at a meeting held on
April 4, 1906, rendered the following
decisions as regards Colorado points:
Bison, mountain, Tarryall moun
tain, Park county.
Black; mountain. Park county. (Not
nunalo; peak, Tarryall mountains,
Park county. (Not Freemans.)
Cathedral; peaks. West Elk moun
tains, Gunnison county. (Not Mendi
cant ridge.)
Crestone; peaks, Sangre de Crlsto
range, Saguache county. (Not Three
Del Norte; peax, San Juan moun
tains, Rio Grande county. (Not Pin
Electric; peak, Sangre de Cristo
range, Custer county.
Granite; butte, group of hills, Teller
county. (Not Catamount hills.)
Green* mountain on plains at base
of front range, Jefferson county. (Not
Hendricks peak nor Mount Hendricks.)
Greenhorn; mountain, Wet moun
tains, Huerfano county. (Not Cuerno
Hunts; peak, Sangre de Crlsto
mountains, on the boundary between
Saguache and Fremont counties.
Kit Carson; peak, Sangre de Crlsto
range, Custer and Saguache counties.
(Not Frustum.)
Mesa; mountain, Saguache county.
(Not Del Norte.)
Mount Princeton; Sawateh range,
Chaffee county. (Not Chalk.)
Mount Sneffeis; San Juan moun
tains, Ouray county. (Not Mount
Music; pass, Sangre de Crlsto range,
Custer county.
Ohio; peak, Elk mountains. Gunni
son county. (Not Anthracite.)
Ouray; peak, Sawateh range, Chaffee
county. - (Not Hump mountain. Mount
Ouray, nor Ouray mount.)
Saddle; mountain, Park county. (Not
Shavano; peak, Bawatch mountains.
Chaffee county. (Not Mount Shavano
nor Mount Usher.)
Sierra Blanca; mountains, Sangre de
Crlsto range, Costilla county. (Not
Cerro Blanco.)
Signal; butte. Teller county. (Not
Cheops pyramid.)
Thunder, butte, Douglas county.
(Not Chrlste.)
Topaz; mountain, Tarryall moun
tains, Park county. (Not Pyramid.)
Trachyte; knob, Teller county. (Not
Iron knoll nor Iron mountain.)
Trout Creek; pass, Trout Creek
hills, between Chaffee and Park coun
ties. Not Bath. Summit nor Trout.)
Turkahead; peak. Front range, Jef
ferson county. (Not Turkey Head.
Turkeyhead, nor Turks Head.)
Virginia; peak, Front range, Jeffer
son county. (Not Craigs.)
The Digesting Elsment Lsft Out.
Bread dyspepsia is common. It af
fects'the bowels because white bread is
nearly all starch, and starch is digested
In the intestines, not in the stomach
Up under the shell of the wheat berry
nature has provided a curious deposic
which is turned into diastase when It is
subjected to the saliva and to the pan
creatic juices In the human Intestines.
This diastase is absolutely necessary
to digest starch and turn it Into grape
sugar, which is the next form; but that
part of the wheat berry makes dark
flour, and' the modem miller cannot
readily sell dark flour, so nature’s val
uable digester is thrown out and the
human system must handle the starch
as best it can, without the help that na
ture Intended.
Small wonder that appendicitis, peri
tonitis, constipation and all sorts of
trouble exist when we go so contrary
to nature’s law. The food experts that
perfected Grape-Nuts Food, knowing
these facts, made use in their experi
ments of the entire wheat and barley,
including all the parts, and subjected
them to moisture end long continued
warmth, which allows time and tho
proper conditions for developing the
diastase, outside of the human body.
In this way the starchy part la trans
formed Into grape-sugar In a perfect
ly natural manner, without the use of
chemicals or any outside Ingredients.
The little sparkling crystals of grape
sugar can be seen on the pieces of
Grape-Nuts. This food therefore Is
naturally pre-dlgested and its use in
place of bread will quickly correct the
troubles that have been brought about
by the too free use of starch in the
food, and that is very common in the
human race to-day.
The eeffet of eating Grape-Nuts ten
days or two weeks and the discontin
uance of ordinary white bread Is very
marked. The user will gain rapidly in
strength and physical and mental
*There’s a reason.”
Strawberry Day will be celebrated at
Glenwood Springs June 16th.
The Modern Woodmen of America
are prepuriug for a grand log rolling
contest in l.oveland July 4th.
Steel fixtures are being rlaccd in
the vaults of the state capitol building
at Denver at a cost of 822,095.
The corporate existence of the Colo
rado National Bank of Denver has
.been extended twenty years by order
of the comptroller of the currency.
Louis A. Reno, one of the pioneers
of Jefferson county, died at his home
tin Arvada on the 15th inst. of paraly
sis, at the age of years.
The Knights of Columbus Conferred
the fourth degree upon 161 candidates
at Denver Sunday. The order is a
Catholic one and is becoming' very
prosperous in Colorado.
The American Gypoi m Company of
Kansas l as announced pluns for build
ing a plaster of paris factory at Flor
ence. It will secure a lease on a deposit
of gypsum on state land near Cramer.
J. H. I*. Voorhies of Denver, who
was in Kan FranclsCo at the time of
the earthquake, urges tho removal of
poles, overhead wires, Insecure cor
nices and signs from all city buildings.
Otto Wiegand, formerly of Pearl.
Colorado, committed suicide by shoot
ing himself through the read at Sara
toga, Wyo„ May 18th. He leaves a
brother and sister at Johnstown.
The Rocky Mountain National Bank
at Central City has received a certifi
cate from the comptroller of currency
extending its charter for another
twenty years. The bank was organized
in May, 1866.
The contract for building the new
high school building at La Junta has
been awarded to Kranz Brothers, local
contractors, the approximate cost to
be $30,000. The basement will be fitted
for a manual training school.
Brigadier General Constant Wil
liams, in command of the Department
of the Columbia at Vancouver, has
been transferred to the Department of
the Colorado and will come to Denver
iimmediately to take command.
Contributions to the fund for the
purchase of a silver'' service for the
cruiser Colorado are being sent in from
all parts of the state, but not so rap
idly as could be wished by those in
charge of the subscription.
Work bits begun on a drainage sys
tem for the bottom land of the Salva
tion Army colony at Amity. This
ground has been worthless on account
of seepage from the Little Buffalo ca
nal aud from irrigation of higher land.
The Seventh Day Adventists have
made arrangements to use the Boulder
Chautauqua ground for their annual
camp meeting this year, beginning in
August and holding over into Septem
ber. An attendance of 500 or more is
The stage line between Loveland,
and Estes Park started May 15th, and
will make daily trips each way <ex
cept Sunday) until November Ist. The
stage connects with the C. Sc, S. trains
each way and the road .has been
widened and improved.
S. G. Kelso, county commissioner of
Fremont county, has asked Warden
Cleghom to furnish twenty-five more
convicts for county road work. Twenty
five men are working now near Flor
eneve and the commissioners expect to
work about 100 convicts all summer.
The Central of Georgia Railnoud
Company has decided to open western
headquarters in Denver and will close
the commercial agency at Oklahoniu
City. Col. A. H. Stevens has been
transferred from Oklahoma City to
take charge of the agency in Denver.
John Divers, a brakeman, wus al
most Instantly killed in the
Denver & Rib Grande yards at
Gunnison May 20th. He was
making a coupling when he got liis foot
fastened in a frog in the track. A box
car mangled him. Divers, who resided
in Salida, leaves a widow and child.
in the District Court ut Greeley on
the 18th instant, William Eaton, aged
seventeen, convicted of assault with
intent to do bodily injury on John Mur
phy, was sentenced to sixty days in
jail, James Eaton, his brother, aged
twenty, convicted of stealing a horsy,
was sentenced to the State Reform-,
atory for an indefinite period.
In addition to a large amount of jew
elry and other small valuables found
in the possession of Charles Heater
and Clarence Wade, the two alleged
burglars arrested at Colorado Springs,
some property has been discovered
which belongs to Trinidad people, in
cluding two gold watches, a Masonic
charm and a valuable diamond ring.
"Send a dollar,” Is the new slogan
adopted by the silver service commit
tee that has in charge the work of col
locting money to purchase a gift for
the new cruiser Colorado. Governor
McDonald, as chairman of the commit
tee, has issued an appeal to every man,
woman and child in the state. Gifts
from the children of from 10 cents up
ward are solicited.
Mrs. Martha Shute, secretary of the
State Board of Horticulture at Denver,
has received reports in the last few
days from various counties in tho
state concerning the fruit crop of this
year. All the reports are favorable
for the largest crop ever harvested in
Colorado. They come from the coun
ties of Mesa, Chaffee, 1-arlmer, Las
Animas, Jefferson, Garfield, Montrose,
Boulder and Fremont.
The body of Ed. Frldez, who was
killed by a farmer near La Salle Fri
day night, while trying to break into
his house, was taken to . Pueblo for
burial. The mother and sister of Fridez,
and also hiß late employers, state that
he for some time had been addicted to
the use of liquor and opium, and it is
their belief that he was so insane at
the time of the tragedy that he was ut
terly irresponsible.
Notice has been given by the com
missioner of the General Land Office
that the President has revoked the or
der of November 18, 1905, which di
rected that June 30, 1906, the land of
fice at Lamar should be closed and
the Bent land district merged with Pu
eblo. Since the order consolidating
the districts was issued the land busi
ness at Lamar has increased and en
tries are being made at the rate of 1,-
000 per annum. This is deemd suffi
cient to Justify continuing the Lamar
office, and this will be done.
All Medicine# Failed Until Dr. Wil
liams* Pink Pills Cured His
••Some years ago.” says Mr. W. H.
Clark, a printer, living at 612 Buchanan
Street, Topeka, Kan*., “I had a bad at
tack of rheumatism and could m»t seen
to get over it. All sorts of medicines
failed to do me any good and u»y trouble
kept getting worse. My feet were so
swollen that I could not wear shoes and
I had to go ou crutches. Tho paiu wus
“ One day I was setting the type of an
article for the paj>er telling what Dr.
Williams’ Pink Pills lmd douo for a man
afflicted as I was and I was so impressed
with it that I determined to give the
medicine a trial. For a year my rheu
matism had been growing worse, but
after taking Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills 1 1
began to improve. Tho puin and swell
ing all disapjieared ami I can truthfully
say that I haven’t felt better in the post
twenty years than I do right now. I
could name, off hand, a liulf-dozen peo
fle who have used Dr. Williams’ Pink
ills at my suggestion and who have re
ceived good results from them.”
Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills are guaran
teed to be safe and harmless to the most
delicate constitution. They contaiu no
morphine, opiate, narcotic, nor any
thing to cause a drug habit. They do not
act on the bowels but they actually make
new blood and strengthen the nerves.
Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills cure rheuma
tism because they make rich, red blood
and no man or woman can have healthy
blood and rheumatism at tho same time.
They have also cured many cases of
anuMiiia, neuralgia, sciatica, partial pa
ralysis, locomotor ataxia and other dis
eases that have not yielded to ordinary
AH druggists sell Dr. Williams’ Pink
Pills or they will be sent by mail, post-
Kiid* on receipt of price, 50 cents ]>er
>x, six boxes for |2.s<>. by the Dr. Wil
liams Medicine Co., Scheuectudy, N. Y.
The longer a man lives in a com
munity the more money his neighbors
owe him—or the more he owes his
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
hr local application*. a* they cannot reach the dla
«»««■ d portion of tho cur. .There I* only one war to
curt- draft)*'**, and that I* bv conultutloiial remedies.
l>**af iip*h I* caused by an Inflamed condillon of the
mucous llnlns of tho Ku.tucblan Tulip. When this
tube 1« Inflamed you have arumbiliiK sound or Im
perfect .hearing, and when It la entirely cloned. I»e»f
--neta I* the reault.and unless the Inflammation can be
taken out and till* tube restored to It* normal condi
tion. hearing will be destroyed forever; nine ra»ea
out of ten are caused by-< atarrh. which l« nothing
but au Inflamed condition of the iinteou* surface*.
We will give Due Hundred Dollar* for auv ca.e of
peafneaa icaused by catarrh) that snnnot he cured
by Hall 1 * Catarrh Cure. Send for circular*, free.
F. ,1. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Bold by Drugnlat*. 7.V.
Take Hall’* Family IMIla for conitlpatlon.
We hope that when we die no one
will look around for some connection
with the figures 13.
Write Garfield Tea Co.. Brooklyn. N. Y.,
for sample of Garfield 'lea. Mild laxative.
What’s the matter with the manu
facture of corsets as a re-former?
Important to Mothers.
pwmlna carefully every bottle of CABTOWA,
a safe and sore remedy foe Infant* aad children,
and see that It
Beer* the
Signature of '
la Ur© For Over 30 Year*.
The wind You U*re Always Bought.
Too many of (he tliincs we nsli for
are not worth having.
Garfield Tea purifier the blood, regulate*
the digestive organs, bring* good health.
Money may make the mare go, but
It Isn’t always capable of starting a
mule or nn automobile.
A Certain Cur# for Tlr#4, Hot, Aching F**L S. Olmsted,
a Loaded Black Powder Shells
Hard, Strong, Even Shooters,
Always Sure Fire,
The Hunter’s Favorite, Because
They Always Oct The Game.
Far Sals Evarywhara.
It is one of the commonest causes of all diseases. Don't take
drugs to remedy it. Eat daily
which contains the whole wheat grain and does not only help to keep the bowel,
regular but put* you in possession of good blood, healthy skin, and gives nour
ishment to the whole body. On a meal of this Food you can go the longest
without the feelings of hunger than any.other articles of diet known. It never
causes indigestion. One package, at a cost of ten cents, is equal m nourishment
to three loaves of bread.
Palatabia-Nutrltloua—Easy of Digestion and Ready to Eat
Can b. MTV.S hoi. Put la a hot avenlw s lew ailnuUa; or cook In boiling milk to a mmh.
Ioe ■ package. »wM.h»|»s«ssr~ ”
6roc*r# J yuekmyo //t, &. JQ. k/a~C C«/
Dr. Price, the famous food expert, the creator of Dr. Price’* Cream Baking Powder, Deliciouo
Flavoring Extract*, Ice Cre*m Sugar and Jelly De**ert*, has never been compelled,
notwithstanding strenuous Food laws, to change any of hi* product*. *** v e always
aoafermed to their requirement*. T hi* is M nbeolute guarantee of their quality and purity (
Oldest Living Thing.
The distinction of being tho oldest
living thing undoubtedly belongs ta
one of the giant trees, and many at
tempts to locate it and determine its
age have been made, says Ixmdon Tit-
Bits. A century ago De Candolle
found two yews —one at Fortingal, in
Perthshire, and one at Hedsor, la
Bucks —that were estimated to be re
spectively 2,500 and 3,240 years old.
Both are still flourishing, and the
older tree haß a trunk 27 feet in cir
cumference. A gigantic boabab in
Central America, with a trunk 29 feet
through, was thought by Humboldt to
be not less than G. 150 years old. Mex
ican botanists believe that they have
now discovered a life-span even
greater than this, and from the annual
rings a cypress of Chepultepec, whose
trunk is 118 feet In circumference, is
assigned an age of about 6.200 years.
Miss Barrows Tells How Mrs. Pink*
ham’s Advice Helps Working Girls.
Girls who work
m a l*e disorders,
)( } w * , ° aro obliged
|W ; - to stand on their
stores or facto
(BSS) Day In ami day
Vfr. ""t the girl toils,
anti she is often the bread-winner of
the fuinlly. Whether she is sick or
well, whether it rains or 6liines, she
must get to her place of employment,
perform the duties exacted of her——
smile and be agreeable.
Among this class the symptom# of
female diseases are early munifest by
wcuk and aching backs, pain in tho
lower limbs and lower part of the
stomach. Inconsequence of frequent
wetting of tho feet, ]>oriods become
painful aud irregular, and frequently
there are faint and dizzy spells, with
loss of appetite, until life is a burden.
All these symptoms point to a de*
rntigement of the female organism
which can be eusily and promptly
cured by Lydia E. I’inkham’s Vegeta
ble Compound.
Miss Abby F. Barrows, Nelsonville,
Athens Co., Ohio, tells what this great
medicine did for her. She writes:
Dear Mrs. Finkham :
“I feel it my duty to tell you tho good
Lydia E. Finkimpi’s Vegetable Compound
ami Blood Furifler have done for me. Before
I took them I whs very nervous, hnd dull
headaebes.jmiiiH in back, and ]M>riods were
irregular, I bad ln-en to several doctors, and
they did me no good.
“Your medicine has made me well and
Strong. I can do most any kind of work
without complaint, and my periods are all
am In better health than I ever was
and I know it i» all duo to your remedies. I
recommend your advice aud medicine to oil
who suffer.”
It Is to such girls that Mrs. Pink
ham holds out a helping hand and ex
tends acordial in vitution to correspond
with her. She is daughter-in-law of
Lydia K. Pink ham and for twenty-five
years has been advising siek women
free of charge. Her long record of
success in treuting woman’s ills makes
her letters of advice of untold value to
every ailing working girl. Address,
Mrs. Pinkhum, Lynn, Mass.
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tor the lleii. toil. q#llll 1 other
\V. N. U.—DENVER.—NO. 21.—190 G.
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