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Established A«|oM 18, ML
JAMBS LYTTLE. Editor * Publisher.
~ * ■ ; 1 ■■ == ' a
Entered tn tlw PostoOce at Meeker, RSo
Blanco County. Colo., aa aseood
claaa mall matter.
A Damocratle County Convention la here
by called to meet at the court booaa In
Meeker, on Thuraday. September Mb, MS,
at * o'clock p. m., lor tbe purpoae of nomi
nating candidates for the various county
oSleea and selecting delegatee to attend the
■tate, legislative and judicial eonveatloas,
and for the purpoae of tranaactlng any other
bualnaaa properly coming before aakl con
Repraaentatlon in tbla convention will be
aa follows:
Rangely * White River. S
Ploeanee * Eaat Meeker •
Coal Creek S Buford ..... S
Powell Park * Angora..
Weat Meeker ... 8 Williams Fork t
Primaries for the election of delegatee
will be beld on Saturday, September let,
IOOS, between tbe houraof land tp. m.at tbe
school bouses In tbe various products, un
less another place of meeting la arranged
for by precinct committeeman.
Pfeclnct committeeman are aa follows;
Rangely. J W rrlssell; Angora, S V jghank
land; White River, Robert Relgan; Pice
anee, J W Balnbrieh, Jr; Powell Park,
George Howey; West Meeker, O W Buttles;
East Meeker A L Strehlke; Coal Creek, L P
Crelg; Buford, T P Dunn.
In tbe absence of any of the above named
committeemen, It will be necessary for
those In attendance to select from among
their number a temporary committeeman.
S. P. Wias, Chairman.
P. N. JoHawtobu, Secretary. ,
Now ia the time to trim your trees.
Building operations are picking up.
Up-river travelers report the North
Fork road in good condition.
Go to tbe Meeker lor your Sunday
dinner. It will be a good one.
One 81-4 inch hand-made farm
wagon for sale by Harp 6 JoHantgen.
Growing showers in this section of
the yalley Sunday, Monday and
J. W. Williams is erecting a neat
residence on First street for James
M. Anderson, one of our latest set
J. J. Hendricks is building a sub
stantial residence on weet Hlll street
Carpenter Thoanpeon and force are
doing the work.
The Hector of St James’ Mission
came into residence August 17, 1901
He therefore finishes his two years’
ministry on Sunday.
In keeping with his record as a
progressive citisen, Mr. Cure got out
this week and trimmed the trees
surrounding the many town lota he
owns. '
The judiolal convention for ibis
district Is called to meet at Glen wood
on Monday, September 10th. Gar
field will have 14 delegatee in con
vention, Pitkin 18, R{o Blanco 7, and
Rontt 9.
Contractor Ford returned to Meek
er Wednesday with Anorther force of
workmen and has resumed work ex
cavating for the main line, pending a
renewal of his contract under an ex-,
tension of time.
Our Pioeanoe correspondent In
forms us that the people dowft there
are having trouble In securing rye
seed. It is our opinion that there is
considerable rye seed to be had in
this seotion of the county.
Guests at the Meeker hotel are
very much taken with the new head
cook at that popular home of the
traveling public. He knows how to
cater to the wants of “the inner
man.” That’s what counts.
Commissioners Kilduff and Craw
ford held a special session of the
oounty board this week to oonslder
plans for remodeling and repairing
the connty building. The contract
for the work will be let next week.
Rifle wouldn’t let Sethman put in a
bid on its water plant. This is the
same Seth man who put in and oper
ated our electric plant until last
spring when it passed into control of
home people—Mr. Baumgartner. A
bad record Is liable to follow a man
up. _____________
Work on tbe coal propositions In
the Flat Top country will begin about
the Ist of September and will be
pushed with the utmost vigor. There
are several very fine veins which will
be worked and the companies are sat
isfied that an almost inexhaustible
supply can be depended upon. For
some time past C. E. Allen, of Wal
senburg, bat formerly of Boulder, has
been in the Flat Top oountry drilling
on various propositions and the re
sults have been more than satisfac
tory to his employers, one of which
is the Rugby Coal and Land com
pany, which is getting ready to be
gin operations as soon as men and
material can be secured.—Steamboat
For all kinds of fruit and shade
trees write to George Fravert, Rifle.
It Is reported that Coltharp Bros.,
who are closing out at Rangely, will
open a large 'general store in one of
the Nevada boom towns.
Landlord Ball of tbe Meeker hotel
has inaugurated what will prove to
be a popular custom. From now on
a specialty will be made of getting
up Sunday dinners for home people.
Go and be “shown.”
The Fair which will be held in
Grand Junction the last week in
September, promises to excell all
former occasions. The railroads
have granted extremely low rates
and a large delegation will probably
go from this city to take in the big
John Williams has sold his fine
young stallion to the Hayes Brothers,
wholmow a good thing in the horse
line when they see it And—by' the
way— The Hibald was in error a
oouple of weeks ago when it stated
that the Williams horse was a 1800
pound S-year-old. He weighs over
1400 pounds.
Orders for Rifle Creamery butter
continues to be in excess of the sup
ply and In order to Increase the out
put of thf creamery President Bren
ton and Manager Morris will spend
Saturday and Sunday at Carbondale
and vicinity and endeavor to secure
an additional supply of cream.—Rifle
Agent Saltmarsh has had the stage
office repapered, painted and decora
ted In a handsome manner and in do
ing the thing “Salty” displayed his
usual gbod taste. Now if Ed will
only Induce the board of directors to
furnish a few more chairs tbe stage
offloe will make a delightful place in
which to “kill” time as well as do
business in.
Water spouts in the Piceance and
Thurman preek sections last Friday
did much damage to cut and standing
bay. So far as we have heard, the
Hayes Brothers and Joe Neal on
Thurman creek, and Robert Relgan,
James Burks and Fred Burke on
lower Pioeanoe are heavy losers on
hay and damage to winter feed along
the creek bottoms
Tbe price of hay is soaring. In Rio
Blanco oounty alfalfa Is selling for
$&00 and timothy for siaoo per ton in
the field. Hay in tbe Hayden valley
is somewhat short but it is not likely
that it will command an exhorbttant
figure this winter, as nearly every
large cattle raiser is preparing to
meet the contingency by turning off
every bead of stock possible, and it
is freely predicted that one of the
largest exodus of cattle will take
place this fall tn the history of the
county* Cattlemen who have to buy
simply can’t feed with SIO.OO hay,
and on acoount of the shortage will
not take tbe ehanoe of being com
pelled to pay that price.—Hayden
J Red path went to Rifle Sunday.
Engineer Trumbor registered at
the Meeker Thursday.
C E Hays, the tree man, registered
at the Meeker Thursday.
George Beemer is home from the
end of the Moffat road track.
J W Sprague, of Piceance, was a
town visitor during the week.
Judge Rogers, of Aspen, was in
town Monday, enroute to the Yampa
river oountry.
J B Nimerick, of Buford, ex
changed greetings with his numerous
Meeker friends Tuesday.
R E Vickery, the popular Midland
man from Grand Junction, spent
Monday and Tuesday in town.
C C Compton, who ably represents
the Rio Grande in these parts, was
registered at tb« Meeker yesterday.
After having a great big time at
the Grand Army gathering at Min
neapolis* W L Veatch returned home
Louie Hatsenbuhler and John
Williams left ranch worries at home
in the yesterday and visited
the city.
Mrs H C Peterson departed Tues
day for Fort Collins, where she will
spend some time visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs Setsler, and old-time friends.
Ross Harp, son of Mr and Mrs
Tbad Harp, of Rifle, was a passenger
on Sunday’s incoming coach, and
spent the week here visiting rela
Albert Proctor returned to Meeker
Thursday after a lengthy visit with
relatives in different sections of Mis
souri and the “Big Muddy” oountry
A party composed of Mr and Mrs
Bob Russell, Mr and Mrs Frank
Marker, Miss Winifred Rees and
Claude Rees has gone up to Trappers
lake for an outing. It Is also reported
I that Will Simms Is rusticating on the
shores of the famed lake.
A Hair
Nearly every one like, • Sue
hair dreaalnf. Somethin* M
make (he hair more mao ace
able; to keep it from being
too rough, or frogi apHtHng
at the coda. Something, too,
that will fMd the hair at the
tame time, a regular hair-food.
Well-fed hair will be anting, and
will remain where it belong*—
on the head, not on the comb!
TlMfcMt klmdoi.
“Sold for oT«r slaty years.”
a *— Bi zxsfkixr-**
CJ t umrumii
.. W A Thomas, the boss carpenter in
charge of work on the fine lies ranch
residence now in course of construc
tion in Axial, was a Meeker visitor
during the week.
W E Himpson, who has not been
very well for the past few weeks, left
for his Buford ranch Wednesday.
Mr Simpson's many friends through
out the county hope a stay of some
weeks on beautiful North Fork will
restore him to good health.
W M Lampton, assistant general
freight agent of the Rio Grande road,
spent a few days in town this week.
Mr Lampton is one of the most effi
cient and popular railroad men in
the state and has lots of friends
among cattlemen and businessmen
of this valley.
Dr Hubbard left for Denver yester
day to attend the meeting of the Re
publican State central committee.
The doctor says the report whteh
some mischevious person circulated
that he was about to leave Meeker is
without foundation in fact. He is
perfectly well satisfied with Meeker,
the people of White River valley and
his practice, and is here to stay.
We expect our school to open about
the 16th of September.
Bfrs Blanche Howey and daughters
returned to their home in Meeker
this week.
Oscar Dudley and wife returned
home, this week from
where they had been visiting Mr and
Mrs Tom Moyer. Glad to see you
with us again, Oscar.
Capt Collins and wife, who have
Just celebrated their' fiftieth wed
ding anniversary in Basalt, we under
stand are going to move onto Pice
ance to spend their honeymoon.
Welcome captain.
The hard rains have put a stop to
haying in this neighborhood for a
few days anyway but as yet the hay
has not been damaged to any great
extent but is causing some of our
grain to fall pretty b.id.
Piceance was visited the fore part
of this week by the heaviest rain we
have seen this season, coming down
the Collins gulch and taking every
thing before it, bridges, dams, etc.
But fortunately no great damage was
In taking notes this week we notice
that Wm Davis, one of our most suc
cessful stockmen and ranchmen, Is
very strongly spoken of for commis
sioner from this district. Looks as
though we were sure going to have a
hot time at the primaries. Good,
come everybody.
Mrs Christianson and sons, of Lead
vil!?, who have been visitlug MfS
Jas Mikkelson for about six weeks,
departed for the Cloud City this
week. Sorry, Mrs Christianson, to
see you leave for during your short
stay with us you have certainly
made a host of friends.
Powhatan, the famous father of his
more famous daughter, Pocahontas,
will be honored at the Jamestown
Exposition by having named for him
the Powhatan Guards, who will po
lice the grounds.
How’s This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. K. .1. Chknky a Co.
Toledo, Ohio. *
We, tbe undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him
perfectly honorable In all business transac
tions, and financially able to carry out any
obligations made by his llrm.
. Waldinq, KirhahA Makvik,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo.O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price, 7#r, per pottle. Hold by all
Take Hall’s Family Pills for constipation.
Colorado Midland train No. 6 will
become known as the “Time Saver.”
It runs on time; at the most conven
ient time; giving the icreatest amount
of time for transaction of business at
youp destination,
all the advantages and benefits of a Policy of assurance in
The Colorado National Life
you would not contribute your life assurance premiums to companies away from home.
Give your support and influence to the
Your name and address on a postal card, sent to tbe Company, will seoure for you
one of the homesome 1908 Colorado National Life Calendars.
The Colorado National Life Assurance Company
Milch Cows for Sale.
Thirty head good dairy cow« for
sale. J. p. Sykes.
District Court Notice.
Htate of Colorado, Oounty of Rio Blanco, as:
It District Court. , , . .
In pursuant® of an order of the Judge of
said Court, notice Is hereby Riven that the
regular September Term of said Court is
hereby continued from September 4. MOB,
until Monday, October 1, 1«0B, at 10 o'clock
ft ’(Mven under my hand and tbe seal of said
Court, at Meeker, Colorado, this Wnd day of
August, A. D. 1008.
[•ial.l Gao. M. Lord, Clerk.
By W. 8. Simons. Deputy.
First pub. Aug. »-I-eat nub. Sept. 1, HWj
Pub. in The Meeker Herald, Meeker, Colo.
Notice is hereby given that bids
will be received by the Board of
County Commissioners of Rio Blanco
County, Colorado, up to and includ
ing Monday, the 27th day of August,
1908, for the repair of that certain
building commonly known as “the
Antlers Building” aqd now ocoupied
by E. 8. R. Sanderson, In the Town
of Meeker, Colorado, which said
building la to be repaired for a Coun
ty Court House, according to the
plans and specifications on file in the
office of the County Clerk and Re
corder or Rio Blanco County, Colo
County Commissioners reserve the
right to reject any and all bids. Bids
to with a certified
check for the aum of $lOO.OO aa a
guarantee of good faith.
T. B. Soott,
y tOb Clerk of the Board.
Order to Show Cause on Petition for
Mortgaging of Real Estate.
State of Colorado, County of Rio Blanco, ss.
In the County Court In Probate.
In the matter of the estate of Wm. H. Rey
nolds, deceased.
This matter coming on to be heard on this
tlst day of August, A. I). IMS, upon the peti
tion filed herein by Catharine W Reynolds,
administratrix of said estate, for the mort
gaging of the following described real es
tate, or a portion thereof, to-wlt: Lots 4
and Bof Section «, Township 1 South, Range
98 West; Lot 1. the S % NE V 4 and the BE X
N W 14 of Section I.Township 1 South, Range
94 West, and the W U HE % of Section *l,
Township 1 North, Range V 4 West Bth P. M.,
containing 81#.*) acres, together with two
shares In what Is known as the Miller
ditch, for the purpose of renewing a certain
mortgage given by decedent on a part of
said described primisos, and to secure the
only Indebtedness against said estate,
amouatlng to fUIU.6O, said claim being held
by R. O. Reynolds. And It now appearing
to tbe Court from said petition that proper
and legal grounds exist for the mortgaging
of all or a portion of said real estate.
NOW. THEREFORE, U is ordered by the
Court that Catharine W. Reynolds, widow,
and Karl W. Reynolds and Helen E. Rey
nolds, minors, and all persons who are lega
tees or devisees of said estate, or any part
thereof, or heirs of said decedent, be and
appear before said Court at tbe Court room
of said Court, In the Town of Meeker, Coun
ty and State aforesaid, on the S9th day of
September, A, D. 1908, at the hour of 10
o'clock In the forenoon of said day, then
and there to show cause. If any there be,
why an order should not be made directing
tbe said administratrix to mortgage the
whole or so much of said real estate as may
be necessary for tbe purposes specified In
said petition.
order be published for at least four succes
sive weeks In tbe Meeker Herald, a weekly
public newspaper published In said County.
A. Watson of said County of Rio Blanco, be
and he Is hereby appointed as guardian ad
litem for Karl w. Reynolds and Helen E.
Reynolds, minors, to represent said minors
at said hearing.
By the Court:
County Judge.
First publication August ttth, IUM.
Last publication September 15th, 1908.
Sheridan, a brown Hambleton
ian stall ion, foaled May, 1809;
Hired by Primo, he by Damo,
he by Jerome Eddy, be by Louie
Napoleon, he by Volunteer, and
he by the renowned Hamble
tonian 10. Prim o'a dam, Pre
lude, she by Middlemarch, be
by Macy, he by George Wilkes,
he by Hambletonian 10. Second
dam, by Sacramento, he by
Woodford’s Mambrino Chief.
Third dam by Green Mountain
Morgan. Sheridan’s dam, Mbs
Red bird, she by Strickler’s Red
bird sr, be by Sir Archer, he by
the renowned Ethan Allen.
Sheridan will stand for tbe
season at Taylor’s ranch below
town. Terms on application.
Owners and Managers.
ALSO, at same place, the mam
moth Jack Napoleon IV. Reg
istered. 17 bands high.
Money to Loan.
Unlimited money to loan on farm j
security. Low interest. For partic
ulars apply to F. E. Sheridan. ,(tf)
Coal! Coat! Coal!
The Black Diamond mine is now
open. Leave orders With G M Lord,
or R M laapree.
Fine Work.
For all classes of blacksmith and
wagon-making work, fine carriage
and buggy painting, go to the Harp-
JoHantgen shop.
Cattle branded as no
cut on left side.
Range. Lime Kiln
and Miller Creek.
P U Meeker
Cattle branded on left
side same aa cut Also
own cattle brandej^^^
K-O POL Bill
Horse branded RflH
fl" same as cut. Range Rio
Blanco connty. P'»
dress Meeker Colo.
Cattle branded on left
side. Horses branded
same on left shoulder.
Range, upper While rlv
er Between North Elk
creek and Dry creek.
P O Meeker.
Cattle branded on left
side. Ear marks: split
in left ear and under
back in right. Horses
branded **■ m |f
Range. Lime Kiunhil
and upper White river.
dffiMs Cattle branded same
as cut on leftside. Ear
mark, underslope and
overblt left ear.
Barge, Sulphur and 9-
BBV mile hill.
P O Meeker. Colorado
Own brand W - 3 and
cattle canning same.
Also own cattle carrying the following
Cattle branded same
as out on right or left
hip or any part
Horse brand same on
Range, Miller creek
and upper White.
P O Meeker.
(For Ruth C. Bartlett.)
4BF Cattle branded same as
cut. Ear marks used:
srop on right ear. under*
slope on. left; also under
■ KBH hack on each oar. Young
stock the latter.
B? * ■! Winter range, lower
White river. Hummer
range, lower White river
atxTMarvlne creek. „ ,
P O address Box IBS, Meeker, Colo.
Cattle branded on left
side. Additional brands
übbb mm
Also honnMH|
and cattle. Mmmlmii
Range, upper
White, principally on
south side of river, P O Meeker.
. - Cattle branded same as
MflW cut on right side. Also
7 E L on left side.
Horse brand same as
Range, upper White.
Winter range, vicinity
Mi W —of Angora. POBnxlffl
Meeker. J W C Hbep
herd, manager.
Cattle branded as above
Also own cattle brmnd
ed as follows:
pH I3 eg
Horses branded
All young stock branded KBfISSI
Range between North Elk South
Fork of White river. P O address : A C Bill
son, Meeker, Colorado.
*BMf Cattle branded same as
Horse brand same.
Range Flag creek and
government road.
Postothce address
Meeker Colo.
MffiM Cattle branded same
as cut on left or right
sides. Bar marks— up
per bit both ears. Horse
brand same as cut.
Range—Head of Mll-
MI ler creek and Lime
Klin Hill.
H. 8. HARP.
fißto Cattle and
own and run^H^Bla
following brands;
Range, NinoMUe Hill HHH HH
and Coal Creek. P O Meeker.
Cattle branded same as
cut on left side. Some
cattle branded Bar left
and Seven on
hip. Horse brand Bar-7
on left thigh. Range
Coal Creek basin and
vicinity. P O Meekoi
MffiBIBHBIB Colorado.
IMRia Cattle branded same
as cut on left side. Al
cattle branded
V I on side.
Range, Upper White.
Ml PO address. Meeker
EMI Colo.
EHP . Cattle branded same as
cut on left "Wc. Also
own **ttle branded Tri
angle B. Horses brand
ed Triangle Bon left hip.
Range, government
; n To>. Mk «
. BBw* Ckttle branded same as
jffinnßff cut on right side or kip.
! Range, government
' road and bead of Ploe
-1 |M anee creek.
Postoflloe address
Pf Rio Blanco, Colo.
Cattle branded same as
r^HHBBP 1 cut -
Horses same
lU Range Miller creek and
upper White river.
M/ Postofflce address
' . Meeker Colo.
IfißP Cattle branded same
as cut on left side. Ear
marks, square crop on
right and underslope
on left. A Iso own cattle
branded TL-and A-N
Ml Horses branded same
as cut on left shou Ider.
Range, north side of
White river and vicinity. P O Meeker.
, j :::DpNTIST::: \
: t 9
; j OFFICE: —Shrridss Residence. j
; 4*v*«***»*»*a*****»*»»*v*4
j H. A. Wild hack, |
t | NOTARY PUBLIC and . !
j I conveyancer;
| j United States Land Commissioner £
I! Attend to Pre-emption and Desert J
z Land nilngs, take and acknowledge :
J annual or final proofs on Desert c
i claims as well as Pre-emptions, Instl- !
J tute contests, etc. Necessary blanks Z
*on hand. :: :: :: :: ::g
; J. S. Needham ;
I "
4 made to order, >
* 4 cleaned, pressed t
< and repaired. »
| fc******»*v»v*»*„,,»,*,d
| Attention, Stockmen!
, We have always on hand some of tbe
highest class of Registered Shorthorn
Bulls In the United States; also
tirades from our choicest bulls, as
well ns Pure Bred Berkshire hogs.
We Invite Inspection and comparison.
HuydeUi Colorado.

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