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VOL. XXII. — NO. 29.
Farm Machinery.
Now is the time to order a good riding plow, walking
plow, disc harrow, Hoosier press drill, cultivators, Main
or Moline farm wagons, etc. :: :: :: :: : :
We have just received a car-load of these goods and shall
he glad to receive your order. Our prices are right. :: ::
Everything in the Line of General Merchandise.
A. Oldland
The Meeker Meat Market,
H. S. HARP, Proprietor,
Is now open and fully stocked with choice meats, poultry and
vegetables. Call and be convinced that we are handling the finest
meat products ever placed on the block in Meeker :: :: ::
|Colonest Rates]
In Effect March Ist to April 30th ±
! Insist that your ticket reads via 1
; Colorado Midland Railway. ;
s San Francisco met $
£?'- $25.00 |
| Spokane Helena Butte |
i $22.50 wp $20.00 !
! C. H. SPEERS, General Passenger Agent, Denver, Colo. f
i W. E. SALTMARSH, Local Agent. ¥
i A. J. STARK & CO., 5
« >
\ Manufacturing Jewelers, \
1 j
J Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, etc. 709-11 Sixteenth St., Denver, Colo. «
You have been putting off from day to day. and week to
week tilt* taking out of that Life Assurance Policy lor tin- pro
tection of your wife and little; ones.
To-day you may be in insurable condition; perhaps not to
It’s only the absolutely selfish man who makes no pro
vision for his family after he’s gone. Are you in that class?
Let us advise you as to the best form <>f policy to cover
your individual needs.
Write or call TO-DAY.
The Colorado National Life
roR HimscßiPTiox.
One Year I-’
Six Months I oO
Professional Cnids. |x*r Month s•.’ 00
One Inch, display, per Month 2 '*> j
Two Inches, per Month :J 00
Three Inches, per Month I oo
Four Inches, per Month <*» <»* I
Five Inches, per Month »
Ten Inches, 11-2 column i per Month io u)
Twenty Inches, (1 column t per Month.... 15 oo |
Professional Cords, when juiid In advance,
|l2 00 per year.
Local notices ten cents per line Legal
notices seven cents in-r line.
Address all cominunleotlons io
Meeker. Colorado.
BKOMO-FEBRIN will prevent a
cold coming on. At Strehlke Bros.
Subscribe fdr The Herald.
state ok Ohio, City ok Tolkdo, i .
Lucas County, f '
Frank .1. Clmney makes oath that he Is
-enter partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney dc
Co., doinc buslnes-. In the City of Toledo.
County and Slate aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay the sum of one hundred dol
lars for each and every case <>f catarrh that
cannot lw cured by the use of Hnll'sCuUirrh
Cure. Fk.VXK .1. CIIENKY.
Sworn to before mo and subscribed !n my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. I).
lssii. A. W. (tI.KASON,
ihkali Notary Public.
' Hall's Catarrh cure Is taken Internally,
and nets directly on the bl*M*d and mucous
1 surfaces of the system. Send for tertimonl
! n Is free. F. J. C'hknky A- co., Toledo. O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Occasionally you meet a wise nmn
who looks otherwise.
Shade and fruit trees adapted to
tliis climate. For prices and infor
mation, address George Fravert.
Anything that in worth while is
worth more or less money.
White River Stock
Growls’ Association
The Beginning of a Strong Qi|pmization Which Will Look
After the Interests of tfaV People of this Valley.
Pursuant to call, a large number of
representative citizens met at the
county clerk’s office lust Saturday
afternoon to organize a local stock
The meeting was called to order by
Thomas Kildutf. chairman of the
meeting of the previous Monday, and
T. B. Scott acted as secretary. Chair
man Kildutf stated that a CQimnittqg,
had been appointed to submit a con
stitution and by-taws, and asked If
the committee was ready to report.
A. C. Moulton suggested that the
sense of the meeting in regard to an
organization bo first obtained. The
vote proved the gathering to be unan
imous for organization.
Mr. Moulton, as chairman of the
committee, then submitted the con
stitution and by-laws, and suggested
that they be read a second time and
acted upon section by section, which
was ordered.
Section 1,2, 3,4, o, (I and 7 were
thus adopted. Section 1 of Article -8
was amended so as to road: “Any
member engaged in the raising of
cattle, horses, fanning, or other bus
iness shall l»e eligible to member
ship.” Articles 2, 3 and 4of Section
8 were then adopted, us was also Sec
tion 9.
The by-laws were then taken up
and most of them adopted without
discussion. Concerning' dues, the
fiat rate was voted down and the
committee’s report adopted with the
addition of a minimum charge. The
section referring to the offering of
rewards for evil-doers was, after dis
cussion, left to the discretion and
control of the executive committee.
It reads as follows:
A standing reward oi‘ Two Hun
dred ($5200) Hollars is hereby
offered for the arrest and ecu*
victims of any person killing or
stealing stock belonging to m»y
member of this association, to he
paid in tin; discretion and under
the direetion of the Executive
With the constitution and by-laws
disposed of, those who wished wen? [
given mi opportunity to subscribe J
their names thereto, and u brief re- j
cess was taken for that purpose.
Upon re-assembling, tiie secretary I
read the list of signers, and it con- j
tained the following:
W H Clark B F Montgomery
A K Rees E A Martin
A L Strehlke I, P Craig
W H Miller J M Hayes
Patrick Hayes James Hayes
L S Bloomfield J C Gentry
W A Keller H J Hay
Samuel Martin R H Crawford
A C Ellison Elijah Salmon
F A Marker J B Burch
Jno A Watson H W Tomlinson
L B Walbridge J A Bills
C F Brown C G Strehlke j
.1 K Peltier Lee Peterson
(J R Howey A C Moulton
Thomas Kilduif .1 I) Amiek
.1 R Mathes .1 L Riland
R Old land I, L Devlin
Fred Kracht W E Simpson
Tli Scott Chas Bloomfield j
Samuel P Wear
Nomination and election of officers
then followed with the following re- j
President —B F Montgomery.
Vice-President —Thomas Kilduif.
Secretary—Jas L Riland.
Treasurer —Henry J Hay.
Executive Committee—B F Mont
gomery. Thos Kildutf, R Oldland, .1
C Gentry and W A Keller.
Circulars wore ordered printed, set
ting forth the objects of the associa
tion and soliciting membership, and
all joining by April Ist will he con
sidered charter members.
A discussion about the resolutions
adopted at Rifle followed, and tin*
feeling prevailed that the association
as such take no radical action. For
est Supervisor Blair addressed the
meeting during the discussion and
besides giving his views on the mat
ter of grazing stock on the public do
main, tendered the departmental
books of instruction to those wishing '
the satin*.
Finally E A Martin and W H Clark
were appointed a committee to draft
resolutions in conformity with the
accepted suggestions. Tin; result of
this committee’s work follows, and
met with unanimous approval:
Be it resolved by the White River
Stock Growers’ association,
That we most earnestly protest
against any changes or amendments l:
it:' the existing laud laws of the
■felted States, and we ask the sena
■jps and representatives in Congress
Mkin Colorado to oppose, any .such
■ncmlmenis or changes, and particu
firty ihe so-called “Burkett amend
ment" to the agricultural appropria
tfbn lull, now before congress; and he
gpun her
, ippfsolved, That it is the sense of
ttita association that all fees for range
privileges on the White River Forest
Reserve, to be collected for the cur
rfeftt year from members of this usso
oifction, be paid “under protest.”
flPhe secretary was instructed to
Mod copies of the resolutions to our
MORtors and representatives in con
gMps, ns well as our state senator and
representative, and the Denver press.
Sioni- of tiie vital sections of the
huffs adopted are contained in the
following extracts:
Tin » name of the association shall
be the White River Stock Growers’
The initiation fee will be SI.OO and
th* Vannuni dues SI.OO for every 100
head of stock or fractional part
thereof, and $lO will he tiie maxi
mum for any number ,of head. All
fees and dues shall be payable in ad
On motion tiie meeting adjourned
to meet some time in April, due
notijee of which will b 6 given in the
local papers.
The executive committee met on
Monday, and instructed thp secretary
to apply to tiie State Cattle and
Horse Growers’ association for ad
mission to that organization.
As Tn k Hkbai.d has already said,
there is strength'in numbers. 'The
way to make the White River Stock
Growers, association strong is for
itery i/tftfy to Join it—the man with a
few head as well as the man with
hundreds or thousands of head.
Eugene Grubb was there with an
i “I told you so” talk and argument
1 for diplomacy, hut as some of Grubb’s
idi as didn’t seem to ftt in with the
i small stock-growers’, his advise
! didn’t seem to count for much in di
rect ing the action to be taken. As an
i argument against decided action, lie
| asked how many present would he
j willing to sign an agreement to stand
together in the refusal to pay the
grazing tax, and on being answered
by a strong chorus of “Here!” from
th«- stockmen, his further remarks
on diplomacy were confined to pri
vate conversations.—Rifle Telegram.
Last week at the meeting of Rifle’s
stnckgrowers the following agree
ment was subscribed to by the mem
bers of their association:
We, the undersigned, each and all
j of us, hereby agree not to pay a fee
t for grazing upon the forest reserves,
and if any of us have applied for per
! mits, we shall refuse to accept tiie
: same; and we further agree that any
j expense that may he incurred by rea
■ son of arrest or prosecution of any
sigiMmof this agreement for the de- 1
f. uHe of same, shall be pro rated ac
cording to the number of stock |
! owned, to be collected by the secre- j
i tary of the association in whose lo
j cality the signer may reside or run
his cattle.”
In the talks regarding the grazing!
j tax and the recent attempts to secure !
i legislative action, considerable feel- ,
I ing was apparent against certain ,
members of the recent stock growers j
convention in Denver, and tiie fact
developed that the small stockman!
was prevented from getting his side
of the question before tin* convention:;
that the proceenings of the meeting l
were juggled by the methods of the
politician in the interest of the big
raiser and those in favor of
leasing, and The men who went there
with resolutions setting forth tin
views of the stna 11 stockgrower was
-ompelled to sit witli the resolutions
in his pocket and listen to long dis
sertations on the right or wrong of
driving bob-tailed horses, or was
inveigled to some convenient place !
!to 4t see the pictures,” with the result. J
that, though in the majority, nothing
was accomplished. Mr. Larsen re- j
viewed this matter to the meeting in
a manner not only amusing but con- |
vincing.—Rifle Telegram.
Maybe Mr. Roosevelt is desirous of
taking a four years’ rest and then of
i saving the country again in 19!2. ‘
Exceptional Grocery Bargains. |
================ |
To keep busy these dull times wu are making the follow- ®
ing reductions on Extracts: ®
.15 bottle Lemon Extract - - - - .IO i
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.70 “ “ “ .... .50 |
1.525 “ Vanilla “ - -- - .OO i
“You’ll have to hurry” if you wish to reap the benefit of <g>
these bargains. They can’t last. long. ®
I J. W. Hugus HE C ompany. jjj
J J. C. Davis, President. V. H. cam*\vki.i., Vico Presldont. J
J A. C. Moulton, Cashier. J. W. Right, Assistant Cusliier. $
« j
J Transacts a General Banking Business. »
, >
{ Interest allowed on Time Deposits. Drafts drawn on East- »
4 ern Cities and Europe. Collections Promptly attended to. j»
2 *
i Denver—First Natlonnl Bank. ItawlliiH—First National Hank. *
: Omaha United Hiatus National Hank. New York— t
: National Hank <»f Commerce. Kansas City— }
J National Hank of Commerce, salt Lake »
J City Commercial National Hank. )
L— -
$ ! 4
£ c.c. Parks, It. oi.oi.ani), <
$. j o.C. Pakks, President. .1. 11. Dkvkiiadx, .1. K. Rooney. J
> It. Oi.iu.ani), Vice Pros. W. A. Kkli-ku, .1. L. Mcllatton, *
[ E. E. ForihiAM, Cashier. L. B. Waoiikhkje. <
! of Meeker, Colorado. 5
» Capital $40,000.00. ;
f Does a General Banking Business. <
! Drafts Issued on tiie Principal Cities of the World. «
lnterest Paid on Time Deposits. Wo Want Your Business. J
f New Spring Goods j
; ;
: -- .j ;
• Airtinle Multlnus In checks'Aniu.skeag ginghams In Arbutus batiste in neat J
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f wool Milting In plaid, at Drain- de Linde plaid, soft, summer wear, at (
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| «... kmiMa.i>i;j - ;
» 00 Icollnrs, In-lts and and a <
[ Icomplete llm* of iiiusHn g* |9c tn ea <
* Kiincy *1 up.luntlorwi'lir. $ I 10 $3.30. \
, - ;
L i
Mfttara’* BOM natural roßad 7. tmprouod by tc.«nc«. to •
roa couohi. coim. caovr. —moounc-couch and all iNflamed auarACis
Th* *or*. wmry co*(h-wora lung* *r« . th* mlornb*-b*uing mueo-t* cut out. th* o*oa«
of thht uokJtn* I* naoitd. *n<l th* InSatuad n.ubru«i ar* aaalad *a4 aoolh*<l
*0 that thcr* t* no Inclination to eough.
Thra* Staa*. Uc. hOo A Bt.OO. or aaat a* raoaipt of prtca b/
c. W. BEGGS SO INS & 00.
For Sale by Strehlke Bros.. Meeker
The Spencer Seedless Apple doesn’t
| blossom; hence is frost proof, which
f makes it a good apple to try in this
1 valley. George Fravert, of Rifle is
! agent.
(iood, clean papers, to put under
your carpets, for sale at Herald of
fice; 25c per 100.
1 Read Thk Hf.bald for the news, j
i $5 Reward, per head, for return of
1 my stock to me at Meek* r. Cattle
, and horse stock branded gg|
.Some rattle branded Q JjJ flj
Also one roan mare branded PJ
Isaac Collikr, Meeker.
Every woman likes to lx* consider
ed an authority on social affairs.

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