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IAMH LYTTU, EdNor * Publisher.
Ist—4 ts Um MMko, Oslo., yoSeflw m
■aeoad-elass sail natttr.
n—ias—li»mii I. . * '
Mon tunxhins.
Ota tb. plow flx»d up.
Tba Soar mill is runnincscsia.
Ssrvlaas at Ht Jidh ohurch st
usual hoars tomorrow.
Pat la plsatr of (rain. Then'll be
• dsasand lor It next season.
April 11th Is Baster Sunday. When
jroa sso It la Tax H skald it’s so.
Mr. and Mrs. Moulton and Miss
Mary returned from Denver Monday.
Bar. Mr. Donate Spent the past
week on a missionary trip to Maybell
and lower Yam pa country.
Notwithstanding some wlntarlsh
weather. Painter F. a. Walton has
been kept busy In bis lino—mostly
raneh boose work.
Tba froovof-the-store farmers an
still In eeldenoe, bat the other kind
an getting tbelr plows and harness
la readiness for a bumper crop year.
J. V. Bice, who owns a olaim on
Oulpur onok, about ssran milee
north of town, favored this oflloe with
eovaral fine specimens of petrified
wood, Tuesday.
Orlnstsad'e restaurant ohanged
management this week. W. E. and
Mrs, Pratt an now In charge. Mr.
Ortnstaad will take charge of tbs
eaUnary department at the aspbai
tdm works.
Mr. Pinebot has fixed tbs number
of cattle and horses which may bo
ranged on tbs White River fonst re
serve the easalng season at 86,400
bead. Sheep and goats to the extent
of MO wIU also he permitted.
“Old Man Winter” Is making a
hard fight for a longer visitation, but
bo has outstayed bis welcome now.
Johnny Spring, the bosky youth,
will maks the hoary old sinner “take
lbs ooant'' before many week, elapse.
The HostUag Knlghta of Wood
eraft did eome mon bustling lest
Saturday evening. It was a cold
night, but after the oxerolses wen
over Messrs. John F. Johnson, C. H.
' Walloon and Kells Hanson admitted
that they felt warm enough.
WhUo the Hustliug Knights wen
preparing to “hustle" a caadldate
last Hatarday night, some of tha
Royal neighbors appeared suddenly
upon the soane with mfnahments
.- mid all tbs Incidentals of a regular
surprise party. Suppose they had
soma In while the goat was loose 1
Comment Is unnecessary.
Msoars. W. K. Simpson and L. F.
Vaacleavs returned homo Wednes
day after a taro weeks trip to outside
points, whisk incladad a ran down
Id Albuquerque, K. M., when Mr.
Vanelsavt has a brother with whom
the pilgrim bad a pleasant visit. The
weather was Just right and both gen
tleman enjoyed tbelr trip.
homebody said that St. Valentine
drove all the snakes oat of Inland,
!' bat wbstharbe did or not, or whether
at Patrick was a giddy youth slothed
la a bow and quiver and a beneficent
express!oa,'!a neither hen nor then.
' fiofilos it to say that the ueual com
pllmeats wen exchanged between
friends and others last Sunday.
Babe Ball canes In last evening af
ter several weeks stay In oos of the
Denver hospitals, when he under
. wont ah operation for catarrh, which
bps given him serious trouble for
years. The operation pulled Mr.
801 l down considerably, bat the sun
ships and balmy breeses of White
river will bring him up again in a
short time.
Bd Brown’s national park and san
itarium proposition, noted In tbeee
oolamna last week, doesn’t take with
, oar poooplo-ss far as heard fnm.
Having had a taste of forest reserve
regulations and restrictions they
«s’t want something that may he
area worse. Ho need to lose sloop
over tbs project. It will not be seri
ously considered in Washington.
Lafayette M. Hughes, of Denver,
same la Wednesday and will spend
a few weeks In the Trappers laks re
gion under the pilotage of Bam
Hines, than whom there Is no better
woadsatan In Colorado. Mr. Hughes,
. who Is the younger brother of Sena
tor olsst Hughes of this state. Is after
asms sarnie views of the famed upper
White take region as It appears In
winter garb,
jitter maatllag this favorite part at
the Lead's footstool with about an
taahormaftha“hsanHfar’ Wednes
day, Old King Boreas aod Jaak Press
I semblatd fosses that evening and
pat the maraory on the toboggan,
t. Bow for it dropped we didn't team;
hot it was acid enough to raise the
4 hair oa a cars book. As it was evl-
My Bo lost smut of foe season cf
|bp scads It plenty ■Want enough"
Last Saturday was an ofi day for
school teachers. Prof. Wigge went
oat with Homer Ooff on a still bunt
for a lion—but all be got was cold
foot Wo oan’t my as to whether
the cold feet were the reeultof seeing
a lion or of riding several miles thro’
dsep show drifts. Anyhow, here's
hoping you have better look next
time. Other school teachers went
a-fishin' and caught the grippe.
Henee we say, ’twaa an off day for
tha pedagogue.
W. L. Montgomery, of the Croce ■ L
outfit, was a town visitor Thursday.
Mr. Montgomery leaves today for the
railroad to meet bis wife and chil
dren, who have been visiting at Den
ver and Colorado Springs for several
Weather Forecaster Brandenburg,
of Denver, reports that the snowfall
in Colorado this winter is the heavi
est in many years and Insuras an
abundance of water all next summer
for termers east of the main range.
The local Masonic fraternity will
observe Washington's birthday Mon
day evening by giving a dance, sap
per and a social gathering, which
will be confined to members of the
William Harris and J. G. Long, of
Denver, wen registered at the Meek
er hotel Thursday. Both gentlemen
are intereeted in the White-Bear
Land * Cattle Co.
t -
Sam Hlmea came in from Elk lodge
on upper White Tuesday, and after
attending to private buaineea matter*
hie# himself back to the Trappers
lake region.
Henry Kura, one of the old Hulett
4 Torrence outfit standbys, ex
changed grettings with bis numerous
Meeker friends this week.
Mrs. Fred House returned last
Friday night from Mt Sterling, Ht,
where she had been oalled by the
death of her father.
Mrs. W. D. Simms and Mrs. Hebert
Bussell departed for Rifle last Friday
on a visit to relatives over there.
Manager Shepherd, of the White-
Bear oompaoy, autographed at the
Meeker Thursday.
Mr. and Mr*. L. L. Devlin visited
town friends Thursday.
The New Bishop.
The boose of bishops of the Epls
oopal church met at New York on
February 10th and elected Rev. Hr.
Benjamin Brewster, dean of the
cathedral Salt Lake City, bishop of
Western Colorado, in sueoessioo to
the late Biehop Knight, and Bev. Dr.
Nathaniel Thomas of Philadelphia,
bishop of Wyoming.
Dr. Brewster is a brother of Bishop
Brewster of Connecticut. He was
rector of Grace church, Colorado
Bprtngs for five years, where he was
very popular with all classes of peo
ple; for the past two years he has
been dean of the cathedral church,
Salt Lake City.
Thai it will be seen that In select
ing Dr. Brewster two very essential
factors to the success of a western
bishop, namely. Important eastern
connections and familiarity with the
west, have been met
Thi Herald believes that the
right man has been chosen to preside
over the Episcopal missionary Jaria*
diction of Western Colorado.
Blooded Fowl for Solo.
Buff Orpington Boosters and Bronse
Turkey Hens, for sale by Mrs. P. W.
Hockett, Powell Park.
Will core your cold
while yon sleep.
Wanted—Horses to feed, per
month. Bbbt Salts*, Meeker.
R. H. Taylor, dentist Meeker.
100 Coyote skins.
100 Bobcat skins.
100 Mink skins.
600 Muskrat skins. For shipment
March let for which the highest oash
prises will be paid. Jno. A. Watsok.
Official Stated Mat
of the Piasaciel CondMea of the
At Meeker, state of Colorado, at the cloee
of boslaeae oa the Mb day of '
February, mb
Loans nn4 Pfeeoaaf SUM* »
Overdrafts ' MiM
Boon., .lociii mm ™
Kr&SttffiSFSassr.:.: «SS
Cheeks aad cash Items « as
Osefc oa haad i,7W m
Jo«el - WMN «
Capital stoek paid la _» Mjmoa
Undivided prodtt(aet) TAMM
Ttaea eertldeates ef deposit Mjm S
own av am bunco, f
I, A. C. Moultoa, eaehter of the above
asraed bank, do aotemaly swear that the
haOTMeKSTbeiU' 1 " ***** b **°*“ y
Family Row on River Front.
Under the above caption last week’s
leone of the Gletrwood Poet has the
“Coming to this city a week ago
from Meeker in the hopes of securing
work at their chosen trades, Mr. an<t
Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Ives started
the end of their short stay by engag
ing in a street brawl at Blver Front
and Bennett avenue Wednesday
“Both were haled before Magis
trate White Thursday morning and
fined $26 and costs, the same to be
remitted in case they left town by 10
o’clock Thursday night
“It is claimed that Ives, who is a
pointer, get on a spreo and started in
to do some shooting. He claimed to
be looking for his wife, and her story
agreed with his. They met on River
Front and the trouble started over
her absence from home. Ives Is
said to have drawn a .St caliber re
volver from his pocket and made
threats to kill-both himself and wife.
She grabbed the gun and in the me
lee that followed the gun was dis
charged. Mrs. Ives succeeded in
getting the gun from him and hur
ried home, where she hid it. The
local officers got wise to the doings
and put Ives in the city jail until
Thuiwlay morning, when Magistrate
White opened court, when Ives was
brought from his celL He was shak
ing like an aspen leaf, but a good
snort of “red eye’’ from a bandy bot
tle seemed to give him new courage.
“The evidence was taken and Mag
istrate White delivered a lecture that
should be remembered by the un
happy couple, who claim to have
been married in Grand Junction four
years ago. He said, ’There are so
many bad characters comirfg to Glen
wood from Grand Junction and other
towns that we have to do something
with them in order to protect our
taxpayers. I will fine you $26 and
costs, and give you until 10 o'clock
tonight to get out of town, and if you.
ever come before me again we will
pat balls and chains on you and give
you something to do. Now behave
yourselves and go to work.' ”
{Hr. Post man, permit us to oorreot
you a bit. The above named party
was In Meeker for two or three
months Said he came from Glen
wood here. We got rid of him ns
soon ns ws could. You have our per
mission to pass him on.— Ed. Hbb-
AIsD. ]
Valentine Social.
The Epworth League of the M. E.
church gave a very pleasant Valen
tine Social at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Purdy Saturday evening,
February 18th. *•
The evening waa spent ip playing
games, also some very good musical
selections were enjoyed during the
evening. Valentines and candy were
on sale and the ladies cleared a neat
little sum from the sale of these.
Refreshments were served during
the evening.
Have your harness repaired and
oiled. Hartke 4 Sheets will do the
Will cure your cold
while you sleep.
WANTED—Lady or gentleman of
fair education to travel for a line of
household artioles and special tie!?.
Salary $8.60 per day above expenses.
Address the Alexander Supply Co.,
866 Dearborn St, Chicago, 111. J3l
Bead Thb Hkbald for. the news.
Oas Year. ft oo
Bis Months i oo
Professional Cants, per Month _f* oo
On# laeh, display, per Month * oo
Two Inches, per Month 8 00
Three inches, per Month « oo
Fonr Inches, per Month.. 5 SO
Five Inches, per Month « oo
Ten inches, (1-8 column) per Month .10 oo
Twenty Inches, (1 column) per Month Uoo
Professions! Cards, when paid In advance,
lit SS per year.
Local notices ten cents per line- Legnl
notices seven cents per line.
Address all communications to
Meeker. Colorado.
Will You Do This?
, Sand us your name and address
aad ws will send you our cata
logue of Diamonds, Watches,
Solid Gold Jewelry, Sterling
Silver and Cot Glass. We pay
mail or express charges on all
articles except Cut Glass. Do •
not throw away any old jewelry
boon use it is broken. “Send it to
oa.’’ We will make it look like
now, at a very reasonable cost.
Jeareteri and SUvcrmidis,
700-711 10th Si, Denver.
1 reliable Grape Cream of ■
■ Tartar Baking Powder 3
Ull The atm <l HrformlleSr.Met**Baktaf HH
■ NWrliliSieißJlsselMwneh ■
I Improves die flavor I
■ and adds to the health- ■
fulness of the food S
jHHj /to jKlum Jio lima BR
f Pricdki !
I Baking I ■
Ladies, Get Weighed.
Columbine Camp No. 8068, B. N. A.,
will give a box soolal and program
on Thursday, March 4th, at Odd Fel
lows' hall. All ladies are invited to
bring well-filled boxes. All persons
who do not bring boxes will be
oharged ten cents admission at the
door. The gentlemen buying boxes
will have their ten cents refunded.
The price of the boxes will be deter
mined by the weight of the lady own
ing the box. For every pound of the
lady's weight, the gentleman buying
her box, will' be charged one-half
All county scalp bounty warrants
will be paid on presentation to Treas
urer Tagert 2t
■ for men who toil I
K Levi Strauss I
I Copper Riveted Overalls I
■ the kind that “WEARS’* ■
U t cut ful fl
gKgngffigj&Mppe nedsei ||
denim I
!■■■— a ik i .am .i
Call at the
Bar for Good Beer.
Budweiser Schlits
_ Silver State Zahgs
Keg Beer.
*Eiisoi Plnomilu
Gold Moulded Records end
all phonograph supplies at
catalog prices.
Agent for Rio Blanco Co
Meeker, Colo.
Subscribe for The Herald.
—K— .KK II ■ ——teSaaMU—a— l I
Vi ibl h oB jin attnUi li
The Hand Tubular
Cream Separators
til wk S Mu pin:
No. 2, 300 pounds Milk Capacity per hour, $60.00
No. 3, 400 “ ” 60.00
No. 4. 600 • “ “ 72.60
No. 6. 700 “ “ “ “ 87.60
There are a great many of these machines in use in
the county and they are giving excellent satisfaction.
We hope to receive your order for one of the machines.
A. OLDLAND & CO., Sole Agents
Here is a simple home-made mix* (
ture as given by an eminent author
ity on Kidney diseases, who makes
the statement that It will relieve al
most any case of Kidney trouble If
taken before the stage of Bright's
disease. He states that such symp
toms as lame back, pain In the side,
frequent desire to urinate, especially
at night, painful and discolored uri
nation, are readily overcome. Here
Is the reolpe. Try it:
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce; Compound Kargon one ounce;
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla, three
ounces. Take a teaspoonful after
each meal and at bedtime.
These ingredients are all harmless
and easily mixed at home by shaking
well In a bottle. This mixture hae a
peculiar healing and soothing effect
upon the entire Kidney and urinary
structure, and often overeomee the
worst form* of Rheumatism In Judt a
little while. This mhttori Is said- to
remove all blood disorders and ©are
Rheumatism by forcing the Kidneys
to filter and strain from the blood
and system all urie acid anti foul, de
composed waste matter, which cause
these afflictions. Try it if you aren't
well. Save the prescription.
jNHfi Cattle branded same *a
cut. Horse brand seme
Ear • mark, oTeralope
WmWrlmmmmm left ear. Range, govern
ment road and Joseph
lne basin. PO Meeker
n* Also own stock
branded |S|g||§
U yon w» ikefea rssllfm. mma ft’» Mood
"Inriomr tesvfST&M'tU tat taut
Dr. SHoop'a
Horae branded
dBR CsGUebraaded asrae se
out. Ear marks uead:
rasgu, wear White river
adSeaa Boa M. JCetar. 0010. *
Oattle branded saam a»
Horae brand Rar-7
aMMAn Cattle branded raara
as eat oo left aide. Ear-
P O Meeker. Colorado
d#ku r aSEJss&isr
b Abm^owajg^eajjgyme
as cat oh left aide. Al
so run oattls branded
n on left rids.
Wl Range, Upper Whtta.
Jil FOaddreea, Meeker
Cok> -
dfflfl Onttle branded same
as eut on left ride. Ear
marks, square crop on
- 7—,— ff 1 *• oot on left shoulder.
Range, north aide of
White river and vlclnltv. P O Meeker.
srßsrJsarei '
creak and Dry creek.
P O Meeker.
eSflßfp, • Ckttle branded sera*
amm as?
per bit both ears. Hone
ler ereek aad Lime
Kiln Hill.
-SIWtP Cattle branded aaaseae
KHHM# out on right side or hip
Cattle branded same ae
RSodtoe addraaa
Meeker Coto.
vM •sssffast.
Meeker Colo.
dfflb Cattle and Hrag
own and raa|fc%

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