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JAMf S LYTTLE. Editor A Proprietor ,
1 j
The sun la beginning to make It
self felt
Fletcher Hay of the Park, was a
visitor midweek.
CommlMloner Goff came up from
Bangely Monday.
The students who earns home for
the holidays have all rktnrnad to
their studies.
Water Commissioner James Mlk
kelson of Pleeanoe, was at the coun
ty seat this week.
Misses Corcoran and Foster return
ed this week from their Christmas
vacation in Denver.
After the chilly breesee of the
morning passed away New Year’s
was a beautifully sunshiny day.
Fred Nichols returned from Range
ly In the fore part of the week and
spent a few days with the folks here.
Reports from the lower Arkansas
valley indicate a heavy loss of eatti*
as a result of the long and intense
cold spell.
The county comintssiones were in
session most of the week. The gist
of their proceedings will appear in
next issue.
James W. Kennedy, ofganlxer for
the Woodmen of the World, spent
the week in Meeker, in the interest
his society.
Those who have reclevdd invita
tions should Attend the W. of W. so
cial, at I. O. O. F. hall at 8 o'clock
Monday evening.
In response to s telgram that the
mother of W. H. Purdy waa dying at
her home, at Palisade. Mr. and Mrs.
Purdy left for that place Monday.
C. A. Hopkins of Ninemlle, Was in
Tuesday after a load of lumber. The
Hopkins brothers are making sub
stantial improvements on tbelr place.
The masque ball given by the or
chestra New Year's night was large
ly attended and thoroughly enjoyed.
Many attractive costumes were in
evidence. _____________
Fred Hagen/seeretary to the prece
dent of the state university, spent
the latter part of the «eek: in' Meek
er on a visit to his staler. Miss Hagen
of the high school fadatty^
Dennis Murray was la Tuesday
and reports the force at the Bar-7
ranob doing the horse-breaking stunt
these days. Mr. Murray will reduce
his horse band and Ineaeaee bis cattle
herd this year.
Bervioes at St. James church to
morrow, the first Sunday after
Epipheny, will be as follows: Holy
communion and sen.van, “The Gifts
of the Magic,” 11 a. m. Evensong
service, with his tori cal address on
the development of the American
Episcopal churoh.
During the week thJoitlsens of this
town witnessed the worst ioe gorge
In the history of White river. All
that section of the river front from
the Harp residence to the western
end of Meeker was under water, re
sulting in considerable damage to
property and inconvenience.
Miss Dorothy Glidden, who, for
the past two weeks, has been visiting
Miss Marcelle Montgomery, return
ed to her home in Denver Friday
morning. Miss Marcelle accompan
ied her out The latter young lady
will attend Loretto academy.
A movement is on foot to have an
old timers dance, some time about
the end of this month. All who have
been in the White Blver valley
twenty years or longer will be eli
gible.. All who wish to join In the
affair should drop a card or a letter
to Frank Sheridan and let him know
what you think of it Get together
all ye pioneers.
We notice that the students of the
engineering college of the University
of Colorado have started a paper de
voted to affairs of their department
We also notice that a Meeker boy—
Victor Moulton has been made
manager of the publication. This is a
surs Indication that Victor Is not
ooly popular among his fellow stu
dents, but ranks up well in his classes
and deportment Merit and conduct
are the only factors that bring hon
ors at the state university.
One of the prettiest social events
yet witnessed In Meeker was the
Leap Year dance given Thursday
night by the Dancers' club—the last
of what has proved to be a very pleas
ant series. The usual order of things
was reversed, and much merriment
ensued. The hall was attractively
decorated for the occasion. Mr. Clou
tftsr and the ladies’ committee work
ed hard to make the danoe a success,
and their efforts were rewarded by a
thoroughly pleased atteodanee.
A Threatening Blaze
Tbs fire which destroyed the bunk
house tn the rear of the Meeker hotel
last Friday night, looked dangerous
for .a time, owing to tbs headway It
bad attained before discovery and
tbs slowness in getting water on the
Tbs boys responded promptly
enough, but tbs first three firs plugs
approached were found to be frosen.
Finally connection was mads with
plug corner Fifth and Market and
tbs firs was quiokly extinguished,
but the building (a frame structure)
owned by B. 8. BaM of the Meeker
hotel, and contents, was totally de
stroyed. It consisted of two rooms
and was occupied as sleeping quart
ers by the hotel porters—Harry Sher
wood, Ed Youngs and Harry Eok
There was a heating stove in eaoh
room; the boys went to their quart
ers between 9 and 10 o’clock; started
fires and then all three retired to one
of tbs rooms to play sards; a biasing
firs was evidently soon communica
ted to the adjoining wood - work;
the room was a mass of flame when
the firs was discovered.
Tbs fire was undoubtedly the re
sult of carelessness on the part of the
boys, who lost practically all their
clothing and personal effects.
Mr. Ball is out about SBOO on the
building with no Insurance.
Mr; and Mrs. T. H. lies spent the
holiday week at the Sheridan ranch.
$100.00 per Plate
was paid at a banquet to Henry Clay
In New Orlsaus In 1849. Mighty cost
ly for those with stomach trouble or
Indigestion. Today people every
where use Dr. King’s New Life Pills
for these troubles, as well as for liv
er, kidney or bowel disorders. Easy,
safe and sore. Only 96c, at all drug
Lost-A Large Cameo Pin
Finder will please return to Mrs.
Frank Gibbons and receive suitable
reward. j7
If your children are subjeot to at
tacks of oroup, watch for the first
symptom—hoarseness. Give Cham
berlain’s Cough Bemedy as soon as
the child becomes hoarse, and the at
tack may be warded off. For sale by
all dealers.
Just Arrived
Bob Sleds. t For buggies or spring
wagons. At JoHantgen’s.
When you want a reliable medicine
for a ooogb or a ooid, take Chamber
tain’s Cough ‘ Atnedy. It can always
be depended upon, and it Is pleasant
and safe to take. For sals by all deal
Notice of Sale
Notice Is hereby given that pur
suant to a certain execution Issued
out of the Justice of the Peaoe Court
of J. W. Bainbrich, Jr., in that cer
tain cause of The People of the State
of Colorado vs. Andy Smith, I will
eeli to the highest bidder for cash, at
the Alley ranch, in Bio Blanco coun
ty, Colorado, at 9 o’clock In the after
noon of January the 12th, 1912, the
following personal property of the
•aid Smith, In satisfaction of said ex
ecution, to-wit:
One strawberry roan gelding borse,
bald-faoed, about neven years old;
one saddle, one bridle, and one pair
of chaps. J. A. Auey,
JT Special Constable.
Farmers Congress of Agricultural
College. Ft. Collins, Jan
uary S-13, 1912
One fare for the round trip via
Colorado Midland for the above oc
casion.* Ticket* on sale January oth
and 7th with final limit of January
22nd. For further information call
on or write R. E. Vickery, General
Agent, C. M. By., Grand Junction,
Colo. • .
FOR SALE The Richardson
ranch on Flag creek; 940 acres; pric
ed to sell for cash or on terms.—F. A.
Carstens, Meeker, Co’o. dftO
Yes, he’s man without a vice—the
Dr. Hubbard is permanently locat
ed in the Hugus building, room 12.
Office phone, No. 07; residence phone.
No. 04.
Send The Herald to eastern friends
Galvanised chimneys, any slae,
made to order, by A. E. Lytle.
The next time you are passing, go
In and hear this wonderful musical
Instrument Victors $l6 to $960. Easy
terms if desired. On sale at Strehlke’s.
Mrs. J. O. Carr, agsut
John Baldwin spread his bold John
Hancock on tbe Meeker register on
John and Mrs. Williams, cf the
Park, attended to business In town
Wednesday. T •
James Sheridan was among the
oollege boys who spent holiday week
with tbe home folks.
C. A. Ralston, manager for the PL
company, autographed at the Meeker
early, in the week*
W. J. Clark of Little Beaver, ex
changed greetings with the Meeker
ites New Year’s day.
Lawrenee Smith, who Is a student
at the Colorado Agrieeltuml enllegc,
spent holiday week at home.
Hugh White, after a seven months
stay at tbe Hulett ranch, la taklog a
needed rest at the Meeker hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Denton are
booked to leave to-morrow tor Guth
rie, Ok la., for a lengthy visit with
W. H. Clark returned to Meeker
last Friday after a business trip to
the southwestern end of the state.
Mr. Clark also made a brief visit to
A. G. and Mrs. Robertson and the
children, returned from Rilke, Wed
nesday, after spending the holiday*
with Mr. Robertson’s sister, Mrs. P.
F. Kieinger.
V. S. Shsnkland was up front An
gora this week and reports bis bro
ther Ed st Hot Springs, Ark., and
much Improved In health sines go
ing there some few weeks ago.
Always Answered.
Children often are highly toglral,
though not quite lo tbe adult wanner.
They attain conclusion* by those proc
esses oT ••pure reason* which, beini
quite unbiased by tbe opinions of
others, sometimes result to startling
Almost everybody, for Instance, has
beard of the little led who, Itstsnlnr to
tbe questions of an Irreligious friend of
the family as to what woold happen
supposing that one good Christian
should pray for an east sod another
for a west wind st sea, innocently an
swered that of course them’d bt an
awful tempest, bnt not every one bus
beard of tbe equally perttosst and
noire solution recently offered by •
thoughtful youngster tor the ever per
plexing problem of “Are prayers an
Tbs child was talking wl|h;«iMber.
who asked tbs vexed and pfissttng
qseat ion, explaining st tbe ihdkrifime
that be didst beUem that prayam
stem answered, because ha never -get
anytblog be asked tor.
“You don't pray for the right things,**
answered lltds Mr. Wiseman. “Of
course all prayers are answered, tint
sometimes the answer la ‘Tee* and
sometimes It’s ‘No.* "—Chicago Record-
Leaving a Men Helpless.
“That statement made me think."
•old a veteran newspaper man to the
Cincinnati Times-Star. “of tbe cele
brated row between President Cleve
ls nd’* colored man and Secretary
Hoke Smith's colored nan. The two
were exercising tbelr masters' boraen
out on a country rood and got Into a
dispute as to what is the best thing In
tbe world. Finally they made a bet
of a dollar on It
** 'Well, whet is de bes* thing In tbe
world?* naked Cleveland’s man.
“ ‘Rosa* possum and sweet tatera.
•eld Hoke Smith’s moke.
‘"Wboar sayt Cleveland's man.
dragging at tbe bridle. Be Jumped to
tbe ground, seised Hoke Smith's man
by tbe leg and dragged him to the
“ Take that.* eays be, lamming him
oo tbe neck, ’you miserable black ras
cal! You ain't leave me nuffin’ to
guess atr "
Brain of the Bee.
In a German scientific periodical G
Jooeecu gives tbe results of bis studies
of tbe brain of tbe bee. Aa might be
expected from Its wonderful instincts,
this is found to be very complex. Tbe
various divisions of tbe brain are de
scribed In detail, but perhaps tbe most
luteresting part Is tbe comparison of
tbe brains of queens, workers nod
drones. Tbe worker has a larger brain
than the queen, and as tbe difference
between queen and worker la the re
sult of diet doling tbe grub stage It
appears that tbe food which develops
slae of body end fertility Is not best
for tbe growth of brain. The “royal
Jelly** aa a mental stimulus Is a fail
ure. in tbe drone tbe brain is not
larger than In tbe worker, but tbe op
tic lobes are large, corresponding to
tbe large eyes.
Didn’t Wait the Attack.
At Boulogne during a royal reception
some years ago a number of Cngtiab
ladies In their anxiety to see every
thing pressed wltb such force against
tbe eokiiers wbo were keeping tbe
line I bat tbe soldiers were forced to
give way and generally were, aa po
licemen eay. “hindered In tbe execu
tion of tbelr duty.’* Tbe officer to
command, observing tbe state of af
fairs. called out: •‘One roll of tbs
drum! If they don’t stand back kiss
them alir After tbe first sound of
the dram the ladies took to flight.
“If they bad been French.” said a
Parisian Journal, “they would have
remained to a woman.”
Notices sent out aunounciug the
Woodmen of the World smoker
nod social session should have
read, “Monday evening, January
Bth, at 8 o’clock, at I. O. O. F.
Hall.*' Visiting neighbors Invit
Mr*. A. R. Tabor of Crider, Mo.,
had been troubled with sick headache
for about five years, when she began
to take Chamberlain’s Tablets. She
has taken two bottles of them and
they have cured her. Sick headache
i* caused by a disordered stomach,
for which these tablets are especially
intended. Try them, get well, and
stay well. For sale by all dealers.
The Big Denver Show
Everybody aud their sisters are go
ing to the big national western stock
show at Denver, to be held during
the week of January I.sth-20th. The
show will include, In addition to the
stock show, d horse show, a poultry
show, and a feed and forage show.
There will be tfng performances of
the horse show every afternoon and
evening during the week, with a dif
ferent program at each performance.
Stockmen from all over the western
slope are planning to attend.
The Colorado Midland Hallway
company announce special rates of
one fare for the round trip. Tickets
on sale January 14th, 16th and 17tli,
return limit January 22nd. For fur
ther Information, call on or write R.
E. Vickery, General Agent, Grand
Junction, Colo.
“A Yaller Dog’s Love for a Nigger”
There's a rude mound in yonder
graveyard cold
That,knows no decoration day, -
And he that is laid underneath it to
Is only a “nigger’’ they say.
He died an old vagrant, not a cent
did he own!
And he left not a soul to be sad;
They gave him his freedom, and he
wandered alone,
And a dog was all that he had.
They dug him a grave and laid him
This poor old worn out slave:
Not a prayer for his rest did any one
But hii dog lay down on his grave.
He lays there and mourns the whole
day long;
For nobody else does he care.
Neither menace nor threat can drive
trim away
From the grave of tee “nigger” laid
There’s a mighty fine monument
standing right nigh.
But to me that rude mound seems
bigger, 1 .
For there’s a monument that money
can’t buy—
The “yaller” dog’s love for a “nig
-Polk Miller.
Corrects AH Defects of the
Eye that Classes will Remedy
Dr. Taylor, dentist. Meeker.
[From The Herald of -l.tiu.ry *. IWJ
Bhoald auld acquaintance be forgot,
never brought to mlnr
County division was still the live
Twelve inches of snow fell during
the week.
The famous Doc Lem Kitchens left
to settle on Yampa river near where
Hayden is now located.
Robert McKee of Piceance was a
town visitor. Mr. McKee was in
Meeker this week, looking as well as
he did 25 years ago.
An item reeords: “N. Major re
ceived a handsome new barouche last
week, which, when placed behind
Mr. M.’s fine team of blacks, is the
prettiest turn-out in town.”
It was about 20 below first week in
January ’B7; which shows that there
hasn’t been much Improvement in
weather conditions in the past twen
ty-five years so far as temperature
is concerned.
Another item says: “A very en
joyable dance was given by Mr. and
Mrs. Otto Metzger at their residence
on the mesa, Monday evening. A
large number of Meekerites partici
pated in the pleasures of tbe even
ing.” .
$100 Reward $100
Tbe raiders of this paper will Is* plchmnl to
learn that there is at leant one dreaded dHouse
that science bus been able to cure In all its
atsgi*. and that Is Catarrh. Hall’s Catarrh Cure
Is the only positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh briny n constitu
tional disonse, requires a eonst'tutioual treat
ment. Hall’s Catarrh Cure Is taken internally,
acting directly upon tbe blotxl and mucous
surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and giving the pa
tient strength by building up tbe constitution
and assisting nature ip doing its work. The
proprietors have so much faith in its curative
powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any case that it fails to cure. Sent! for list
of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY Si CO„ Toledo. O.
Sold by all druggists, 7ftc.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
LOST— -Ladies Coat
Blue serge, short coat; between
Cross-L ranch and Meeker. Finder
will please call at Cross-L ranch.
Lion Canon
V. ■
Lessee and Operator
Coal Always on Hand
Second Annual Convention Colo
rado Good Roads Conference.
Pueblo Jsn. 11-12, 1912.
One faro for the round trip via the
Colorado Midland Tor the übove oc
eneslon. Ticket, on .ale January.
10th and llth final limit January
10th. For further information eail
on or write B. K. Vickery, Oenernl
Agent, C. M. By., Grand Junction.
The winter social season Is about
to bigln—time for you to either re
new your engraved visiting cards or
order new ones. We carry samples
of the very latest designs. Come in
and look at them. Thu Hkhai.d.
You can get many articles suitable
for holiday use at Hartko’s.
DR. R. A. FOX,
Office, rpilalr. In Hugiu Block.
Physician and Surgsoa.
Office, Upstairs in Hugus Block
Call st Meeks DrugOn
F. N. JoHantgen Matiu
ufacturing & Blacksmith
* Company ♦
Workers in Iron, Stool, Wood
Horse Shoing is our Specialty
P. O. Box los, Phone, *
Meeker, Colo.
Established tn ISM
“Promptness - and • Satisfaction”
Practical Plookr -ui. Fitter
All kinds of Piping, Sheet Iron,
Tin and Metal work, etc.
Jobbing Promptly Attended to
Estimates given on ail clasaei of work
(kittle bra nil-
. od •• per cut.
QJ «ad 67
’ Horae braml
same as out.
JBI Range, Joao-
Pfa’ne basin
and Govern-
StoEBHKEW ment rood.
P O Meeker. Colo. W 8 Montgomery. Mgr.
dAB Cattle branded same
ns cut on left or right
sides. Ear marks— up
per bit both ears. Horse
■ iIH brand same a* out.
, Kangtf—Head of Mil
-I*o Meeker.
cattle branded as on
cut on left aide.
m .i H "'
. U Kc&AIO.
dgßtg fUMHMMam.
fttßatraK MfntonteftgM.. ai
tnni ra-nra UUK brand'd
71 on Ml aid.
Range, Upper White
P O address. Meeker
Cattle branded same as
Horses same
Range Miller creek and
upper White river.
. W. HI roatodtoe address
. Meeker Colo.
H. 8. HARP.
; SflHßftp Cattle and
1 horses. AJao^HMI l if
own and rungfiHg§l§lg§i
f»li»Jtojr brands;
Range, NineMlio HUi lASM HHHI
and Coal Creek. P O Meeker.
ttfMf Cattle branded on left
side name as out Also
own cattle branded
|Bk O -POL E9
-Horse branded HBf§|
same as out. Range Rio
■■■■to Blanco county. POid
dress Meeker Colo.
WF Cattle branded same as
Iwmm out. Ear marks used:
HRVB crop on right ear, undor-
slope on left; also under
WKBH hack on each ear. Young
wMPVI stock the latter.
Ml Winter range, lower
! fißßtowJ!' White river. Bummer
; range, lower White rivet
: andMarvlne creek.
! v O address Box 825, Meeker. Colo.
t fiflNf All Increase branded
(> n left side, name aa cut
Ear mark, crop left, and
Kplit right ear.
Also own and run fnl-
VBEHI lowing brands:
BHBBIIWI PuMuare ridnm,
ISHiHBiM Meeker, Colo
THIS PAPFR 1" kept on (Ue at THE DAKB
INC.. 427 South Main St., Los Angeita, and T
Market St, San Francisco, where contracts for
advertising run tie made for It.
Barbed Wirs
GUARANTEED to heal without leav
ing a blemish, or MONEY REFUNDED.
6<fc and $l.OO sizes for fresh wounds,
old sores, sore backs and shoulders,barns
and bruises. 2-">c size for Family Use.
»a painless and guaranteed to core
Spavin, Ringbone, Curb, Sweeny. Splint,
l mis, or atiy enlargement of Done or
muscle, or money refunded. Ptioe Me.
3Dragr CoxxxriMTijr
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