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James Lyttle, Editor and Proprietor
The Pioneer Newspaper
In Rio Blanco County
Best Advertising Medium in
Northwestern Colorado
Up-To-Date Equipment
Meeker, Colorado
|Rifle, Meeker & Craig]
: Stage and Express Line I
ft II —==- 4
ft ■ - «
| Daily: Rifle to Meeker; Parties arriving on any «
ft tri-weekly to Axial, Tues- 1 train too late to take stage «
! day, Thursday and Satur- A can secure conveyance at !
» day. Livery stablest Rifle yf our Rifle livery. We meet «
» and Meeker. For itiforma- T all trains. Write or phone *
* tipn and rates, address ' Co me at Rifle, Colo. \
» I ’ > . , ■ i ... «
ft ■■ - L ■ - ■ ■>■■■ •■■■■■ «
\ H. P. Spurlock, Prop., Rifle, Colo, j
There is an underlying principle in this slogan that comes home
toeveryColoradocitisen. This is evidenced by the fact that
initiated the “Buy Colorado-Made Products** movement, which is
blit One Phase of a broad principle that includes promoting increased
production of tiie agricultural, mineral and livestock industries of
the Central West, and at the same time open up and stimulate more
and better markets for our products.
The “Spirit of Optimisin'* permeates throughout its Editorial
and Nows columns; NOT spasmodically or occasionally, blit EVERY
DAY. . To sum it up briefly. The Denver Times fulfills all of the ac
cepted functions of a metropolitan daily that, is FULLY ALIVE to
the Best Interests of Every Section of its Chosen Field, and withal
at tho lowest cost to YOU—
Including flic Big Sunday Edition
Featuring the Latest Popular Novels complete in one and two issues.
Just fill out the coupon and mail today—4s cents per month; $5.20
by the year.
Until further orders send me The Daily and Sunday Times
For soreness of the muscles,
whether induced by violent exercise
or injury, there isnothingbetter than
Chamberlain's Liniment This lini
ment also relieves rheumatic pains.
For sale by all dealers.
The young Hambletonian stallion,
now owned by C. H. Wallace, will be
handled by H. M. Buttles this season.
Teddy is a very handsome animal!
and has a track record of 2:24; $lO
to insure. 37tf
ARKS ln ■
■ all wmnirtr*. or no fee. <■ oWmn PATC NTS ■
■ that PAY, nd»rrtJK> them tl»oroe«faly. at our ■
■ expnwe, and Bol|» you to none ■
■ Bend model, pboU> or xketch for rttEC report ■
■on patentability. *0 yearn' predict). SUN* I
■ pASSINO SCFBRCNCES. For free Quide B
■ Book on rmfltehle t’atenta write to ■
■ •OJ-SOS Seventh Straat, I
■ waswwoTQN, P- c. B
During the summer monthsmothers
of young children should watch for
any unnatural looseness of the
bowels. When given prompt attention
at this time serious trouble msy be
avoided. Chamberlain’s Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy can al
ways be depended upon. For sale by
all dealers.
BOYB wanted to sell our Sunday
papers; liberal inducements to
| hustlers. Write to: Manager Circu
lation, The Denver Time, Denver,
left me with a frightful oough and
very weak. I had spells when 1 could
hardly breathe or speak for 10 to 20
minutes. My doctor could not help
me, but I was completely cured by
New Discovery
Mrs. J. E. Cox, Joliet, 111. 9
Atchison, Kalis.; Chicago, 111.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Council Bluffs,
Iowa; Denver, Colo.; Kansas City, Mo.; Leavenworth, Kans.; Minne
apolis, Minn.; Omaha, Neb.; Peoria, III.; Pueblo, Colo.; St. Joseph,
Mo.; St. Louis, Mo. and St. Paul, Minn.
June Ist, 6th, Bth, 12th, 15th, 20th, Sind and 29th; July 3rd, 12th aud
20th; August Ist, 2nd, 10th, 28rd and 31st; September 4th and 6th.
Final Limit October 31st, 1912.
Stop over privileges in both directions. For further information call
on or write
R. E. VICKERY, General Agent,
Phone Jet. 116. 352 Main St., Grind Junction, Colo.
Now. 63463 and 72015
THE imported Perchwon Htuilloii. Gsyet, wan appr<>v<-<l l»y l he French tinveriiiiient
to Httuid for public service. He is n perfect ilnift horse of the hishust i|unlfty,
possessing in m remarkable decree all the extraordinary qimlltkM sonvht for In draft
horse sires, lie is not exeoedlnxly-hirife, but possesses the wonderful activity and biirh
ttnlab for which the I’ercheron breed is so famous. Ills |M>diirroo, like bis Individual
merit. Is tho twst that can lie found in France, bis immediate ancestors on Isith sire’s
uud darn’s side being the most noted prise winners ami breeders in that country.
< H
J Gsyoi has a certlflcnte for Colorado as required by law for public service. Ills colts,
I like blmsolf, are th * liest In the state.
1 Gayct will stand at the same place, at the ranch of I). D. Taylor, one mile la-low
J Meeker, every day of tho season of IMIS. .
( to insure colt. 97.80 for Mingle sen ice, due at time of service. 915 for the sea-
J son. Payment due September Ist.
i The Meeker Percheron Horse Ass'n.
j D. D. Taylor, Manager
Midsummer Convention Colorado
Stockgrowers’ Association.
Farmers and stockmen from all
parts of the state will meet in Glen
wood Springs July 22-24, for a big
agricultural convention and for the
midsummer convention of the Colo
rado Stockgrower’s Association and
District Convention of the Farmers’
A rate of one faro for the round
trip to Glenwood Springs lias been
made byway of Denver A Rio
Grande Railroad, tickets will be on
sale July 21st and 22nd from ail
points Salida and west and July 20th
and 21st from all points cast of Sali
Full particulars regarding fares,
etc., etc, will be cheerfully furnished
on application to Local Rio Grande
agent, or Frank A. Wadleigh. Gen
eral passenger agent, Denver, Colo.
Will cure your cold
while you sleep.
Engraved cards, invitations, et:
Our samples will help you decide.
The Heram>.
For Sale or Trade
1 120 acres relinquishment with im
provements, 1 mile southeast of Bu
’ ford; cheap. Call at or address this
1 office.
Dysentery is always serious and
. often a dangerous disease, but it can
> be cured. Chamberlain's Colic Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy has cured
it even when malignant and epi
' deniic. For sale by all dealers.
HW_ A w
■ f)■ ■ W ■
* ■ ■ gfl k ■ l
Trade Marks
AnpOMMMHas safest eh and dmerlptlon may
anwktr iMHilif aw opinion fra* wbather an
lurantkwi ta pro*ably Mlanlatk Commantr*.
Uowaatrtotjy nowSdawtiaf. MIIB9OPK on PaieuU
«<JW ooUm. wtt boat atom, ta tip
ScieMtific Htaericatt.
A twadaomaly lllmtiatod wsaftly. lanmt efr
aalatlon of any aetaptMe Journal, Terms. 93 a
rgrj.fgV|nonAa.>L Wbbfiilnawadjalwa.
“I simply cant stand tlio toot of an
automobile horn.”
“How’s that?"
“A fellow eloped with my wife in
an automobile, and every time I hear
a horn tOot I think he’s bringing her
back.”—Minnesota Minnehaha.
Horses For Sale
All kinds of horses for sale. Will
take secured or approved notes at 8
per cent interest in payment, if
parties buying desire.
J. C. Gentry.
The Choice of a Husband
is too important a matter fora woman
to lie handicapped by weakness, bad
blood or foul breath. Avoid these kill
hopes by taking I)r. King’s Life Pills.
New strength, fine complexion, pure
breath, cheerful spirits—things that
win men follow their use. Easy, safe,
sure. 26c at all druggists.
Black King
The L. N. Boner horse will stand
for the ensuing season as fol
lows —
Mondays and Tuedays at the
Giliis ranch, lower Wiiite river.
Thursdays and Fridays at the
old Boner ranch, Powell Park.
Saturdays and Sundays at
$12.50 to insure; SB.OO a season.
C. E. Johnson Manager,
Meeker P. O.
Insect Bite Costs Leg
A Boston man lost his leg from the
bite of an insect two years before. To
avert such calamities from stingsand
bites of insects use Bucklen’s Arnica
Salve promptly to kill the poison aud
prevent inflaination, swelling and
pain. Heals.burns, boils, ulcers, piles,
eczema, cuts, bruises. Only 26 cents
at all druggists.
If you are a housewife you cannot
reasonably hope to be healthy or
beautiful by washing dishes, sweep
ing and doing housework all day, and
crawling into bed dead tired at night.
You must get out into the open air
aud sunlight If you do this every
day and keep your stomach and
bowels in good order by taking
Chamberlain’s Tablets when needed,
you should become both healthy and
beautifuL For sale by *U dealers.
More Important
Mrs. Newlywed—Do you keep a
loving, wateliful eye oil your husbaud
from inuring until night?
Mrs. Oldwed (grimly)—No, tny
dear—from night until morning.—
Balt Lake City. Utah, will enter
tain a great many national convent
ions during the year 1912 and in the
interest of the delegates and tourists,
who will visit the convention city by
America's Dead Bea, the Denver and
Rio Grand Railroad has just issued a
handsomely illustrated folder, des
criptive of the noted scenic points
along Its lines between Denver and
Balt Lake City, together with a list
of hotels, cafes, theaters, clubs and
points of interest in and around "The
City of Zion." In the center of the
folder is a map showing the street ar
rangement and giving the location of
principal buildings, railroad offices,
etc. The cover design is a very neat
three color effect looking through the
giant portals of Castle Gate with
Balt Lake City, by Great Balt Lake
in the background.
It Is estimated that there will be
nearly 1,000,000 head shortage of beef
cattle this year over last It's this
big shortage which is causing the
high price of beef.
FOR SALE—Slightly used piano
for sale, cheap for cash. Call at this
office. j 20-27
Reduced Rates via Colorado Midland
Cascade Canon, Colo., July 10-29, 1912.
Account Cascade Canon assembly.
One fare for the round trip. Dates
of sale July 18, 19 and 20. Final re
turn limit July 80.
Denver, Colo., August 12-14, 1912. Ac
count meeting Improved Order of
Red Men. One fare for the round
trip. Date of sale August 11. Final
return limit August 10.
Colorado Springs and Mauitou, Colo.,
August 27-29, 1912. Account Pike’s
Peak Region Summer Carol vhI. One
fare for the round trip. Dates of
sale August 27 and 28, 1912. Final
retmn limit August 81.
Denver, Colo., September 10-21, 1912.
Account Annual Meeting Masonic
Bodies of Colorado. One fare for
tiie round trip. Dates of sale
September 10, 17 and 19. Final
return limit September 22.
Denver, Colo., August. 1912. Account
Supreme Ixfdge Knights of Pythias
and Grand Lodge Knights of
Pythias. One fare for the round
trip. Dates of sale August 6, 7 and
8. Final return limit August 17:
Pueblo, Colo., September 16-21, 1912.
Account Colorado State Fair. One
fare for the round trip. Dates of
sale: For the public, September 10,
17, 18 and 19. For exhibitors, Sep
tember 14 and 15, these tickets to
be issued only on certificates signed
by A. L. Price, secretary. Final re
turn limit September 23.
Glen wood Springs, Colo., July 22-24,
1912. Account Mid-Summer Con
vention, Coloradodo Stock Growers
convention. One fare for the round
trip. Dates of sale July 21 and 22.
Final return limit, August 1.
Pueblo, Colo., August 6-8, 1912. Ac
count Democratic State Conven
tion. One fare for the round trip.
Dates of sale August 5 and 0. Final
return limit August 9.
Denver, Colo., August 1-3, 1912. Ac
count Republican State Conven
tion. One fare for the round trip.
Dates of sale July 81, and August
1. Final return limit August 5.
For further information call on or
R. E. VICKERY, General Agent
852 Main St., Grand Junction, Colo
FOR SALE—Light sigle buggy
and harness, $30.00. See H. Ramsey,
Hugus block. J20-27
F. M. Jones is now agent for the
Edison Phonograph Co. Phonographs
and Records for sale. Phonographs
$15 to $35. m-4
Wind Mills
See the new Star wind mill, sold
by A. E. Lytle. These mills are per
fectly self-governing; automatically
throwing themselves out of gear;
adjusted to any velocity of wind.
For Safe---Fine Ranch
On Strawberry; known as the Mc-
Kimpson ranch. 820 acres patented
land. Good water. Good range. Part
under cultivation. A big bargain.
Inquire or write I* N. Boner, Meeker.
Are You Going to Glenwood?
Farmers and stockmen from all
over the state are arranging for a big
time at Glenwood, July 22-24. On the
occasion of the State Agricultural
convention, the mid-summer con
vention of the Colorado Stock
growers Association and the District
convention of the Farmers Union.
The Business Men's league of Glen
wood is arranging a fine program of
entertainment, free to the visitors.
The Colorado Midlaod will make a
special rate of one fare for the round
trip good going July 21 and 22, good
returning August Ist.
June. Lyttle, Editor and Proprietor
Enured In th. Ureter. Colo.. poMoare re
Hoond-elMi mail matter.
roa suaacmmoN.
One Year $* ••
Sis Months * •
Professional Oaids, per Month J> •
One Inch, display, per Month I •
Two Inches, per Month • 09
Three Inches, per Month 4 SO
Pour Inches, per Month •
Pive Inches, per Month t V
Ten Inches, (1-3 column) per Month _lO SO
Twenty Inches, (1 column) per Month 19 SO
Professional Cards, when paid In advance,
lit 00 per year.
Local notices ten cents per lln#i Legal
notices seven cents per line.
Address all communications to
Meeker. Colorado.
Democratic County Assembly
Notice is hereby given that the
Democratic County Assembly for
Rio Blanco county is called to meet
at the court in Meeker, on
Saturday, August 3, 1911 a 2 o’clock
p. in., for the purpose of electing six
delegates to tiie State assembly
which convenes at Pueblo, Colo.,
August 0. 1912.
Said County assembly will also
elect delegates to the Legislative,
Senatorial and Judicial assemblies.
The county assembly will also
designate candidates for county of
ficers whose names will be placed on
the primary election ballots to be
voted on at the primary election to
be held on September 10, 1912, as
Commissioner Second District,
Commissioner Third District,
Clerk and Recorder,
Superintendent of Schools,
County Judge,
Precinct for tiie election
of delegates to the county assembly
and for the election of precinct chair
man and precinct chairwoman, will
he held at the usual places in each
precinct, on Saturday, July 27, 1912,
at 2 o’clock p. in. The several pre
cincts will bo entitled to representa
tion in the county assembly as
Rangely 8 White River *
Piceance ...1- Bast Meeker s
Coal Creek 4 Buford S
Powell Park 8 Angora *
Went Meeker rt Pyramid 1
Petrol lie 1
The Democratic County Central
W. 8. Montuomkrv,
F. N. JoHantokn, Chairman
Denver Republican Really Admits It
Both Republican and Democratic
newspapers throughout the country
commend the Baltimore ticket as a
strong one rendering vain any hope
for the third term move, and most of
them predicting victory at the polls
for Wilson and Marshall.—The Den
ver Republican.
In Moving Pictures this week, a
hand Colored feature film of the Vow
or Jeptah’s Daughter, describing an
incident of great interest in Biblical
times, Saturday and Sunday nights.
Mall Carriers Will Fly
This is an age of great discoveries.
Progress rides on the air. Soon we will
see Uncle Sam’s mail carriers flying
in all directions, transporting mail.
People take a wonderful interest in a
discovery that benefits them. That’s
why Dr. King's New Discovery for
coughs, colds and other throat and
lung diseases is the most popular
medicine in America. “It cured me
of a dreadful cough,” writes Mrs. J.
F. Davis, Htickney Corner, Me., “af
ter doctor’s treatment and all other
remedies had failed.” For coughs,
colds or any bronchial affection it is
unequaled. Price 60c and SI.OO. Trial
bottle free at all druggists.
What Makes a Woman?
One hundred and twenty pounds,
inure op less, of bone and muscle
don’t make a woman. Its a good
foundation. Put into it health and
strengtl) and she may rule a king
dom. But that’s just what Electric
Bitters give her. Thousands bless
them for overcoming fainting and
dissy spells and for dispelling weak
ness, nervousness,, backache and
tired, listless, worn out feel'ing.
“Electric Bitters have done me a
world of good,” writes Elisa Pool,
Depew, Ok la., “and I thank you with
all my heart, for making such a good
medicine. Only 60c. Guaranteed by*
ali druggists.
Buy it now. Chamberlain’s Colic,
Cholera aud Diarrhoea Remedy is al
most certain to be needed before the
summer is over. Buy it now and be
prepared for such an emergency. For
sale by all dealers.

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