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v•• * • • *******"**""*"* , ’*"""** w ****® w ' ,,, ****** , l
| C. C. Pakks, K. 01-DLAHD. 3
» O. C. FAHKM, Freatdent. W.A.Killeh, J. K. Roohby. «
* K. Oldlaxd, Vice Pres. Jt. P. Hulett, JamiiHatm, <
[ L. B. Walbbimi. Cashier. L. B. Walbhidob. j
• Capital and Surplus $50,000. J
| «
$ Does a General Banking BuilneM. 5
ft IH-afta I aimed on the Principal oltlea of the World. «
» 1
J Interest Paid on Time Deposits. We Want Your Business. I
Horse Shoeing
Wood, Iron and Steel
Established 1886 Meeker, Colo
Phone 2 P. O. Box 103
John J. Bowen
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Get Ready for Sprint Work, Bring in Your Farm Machinery and
Have Necessary Repairs Made
SHOP, SEVENTH ST, between Main and Park, MEEKER, COLO
Physician and Surgeon.
Office, west of Baer Block
Call at Moekor Drug Co
Practical Plnmler and Fitter
All kinds of Piping, Sheet Iron,
Tin and Metal work, etc.
Veterinary 9urgeon
Phono, Blin k we
Meeker, - - Colo.
Attorney At Law
Itootn 21, tlugUM Bock
Meeker, - - Colo.
Miss muuHODuand
Hair Dressing, Clipping- and
Singeing, Shampooing.
Scalp Treatment a Specialty
Booms: comer Park Ave. and «th St.
Will cure your cold
while you sleep.
Money to Loan.
Unlimited money to loan on farm
security. Low interest. For partic
ulars apply to F. E. Sheridan, (tf)
Order to Show Cause on Petition for
Sale of Real Estate
State ok Colorado * a _
County of Rio Blanco f
In the County Court In Probate
In the matter of the Estate or Elijah Hal
mon, Deceased:
This matter coming on to Ixj heard on
this27th day of June. A. D. HU2. upon the
petition (lied herein by H. Oldlaud, admin
istrator with will annexed, of said estate,
for the sale of the following descrllied real
estate or a portion thereof, to-wit: Lots 10
and B In Block « of the town of Meeker.
Colorado, and the Improvements thereon,
for the benent of said estate.
And it now appearing to the Court from
said petition that proper and legal grounds
exist for the sale of all or u portion of said
real estate.
Now, therefore, It Is ordered by the Court
that all persons who are legatees or devis
ees of said estate, or any part thereof, be
and appear before said Court at the Court
room of said Court, in the town of Meeker,
County and mate aforesaid, on the :trd day
of August. A. I>. IVI2, nt the hour of lOo’clock
on the forenoon of said day, then and t here
to show cause, If any there be, why an ord
er should not l>e made directing said It.
< lid land, administrator with will annexed,
to sell the whoto or so much of said real es
tate as may be nessessary for the purpose
specified In said petition.
It Is further ordered that this order be
published for at least four successive weeks
in the Meeker Herald, a weekly public
newsimper published In said county.
1 THGB. 81!ERVIN,.Judge.
State ok Colorado i g
County of Itlo Blanco j
I hereby waive service of the within order
and consent that the hearing upon the
petition may be had upon the day named In
said order, or the day to which such hearing
may be continued.
Church Play
The presentation of the mystery
play, “Two Litle Pilgrims and the
Book Beloved,” was an event long to
be remembered as it iiad never before
been given in western Colorado. In
spite of the stormy night which kept
many from attending a good number
were present. The play was devo
tional, reverent and while in
structive the manner in which it was
presented was so beautiful and in
teresting, the attention of the
audience was held throughout. The
following named took part:
Mother Church , Miss May Baker
First Lttle PligrßaDorothy Carr
.mjt— —I— VMM
Cfiriafopfier Ollbart Bacon
Matins Thelma Fairfield
Evensong Elio Harris
Litany Marguerite Harp
Baptism Ruth Wharton
Catechism Mildred Joy
Continuation Pearl Llndow
Holy Eucharist Dorothy Ilacon
Acolytes... Arthur Fordhnm, Richard I.yttle
Flower Girls
Virginia Taylor, Thelma Beeiner
Psalter Fannie Evans
Matrimony Eleanor Ruth Owen
Visitation of Blck Orace Fairfield
Requiem Catherine Wlldhack
Churching of Women Nellie Jdndow
Marls Stelli Marguerite Lytle
Visitation of Prisoners Irene Hay
Hong of Harvest Home .1 Esther Racon
Family Prayer Margaret OUlland
Ordinal Norcne Handersou
Articles of Religion Esther Wharton
Bookbinder George I.yttle
Lectlonary_ Colin Hmlth
Cnlendnr Mary O’Boyle
Preface May Esther Fisk
Ratification Winifred Marshall
Child of Ht James Hunday Hchool
standard Hearer Otto Ow*ens
Those who took part in drilling the
play were Mrs. Bacon, Mrs. Garrison
and John M. Horton. Margaret
Taylor sang the various hymns in
her usual sweet manner, adding
much to ttie understanding of the
play. Mrs. Evans acted as organist
with consummate skill.
The costumes of those partici
pating, the beautiful decorations, the
lighted alter, the mystic cross, to
gether with the sweet solemnity
which pervaded it make the scene
one long to bo remembered.
The Right Kind of a Progressive
Responding to the greetings of a
deputation of the Democratic Na
tional committee, the other day.
Governor Marshall, nominee for vice
president, made the following states
manlike declaration:
“There are many kinds of ‘pro
gressives’ nowadays. One believes in
taking the tariff off lowa products
and putting it on Indiana products,
and another supports the opposite
policy. I am not that kind of a
progressive. But if the term means
to believe that the Democratic party
should meet changing conditions in
protecting ttie people against the
special interests, I am progressive.”
The above shows that the Indiana
statesman is the right kind of a
progressive, and not a mouthy grand
stand player, like some of our alleged
In 1852 the Whigs did not realize
that their party was dead until
they received an invitation to the
funeral in November of that year.
History is about to repeat itself.
The Editorial Outing
The members of the Colorado Ed
itorial Association had their annual
summer meeting and outing at
Steamboat Springs this year.
Including the editors of moat of the
state papers and their immediate
families, were the representatives of
all the big city papers, and the party
all told numbered between three and
four hundred people.
The many pleasant features of the
trip will long remain a green spot in
the memories of all who participated
in the outing.
Leaving Denver on the morning of
July 7, the green fields, high grade
stock of all kinds, and comfortable
looking homes of the farmers who
live along the route of the Moffat
Road to the foothills, presented
many pleasing Beenes. As the road
winds through picturesque South
Boulder canon—darting in and out of
numerous short tunnels, a succession
of scenis beauties is revealed.
Up to Corona, “the top of the
world.” (altitude nearly 1,200 feet
above sea level), an ever interesting
scenic panorama of gulch, gorge, pine
clad mountain and snow capped peak
is presented.
The scenery on both the eastern
and western slope of the Sierra
Madre (the main range of the
Rockies) is grand and in places
inspiring. No pen can adequately
describe it; it must be seen to be ap
preciated iu all its sublimity.
The ride down the western slope
into Fraser valley and upper Grand
presents many scenic beauties, com
prising rich meadow lands, verdue
covered hills and rugged mountains.
Reaching Hot Sulphur Springs, a
hearty welcome was extended to the
“pencil pushers” and their families.
A committee of leading citizens
escorted the editors from the station
to a grassy knoll at the edge of town
where a fine spread of baked trout
and everything else good to ent was
in readiness, prepared by the good
people of the town, and to which full
justice was done. The new mammoth
bathing pool was also placed at the
disposal of the visitors. Many took
advantage of the courtesy, after
which three cheers were given for
Sulphur Springs and its hospitable
citizens, thjpn out
~ Ayers land Gore canons were the
next points of interest. Of Colorado’s
many canons none possess greater
'scenic grandeur than the Gore. After
passing4>ut of the canon, the engine
gave out necessitatinga wait of about
four hours for another engine, whicii
was dispatched with all haste from
Oak Creek. Not a grouch or com
plaint was heard as a consequence of
the unexpected delay. The time was
spent in telling stories, singing and
general merrymaking.
On arriving at Yampa, a commit
tee headed by the always genial Ham
G. Adams of Steamboat, boarded the
train, and proceeded to arrange for
the accommodation of every one of
the three hundred and fifty odd
visitors to the Routt county me
tropolis. Arriving at Steamboat,
committees of citizens, autos and
rigs of all description were on hand
at the station to conduct the visitors
to their assignments at the hotels
and private homes.
This feature was a new one, and
one of the most perfect and satis
factory that we have ever seen de
vised for taking care of a large crowd,
it was carried out with promptness
and worked to perfection. Steamboat.
Springs is to be congratulated on its
The civil offlcers.and citizens of
this beautiful resort town had ar
ranged an elaborate program of en
tertainment for the visitors. At the
bath houses, various springs and
lame hot swimming pools (in doom
and out doors) the legend was writ
ten, “Welcome, Knights of the Quill;
this Place Belongs to You.” Autos,
carriages and tallyhos were free and
at the disposal of all to visit the
many points of interest in and around
Steamboat. Committees and guides
were always in readiness to escort
the town’s guests to ail places of
interest, such as the famous boiling
spring north of the city, the fish
hatchery and the strawberry fields.
The capsheaf of the program, how
ever, was the flsh fry and big feed of
the famous Steamboat strawberries
tendered by the citizens on Monday
afternoon. That evening a grand
hall was given in honor of the visit
ing scribes and their wives and
sweethearts. One good old time was
had by all.
After two days full of enjoyment the
quill drivers left Steamboat, regret
ting that their stay could not be pro
longed and iotid in their praise of the
townand its hospitablepeople—partic
ularly tile newspaper boys—Charley
Leckenby and Del Gee of the Pilot,
John Weiskopf of the Sentinel, and
Sam Adams and his estimable wife,
all of whom were tireless in seeing j
that the strangers within their gates
had a good time.
On the homeward trip, brief stops
were made to view the Oak Hills
property of tiie Moffat Coal company
and at the flourishing mining town of
Oak Croek.
Of the many good times and de
lightful surprises sprung on the
editors during tiie trip, the small
cattle growing and fanning town of
Yampa, located in southeastern
Routt'county, near the headwaters
of Yampa river, carried off tiie palm.
It was on tiie program that tiie
party would be treated to a chicken
dioner at this place. Arriving at
Yampa on time tiie train was met by
a reception committee, a fine brass
band, a cavalcade of well mounted
cowboys, carriages and rigs sufficient
to convey tiie party to a shady grove
at the edge of town, where was
served about the swellest spread it
has ever been our good fortune to go
up against. Tiie bountiful supply of
delieious roast chicken was only one
of [the component parts of tiie
banquet. And tiie manner of its
serving could not have been im
proved on. Til is flue spread was
topped witli punch and cigars for tiie
men, and floral offerings for the
ladles. Suffice it to say, “Yampa
on-the-Bear” and its people will long
remain a bright memory in the
minds of the Colorado editors and
their ladies.
Among the citizens who seemed to
be leaders iu this happy and well
carried out affair were Mayor Van
Camp, W. H. Burnside, Sam Reid,
Arnold Powell, John W. and I)r.
Cole, J. W. and H. E. Sherman (tiie
Leader men) and others we failed to
After leaving Yampa, the scenic
wopders, which abound on every
sidf, in every mile of the Moffat.
Road, and which were missed owing
to the delay noted on the way in,
were greatly enjoyed, and all went
well till Granby was reached, when
it was learned that a train was de
railed up on tiie Fraser. This acci
dent delayed tiie arrival iu Denver
over four hours, but as before, not a
whimper of discontent at the unex
peefced delay.
train pulled into the depot, in
Beaver, at 8.80 a. in., Wednesday
nrolfrifng, all well and happy and
grateful to the management of the
Moffat Road for the courtesies
tendered, tiie careful train crew
which piloted them safely over the
road, and last, but not least to tiie
only Alva Swain, the secretary, who
arranged tiie most enjoyable and
successful summer outing in tiie
history of the Colorago Editorial
And we cannot close without pay
ing tribute to the association’s patron
saint, Wolfe Londoner, who was
along as usual, and, as usual, dis
pensed his ever pleasing hospitality
with a lavisli hand. This old Colo
rado pioneer and prince of good
fellews, has been a member of tiie
Colorado Editorial Association since
its oranization, some thirty odd years
ago and never missed-an outing or a
meeting. Long may he live and
Farming Chances
The Government does not think
that farming is overdone. In fact., it
believes that tiie unemployed should
be more generally distributed on tiie
farms, and. through the Department
of Commerce and Labor it lias just
issued a publication entitled “Agri
cultural Opportunities,” Which can
lie had free on application to tiie De
partment in Washington. Tiie bul
letin discusses briefly tiie climate,
surface, soil, irrigation and dry farm
ing, (where practiced), principle
crops, stock raising, prices of land
and inducements to settlers, farm ex
penses and general inducement of
different sections, including tiie
North Atlantic states, the North
Central states, tiie South Central
states, the Western states, including
tiie Alaska, and the southern group
of Western stats including the Ha
waiian Islands. Those interested
are told where they can get fuller in
When Tom Platt made Roosevelt
Vice-President he certainly had no
conception of what lie was starting.
As for the Democrats, will they
please do their best/.* They can carry
40 out of 48 states for Wilsou by a
strong pull.
Little Wiuuie(just returned from
Sunday school) —ls it true that even
the hairs of our head are numbered?
Mr. Frontseat —The Bible says so,
my child.
Little Winnie (after a pause)—lt
won’t be very hard to keep track of
your’s, will it, papa?—Judge.
Sixty Days Vacation
■in for little money
Rest more (his summer. Your real vacation comes at
home surrounded by real conveniences. Thousands
of women who thought their kitchens convenient,
save miles of steps and from one to two hours
time every day with the HOOSIER CABINET.
“The Famous Hoosier
Saves miles of steps”
“The Qualify Store”
Steam Hnat ::. Bath. The Only Flrat-Claaa
Electric Lights Hotel in Rifle
Clark’s Winchester
Service Unexcelled John W. Chamhkhi.ain
Hcadqiiartcre for White River People Proprietor
! V. B. Caldwell, President. O. A. Seymour, Vloe President. ft
l J. A. Hendle, Vice PrHilriont. ft
« A. C. Moulton, Cashier. J. W. Hioht, Assistant Cashier. $
i (Co-Partnership) *
« Liabilities of Partners to Depositors Exceeds One Million Dollars, |
! $1,000,000.00. I
< a
S Interest allowed on Tlm« Deposits. Draft" drawn on Eastern oltlea and Europe. I
4 Col lections promptly attended to. J
I ft
« Denver-United States National Bank. Omaha-United States National Rank. •
1 New York—National Bank of Commerce. Rawlins—Rawlins National l
J Hank. Salt lake City—Commercial National Bank. I
Hay Rakes,
Bull Rakes,
Binder Twine.
They Speak for Themselves
We Haven’t Been
e Without gaining a pretty intimate knowl
edge of your wants, and we are here to
serve you in anything pertaining to the
Jewelry line.
709-711 16th street, Denver, Colorado
Rhody Konehan is tiie “Bull
Moose” of Colorado politics. But at
the present time ho is keeping pretty
tpiiet, passing the intcrogatory off
with the remark: “I will let yez
know at the proper time, what I
Colonel Roosevelt is quoted as
saying, “If the people want a pro
gressive party I’ll he in it.” Wasn’t
the word “in” inserted by a careless
Dr. R. H. Taylor, dentist, Meeker.
And in tiie meantime tiie person
ally conducted Ananias Club mem
bership lias reached high tide and
tiie private census of undesirable
citizens lias grown beyond recogni
Notwithstanding a new party or
two the corn crop will be just as
One third off on hammocks at
Shepherd’s Hardware store.
FOR Sale—a good Domestic range,
Knqiro at Chapin A Joy’s. J«

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