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Wishes to Announce to the People of Rio Blanco County that From
July aQtlx to AvLgvLSt 3*»c3., lQia
There will be a Mid-Summer Sale of Women’s and Misses’ Summer Apparel, of Strictly Fresh Stock and at exceptionally low
prices. This is an opportunity never before offered to the people of Meeker and vicinity. It will pay you to make a visit to
this store. The purpose of this sale is to introduce to the people of Rio Blanco County, THE NEW YORK STORE and
our Very Low Prices. Many New Goods just in for this Sale.
White Lingerie Waists Silk Waists Wash Dresses
B Made in Chiffon, Nets, Meualine and Taffeta Silk, all sizes and Made in Ginghams, Swlsses and Tissues—all new, fresh, clean
Made in all styles; high neck, long sleeves; low neck, styles. Values up to $7.00 and $B.OO. Very Special r\e stock—lates styles. Dresses ordinarily sold at $6.00. aa rag
short sleeves, etc. Values up to #1.86 OcfL „ Extra Special at
Silk Dresses White Lingerie Dresses House Dresses
. . , . „ „ _ _ J , and embroidery trimmed, latest styles. Values og our Hou , e DreMe , IWSc, are World Beaters
Latest styles—made In Messaline, Taffetas and q up to $5.00, now »p45.v)t7
Values up to $18.76. Our price . Others at $8.85, $4.96 and up. See our line at $1.20
- - - - *
Visit our Variety Department, just added. You will be surprised at the amount of useful merchandise $l.OO will buy.
Everything In Our Stock On Sale
Silk. Serge, Gingham, Percale and Lingerie Dresses. Silk, Lingerie and Flannel Waists. Silk and wash Petticoats. Cloth
Skirts, Suits, Corsets, Muslin Underwear, Knit Underwear, Ribbons, Sweater Coats, Children’s Wash Dresses, etc.
fa»===»»= ! ===»====i===iF=====i'=ii =ji-n —ir=n tn==ii =u n=uJ
MW LYTTLI, editor * Proprietor
bfOrtnl Snif.it
I hereby announoe myself as a candidate for
eterk and recorder of Rio Blanco county,
Colorado, subject to the will of the Democratic
county assembly and the Democratic voters In
the primary to bo held September 10, 1912.
Meeker, Colo.
It's bad for the hay-makers.
But good for the winter ranges.
Mr. Parrotte spent Thursday In
“Water to burn” is the complaint
this season.
Tom Burke of Piceance, was a
town visitor Wednesday.
Miss Carrie Oldland spent the
week at Windermere Lodge
“Little Ben, the kid jedge,” was
sat on by the stockmen at Glenwood.
Mr. Gordon, from Denver, is the
new bookkeeper at the Bank o
P. W. Hockett, of the park, ex
changed greetings with Meeker
friends Saturday.
Miss Katherine Wildhack is the
guest of her young friend, Miss Mar
garet Bartlett, at Buford, this week.
H. F. Byers, the popular repres
entatives of Carter, Rice, & Carpent
er Paper company, Denver, called on
our business men yesterday.
M. R Slifka was in form his Line
kilm hill form this week and reports
crops on the hill looking fine, and
grass out of sight
Lightening struck the residence of
J. W. Williams, in the east end of
town, during the rain and electrical
storm Thursday, but fortunately
did’nt do much damage.
One of the severest raiu and
electrical storms ever known (while
it lasted) visited these parts Thurs
day afternoon. What damage done,
If any, has not yet been reported.
And —it was duplicated yesterday
afternoon. '
Granger Claude Wilson, with his
clothes covered with hay seed and
his whiskers full of cuokle burrs,
mingled with the town folks Satur
day. Whiskers? Yes. We said
whiskers! Sinoe Claude has become
a steady granger he Is sporting a
bunch of spinach that would make
Farmer Corn tassel turn green with
Prospective Candidates
Prospective candidates in nearly
all of the counties are announcing
themastvea for vartOQs offices, con
formatory to the new primary law.
In our neighboring counties to the
north, Routt and Moffat—over a
dosen Democratic candidates are an
nounced in regular form in the Pilot,
Leader and Empire, the Democratic
papers of these counties; a like
number are announced in Garfield
In this county, however, prospec
tive candidates seem to be timid in
casting their top tog into the political
ring, and, so far there are only two
regularly announced candidates—one
Democrat and one Republican. It
will probably take one or more elec
tions to get office holders and pros
pective office holders used to the new
order of things.
As above noted, while candidates
are shy, their friends are not. Both
seasoned and green political timber
for local use Is being inspected, and
from today on available material to
fill and county and district offices
will be discussed.
It is conceded on all sides that this
is a Democratic year, and there is no
lack of good material from which to
select a local ticket.
There are two commissioners to be
elected —successors to Messrs. Baker
and Bussell. We haven’t the re
motest idea as to who the G. O. P.
leaders will trot out for these im
portant offices, but the names most
talked of among Democrats, are, for
the Buford district, J. B. Nimerick,
former Commissioner Thos Kilduff,
L. P. Craig and Charley Bloomfield.
In the Meeker district, the 'names of
Otto Metsger, L. L. Devlin, B. C.
Howey and Bert Salter (of Powell
park), are being urged by respective
For the important office of clerk
and recorder, as will be seen In an
other column, Mr. F. N. JoHantgen
is a regularly announced candidate.
“Jo” is an old-timer in the county,
popular and well qualified to fill the
position if he secures the nomination.
The many friends of Claude Wilson
are urging him to run for this posi
tion, believing that the old cry, “Oh,
he’s holding a good job now (book
keeper at Oldland’s) cannot again be
made to do good work against him.
A break down caused Claude to quit
his position at Oldlatid’s early the
past spring. He is now doing the
granger act on his dry farm up on
Flag creek.
Mayor C. F. Brown is the only
Democratic name we have heard men
tioned for treasurer* There will
probably he others by the time the
tenth day of September rolls round.
For assessor the names of Fletcher
Hay, George Aicher and J. W.
Balnbrich are talked of.
The sheriff’s office is an important
one. R G. Lyon and R. H. Wear
are urged to go before the primary-
It is probable that they will do so.
Not muoh It being said, about
legislative offices. Nobody Mem to
want the office of representatlye from
this district
The present senator from this dis
trict, Hen. B. T. Napier will likely
be a candidate for nomination. W.
S. Montgomery of this place is also
urged to be a candidate.
And, of course—Jim Gentry will he
renominated and roelected district
Good Roads
C. P. Allen, president of the state
highway commission, arrived In
Meeker last Saturday afternoon on a
tour of inspection of the route of the
proposed transcontinental highway,
through this part of Colorado.
Mr. Allen was met at Rifle and
brought over to Meeker by Perry
Spurlock in Ills passenger auto.
Arriving here, the commissioner
was met by the committee of citizens
appointed some time ago to conduct
him to the Utah line. The commit
tee, which was composed of Messrs.
W. H. Clark, A. C. Moulton, R Old
land, Isaac Baer, L. B. Walbridge
and F. E. Sheridan, entertained Mr.
Allen at dinner at the Meeker hotel
in the evening, and a number of our
citizens, interested in good roads,
were invited to meet him there.
Mr. Allen briefly outlined the work
of the Colorado Highway commis
sion, and said, among other thiugs,
that as soon as state funds, now tied
up, were released, it was the purpose
of the commission to help every part
of Colorado in the laudable work of
building good roads. He said the
Utah authorities seemed to favor the
Ashley valley-White river-Meeker-
Rifle route for the continental high
way, and that he would give this
route thorough inspection as to its
practicability before returning to
The above named committee es
corted Mr. Allen in autos to Bangely
Sunday morning. On arriving there
(by previous arrangement) they
found a committee of five prominent
Utah men with autos and rigs ready
to escort Mr. Allen to the end of his
trip in Utah. Messrs. Baer and Wal
bridge, accompanied the commis
sioner to Vernal, the other members
of the Rio Blanco committee, having
fulfilled their mission returned to
Meeker Tuesday.
At Vernal Mr. Allen will meet the
governor of Utah and other high
officials, all of whom favor the
White river or water grade as a link
in the transcontinental highway.
The campaign for good roads is
now on in real earnest, with every
promise of ultimate success.
W. T. and Mrs. Kisinger of Little
Beaver, lost their baby girl. Mildred,
Tuesday night, July2Bd, aged nine
months. .The funeral was held on
Thursday afternoon from the Metho
dist ebureh, Mr. Coudary officiating.
A large gathering of friends and
neighbors were In attendance. Mr.
and Mrs. Kisinjger have the sympa
thy of all in the loss of their little
Among the many friends visiting
Mr. Parrotte, at his summer home,
at present are Mr. and Mrs. G. 8.
Patterson of. Chicago. As Miss
Brcwn, daughter of President W. C.
Brown of the New York Central
Mrs. Patterson has previously visit
ed the upper White region on several
occasions. Mr. Patterson is one of
the Wiudy City’s big coal operators.
For Sale---Fine Ranch
On Strawberry; known as the Me-
Kimpson ranch. 320 acres patented
land. Good water. Good range. Part
under cultivation. A big bargain.
Inquire or write L. N. Boner, Meeker.
Don’t Trouble
There’s a saying old and rusty,
But as good as any new;
’Tis “Never trouble trouble
Till trouble troubles you.”
Don’t you borrow sorrow;
Wait ti(l ’tis at the door,
For he who runs to meet it
Takes up the load before.
If minding will not mend it,
Then better not to mind;
The best thing is to end it;
Just leave it all behind.
Then don’t you trouble trouble
Till trouble troubles you,
You’ll only double trouble
And trouble others, too.
One third off on hammocks at
Shephard’s Hardware store.
Subscribe for Thk Herald
One third off on hammocks at
Shepherd’s Hardware store.
The Beat Bib Overall
Two Horse
A New Pair
If They Rip
— J
■ We still have a few in Steamboat
who imagine , that Teddy Roosehold
will sweep the county even by run
ning on an independent ticket. Of
those we speak of are sew comers
and were not here when the entire
Western slope showed their displeas
ure at Pinchotism and Rooseveltism.
That was four years ago Two years
ago it was different and many who’
had left the Republican party return
ed to the fold. .The vote showed it,
and especially was that true of Routt
county, where nearly the entire Re
publican ticket was elected. No, we
don’t think the people of Routt coun
ty have any use fora man who thinks
he is bigger than the party.—Steam
boat Sentinel.
A Card of Thanks
Through The Herald we wish to
tender our grateful thanks for the
many acts of kindness rendered by
friends and neighbors during the ill
ness, death and burial of our little
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Kisinger.
Old Lady (to rich retired master
printer)—And how is your excellent
son, the divinity student? He grad
uated from the academy about a year
ago, I believe.
Master Printer—Yes, just a year
ago. And he’s doing so well! They
pay him a wonderfully large salary
an next year he’s going to get more.
Old Lady—lndeed X" Thats very
unusual. Perhaps it is his excellent
delivery that nets him the large em
Master Printer Yes, that’s it
He’s one of the pitchers in the big
Why Not?
Get prices from
Shepherd’s Hardware Store
On the Celebrated
Dain Bull Rakes, Stackers, Mowers,
Hoi se Rakes, etc.
John Deere Low Down Manure Spread
ers. Newest and best thing made
in a Manure Spreader
Hardware and Implements
For President
For Vice President
' .y'x.
The president and the ex-president
each wished the nomination;, each
has got one. Everybody ought to be
happy and the Democrats are.
Mr. Roosevelt is now at work on a
little steam roller of his own. Only
the whistle has been gotten into
forking order so far.
16th annual road race Basalt to
Glenwood, August 4th.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
uv local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portions of the car. There is only one
way to cure deafness, and that Is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caused by an In
flamed condition of tho mucuous lining of the
Fustachian Tube. When this tube is inflamed
you have a rftmbling sound or Imperfect hear
ing, and when it is entirely closed. Deafness is
the result, and unless the Inflammation can !>o
taken out and restored to Its normal condition,
hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine caaiw
out of ten are caused by Catarrh, which is
nothing but an inflamed conditiou of the muo
uous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
ease of deafness [caused by catarrhj that can
not be cured by Hall’s Catarrh cure. Send for
circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY St CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Take Hall’s Family Pills for constipation.
The 15th annual Basalt-Glen wood
bycicle road race will be held on
August 4th. There are a number of
crack riders entered from all over the
state, each with the determination of
winning the gold medal, which will
be given to the rider making the
fastest time. Don’t forget the date,
Sunday, August the 4th.

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