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JAMES LYTTLE. Editor A Proprietor
. Fed cattle, In this Motion, never
looked better.
Fine outlook for dry farmers, the
coming Reason.
A healthy man can afford to take a
ohanoe on health foods.
The snow of the early'part of the
week gave the new grass quite a
The Meeker-Rlfle road is drying
up, but the middle is what General
Sherman said war was.
It is spring time now and the
weather has been satisfactory to the
robins, meadow larks, and—ns, past
Will the man who borrowed our
old flint-look musket bring it back.
We may need it before tills trouble
In Ireland is settled.
The advent of the meadow larks
and robins oonvlnced old man Winter
that It was all off with him and his
reign was at an end in these parts.
Speaking of the work of Rev.
Father Fajanelle, the Rifle Telegram
says: “He is an honor to the priest
hood, a pleasant associate, and a
James F. Wilson of Flag creek,
was a town visitor, Thursday. Mr.
W. reports enough snow on the head
of the creek to afford water for all
the coming season.
In response to a telegram, an
nouncing the Mrious illness of an
uncle. Miss Elbert Browning de
parted for RusMilville, Ky., her
former borne, Monday.
After wandering in the cactus in
fested deMrts adjacent to Grand
Junction for the last two {rears, Har
ley and Mrs. Lampshire are back in
God's country—to stay.
Dr. Hubbard reports the addition
of another fine boy to the family of
Mr. and Mrs. George Lord. The In
teresting event took place Sunday,
March 23d.
J. C. Smith, an old time civil engi
neer, was looking over the reoords
and getting data, Tuesday. It is
hinted that Mr. Smith was gathering
figures for the Moffat railroad.
What has become of Horaoe De-
Loot's congressional “borne?" It
will be remembered that Mveral
months ago Mr. DeLong announced
that he would like to succeed Ed
Taylor in congress.
After Mveral weeks sojourn on the
Coast in company with his brother,
Mr. Isaac Baer returned to Meeker,
Monday. He reports Mr. Adolf Baer
rapidly recovering from the effeots of
his recent operation.
The anolent order of warm stove
farmers will hold its last meeting
next week; so let there be a good
attendance, and all depart with a full
determination to have something
worth reporting at the initial meeting
next winter.
The Rifle Telegram announces the
return from California of Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Luxen. Just as soon
as the walking, on the boulevard, is
good, Joe will be over here among
his own people. It is safe to say
thoM Californians didn't let him go
till they got his last dime.
Some wretch, who hasn’t the fear
of the Lord in his soul and is devoid
of respect for the majesty of the law,
went into Jake Krenger's hen houM
one night last week, and stole a hen
with her brood of sixteen young
chicks. Jake is laying for the thief
with two double-barreled shot-guns,
loaded with buckshot.
The board of county commission
ers of Gunnison county, have named
a commission of cattlemen to count
and reclassify all the stock of that
oounty, before it is turned out this
spring; but the commission has de
clined to act until steps are taken to
dig up and equitably value all other
classes of property real and per
The latest, back to the soil en
thusiast is Dr. R. H. Taylor. The
doctor has located a fine dry farm up
In McHatton park, and has engaged
Farm Contractor Frank Tatro to
plow forty acres, to be seeded ala
dry farm proposition, this spring.
Good boy. Keep it up and you can
trot with the rest of us dry farm
millionaires one of these days
We note with pleasure. In a Pitts
burgh paper, that Geogre Zltsman, a
pioneer and well-known Mttler in
this community, has been appointed
to a SB,OOO a year position In the new
administration in the great steel city.
Mr. Zltsman has been made head of
the water assessor's department The
Herald, with George's many other
White river friend,s send congratu
ahoald said eeqaslntaaes bs forgot.
And asvsr brought to alar
[Proa Tbs Herald of Mareh so, MB]
Mrs W. A. Keller departed for an
extended visit to Leadvllle.
The correct date of signing the Rio
Blanco county bill was March 26,
Farming operations were In "fall
blast," which would Indicate that
an early spring season prevailed.
A big flow of gas was tapped at
White River City. Tbs hole was
plugged and the gas is still there.
W. H. Clark completed a survey of
an extension of the old Danforth
Park Indian Agenoy ditch. The
promoters of the enterpriM were
W. F. Hoesack, A. Burnham, John
Lewis and Arthur Both.
The banking department of (he
Hogue store was separated from the
mercantile. The reoord further states
that L. Boyd Walbridge was promo
ted from “oounter hopper" In the
store, to the position of cashier, being
the first to fill that position. Under
Boyd's management the bank got
the start that kept It a-growing until
reaching the big and prosperous con
dition It enjoys to-day under the
management of Mr. A.. C. Moulton.
The final triumph of the Rio
Blanco oounty bill was due chiefly
to Hon. H. H. Eddy, member from
Routt and Grand counties and speak
er of the Houm, As The Herald, at
the time, said: "Without Mr. Eddy's
aid the bill creating Rio Blanco
county could never have passed
either branch of the legislature."
According to the record of the
time, other White river Mttlers and
repreMntatives of White river Inter
ests who spent time and money in
the cause, were:
Messrs. J. W. Hugos, S. 8. Green,
J. L. McHatton, John J. Niblock,
George W. Temple, G. D. Thayer,
George S. AUsebrook, Isaac Baer,
G. H. Hathaway, W. B. Tebbetts,
W. H. Clark, Judges Thompson and
Bayer of Leadvllle, and Hon. Charles
Bartholomew, member of the legis
lature for this district, who intro
duced and supported the bill from
beginning to end.
And lastly The Herald and its edi
John Leynse and Miss Femmina
J. L. DeHoog were married by Mr.
Justice Sanderson Tuesday morning,
March 94th. The groom has been
working for Mr. H. T. Wilson, for
the past six months, and sent for his
flanoe, who oame from Heftogen
basch In the Netherlands (Holland).
The bride is a buxom young woman
of about twenty-two, who couldn’t
speak or understand a word of Eng
lish, but Judge Sanderson, who is a
master of all the foreign and domes
tic languages—ancient and modern,
had no difficulty in making the cere
money intelligible to her. Good luck
to Mr. and Mrs. Leynse, and, In the
words of the well ending novel, may
they live happy ever afterward.
Pioneer Zeke Allen had an ex
perience bordering on the sensational
Thursday evening. A range oow,
whlob had dropped out of a bunoh of
stock being driven through town, at
tacked Mr. Allen, near the bridge,
and had It not been for the timely
arrival of Jim Priest, might have
inflicted fatal Injuries. As it was, he
was out in the arm and considerably
That belated equonoctlal storm put
in appearance Monday night in the
shape of about four inches of snow,
which was preceded by thunder,
lightning and rain. By midweek the
snow was all gone and roads began
drying up.
It is reported that a New York
millionaires has paid $42,000 for an
old helmet. When the bill for Ma’s
Easter head piece comes In, and
Dad "trows a fit," Ma can com
placently refer to this helmet bill.
Alabama political reports say Hob
son has begun to bray his swan song.
Alabama is not going to overlook the
opportunity of having the greatest
statesman in the United States sen
ate—Oscar Underwood.
Arthur Burnham of Sulphur, who
was in town fore part of the week,
reports that there is enoogh snow up
in his section to insure good dry farm
crops coming season.
See JoHantgen or John Bowen
about that plow and other farm im
plements. You will need them in
another week or so.
Reioholdt Hartke, jr., was up from
Range ley, Sunday, after a load of
lumber, to be used in the new Hatke
residence in that community.
Mr. and Mrs. Bates will go the Lost
Creek forest station next week, for
the coming season.
The question before the country is:
Now that Tennessee has a prohibition
law, what Is she going to fight about
lii the future.
At the F. W. Fairfield residence,
on Tuesday, March 24tb, Mr. Thomas
Gentry and Mrs. May Lenore
Cretnay, were joined together in
marriage. Dr. DeMotte of the Metho
dist church performing the oeremony
After the oeremony a splendid
wedding dinner was served at the
Farmers Home hotel to the bridal
party. Among those who sat down to
the dinner being Mr. aud Mrs. Boyd
Walbridge, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Kllduff, Dr. and Mrs. DeMotte, and
the bride and groom.
Tom Gentry, who has hosts of
friends on White and Yam pa rivers.
Is a prince among good fellows, and
all wish him and the woman of bis
choice all manner of good luck and
Death of J. H. Lakamp
Old settlers in this community and
in the Buford section beard with re
gret Tuesday, of the death of the
aged Mr. J. H. LaKamp at bis
daughter's home in Nebraska.
The remains arrived here Thurs
day evening and the funeral services
were held from St. James church
yesterday afternoon.
Next week The Herald will have a
suitable obituary of the honored
Trying for White River Business
W. H. Paul, general passenger and
freight agent of the Moffat road,
spent Monday in Meeker.
Mr. Paul was trying to indnce bur
merchants to ship freight In and out
over the Moffat road.
He met with considerable encour
agement, and it is probable that
there will be considerable White
river business done over the Moffat
road the coming summer.
Wi’liatn and Mrs. Lowe have ad
ded a girl to the family olrole; Sun
day, March 22d.
J. N. Neal of Thurman creek,
spread his autograph on the Meeker
register Saturday.
Homer Goff and Sam Long of
Sulphur, mingled with the town peo
ple week end.
Former Commissioner Baker was
transacting business In town Thurs
Vickery, the popular Midland man,
looked over us during the week.
Tom and Mrs. Warren of Rosedale,
did the shopping act Saturday. -
.. I-i
Matt Huston of Axial, was reg
istered at the Meeker, Friday.
E. F. Wo .ds, the drug man, was
doing business here Tuesday.
John P. Neilsen is improving
Good Seed Oats
For sale. Call on or address W. J.
Clark, Little Beayer, (or Meeker
P. 6.) m2B-a3
The Chevrolet Car
I hereby beg to announce that I am
local agent for the Chevrolet Motor
Cars, and have put In a demonstrat
ing car at the White River Garage
and Machine Shop, where agency
will be handled.
Runabout, $760.00.
Five Passenger Touring Car, $875 00.
Light Six, $1,475.00.
Heavy Six, $2,500.00.
These cars represent all of quality
and applied mechanical ability that
can be put Into a car. Have this car
demonstrated to you before you buy.
Good Seed Oats For Sale
Apply at the Baker ranch—below
town. a 4
On the Rangely road. Call at this
office for information. m2B-a4
So Easy!
“While I was In Berlin last summer,"
said the globe trotter. “I stopped with
an artist friend for the season. One
day the artist's wife had been showing
the sights* of the. town to a solemn
visa fed cousin. The artist was in his
room when the ladles returned from
their tour and was so very busy with
his work he did not look up. The
cousin looked on In silence, and when
my artist friend had finished bis draw
ing she said:
** *Oh. Mr. Jones. I never even Im
agined that drawing was so easy?
"Which reminds me of a story they
tell of Joachim, the famous violinist
One day he watched the skaters from
his window until he decided that he
would try It himself. The attendant
after strapping the skates endeavored
to show the distinguished musician
how to strike out first with one foot
and then with the other. Legs got
tangled, and Joachim shot Into a gro
tesque scrawl.
*' *Ya. ya. yar exclaimed the at
tendant as he assisted the famous vio
linist to his feet 'lt is not quite so
easy as playing the fiddle. Yes 7*
New York Ban.
The "army of the unemployed" re
spectfully points out that if its mem
bers accept work the army will
forfeit its title.
Keep Your Eye on This
Space For Next Week
Baer Block Phone Meeker 68 Meeker, Colo »
A certain Chicago Ladies Tailoring Co., quotes the fashionable ladies' suits at $40.00. The same
cloth can be bought by the merchant or merchant tailor for 70 cents per yard.
The cheapest Men’s Woolens sold by any reliable Tailors Woolen houses costs $l.OO per yard, (and
they only show a few patterns at this price).
We sell suits as low as $lB.OO from these lines, aud we have put cloth that cost ns $4.87 cents per
yard in some of our $36.00 salts.
Know whether or not the quality Is high and then you will know whether the price is right t >
Te ßto l 18 18 MEEKER TAILORING CO. c”r 0 e A!d» |
Dr. Nelle Barker Bate*
Oateopathlc Physician .
la Tan E^wrlwic.
Office at John Watson's residence
Queer P— pis «f Papua.
la tbs Gleam country, Papua, a dis
trict of New Guinea, where the conn
try is almost entirely submerged, the
natives are said to claim descent from
the dog. They possess five totems,
which are drawn on all their houses.
Their villages are erected on hillocks
so as to be clear of the water, and the
people of each village inhabit one
large, common house, sometimes as
much as 400 to 500 feet long and 00 to
80 feet in width. The center of this
huge building is a kind of common
ball, which is used only by the men.
while the walls of the structure are
divided Into cubicles in three or four
floors, access to which is gained by
means of ladders. The women are not
allowed to enter the building by the
same door as the men. ▲ great deal
of sorcery prevails in the western divi
sion. In the wilder parts of the coun
try the chief is himself a bead sorcer
er. He claims to be able to separate
bis spirit from his body and to send it
on various missions, including that of
killing people.
Jackal Flies of India.
Thors are certain Blast Indian files,
several varieties of them apparently of
similar type to our own bouse favorite.
Musca domestica, that have developed
a rather Ingenious. If somewhat dis
reputable. way of making a living.
This la the story told by Captains Pat
ton and Craig In the Indian Journal
of Medical' Research. The proboscis
of these flies is soft and not suitable
for piercing the skin of man or the
lower animals. So they hang around
some one of the several types of biting
files, and when the latter pierces the
akin of a victim they crowd him away
and use the incision for feeding them
stives. If the biter happens to be too
large or fierce thus to be driven from
bis prey, the fly Jackals wait until he
Is finished and then take his place. In
view of these observations it seems
quite possible that the so called non
biting flies may play a hitherto unsus
pected role In the transmission of dis
Arithmetic Justice.
Bough and ready Justice in Mexico
in the days of President Dias is illus
trated by the following story:
Kn a lonely part of the south a train
bad been robbed by the Inhabitants of
a certain village. The president told
a young officer to take hla company
and “put an end to that sort of thing."
The yonng officer bad every honse
searched. Almost all contained stolen
property. He then marshaled the vil
lagers, picked ont every fortieth man
and bad him shot After this be said:
•'I am taking my troops away, but if
any more train robberies take place we
■hall come back and shoot every twen
tieth man. Bhould it be necessary to
return again, every tenth man will be
No more trains were attacked.
Dr. Taylor, dentist, Meeker, Colo.
If There I* Anything You Need?
Case Ford Buick
Everything you need for your car kept instock
All Size* Tire* and Innertubes, patches, air-tube*
and pump*, spark-plug*, priming cup* and
tank*, Carbide, Prest-O-Lite and electric lights,
gasoline, oil and grease, tire chains, mud
hooks and Non-Skid tires for bad road*
Garage open to all car owners day or night, com
petent men to take care of your wants at all times
Plumbing Department
Bath outfits, sinks, grease-traps, lead pipe. All
Bisea galvanised iron pipe, fittings and bashings,
galvanised pipe and fluming made to order. Eave
spouting, tin roofing, safety flues, stove pipe, roof
jacks. Estimates given on all kinds of heating plants.
Gasoline engines, wind-mills, hand and power pumps
Agents for the
Kewanee Water System* for Country Homes
Agent* for the
Case Farm and Road Machinery EE
Call and see us and make known your wants
Meeker Garage, Machine
and Plumbing Shops
Notice of Town Election
Notice Is hereby given that the annual
municipal election for the Town of Meeker,
Colorado, will be held on Tuesday, the 7th
day of April, A. D. IWI4. for the purpose of
electing the following Town Ofllcers, to-wit:
One Mayor, to serve one year.
Three Trustees, each to serve two years.
The board of registration will meet on
Tuesday. March Slst, 1814, and again on Mon
day, April «tb, IVI4, as by law provided.
Place of Registration and Election—Coun
ty Court House. T. B. HCOTT,
[seal] Town Recorder.
Meeker, Colo., Mar. 10, 1014. ml4-a4
Notice for Publication
Serial 05048
Department of the Interior. U. 8. Land Oflloe at
Glenwood Springs, Colo., March SI, 1814.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Hamilton 8.
Carver, of Meeker, Colorado, who, on July 14,
1811, made Preetm tton Declaratory Statement,
Serial, No. 08048. for LotB, Sec t, Tpl 8, R 84 W.
oth P. M-. has Hied notice of Intention to make
Final Preemption Proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before Henry J. Hay,
IT 8 Commissioner, at Meeker, Colorado, on
the 2nd day of May. 1914.
Claimant names as witnesses:
O. Adrian Coats. Andrew L. Lowe, George
W. Seeley and Houston Kendall, all of Meeker,
mch2H-may2 Register.
A new Texas brand of politics has
appeared. It is called "Prohibition
Progressive Democracy." It may be
all right, but it sound dangerous.
A bachelor’s idea of real misery Is
being left alone with a noisy baby.
I Buy Your Jewelry
at Home
I will meet the price of any
Mail Order House for anything
in the jewelry line. Bring in
your catalogue or send in
your order from any catalogue
Jeweler and Optician
If yon have an irrigating pumping
proposition, now is the to take it up
and get estimates of Lindow, Lytle
A Son. mh7
Coming Soon
The greatest feature film ever
made, Paul J. Rainey's African hunt,
in six parts.
Dr. Taylor, dentist, Meeker.
Will pay 17c for all dry hides. The
Meeker Market nB-tf

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