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Walking Plow* Di*c Harrow*
Twoway Plow* Drag Harrow*
Gang Plow* Drill*
Manure Spreader* -
Our lines are all here and can deliver at once
i MMUMittflMUHltri ————
! C C EAMi. President H. Oldlaitd, Vico President L. D. Walsbidob. Oaabior ®
J. Banar Oi.ih.akd. Assistant Caablor *r
! Diiucctoim-C.C. Parks. A. OldUnd. H. P. Hulott, R. Oldland. J. B. Kooney. Jaraea &
i Hayes. L. B. Wal bridge. ?
The First National Bank I
Capital and Surplus 570.000 1
DoM a Ovowal BanklD* BuatDM.. Dimru iHUod on (be Principal Ultlc. of the World X
Intrrct pwld <m tltno dnpo.lt.. Wo want your liUßlnc. a
Auto Aeuuoriu Co«»Uno and Oita «,
Overland and Maxwell Cars |
Maxwell Trucks
Mutar Hotol Block Mookor. Colorado I
Pioneer Shop* Eetsblleliert IHHfI ;
F. N. JoHantgen
Wood, Iron and Steel
Practical Horse Shoeing
Emerson-Brsntinghim Farm Machinery
Telephone.! MREKF.It, UOLOKADO P. <l. Itai. Ml
Cheap price* always mean “cheap good*’’ 1
QUALITY.at the Right Price and Our i
Ot/f/yMT Guarantee that the goods are worth exact- §
ly what the buyer pays for them is our X
709 and 711 16th Street, Denver, Colo. 1
So.hSfinlotPiMEEKEß GARAGE * Meeker*, " ; o!o. £ |
——c————t>— wm pspo®®——§®®<—< w* §—< g®®
Now under Mantgement of original owner—R. S. BALL |
Large well-furnished rooms; 60 cents and up. Meals—European ®
plan; 26 cents and up. Good cooking and service. A large, free $
sample room for the use of commercial traveTers. *
A C Ca f\ j I n | In which nothing but the best *
A OOlt DflllK rarior in the line of soft drinks, sea- |
sonable fruits, confections and cigars are served. ;
R. S. BALL, j
sssnsn | »w'TTTirTT-TTinr-T— , ~———————
Farmers Home Hotel
Msaksr, Colorado J. J. Murr, Proprietor
When you're In town and wanting something good to
t) eat, come down to J. J. Murr’s on Market street. Good
meals, comfortable rooms, cleat* beds. f Reasonable <
rates. Courteous attention to all the Traveling Public
Tstophons, 26-J Auto Service In Connection
Claude H. Pearson of Powell Park,
has enlisted In the Navy as a fireman,
Beautiful party and afternoon
Dresses. The Toggery. m 22-2»
You can contract cold now as easy
as earlier in the season. Check and
cure It by using Strehlke's BROMO
The Pershing Transport Route
Colorado Springs, March 24. —With
the incorporation under the laws of
Missouri as the Pershing Transport
Route, the Pikes Peak Ocean to
Ocean Highway association has
taken the first step In its campaign
for national recognition as a military
route. Contrary to plans of other
highway bodeis to adopt the name,
the Pikes Peak organization has the
cabled consent of General J. J-
Pershing, from France, which was
received shortly after the aunual
meeting held at Bt. Joseph, Mo., de
cided to adopt this name. General
Pershing cabled that he would con
sent to have the name used, in order
that the highway could be a perma
nent memorial, from coast to coast,
of the men who laid down their lives
in France.
Brief History of the Meeker Public
Pursuant to a call published in the
Meeker papers, a representative body
of young ladies met in the parlors of
the Meeker hotel, July 12. 1918, for
the purpose of organizing a Woman’s
Club. The principle object of this
organization being to establish a
free reading room and Public Library.
Two rooms were rented in the old
government building, owned by
Messrs. Tagert and Strehlke. Fur
nishings were purchased to the ex
tent of $13.46, which consisted of
chairs, two rockers and an 18 ft book
shelf. The expense of maintaining
the library came to $260 per year.
The Club also purchased $60.76 in
books each year. There were many
generous donations.
The library grew to eleven hundred
volumes. With six hundred cards in
circulation by the year HUB, wlten it
was taken to a vote and carried by
the citizens of Meeker, that the
library be maintained by the town,
half a mill tax being levied for that
purpose, which necessitate the con
trol of the library Into the power of
the town authorities.
The Mayor, Mr. Simms, appointed
two members of the town council and
four from the Woman's Club to con
stitute a town board, leaving the
lagest control with the Woman's
Club. The Club will continue to buy
books with the help of the pnbMe.
All books both fiction and reference
books have been carefully chosen
and all undesirable hooks culled out
A set of histories of the late European
war, two volumes to be published
after peace terms are settled, have
just been plaoed on the shelves.
Mr. A. J. Pierce has given 60 books ;
which were Mrs. Pierce’s. These'
will bo given with memorial plate. '
hut will be free for circulation. Mr.
Pierce has pledged to give SIOO per
year in books. He also has a gift of
$26 from Miss Getz of Cleveland.
Ohio, which will be used for reference
books. This is also done in memory
of Mrs. Pierce. It was known not in
Meeker alone that Mrs. Pierce's
highest ambition outside of her
family was the Meeker Library. She
was qualified to do much for it, hav
ing been a trained librarian, with
much experience in that work. This
in tier memory is most heartily felt
in this community and greatly ap
preciated. It is indeed a step forward.
The half mill tax levy means that
every citizen in Meeker, who pays
taxes help support the library. It is
free to every one whether you help or
not. The present levy does not leave
a margin for books. This is left with
the Woman's Club.
A play will be given in the near
future to pay for the European his
tories here referred to and to buy
new fiction. Look for date.
Secretary Town Library Board.
According to press reports General
Peashing has stated that he is not a
Republican. This was to have been
expected, as a large majority of
graduates of West Point and Annap
olis are Democrats at the time of
their graduation no matter what
their politics when they entered the
school.—Haxtun Harvest.
A Driver dispatch states that the
governor has appointed Robert K.
Norvell as highway commissioner in
succession to Boyd Walbridge, who
| declined another term. Mr. Wal
bridge served two terms and could
have had another if he so desired.
Mr. Norvell is a good man for the job.
Don’t kick about your income tax,
but think what a snap you would
have had if the Hun had the whip
hand and was making you dig up for
his expense during the world war.—
Brush Republican.
M. W. Covert has opened the dining
room at the old Davltt House. Every
thing good, and at popular prices. m 22
The best House Dress on the
market today Is the Mina Taylor.
Sold only at The Toggery. in 22-29
Settled for a Spell
We are in receipt of a letter from
"our old college chum,” Mr. David
Smith, who, with Mrs. Smith, reach
ed San Diego about three weeks ago.
Mr. Smith observes: "We did not
break any records in reaching here
as we stopped jotf about twenty-four
hours on an average at lots of towns,
only traveling through the day. We
saw a little of Las Vegas and Santa
Fe, N. Mex., the-latter beluga quaint
old place, Ash Fork and Prescott,
Arlz. The Harvey houses are most
delightful places to put up at, and
are veritable palaces, planted in the
desert We enjoyed Los Angeles
very much, staying there about a
Week, and from there touring the
nearby towns, such as Pasadena,
Holy wood, Santa Monica. Venice,
Long Beach, and places of lesser
“Saw Will Laurie, a Meeker
pioneer, who is doing well, and Mr.
and Mrs. Atwood, also Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Clark, and the Babcock family.
Had a long drive with Mr. Cjark
through some splendid orange groves.
CAlh’d oil George Lester on our
rounds; lie turned us loose in his
patch, and it goes without saying
that we did ample justice to Ills gen
erosity. George was saying he
Wishes many a time lie was back in
Meeker—only he can't be at both
•Mr. and Mrs. Critchlow an toed
down from Venice and spent a few j
days here.
“Well, we are settled down now j
and are resting, recuperating and en
joying the fine climate of San Diego.”
Death of Mrs. Douglas Shepherd
We regret, to announce the passing
of Mrs. Douglas Shepherd which
took place at. her home two miles
west of town on Friday morning.
March 21, 1919, at 3 a. in.
Julia Annie Haugher was born in
lowa, on December 19. 1870, and was
married to W. G. M. Rosenberg, Jan
uary I, 1880, and three children were
born to this union. On September 16,.
1890. she was •married to Douglas-
Shepherd. To this latter union were
born five children, four of whom are
■till living. For several years Mrs.
Shepherd has been.in failing health,
•ml last summer the family. moved
to Colorado for the benefit of her
health. The Shepherds came to
Meeker last fall where they have re
sided ever since. Mrs. Shepherd’s
! health seemed to improve very much,
| hut last Thurday evening she took
| sick, and in spite of every attention
I she parsed away early Friday mftrn
-1 lug as already noted. The cause of
' her death being heart failure. A de
voted wife and mother, she will be
greatly missed by her loved ones.
The service was held at the
Gourley Undertaking parlor, Sunday
afternoon, at 3 o’clock, by the Rev.
Philip Nelson of St. James'Church,
and interment took place at Highland
cemetery. In addition to the family,
several of the neighbors gathered to
pay respect to the deceased.
May she rest in peace, and light
perpetual shine upon her. r. n.
Angora Notes
Mr. anil Mrs. George Wear were
in from Blue Mountain for the din
ner and dance given March 12th.
A dinner was given at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. I*. Hawley on March
12th in honor of Mrs. W. L. Chiles,
Mrs. Hawley’s mother. Eighteen
guests were present. The afternoon
was spent in music, and all present
had a good time.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Washburn, March 12th, a big dance
was given in honor of Mrs. W. I*.
Chiles and Mrs. Cora Morgan, both
ladies having a birthday on that date.
About sixty guests were present. At
12 o’clock a fine supper was served.
The occasion was enjoyed by all pres
ent. Come again. One ok ’Em.
W. B. Blythe returned to Meeker,
Wednesday, after an absence of sev
eral months. Mr. Blythe says he had
a time coming in from Rifle—having
"hoofed" it all the way.
Messrs. Thomas D. Kelly and K. A.
Harrison, two of Thornburg's pro
i gressivn cattlemen, were business
visitors to the county seat last Satur
Lee Chase of Hangely, was attend
ing to business matters hi town, last
Saturday. He reports things in oil
operations dull, owing to had roads.
The upper country was represented
in town during the week by Messrs.
Hartsel Hiner, James Fitzgerald and
Dan Frost
Pioneer Joe Rooney having had his
annual fling at (and with) high life
I in Denver, is home again and on the
, job, as usual.
I Try The Herald for a year.
| Spring Showing
I Coats and Dresses *
1 AST Minute styles in value wonders. It is with
JL 4 pride we recommend every garment. Compare
them, point by point, with any other line. Compare
the styles, the workmanship, the quality of materials,
and the prices.
We invite “your inspection, feeling confident that the
values will become more evident to you by comparison
I J. W. HUGUS & Co.
X .1. A. Itasm.s. President A- c. Mnui.ro*. Cssbler i
i II. II. Hoiitii, Vice President .1. W. Ilinnr. Assistant I’sshlcr
I The Bank of Meeker
§ Liability of Partners to Depositors Exceeds One Million Dollars
LIntercstallnwed on Time deposits. Draftadrawn on eastern
cities and Europe. All collections promptly attended to.
COItKBHI’OVPKNTt*— UnlteU SlMlfn Nntlomil llwiik JJonvfr. KrwIIiih NhIIouhI IImiiIc,
ItiiwIliiM. (Jullttl HtHUtM NulioiiHl lUnk, (MiiHhH. NiftloiiHl lUuk of Onninurvt\ New
I’ork. j
j <gxs)gxsxs)c®<sxig)«ji)®<s)GBys<akSxgxpg)
The Rifle Rubber Works
I Ih how prepared to do all kimln of
All work guaranteed to be an good an any re
! pair work done In the state. Bring In your tiren
|| for innpection and examine our plant and work
Dealers In Goodyear Tires and Accessories
kikisK. votA*. F. W. BOOKING, Prop. <
Filed in the Town Clerk’s Office of Meeker, Colorado, to
be Voted for at the Town election to be Held
Tuesday, April 1st, 1919, in said Town
INSTRUCTIONS: —IMace a Cross Mark (XI I** the small space to
j the right of Kach Candidate's name you wieh to vote for. Vote for
! ONE Candidate for Mayor. Vote for THREE Candidates for Tows
Trustees, to serve two years.
“ — ““““““ Mirk .
j FOR MAYOR (votb k»k o.nm) ntm.
FOR TRUSTEES (votb korthhkk)
~~ | 1 '
> _ ' 1 '
STATE OF COLORADO, » I. T. H. Scott, Town Clerk, In and
county ok Rio Bi.anco, [ ss. for said town, do hereby certify that
1Y.W.N OK Mkkkkk. ♦ the above le the Official List of Rom -
nations for office certified to me, to be voted for at the ensuing Munici
pal Election, to be held within and for said Town on TrBsDAY, APRIL
'"'’And I hereby certify that the postotllce address, rssidsnes and
place of business of each, all and every one of said Candidates Is
Meeker, Rio Blanco County, Colorado, and the form of the Official
Ballot will be substantially as In the printed form above.
In Witness Whereof. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the
corporate aeal el said Town of Meeker, Colorado, this 27th day of
March. A. D. llllli.
[ska L] Town Recorder.
’’Building The Wsst"
l9lO For the development of
Western induatrle*. nKrleulture. mining. oil. iand i
seen to attractions. Of interest £» *ha Wsatarn J
investor, farmer and sightseer. !
gratis paper with copper half-tone Illustrations.
Year. 12 : ropy. 20e. Sample. 10c. 9(bach " u "*-
hers for 2i>. Send now. The New West Z*f»-
ginr, 121 Bank Bldr.. Salt Lake City.
Utah: 1004 White Bldg . Seattle. Wash.; 790
Woodward Ave.. Detroit. Mich. Addr«ss near
est office, or place your subscription through
this newspaper.
Gardening is the next stunt.
Subscribe for The Herald.
Try Thia For Sour Stomach
Eat slowly, masticate your food
thoroughly. Flat but little meat and
| none at all for supper. If you are still
troubled with sour stomach take one
of Chamberlain’s Tablets before go
ing to bed.
WANTED - A handy man for
chores around camp; one not afraid
of work. Also, a man to work a« day
janitor. Apply to Axial ‘Basin De
velopment Co., Axial, Colo. m 22

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