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R. OldlAiiri, President 11. I*. Huh'tt, Vice I'nwlilciit 1,. 11. Wtillirldirc, V!<•«• I’rusidrut
J. KrniHtl Oldland, CtiMhicr (
Directors—R. Oldland, 11. I*. Hulrtt. 1.. 11. Walt>ridffc. A. Oldlsud, J. E. Rooney, Janie*
llnye*. J. K. Oldlund (
The First National Bank
Capital and Surplus SBO,OOO
r Does a General Banking flustness. Ora ft* Issued on Ike Principal Cltkw of the World
Intermit paid on time dcpoNii*. Wo want your pualnc**.
The all-the-year-round Waist
for thrifty women
The Wirthmor
The WIRTHMOR might bo truthfully termed the all-Suasoiis \
Waist, for they are worn throughout the entire year by thrifty
womeu the nation over.
This is due to their unusual excellence, their unfailing de- |
pendability, their inodost price, but perhaps more particularly \
because of the fact that the NEW Styles are constantly being
developed and shown here but a brief time after their origination. |
And so it is that WIRTHMOR styles are always timely as !
well as tempting; appropriate ah well as appealing; styleful as
well as serviceable.
ln September we show the new September Models, just as in
all the other months of the year we show the models made up for
deliveries In the respective months. '
Still Priced at Just Si. 50
Wirthmor Waists can be sold at iusl one GOOD
Store in every City and they are sold here only.
A. OLDLAND & Co. \
Auto AccsmoHm Guollns and Oils |
Do You Want Cord Tires? I
We Have Them j
Do You Want Fabric Tires? j
We Have Them j
Fisk, Firestone, Goodyear, I
and Kelly-Springfields. I
Makar Hotel Block Mookcr. Colorado |
l,,V' iT~T ‘
Pioneer Shops Establiehed IHWt ®
Wood, Iron and Steel |
Practical Horse Shoeing \
Emerson-Brantingham Farm Machinery 1
Telephone, 9 MEEKER, COLORADO I*. O. Box, MH ®
Now under Management of original owner—R. S. BALL
Large well-furnished rooms; f»0 cents and up. Meals—Kuropean ]
plan; 25 cents and up. Good cooking and service. A large, free <
sample room for the use of commercial travelers. ,
A O - rx . i rj In which nothing but the best J
A OOlt UrinK rarior in the line of soft drinks, sea- J
sonable fruits, confections and cigars are served.
R. S. BALL, RSKiT*?& lo rado.
First and Last
J. K. Sexson, of Sulphur creek,who
was the first and last of Rio Klanco's
contingent to the Nation’s National
Army, came home Saturday accom
panied by his wife.
Mr. Sexson was among the first
of the American soldiers to be sent
across. As he was an unusually in
telligent "doughboy," Mr. Sexton
was early selected for important
duty. He saw plenty of front iine
service, but was lucky and came
through without a scratch, as It
Before leaving for Army service,
he was married, the young wife re
maining with her folks.
The Sexson brothers have a good
ranch claim upon Sulpliur creek, and
many friends and acquiutances wel
come Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sexson as
permanent settlers.
Mr. A. L. Strehlke, who returned
home some days ago after an extend
ed visit to Boston and other big east
ern cities, reports that tho "high
cost of living" doesn't stop travel
and the quest after a "good time."
It is hard to gut accommodations
anywhere, so great is the rush. Hotels
and hoarding house* are packed to
William It. Ratlilhiu, thu copper
and oil man, lias completed the or
ganization of his big company
to handle those industries iu
northwestern Colorado. Tile com
pany will have offices in Craig,
Meeker and Denver. Mr. Frank K.
McAllister, attorney, will be the
Meeker representative.
We are pleased to announce that
the Rev. Joseph N. Barnett of Grand
Junction, late Hergt. 308 rd Machine
Gun Batt. American Expeditionary
Forces, has accepted an invitation
to address a public meeting iu
Meeker on Thursday October Oth iu
connection with the Nation Wide
Those of our readers who are in
terested In big shows should read tiie
announcement, iu this issue of The
Herald, of the Inter-Mountain Live
Stock and Fair association, which is
to be held at Grand Junction, Sep
tember 26th -October .'id. Here Is
something worth seeing, right at
our door.
Was Rifle "puttingone over on us"
when their high school boys played
that awful "bum” game of hall here
last Saturday? If our boys get "trim
med" at the other end of tiie boule
vard to-day, Meeker’s "l-told-you
so” hunch will sure have tiie laugh
on us.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Whitlock and
daughter returned from Salida early
part of tiie week where Miss Whit
lock had a bad case of adenoids and
tonsil trouble attended to. Shu is
now well and ready to resume her
school work.
I. M. Harp came in this week from
Newton, lowa, on a visit to his bro
ther—H. S. and Mr. and Mrs. A. Iv
Rees. Mr. Harp visited tiie White
River country for tiie first, time a
good many years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Merritt, who
have been living at Axial for some
time past, returned to Meeker this
week. Gus will be one of tiie work
ing force at the flour mill for tiie
coining season.
Through the agency of W. A. Kv
ser, J. W. Sweeney, tiie restaurant
inau, lias purchased tiie Jesse Thom-!
as dry farm iu Curtis creek basin.
Its a good one.
O. H. Lunny met with a very' bad
accident during the week. Latest
reports from his residedee, however ,
shows that Mr. Lunny is getting,
along alright.
The Glenwood Post records that
Ervin E. Wilds and Mrs. Jessie
Clarke, of Meeker, were granted a
marriage license at Glenwood, Sep
tember 16th.
Obituaries connected with the tra
gic deatli of George Bloomfield and
the passing away of Mra. Edwin
Fairfield, will appear in next week’s
Big frost of forepart of tiie week i
was followed by cold nights, warm
and dusty days. And the next tiling
due is the first snow of the season.
George Knapp, one of tiie most
prominent of lower country' ranch
and stockmen, spent a few days in
town early part of tiie week.
H. W. Tomlinson lias sold ills dry
farm at the upper end of the mesa to j
Harry Smith from Glenwood. W. A.
Kyaer acted as agent.
Fred Goss, looking hearty, is again
mingling with his Meeker friends
after a lengthy spell in southern
Nation Militant and the
Church Militant
The Nation-Wide Campaign is tiie
auminoning-tip of tiie Church's pow
er for her fully understood and fully
ao#«‘ptod spiritual war. It is the
calling into expression through tiie
Church, for tiie sake of tho Kingdom
of« God, of tiie same intelligence, the
saint' swift efficiency, tiie same high
coQsecration, which thu spirit of
man and woman in America rose to
at She dial ledge of tho nation's war.
For Christ's sake, and iu Ills su
premo cause, we must conserve and
put to spiritual use tiie magnificent
energies for idealistic action which
tint last two years have taught us to
expect from tho American spirit,
when a great cause is at stake.
In these months of the war, all of
us—men and women, boys and girls
—hpve felt a new pride in being cit
izens of tiie United Stales. And the
reason for that was this. Wo were
working, we were giving, we wore!
sacrificing together, for a common
cause. We loved tho country more,
because more than ever before.we
wore identifying our life witli the
country's life. We loved because
our hearts were on fire with service.
So can it he also with thu Church.
If we want to lovo tiie Church
more, first we must see in tho
Church's spiritual adventure some
thing that thrills our best strength
into action. It is tho first business
of "The Nation-Wide Campaign" to
make us see that. It bids us con
sider what tiie Church is here for,
what the Church is doing and what
tiie Church ought to do, to the end J
that encli single one of us mail recog-1
nlzc* tiie inspiring bigness of tiie
Church's duty and in t.lie midst of it j
see tlx* particular cliande of which j
we say. "Here is tho thing for inn
to do."
Remuneration of Stockmen
Ma..«r. J. S. Welch and C. R.
Green special representatives »f The
Mountain States Mixed Feed A Feed
Yards Co of Deliver were visitors ill
Meeker Tuesday. Tills company is
organized for tiie Stock growers of
the State to save tiie financial losses
that they have been taking for tiie
past years. It is a proposition that
lookbest that has been present
ed to the community in the last de
cade as it is in keeping witli tiie in
dustry that is the backbone of tiie
west and is destined to become tho
1 only means of keeping the livo stock
industry on a high financial plane,
j This opportunity should not be over
looked as it means more money iu
1 ' every stockgrower'a and farmer’s
' pocket. Tiie industry is backed by
some of tiie most influential men of
the West. Governor Slioup speaks
very highly of it. Tiie pluu is to
have every stockgrower one of tiie
; company so lie can put his critters
on feed for a few days or months
and thereby increasing the weight
and price and not lie forced to take
the market price ottered him as lias
been tiie case in the past.
From all appeareuces this propos
, ition looks very worthy of consider
ation and support of all the stock
I growers of this community so that
I you may enjoy tiie best finauciul re
sults obtainable.
The gentlemen have made arrange
ments witli Mr. F. E. Sheridan, Pres
ident of the Commercial Club, to
have a meeting witli tho governing
; Board and ineinebrs of this organiza-"*
; tiou upon their return which will be
1 in the next two weeks.
It is time the stockmen were get
ting together to promote their inter
ests, and not be caused to suffer the
loss which in tiie past, lias been their
lot, from tiie time of shipping to the
A New Ladies Society
' A Chapter of the I*. K. <>. was
launched in Meeker Sept. 22nd, by
tiie State organizer, Mrs. Magiil, of
Grand Junction, witli a membership
of twelve.
I Mesdaines Then. Rees, Lillie
i Munro and Lellis Smith of Rifle
Chapter AB, assisted Mrs Magi it.
All enjoyed the deliglitfu 1 tea and
hospitality of Mrs. John W. Rigby,
at tiie conclusion of certuconies.
C. F. Brown sold Ills fine residence
on west Market, this week, to Mrs.
j Buena G. Wharton.
H. E. Phelps sold tiie Farmers
Home hotel to William Deighton.
Henry Kurz sold a hunch of town
lots J. I). Willey. f
i T. B. Scott acted as agent in all
these transfers.
I LOST: Ladies gold watch. In
scription in the back for identifica
tion. Leave at Meeker Cabinet shop
and receive liberal reward. 527-o4
C. C. Aldrich of Thornburg paid
the city folks a visit early part of the
. week.
| The First State Bank
j Capital $30,000.00
| Surplus 3,000.00
(•) Individual responsibility over Three Million Five Hundred thousand dollars
(S) <*>
® J. N. Nkai, I’remdonl; L. I*. CitKAOliic. Vleo President; R. K. Flint, l*a*hier. »
; Ki'MCMi l'Ainai, Thomas 11. li.ks X
A Temporary quarters, in Baer Block S
(•) «*)
| Bargains in Good Farms |
* .'id acres mile east of Mack, farms iu western Colorado and <|j
(ft Colo., itil sown to alfalfa, rais- lias tiie record of tho best pro- A
$ ed 10 busiuds of wheat to tho duction of all kinds of small a
acre last year, all good general grains and corn, alfalfa hay, $
A farm land and exceptionally sugar beets and potatoes. A <•>
I jf? good potato and sugar lieet splendid stock ranch, high and S,
I laud. A good stock ranch. beautiful location, 5-room houso J?
Prim 1,000 barn for (i horses, poultry house (ft
lo ,m, a mil.- w.-t of Loom. , f " rh ™ ~ oll, " r "otbulMlo«,, |
Colo., r, nerr- in olfalf... :«> <>' »»»■'• |
, _ , and .'to acres hr fa I wlieat. and <w
acres now sown to winter wheat, a
and alfalfa. Good farm and n r,crops. j*
<•) . . i » « , f „ 55 acres on lhe Redlands, dmi. <5
eft stock ranch. A fine location for ~, , , ... 9
(ft . , , , , . .. west of Grand Junction, Red, A
S a stock ranch, and is good po- , , X
. . , , . ,; , sandy soil, best fruit laud in S
« tato and sugar beet laud. ~ , ~ ... . . . . S
I eric. *4,000 tho Orao.l volley. Water right <g
A for irrigation. m
9 IlfiO acres I mile east of Mack, R 5 acres 2 miles from Main St., ®
® Colo., and 2 miles west of Lo- Grand J unction, 2 acres bear- ®
X ma, Colo., on Midland Trail an- itig peach trees. 1 acres alfalfa, A
® tom obi le highway and main water right, fl-rooin house, cis- f
A line of the Denver A Rio Grando torn. I2x 12ft. barn. •
fj R. R. This is one of the best Price tfCLoOO <f
! B. F. Kiefer Loma, Colo. |
\ The Methodist Episcopal Church
I L Extends to YOU
An Open Hand A Hearty Welcome
Sunday Sermons at
11 A. M. & 8 P. M.
Howard L. Elston, Minister
V Serving the Public f
% w Without gaining a very intimate knowledge of
t your wants, and we are here to to serve you in A
• anything pertaining to the Jewels* Lino. $
I 709-711 Sixteenth Street, Denver, Colorado |
I Another Car Load
A \
of those 1
j are here now. j
(They are selling like hot cakes, |
so hurry with that order if you |
want the best little car that |
I ever put dust in your eyes. I
j Hurry! Hurry!! f
1 See Kostitch 1
I |
! Meeker Garage j

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