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Our Mountain and Plain House Colors are Q
Pure Linseed Oil Paints, and are made from the K
most lasting pigments. x
When used according to our Directions, If Not 1
Found Satisfactory, we will Repaint the Building B
at our own Expense. P
This guarantee is given by the McPhee & Me- B
Ginnity Co. to all users of Mountain and Plain paint. £
Charles Oliver went to Denver
last Sunday morning on business.
Brazing of all kinds is a speci
ality at the Reliance Machine
Wanted—A housekeeper. In
buire care Mack’s ranch Tele
phone Black 82- R J
New Stock Gould Spray pumps
just arrived at
Nelson Bros Fruit Co.
A first class Sterling bicycle
just rebuilt and enamled, for $lO
at The Reliance Machine Works.
E. S. Gould was over from
Aspen last Saturday looking after
his interests in this part of the
The Reliance Machine Works
has a first class metal lathe and is
prepared to handle any thing in
the shape of lathe work.
The stock of Photographic
good* carried at Welbom’a is
fresh and will give you su
perior pictures.
It is now a settled fact that Al
ton Packard, the greatest living
Cartoonist, will be in Paonia.Junc
22. lie will appear at stated
time in the Christian church.
Tickets will be sold at fifty cents,
you will find them at either Drug
Store about June first, buy early
as the house will be crowded.
Miss Sarah F. Wolverton, the
teacher of English in High school
and Miss B. Margaret Woods,
primary teacher, left on Saturday
morning's train. Miss Wolverton
will go to her home in Glcnwood
Springs and Miss Woods to
Omaha. Nebr. Miss Wolverton
will not be with us next year but
intends to go to Boston and enter
Harvard University. This paper
will follow her.
When yon purchase an article in our store it is right. Our Guarantee makes it so.
Look at our bargain in men's hats, Choice $l. Clean up on odd shoes for men and women. Your price
LL Sheeting, this week 6 1-2 cts. per yard. Men's suits from $4.00 up.
SPECIAL THIS NEXT WEEK on boy's suits. A large line at prices never given before in Paonia
The Busy Store you Hear so much about
he Store where your Dollars go the Farthest
Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Jurgens ar
rived in Paonia last week and will
reside here for four or five months.
Although here in February when
we were having our most severe
winter weather they purchased a
fruit ranch on German mesa from
U. O. Anderson and were very
agreeably surprised on this trip to
find that they had made such a
profitable investment. Mr. Jurgens
is, and has been for a number of
years manager of the Underhill
Manufacturing Company, of Den
ver, and hopes at some future
time to make this his home the
year ’round. At present they are
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Fred
We arc investing many thous
ands of dollars in Paonia, Cedar
and Lilylands. These properties
are rapidly increasing in value.
It you want to lend your money
on the best of security at one per
cent, per month or if you want an
excellent investment see
I. D. Mcl-adden,
Paonia, Colo.
Ladies do not forget that the
Chapman bakery is the place to
file your orders for Sunday pas
try. Choice home cooking.
Victor Read, of Vancouver
Bridge, Wash., arrived in Paonia
last Friday evening to spend sev
eral months.
Get your bread, doughnuts.;
pies and cakes at the Chapman !
bakery. Just a little better than |
the others.
J. E. Warnock went to Hotch
diss Monday for a week's stay in !
the interests of his business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Miller drove
to Hotchkiss Sunday to spend
the day with relatives.
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Get your Abstract ot Title from
C. C. Hawkins.
Whither Are We Tending.
Before going Into the composition, I wish to ex
plain fully the meaning of the title. Whither are we
tending; that Is, Is Paonia going to be eastern or
western In the future; will the eastern customs pre
dominate over the western in this, a western town?
The only way of knowing this Is by the Influences
ot the east and the west. The people from the east
bring In their customs and, with these, Influence the
other people of the town. This is undoubtedly true lor
It Is shown over nnd over again In history. For In
stance, when the Greeks began to colonize In Italy
and Sicily, they took their customs and civilization
with them. They took their art —the most beautiful
of all ages—lnto Italy. The principle reason for do
ing this was their religion. They made beautiful
sculptures of their gods and thus In spreading their
religion they also took their art. Their literature
and philosophy were also carried into Rome and so
influenced the life of the Romans that in time they
absorbed them until there ceased to be a real Latin
civilization. A short time later Greece fell and If her
civilization had not taken root In Rome we would
never know of It today. In this way Greek culture,
art and literature have come down to us. This Is
one of the most remurk Able Instances shown In history
In which the custom of oneclossof people are adopted
by others. So In many cases the eastern ways are
adopted but nevertheless a great many of the western
customs still remain. We will first sum np the east
ern Influences giving those which are the most notice
able and effective.
One of the graetest of the eastern influences Is the
lack of saloons. The majority of western towns
usually have a great many saloons. The mountain
towns of which PaoDln Is one always have saloons.
The eastern towns, for Instance, those In the New
Kngland states, seldom It ever have saloons. The
anti-saloon which Is accomplishing so much was be
gan In the east. This 1b therefore one of the most
remarkable eastern tendency.
The modern Improvements of the day are all dis
played In Paonia. Tlie common town o! the west
nas not modern Improvements such ns the telephone,
electric lights and antomohlles. One might wonder
what I meant by the common western town. The
typical western town is n mining camp or cow camp
of abont one or two thonsand Inhabitants. The
bouses are hardly more than “shacks'’ and the peo
ple are often rough and uncultured. There are per
hups a few who are of the more refined class bnt the
majority are of the uncultured and are the predomi
nant spirit of the town. There Is perhaps one school
house In the town and sometimes lint not often, n
church. If there Is n church only a lew people attend.
The others look upon It with ridicule nnd contempt
nnd do everything in their power to get It out of the
town. By this description any one can see how Pn
onla has advanced anil tieeome eastern, for all these
Improvements are seen In the eastern towns nnd are
brought here by eastern |>eople. In this thing I’aonlu
Is certainly going to be eastern lor you will never see
her Is-hlnd Inntndem Improvements.
Another eastern Influence Is the small size of the
orchards. In the western country the ranchee nre
generally ot g>s>d size, usually one hundred and sixty
acres or more. One cannot And a ranch, owned by
line man. of that size in the country nround Paonia.
The eastern people who nre used to small farms—for
W. K. Shearer, of Crawford,
was on our streets last Monday
One new Reading Standard
Roadster bicycle for sale cheap at
The Reliance Machine Works.
Misses Estella Burgess and Eli
nor Stephens went to Delta Sat
urday morning after a successful
term of teaching in our schools.
11. L. Murray came in last Sat
urday evening from Longmont
and spent a few days looking
over the country with our real es
tate men.
in the east all the farms are small—come to Paonll
and take up land. Since they are used to the smal
farms they do not buy more than twenty, or perhap!
forty acres.
The Intellectual life of the town Is certainly ad
vanced by the eastern customs. Our two large schoo
buildings were undoubtedly built because of easteri
Influences. We also have one of the best up-to-dati
courses of study. In these things we keep in toucl
with the east, because they have the best schools aa(
colleges. We learn of these by the people going eaa
from here ami also by the magazines and books.
The churches of Paonia are also caused by easteri
customs. The majority of towns In the west can not
boast of the number and size of churches that Paonia
has. Our churches are strong and progressive l>ecause
of the many eastern people In the town.
The social life of Paonia Is also similar to that of
the east. Our lecture courses, for Instance, are not
usually found in the west. We have some of the begt
speakers in the land here every winter, If the people
did not care for these things we would not have them.
It therefore shows an eastern tendency.
The public library may well be classed as an
eastern influence. Paonia keeps in touch with all the
late books and papers. The public libraries are all
seen in the east and although ours Is small It Is still
growing because of the eastern tendencies.
We will now turn for a time to the Influences of
the west, those which are most noticeable and tell -on
the life of the people.
One of the customs of the western country, which
still remains In Paonia Is the raising of cattle. The
eastern people do not know the typical “cow puncher"
of the west. Hay raising another western tendency,
is carried on extensively In Paonia. The large hay
and cattle ranches are characteristic of the west.
Another thing which Is often seen In the west and
hardly ever In the east Is the unoccupied country.
There are many acres of land surrounding Paonia.
which are unoccupied. Although many people are
taking up claims It will he a long time t>efore there
will be no land left vacant.
Our Irrigation system is something not used or
seen In the east. There they raise their crops by the
aid of the rain, and depend wholly on providence.
Here In the west where land Is almost desert and the
rain fall Is so light the crops could not be raised with
out Irrigation. This is a western influence which will
remain as long as Paonia exists.
The high wages paid the people In Paonia Is un
doubtly a western custom. People who come out
here from the east are astonished at the thought of
paying a man two dollars and a half a day. The
price of labor Is not likely to go down until the farm
ers can no longer pay it, for the people In the west
are not afraid to pay for what they get.
The generosity nnd hospitality of the people
might well be discussed here. *J*hese belong to the
traits of the western people and are not lacking In
l'aonln. Whenever a new comer arrives here he Is
shown as good a time as p«»sslble. The generosity of
the people is shown In the way they spend their
money. They want the best of every thing no matter
what It costs.
In summing up the Influences of both the east and
the west, I believe we will And the eastern Influences
to lie the greater. Since so many eastern Influences
have been established In this western town, I believe
that more will be brought In, In the future.
5 J. H. HOBBS & SON.
Q Contarctors - and - Plasterers.
0 All kind* of Cement Contracts Solicited, and all
Q Work Guaranteed.
9 Address at Postoffice. Paonia, Colorado.

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